Story: Tales of Darkness - School Days (chapter 6)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 6

Title: Bow Down to the Dark Mistress

[Author's notes: WARNING: Black latex tentacles (semi-sentient, controlled by Hyracha).]

“So, you’re suddenly not satisfied with keeping my little pets busy, huh?” Yuno smirked cruelly as Zira stood before her throne, her confident and charming smile not faltering the least.

“And what exactly do you want, then? My position as leader of Heated Nights?” Yuno grinned; “I doubt you could do better than I.”

“Well, you’ll have to argue with the around one thousand girls in my harem on that...” Zira winked, Yuno looking perplexed at her.

“What harem? I’m the one running the little sex games at this school, missy; just by snapping my fingers...” Yuno demonstrated, snapping her fingers as Shirli and Sharla, sitting by her throne, began romping around; “...and my girls are all about making out for my amusement.”

“You’d better remember respecting and loving them; that’s what a good mistress does...” Zira sighed, tiring of this disguise; focusing her energies, her hair returned to its normal length and colour, her eyes shun bright red for a moment, and her skin became tanned; as she laughed joyfully, her voice echoed over the room, her breasts growing larger and clothes formed around her, soon dressing her in a black latex outfit sitting skin-tight to her incredible form.

“In case you didn’t notice, babe...” she chuckled, walking seductively towards the shocked Yuno; “...I’m the infamous Hyracha; now, the two of us are gonna have a little talk...”

“OK, so you’re some demon goddess of kinkiness, but I’m not bowing down to you!” Yuno snarled at Hyracha as she grinningly winked at Yuno.

“I’ve got over twenty ways to bend both your will and your ass over and fuck you...” Hyracha sighed relaxed; “...but just to amuse myself, I’ll just reach out for a little insider info.”

“What are you talking abo-...?” Yuno asked, suddenly feeling a slight pain in her forehead, Hyracha laughing as she rolled around in the air, her wings flapping around her.

“Oh, you naughty, frisky slut! So that’s how you’d like it most...” Hyracha’s grin now broadened, clapping her hands together, red-pink energy forming in her palms and into figures, Yuno barely believing her eyes as the spark landed on the floor, forming into figures...

“Girls, this little human girl has a real nasty little fetish for you shin’sari babes...” Hyracha stroke the chin of a newly summoned shin’saras girl, her and two others dressed in as revealing leather and latex outfits and white shirt as Yuno had ever seen; “...would you like to play with her?”

“Hmm, virgin?” one of them asked, licking her mistress’ cheek.

“Nah, lost it when she started this little ‘Heated Nights’ harem of hers; she loves it dildo-style and with hot, sweaty and oily shin’sari girl bodies...” Hyracha informed, Yuno’s mouth agape in silent disbelief; had this demonic villainess just looked all her fetishes through? In her mind? Like a book??

“Oh! Now this is gonna be fun; I’ll bet she’s a little screamer!” another of the shin’sari girls laughed at Yuno, blowing her a kiss.

“So, cutie girl...” the shin’sari girls teased as they began approaching Yuno; “...wanna play?”

As Yuno’s eyes began closing, she felt as if she was going to faint; had a dream come true for her?

“Wohoh! She’s gonna faint! I wonder when she’ll wake up!” one of the shin’sari girls grinned, Yuno falling on the spot, the shin’sari girls looking hungrily at the unconscious, moaning human girl.

“Can we wake her just like this? I think we should try something kinkier...” one of the shin’saras girls smiled, rustling her purple hair back, lying herself down besides Yuno, tickling her stomach, Yuno reacting with a low snort.

“Well, that’s attractive...” another shin’saras girl joked, the three of them giggling.

“Urgh, fuck this easy pace; let’s speed it a little up!” the purple-haired shin’sari girl grinned, waving at Hyracha, who threw her an oblong item, the shin’sari girl quickly ripping her black lace thong apart, inserting the object into her nether lips, heading for the small thong of Yuno’s leotard.

“Wait!” Hyracha suddenly mentioned, the shin’saras girls stopping in their tracks.

“Oh, what now, mistress?” one of them complained, Hyracha grinning evilly.

