Story: Never Again (chapter 3)

Authors: DemonChild6

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Chapter 3

 Nikki was super bored. She was hanging out by the mall fountain with Caitlin who couldn’t stop talking about her date at the movies last night. All Nikki heard come out of her mouth was blah blah blah. Caitlin noticed that the other girl wasn’t really listening to her and waved a hand in front of the purple-haired girl’s face.

“Yoohooo earth to Nikki.” Nikki sat up straight at looked at the bubbly blonde. “What’s wrong Nik?” Nikki shook her head and replied, “Nothing. I’m just thinking…” Caitlin grinned as she thought of what Nikki was thinking about. She had an idea it was about a certain brunette.

“Ohh? And who is it that you’re thinking about?” She asked with a knowing smile. Nikki raised an eyebrow and responded plainly, “Just about how annoying those clones have been lately.” Caitlin shook her head and said in a sing-song voice, “You’re thinking about Reggie!~”

Nikki frowned at the other girl and stopped herself from strangling her. “Am not. Though I was thinking a little about yesterday…” Caitlin started to giggle and sing over and over, “Nikki’s in love! Nikki’s in love!” Nikki let out a groan and got up to walk away. Caitlin saw this and ran to her side.

“So are you gonna ask her out?” The blonde asked with a smile.

“Grr just shutup Caitlin. Don’t ask such a stupid question!” Caitlin just giggled at the other girl. The blonde then went off to meet up with her boyfriend, to Nikki’s relief. An alarm on Nikki’s phone went off and with a groan she went to her job.

As usual there was nothing but fake people shopping at the Khaki Barn that day. The clones tried to bug the pierced girl but they ran away when she yelled at them. Nikki chuckled; it was always funny when they ran scared.

Nikki sat around reading a book about a girl and her drug problem when she heard a voice, “S’cuse me miss but I need some help.” Nikki groaned and slamed the book down. “What do you wa-“ She stopped mid-sentence when she looked up to see a smirking girl decked out in rainbows.

“Sup Nikki.” Nikki stood up quickly and laughed nervously. “Oh haha hey Reggie… Sorry, I didn’t recognize your voice.” Reggie just shrugged and moved around the desk to stand by Nikki and lean her backside against it.

“No prob. So when do you get off? I was thinking we could get lunch or something.” Nikki looked at her phone to see that she didn’t get off for another three hours. She sighed deeply, “I don’t get off for another few hours.” She thought for a moment then smirked. “But I’ll see what I can do.”

Reggie watched the purple-haired girl go over to the clones and say something. The older clone said something back with a frown only to get a shout from Nikki. The girl cowered away and nodded. Nikki smiled then walked away back to the brunette. “Okay lets go.”

Reggie smiled, “What did you say to them?”

“Oh nothing just a few threats.” Reggie laughed and said she’ll find out later. The two walked far to the other side of the mall by the theaters. They decided to see the latest action movie that was out. The movie was all about robots attacking their human leaders and such with a few jokes here and there which made it more enjoyable.

The two girls accidently touched hands on the shared armrest. Both blushed but let it go and moved their hands away. Nikki didn’t know how she felt about the contact. On one hand it was no big deal but on another it gave off a spark. Reggie’s hand was so soft against hers, it made her feel butterflies. Though she couldn’t tell what the other girl felt about it seeing how the room was dark and she couldn’t see her face clearly.

Soon the movie was over and they left right away. Outside the theater they stared at each other. Nikki blushed which caused Reggie to blush in turn. The taller girl rubbed the back of her head and asked, “So you wanna get something to eat?” Nikki, who didn’t trust her voice right then, nodded and they walked to the food court for burgers at McFlipsters.

Wyatt was present at the burger place working his shift when the two came. She smiled, “Hello ladies.”

“Hey Wyatt.” They both said in unison. “So what can I do for you?” The girls gave their orders and Reggie went to pay for the food only to have Wyatt give them no charge. The two sat at a table chowing down and talking between bites.

Nikki started talking about how annoying Caitlin is. The other girl was curious and asked how the blonde got on her nerves so often. “It’s cause well- She always asks stupid questions and acts almost just like the clones at the Crappy Barn.” Reggie giggled a little and nodded in understanding.

“What has she done to annoy you lately?”

Nikki frowned and felt her cheeks get a little hot. “I can’t remember.”

“Aww come on what happened?” Nikki looked away and her face became a darker shade of red. She didn’t want to tell the brunette that they were talking about her.

“Please Nik? I promise I won’t make fun of you like Caitlin.” The sixteen-year-old looked at her and sighed. Here goes.  “Fine. Caitlin was teasing me about you.” Reggie was a little taken back and raised an eyebrow. “About… Me?”

Nikki nodded. “Well, what was she saying about me?” She was more intrigued and leaned in to listen carefully to the purple-haired girl. Once again Nikki sighed, “She… She was bugging me because I was zoning out and she teased saying I was thinking about you.”

“…Were you?” Nikki looked at the other girl with shock. The way she asked the question was what shocked her, not that she asked it. She asked with hope in her voice. And her face was also hopeful for a split second. Nikki blushed again and looked away with a nod.

Now Reggie was blushing a deep red, though she had a grin on her face. “Well what else was she saying?”

Nikki frowned and shook her head, “She didn’t say anything else.” Though it was a lie, Nikki left it at that and hoped Reggie would too. Luckily for her, Reggie nodded her head and looked away. “So Nikki… You know I am attracted to guys and girls right?” Nikki raised an eyebrow, “Its pretty obvious by now.” The older and taller girl laughed at that and nodded her head.

“Well I was wondering if you… would go out with someone your own gender.” Nikki gave a thoughtful look. She didn’t know if this was Reggie’s way of asking her out, so she chose her words carefully. “I would if she was as cool as you.” Reggie smiled widely at her answer. “Well there’s no other girl as cool as me, so you might as well try going out with me.” She said casually looking in another direction, looking at Nikki from the corner of her eye.

Nikki smiled a sly smile. “Only after you buy me dinner.” The younger girl laughed loudly at the other girl’s frown. Reggie then grinned and leaned in across the table. “I’ll only do that if you give me a kiss right here.” She said pointing to her cheek.

Nikki shook her head, “Nuh-uh, you’ll probably move your head so I end up kissing your lips. Just wait until after our date. Then maybe I’ll give you a kiss.” Reggie just laughed and nodded in agreement. “Okay okay. I’ll get you after you finish your shift and take you to a great place I know.”

Nikki frowned, “Nowhere fancy okay?” Reggie chuckled and told her not to worry about it. Then the brunette changed the subject and the two continued their conversation about random things.

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