Story: ToD - The Yuri Tales (all chapters)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter I - What She Heard at the Inn...

[Author's notes: Elaine, an elven adventurer and huntress, finds herself wandering through a dark forest, strange noises seeming to come from every tree, unaware that she has taken her very first step into a dimension where pleasures, bonds and erotic arts goes hand in hand...
...however, her steps are being watched by unseen forces; forces that fully well will do their utmost to claim the elf girl for their own, hedonistic desires...

It felt as if the narrow stone brick road leading through the forest went on forever; frustrated, Elaine shrugging her shoulders, shifting her sheathed two-handed sword over to her right shoulder, beginning to wonder if she had needed all her equipment for this trip.

“Goddess’ fury!” she cursed to herself, sweat already dripping from her face and body, her frustrated face turning into a happy smile as she spotted a building less than twenty metres away.

“Oh, I pray it’s an inn!” Elaine rubbed her hands eagerly, thinking if there were any good food, strong alcohol or cute barmaids should the building turn out to be an inn.

As she approached the building, she found it to indeed be an inn, a large sign swinging above it with the words carved on it saying, ‘The Dirty Dyke’.

“Hihih, sounds promising!” Elaine smirked, walking towards the door, entering the inn:

Looking around, she found several other women in there, many of the wearing leather armour or plate armour in a mix of confusing designs, most of them raising their hands as she saw the elf girl enter, Elaine walking straight to the bar disk.

“Welcome, little girl! What can I serve you!” a woman asked friendly, Elaine smiling nervously as the woman leaned towards her with closed eyes and a large grin.
“Uhm, I’d like a beer, thanks” Elaine stammered, noticing the woman’s enormous bosom, her loose, maid-like outfit doing nothing to hide them.

“You new here, kiddo?” a girl now approached Elaine from behind, Elaine both alarmed and surprised as she felt the girl spank her teasingly, lifting a glass of wine to her, Elaine amused at the girl’s red hair and ears, her fuzzy red tail clearly indicating that she was a foxy vixen.

“The name’s Kitsune, babe, and lemme warn ye: If you’re heading for town, I’d suggest you go get some heavier armour; stumps of leather won’t do shit to protect you, I can tell...” the girl grinned, pointing a thumb over her shoulder at a blonde elf girl, her white lace dress appearing torn and one of her breasts fully bared, and yet she kept drinking and smiling at the girls at her table.

“Uhm, is it dangerous in there? What happened?” Elaine asked, Kitsune snickering at her.

“I’ll tell ye, cutie; our dear ‘lady of the land’ and her little lover suddenly decided they wanted some privacy, so they cut off the town from the castle, and this inn from the town.”

“That’s horrible!” Elaine exclaimed, accepting the mug of beer the barmaid handed her.

“Oh, it gets better; every one of we here armoured up chicks who tried entering either got lost in there, or came back here as some sex-craving slut wanting in our armoured panties!” Kitsune said, Elaine looking surprised.

“But what of the townsfolk?” Elaine asked, Kitsune laughing out loud.

“They’re properly still having an orgy at the town square; all those chicks just fornicating day and night; sex’s their food, drink and sleep, and they’re like zombies to it!” the girl said, Elaine not knowing if she were to be excited or nervous.

“...So...if I go in there-...” she began, Kitsune stopping her.

“They’ll strip you, take your gear as trophies, fuck your brains out, and use your pussy and tits as a fountain sprinkler” Kitsune said, Elaine’s nose slowly bleeding and her eyes turning blank white.

“I’m just telling ye; I got my share, but I made it out, just lost my sword...” Kitsune said, winking seductively at Elaine; “...if you’re really going in there, and if you find it and get it back here, I might just be tempted to let you make me your sex slave.”

As even more blood fussed from Elaine’s nose, Kitsune could not stop giggling.

“Another pipsqueak, hmm? Interesting...” a woman at one of the inn’s tables began to ponder, letting her tongue caress her index finger, enjoying to see the drool fall from it.

