Story: QUESTARS OF WARCRAFT (chapter 1)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: The Heroes Arise - An Introduction

[Author's notes: A list of the characters in Questars.]

After the successful assault on the Icecrown Citadel by the valiant soldiers of the Argent Crusade and the Ashen Verdict, the Lich King’s defeat heralds the end of the greatest threat of the arctic Northerend, and Azeroth can now live in peace, knowing that the Scourge will never again rise up and challenge all life on the planet in a wake of Undeath.

However, despite the hundreds of battles, gathering of ancient items and assisting the mighty factions of Azeroth, a group of adventurers, known only as ‘Questars’, have yet to fully embrace the peace, and still work tirelessly to attain fame, fortune and glory beyond what any other hero could achieve...


Shindris is a quel’dorei, a highborn elf living in Silvermoon City, although she recently expressed her dislike for the newly christened ‘blood elves’, as she, herself, is fully capable of resisting her hunger for magic through sheer force of will.

Working as a courtesan, Shindris has always been open about her love for women, and works in the employ of noble ladies, sorceresses and other high class circles of female elves, be they high elves or blood elves, although the latter, to Shindris’ tastes, are far more aggressive during the time of Shindris providing her ‘services’.

Although shunned by most men of Silvermoon City, Shindris is pretty much admired by like-minded women who see her as an icon of individuality and self-confidence.

Working as a courtesan, Shindris works in the employ of noble ladies, sorceresses and other high class circles of female elves, be they high elves or blood elves, although the latter, to Shindris’ tastes, are far more aggressive during the time of Shindris providing her ‘services’.

Although shunned by most men of Silvermoon City, Shindris is pretty much admired by like-minded women who see her as an icon of individuality and self-confidence; Shindris has friends in high places, and can easily ask favours or pull strings if need be to achieve her own ends, although those are often as simple as a free stay at a local estate or remaining with one of her clients overnight.

A highly respected member of Silvermoon’s upper class, Lanaris is a brave quel’dorei paladin, sworn to serve the Light and the Naaru; having been trained to understand the many sides of right and wrong, Lanaris is eager to eliminate injustice across Azeroth, not caring if it is in the territories of either the Horde or the Alliance.

However, despite his eager to undo injustice, his mind is set mostly on trying to stop the practice of fel and shadow magic amongst his fellow elves, the ones calling themselves ‘blood elves’; seeing it as destructive, dangerous and corruptive, Lanaris despises warlocks and those who openly misuse their demonic powers for their own gains.

With his dedication of eliminating this evil for good, he hopes to visit Outland one day, and by some means find a way to return it to its former glory as Draenor, homeland of the orcs.

Although no-one knows of it, he and the courtesan Shindris are actually brother and sister, and by combining their talents, Lanaris’ for the Holy Light, and Shindris’ influences of Silvermoon City’s upper class, they hope to one day return other quel’dorei, as well as sin’dorei, back to practise the worship of the Holy Light.

Making his living in the Trade District of Stormwind City, this quel’dorei swordsmaster have a reputation for being able to perform incredible feats with his blade; seeing the world from a more easy-going view than expected for one of his age, Saigan dedicates his services as a blade-for-hire to the lower and middle class of citizenry, right out refusing to serve nobles, kings or any higher authority, being highly sceptical of them.

Being fond of challenging games like cards or chess, Saigan enjoys challenging his intellect around taverns and inns, as well as teaching his skills with a sword to anyone willing to learn, although he is hardly a strict teacher, believing that only time can tell when a student is fully graduated and has mastered the skills he wishes to teach them.

An ingenious and right out brilliant gnome mage, Wrex is calculating, logical and, by any means, handling engineering as well as the arcane magic he wields.

He calls himself a tech-mage, claiming that he hates the term ‘alchemist’, and bases his studies on the ley lines across Azeroth and his own technical expertise; apart from other gnomish devices, Wrex’s contraptions are more than often brilliant, easy to understand, and works as intended.

