Story: Tales of Darkness - School Days (chapter 9)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 9

Title: [BONUS CHAPTER #2]: Here, Kitty, Kitty...

[Author's notes: Calista ravishes Chariko:
Warrior Babe VS Catgirl.]

“HARDER! HARDER! I WANNA FEEL YOU IN MY PUSSY!” Chariko cried out, the furry catgirl, loving that fact that Calisto were done molesting the newly arrived schoolgirl already, leaving her a lot of spare time to fuck Chariko in.

“You’re one tough little kitty! You’ve got the hooters and cunt of a succubus and the appetite of Hyracha...” Calisto smirked, licking her fingers and combing her dark-purple hair with them; “’re just perfect for really long and good afternoon fuck!”

“Doesn’t my boots make me look slutty? Don’t they?? I wanna be a real slut!” Chariko asked eagerly, Calisto laughing heartily as she stopped her trusting of the dildo a moment.

“Chariko, you’re such a fucking slut I’d love to tie you to my bed and fuck you half the night!” Calisto proudly remarked, lifting Chariko by her legs upwards; “you look so badass and cute in them I feel like banging the fuck outta you and swallow your cum like it were fucking water!”

“Then drink me! Drink all my pussy juice, Ms. Calisto! I’d love you so much for it!” Chariko pleaded, Calisto grinning happily as she thrust harder.

“Since you’re such a slut...” Calisto grinned evilly, pointing to a recorder opposite them in her dark room; “...I’m videotaping this little fuck-fest and selling off copies for Hyracha’s cunts to finger themselves off to!”

“All Hyracha’s girls...watching me get fucked...?” Chariko asked, her eyes glittering in joy; “then they’ll see! They’ll see just how good a lover I can be! Miss Calisto, fuck me as hard as you can! I want them to see me get my pussy fucked inside out!”

“Oh, I’m through with toys, little kitty...” Calisto chuckled, Chariko feeling as the strap-on were pulled out, almost instantly feeling Calisto’s hands grope her shirt-covered breasts; “...I wanna see you squirt out that hot cum all over me and the camera! Cover me in your cum, and I’ll sucking your pussy inside out, kitty!”

“You’ve got it! Start recording now??” Chariko asked eagerly, Calisto laughing at her as she sat the catgirl between her legs, continuing her groping.

“It’s already recording! I’ll just edit out that part when I told you I were recording; apart from that, it’s all juicy catgirl yuri porn for Hyracha’s girls tonight!” Calisto winked, Chariko purring as she stroke herself against Calisto’s chin.

“Aw-w-w-w...hey, wait; mushy stuff later, right now it’s time for sex!” Calisto moaned adoringly, remembering what she wanted to do to Chariko.

“OK, spread your legs out wide...that’s it, let’s see that sweet little cunt all moist and wet...” Calisto moaned grinningly, Chariko spreading her legs and unbuckling her leather skirt, discarding it.

“Nice addition; black lace stockings looks hot...” Calisto smiled, Chariko grinning at her, lifting her legs up, clapping her boot-clad feet together.

“Aren’t my boots hot? Hyracha said any girl would love getting into my panties when I wore these” Chariko asked, Calisto admiring the steel buckles on the catgirl’s heavy, black leather boots.

“So dominating, so sexy...and their wearer’s just as ripe to fuck as they’re to get in heat from!” Calisto grinned, lifting Chariko’s head backwards, hungrily kissing the catgirl, who in turn held up her arms, slowly pulling Calisto’s head lower, returning the kiss passionately.

“Off with this! I wanna see your furry little boobs!” Calisto snarled desirably, forcefully pulling off Chariko’s t-shirt, sniffing hotly through the catgirl’s hair, the black, silky and shiny mane making Calisto giggle and rustle the chuckling Chariko’s hair, Calisto’s hands groping as hard as she could on Chariko’s breasts.

“C’mon! I wanna see that horny smile on your face, kitty!” Calisto urged and teased, her and Chariko’s tongues battling for control as Calisto’s won, kissing Chariko deeply, reaching her tongue as far in as she could, Chariko moaning loudly as Calisto’s groping intensified, the catgirl’s pussy almost flooding as cum flew from her pussy, smearing her white fur with cum.

