Story: Keeping Warm (all chapters)

Authors: BatchSan

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Chapter 1

Keeping Warm

It was only ten in the morning and already Kanade's normally unending patience with her sister had begun to waver. She was sure that Yukino was purposely trying to anger her today, and given the kind of odd person her sister was, it was extremely likely it had to do with Sakuya. The fairer headed twin smiled sweetly at Kanade, oblivious to her sister's anger.

"Yuki-chan, I just want some alone time," Kanade said as the elevator opened up in front of them and they stepped in.

"Am I'm annoying you?" Yukino asked, biting her lip and giving her sister sad puppy eyes.

Guilty now, Kanade closed her eyes and counted to ten as she pressed the 'Close Doors' button and the elevator began to ascend up to their dorm room. She never could be angry with her twin for too long, it was like a built-in mechanism in them that just didn't allow it. Just when she opened her eye, about to answer her sister's question, there was a screeching sound from seemingly all around them. The elevator bucked violently, throwing the twins against the wall. Instinctively, Kanade reached out for her sister to make sure she was okay, ignoring the faint ache in her back from the impact.

"Are you okay?" Kanade asked, watching Yukino grimace and open her clenched eyes.

"Just a little bump. Are you okay, Kana-chan?"

"Fine," She said, giving her sister's hand a squeeze before standing and checking the elevator panel's phone. "It's out!"

Banging on the door and shouting for help proved to be ineffective, so Kanade turned her attention back to the phone. As the darker haired twin fiddled with the phone, Yukino shivered on the floor. "Did it get colder in here?" she questioned, crossing her arms against herself.

Shivering now too, Kanade forgot the phone. "Yeah, it did. I think the air conditioning must have gotten knocked around when the elevator suddenly stopped."

Breathing out, Yukino watched in surprise as her breath formed a small cloud. It was late spring now outside, the twins weren't exactly dressed to deal with the cold. Quickly getting back down to her twin, Kanade wrapped her arms around her sister.

"We have to keep close until someone comes and gets us out of here," Kanade said, trying to keep the worry out of her voice.

For several moments they embraced like this until the cold really began to settle into their bones and Kanade was biting her lip to keep her teeth from clattering. Feeling her twin shivering more than she had been, Yukino drew back some, her face millimeters from her sister's.

"Body heat works well, but there's one other way to keep warm in here," she said and pressed her lips to Kanade's, shocking her twin who quickly pulled away.

"Yuki! What are you doing?" she asked, her heart beating unusually fast.

A soft pale hand slipped up Kanade's shirt, cupping her breast and squeezing it softly. "I'm going to keep you warm. Shi-chan will be angry if our big sister froze to death and I only sat by. So don't argue, or I'll send Sakuya that picture of you in the shower," Yukino said, her face serious for once.

"You said you deleted that!"

"Maybe I forgot."

Blushing, Kanade struggled with herself to figure out whether or not Yukino was being truthful, but it was hard to tell. So when the paler twin touched lips with her again, she allowed herself to be swept into the kiss. Yukino's hand kneaded the captive breast, sliding her fingers to the nipple and tugging at it. Kanade groaned against her twin, feeling a small warmth begin to spread through her frozen body. Lips still locked, Yukino trailed her hand down Kanade's body, down her stomach, over her short skirt and stopped at her twin's thigh.

"Kana-chan, open your legs," Yukino said softly, licking her twin's lips.

Reluctant, but feeling that she was beginning to feel warmer, Kanade parted her thighs and let pale fingers slide up her skirt and press against her crotch. Pulling panties to the side, Yukino stroked her sister's slit, feeling it growing moist, and smiled. Kissing her twin again, she pushed her fingers into Kanade, making the tanner twin buck her hips and moan. In and out, Yukino pushed two fingers into her sister's warm core as her mouth trailed down Kanade's neck, sucking and bitely lightly.

"Are you warming up, nee-chan?" Yukino whispered, nibbling on her sister's earlobe.

Only able to nod, Kanade squirmed and rocked against the pale hand, biting her lip to keep from moaning too loud. Surely someone had to be working on the other side of the door to get them out? Better to not let them hear too much of what's going on inside the trapped elevator. A pale thumb flicked against Kanade's clit and she was done for, arching and clinging to her sister as she came. This time it was Kanade who sought out her sister's mouth, kissing her with purpose as her body trembled and rode out the last of her orgasm. Falling back, cheeks flushed and panting, Kanade was surprised to realize that the elevator was moving.

"The elevator's moving!" she exclaimed, scrambling to her feet and sorting herself out. Helping her sister to the feet, she blushed again when she saw Yukino licking her fingers slowly. "Stop that," she quickly scolded and gave her sister a tissue to clean her fingers.

"But Kana-chan tastes yummy," Yukino protested sadly as she wiped her fingers.

Blushing the darkest she'd ever done, Kanade ducked her head down as the elevator beeped, announcing it had reached its destination. Remembering her earlier anger and what she had been about to say before the elevator had screeched to a halt, she looked up at her sister.

"And no, you weren't annoying me," she said, taking her sister's hand. "Thanks for keeping me warm."

Yukino smiled cheerily as the doors opened and they stepped off the elevator hand in hand.


Sakuya was drooling over a particular video, recorded just moments before in the school's elevators.


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