Story: Tales of Darkness - School Days (chapter 7)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 7

Title: Joining the Harem

[Author's notes: WARNING: Yuri Gangbang (in Hyracha's flashback).]

“Clitty, clitty, clitty! It’s so cu-u-u-ute!” Hyracha grinned, rubbing her finger over Shirli’s g-spot, Hyracha really loving the sight as her own girls molested the two latex-clad catgirls, Yuno finding herself tied up by Hyracha’s latex tentacles as her arms, wrists, ankles and eyes were tied up and blocked from view, Yuno’s excitement causing the black-haired dominatrix to wet herself, one of the shin’saras girls happily taking advantage of her immobile state as she lay under Yuno, masturbating at the scene and licking Yuno’s nether lips.

“You two little cunts really gotta love girly gangbangs; what’s your record?” Hyracha winked at Sharla and Shirli, the two catgirls smiling at each other as Hyracha kept molesting them.

“Nine at a time, the swimming team...” Sharla winked at Hyracha, Shirli continuing to humping against her, Hyracha joining in as she used her newly acquired strap-on against the two catgirls, the one meowing louder in pleasure than the other.

“Mine’s over hundred, but it’s OK for you little cuties...” Hyracha teased, giving Shirli’s cheek and slurping lick; “...if you wanna, I could use you in my harem; I’ll treat you nice and fairly.”

“We, we’re OK with Yuno for now...” Sharla spoke under Shirli, Hyracha shrugging, returning to her business as she molested the two catgirls, wet latex, skin and female cum soaking them all three.

“I’d almost wish I had brought more of my girls...” Hyracha moaned longingly, rubbing her breasts; “...I really feel like being gangbanged by some horny sluts right now...”

“W-why are you so horny, Hyracha?” Yuno asked with a grin, sitting herself besides Hyracha, who chuckled as she slowly caressed and groped the dominatrix’s left breast.

“I love the sight of the female body; it turns me on seeing that beautiful form writhe and squirm around in pleasure...girls are just so incredible, really; I’ve loved them since I learnt to think!” Hyracha winked, Yuno enjoying being groped and molested, even lying down and let Hyracha hump her.

“Wanna try something scary?” Hyracha winked, Yuno nodding weakly.

“Right on...” Hyracha smiled, her hands suddenly growing slightly in size, black, claw-like nails stretching a few centimetres out, Hyracha’s hands now fully groping Yuno’s breasts, feeling happy the know how it felt having her breasts groped and molested by the kinky demon girl.

“Tell me...” Hyracha suddenly chuckled to herself, winking at Yuno; “...what’s the kinkiest sex you’ve ever had?”

“Oh! I...I really can’t tell you...” Yuno blushed, an embarrassing memory resurfacing to her mind.

“Oh, re-e-eally...?” Hyracha teased, her claws tapping lightly and pinching on Yuno’s nipples, making her moan lowly.

“OK, OK; I’ll tell you, horny bitch...” Yuno mumbled, her blushing worsening; “...I once had sex with a cheerleader in a bathtub of ice-cream...”

“Hihihihihihihih! Oh, now that’s sweet with a capital ‘S’!” Hyracha smiled, kissing Yuno’s cheek, caressing her mouth and letting her fingers touch her nether lips; “...say, did it feel good? And was it fun?”

“It felt great! She kept teasing me and groping me, and the best was when we both submerged and down under the ice-cream...” Yuno winked at Hyracha; “ was really sweet.”

“Hihih, I’d have loved to se-...” Hyracha began, a suddenly circle of red and pink light forming under her, a shape manifesting as it turned into...

“MISTRESS! So this is where you’re hi-...” the girl, a busty redhead began, only to be interrupted as she saw the panting and exhausted girls around her.

“Ohohohohoh! Out recruiting, are we, ma’am?” the redhead grinned, sitting on hook besides Hyracha.

“Zharisa, I’m just here for a little fun; you know, reading books, studying, becoming smarter...” Hyracha winked, starting to laugh as her lieutenant sent her a sceptical look, both of them giggling at each other.

“Hmm, she’s nice, this little girlie...” Zharisa now looked hungrily at Yuno, the raven-haired girl looking surprised at the redhead.

