Story: Never Again (chapter 1)

Authors: DemonChild6

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Chapter 1

It kept a lot of concentration to keep Nikki from pulling her hair out. The clones would not leave her alone. Okay, yeah she wasn't selling anything or doing the other things she's supposed to do as an employee of the "Crappy Barn", but she didn't think she could stop herself from knocking their blocks off.

She knew though that the real reason she was losing it was because her last experience with dating. She just broke up with her boyfriend Stone, who turned out to be just a jerk. She knew he was a jerk when she was dating him, but he was like a jerk with a sweet side to him. But that wasn't trun. He was a coward who didn't even had the balls to break up with her face to face.

She was so done with dating guys like him. Never again. So today she was working her shift in the Khaki Barn goofing off as usual. Many fake people came in and out of the store and occasionally kids that wanted to mess around and make a mess around the store. The girl took in a deep breath and exhaled. It was really boring working in that stupid store.

Jonsey and Jen walked in to check on their miserable friend. After the breakup they became worried about Nikki, thinking she would become colder and more anit-social. "Hey kid whats up?" Jonsey asked as he playfully punched Nikki's arm. She frowned in resposed and mumbled an "I'm fine." Jen gave her a sad look. "Hey Nik you wanna hang out after your shift?" Nikki smiled a small smile. "Sure Jen that'd be cool."

Later that day Nikki and Jen were at the foodcourt eating bugers at the Lemon with Caitlin. "I saw that jerk Stone today Nikki. You should of seen it he was flirting with this girl and she totally threw her drink in his face!" Nikki couldn't help but laugh at the picture of Stone getting soaked by some girls beverage. The three girls laughed and Wyatt came over and plooped down on a chair at the table with a sigh.

"Hey Wyatt. Why the long face?" Jen asked as Wyatt put up his feet on another chair. "It's Serena..." All the girls let out an exhausted moan. Serena has been putting Wyatt in a bad mood for a few weeks now. They just broke up. Nikki could understand Wyatt at this time though it was kind of the opposite situation.

 "Come on Wyatt; that girl is horrible. She completely broke your heart and got with another guy right after with no pity on you at all." Caitlin comforted her broken friend. Wyatt just nodded his head, not really listening.

Nikki shook her head and got up from the table. Jen stood with her asking, "Where you going?" Nikki raised an eyebrow and turned to walk away. "I'm going to Spin This. I want some new music." Jen was alarmed, she knew what Nikki really wanted to do. "Wait I'm coming too!"


Nikki had lost it, and Jen knew this. She cussed out Serena and got kicked out of the store by crazycop Ron and almost taken to the mall jail for "un-ladylike behavior" as he said. But Jen was able to convince him that she won't be anymore trouble.

"Nikki are you insane? You could have been banned from the mall for acting like that!" Nikki just looked away with a frown. "Well I wasn't okay? Besides that Serena bitch needed a good slap in the face for what she did to Wyatt."

Jen sighed and looked at her cellphone. "Well I gotta go to work. Promise me that you won't cause anymore trouble?"

"Fine." Was all the pierced girl said. Jen walked off to the Penalty Box sporting goods store.

Nikki siged and rested her chin on her hand. She knew that she shouldn't have done that to Serena but she was mad. Lately she had been mad at everything.

"Hey you! Asian girl in the white!" Nikki raised an eybrow and turned her eyes to a brunette in a black tanktop and dark blue skinny jeans with a rainbow seat-belt buckled belt matching with round rainbow earrings and purple vans walking over to her.

When the girl reached Nikki she said with annoyance in her voice, "I have a name, you know." The girl smirked down at her. "I liked what you did to that music store owner back there. Shes a real B."

Nikki stood up from where she was sitting. "Whatever. Everything I said was true." Nikki reflected on how she called Serena a 'ho that doesn't know what she wants' and a 'succubus' and many other things.

"Haha well it was nice. My names Regina by the way. Regina Valentino. You could call me Reggie." She held out her hand politely for Nikki to shake. Nikki looked at the offered hand and hesitantly shook it. "I'm Nikki. Nikki Wong. Not 'Asian girl in the white'." Reggie laughed a bit at that. "Sorry I wanted to talk and I didn't know your name."

Nikki was really confused as to why this girl would want to talk to her so badly. So being the straight forward person she is, she asked. "Why did you want to talk so badly?" She asked as she crossed her arms and put all her weight on one leg.

Reggie shrugged and smiled flirtaciously. "I thought you were really cute and wanted to know your name." Nikki was shocked, and that was saying something. This girl seemed to like her in a romantic way. She knew a few lesbians at her school but they never thought of her romatically.

She couldn't stop the blush that took over her face. "Uhh well um it was nice meeting you." She waved goodbye goofily and ran off to the Lemon leaving behind the brunette.

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