“I say we...prepare our little dominatrix first...” Hyracha said, pointing at a small platform in the room’s other end; suddenly the bricks blew apart, forming and oval hole in the middle, a bathtub or smaller pool taking form, water pouring from golden water hoses, the shin’saras girls lifting the unconscious Yuno up, carrying her to the pool and dropping her into it; as the warm water washed over her, Yuno moaned, her eyes blinking as she slowly awoke.

“Let’s join in, girls” one of the shin’saras girl winked, stepping in, the water only reaching to her ankles as she discarded her wet clothes in the water, using her boot to pour water over her head.

As the other girls joined in, they started playing around, Yuno soon finding the three of them making out not two meters before her, her memory returning as she remembered these gorgeous babes intending to screw her.

“Oh! N-no way! I’m not gonna-...” Yuno began trying to climb out, but the shin’saras girls simply laughed, pulled her back into the water, beginning to grope, tickle and lick her, Yuno feeling herself completely aroused, but she would never admit that to them.

“Let’s tease her a bit...” the purple-haired shin’saras girl smiled, inserting the dildo into her nether lips again, inserting the other end into another shin’saras girl’s nether lips, sitting on top of her as she put all her energy into thrusting, the third shin’saras girl sitting behind them, moaning happily as the lowest shin’saras girl groped her and licked her nether lips.

“Don’t deny it, girl...” Hyracha suddenly appeared behind Yuno, leaning her head on her shoulder; “ arouses you to watch them, and you want to fuck them until they faint from it! Go on! Prove yourself!”

“It’d be wrong! They, they wouldn’t just let-...” Yuno tried and deny, but a long moan from the purple-haired girl and her grinning at Yuno over her shoulder as she bared her anus to her had the dominatrix convinced these were not little pushovers; she wanted the be ravished, then she would ravish them.

“Alright, you horny elf sluts...” Yuno grit her teeth, crawled towards the three shin’saras girls; “...this is how I do this stuff!”

As Yuno let her tongue into the purple-haired shin’saras girl’s anus, she licked slurped and enjoyed the exotic taste, the purple-haired girl practically howling out as fell off the dildo, the sex toy plummeting into the water as Yuno joined in.

“Oh yeah! Lick me, please!” the purple-haired girl smiled behind her gritted teeth, Yuno thrusting a latex-clad finger into her anus, lying under her legs as she began licking her g-spot.

“AR-R-R-RGH! Oh yes, lick it! Suck me right there! IT FEELS SO GOOD!” the girl yelled out, Yuno feeling a tear in her eye as she watched the shin’saras girls squirm in their eager; they looked so beautiful in their erotic horniness, and their wet and soaked skin shun in the dim light...

At that moment, Yuno yelled to the ceiling, using a spare hand to rub her own nether lips through her thong, sucking violently on the purple-haired girl’s g-spot and nether lips.

“OH! Oh, ye-e-e-eah! You’re going good, girl!” she grinned, the two other shin’saras girls smiling as they began romping around Yuno, licking her nipples and groping her breasts, one of them pulling her head slightly back between her legs, the mass of bodies clad in latex confusing Hyracha as she stood by the side, panting as she played with herself, her orgasm dripping to the floor.

“AR-R-R-R-RGH!!!” the purple-haired shin’saras girl yelled out, climaxing right into Yuno’s mouth, the human girl savouring the taste of the elf girl’s nectars, swallowing them with the greatest enjoyment; as the other shin’saras girl suddenly blocked her view to the ceiling, she chuckled, reached for their nether lips and fingered them as she was pressed downwards by the shin’saras girls, their black, shiny skin reflecting from water drops and cum, their long, white hair making them look even more beautiful as the elven vixens sexually ravished Yuno to the point of what could be described as rape.

“She’s no fucking virgin, that’s for sure!” one of the shin’saras girls grinned, groping Yuno’s breasts; “...for a human girlie, you’ve sure got huge and hot tits!”

As Yuno replied by smiling and groping her in return, she was oblivious to everything but the shin’saras girls right now; the feeling of hot, soaked shin’saras girl bodies ravishing all over her were almost too much for the human girl, and as she dove under the water a moment, she grinned as their tongues followed her, licking everywhere they could.

