Story: Tales of Darkness - School Days (chapter 8)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 8

Title: [BONUS CHAPTER #1]: Hyracha's Desire is Heard

[Author's notes: Hyracha is molested by Zharisa...roughly.]

“AR-R-R-R-R-R-RGH!!! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! FU-U-U-U-U-UCK! FUCK ME HARDER, ZHARISA-A-A-A-A!!!” Hyracha yelled to the limit of her lungs, her rich bed overflowing with her female nectars as Zharisa enjoyed one of her finest duties as Hyracha’s captain:

To molest and sate Hyracha’s insatiable hunger for sex when none of her harem girls were around.

“Fuck, you’re tightening up! Hmhmhmhm, guess your pussy’s gonna start squirting soon, mistress!” Zharisa grinned, cheering as she began slurping, biting and sucking forcefully of Hyracha’s breasts as the juggled back and forth, the two redheads screaming in joy as the intense sex game kept getting kinkier.

“A shame Calisto’s busy fucking that little schoolgirl you dragged back last!” Zharisa smiled, Hyracha’s boot-clad legs pushing her further down, Zharisa’s dildo penetrating deeply into Hyracha’s pussy, the flow of cum seemingly flowing constantly.

“Less talk, more fuck, girl!” Hyracha winked, her body soaked in sweat and cum, her tongue hanging out of her mouth and her eyes looking directly at Zharisa’s dangling breasts.

“TITS! I wanna fuck your tiny little joy-bundles there when you’re through fucking me!” Hyracha grinned, hammering her fists into her bed, kicking her legs wildly in the air and grabbing the bed sheets forcefully.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I LOVE IT! I LOVE GETTING FUCKED BY YOU HORNY CUNTS! MORE! MO-O-O-O-O-ORE! Rape my pussy the fuck out, Zharisa! RAPE ME! RAPE ME, FOR FUCK’S SAKE!” Hyracha screamed, Zharisa chuckling as she now put her full strength into her thrusting, enjoying the gushing sounds as Hyracha was nearing her, according to Zharisa, 14th orgasm.

“AR-R-R-R-R-R-RGH! YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH! YES, FUCK ME-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E!” Hyracha yelled to the ceiling, climaxing violently, the intensity of it causing Zharisa’s strap-on to be forced out, the grinning redhead enjoying the steam of Hyracha’s cum as it hit her face, slurping every single drop she could manage and diving over Hyracha’s soaked pussy for more, her mistress’ gasps and pants sounding ever so lovely to Zharisa.

“Suck it! I want you to suck it dry of cum, girl! Suck it! Suck it! Suck i-i-i-it!” Hyracha wailed, tossing her head back into her pillows, smiling as she felt herself covered in her own cum, enjoying the sex-filled feeling over her and Zharisa’s insane fetish games.

“Here, have this on me!” Zharisa teased, sticking a soaked leather glove to Hyracha’s face, Hyracha eagerly taking the hand, rubbing it and her cum all over her face, sucking and licking the fingers and the glove desirable.

“You’re such a good fuck, Zharisa...” Hyracha smiled as she let go of Zharisa’s hand, her captain trying to hide her giggling as she knew what were coming next; “...but you’d be even sexier wailing out for a fuck, yourself!”

“Oh, shi-...!” Zharisa pretended to sound scared, Hyracha pulling her towards herself, burrowing Zharisa’s head between her massive breasts, laughing as Zharisa began sucking on Hyracha’s breasts.

“Bend over; I wanna fuck you ‘till you just run outta cum!” Hyracha chuckled, Zharisa feeling herself turned around, her butt facing Hyracha’s head.

“OH YEAH! Fuck me, mistress! Fuck me like a slutty whore!” Zharisa winked, baring her pussy, spanking herself and rubbing her dripping cum over her butt, using her other hand to finger herself.

“Uhm-m-m-m...oh, I love a kinky cunny...” Hyracha beamed in joy, gracefully leaning towards Zharisa’s butt, her tongue extending as it entered her pussy, Hyracha moaning in joy as she began licking Zhairsa’s g-spot.

“Beg for it! Beg for me to lick your dripping cunny! Beg for it, bitch!” Hyracha teased, Zharisa biting her lower lip not to gasp out in pleasure.

“PLEASE, MISTRESS! Suck my fucking, hot, dripping clit! Suck her out dry! She wants you to lick the fuck outta her!” Zharisa moaned and wailed, groping herself as Hyracha moved her legs under Zharisa’s, her tongue doubling its effort and thrusting into Zharisa’s pussy.

“Let’s go 69, mistress! I want your fucking cunt, too!” Zharisa moaned, looking over her shoulder, looking in pleasure at the grinning Hyracha; “...just looking at your so horny makes me wet! I wanna fuck you, Hyracha! You hear me?! I WANNA SEE YOUR FUCKING CUNT BURST WITH CUM!”

“Then fuck me! Tongue-fuck that hot cunt of mine! Fuck her! Fuck her inside out, baby!” Hyracha moaned, Zharisa and Hyracha sucking furiously and licking passionately on and into each others’ pussies, their female nectars already now gushing out slowly, Hyracha chuckling in joy as she felt Zharisa’s cum cover her face.

“You’re so fucking, you redhead slut! I wanna fuck you so much more!” Hyracha chuckled happily, Zharisa feeling Hyracha’s tongue entering her pussy again, the redhead moaning and grinning in anticipation for when Hyracha would suck her g-spot.

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