Story: Girls Gone Crazy (all chapters)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: Haruka’s Bittersweet Blackmail

[Author's notes: The Inn Manager of Hinata House turns out to have a quite interesting hobby.


Drugs [Mentioned].]

“Hiy-o-o-o-o!” Su cheered as usual, Motoko letting out a bored sigh; the blonde Indian girl had always been a thorn in her side when she was training her kendo, but, at the very least, today Motoko had a reason not to scold the younger girl.

“G-good morning, Su…” Motoko felt as the shorter girl jumped on her back, the added weight slowing Motoko as Su cheered from the top of her head.

“Motoko-chan, have you seen Mitsune around? Shinobu wanted me to tell her we’re running outta sake…” Su asked, Motoko blushing heavily at the foxy, tomboyish girl’s name.

“Uhm, no, I haven’t seen her…” Motoko hastily answered, Su pondering and let her fingers run through Motoko’s hair.

“Haruka-san’s gone, too; it’s getting so boring around here…” Su moaned and sighed, Motoko stepping inside her room for her training, Su jumping down from her shoulders.

“Mind if I watch, Motoko-sama?” Su asked, Motoko turning her head, biting her lips; Su could be annoying, that was a fact, and she did not want to start a discussion if she said no…

“Alright, you can stay, but I’m not holding back just because I have visitors…” Motoko said, Su eagerly sitting down, crossing her legs and watching as Motoko unsheathed her katana.

“I’m glad you wanted to help me out, Naru…” Mutsumi smiled, her and Naru working on their projects from Toudai, Naru enjoying Mutsumi’s company the most of all the girls at Hinata House.

“It’s no problem…but I’m going to need some rest after this; it’s sure a tough nut to crack…” Naru said, mumbling to herself as she tapped the point of her pencil unto the paper, gnawing impatiently on the tip.

“See, in physics, you take-…” Mutsumi began explaining, Naru’s mind drifting off; she had been worried for Mitsune, her closest friend, for quite some time now; she knew Mitsune tended to be quite laid back and uncaring, but lately she had been appearing out of nowhere in the greatest of moods, Naru recalling at one time Kitsune, as she preferred to be called, had been groping her breasts; at first taking it as a perverted joke, Naru had found herself actually liking it, smiling as she thought of how it would be to get back at Kitsune.

“Uhm, Naru, you’re drooling on your papers…” Mutsumi’s voice cut through her train of thought, Naru cursing and trying desperately both to hide her face and wipe the drool stains off her papers, Mutsumi chuckling amused.

“…I’m so gonna kick Mitsune’s ass! Where’s all the booze gone?!” Sarah cursed, closing the fridge door, turning to Shinobu.

“I thought you kept the kitchen well-stocked!” the small, blonde girl nagged, Shinobu simply shrugging and sighing; she were used to the younger girl’s complaints, but Shinobu hardly cared; she, Sarah, Su and a couple of the other girls always did shopping Saturday and Wednesday, so if there were not more booze, it would just have to be noted down.

“Could you keep it down a bit?” Kanako spoke as she passed by the kitchen followed by Nyamo, the timid, dark-skinned girl avoiding Sarah’s eyes as she instead ran ahead of Kanako.

“I think you’re scaring her, Sarah…” Shinobu looked slightly strictly at Sarah, the blonde shrugging, opening the freezer under the fridge, grabbing some ice-cream.

“Whatever; later…” Sarah shrugged, giggling as she found herself a spoon, Shinobu sighing as Sarah walked out, Shinobu knowing that that ice-cream would be emptied within minutes.

“That little one sure could not see a rock in the pavement even if it were the size of a football…” Tsuruko mentioned, Shinobu nodding at Motoko’s sister; Sarah had not only been nagging on her lately, but on all the inhabitants of the inn.

“Tell me, Shinobu-chan…” Tsuruko lifted her head, the shadow of her straw hat vanishing, revealing her face; “…why is it you that manages the whole kitchen?”

At that, Shinobu could not help but smirk, which turned into a slight giggle.

“N-not to brag or anything, but…I’m pretty much the only one except Mutsumi-chan who can really cook…” Shinobu blushed, Tsuruko smiling at her.

