Story: Never Again (chapter 5)

Authors: DemonChild6

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Chapter 5

[Author's notes: Soooo this chapter is kinda short. I think. Its over 1800 lets leave it at that. x] And I need to say that I do NOT own the song Only Exception, it belongs to Hayley Williams and Paramore. Thats it. Enjoy the chapter. :]]

Reggie didn’t really work. She was a musician that would play random gigs offered to her. She also had a father who was a major music producer with a very successful label which she will soon own when her father retires. Yup even though she basically ran away from home, she’s still going to inherit the family business. So in a way she was rich and didn’t really need to work. She had worked in the past so it’s not like she’s a spoiled, pampered brat. Far from it.

At the moment Reggie was on her way to play her guitar at a show happening in the mall. She wanted to see Nikki beforehand so she could maybe get a good luck kiss from the younger girl. It had been a week since their first date and today she planned on asking Nikki to be her girlfriend.

As she walked into the Khaki Barn she noticed Nikki right away talking to a girl with short blond hair. Reggie walked over to the two and Nikki’s face brightened as she laid her dark eyes on Reggie. “Hey Reggie.” She went to the brunette and gave her a tight hug. She then turned to the blond. “Reggie this is my friend Caitlin. She’s one of the other girls in my group of friends.” Caitlin smiled, “Hey Reggie. Its nice to meet the woman that makes Nikki’s heart flutter.~”

Nikki’s face grew a hint of red out of embarrassment and anger. “Grrrr… Caitlin…” Reggie just smiled and wrapped her arms around Nikki. “It’s okay Nik. You make my heart flutter too.” She gave the pierced teen a big grin. Nikki blushed and leaned up to give the older girl a kiss on the cheek.

Reggie frowned, “Can’t a get a real good luck kiss before I perform today?” Nikki giggled a bit and Caitlin became super intrigued. “What are you performing?”

“Oh I play guitar and I’m going to play a song for the show today in the mall.”

“Yeah I was going to tell everyone to come with me to watch her play.” Nikki said, not looking away from Reggie’s face with a smile.

“Ahh so I finally get to meet all of your friends?”

“Haha well you only didn’t meet the girls and you’ve met Caitlin. You just gotta meet Jen.”

Caitlin jumped up and down in excitement. “Ohmigosh okay let me text everyone to meet at the talent show! Oh, I gotta meet John at the lemon! He might actually be the one Nikki! I’ll see you guys later.”

Nikki and Reggie watched the girl run off. Reggie still had her arms around Nikki and felt her face get a little flushed. Nikki’s skin was so soft. She could feel the skin of her stomach showing from under her shirt. The brunette brought a hand to Nikki’s face and smiled at the younger girl. She was lost in those dark orbs of hers and leaned in to touch her lips with the other girl.

Nikki leaned in along with her and reached her lips with hers.  Reggie pulled the asian girl closer and Nikki wrapped her arms around Reggies neck to deepen the kiss. The older girl parted her lips and rubbed her tongue along Nikki’s bottom lip. Nikki happily let her in. Their tongues touched and both could have sworn that they felt a pleasurable spark. Reggie tasted every crevice of Nikki’s mouth, not getting enough of her taste.

Soon the two need air and parted, lungs trying to get air back into them. “Well… That was the best good luck kiss I’ve ever gotten.” Reggie said with pink on her cheeks and a grin. Nikki leaned her head against Reggie’s shoulder and laughed. Reluctantly the two had to split up. Nikki still had work and Reggie had to get her guitar and equipment for the show out of her car.

As Reggie walked away from the Khaki Barn she began to wonder if she should play the new song she had been writing. It was about Nikki, of course. She couldn’t get the girl out of her mind and so, being the musically expressive person she is, she wrote a song for the girl. It would be the perfect way to ask Nikki out. She would just need to give it the few finishing touches.

While walking out of the mall to go to her car parked in the parking lot, she ran into Jude. “Heyyy dudette have you gotten any sugar from Nik yet?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows making Reggie laugh. “Haha just a couple kisses. We’re going to take it slow.”

“Really? It’s already been like a week. Usually you’d have already asked the chick our by now.”

Reggie raised a thoughtful eyebrow and thought about it for a second before contradicting what he said. “Noway Jude I think you’re exaggerating my forwardness.”

“Nah-uh bra you totally go fast with tha ladies. You get them all over you by the second date. Even before the second date. You’re like a female version of my bud Jonesy,” He paused for a second to think, “Except you get more chicks than he does. Which I’ll admit is pretty damn sad.” He said with a chuckle.