Despite being a workaholic, Wrex has a nose for adventure, and sometimes travels Outland with his self-made ‘photographic lenses’ inbuilt into his helmet to take pictures in hopes of understanding Outland’s wild, chaotic state, as well as the orcish fel magic responsible for tearing the former Draenor apart.

Cassandra & Lilith
The warlock Cassandra has an infamous rumour to completely decimate any obstacles in her path while she is one a quest, and her first official quest, given to her by her uncle and trainer, Zulcar, were to find an icon in an abandoned mine north of Darrowshire.

Finding the icon, Cassandra prepared to face the entity sure to rest within it, but instead found Lilith, a skirt-chasing, stubborn and seductive womanizer of a succubus, a lot like Cassandra herself, the two of them immediately feeling a deep affection and desire for each other, Lilith promising not to drain off Cassandra’s lifeforce if she accepted to be made love to by the succubus.

Upon her return, Zulcar were bewildered at his niece’s grinning smile, Cassandra happily introducing Zulcar to Lilith, the older warlock happy that Cassandra had even found affection for her minion, or, as he quickly corrected, lover.

As for Lilith, her demonic powers increase by the day due to herself getting used to the mortal world of Azeroth, consuming lifeforce from wildlife, getting used to normal, solid food, and her nightly lovemaking with Cassandra, Lilith warmly claiming Cassandra to be fantastic.

A quite young and passive Draenei priestess, Inji stands out from most other religious followers for several reasons, one being that she prefers to use swords in combat rather than to rely on her holy magic.

Another thing that makes her stand out is her preferences; while other Draenei women usually favours men, Inji is the only one to ever fully have confessed to the High Priestess, that her preferences and desires are that of women; although not taken lightly, Inji’s reputation as a fiercely dedicated follower reduced what might have been heresy in the Aldor’s eyes to something as a sort of possible joke; finding her colleagues’ teases and taunts too much, though, Inji left the order along with her brother, Irraka, who, as they both claimed, could not serve the Light as the Aldor wanted them to if they were so narrow-minded in their beliefs and opinions.

Travelling to Azeroth, Inji found it to be a marvellous place, and while striding around the village of Goldshire, her life were given new meaning as she saw what would later become her lover:

Mithra is a warrior who hardly talks while in battle, but gladly empties tankards of ale and dozens of glasses of wine at inns all around Azeroth, although she earns most of the gold ridding local villages and settlements of pests and wildlife.

Attractive and ravishing to say it mildly, Mithra is quite a temptress, fully admitting her tomboyish ways and charms, as well as her great love for women, her seductive and exotic elven nature greatly aiding her as she has managed to acquire a certain taste for exotic girls.

When taking a break from her adventures, Mithra prefers travelling to the calm, easy-going environment of Elwynn Forest, loving the local nature.

But, as it often is with fate, Mithra one day stumbled upon a young Draenei girl named Inji who stayed at the Lion’s Pride Inn in Goldshire; greatly amused by the draenei’s elegance, grace and beauty, Mithra slowly seduced the priestess, stealing both her night, her virtue and her heart, Mithra opening up her own to Inji, the two of them quickly becoming lovers.

Although having opened her heart and love to Inji, both her and Mithra shares a dislike for Inji’s older brother, Irraka, who often spits insults at Mithra and yells of his disapproval.

A powerful warrior, Irraka is often called Irraka the Fel-Hater for obvious reasons:

He hates everything fel to the brink of madness and obsession, seeing it as a force of malevolence that he is the only one who can destroy for good.

Clad in ornate and imposing armour, Irraka is both a swordsman and a gunfighter, proving his worth a hundredfold with both weapons.

As the older brother of Inji, Irraka is protective, if sceptical, of his sister, and even left the Aldor alongside her when her preferences for women were seen as a bad joke; hearing his sister taunted by his commanding officer, Irraka claims he broke the officer’s one horn in rage, leaving with his sister.

