Story: Tales of Darkness - School Days (chapter 5)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 5

Title: Romping Catgirls and Frisky Demon Chicks

[Author's notes: WARNING: Highly detailed content.]

“5-4; not bad at ten o’ clock in the morning” Jisha grinned as she washed her hair rid of shampoo, Zyrah leaning to the sleek wall in the showers, exhausted as she was.

“Gods, if Yuno came in here now, I wouldn’t be able to resist; my legs feels like melting under me...” Zyrah moaned, accidently tripping and landing on her butt, although she grinned as she realized how dull the warm water made her feel.

“Hmm?” Jisha suddenly mumbled, having sworn she saw a dark silhouette vanish behind a locker.

“’Hmm’ what, Jisha?” Zyrah asked as she grabbed a towel, drying her hair.

“I thought I saw something over by that locker...” Jisha pointed out, Zyrah shaking her head.

“It’s properly just some girl playing hide and seek, take it easy” she grinned, reaching inside her locker, beginning to put on her panties and bra.

“It’s not like the showers are haunted, Jisha; I think that running sat the adrenaline on your brain...” Zyrah teased; suddenly, though, a faint sound reached her ears, almost like a mumbling.

“Hey, maybe you’re right; I heard something...” Zyrah lowered her voice to a whisper, her and Jisha quickly drying and dressing themselves up; following the noise, it lead towards the bathing area for the teachers, the noise becoming louder.

“Wow...” Jisha gasped in awe, Zyrah following the example; lying with a still streaming showerhead at her legs, Zira from Yuno’s dorm lay moaning as her cum fell from her nether lips, her face a large grin as her shirt had been pulled up over her breasts and her skirt discarded.

“Someone’s been busy...” Jisha whispered to Zyrah, the shin’saras girl sending her a sceptical look.

“Hey, Zira’s a little slut; she loves fucking pussies, and you’re surprised she jerked off with a showerhead after class?” Zyrah asked, Jisha interrupting her as she pointed beside Zira; sitting by her were two blonde girls clad in leotards, boots and gloves of black latex, their cat-like masks, tails and ears indentifying them at once as Shirli and Sharla.

“Those psycho-chicks?! Zira must be crazy; they’re the most hardcore at school!” Zyrah almost exclaimed out loud, Jisha holding a hand over her mouth.

“...Uhmm, such sweet juice; makes me feel like...” one of the blondes, Jisha and Zyrah not really seeing the difference; “”

As the blonde crawled towards the other, she bared her nether lips under her skimpy thong, climaxing into the other’s mouth as she slurped hungrily; leaping at her, the two catgirls began yelling out loud, their moans echoing through the showers as they began licking each other.

“Wet latex; it’s so hot and dripping...” one of them teased the other, the two of them humping into each other, cumming over and over again, Zira worming into position to lick them.

“Come here, kitty...” one of them mentioned and purred seductively, the floor soon a mess of feet, arms, boots and latex, the girls yelling louder and louder as their climaxes grew more intense.

“YES! YES! LICK! LICKLICKLICKLICK! LICK THAT PUSSY, YOU PUSSYCAT!” one of them screamed, tossing her head backwards as she came, her partner lifting her waist upside down, swallowing the cum as it poured out in cascades.

“Your tits! I wanna suck on your tits!” one of them started pleading, the other obeying with a grinning purring, the two of them wrestling playfully for control, one of them gaining the upper hand and sucking with such energy on the other’s nipples it formed under the skimpy latex leotard.

“Let that pussy out! I wanna lick your cunt, you crazy cat!” one of them grinned, the other busy rubbing her thong into her nether lips, the other starting to finger her.

“Come on! Cum! Cum! CUM! You wanna cum, right? I’ll make you cum!” one of them yelled out in glee, the two of them soon fingering each other and rolling around on the wet floor, kissing so passionately their lips were as if sucking the life out of each other.

“UHM! UHM! UHM! UHMUHMUHMUHM! UHM!!! UHM-M-M-M-M-M!” one of them screamed to the ceiling, the other following as she climaxed, the two of them continuing their mindless orgy of pleasure.