“With such a cute cook cooking for them, some of the girls might become quite gluttonous…” Tsuruko could not help herself but joke and flirt, Shinobu’s cute blushing glowing even brighter.

“Um-m-m-m…ouch! Oh, that’s just-…ow! Oh, that’s more like it…” Mitsune moaned, feeling her body going almost numb, hearing a lowly chuckle from the room she stood in, her blindfold increasing the experience she had been introduced to.

“You should really change your name to Kitsune for real; it’d much more fitting for such a little tart…” a soft female voice spoke, changing its tone as it now sounded as if clad in steel; “…we’re far from done!”

Haruka could not help herself but grin, seeing Mitsune tied up in tight leather cuffs in ankles and wrists, the platinum-haired, foxy girl’s female fluids coating the floor.

“Sure feels good, doesn’t it? Who would have thought that little Mitsune Konno loves the feeling of latex stuck to her skin…” Haruka teased, Mitsune’s corset tightening around her waist, her boots the only part of her outfit not causing her mild pains.

“Mistress Haruka-sama…we’ve done this for five weeks now; I think the others are beginning to get suspicious…” Mitsune said, Haruka chuckling.

“Well, I sure wouldn’t mind being exposed, and if you get pulled out with me…” Haruka said; “…we could give our friends a little show…also, I kinda wonder how Su or Naru would look like in bondage harnesses…”

“…You’re one sick chick, Haruka…” Mitsune smiled to herself, letting out a small yelp as Haruka cracked her whip, a short, light feeling of pain forming over Mitsune’s breasts.

“When we’re down here, bitch, you’re my fuck-toy! If you’re bad, you get the whip…if you’re good…” Haruka slowly approached Mitsune, the foxy girl hearing the heels of her mistress’ boots with delight; “…you might get to taste your beloved Haruka-sama’s tits and pussy; you like sniffing pussy, don’t you?”

“You bet it I do! I love it! For fuck’s sake, I want it!” Mitsune yelled out in desperation as she felt Haruka’s gloved hand caress her face, all Mitsune’s meagrely suppressed horniness and eager now showing itself in full, as Haruka suddenly felt as a small squirt of Mitsune’s love juices landed on her thigh-high boots, staining the black latex, Haruka looking amused at her eager little love-pet and apprentice dominatrix.

“You know, you’re not the only one getting hot…” Haruka smirked; “…maybe after I’ve given you a few licks, you’ll be getting your precious Haruka tits…”

“You’re so softcore for a dominatrix…” Mitsune teased, winking at Haruka; “…if you were really hardcore, you’d spank me and lick my collarbone as if it were the sweetest vodka.”

“Speaking from experience, huh? Oh, I know of that night you got really drunk and just happened to find Naru sleeping over her homework…” Haruka smiled evilly, Mitsune blushing.

“What I’m not quite clear on, is how you managed to stick the tip of a sake bottle into her pussy without her noticing…” Haruka continued, snapping her fingers as if she had gotten an idea; “…and Su just happened to give me an idea when she mentioned sleeping pills!”

“So what? As long as Naru can’t remember, my ass is safe…” Mitsune smirked, Haruka leaning over her.
”I know what you did that night; as soon as Naru began to notice, you chloroformed her! God knows where the fuck you got hold of that kinda thing…" Haruka smirked; “…maybe mixing a few chemicals in the kitchen, maybe just planning on getting it on with your little ‘childhood’ friend?”

“I’ve known Naru since we were both 2 years old! There’s no way I’d harm her…” Mitsune spat angrily.
“And yet, you got yourself pissed drunk and drugged her? Face it, Kitsune: As long as you drink, your ass is mine, or I’m telling Naru all about that little episode…” Haruka grinned evilly, Mitsune frowning aggressively.

“Blackmail, huh? Alright…I’ll do as you say…” Mitsune sighed, feeling Haruka’s warm breath on her face.