“I can’t wait ‘till you’re ready for finger-fucking!” Calisto smirked, Chariko pressing Calisto’s hands and helping her grope herself.

“Grope me, Calisto! I want you to play with my tits! Mess me up! I’m your fuck-toy, mistress!” Chariko pleaded, Calisto laughing amused, licking the perky nipples on Chariko’s breasts, amused at the tickling feeling in her nose from Chariko’s fur.

“You real catgirls are such fun to get to cum! You just love some horny girlie fucking you, right Chariko??” Calisto asked, Chariko moaning, her face one, large horny smile.

“Yes! Yes, I want it! I love pussy and I love to cum! Make me cum, Calisto! Squeeze my tits until I cum!” she urged, Calisto now deciding to use the inhumane level of her strength to the fullest, almost mashing Chariko’s breasts.

“YE-E-EAH! YES! YES! YE-E-E-E-E-ES! FU-U-U-U-U-U-UCK ME-E-E-E-E-E-E!!!” Chariko yelled out, finally climaxing as she threw her head back, landing in between Calisto’s breasts as the catgirl violently came, her orgasm flushing out in waves as she felt her orgasm, Calisto hugging her passionately.

“Oh, look at what you did...” Calisto smiled, Chariko gaspingly opening her eyes, looking at what she had done.

“MY BOOTS! Oh no, I came...all over” Chariko at first began to panic, but seeing the female nectar run down the black leather, she smiled and licked her lips, excited at imagining how it would be like if a girl came from seeing her cum in her sexy boots.

“Hmm, looks so filled with cum...” Calisto surprised Chariko as she crawled down to her boots, beginning to lick the cum off it and fingering herself at Chariko.

“Let’s dry up that little stain, shall we?” Calisto teased, rubbing her breasts around the boot, Chariko letting out an excited squeal, beginning to finger herself.

“You like it when girls rub their tits on your boots, huh? Then let’s try this!” Calisto laughed, deciding to amuse the little catgirl as best she could; as she sat down, she let her butt caress Chariko’s face, grabbing the catgirl by her feet, licking her boots, spitting on them and drooling on them.

“OH! OH, THAT’S SO GREAT! Fuck my boots, Calisto! FUCK THEM!” Chariko laughed out loud in joy, rubbing her own breasts and licking Calisto’s pussy, Calisto moaning as she kept licking Chariko’s boots.

“I’m gonna make you cum again, you slut; I’ll fuck your boots so hard you’ll need a mop to wipe up the drool!” Calisto grinned, actually enjoying to lick the leather of the sexy boots, rubbing her breasts over them and kissing each steel buckle, sucking on it.

“AH! AH! AH-H-H-H!” Calisto, my pussy’s on fire! I’m gonna cum...OH, PLEASE, I’M GONNA C-U-U-UM!”
Chariko yelled out, having surrendered her attempt at licking Calisto’s pussy, groping and molesting her own breasts, licking her nipples as drool flew from her mouth, her pussy beginning to squirt out cum again.

“Cum then, you slutty kitty! Cum for me! Cum! CUM, I TELL YOU!” Calisto yelled out in kinkiness, Chariko’s hands grabbing the bed sheets to try and contain the pleasure.

“OH! OH! I, I...I’M GONNA....OH PLEASE I’M GONNA BU-U-U-U-U-URST!!!” Chariko screamed out loud, cumming again, her orgasm twice as strong this time as Calisto’s face were dripping with her cum, the dark-haired warrior babe grinning, shaking her head, looking at the gasping Chariko.

“Next time, I’m gonna make you cum in your sexy little boots for real! You’re too slutty and erotic for just two fucks!” Calisto smirked, raising Chariko’s left leg a bit, showing the excited catgirl her handiwork; dripping beside Chariko’s own cum, Calisto’s drool flew like water from the shiny, black leather of the boot.

Sighing deeply and happily, Chariko let her head hit the pillows, giggling hysterically, hugging herself.

“I love this place! I wanna stay here forever with your sexy girls loving me all the time!” she smirked, Calisto leaning over her, Chariko purring happily as she hugged Calisto, who turned her head, Chariko winking and kissing her as her hands reached up and groped Calisto’s breasts.