“O-O-O-OH YE-E-E-E-E-E-ES-S-S-S!!!” Yuno yelled out as she resurfaced, climaxing under the water, feeling her head being pulled back down on the water’s surface as they shin’saras girls laughed and kept kissing all over her, one of them humping herself to Yuno’s right, boot-clad leg, lick the latex boot and rubbing her breasts around her, her cum dripping down Yuno’s leg.

“Let’s try the new one Hyracha told us!” one of the shin’saras girls suddenly smirked, lying herself on top of Yuno, pressing their breasts together as she humped her, one of the other girls lying under the first, licking her nether lisp while the third sat herself above Yuno’s head, baring her dripping nether lips to her, the four of them continuing the crazed humping.

“That’s it, more...give me more juicy” Hyracha moaned, having discarded all but her gloves as she fingered herself, lying in a puddle of her own orgasm as she kept fingering herself at the sight down in the pool; until now, she had no care how much she came; that sight was one of the hottest she had ever seen.

“AR-R-R-RGH! I love this! Four sluts humping down in the pool! Fuck each other more! Make me proud, girls!” Hyracha whimpered under her teeth, a small spray of female nectar dripping from her as she lost all form of resistance.

“Oh! OH! OH-H-H-H! OH, YE-E-E-ES!!!” she yelled out, climaxing again, her hand covered in her sticky orgasm as she stuffed it into her mouth, sucking hungrily on it; she wanted a playmate soon, or maybe she should join the girls...

No, that would be rude to interrupt, so Hyracha did the next best; mastering herself, she made a small circle with her thumb on the floor, a small spark making an oblong object burst from the ground.

“Fuck me like my girls would with a strap-on or dildo” she commanded the small, black object, which turned out to be a latex tentacle; as the tentacle gave a nodding gesture as if it had understood, it slowly sneaked into Hyracha’s nether lips, two other tentacles slowly helping Hyracha’s head to the floor, ensnaring themselves around her forehead as they imprinted images of the thousand of girls of Hyracha’s harem molesting her with dildos, strap-ons and other sex toys.

“OH! OH, THAT’S IT! That’s my girls fucking me!” Hyracha cheered, laughing happily as the tentacle thrust itself into her nether lips, Hyracha smiling to herself as it felt just like when Zharisa, her lieutenant did it to her.

“Oh, Zharisa! Fuck me harder! FUCK ME HARDER, YOU SLUT!” she yelled to the ceiling, the tentacle continuing its pace as Hyracha spread her legs more open, two new tentacles bursting from the ground and groping her breasts, Hyracha’s tongue hanging out of her mouth as she thought of all the times she and her girls had played around, part of her missing them terribly; as if to respond to her longing to see her girls, another, smaller tentacle rose up from the ground, wiping a tear form in Hyracha’s eyelids from her before it disappeared underground again.

“This...this one’s for you, girls...!” Hyracha smirked to herself, concentrating to make the tentacles go faster; as they indeed did so, she screamed happily.

“OH, GI-I-I-I-IRLS! I, I LOVE FUCKING WITH YOU! I WANT TO LOVE AND FUCK YOU ALL!” Hyracha yelled to the top of her lungs, her tan-skinned body soaked in sweat and cum, Hyracha feeling the burning desire flame up.

“I’M, I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING FOR YOU, GIRLS! OH! OH-H-H! OH, YE-E-E-E-EAH!!!” she yelled out, her orgasm gushing from her nether lips as the tentacles withdrew from her, her cum-soaked thighs shaking as Hyracha kept gushing out cum in slow, steady paces, still groping her breasts and extending her tongue, licking her own nether lips as her gushing orgasms intensified.

“OH-H-H-H-H-H! OH, YOU FUCK ME SO GO-O-O-O-OD!!!” one of the shin’saras girls yelled out in joy, climaxing into Yuno’s face, the human girl all but swallowing the lovely nectar, the almost constant orgasms from the shin’saras girls delighting her; never had she had so kinky sex, and she still wanted more and more; she wanted to remember this night as the one when she went crazy with horniness.

“MISTRESS!” a sudden yell caught her meek attention, Shirli and Sharla standing ready for battle for the mistress...only to watch her being molested to her joy by three shin’saras girls.