“Good girl; now, despite this little blackmail thing, let’s start over, shall we? I mean, bondage’s no fun if the submissive chick’s scared as hell, now is it?” Mitsune were surprised to hear Haruka grin, feeling her blindfold being removed, for the first time seeing the Hinata manager in her dominatrix gear:

Elbow-long gloves, thigh-high boots, waist-covering corset with straps leading down to what Mitsune could recognize to be stockings under the boots, the entire outfit, including the large, ringed collar, made out of black latex, the tight material sitting quite neatly on the already busty and attractive Haruka.

“Haruka, I want you, ple-e-ease!” Mitsune yelled out at the sight of the gorgeous, brown-haired dominatrix, Haruka smiling in amusement, dropping her whip to the ground, licking a latex-clad finger, enjoying seeing the tied-up Mitsune struggle eagerly to get out of her chains and cuffs.

“Mitsune-san! It’s almost time for dinner!” Shinobu cheered as Mitsune walked by the kitchen, holding the collar of her shirt as far up as she could, still angry that Haruka had let her go just as things had gotten interesting.

“Oh, you’ve been out shopping?” Shinobu asked, seeing something under Mitsune’s shirt, the platinum-haired girl stopping in a step.

“Oh, uhm, yeah! I’ve been…you know…out-…” Mitsune began trying to explain, Shinobu leaving the stove for a moment, walking over to Shinobu, admiring the thick, black leather collar under the shirt, a single, steel ring hanging in front.

“It suits you, Mitsune-san!” Shinobu nodded, skipping over to her stove again, Mitsune sighing silently in relief.

“Quite an interesting little gift, Mitsune…” Tsuruko spoke from the shadows over at the bench; “…is it not something dominatrices gives to their ‘pets’?”

“Mitsune is no-one’s pet, Tsuruko-san!” Shinobu defended Mitsune, the platinum-haired girl beginning to feel bad for her; as discretely as she could, she sneaked out the kitchen.

“…Do I even want to know, Haruka…?” Motoko asked as she delivered Su to the older woman, the blonde Indian girl too silly for Motoko to handle while she trained; as she had entered Haruka’s room, the inn manager were busy taking off what looked like a latex boot.

“You might, you might not…kinda depends on what you wanna think…” Haruka winked at the kendo girl, Motoko beginning to put two and two together:

Mitsune had been missing most of the afternoon, she had just appeared when she went to the kitchen, and now Haruka sat on her bed, removing a latex boot?

“…Please, mind Su; I need to concentrate on my training…” Motoko sighed, leaving the room, Su sourly sticking her tongue out at her as she left.

“Motoko-chan is so boring! I can’t even walk around her room while she’s doing her stupid training!” Su stamp her foot into the floor, Haruka getting a gleeful smile as she looked at the young, blonde, dark-skinned, and quite well-developed Indian girl.

“Tell me, Su…” Haruka asked, beginning to pull her boot back on; “…would you like to play a little game?”

“Sure! Anything’s better than just sitting here rubbing my tummy!” Su cheered, Haruka smiling to herself; it would be child’s play to make Su realize the beauty and passion of bondage...

Chapter 2

Title: Seducing the Silly Su

[Author's notes: The dominatrix meets her match on the floor.


Mind Break [Haruka - Temporarily].]

“Oh-h-h-h-h, what a large room...” Su starred in awe as she sniffed around Haruka’s bondage chamber, Haruka at one point beginning to laugh as Su had thought a bright, pink vibrator was some sort of candy.

“Why are you dressed like that, Haruka-sama? Hihih, I can see your butt!” Su teased, Haruka really beginning to question if she could bring herself to give Su just as rough a session as she had Mitsune.

“It’s a latex suit; it’s a material that makes me look really sexy…don’t you think?” Haruka could not help but strike a seductive pose, Su grinning at her.

“Yeah! It’s like the harem girls at my sister’s palace back in Molmol! Do you also like doing naughty things to girls, Haruka-sama??” Su asked, Haruka blinking to herself; she knew Su was actually royalty, but that she had seen a harem before, she decided to at least go a bit easy on Su.

“Uhm, Su, see that niche over there? Can you bring me that blue tube?” Haruka asked, Su nodding and sprinting for the niche, Haruka using the time to adjust her gloves, and, her most recent purchase from the Internet, a black latex mask and police-like cap; chuckling, she could not help but rub her breasts, finding herself sexy enough to seduce any woman with the same interests.

