Story: QUESTARS OF WARCRAFT (chapter 2)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 1: Trouble in Goldshire

“Oh...light of the Naaru...!” Inji gasped, feeling relaxed, at last; she and Mithra had spent most of the night exploring every viewable part of each other’s bodies, and while having proven herself a frisky and seductive lover, Inji had enjoyed every moment, taking great pleasure in all that Mithra had done unto her, even if she had stolen both her virtue and her heart.

“The light of the Naaru may aid you at day...” Mithra chuckled behind her, Inji smiling to herself as she smelled the still-lingering arousal from her lover; “...but Elune guides my hand at night...”

“Your goddess condemns no-one, and for that I feel delighted...” Inji said, turning to face Mithra; “ for you...I am all yours, Mithra...”

As Mithra caught herself blushing, Inji giggled at seeing the purple-skinned night elf girl blush, something she rarely did; in a sort of retaliation, Mithra reached out and caressed the draenei girl’s horns, grinning as she saw Inji’s tail move back and forth in tact with her caressing and stroking.

“Well, I took your virtue, and so did you take mine...” Mithra said, winking at Inji; “...I haven’t seen any draenei use her tail in that manner before...”

“Stop it! I...I couldn’t control myself, and I apol-...” Inji began, Mithra’s sudden and needing kiss interrupting her, Inji giving into her moaning; no breakfast for now, it seemed...

“Heathen! Return my sheep to me!” a local farmer yelled, his pitchfork’s steel spikes pointing towards a man in a black and red robe trimmed with gold.

“I’ll bet you’re one of those adventure fellas! You owe me at least thirty gold pieces for that sheep, you lousy trickster!” the farmer threateningly thrust his fork against the man in the robe.

“Look, I told you, you old coot, sheep are simple beings...and simple beings tend to...” the man in the robe now turned around, his eyes flashing green as he waved his hand; “...disappear!”

As he spoke, green lightning of fel magic shoot from his palm, heading directly towards a herd of cows, the animals not realizing what happened until an explosion of fel energy sent the creatures flying to the sky.

“Of course I will compensate you...” the man smirked cruelly, tossing a small bag at the terrified farmer; “...but use it to buy new livestock! I will be staying here for a few months...”

“...Impudent brat! This precious life must matter greatly for death and unlife to be so painful...” Dainon mumbled in his own thoughts, his armour creaking as he watched the young warlock cackle with laughter as the farmer he had mocked yelled threats at him, Dainon sighing as he saddled Darkness, the undead horse’s frozen hooves giving off a chilling aura.

“Miss, where may I find the authorities in this village?” Dainon turned to an elderly woman, who, despite her terror of seeing the death knight, weakly pointed at a house close to Dainon.

“Thank you, ma’am, and rejoice, at least...” Dainon said as he went by with a swing of his cloak, smiling amused under his helmet; “...I will not be the one to drag your soul to Icecrown...”

“Mithra, honestly...does you night elf gals never tire??” Inji giggled as Mithra’s long purple hair teased her armpits, her and Mithra continuing their pleasant bedside exercises more sensitively before heading for the inn’s main room.

“I’m like a nightsaber in heat when I look at you, Inji! Your slightest move and I feel my heart race like a hurricane!” Mithra panted out, licking Inji’s cheek.

“You are one hopelessly masochistic girl, aren’t you?” Inji teased, letting her tail slightly stroke over Mithra’s butt, the night elf girl moaning longingly.

“Now I am, indeed! My sweet, little Inji...let me show you my love!” Mithra exclaimed passionately, beginning to right out suck on the draenei girl’s breasts, Inji chuckling amused, feeling it both tickle and feeling Mithra’s warmth all over her body.

“Barkeep, do you know where I can find a draenei priestess around here? She is not more than two meters, blue hair, wears a sacred robe, and golden rings on her tail” a quite imposing and large draenei asked the barkeep.

“Oh, you mean Inji? She and that night elf woman rented one of my rooms just the other night...looked dead drunk too, if I may add...” the barkeep said, rolling a gold coin over his knuckles.

“That may be, but what exact room? I do not have the rest of eternity...” the draenei asked again, his voice beginning to sound impatient.

“Oh! Might be room 21 or 12; I don’t remember, really...” the barkeep answered quickly, the draenei nodding his head as he went upstairs.

“You call this an invention?! What are the basic materials, even?? What did you do? Get drunk on the job and just slapped it together like a puzzle game?? It’s hardly worth ten copper pieces!” a gnome discussed with a human, both of them arguing over what really just looked like a mousetrap.