Despite claiming he supports his sister’s ‘choice’ of loving women, Irraka is clearly upset about Inji falling in love with a mere ‘forest nymph’ as he calls Mithra, the night elf warrior; failing to hide his disapproval from Inji, he always has a snort of sarcastic comment to spare for Mithra or the mention of her name.

Many things can be said about the infamous warlock Zulcar, such as his dark and twisted sense of humour, his hatred of rats, his odd habit of sending cows and other livestock flying through the air like leaves for no given reason, or his apparent allergy to alcohol.

Being a warlock, Zulcar is a surprisingly kind person, especially thinking that children should understand how their acts, even from early childhood, can change the course of history; although not really a philosopher, Zulcar enjoys writing poems, although allowing himself to add a bit of his own humour into them.

Under the somewhat friendly surface, Zulcar has shown to possess enough dark powers to tear up entire sections of Elwynn Forest in an attempt to stop a thief who had stolen a gold piece from him; as the authorities of the Stormwind Guard considers him too dangerous to meddle with, Zulcar is aware of his reputation and the fear people has for him.

With his niece Cassandra learning her craft to be a warlock, Zulcar is never far from her, feeling protective of her, and sees her training to become a warlock as a good way to broaden her horizons.

The mere mention of a death knight is more than often enough to make people hush their children and hide themselves under their beds, and as Dainon knows this, his former despise for ‘weak mortals’ replaced with a sense of grief and regret for what he accomplished under the Lich King’s control.

Today, freed of his shackles, and abandoning the Knights of the Ebon Blade, Dainon leaves a freezing trail for every step he takes, his reputation as one of Azeroth’s most dangerous and brutal death knights is well-founded; however, having decided to do the exact thing that he is a polar opposite to, Dainon uses his talents and powers to preserve life by keeping the small towns the Eastern Kingdoms safe from the undead and other monstrosities that haunt the cursed land.

Although set to start his unlife anew to help people, Dainon secretly hopes to one day find and claim the legendary Shadowmourne, hoping to wield the incredible weapon against the forces of darkness and the Burning Legion, believing himself one of the only people in all of Azeroth powerful enough to control it.

Uranus is ancient kel’dorei and master of arcane magic; waking up from his slumber in an unmarked tomb, faking his own death, Uranus studies the younger races and talks to dragons to understand Azeroth’s current state and its difference since the time of the Cataclysm.

Appearing like a guiding spirit, Uranus’ dedication to life and command of vast energies of arcane magic has earned him many allies and even more enemies; despising killing, Uranus can nevertheless render entire armies immobile or paralysed, his focus being that of defensive magic.

Although it is with much envy, even the greatest mages of the Kirin Tor in Dalaran takes a step back to Uranus, the kel’dorei glad to teach the curious younger races about the workings of magic from his own time.

A tomboyish and mature orc woman, Kriskha is a berserker from the Barrens of Kalimdor, a veteran of the war in Northerend and one of the few survivors from the Wrath Gate, earning her a reputation as a fierce warrior.

However, although she keeps a professional attitude as a warrior, Kriskha has a personal interest and love for Alliance women, although she prefers human girls and draenei women, a self-discovery she took during the battles in Northerend.

However, despite her skills, she is an outcast of the Horde, as Kriskha has great sympathy towards the Alliance, claiming that peace between the two can indeed exist despite the factions’ differences; however, after a harsh argument with Garrosh Hellscream, Kriskha were exiled from Orgrimmar, although she prides herself of it, as Garrosh had to send a dozen grunts to escort her outside the city walls, so powerful she was and is still today.

Making her way to the Eastern Kingdoms, Kriskha found herself being treated with a mix of awe and despise; however, taking pity on her, local Argents at the town of Lakeshire supplied her with rations and assured she could camp outside the town, literally telling local authorities to leave her be, Kriskha more than amused at her new home.

