Story: Never Again (chapter 4)

Authors: DemonChild6

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Chapter 4

Our favorite pierced teen was looking through her closet looking for something to wear with no luck. She would pick out an outfit, look at it in the mirror, then decide it made her look fat or too desperate. She was really getting frustrated.

Sooner or later she decided on wearing a dark blue tanktop with gray skinny jeans and normal black converse. She then got a ride to the mall from her mom. When arriving at the Khaki Barn she figured that she would actually do some work today. Not enough to work up a sweat or anything. B.O. is not an attractive smell.

It was getting close to the end of her shift when a certain blue-haired teen came up to her while she was folding clothes. “Hey there Nickster. Wanna ditch the job and hang out with the most handsome man alive?” asked Jonesy with an egotistic smile. Nikki’s eye twitched just a tiny bit then replied, “I don’t know. Where is he?” Jonesy frowned at that which made Nikki give a smile of her own.

“Fine then how about after your shift?”

“Nope sorry I’m busy.”

Jonesy raised an eyebrow, “Busy with what?”

Nikki raised an eyebrow right back at him, “Is it really your business?”

“It is when you shoot me down.” Nikki frowned at the Mexican-American. He really really gets on her nerves sometimes. He acted just like the rest of those jerks that she has broken up with. Gets butthurt when they get denied what they want. Good thing she’s done with those types of guys now.

“If you must know, I have a date.” Jonesy was a little shocked. She bounced back pretty fast.

“Who with?”

“Geez Jonesy it’s none of your business so stop asking.” She huffed and then took the clothes to their proper place then looked at her cell. “Shifts almost done…” She began to wonder where Reggie was, but her thoughts were stopped short when she looked up at the cashier desk to see the girl in question waiting.

Nikki’s face brightened as she made eye contact and Reggie waved at her. The pierced teen gave a ‘hold on’ signal to her then turned to Jonesy. “That’s who.” She said pointing at the direction of the brunette. Jonesy looked in the direction she pointed and frowned, “Who? I don’t see anyone.”

Nikki smirked, “The pretty brunette. That’s who.”

Jonesy’s eyes got wide with surprise. “Whaaa…” Nikki went over to Reggie and gave her a grin, “You’re a little early. I still have 20 minutes left till I’m off.” Reggie blushed a little and laughed nervously, “Yeah well I kinda wanted to see you soooo… I came a little early.”

Nikki chuckled and poked the older girl’s side, “You big romantic.” Jonesy came over and glared a little at Reggie. Reggie gave a confused look and whispered to Nikki, “What’s with this guy?” Nikki just sighed and shook her head. “Jonesy stop giving looks. This is Reggie. Reggie, this is Jonesy.”

Reggie smiled and held out her hand to Jonesy, “Sup dude.” Jonesy frowned and shook her hand hesitantly. Reggie could tell that there must have been something between him and her love interest. It was best to talk to him in a cool manner, but it seemed it wasn’t working.

Must have been a bitter break up. Just then an alarm on Nikki’s phone went off, which signaled the end of her shift. She quickly turned off the alarm and looked up at Reggie with a smile. “Let’s go.” She grabbed the brunette’s hand and lead them away from the grumpy male and Crappy Barn.

The two teens were driving away from the mall to a  steakhouse that Reggie was talking about the other day. They arrived at the eatery and went up to the hostess to get seated. Reggie seemed to come there often. “Reggie! Nice to see you back.” A busty blonde went over to Reggie and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, which Nikki thought was really strange.

Reggie laughed and gently pushed the blonde off of her, “Good to see you Chris. But stop doing that. I’m on a date.” The blonde girl looked at Nikki who had an annoyed look on her face. The blonde, who’s nametag read Christina, gave an apologetic look to Nikki. “I’m sorry. I’m good friends with this tall beauty, that’s all. You have her all to yourself.” She leaned over to Nikki to whisper in her ear, “You better watch her closely though, she can be a big flirt and can be a heartbreaker.”

The purple-haired teen nodded her head and thanked Chris for the useful info. Reggie was very curious though as to what the hostess said to her possibly future girlfriend. It made her a bit nervous honestly. “Okay ladies, right this way.” Christina lead the young women to a small booth and gave them their menus. “Tonight’s special is garlic shrimp kabobs and specialty steak with a choice of soup  or salad. Your waitress will be right with you.” She gave a bright smile to Nikki. “What was your name? If I may ask.”

Nikki gave a small smile, “Name’s Nikki. Nice to meet you Christina.” The two shook hands and Christina gave a grin, “It was great meeting you. Remember my advice~” and with that she walked away. Reggie looked at Nikki with a raised eyebrow.

“What advice?”

