Story: P.S. I think i love you (chapter 2)

Authors: atrain1

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Chapter 2

Title: Chapter2-The Catfight

Blackfire approached the rundown house and almost turned back. She forced herself to walk inside and she her spirits fell even more as she observed the room. It was a brown-wooded room which was barren except for a table with flowers on it and a window on the wall. Across from the window was a swinging door and beside that was a counter with a bell on it. Knowing she would regret it she rang the bell. Almost immediately a beautiful woman with black hair and dowdy clothes appeared.”May I help you” she asked. Blackfire couldn’t believe it maybe her luck was finally changing. This woman was very perky and would probably help anyone with a good sob story she almost laughed at how easy it would be. “I’m sorry to have bothered you but my ship has crashed“ she said allowing tears to well up in her eyes.” My father bless his soul took me on vacation. We were going to the Hurkian galaxy but we were attacked by space pirates. He stayed to fight and he died but at the last second…With his last dying breath…He sent me away on an escape pod. Blackfire finally allowed her tears to flow and watched in satisfaction as the woman melted before her eyes. “Don’t worry dear you can stay” The woman answered almost breaking into tears herself. “I don’t have any money though” said Blackfire as she forced even more tears. “Don’t worry about that later, you can get a job in town then you can pay it off over time.” Thank you Ms….uh…Ms.”  “Arella dear, what's your name.” “Blackfire Ms Arella” Blackfire answered as the perky woman hugged her. “And I will pay you back” Blackfire said as she stifled another laugh. She knew full well the sun would die and be born again before this woman ever saw a cent from her. 


Raven was almost knocked down by Arella as she barreled into the room she was walking past. “What's the big rush” she inquired nonchalantly “I have a costumer and I need to tidy this room” Arella answered as she dusted and straightened things up. Raven couldn’t have cared less but she had nothing better to do but ignore the twins that followed her every step then ran away as she turned to look at them. She made her way down the stairs and opened the door just enough to see half of the room. She almost screamed. It was her, Starfire’s sister. She was looking outside through the window on the opposite side of the room. Seeing this Raven wasted no time. She burst into the room and stretched out her hands.


Blackfire turned just in time to see black tentacles shoot from the cloaked girl’s hands. She felt them grab her and hold her against the wall then they merged together until the covered everything but her head. “Why are you hear” Raven said coldly. Blackfire could barely breathe but managed to sputter out “why are you here. Did robin finally wise up and kick the weakest one out.” “That’s not an answer “ Raven said with a deadly calm. All of a sudden Blackfire felt the pressure on her chest become even more unbearable. She tried to speak but no words came out and she felt herself losing consciousness. Blackfire couldn’t believe it. This little emo freak was really about to kill her. She was just about to give up when Arella bounded into the room. What in the name of Azarath are you doing? Raven dropped her hand in surprise and Blackfire fell to the ground gasping in air till she choked.” I know you don’t like me much but you can’t get revenge by killing costumers” Arella said trying to keep her voice level down.” This is an intergalactic criminal and she’s probably here to kill me.” Raven replied showing no emotion.” Everyone deserves a second chance sweetie”. “First off don’t call me sweetie second, she doesn’t get another chance. She already got hers. I’m ending this here.” Raven turned around and looked down in time to see Blackfire raise her head. The white part in her eyes was replaced by pure darkness causing her to look like she had no eyes at all. “You shouldn’t have let me go” she said with a sadistic tone. The smile on her face reminded raven of a witch’s grin.


A purple starbolt hit raven in the stomach before she could even step back. She went through the wall and landed on the stairs. Blackfire stood up and started walking over menacingly but by chance looked behind her and saw the table with an aura the same black color of the tentacles Raven trapped her in. She hesitated for a second which proved to be fatal, the table did a dipping U and slammed into her chin. “OOOOMPH” was all she got out as she flew somersaulting into the ceiling and smashed into it face first. It looked like she was made of some kind of gelatin as her limp body peeled of off the dented ceiling, but Raven wasn’t finished yet. She used her power to pick up a piece of the table which had broken in two from the impact. As Blackfire fell to the ground Raven positioned the table piece vertically and sent it flying. The wood shot upward hitting Blackfire’s back with a resounding THUD! Blackfire laid on the wood that was somehow still in one piece. Her back looked broken as it bent over it. Blackfire started to rouse and Raven almost smiled “bye bye” she said to know one in particular. Almost instantly the wood turned horizontal and zoomed into the opposite wall crashing the broken body of Blackfire through. Raven finally dropped the wood with a smirk it had done its job well she thought to herself as she walked across the dirt and wood to where the semi-conscious Blackfire lay.


“Isssssth…tttttthhthththat…all…you’ve got” Blackfire said trying to get up and failing miserably. “It seemed like it was enough to stop you” raven said with a face that would freeze the Pacific Ocean. “Blackfire felt a familiar darkness start to creep around her vision.” No” she forced herself to say then began inch by inch to pull herself up. She stumbled twice and each time she began again. Raven almost felt sorry for her…almost. Blackfire finally stood up and a purple starbolt appeared in her hand as she began to sway back and forth. Knowing she would fall down and not be able to stand up she threw it. The starbolt went far to the right of a non-moving raven and cleared six or seven trees before dissipating. Blood gurgled slowly out of Blackfire's mouth and numerous cuts all over her body. She finally fell down for good. Raven stared down at her fallen foe she used her power to grab one of the fallen trees and raised it over Blackfire's head to deliver the final blow…

[End notes:

NNNNNNNNNOOOOOO Blackfire... just so you guys know blackfire was supposed to win and she probably would have in real life but this is how it turned out in the end. And also in case your wondering during all of this Arella is pleading and begging them to stop, sorry i didn't put it in.

More to come soon.


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