Aras is a proud and noble red dragon, whose interest and hope of preserving life exceeds even other drakes of the Red Dragonflight, making him a great ally to all mortal races.

As a friend of Lanaris, Aras often assists the young paladin whenever possible, as the two often have saved each other’s lives.

While still loyal to the Red Dragonflight and his queen, Aras rarely even visits the Wyrmrest Temple or answer any summons; as he is fascinated with the much younger human race, he admires their courage, yet hates their tendency to let power hunger or blood lust completely blind them, exemplifying King Varian Wrynn as a perfect example of what prejudice, old, bitter wounds and other evils can lead even a human with a noble bloodline to do.

To further his plans for Azeroth’s benefit, and inspired by his friend Lanaris, he often poses as a human paladin, showing skill in wielding the Holy Light as well as to protect the innocent as both dragon and paladin.

In his mortal life, Santos proudly wore the vestments of a priest of the Holy Light, offering his blessings and healing to townsfolk of Lakeshire as well as visiting adventurers.

However, often hearing the adventurers mocking him that he wasted his powers on the common townsfolk, Santos grew angry at them and began charging the adventurers fees for his services, the adventurers now growing furious that he charged them, not the townsfolk.

As his charges grew slightly each month, he eventually earned enough to buy himself a rich estate and a new set of decorative robes; using most of his wealth for charity, he still provided his healing.

Towards the end of his life, though, Santos somehow found himself nearing his, to him, all too early death; praying for what some considered to be two whole days in the front of his altar, he was found dead by the altar by guards from Lakeshire and buried properly.

His prayer had not gone unheard, though, and as thus, the noble priest now has returned to the world of the living, the townsfolk knowing him well enough to realize that, despite his undead form, he still serves the Holy Light; conquering the prejudices of the town’s elders, Santos is presently one of Lakeshire’s most esteemed residents.

Wilson Hawkins
As one of the Eastern Kingdoms’ richest noblemen, Wilson Hawkins is a punctual, polite and perfectly schooled gentleman, always keeping his word, often coining his phrase, ‘it’s just another fair deal’.

Hawkins keeps entire armies of mercenaries at his disposal, although a few of them work for him out of loyalty over gold; he is considered a good employer, but will not tolerate violations of his mercenaries’ duties, tenets and ethics.

While a skilled adventurer, Wilson has most of his power in his wealth, his knowledge and his ability to turn even the direst situation into something prosperous.

Seeing the wars between the Horde and the Alliance as all too time-consuming a matter to delve further into, he refuses to sell goods to either sides, but is always happy to strike a bargain with adventurers; he will even arrange for quick transports for a small fee.
Two of his most important aides consist of the grizzly, but highly loyal old seadog, Captain Sanders to sail his flagship, the Dragon’s Hoard, and the powerful Nethermancer Janus to oversee his magic-related operations and facilities.

Serving as the loyal mount of Dainon, Dusk has an unique quality that is quite unusual even for a horse of his kind: He is as smart as a human, and as intelligent, as well, making him able to speak, although his voice, like his master’s, is deep, hollow and echoes far away.

Originally an ordinary death-charger given to Dainon from his time as a pawn to the Scourge, Dainon used his vast knowledge to give Dusk the power to breathe ice-cold winds from his mouth; honoured by his master’s gift, Dusk proved his loyalty by following his master after he first were freed of the Scourge, and later abandoned the Knights of the Ebon Blade.

As his ice-cold gales could be sued to freeze water instantly, Dusk soon mastered this new ability, transporting Dainon from town to town over the Eastern Kingdoms; also, Dusk is considered one of the fastest land mounts in all of Azeroth.

Of all the beings, creatures and people Uranus met in his travels over the scarred world of Outland, talbuks were the one kind of creature he found a kindred spirit in.