“Mistress, can I fuck her? Some girls back home said they needed to relax their cunts before I could fuck them again...” Zharisa asked, Yuno’s eyebrow rising in a mix of bewilderment and shock at hearing the redhead speak of such hardcore things...

...And yet, Yuno had just seen her two favourite harem girls have passionate sex and being helped out in doing so by Hyracha’s magical powers; maybe Hyracha really were not the completely innocent little maiden when it came to sex...

“Zharisa, my harem of a thousand girls and lovers have all had my blessings and become immortal...” Hyracha said, looking strictly at Zharisa; “...and if you end up fucking this cute thing she’ll have her pussy spread so open it’ll never close again! Your dildo and strappie skills could split a fucking tree trunk!”

“Oh...well, eheheheh, I guess you’ve got a point, mistress...” Zharisa smirked, looking at Yuno; “...but that doesn’t mean she can’t play with me; yo, little cutie, wanna go take a swim?”

As Zharisa tugged down in her tight leather pants, Yuno were amazed to see a fully bared clitoris, any sign of pubic hair either shaved off or otherwise removed, the dominatrix smiling at Zharisa.

“Can my girls join in? They love pussy...” she asked, Zharisa licking her lips, winking seductively.

“Shirli! Sharla! There’s fresh pussy over here, girls!” Yuno called, the two catgirls crawling their way from the shin’sari girls, who found themselves too busy pleasing themselves to notice the catgirls’ absence.

“OH! Latex masks with kitty ears and tails? Hihihihih, talk about some cute sluts...” Zharisa grinned, taking off her cap and lying herself back on the floor; “...I’ve heard human girls really are great at tongue-fucking clits.”

“Sharla...” Shirli suddenly said, the two of them looking at each other and Yuno; “...I know we may not wanna go work for Hyracha here, but...all her girls are so fucking hot and horny! I mean, of course we gotta study at school, but...but my heart and cunt makes me wanna-...”

“Shirli, I’d love to go, too, but we can’t just get a permi-...” Sharla began, the three girls looking at each other, beginning to laugh.

“FUCK! Why haven’t I thought of that?? All members of Heated Nights already passed high school level; we can just go tell that Headmistress Itaki to let suck our cunts, stick a dildo up her ass and beat it from this place!” Yuno grinned, Zharisa looking at Hyracha.

“Mistress, I think we just kinda started a schoolgirl revolution!” Zharisa smirked, Hyracha rolling her eyes, chuckling.

“Who are you calling ‘schoolgirl’?!” Shirli exclaimed playfully, her and Sharla descending on Zharisa, the happily surprised redhead soon finding these human girls to not lack the slightest in seduction or hardcore licking of her.

“No! Nohohohohoh! No tickling, you cunts! Hihihihih!” Zharisa laughed and tried worming herself away as the two blondes followed their prey, continuing to lick, grope, tickle and finger her, Zharisa hammering her fist into the floor from laughing and moaning.

“We can’t measure to your mistress’ level...” Sharla purred, Shirli opening her mouth as agape as she could as she sucked on Zharisa’s breasts; “...but at least we can abuse her little slut!”

As Zharisa squirmed and romped around, giggling with Shirli and Sharla, Yuno stood beside Hyracha as they watched the shin’sari girls sit themselves at Hyracha’s feet, stroking themselves against her boots like kittens.

“You know, when I think of what just happened, I can’t believe how you got me so horny...” Yuno wondered, Hyracha smirking to her.

“Trust me, I may be a real cunt for pussy and boobs, but I look after my girls; I’m not like a pimp, Yuno; I’d rather bleed to death than harm my girls...” Hyracha said, Yuno surprised to see a tear fall from the happily smiling Hyracha’s eyelid; “...I love them all so much it’s impossible to favour any one of them...”

“And yet you still fuck and have sex almost constantly with them?” Yuno asked sceptically, her and Hyracha exchanging grins.

“I’ve fucked millions of girls and plan on fucking more...” she winked; “...there’s a planet in another solar system from yours called Sindiya; it’s only hot alien chicks living there, and almost eighty percent of their whole civilization are lezzies.”