“It, it’s OK, girls! I’ve pretty much asked for this, myself!” Yuno smiled at them, Shirli and Sharla feeling themselves kind of aroused by the intense water foursome before their eyes.

“So you little latex kitties are Yuno’s pets?” Hyracha asked, having recovered from her massive orgasms; “and you’re here like little sentai heroines to save your mistress?”

“Well, we were-...” Sharla began, suddenly feeling something sneak up her leg; as she looked down, a long, black latex tentacle snaked its way up her leg, making her scream out loud as a half dozen now burst from the ground, lifting her and Shirli over the pool.

“I’ve always kinda wanted to try and see this...” Hyracha grinned, blowing Shirli and Sharla a kiss; “...I’ll let a tentacle into your ass or pussy each time you disobey me, OK? First, kiss each other!”

“You’re not our mistress! You’ve got no ri-...!” Shirli began, a tentacle slowly sneaking under her thong, inserting itself slowly into her nether lips, making her whine and moan out loud.

“Wrong answer...or is it because you like having your little kitty friend here fuck you up the pussy with her tail?” Hyracha asked teasingly, Sharla watching her friend struggling against the tentacle.

“Now, will you kiss each other, or do you want another one?” Hyracha smirked, Sharla looking at Hyracha with disbelief.

“I...what will you get form it? You’ve got some vaginal disorder making you want to-...” she began, feeling a tentacle snaking its way into her anus, Sharla screaming out loud in a mix of pain and moaning.

“Wrong again; you’re some cute little sluts, aren’t you two?” Hyracha smiled, grinning to herself.

“OK! OK! We’ll do as you say...!” Shirli yelled out, Sharla looking disbelief at her.

“Shirli, we can’t give into-...!” she began, Shirli leaning over and kissing Sharla hotly, the two blondes feeling a rush when suddenly the tentacles turned them upside down.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Sorry, couldn’t resist...” Hyracha laughed out loud, wiping a tear of laughing from her eye; “...see, I’m kinda part of this tentacle thing, so if you’re lucky to get me hot enough to cum, you’re having a little water injection in your pussies and anuses!”

“Hey! We did as you-...!” Shirli began, a tentacle snaking into her anus and another in Sharla’s nether lips, the two of them moaning.

“Oh, you’re already making me hot; you’re such naughty little kitties...” Hyracha smiled, the tentacles leaning Shirli and Sharla towards Hyracha as she looked under their thong, rubbing their g-spots lightly, the two of them yelling out in pleasure.

“Let’s see here...” Hyracha reached out with her mind, reading Shirli and Sharla’s minds like she had done to Yuno.

“WOW! And you’re complaining that I’m playing with you?? You’re such little sluts you’re beginning to sound like hypocrites!” Hyracha laughed, Shirli and Sharla recovering quickly from the small pains in their foreheads.

“Now, listen; I’m gonna let these tentacles help you fuck each other, and if you want touch the ground again, ever, then you better amuse me...” Hyracha said, winking and smirking; “...OK, I’m kidding; I’m not ‘evil’ and all...”

“Who are you, really??” Sharla yelled out, Hyracha letting out a childish laughter.

“Sorry, forgot to introduce myself...” she grinned, her eyes glowing red as she assumed her demonic, latex-skinned form; “...I am Hyracha, Goddess of Kinkiness, Lady of Lust, all those fancy titles; in short, I’ll fuck anything female, gangbang with as many girls I can, and care for them and love them, as well.”

“H-Hyracha?? That ancient demon that needed female orgasm every day to keep her powers??” Sharla asked in awe, looking at Shirli with a wink; “she’d be OK, Shirli; heck, she’s fucked millions of girls through time, and fuck, she’s taken some under wing and blessed the others.”

“So...she’s not gonna eat our souls?” Shirli asked, both Sharla and Hyracha laughing.

“No, but I’ll be eating your pussy sooner or later!” Hyracha winked, Sharla leaning over Shirli and kissing her surprised partner.

“Shirli, let’s do what we always do; it’s...” Sharla began, blushing under her mask; “’s kinda hot fucking you while being watched by this kinky-ass demon chick.”

