Story: Lunch Break (chapter 1)

Authors: BatchSan

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Chapter 1

Lunch Break

The bell rang for the end of class. Selphie lingered at her desk, watching as her classmates left the room. When the last one left, closing the door behind them, Selphie slipped out of her seat and approached Quistis' desk at the front of the room. The blonde looked up, curious, as the younger girl settled on the edge of her desk.

"I have a problem...," she started, blushing.

"What is it, Sel?" The instructor asked, pushing up her glasses.

Spreading her legs and hiking up her skirt, Selphie smiled seductively at the blonde's surprised expression. "I forgot my panties," she stated and giggled.

"Well... Er...," the blonde stuttered, trying to look anywhere but at the brunette's exposed crotch. Her glasses faintly fogged up and slid down her nose again in the process.

"Oh, Instructor Trepe! I don't know what I should do!" Selphie suddenly propped her legs up, the arches of her boots hooked onto the end of the chair's arms, trapping the blonde effectively. "Do you have any ideas as to what I should do?"

Still, trying to avoid the crotch that tantalized her, Quistis decided to make eye contact with the younger girl, knowing right away that had been the wrong choice. There was a look of deep desire and lust in those cute eyes and it only sent a longing chill down Quistis' spine. "Stop this, Sel...," she almost moaned, glancing at the door, "Someone will walk in..."

"It's hot dog day, I think everyone will be preoccupied for a while," Selphie said, dipping a finger into her folds before bringing the same finger up to her mouth, licking it. She smiled and 'mmm'ed before holding out the finger to the blonde. Blushing, Quistis hesitantly licked at the offered finger, tasting a light salty taste mixed with what she knew all too well was Selphie's mouth. Her body quivered slightly as she sucked on the finger for a moment.

"Oh, Instructor... It's so drafty in here and I'm so wet," Selphie pulled her finger away and cupped the blonde's chin, looking at her with innocent eyes, "Will you do something to warm me up?"

The blonde, overwhelmed by Selphie's innocent/seductive act and her own body's cravings, leaned forward and kissed soft pink lips. Her body tingled as Selphie's hands rested on her shoulders, fingering the fabric before traveling up her neck and up to the bun in her hair, undoing it. Blonde hair, freed, spilled down Quistis' back and face, tickling Selphie's nose slightly and making her grin as she buried her fingers in the locks. Selphie bit softly on the instructor's bottom lip, pulling back slowly from the kiss, grinning.

"Are you going to warm me up now?" She giggled.

"It depends... I think you're being a bad pupil, hitting on the teacher so suddenly. One would think you were sleeping with me just for my good looks," the blonde laughed.

"Who's going to believe a story like that? People will only see a cute girl being easily seduced by a beautiful and easily overpowering teacher," the smile in Selphie's green eyes, gleamed mischievously.

"That sounds like a threat..."

"Are you going to punish me then?" Wide-eyed, the brunette's face contoured into shock and fear. "You're not going to use your tongue like the last time, are you?"

The blonde trailed her hands up and down Selphie's thighs for a moment, not answering, but smiling and nodding. "I know how much you hate when I use my tongue," Quistis finally said, dipping her face close to Selphie's exposed crotch. Her breath, as she spoke, tickled the wet lips and core, sending a shiver through the shorter girl.

"Mmm... Yes... It burns when you use your tongue...," the brunette mumbled as the blonde stuck out her tongue and took a teasing lick, earning her a small shout. "Oh, teacher, please..." Biting her lip and trying not to arch her hips for more, Selphie locked eyes with the blonde. "No more..."

Another lick made the shorter girl cry out, her eyes squeezing shut as pleasure jolted through her again. "You've left me no choice, Sel." Another lick and another shout. "Take your punishment like the bad girl you are." With that, Quistis grabbed Selphie's hips as she drove her tongue into the wet core, probing and licking as the shorter girl cried out and shuddered against her. Biting her lip to keep from coming too soon, Selphie moaned loudly when the blonde attacked her clit with her mouth. The feeling made Selphie fall back on to the desk, her legs spreading wider, and her hips bucking up toward the probing tongue.

Nipping and biting at the sensitive bundle of nerves, Quistis smiled as she felt Selphie give herself over so easily to her pleasure. She glanced up to see Selphie's head thrown back as she cried out the instructor's name, one hand rubbing at her trapped nipples, while the other one, out of sight, was probably gripping tightly to the side of the desk. Refocusing on her work, Quistis, slowly and teasingly, licked around the stiff clit, hearing the other woman inhale sharply before smiling. Then, just as abruptly as she started, Quisitis pulled away, earning her a foul word and a near kick to the head as she backed away.

"This is part of your punishment, Sel," she said, leaning back in her chair, smugly. "You have to satisfy the teacher if you want to come."

Annoyed, the brunette sat up, twitching slightly as she moved. She furrowed her eyebrows and sighed, knowing that the blonde was right and hating the fact that she had brought her so close to the edge before deciding this. Getting off the desk, she straddled Quistis's lap, facing the instructor with a smirk. Her naked crotch pressed against the fabric of the blonde's pants and she couldn't resist rubbing herself on it as she pulled Quistis into a kiss. Not fooled, the blonde grasped her hips, digging her fingernails into the soft flesh until she felt Selphie wince and stop her frottaging. Satisfied, her fingers slipped under the flowing yellow dress Selphie wore, sighing as she felt soft skin.