“Shut your trap, tiny! I spent all my earnings collecting the pieces for this, and it’s going to sell! Very soon! Mark my words!” the human gave back, turning on his heel as he picked up the mousetrap, walking away.

“By the...light of the Naaru...!” Inji panted out, slowly pulling her tail out of Mithra’s ‘moonwell’ as she called it, her love fluids running heavily from Inji’s tail.

“Inji, my well still runs deep; drink more from it, please...” Mithra pleaded, Inji nodding weakly, beginning to descend between Mithra’s legs again, her tongue exploring deeply into night elf girl’s well, slurping all the delicious fluids that kept gushing from her lover’s most sacred shrine.

“Oh-h-h-h-h! I do like it when you fuck me, Inji! You really know what a girl wants, don’t you?” Mithra smiled, Inji looking up.

“Uhm, I know how to do what? What does this ‘fuck’ mean?” Inji asked.

“It’s something I heard a human woman mention; turns out that when humans make love, they ‘fuck’ as they call it...” Mithra shrugged, winking at Inji; “...still, despite all their fancy names, no-one can satisfy me as you can, Inji.”

“How moving...and such truth! This ‘well’ is not served with being plugged up, now is it?” Inji smiled at Mithra, descending into her ‘well’ again, Mithra lowering herself deeper into the bed, holding a hand to her face as she smiled broadly, moaning wildly.

“Ah, so this is where you and your...’associate’ spend your free time...” Irraka suddenly spoke sarcastically, marching through the door to Inji and Mithra’s room.

“Brother! You have no right to barge in like that!” Inji snapped at Irraka, Mithra lifting an uncaring head.

“As your brother, I have every right, Inji, and frankly I have never approved of the company you keep...” Irraka grunted, looking sourly at Mithra; “...and your female girl-lover here...I thought Azeroth saw the last to the Plague after their Third War...”

With an aggressive gesture, Inji’s hand clenched into a fist, the energy generated from the gesture forcing the heavily armoured Irraka into the wall with the force of a battering ram.

“How dare you?! Why even need to carry that ridiculous armour since you’re already so cold-hearted!” Inji snapped at her brother, Mithra hugging her, trying to calm down her near-crying lover.

“What in Icecrown’s tainted name is going on here??” a sudden deep, chilling voice were heard in the hallway outside the room, Dainon looking inside, seeing the painfully grunting draenei warrior and the two furious-looking women in the bed.

“How dare you, you pathetic little maggot...!” Dainon growled, clenching his fist as he picked up Irraka by his throat, pinning him to the wall, the draenei nearly choking as Dainon’s grip tightened.

“I heard your little preach, two-hooves, and I assure you; you will regret ever spitting those words out...!” Dainon gritted his teeth behind his helmet.

“Wait! He’s my brother, after all...” Inji interrupted Dainon as she leapt from the bed, trying to drag the death knight back away from Irraka.

“Your brother? What wretch would dare speak such to his own kindred?” Dainon asked, slowly loosening his grip on Irraka’s throat.

“A homophobic one; that means he hates seeing two people of the same gender falling in love...” Mithra explained from the bed, Dainon stepping away from the gasping Irraka, unsheathing his sword, thrusting it deeply into the floor planks, were a layer of ice soon covered the draenei warrior.

“I have taken enough lives to now realize life’s purpose...” Dainon said darkly as he walked towards Mithra; “...our choices makes us what we are, not ‘fate’; and the two of you are in love?”

“Yes!” both Mithra and Inji answered almost simultaneously, causing Inji to giggle.

“Hm-m, I somewhat envy you; to feel a kiss and the warmth of life...but a bond like yours are not easily cleaved...” Dainon mumbled to himself, reaching up and removing his helmet, holding it under his arm, his tattered black hair and beard frosted with ice.

“I shall leave now and take this draenei with me...” Dainon said, raising an eyebrow at Inji’s scared expression.

“Your brother will be in one piece...but I hope he knows a local healer...” Dainon said darkly, gritting his teeth into a wicked smile as he took up his sword, put his helmet back on, and dragged the now unconscious Irraka out of the room by his tail.

“...Should we continue where we left off...?” Mithra smiled and Inji, the draenei girl crawling over the night elf and burrowing her face between Mithra’s full bosom.

“No fruits in all of Azeroth could be so delicious...” Inji lovingly stroke her head against Mithra’s breasts, the night elf girl chuckling girlishly.