“Here it is! It’s kinda greasy…” Su said as she came back, Haruka taking the tube.

“Nice, Su; OK, now please take off your clothes and lie down over in that chair there…” Haruka pointed at a curvy black leather chair.

“OK!” Su said as she began stripping, Haruka holding a hand to her mouth to avoid a nosebleed; Su were right out beautiful in her small, yet almost busty form, and not a hair was to spot in either her armpits or around her small, pink pussy lips.

“Good! Now, start smearing this oil all over your body…” Haruka said, Su eyeing her for a moment, then smiling as she sat down, opening the tube and indeed beginning to smear the amber-coloured oil all over her dark-skinned body, Haruka discretely touching her pussy under her thong, sucking on her forefinger in excitement.

“OK, I’m all down!” Su said as she put down the tube, her small body shinning in the vague light in Haruka’s dungeon, the older girl using all her self-control not to jump on Su and right out molest her.

“Alright, come over to me, then…” Haruka said, walking towards the wardrobe that stood in the dungeon’s east corner, finding a corset, boots and fingerless gloves of bright, golden latex, handing them to Su.

“Uhm, Haruka-sama, why are those clothes so shiny?” Su asked, putting on the outfit, Haruka helping her with the corset, glad that Su could not see how lustfully she were looking at her butt.

“It’s latex, Su; it’s always shiny…” Haruka said, standing back and looking at Su; the small, blonde girl looked ever so innocent, and yet so sexy in her own cute way, Haruka sighing to herself, hiding her face with her palm, smiling as she decided to forget about going dominatrix on Su.

“Haruka-sama! Are you ill?? Your No-No spot’s all flooding over!” Su suddenly said, Haruka surprised as Su crawled under her legs, touching Haruka’s pussy as Su curiously explored the older girl’s nether regions.
“S-SU?! This…this is not appropriate…

tihihihihihihihih…!” Haruka let out a giggle as Su began stroking her inner thighs, Haruka cursing the fact that she was ticklish there.

“Haruka-sama, is it that time of the month? Or…or…wait! Girls gets wet they feel good, right??” Su asked, grinning as Haruka felt Su stick her forefinger inside her pussy.

“SU-U-U-U-U! It’s too much! I was gonna dominate YOU, not the other way around!” Haruka wailed out loud, Su suddenly stopping, looking up at Haruka.

“Dominate me? What’s that like? You mean like you do with Mitsune-san?” Su asked, Haruka nodding slowly, surprised, once again, as Su began to giggle.

“That’s so cute! Haruka-sama likes to make all us girls feel good, and now it’s my turn!” Su smiled, leaning down on the floor.

“I hid down here at one time you had fun with Mitsune-san! Hihihih! It looked so funny when she started barking!” Su grinned, baring herself to the more than excited Haruka.

“Make me bark, too! I promise I’ll be good at it! Woof!” Su teased, Haruka looking down at herself; her pussy lips were just about nearing a flood.

“Su, I’ll not do the same to you as I did to Mitsune…” Haruka said as she slowly leaned over Su; “…Mitsune has her own way of making me feel really good, but you, Su…you can make us both feel good!”

“Oh? How?” Su asked, Haruka rubbing her dripping pussy into Su’s bared one, Su whimpering a little, Haruka pressing her slightly larger breasts against Su’s bosom, the Indian girl letting out an excited wail as she flung her arms behind Haruka’s neck, the older girl throwing care to the wind, obsessed with pleasing the dark-skinned beauty that lay under her.

“Haruka-sama! This feels so weird! I’m feeling so good down there!” Su whimpered again, her smile growing broader.

“This is how women please each other, Su! Right now, I’m horny as hell!” Haruka admitted with a wink, Su grinning as she already knew what the word ‘horny’ meant; Mitsune-san always used it to tease Naru-san with when they talked about what they called ‘girl-on-girl stuff’.

