Story: The Sword and the Staff (chapter 1)

Authors: bleeding.blade

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Chapter 1

Title: Prologue

[Author's notes:

PREFACE: This story represents yet another departure from my usual subject matter given that it takes its starting point from a series that's hardly considered part of the shoujo-ai genre. What made me write it, however, was a simple desire on my part to see Rin and Saber together. Writing the story presented its fair share of difficulties—not least of which was the fact that Saber's character is developed to a bare minimum in the anime series. Ensuring that she remained recognizable while exploring the possibilities her personality presented was an ongoing challenge. In any case, I hope the reader enjoys the result :0)

WARNING: This story takes place well after the events of the anime series, so spoilers of the ending do abound.

NOTES: This story draws heavily on several elements of the Arthurian legend and, while not strictly necessary, the reader may want to familiarize herself with its main characters and incidents before reading further. 

DISCLAIMER: The characters of Fate/Stay Night are the creations of Type-Moon and Studio Deen and are therefore not my property.]

Centuries before the beginnings of the Holy Grail War...

He had come all this way, as Camelot had burned and bled all around him, to resurrect a hope that had long ago died. He fought his way back to the Lake—to where it had all begun, to where it had all died, to where it could possibly live again. He had come all this way, and as he lay on the bank, his life leaving him in fits and starts, the Lady came to him.

"It has been a long while, brave Knight."

" Lady." His voice was feeble but firm.

"What can I grant you, last Knight of Camelot? When you die, the Legend dies with you."

The knight nodded.

"She had a dream right before she died. I wish you to grant it."

The Lady looked back at him calmly.

"Her dream was not of Camelot. Wishing this will not preserve your world."

"My world died when she did. I do this for her."

The Lady smiled, but her smile was sad.

"She did not ask this of you."

"She did not know how to ask."

"And what if it does not guarantee her happiness?"

"No one's happiness is ever guaranteed. But at least she will have another chance. The chance her Kingdom never gave her."

The Lady nodded her head.

"Very well then. I grant your wish, noble Knight. Fare you well and may your long sleep give you peace."

And with that, Sir Bedivere, last Knight of the fallen kingdom of Camelot, breathed his last.

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