Nikki chuckled and shook her head, “Oh nothing. What are you going to order?” The night went on and the two had a normal conversation about recent happenings in the world and celebrity gossip and other small unknown facts. They were also talking about family and getting to know each other better.

“Aww noway your birthday was a just a couple weeks ago? I totally missed it.” The brunette pouted at missing the other girl’s birthday. Nikki gave a small laugh, “You didn’t even know me then. It’s fine that you missed it. When’s your birthday?”

“At the end of October.”

“I got to remember that.” She said with a smirk. Reggie chuckled at that. She then began to wonder where their waitress was. “Hey Joe! Where’s Jackie?” A man behind the bar of the restaurant responded, “She’s arguing with Marco again. She’ll be out in a few.” Reggie nodded her head and turned back to Nikki. The asian teen gave the older girl a questioning look.

“You know everyone here don’t you?”

“Haha yeah. There was a point in time where I worked here for a few months. But I ate too much on job and got fired. I love the food here!” She grinned widely and soon a girl with wavy black hair in a waitress uniform came out of the kitchen with a frown. The girl saw the two at the booth and lost the frown as she came over.

“Hey welcome back Reggie. Who’s your friend?”

“Hey Jackie. This is my friend Nikki.”

The waitress smiled at the purple-haired girl, “Nice to meet you. So what will be your guys’ orders?”

The couple  both ordered the special and a coke. Jackie wrote down the orders then went back to the kitchen to her dismay. They chatted causally and waited for their orders. Soon the drinks came and a few minutes after came the food.

Reggie paid for everything, even though Nikki argued that she should at least bay the tip. But the brunette won in the end obviously. They left the steakhouse with full stomachs. Nikki felt the back of her head burn though. She turned her head to see Jackie glaring a bit at her but stopped when she made eye contact and waved goodbye with a crooked smile.

Nikki raised an eyebrow and decided to ask about her later in the car.

As Reggie drove Nikki home, the pierced teen decided to ask about Jackie. “Hey Reggie, back at the restaurant when we were leaving, that Jackie girl was glaring daggers at me. I like literally felt the back of my head burn.”

Reggie sighed and shook her head with a frown. “Sorry about that Nikki. The reason she was glaring at you is because she is my ex-girlfriend. She probably knew we were on a date and got jealous. Usually she’s a really nice girl.”

“If she’s such a nice girl then why did you break up...” That statement came out a little more bitter than she wanted. Reggie just shrugged as she stared at the road.

“Well she is really paranoid and she thought that I was cheating on her. She broke up with me after two months of going out. She thought there was something between me and Christina going on.”

“… Was there something going on?”

“No, of course not. I am a loyal person. I would never to that to my counterpart. It’s just that Jackie has had her heart broken too many times by past boyfriends and a girlfriend that cheated on her with another woman. Those past relationships ruined her love life forever.” Reggie said sadly. Nikki nodded her head, feeling bad for Jackie.

“Marco, the guy she was arguing with in the back, is her current boyfriend. I’m sure she is suspecting him for something. It’s pretty sad really…” Nikki nodded in agreement. Jackie’s situation was a little bit similar to hers, except all her past boyfriends truly were jerks. She would never suspect Reggie for cheating on her though. She could tell that she was a good person.

The car pulled up to Nikki’s house. The older girl tuned off the car and turned to Nikki. “Well enough about Jackie. Do I get that kiss now?” She asked with a wily grin. Nikki chuckled and shook her head at the brunette’s silliness. She stared at Reggie who now had a small smile on her face that Nikki found profoundly sexy.

The purple-haired teen blushed brightly and leaned forward to meet Reggie’s awaiting lips. Reggie’s cheeks also grew warm and she leaned in. The two shared a chaste kiss that lasted for what seemed like an hour but was only a few seconds. They parted and the brunette’s face was faintly red and she had a huge grin on her face.

Nikki’s face was very bright red and she had a dreamy smile on her face. It was her first time kissing another girl, and it felt so right. “Nikki… Hey Nikki.” Nikki shook her head and looked at a smirking Regina. “Am I that good of a kisser?” Nikki’s face went bright red and she frowned at the other girl.

“Actually it was a little wet. I felt like I was kissing a Labrador.” Reggie just laughed and Nikki joined her.

“Well I had a really good time with you, Nikki…” the brunette said to the younger girl. Nikki nodded with a slight blush present on her cheeks.

“I had a good time too.”

“Do I get a kiss goodbye?”

Nikki laughed and gave her a quick peck on the lips before getting out of the car. “I’ll see you tomorrow!” Reggie said to Nikki as the asian girl went up her steps to her door. Nikki smiled and waved goodbye as the other girl drove away. Nikki walked into her door and was faced by her father. “Who was that?”

Nikki just shrugged and started upstairs to her room, “A friend.”

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