“AH! AH-H-H-H! I, I WANNA SUCK YOU!” one of them chuckled, beginning to remove the other’s leotard, the two of them helping each other off them, discarding their soaked leotards as they went right back to their licking of each other; as Zira watched them, she eagerly masturbated at them, hoping to feel such a tongue on her own g-spot sometime later.

“I’ve always...loved sucking pussy; it tastes so go-o-o-o-od; ye-e-e-e-e-eah...!!!” one of them screamed in pleasure, the two of them romping like they were succubi lovers, their need for sex in unbridled.

“I’m, I’M CUM-M-M-M-MING! I’M GONNA CU-U-U-U-UM!!!” one of them yelled out, her cum splashing into her partner’s face, giggling as she licked it off as if it were the sweetest nectar.

“More cum, more pussy; FUCK, I LOVE THI-I-I-IS!!!” she happily cheered as she came, herself, the two catgirls’ pleasure intensifying as they kept licking each other, reaching their long tongues as far in as they could.

“There’s nothing like pussy-on-pussy; uhm-m-m, I’m getting so hot...!” one of them moaned, the other chuckling as she rose up.

“Then, let’s get real kinky, shall we?” she grinned, reaching for the tip of her, stroking it, moaning as she led it under her thighs, mercilessly inserting it into the other catgirl’s dripping nether lips.

“I’ll fuck your pussy first! You like being fucked! You want to be fucked and cum all over, you fucking slut!” she cheered, the other catgirl howling in pleasure as her cum gushed from her nether lips.

“FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! OH, F-U-U-U-U-UCK!!!” she yelled out as she laughed during her orgasm, jumping on the other catgirl, using her own tail as she humped herself against the other catgirl’s breasts, sucking on her nipples and groping her breasts.

“I’ll fuck you! You’ll be gushing out cum soon! Cum, you little pussy! Come on, cum for me!” she yelled out, the other catgirl wailing her coming orgasm out.

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeahyeahyeah! YE-E-E-ES! OH, FU-U-U-U-UCK!” she yelled out, climaxing intensely, the two catgirls lying panting on the floor from the crazy sex humping...

...All the while the two catgirls' sex game went on, Zyrah and Jisha had stood and starred in awe, their minds could hardly believe what they had just seen.

“...If I weren’t in shock right now, I’d masturbate at this...” Zyrah mumbled grinningly, one of the catgirls looking right at Jisha and Zyrah as she heard them.

“Guess what, kitty, we’ve got company...” she purred, her partner stopping in her licking, rolling over to suck on her breasts, apparently not caring.

“So, girlies...” one of them grinned, smiling as she pressed her partner’s head into her breasts; “...wanna cum play with the bad girls?”

“Uhmm, Zyrah, I know it’s tempting, but...” Jisha gestured to Zyrah as the two catgirls slowly crawled towards them; “...RU-U-U-UN!”

As Zyrah blindly followed Jisha as she ran, she heard the catgirls’ cackling and laughing as they sat themselves down, looking as Jisha and Zyrah ran as fast as they could.

“This catgirl idea’s gotta be the best we’ve ever thought up!” one of them grinned, the other licking her ear.

“You bet it, but I’m getting hungry; let’s dry up and get something to eat...” she winked, helping her partner up, the two of them discarding the rest of their outfits as they started showering.

“...Um-m-m-m...” a sudden moaning told them Zira still sat under one of the showers, apparently passed out from the hot water and excitement at the two of them.

“Someday, we’re gonna ask Yuno to make her our personal, juicy little mouse...” Shirli smiled as she took off her mask; her blue, feline eyes stood in contrast to Sharla’s purple feline eyes, but that and their hairstyles were pretty much the only difference between the two.

”I gotta say, being new here, you’re kinda inquisitive…” Julia grinned as she and Jeana snuggled together, Jeana panting in exhaustion from their romping about; Julia’s room were a right out mess of cosplay outfits, toys and underwear.

”You…you sure kept your promise of making my first time a special one…” Jeana grinned, kissing Julia again, cuddling in tighter as she felt herself as if about to fall asleep; over two hours of lovemaking would be tough for any girl, but Julia had never tried anything like it, so it was no wonder why she were so exhausted.

