Story: P.S. I think i love you (chapter 1)

Authors: atrain1

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1- WHY ME!!!!

[Author's notes: i don't know the exact warnings yet so bear with me. Other than that enjoy and thank you for reading]

Blackfire chopped the robot closest to her. She saw it fall to the floor as its head fell of but after it was enveloped in the darkness surrounding her. She took a deep breath and waited to hear or feel any movement. She couldn’t risk a starbolt here and alert the mass amount of robots she knew were around. It had been such a perfect plan she thought to herself. Cause a distraction, shut of the lights, and destroy the small army of prison guard robots that would be sent her way but she had seriously underestimated their numbers and was now trapped.

She heard the shuffle of a metallic boot and turned to her left just in time to see a robot point a red laser on her. She quickly lashed out with her right leg and destroyed it but now her position would be relayed to all the surrounding robots. “Well, no point in not using a starbolt now” she said to herself and proceeded to light up in front of her. The starbolt raced from her palm and went through a robot not even 30 feet away illuminating the cold, hard, metallic faces of probably 500 more. Blackfire turned and fired in the other direction and the black ball of energy only went three feet before it caused a robot to explode right in front of her. She was thrown back and cracked her head hard against a piece of debris on the ground. This is it she thought to herself as the darkness crept in I’m going to die right here. She tried to get her body moving but couldn’t in stead she lifted her hands and sent a starbolt into the air one last time and saw the robots closing in, she felt herself losing consciousness when in the flickering light she saw a girl flip over the robots to kneel beside her. The girls blue eyes held hers until she finally gave up and surrendered to the un-fightable darkness that overtook her…

Blackfire gasped as she flew into a sitting position. She surveyed her surroundings and realized she was in a spacious escape pod. She was just about to get out of the cot she was laying on when a plasma screen moved in front of her. The blue eyed girl with purple hair flowing down her back appeared on the screen and spoke “hello Komand'r I know you must be confused but just so you know I saved you and put you in this pod so you now owe me even more. It is on its way to Azarath because in light of your escape the Tamaran government has blockaded earth board a Azarathian ship and rendezvous with me on earth, Then we can work on your repayment. By the way if the coordinates are tinkered with the ship self destructs. TA-TA Komand'r. Black fire hurled a starbolt at the screen and felt a little better as it disintegrated.

  Raven hated family reunions, Especially when her family was involved. Her mother and walked tentavely towards her while her twin siblings a boy and a girl sensing there mothers apprehension had hid behind her. She wouldn’t care if she hadn’t had to spend the next two weeks here but she did. Damn Robin she thought to herself. He had sent her on a forced vacation back to her homeland after she had lost control of her powers for the third time. Now she was stuck at this poor excuse for an inn. It was a two story high building with maybe 5 rooms upstairs the roof was longer on one side than the other, the walls were cracked and mossy, and half of the house sagged as if it was on a sinkhole. Raven sighed and stepped forward to greet her mother

. “Hello Raven” her mom said stopping a good 3 feet from her. She still fears me thought raven with a baffling morbid pleasure. “Hello Arella” answered Raven. She didn’t call her mom because she didn’t deserve it. Not after what she had tried to do. Arella looked forlorn as if she had been reprimanded then the moment passed and she asked Raven where her luggage was. “I didn’t have time to pack. I was forced here.” “Oh… well there is a beautiful garment shop in town. I’m sure we can get some clothes there”. Raven walked past her and the cowering children. “Right” was all she said with a and she stepped inside


. Blackfire almost felt happy when the green planet turned up. She had spent just two in the pod going over how her life had come to this and how un fair it was. As the pod sped toward the planet she still cursed her sister to the point of tears she has always had what I wanted. The throne, a family, and a home. Why does she have it? It was supposed to be mine. The pod gained more speed as it entered the planets atmosphere. The insides became to hot to touch. Blackfire crouched still cursing everything and every one.The pod crashed surprisingly close to a town. Blackfire exited the broken shell she was confined to and fell to her knees. She checked her legs for broken bones and satisfied she wasn’t mortally wounded she picked herself up and walked away from the burning wreckage.

 She arrived at the town at what seemed to be midday or at least the sun was right over her. “well first things first” she said eyeing a lodging sign. She walked inside what looked like a dusty saloon. The burly man with halitosis quickly got in her face. “What do yuh’ wan young’un”. “What’s it to you “ She said pushing right back. She had been trapped in a small capsule for 5 days and if this idiot wanted a fight she would give him one. She was about to light him on fire when a homely old milkmaid interjected. “Hold on there little one, we don’t want no trouble what do you need.” “A room”. “okay how much you willing to pay”. Black fire didn’t have any pockets on her purple suit. “I’m sorry but…”The woman wasted no time in saying “if you have no money your not welcome here. If you’re that desperate for lodging there is an old in just outside of town.” She pushed Blackfire out and went back inside. Blackfire sighed why do the gods hate me so she said as she began down the dirt road.

[End notes:

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