Story: Tales of Darkness - School Days (chapter 4)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 4

Title: A Pleasent Rape

“Uhmm, Jeana, you know you just beat the first three levels of Perfect Dark Zero in less than ten minutes??” Jisha gasped in awe, Zyrah even forgetting about her cola as she looked from Jeana to the plasma TV screen.

“What can I say? I’m a girl gamer with moms working with software...” Jeana grinned, Vanessa amusingly swinging her tail; “’s in the blood, I think.”

“Amusing conclusion; I wouldn’t doubt if it’s true...” Vanessa nodded, impressed; “...your fingers almost fly over the controller.”

“You guys play ahead; I’m gonna go grab a bite...” Jisha said, rustling Jeana’s hair as she headed for the kitchen to the left of the room; “...I’ve got first right on the fifth level, OK?”

“Sure!” the girls yelled back as one, Jeana smirking amused as she enjoyed seeing Joanna switch her, to her mind, ugly urban wear out with her tight-sitting leather uniform; blushing, she tried with all her might not to show it as Vanessa sat down with Zyrah, grabbing a cola can on the table with her tail.

“How’d you really fit your wings in, Vanessa? I mean you can fly with them, but also sit down on a couch...?” Zyrah asked as the screen loaded, Vanessa winking at her.

“I can change their size at will, as well as the length of my tail...” Vanessa explained, sighing; “...sometimes, chilling with you guys are really just the best...”

As she slowly sank her head on Zyrah’s shoulder, Zyrah looked adoringly at the demon girl, kissing her, leading her to purr lovingly and to let Jeana let out a sound that sounded like a giggle.

“Hallo, may I come in?” a voice came from the door to the common room, Julia heading in as Jisha nodded, patting the couch as Julia sat down, whistling at Jeana.

“You’re the new girl, Jeana?” she asked, Jeana smiling and holding up her hand, Julia giving her a handshake and grinning.

“Hey Julia; where’ve you been, girl?” Zyrah asked, Julia sticking a thumb over her shoulder.

“Meh, just talking to Zira; she’s heading over for Yuno in a moment” Julia said, Vanessa looking over at the redhead Julia had pointed at; while dressed in a red leather jacket and tight skirt, Vanessa knew that Zira would drop all her clothes as soon as she entered Yuno’s dorm.

“Uhmm, hey, not to spoil or anything, but-...” Julia said, Jeana eyeing her teasingly.

“That there’s a guard up in that tower? Yeah, I know, and also in the three others...” Jeana said, moving in and laying waste to the entire courtyard of guards within the next few minutes, in which Julia took the opportunity to look all over her; seeing Julia’s interest and eager to fondle Jeana, Jisha grinned to herself, stood up and gestured Zyrah to follow her as they left to find themselves new cola cans.

“...I know what you might be thinking...” Jeana suddenly put the game on pause, Julia taking a bit aback as Jeana faced her; “...but I’m a virgin; I’d hoped to make my first time special, so please don’ know, start flirting with me...”

“Dear...take it easy, I wouldn’t...well, I would if you’d let me, but if you don’t, it’s OK” Julia assured, feeling herself dumb for even trying; were it not obvious? The way the new girl did not try and respond to her winks?
“But, uhmm...what’s your name?” Jeana asked, Julia making a mental sigh of relief.

“I’m Julia, kinda the ‘cosplay queen’ in this dorm...” Julia grinned, holding her arm behind her head, Jeana smirking at her.

“Well, what do you cosplay at?” Jeana asked, Julia blushing.

“I...I can’t tell, it’s too perverted for you...” Julia tried backing away into the couch’s end, but Jeana put the joystick on the table, leaning eagerly over Julia.

“Please; I might be a virgin, but I’ve read yuri hentai; you cosplayed as something like that?” she asked, Julia trying desperately not to look at Jeana’s form breasts sitting tightly under her uniform.

“Well, uhmm, I’ve cosplayed as some of the Rumble Roses girls, game chicks and other stuff...” Julia started, Jeana’s eyes opening wider.
“ ever tried a nurse?” she asked, Julia nodding.

“Yeah, dozens of times, both normal clothes and PVC; I don’t ge-...” Julia began, seeing Jeana blush like a firestorm, a part of Julia seizing this opportunity faster than her logic could think:

The new girl liked nurses. A lot.