“You’re really a saucy little wench, aren’t you?” she teased, Inji responding with a smile, nipping at Mithra’s left nipple.

“What’s going on in there? I registered a great concentration of holy and unholy magic at the same time! Can’t be good, no way...” Wrex mumbled to himself, entering the Lion’s Pride Inn, almost pushed out of his way when an angry Dainon forced his way out.

“Stand back! This bastard and I have a score to settle!” the death knight spat, feeling the draenei to slowly regain consciousness.

“AR-R-R-R-RGH! Why, why so aggressive now, Inji??” Mithra yelled out loud to the ceiling, looking playfully over her shoulder as Inji forced her against the wall, letting her tail penetrate deeply into Mithra’s well.

“Because you said you were wild, before...” Inji smirked, teasingly napping at Mithra’s eyes; “...and I do love this rougher type of...’dominating your mate’ as you can call least when I’m the dominant one...!”

“Maybe we should reverse that role after this, huh?” Mithra grinned smugly, Inji rolling her eyes and winking at her lover.

Chuckling playfully, Mithra turned around, gently pushed Inji unto the bed, following after the draenei girl as the both began tickling each other, laughing childishly and happily.

“ ancestors’ restless ghosts hits harder than that...!” Irraka spat as he pulled himself up, Dainon walking around the draenei warrior in circles, his hand resting on his sheathed sword.

“You are strong, that I will give you, but you have a fatal chink in your armour...” Dainon said, his echoing voice annoying Irraka greatly as well as his lectures; “ claim yourself a warrior, but you lack the honour and respect every warrior should have.”

“Don’t you start on that, death-bringer! All you know of are misery and pain, and you call me a coward??” Irraka roared as he struck against Dainon, the death knight simply parrying the larger draenei’s fist in his hands.

“Hmm, that could have cracked the skull of a lesser man...” Dainon said, leading his right arm towards his sheathed sword; “...but I tire of this!”

As Irraka quickly pulled out his sword in response to Dainon, the death knight’s rune-blade soared through the air, silently hissing in the wind as it hit the steel of Irraka’s sword.

“I cannot believe that ignorance you showed to your own sister, your own kin, draenei; such short-sightedness...” Dainon mocked, surprising Irraka as he struck out with his left foot, tripping the draenei over, Dainon’s rune-blade at his throat rendering Irraka at the death knight’s mercy as he sat his solid, armoured foot on the draenei’s arm, leaving Irraka without his sword; “ you not know one of the most basic rules for a common warrior? ‘Leave your mind open for learning’.”

“It’s none of your concern, and I won’t have my own flesh and blood get together with that...that.....forest nymph!” Irraka spat, Dainon sighing.

“Wha-...oh, Light preserve us! A death knight!” Wrex suddenly stopped by as he came out from the inn; seeing the defeated Irraka on the ground, though, he assumed Dainon was a threat, beginning to cast a spell.

“Leave that draenei alone, death-bringer!” Wrex yelled as he flung a spell at Dainon, the death knight holding up his free hand, the spell as if swallowed into his palm.

“I care little for wizardry, gnome...” Dainon said, turning his attention to Irraka, lifting him up with his free hand, holding the draenei in front of himself.

“This brute of a ‘warrior’ harasses his own sister’s lover and is willing to use force to separate them...” Dainon said; “...ignorance may be bliss for you, draenei, but now, that bliss turns to reality by my hand!”

“Lying-...” Irraka began to struggle, Wrex stepping over towards Dainon, too late as the draenei began freezing over, covered in ice as Dainon put him down with a satisfied grunt.

“What use is the word of a death knight, anyway? All logic would point towards dishonesty, bloodlust and evil” Wrex asked, Dainon kneeling down into eyesight of the gnome.

“You are wrong in all but one of those ‘statistics’; I’m neither dishonest nor bloodthirsty, but I ‘am’ what you may call ‘evil’...”

“Then give me a reason why I shouldn’t inform the authorities!” Wrex demanded, Dainon crossing his arms, pointing a thumb over his shoulders, two Stormwind guardsmen hardly paying attention to the discussion.

“I am a death knight, but I have grown an appreciation for life, which is why this wretch still lives...” Dainon explained, Wrex raising an eyebrow under his hood; “...and you may call your little authorities if you please; we will then see how steel swords will meet a saronite rune-blade.”