“AH! IT’S…IT’S SO GOOD! You’re teasing my clitty, Haruka-sama!” Su moaned, Haruka rubbing herself against Su’s oiled body, reaching a hand out for her head, slowly turning it to face her, kissing the surprised Su so hard that Haruka’s drool fell out of Su’s mouth.

“Haruka-sama! Haruka-sama! You’re such a pervert! E-e-e-e-e-ep!” Su whined teasingly, Haruka now feeling Su taking over, the dark-skinned girl rolling around, Haruka finding herself on the bottom, now.

“I’ll make you feel real good, Haruka-sama! I know where a girl’s sensitive!” Su teased, rubbing Haruka’s breasts, sucking on her nipples.

“S-SU?! I’m, I’m…if you keep that up, I’ll go crazy! Ah-h-h…!” Haruka pleaded, but Su mercilessly molested the older girl.

“Hihih! It’s just like that magazine I swiped from Mitsune-san! Alotta pretty girls likes it on their nippies, hihihih!” Su grinned, resuming her work on Haruka’s nipples, the older girl gasping as she felt her pussy throbbing for attention.

“Su, please…my No-No spot wants to be licked…please eat me out…!” Haruka grit her teeth as she tried in vain to control herself, spurts of her orgasm already coming out, Su descending on Haruka’s pussy lips, stroking the clitoris gently.

“It’s like the magazine, again! OK! I know what to do!” Su grinned, slurping on Haruka’s pussy with everything she had, making every stroke of her tongue, Su amused as she heard haruka’s cry of pleasure.

“SU! SU, STOP IT! I’m…I…I can’t take so much! NO! BACK DO-O-O-O-W-W-W-N-N-N…!” Haruka cried out loud, Su continuing regardless, looking around her to see as Haruka’s legs were kicking in the air, her hips moving on their own accord.

“Hihih! Ha-ru-ka’s in he-eat! Ha-ru-ka’s in he-eat!” Su sang teasingly, Haruka feeling her eyes turn upwards on her mouth drooling in pleasure, only seeing Su’s now vague figure laying on top of her, her pussy all bared to Haruka as Su continued her licking.

“SU! SU! I’m, I’m sorry, but-…!” Haruka tried and speak, but having no wish to talk anymore, she thrust her own tongue into Su’s own pussy lips, the dark-skinned girl moaning happily.

“Haruka-sama, you’re being naughty! Hihih, a girl’s pussy is so sweet, right? Yours tastes so good!” Su smirked to herself, seeing as Haruka’s pussy lips were just about to gush her orgasm out, Su amused with the clear, transparent fluid coming out.

“Haruka’s like a dam! I’ll break it for you, Haruka-sama!” Su winked over her shoulder, doing her best to sticking tongue in again, but this time also using her mouth, tasting Haruka’s wet pussy lips like the tastiest nectar.

“AR-R-R-RGH! SU, STOP! I, I CAN’T-…!” Haruka screamed now, feeling as Su lifted her legs upwards, her never-ending licking of her pussy driving Haruka crazy with desire.

“You’re really squirming! Haruka-sama’s such a naughty little girl!” Su cooed, smiling as Haruka’s gushing now began hitting her face, more and more at a time, Su drinking and devouring the fluid, tasting lovely to her.

“NO-O-O-O-O! I, I…I…OH-H-H-H-H NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!!!” Haruka screamed out loud as she came, her orgasm squirting from her pussy into the surprised Su’s face, the Indian girl’s face and hair dripping with Haruka’s nectars, Su smiling as she turned to face Haruka.

“Su, 1; Haruka, 0!” Su teasingly gave Haruka the peace sign, the older girl panting out loud, gasping for air as she still came in small bursts, Su crawling down between Haruka’s legs, turning to face her as she sat down to keep licking Haruka’s pussy.

“S-…Su…this can’t be your first time…right?” Haruka managed to ask, Su smiling up at her.

“Nope, Haruka-sama; I’ve done it with Shinobu-san and Sarah-san before! They screamed a lot more, though!” Su winked, Haruka leaning her head back, beginning to laugh; Su were amazingly skilled with her tongue, so skilled, in fact, that Mitsune might just have gotten herself a rival…

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