“So...would you climb down from me...if I do a nurse cosplay for you...?” Julia asked, Jeana letting herself fall back over, laughing happily.

“This is so great! A cute little nurse I can see and hear!” she squealed, Julia grinning at her; she would be sure to put on a show for this little newcomer.

“Uhmm, OK, and your name were...?” Julia asked, Jeana panting out from her outburst.

“My name is Jeana” she said, Julia standing up from the couch, running to her room at the speed of an arrow; damn her, if she was not in a hurry now...

“I dunno; I think it’s cool Julia didn’t start foaming all over her” Jisha pointed out, Zyrah sighing deeply.

“OK, Jisha, read my lips...” Zyrah said; “...dyke-chicks-dig-boobs! It’s pure logic! Hell, the dorm is gonna look like a warzone once we get back!” Zyrah said, Jisha crushing her tin cola can and dropping it in a trash can as they headed down for the showers.

“So we’re all sweating it out; us at sports, Julia and Jeana on the floor...” Jisha grinned, Zyrah laughing as she followed Jisha into the showers.

“Are you ready out there?” Julia asked from her room, applying the last makeup; her outfit of PVC consisted of a white and pink dress, ultra-miniskirt, wrist-long gloves and knee-high boots with pink hearts; her pink glasses added that extra look of innocence, and her small hat finished the look.

“All ready” Jeana’s voice came, Julia looking forward to her performance; in her mind, something like a slideshow of how Jeana would fall deeply for her and let herself be ravished made the blonde grin perversely.

“OK, here I am!” Julia replied, stepping into the dorm; as soon as Jeana saw the cute nurse Julia had cosplayed at, she squealed out loud and felt her heart beat faster.

“It’s so cute! It’s adorable!” Jeana sighed happily, blushing intensely as Julia walked towards her, beginning to pose seductively.

“Of all the girls I’ve played with, you really are a cutie-pie...” Julia smiled, rustling Jeana’s hair as the blonde fell on the couch, simply being touched by Julia in that cute costume all too much for her.

“’s like one of those yuri hentai films come alive...I can’t control myself...” Jeana panted out as Julia sat on hook in front of her, Jeana spotting Julia’s nether lips almost fully bared from the thin thong she wore under her outfit.

“’s so fantastic...will you play with me? I want to feel your gloves on my breasts...” Jeana pleaded, Julia chuckling; she respected Jeana’s virginity, but who had said she could not have a little fun with her.

“The patient seems all sweaty and hot...” Julia said, licking her index finger; “...I’d suggest I turn up the heat...”

As she slowly touched Jeana’s breasts, Jeana moaned loudly although her uniform were still intact.

“C-can you rip it off me? I want to feel like I’m...I’m being ravished for real...” Jeana asked, Julia wondering about this request; to tear apart a good school uniform because of sex; no, she had a better idea.

“Now now, naughty little girl; you can always...” Julia teased, unbuttoning Jeana’s uniform; “...unbutton it, instead.

As Jeana’s uniform came off, Julia was amused and surprised when she spotted a black lace bra, not thinking the new girl to wear lingerie.

“Oh, so naughty; I really like naughty girls...” she smiled, leaning her head down to Jeana’s; “...Jeana, is it OK for me to do this? We can go to my room and continue there...”

“Please! Please hurry there; I feel like I’m doing to burst!” Jeana pleaded, Julia chuckling at her.

“I really start liking this!” Zyrah yelled over the field at Jisha, the two of them on the same team as the class played soccer; understanding this new game was easy to Zyrah, and her agility came as an advantage as she could pass the ball around easily.

“Here goes, pointy-ear!” Sidra teased as she came running, Zyrah finding it difficult to pass the goth girl.

“You’re good, but I-...” Zyrah began, but Sidra snatched the ball, shooting it to Yuno as she sped up the field.

“I’d have to be a cheetah to run that fast!” Zyrah panted, sweat falling down her like rain; it had only been ten minutes of the class, but it felt like ten hours.

“Hang in there, we’re still ahead with two goals...” Jisha came up running beside her, Zyrah following her up the field.

“Hmm, head on assault; too obvious...” Vanessa chuckled to herself as she intercepted Yuno and snatched the ball, running in the opposite direction with her tail folded around her waist and her wings flapping lightly on her back.

