Story: Wolf and Fox (chapter 1)

Authors: Fenrir K. Wolfe

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Chapter 1

The Auburn haired girl with the deep teal eyes twiddled her thumbs nervously as she glanced at her girlfriend, The girl has no reason to be nervous though. She and Ariela had pretty much been together since the day they met when they little, inseparable they were. She shouldn't be nervous! Ari wasn't going to deny her ... was she? No she knew her better then this. The Auburn wolf gulped and stepped closer to the wall where the other girl sat and looked up at her, "Um.. Ari? ... Ari? Shana te Ari come'n Ari Fox!"

The Black and red haired girl just blinked and looked down at her wolf-ish girlfriend, "Shana?" her crystal blue eyes locked with Shana's teal ones and she froze... all thoughts the wolf had previously vanished.


"What’s wrong?"

"Uhm... I... well.. y-ye see... uhh.."

Ari just giggled at her girlfriend and went back to watching the Aurora shift colors in the night sky, sparing a glance at Shana every once in a while, the wolf looked stunning bathed in the moonlight, her teal eyes had a gentle silver tint to them, the light casting a soft glow on the young warrior.

The wolf sighed softly and ran a hand through her hair, "Y-Y'know.. I 'ad a 'ole speech plann'd out fer 'es.. 'en I went'n look'd et ye'n .. well I... I fergot wha I's goin' te say." she laughed softly and smiled up at Ari. Who was now looking down upon the girl with her chin resting on her palm, "I'm sorry Shana" a gentle smiled graced the perched girls lips and a giggle escaped them.

"Ye.. seem te do 'et alot te me luv, i swear jus lookin' inte em eyes I could ferget ever'in'... breathin', speakin'n thinkin'.. ever'in' thats not you Ari." as gracefully as she could Shana jumped onto the wall landing on her knees before the fox girl, her hands placed on either side of her. Teal gazed lovingly into a shifting crystal blue, the emotions swirling colorfully in the crystal pools. Shana leaned forward and gave ari a sweet loving kiss. After a while they broke off, Ari shut her eyes and rested her forehead against Shana's Collarbone. Thank to her hightended senses, due to her ani-human fox blood, a soft yet strong thud echoed in her ears causing her to relax against her lover. Shana reached back and removed her necklace that held on it an obsidian, silver, and purple swirled band. She pulled Ari into another kiss and slipped the ring on her hand.

Resting their foreheads together the girls just gazed silently, until Shana broke eye contact by looking down at the ring, ".. I ain' great with words y'know'n I'm sorre fer 'et Ari... probable wun even ask 'is right but.." the wolf slowly brought Ari's left hand up and kissed the ring, her wolf-ish ears lowered and she tilted her head a bit, "Will ye marre me luv?"

Ari had been so caught up that kiss that it wasn't until Shana kissed the ring that she had notice it was even there. She blinked a few times letting the question sink in and wondering if she had heard right, glancing up into those deep teal eyes gave her the answer. They shone with love but hidden there was some fear and a growing panic. the fox inwardly smirked and leaned close to Shana's ear, "I Don't know Lockhart I'll have to think about it~" the black and red head said, the auburn haired girl just blinked, her girlfriend smirked and kissed her cheek as she pushed her off the wall.

Shana landed with a thud then looked at Ari as she stood looking down at her with a mischievous grin, "You my little wolf knight will have to catch me before i answer you" in a flash she was gone already half way to the castle giggling the whole way. it took Shana a minute to figure out what just happened then she laughed and took off after her fiancé.

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