Over time, as he studied the creatures, an angry patriarch stormed towards him with its horns aiming directly at his heart; as Uranus simply raised his hand to calm the beast, its rage vanished, replaced with a wondering why this trespasser would not fight it over the best grazing area of its territory.

After understanding the talbuk’s physics, Uranus eventually communicated mentally with the beast, asking for its help should he ever find himself in need of travelling far distances he could not use his magic to teleport himself to.

With a simple gesture, a nod, the talbuk agreed, Uranus naming it Twilight, in honour of the time of the day their deal were made, as well as the talbuk’s black, gray and purple fur.


Xyrax & Blood
Even in life, Xyrax cast aside his humanity and his name, taking the name Xyrax, his dedication to fel magic and other vile sorceries scaring even his relatives.

Experimenting on his family’s lands in the Arathi Highlands, he soon realised his own powers, proclaiming himself as a demon god, tearing open portals to the Twisting Nether itself, abducting and brainwashing powerful members of the dreaded Burning Legion.

However, claiming his mortal body would soon fall old with age as he rapidly grew older, Xyrax sacrificed his body upon an altar of spikes, his soul trapped inside a large, red crystal seething with demonic power; resurrecting as an undead, Xyrax had gained immortality, the ground itself withering under his feet.

Set to destroy every being of nature in his way, Xyrax has organized numerous assassination attempts on the only beings he feels poses a slight challenge to his power: Highlord Tirion Fordring of the Argent Crusade, and the numerous Dragonflights.

Serving as his right hand, Xyrax has recruited the former blood elf warrior Turadar to his ranks, transforming him into his champion, the pale-skinned, vampiric berserker Blood, giving him the demonic war-blade Gore and powers far greater than any necromancer.

As a vessel to host a slight tap of his power, Xyrax had his slaves forge a diabolic weapon called the Infernal Doom for himself, which not only incinerates all it touches, but should the victim, by some miracle, survive, their remaining, short lives will be cursed, suffering every known disease in Azeroth.

The Scarlet Onslaught
A reformed group of the overly zealous Scarlet Crusade, the Scarlet Onslaught consists of the last remaining and desperate survivors of the original Crusade; these fanatics swore to destroy the Lich King by any means, and all who stood in their way; robbed of their goal with the Lich King’s death by Tirion Fordring of the Argent Crusade and his companions, the Scarlet Onslaught experienced severe in-fighting amongst the most high-ranked officers to prove themselves worthy to lead the Onslaught.

Alas, with the rise of the new Highlord Bartharos, an insane madman, the desperate crusaders hope to find a ‘sacred angel’ having ‘descended from the heavens’, to resurrect their fallen comrades across Northerend, intending to use the ‘angel’s powers to rise an army of angelic warriors to punish the, in the Onslaught’s eyes, traitorous Alliance and impure Horde for stealing their one chance to destroy the Lich King.

Behind the scenes, however, dark forces has worked their way into the fanatic Onslaught, Bartharos now being forced to search for a certain draenei girl in order to spare his brethren the evil taint he feels over them; to help him, Bartharos were quick to promote an especially bloodthirsty old paladin named Justin as his second-in-command over his legions.

The Dead Knight
The Champion of the Banshee Queen, the Black Nightmare, the Forsaken Harbinger, the Dead Knight...

Lord Darkslayer has many titles, honours, and the respect of both the whole Undercity and his queen, Sylvanas Windrunner; always a sign of immediate change on any battlefield, Darkslayer never speaks unless his queen allows him to; instead, he solves any situation in the best ways he knows, either through silent intimidation, or brutal, punishing dismemberment.

Taking great pride of his sword, armour and dark powers, Darkslayer revealed to the queen that his sword is all that keeps him from breaking apart in a pile of rotten flesh, bones and armour, and thus, Sylvanas ‘blessed’ the sword never to leave his side, cursing one of her most potent servants.

[End notes: As you are now fimiliar with the characters, let the quest begin...]

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