“Ur-r-rgh...damn, that was hot! That sure made my whole day!” Zira grinned to herself as she woke up, smiling as Shirli and Sharla had left, the two kinky PVC-catgirls having excited her greatly.

“Hmm, I can drop the guise now, I think...” Zira mumbled, her eyes glowing red as her body changed; her breasts became larger, her waist slightly thinner and her skin-tone turned tan, while her pink-red short hair became longer and blood-red.

“If they knew who I really was...” Hyracha chuckled, enjoying this little game she played with the girls; she had often considered how many of them would accept that she was a demonic mistress of seduction rather than a simple schoolgirl.

“So these little kitties serve this ‘Yuno’, huh?” Hyracha mumbled, rubbing her hands together in glee; she would be sure to pay the so-called ‘dominatrix’ a visit...

“My, my, my! Now we’re one virgin short in this dorm!” Jisha laughed as she spotted Julia and Jeana snuggling on the couch, the two of them blushing as they were caught in the act.

“Chill, girls; it’s not like I’m getting jealous...” Jisha assured as she found herself a place in another couch, looking happily at Julia and Jeana; “...but hey, let me guess: You cosplayed, you chuckled, and you came out loud?”

“Yeah, in fact we did...” Julia nodded proudly towards Jisha, Zyrah sneaking up on the two blondes, stroking a surprised Julia’s neck.

“You were good to her, right? A first time’s all about getting to know a chick’s body” Zyrah grinned, Jeana deciding to practise something she had learned from Julia; reaching for Zyrah’s head, she passionately kissed the surprised shin’saras girl, who moaned and chuckled as she kissed back.

“You owe me one, Jeana; I told you shin’sari ladies were spicy...” Julia grinned, Zyrah slowly pulling out of the kiss.

“Oh, so shin’sari girls are spicy, huh?” she gave Julia a teasing wink as she headed towards Jisha.

“Jisha, seeing those two catgirls really made me hot, and guess what...” Zyrah now unzipped her skirt, leaning over the smirking Jisha; “...I’m gonna take that out on you!”

As Jisha and Zyrah began kissing and right out humping, Jeana and Julia found themselves blushing at the scene, giggling at each other as they tried not to be caught in the mood by the now moaning Jisha and Zyrah.

“So, in theory, the whole idea behind bondage is to excite the partner’s body as well as mind even beyond ordinary techniques?” Vanessa asked, Oria, the librarian of the school, looking through a small manual Vanessa wished to borrow.

“It seems like it, but what’s the point of asking me when this manual has all the answers?” Oria smiled, Vanessa blushing.

“Uhmm, how many other articles was it I could borrow?” Vanessa asked to escape the embarrassing question.

“Twelve, including DVDs; we’ve got some new ones over there” Oria told, pointing to her right as Vanessa put the manual on the desk, heading for the DVD section.

“My wings, these new ones are...detailed, to say the least...” Vanessa blushed, going through the various titles, finally finding something that suited her, a story about a female professor falling in love with a young nurse.

“HOLY-...!” Vanessa exclaimed as she turned the DVD around, giggling nervously at the back cover; seeing the nurse in various poses and making special gestures, as well as the professor and two other nurses molesting her soon had Vanessa think this DVD might be a bit too hardcore for herself.

“You better pick soon; the next class starts in twenty minutes” Oria said behind her desk, looking through the manual Vanessa wished to borrow, chuckling lowly and amused at the various poses the girls in the manual stood in, Oria concluding that whoever had made this magazine to begin with might be a real sissy.

“Here it is, but...please be discrete, OK?” Vanessa asked, placing the DVD on the desk, Oria smiling at the albino demon.

“Vanessa, dear; it’s nothing to be embarrassed about; heck, judging by this cover it’s hardly as hardcore as the things your friends does” Oria smiled to herself, Vanessa eyeing her sceptically.

“How can a title named ‘Lez Fck #2’ not sound hardcore??” she asked, Oria shrugging.
“Hey, watch this DVD and tell me what you think; maybe I’ll watch it, myself” Oria suggested, Vanessa nodding, taking the manual and DVD, sighing as she flew out of the library.

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