“You know, kitty; I’ve always kinda liked catgirls, so being fucked by you really gets me excited...” Calisto smirked to herself, Chariko sighing happily, running a finger over Calisto’s tattooed body.

“You’re just so gorgeous and badass-looking, Calisto! You must’ve had hundreds of girls wanting to molest you!” Chariko squealed lovingly, Calisto laughing, leaning her head back, brushing her hair aside as she hotly kissed Chariko.

“Yeah, and they sure haunt me at night, tots; you’ll be a nice addition...” Calisto smirked, holding her hand upwards, forming her palm into a bowl-like gesture; before Chariko understood what was going on, Calisto and herself were floating in the air not a meter above Calisto’s bed, Chariko shrieking as she tried to swim downwards, Calisto laughing at her silly attempts to get down.

“HAHAHAHAHAH! Don’t worry, cats always land on their feet! Come here, you sexy thing...” Calisto panted from her outburst, gracefully hovering over to Chariko, groping her left breast, sucking forcibly on it.

“I’m just as good with magic as I am in fucking girls, Chariko...” Calisto grinned, her and Chariko snuggling and passionately groping and humping each other, Chariko purring lovingly as Calisto touched and fondled her boots.

“You really turn on them, huh? No kidding, they’re really hot, and make you feel so innocent; little girl with big tits in big boots...” Calisto teased, kissing Chariko again and again, the two of them mindlessly pulling hair, fondling, groping and fingering each other, Chariko so lost in horniness she wished this would never stop: Being molested by Calisto were simply too incredible for words.

“Chariko babe, I’m gonna bang you now! You’ll scream, you’ll moan, and I’ll enjoy just fucking your goddamn brains out!!!” Calisto yelled to the ceiling in passion, her bared pussy already dripping unto the floor as she jumped Chariko.

“E-E-E-E-E-EK! Calisto, easy! No, wait! Don’t go easy on m-...!” Chariko exclaimed, her mouth blocked as Calisto’s kissing reached it, the tattooed girl embracing Chariko, pressing her head deeper and deeper into the pillows of the bed, Chariko moaning and kicking her legs into the air, folding them over Calisto as she humped the catgirl.

“Calisto! CALISTO-O-O-O! I, I don’t need a fucking dildo when it’s you who’s fucking me! OH!” Chariko yelled out, enjoying herself as Calisto bent her over, beginning to suck with incredible force on Chariko’s pussy, her cum flooding down the catgirl’s thighs and unto herself.

“Don’t worry, babe! Haven’t forgotten your little booties!” Calisto grinned, grabbing Chariko’s boots, one in each hand, moving her pussy towards Chariko’s, beginning to scissoring the catgirl as she yelled out in pleasure.

“You boots belong here, kitty!” Calisto teased, rubbing Chariko’s boots between her breasts; “right inside my huge...good...tits-s-s-s...!”

“OH! DON’T! I’LL, I’LL CUM SO SOON! I, I...!” Chariko yelled out, Calisto continuing her humping of Chariko’s boots and thrusting her pussy into the catgirl’s.

“They’re so big! Just like your little boobies! Hey, grope yourself for me, kitty girl!” Calisto asked and teased, Chariko slowly groping her breasts, feeling so incredibly sensitive...

“A-A-A-A-A-A-ARGH! NO FAIR! NO FAIR! I’LL...A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-ARGH!!!!!” Chariko yelled out as she came, her female nectars splashing between hers and Calisto’s pussies, Calisto overjoyed at the sight, hugging Chariko’s boots even tighter.

“Chariko, you look so adorably cute when you scream and cum...” Calisto sighed lovingly, holding Chariko’s boots tightly to her breasts; “...please make me cum, too; you’re already making me hot!”

“Alright, missy!” Chariko winked, surprising Calisto as she held her legs up high, continuing the tribadism as Calisto sucked, licked and slurped on Chariko’s boots, clearly hearing the catgirl’s reaction, making Calisto smile; Chariko was a kitty with an obsessive, but very kinky, boot fetish.

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