“Oh, you big slut...” Shirli sighed, smiling at Sharla as she kissed back, moving herself closer as she humped herself against Sharla, the two latex-clad catgirls moaning loudly as their cum fell from their nether lips and anuses, their drool falling into the pool, the shin’sari girls and Yuno having stopped their sex humping to watch the show.

“Once you’ve cum, I’m gonna drop you to these horny sluts...” Hyracha smirked, rubbing her nether lips as they began to drip; “’ve already got me way into the mood, kitties...”

“Uhm-m-m-m...oh, so go-o-o-o-od...” Sharla moaned as Shirli humped against her, the tentacles loosening themselves from their arms and instead around their waists, still keeping them above ground and allowing them to use their hands.

“AH! UHM-M-M-M! Oh, I wanna feel that latex on my boobs, girl! Grope me! GROPE ME!” Shirli yelled out as Sharla used her newly-freed hands to grope her, kissing her so hotly her drool flew out of her mouth in cascades.

“OH! OH! I...I FEEL LIKE CUMMING!” Shirli yelled out, Sharla pressing herself closer against her partner, letting Shirli’s hands down to the tentacle in her nether lips, rubbing the soaked nether lips and smearing the cum over her cheeks.

“You look so hot when you cum! Cum then! Cum! Cum! CUM!” Shirli encouraged, the two girls soon fingering each other, their breasts pressed against each other, the drool and cum making them slippery as they fell out of the leotards’ skimpy strings.

“Oh...oh, that’s it, girls; I’m almost there...” Hyracha moaned, her nether lips dripping and gushing out her cum in cascades as she finger and groped herself, lying on the floor as she panted out in excitement.

“SHIRLI, I’M...I’M CUMMING!” Sharla yelled out, kissing Shirli passionately, wanting to drown herself and Shirli in her pleasure and horniness.

“I’M, I’M CUMMING, TOO! WAIT FOR ME, SHARLA!” Shirli yelled out, kissing Sharla hotly, folding her arms over her neck, kissing again and again as she kept humping Sharla’s soaked body.

“AR-R-R-R-RGH! I’M, I’M CUMMING! OH-H-H-H, I’M CUMMI-I-I-I-ING!!!” Sharla yelled out, Shirli feeling Sharla’s knee rubbing her crotch, making her finally climax, as well; as they both yelled out, Hyracha looked in plain joy as the girls’ orgasm feel from the nether lips into the pool, the four girls in it eagerly opening their mouths the swallow the precious nectar.

“Me, too! You’ve got me horny, too! OH! OH-H-H-H-H!” Hyracha moaned, her intense fingering of herself and groping leaving her breasts bouncing and her nether lips soaking wet as she were about to reach her limit.

“I, I want those girls to eat my cunt! I WANT YOU TO....OH-H-H-H-H-H, YE-E-E-E-E-E-ES!!!” Hyracha yelled out as she climaxed, her cum falling heavily from her nether lips, Shirli and Sharla feeling a tickling in their anuses and nether lips as they panted out, hot water falling from the tentacles’ ends inside them, the water dripping down into the pool as well as the tentacles let go off them, the two catgirls dropping right into the pool, lying exhausted and tired in the pool’s warm water.

“I’m, I’m coming in now, hotties...” Hyracha crawled into the pool, feeling the warm water wash over her as the three shin’saras girls were all over her.

“After a bath, a girl can handle anything” Shirli grinned smugly, enjoying the warm water under the remains of her outfit; grinning, Sharla lay herself upon her, snuggling against Shirli’s breasts, Yuno joining Hyracha and her girls lustfully.

“Hihihihihih! That sure was kinky; I love fucking you when you blush so much!” Sharla teased Shirli, the other blonde smiling and splashing water on her.

“I didn’t blush! No fair!” Shirli whimpered innocently, Sharla licking her nipples hungrily, the two latex-clad catgirls beginning to hump anew.

“Y-Yuno...” Hyracha managed to speak under the three shin’saras girls; “...your school here rocks!”

As Yuno grinned and began sucking Hyracha’s throat and lick her pointy ears, she felt the redhead demon girl’s fingers enter her nether lips, playing with them as Yuno fell back and giggled from the pleasure.

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