"Is the teacher allowed to touch their student that way?" Selphie teased when she felt the blonde grab her breasts. With a frown, Quistis twisted Selphie's nipples, making her cry out in pain and arching her back to the touch.

"You were saying?" The blonde teased, rubbing the nipples in an effort to soothe them and instead only making them stiffer and harder then they were. Intrigued, she pushed Selphie back slightly, biting down on the stiff nipples through the fabric of Selphie's dress. The brunette bit her lip and tried to rub herself again on Quistis' pants but once again felt fingers dig into her hips making her stop in pain. Her fingers, shaking slightly in desire, reached out and unbuttoned the jacket the blonde wore, fumbling with the black tank top beneath. Succeeding in pushing it and the bra beneath, up, Selphie latched on to a nipple, licking and biting the flesh, finally making Quistis cry out in pleasure. She pushed at the jacket, which the blonde shrugged off hesitantly as Selphie continued to suck and bite at her nipple.

Selphie changed to the other nipple rolling the first between her fingertips, enjoying the soft sounds Quistis made as her body arched. Wincing, Selphie felt the instructor's nails dig into her ribs, scratching down and around to her stomach. Knowing she would only try to rub herself again on Quistis lap, the brunette reluctantly stood. The blonde hissed at her departure which the shorter woman ignored as her fingers undid the buttons and zipper of the instructor's pants. Her plan simple - get Quistis off quickly, so she could finally get off. Only, Selphie hadn't anticipated Quistis' next move. With a smirk, the instructor stood and wiggled out of her pants, kicking them off before grabbing Selphie's arm. Pulling the girl into her, she kissed her hard, tongue exploring mouth to distract her from the fact that Quistis was sweeping her arm across her desk, knocking the few items on it to the floor.

Surprisely, the blonde had no trouble picking Selphie off the floor, hand under her dress and grasping her butt hard as she did so. Squealing in surprise, the shorter woman allowed herself to be picked up and placed on to the desk. Quistis' weight pinned her down, forcing her to lay down, which the instructor took no time in manipulating. She was on the table too, kissing and rubbing against Selphie's body. The yellow sun dress bunched up just below Selphie's breasts, though strong fingers pushed the fabric away to dip a tongue to the perky breasts. Licking and biting teasingly, Quistis smiled hungrily at her student, making Selphie blush deeply as she realized the blonde was planning something.

"So unfair...," Selphie mumbled as the blonde shifted around on the table, eventually coming to rest kneeling over the the brunette.

"Remember, teacher gets off first." It was more warning than actual reminder and Selphie knew it right away.

Before Selphie could adjust or even touch the blonde, fingers slipped into her and she bit her lip hard to keep from bucking her hips against the intruding digits. Seeking revenge, the brunette scratched at the pale shapely cheeks just above her face, smiling when goosebumps trailed down Quistis' thighs. Unfortunately, revenge was a two way street and the fingers stroked upward, rubbing at that one spot that made any woman moan and shrivel into a complete puddle of liquid pleasure. Selphie realized that she would be in a lot of trouble if she didn't get to work and stopped trying to be a cute little vengeful thing. She forced Quistis' hips down and plunged her tongue into the welcoming wetness.

Knowing Selphie knew how to make her come quickly, Quistis struck hard and dirty - she enjoyed punishing the shorter girl. Her fingers thrust quicker into the pinned woman, before pressing a finger against Selphie's anus and sliding in. Selphie's whole body bowed upward and she squeezed her muscles tightly around the finger. Quistis could hear the almost painful denial of orgasm as Selphie controlled her body, but only just barely. When the shorter woman relaxed and had redoubled her efforts on the instructor, making Quistis' body bounce and sway, her glasses now just about hanging off of her nose, she slipped another finger into Selphie. There was panting now, from both women, but Selphie's seemed louder as she tried not to buck her hip. Pausing only long enough to slide her glasses back up to the bridge of her nose, Quistis thrust her fingers in and out of the brunette.

Finally Selphie's body gave out, reluctantly, as her hips rolled against Quistis and she shouted against the blonde. Dizzy, Selphie did her best to finish off the other woman, making the blonde come a few minutes later. The brunette was sad when the warm body on top of hers disappeared as Quistis got off the desk and began pulling her clothes back on before the next bell rang. Selphie sat up slowly, realizing she had come first and blushing as she wondered how Quistis would punish her. There was silence as Selphie too dressed and fixed herself, then waited patiently as the blonde finished. Knowing she was in trouble, she quickly picked up the fallen items and set them back on the desk, finishing almost exactly when the bell for the next class rung.

"I expect you in my room tonight," the blonde said, smoothing out the last of her fly-aways. "You know what to expect."

Selphie grimaced. "It's getting too warm out to wear sweaters!"

The glare the blonde shot Selphie made her bite her lip as students began to enter the room.

"Not my problem. I want my whip oiled well too, don't forget like last time."

Mumbling, Selphie exited the room, saying in a low voice, "I hope she doesn't hit me like last time, almost flayed the skin off my hide..."


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