“Uhm, no need to be hasty, I imagine; maybe we ought to keep this in between us...” Wrex looked over at Irraka, the conscious and quite angry-looking draenei lying motionless in the block of ice Dainon had encased him in; “...besides, we need to treat this draenei’s wounds; you gave him a rough beating, I see.”

“I promised his sister not to kill him...” Dainon mumbled under his breath; “...although I feel like gutting him like a stuck pig…alas, then wait for a moment; I let get him out of there…”

“So...” Inji finally sat herself down at her and Mithra’s table, their breakfast being served by a barmaid; “...I thought we should head to Stormwind today; I need to get some new dresses.”

“Stormwind’s a rough place and the humans there are sure to be less tolerant towards us...” Mithra said as she drank a bit of the hot milk and honey drink she had ordered; “...we should try getting you to Northshire Abbey, instead; with all that holy magic you possess, you could really become stronger if you read your way through the tomes.”

“There is nothing more boring than reading! Besides, I had other things on my mind...” Inji said, sending Mithra a mysterious grin.

“Are you hiding something from me?” Mithra asked surprised, not minding to take up Inji’s little game.
“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not...” Inji giggled lowly, Mithra looking carefully at Inji, suddenly hearing a light creaking as the draenei girl sat down her legs on the floor.

“Hold on...” Inji now looked inquisitively under the table, seeing nothing but Inji’s usual silvery robe...and underneath it, pants of black leather catching her attention.

“My, if you aren’t feeling frisky this morning; maybe I went too far with you...?” Mithra teased, Inji blushing and caressing her new pants.

“Real kodohide, polished and fit just for the fashionable, yet alluring femme fatale...” Inji smirked, blushing again; “...I just liked how you looked in your armour, so I sort of felt the need to dress just a bit like you.”

“Now you’re flattering me, two-horns...” Mithra chuckled, Inji giggling to herself.

“Those two over there are up to something; I can feel it in my bones...” Zulcar mumbled as his companion, a dwarven warrior sat and enjoyed their drinks, Zulcar sticking to the usual: A tankard of clear water.

“Ye must be hearing things; ‘em two lasses’ been talking fer two minutes and now you go hearing things...” the dwarf grunted, looking into his ale mug; “...must be some kinda price ye warlocks pay fer ye ‘almighty’ powers, eh? Hearing stuff no-one else does…”

“I suppose you’re unaware that I could hit you with a fel meteor right now, if I so pleased...?” Zulcar mocked, the dwarf grunting sourly and returning to his ale.

“We seek the one named Inji; we demand to see this draenei at once!” a robed man angrily raised his fist to a Stormwind guardsman, the guard narrowing his eyebrows.

“And by what given authority, then?” he asked, the robed man letting his robe fall, revealing a tabard of the Scarlet Onslaught and a red and gold-trimmed sword hanging in his belt, his armour dyed completely crimson.

“By authority of the Holy Light, I command you to lead us to this draenei woman!” he once again raised his fist, the guardsman looking over his shoulder, gesturing another nearby guardsman to approach him.

“These Scarlet people demands to see a draenei priestess by the name of Inji, and has gone as far as to threaten with murder if we do not comply” the guard told his friend, the two of them unsheathing their swords.

“Gentlemen, we must ask you to-...” one of the guards tried and speak, but one of the robed Scarlet fanatics lunged what appeared like a dagger towards him, the guard barely managing to raise his shield to save himself from the dangerous blow.

“Heretics! The General must live again! Forward, brothers! Slay all who defy the Holy Light!” one of the fanatics cried out, one of the Stormwind guardsmen lucky enough to deal him a hefty blow with his fist, knocking the fanatic back down.

“What in tarnation-...??” Zulcar asked himself as he stepped outside the inn, hearing what sounded like war-cries, only to find a small crossbow bolt impaling itself to the doorframe where his hand had been not two seconds before.

“Scarlet fanatics...just what I needed...” he sighed sarcastically, letting his eyes towards the sky; “...I swear, sometimes I feel bad for them...only sometimes, though...”

As he swore under his breath, he looked directly at a fanatic trying to run for the inn as more Stormwind guards arrived; as the fanatic got eye contact with Zulcar, his pre-prepared spell were set into effect as he returned the eye contact; screaming, the fanatic fell to the ground, his eyes burning with fel fire.

“You call yourself warriors of the Holy Light? HAH! You of the Scarlet Onslaught are a blight upon all the Light stands for!” Zulcar taunted, swinging his heavy golden staff towards the fanatic’s head, a nasty, cracking sound telling the satisfied Zulcar that the fanatic were no longer amongst the living.

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