Reggie shook her head. She didn’t think of herself as a player. She really cared for the girls that she had been with and is even still friends with almost all of them. It wasn’t even that many girls that she’d been out with. There were plenty of guys she has been with. Okay maybe there were a few more girls.

“Dude I know that you’re exaggerating now. Noway I’ve been with more girls than Jonesy. Anyways that’s not the point. I am very serious about Nikki. In fact I’m going to ask her to officially be my girlfriend today after the talent show.” She grinned at the blond male and he grinned right back.

“Yeahh! Awesome how you gonna do it? Ask her in front of the crowd or just like backstage? You should do it in front of the crowd. Chicks dig that stuff.” He nodded to himself, obviously proud of his suggestion.

“Uhh yeah I don’t think Nikki would like that. She’d probably feel pressured to say yes, and I don’t want that.” Jude nodded in understanding. He knew how Nikki was and she would probably be pissed if she was forced under that kind of pressure.

“Ahh yeah I get what you mean.”

“Yeah exactly. Anyways dude can you help me get my equipment out of my car? I need to set up for the show.”

“Yeah totally.”

The show was going to start in a few minutes and Reggie was the second act. She and Jude were back stage waiting until she was up. She played her song for Jude and he said it was a little sappy for his taste but thought that Nikki would probably like it.

The first act, which was a cute little girl singing Micheal Jackson’s “Man in The Mirror”, was finally over and Jude looked out into the audience to see all his friends in the front row. “Hey dudette, I’m gonna go join the gang to watch you.” He said with that lazy smile. “Break a leg! But not literally you know.”

Reggie laughed and rolled her eyes at the skater and got her guitar ready while waiting for her cue. The announcer cued her in and with a large cheer from the audience she went on stage. She walked on stage with confidence and grinned at the crowd. She looked around and locked eyes with a certain pierced teen and gave her a grin and a wink.

Nikki smiled right back excitedly. Reggie sat down on the stool provided and played the first cords of her song, then began singing. The gang of friends were pleasantly surprised at how good her voice was. Well except for Nikki. She heard her sing quietly in the car before. The whole crowd seemed to sway with the guitar playing melody mixed with the brunette’s singing.

“I\'d never sing of love,
If it does not exist…

But darling,
You, are, the only exception,
You, are, the only exception,
You, are, the only exception,
You, are, the only exception…”

Nikki couldn’t take her eyes away. You could say that she felt like she was getting her feet swept out from under her as she listened to that sweet melody.  She could feel the feelings being poured into the song. Like Reggie was baring her heart for everyone to see. She especially felt winded as the older girl sang the song while looking into Nikki’s eyes.

“I had sworn to myself that I\'m,
Content with loneliness…
Because none of it was ever worth the risk,
Well, You, are, the only exception,
You, are, the only exception,
You, are, the only exception,
You, are, the only exception,

You, are, the only exception,
You, are, the only exception,

And I\'m on my way to believing,
Oh, And I\'m on my way to believing…”

The song ended and the crowd cheered and screamed. Reggie smiled and bowed to her audience while the announcer spoke. “And that was the wonderful talent of Regina Valentino! Next we have…”

Reggie put her guitar down at her station backstage and wiped her forehead with a sigh. “That was beautiful…” The brunette turned to the voice only to be tackled into a hug. She smiled and hugged her attacker.

“That was great… You sing so beautifully. Do… Do you really feel that way? I mean… what you said in your song?” Nikki asked and heard the other girl chuckle. She looked at her in the face to see a big grin. She pulled away and playfully pushed her. “Well? Answer my question!”

“Ahaha of course I meant it. Those are my true feelings for you. And I wanted to ask… I mean- I was wondering if you would… like to be my girlfriend?”

Nikki’s frown turned to a shocked face, then a smile. She wrapped her arms around Reggie’s neck and said, “Of course I would.” She brought her lips to the older girls and they shared a passionate kiss.

The rest of the gang came in and saw the two girls lip-locked. “Oooooooooo” They all said at the same time. The two girls blushed and parted, but still held hands. “Alriiiiiiiight! So she said yes huh?” Jude asked and went to Reggie, giving her a high five. Reggie just chuckled with a nod. Everyone cheered and congratulated the new couple. Everyone except Jonesy.

Nikki knew he was mad because they were an official couple now. She knew he still had feelings. But she just wanted to be friends from the start. At first she felt like she was falling for him but something was missing. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Reggie went over to Jonesy and held out a hand. “Friends?” Jonesy was taken aback at this, and so was Nikki. “Y-yeah sure.” He said and shook her hand. Regina smiled at the tall male and gave him a small pat on the back. Jonesy smiled back and the gang all went to the food court to get some grub.

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