“Lady Sheliss will be pleased...” she purred lowly, raising up, her long, black cloak and hood covering her completely as she stepped outside, feeling warm raindrops as it began to rain; stepping out of sight from the inn’s windows, she let her cloak fall to the ground, a flip from her red, demonic wings carrying her to the sky and back to her lady’s castle.

“Are you sure of what you saw, Lady Nailkaiser?” Sheliss asked, stroking Akane’s hair as her first lover sat by her throne, Sheliss delivering her report on the village.

“I am sure, milady; an elven girl is attempting to reach the town square to acquire the sword left behind by that human bitch...” Nailkaiser said, having a hard time keeping her calm as Sheliss’ lightly armoured guardswomen were fooling around all over the great hall, the hundreds of women yelling, laughing, screaming and wailing in pleasure as the massive orgy had them all deeply enthralled.

“Will she be of any danger to me? I do not some powerful little sorceress going about and foil my fun...” Sheliss purred, looking smilingly at Meduna to her left side, her court magician grinning to herself, not having experienced elven women swooning over her enormous bosom before.

“Meduna, Rati; you go and scout on this little elf, and should she make it to the swamp...” Sheliss let an evil smile roll over her lips; “...let’s be nice and ask the amazons to...wrestle with her a bit...”

“Your will be done, Your Highness” Meduna bowed, making her way through the lovemaking women to the door.

“But, what if she’s all mean and-...” Rati, the smaller, pink-haired succubus began, Sheliss grabbing her by the collar of her thin, pink-white shirt, starring intensely into the succubus’ eyes.

“Oh, she won’t be the worst of your worries, missy...” Sheliss gritted her teeth in an intimidating and playful sneer; “...if you don’t move that cute little ass of yours outta here now, I’ll sac Carrea and Nailkaiser on it...!”

While mentally quite amused at the thought of the two elder succubi to sexually punish her beyond belief, Rati quickly nodded, folding out her wings, flying over the lovemaking girls and out the window for the village.

“And there’s supposed to be a chapel out there??” Elaine asked, Kitsune shrugging at her, looking equally perplexed.

“I dunno, I just snatched this map from some nympho demon chick it is points the best route to the castle...” Kitsune shrugged, Elaine looking one more time at the map; apparently, the town lay just beyond a small swamp, and in that exact swamp, a group of nuns had established a chapel to protect travellers from the hazards of the swamp and the demon lady’s minions.

“Looks like you’ll be getting your boots muddy; there aren’t really any direct roads out there, you know?” Kitsune pointed out, Elaine swallowing deeply as her nerves felt as if they sat outside on her leather armour.

“...I...I better get going; are you sure you’re not coming?” Elaine asked, Kitsune looking into the elf girl’s clear, blue eyes.

“...Ur-r-r-rgh! Fine, you pipsqueak, I’m coming, but if I get raped up the ass by some crazy swamp bitch I’m blaming you!” Kitsune growled under her breath, Elaine’s eyes widening.

“There...there’s people living in the swamps...??” she stammered, Kitsune sending her an evil grin.

“Yep, crazy amazon chicks who hunts down women for the demon lady’s harem; they’re some of her best hunters” Kitsune mentioned, Elaine frowning loudly.

“Look, I’m used to fighting skeletons and finding treasures, not get molested by random, nymphomanic harlots who spends their life humping each other in some dark swamp!” Elaine grit her teeth in frustration, sighing and she gestured Kitsune to follow her.

“I’ll bet you 200 gold that neither of us are virgins when we get back...” Kitsune crossed her arms behind her head, grinning smugly at the shy elf girl.

“S-shut up!” Elaine snapped, Kitsune chuckling to herself as they grabbed their supplies, heading towards the swamp.

[End notes: Will Kitsune and Elaine find their way through the swamp? Will Lady Sheliss' minions find them before they reach the chapel? And why the heck build a chapel in a swamp??
Find out in the next chapter!]

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