“What?? No wa-a-ay...” Yuno looked sceptically at Hyracha, the redhead chuckling as she fingered herself.

“I went there at a time, disguised as a hooker; I got a whole, fucking street of those hot alien girls raping and gangbanging me a whole afternoon!” Hyracha moaned, a jet of cum squirting from her nether lips; “I were really dressed as a slut; red jacket, ultra-miniskirt, knee-high boots, stockings and stringed bra, all hot leather; I kinda turn on boots, ye know; it’s some dominating and then you get bend over and fucked like crazy!”

“How much did you cum? A little squirt only?” Yuno teased, Hyracha giving her a suggestive smile.

“I asked them to cum all over me; over three dozen of those hot alien chicks rubbing their pussies off at you and shoving dildos and strappies up your ass kinda makes you cum like crazy...” Hyracha smiled dreamingly; “...I came and came and came until even my pussy just couldn’t cum anymore, and fuck, next thing they start again! I was so soaked it felt like having showered and bathed in that hot juicy, female nectar! It was so fucking divine!”

“Hihihih! Don’t start with me; first time I noticed Shirli and Sharla before they joined me, I once stole one of their boots and jerked off into it all night...” Yuno blushed; “...there’s really nothing better than latex all soaked in cum and a hot chick beside you, licking it off you...”

“Girl, I really like that; you sound as kinky as me!” Hyracha smiled.

“Only I don’t start giving myself tentacle sex while thinking of my harem girls...” Yuno teased, Hyracha’s mouth forming into a weak smile.

“It’s not the wildest I’ve done, you know...” Hyracha said, removing her fingers and sucking them dry of her cum; “...I once found this cute blonde who liked werewolf girls; followed her home from school one night, changed into one and fucked her against a tree in the local park!”

“You, you changed into a werewolf?!” Yuno gasped, Hyracha laughing.

“Yeah, but it sure as fuck wasn’t me who did the howling! Gods, she was so fucking horny she came within minutes and started sucking my furry tits!” Hyracha blushed to herself.

“Hyracha, you’re one horny little bitch!” Yuno grinned, looking down at herself; her body were still soaked with water and cum, the orgy also having set its marks on her mind; shin’sari girls were not only tasty, but dead kinky.

“...And thus we finished the day’s lesson with the first chapter of ‘Chronicles of the Dragons’” Darsa told Itaki, the headmistress quite happy that the students at the school had not only accepted Darsa, but also enjoyed his teaching.

“Mr. Darsa, you must know I was sceptical about hiring a...well, ‘redead’ like yourself, but you really make me reconsider my personal views on Undeath...” Itaki said, Darsa pulling up his robe’s hood and taking his staff, nodding formally at Itaki.

“I simply enjoy teaching the youth, Mrs. Itaki, but as the situation is, I admit I didn’t think of where my ‘sleeping’ quarters might be...” Darsa said, Itaki smiling to herself.

“Well, although you’re made of mystical energies, any creature would need their sleep, so I have a proposition for you, Mr. Darsa...” Itaki said, putting down her pencil; “...we have an old storage room under the cantina; old, I admit, but there might be room enough if you, say, could conjure up your bed, or however you sleep best.”

“Mrs. Itaki, you are bloody well one of the most tolerant people I have had the honour of meeting in my unlife...” Darsa said, tapping his staff into the floor; “...I will go unpack straight away! You have my thanks!”

“C’mon, razor girls pwns battle nuns any day!” Zyrah insisted, Jisha playing Brutal Legend back at their dormitory, Jeana and Julia both sitting and offering advice.

“Hey, has anyone seen Vanessa recently? She’s been gone since we left Darsa’s class” Jisha asked, returning her focus to the screen as her horde of headbangers charged forward on her command.

“I heard her saying she wanted to read something she found at the library today” Julia mentioned, smiling to herself; “...maybe Oria finally bend that little bookworm over.”

“Who’s Oria?” Jeana asked, Zyrah looking up from her yuri hentai magazine.

“Our librarian; shin’saras, wild hair, skin covered in tattoos, spiritualist; you get the idea” she winked at Jeana returning to her magazine, grinning.

“Every time I see that fucking dude...” Jisha hissed, a cutscene in the game showing a cowboy-like man with glasses and an open shirt driving by on a motorbike; “...I feel like stabbing him with a scalpel through that fucking torso of his!”

“Jisha, dudes’ chests look like a run-over piece of bacon...” Zyrah sighed, mumbling to herself; “...girls’ are way hotter than that!”

“It’s just because they want him to look all heroic and ‘not fearing death’-like; it’s kinda like patriarchal propaganda, ‘cause it just goes on and on and on...”
Julia sighed, looking at Jeana; “...but girls like Samus Aran and Joanna Dark? Uhm-m-m, you didn’t need them to run around my bed for long before I took them in and fucked them blind!”

“You’d shag any of those action girls, wouldn’t you?” Jeana grinned, Julia smiling and kissing Jeana’s cheek.

“Oh course, the real deal here is quite good, but...” Julia winked, whispering to Jeana; “...if you’d ever cosplay for me, I’m all up for kinky stuff.”

“Word of advice, Jeana: If you dress up like Joanna Dark, she’ll fuck you so hard your pussy will be squirting out until next morning...” Zyrah winked at her, grinning at the blushing Julia; “’s both the girl and what’s cosplaying as, so I really dunno how hard she’ll fuck you.”

“Remember that time we found Shirli and Sharla water-fucking at the spas? I had to gag you with a towel ‘cause you wouldn’t stop moaning!” Julia gave back, Jeana looking from one to the other, let herself fall back, smiling and sighing; this school really were crazy, but heck; she had known that for hours now.

“Look, two blonde hotties clad in latex and wrestling in water or a mud pit? C’mon! Every girl at this fucking school would finger herself off at that!” Zyrah grinned, flipping through some pages in her magazine, showing it to Julia; “see? The girl I bought this from really loved muddy girls!”

As Julia took the magazine, the picture of Reiko and Dixie from the Rumble Roses game had really seemed to be used a lot; although the paper were scrambled, the picture of the two intensely lovemaking girls in the mud were somewhere covered in what seemed like a dried, transparent fluid.

“Holy...she’s been wiping her pussy off in this magazine?? Zyrah, the chick who owned this thing has gotta be a Rumble Roses fanatic!” Julia grinned smugly, Jeana’s eyes opening wide as she were amused with how Reiko’s boots and breasts were the only thing visible of her as she and Dixie were submerged in the mud, kissing intensely.

“C-can I read that?” Jeana asked carefully, Julia handing her the magazine, Zyrah finding herself giggling uncontrollably as Jeana looked through her magazine.

“They actually look cute in this one...” Jeana smirked, Julia looking over her shoulder, the two of them smiling at the pictures in the magazine, where Reiko had turned Dixie over, chuckling as she burrowed her head into her breasts, Dixie splashing mud on Reiko’s back, embracing her smilingly.

“Not to interrupt the fetish-fest, but it’s your turn, Zyrah...” Jisha noted, Zyrah blinking as she remembered it was her turn to play.

“Let me! I’m the one who’s gonna try the first rock show battle!” Zyrah said as a cutscene began.

“ the goddess, this is incredible...” Vanessa moaned as she lay naked on her bed; on her TV screen two brown-haired girls were eagerly oil-wrestling and licking each other’s nipples, their shining, oil-smeared skin amusing Vanessa greatly.

“Renting this DVD has got to the best decision I’ve ever made...” she grinned to herself, seeing as a dark elf girl now joined the two brown-haired ones, her outfit of white leather soon ripped, torn or strapped off her, leaving only her fingerless gloves and knee-high studded boots as she tripped in the pit, giggling with the girls as they started smearing her dark skin with oil and fingering her clitoris.

“I, I can’t continue like this!” Vanessa bit her lip, forcefully ripping off her panties, tossing them to the floor as all she cared about was the girls on the screen.

“Oh...oh, that dark elf girl could be me...I could be with them....yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Ye-e-ah! Oh girls, lick me, too! I want to feel your hot tongues in my clit, too! I, I’d love to be made love to by you! You’re so hot!” Vanessa moaned, everything but the girls oblivious to her.

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