“I still don’t get why some girls actually thought Vanessa only could fly and not run at sports...” Jisha panted as she ran by a girl from Yuno’s team, the girl shrugging and speeding up her pace.

“So...” Julia said, the light in her room only lit by pink strawberry candles; “...what do you think of my little love-nest?”

Jeana could hardly even speak, so amazed were she; the soft song ‘She was Only a Schoolgirl’ played from Julia’s stereo, the soft music setting Jeana’s already excited mood up for lovemaking.

“Speechless, huh? Let’s see...” Julia smiled, crawling over Jeana and discarding her glasses; “’s getting hot in this suit; wanna lick me a bit?”

“YES! I...I mean yes...” Jeana corrected herself as she could not believe why she had not melted into the bed yet; as Julia lay herself down beside her, something in Jeana’s mind grew stronger and stronger until it felt like fire raged within her heart.

“J-Julia! I said my first time was supposed to be special, and this really is...” Jeana moaned, Julia looking surprised at her.

“I am your first time? Am I worthy of it?” she teased, opening a button in her dress, her breasts halfway bared.

“Yes-s-s-s-s...!” Jeana hissed out, Julia raising an eyebrow as Jeana struggled her way out of her skirt, her black lace panties slowly dripping down into Julia’s bed, Jeana desperately trying to hold her excitement in.

“It’s not healthy to hold in; come here...” Julia gestured at Jeana, the blonde leaning over her, her arms not moving away from her crotch.

“Do you want to taste me? Taste a cute, little nurse like myself?” Julia mercilessly teased Jeana.

“I, I want you! I want my first to be with you, Julia! I like all those other girls, but...but I gotta start somewhere...” Jeana grinned at herself, suddenly diving headlong into Julia’s half-bared breasts.

“Wow! Hallo there, missy!” Julia chuckled heartedly, Jeana using both hands to grope Julia’s breasts, letting her tongue all over her neck and throat.

“Julia! I, I wanna feel you looking at me!” she suddenly pulled back, discarding her bra, soaked panties and boots as she threw them to the floor, fingering herself at Julia.

“Watch me! Watch me have my orgasm while you watch! You see me? You see me, now??” Jeana pleaded, Julia grinning and sitting on hook as she watched.

“Uhmm, your pussy looks tasty; I wouldn’t mind grinding my cunt into her...” Julia chuckled, Jeana groping herself intensely, the liquid fire running in her veins and to her head not seizing for a second.

“J-Julia, I’m going to cum! I’m going to spray my happy-juice!” Jeana yelled out, Julia smiling as she lay herself down, baring herself to Jeana.

“So you want to play naughty? Oh, I can’t wait for you to fuck me...” Julia grinned, licking her lips and winking seductively at Julia; “...I sure am tasty...”

“YE-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-ES!!!” Julia yelled out as she had her orgasm, far more intense than those dark nights with nothing but her yuri hentai; this girl Julia, so erotic, so funny and so cute at the same time...

“Uhmm, I sure got all the honey you had...” Julia chuckled, licking Julia’s cum off her fingers; “...say, isn’t it time you fucked me?”

“I...I feel so weak...” Jeana panted out, Julia slowly crawling towards her.

“HAH! Always take the initiative, girl!” Jeana grinned, holding the surprised Julia’s feet in the air, eagerly slurping on her still gushing nether lips, Julia enjoying the taste and sucking intensely as she grabbed around Julia’s waist.

“NO! NO! I, I’LL CUM AGAIN! NO! NO! NO-O-O-O-O! I, I CAN’T! I’LL CU-U-U-U-UM!” Julia yelled out, having her second orgasm, Julia moaning happily as the female nectar dripped from her mouth, face and hair.

“I want more of this! I want more of your pussy, your tits and that cute smile of yours...” Julia smiled, Julia never having thought that an orgasm could be so intense, and yet she felt like she could have another within seconds.

“I’ll get back to your little clit in a moment...” Julia said, discarding her gloves, hat and dress, grinning at Julia; “ let’s have some real fun!”

Smiling weakly, Jeana moaned out loud as Julia began sucking on her breasts, her tongue handling Jeana’s most precious points so delicately.

“It’s so fantastic! I, I’m so happy!” Jeana chuckled, tears of laughing rolling from her eyelids; “...make much more love to me, Julia! I want you to take my virginity!”

“You sure? Even if, you want it with a strap-on or with the fingers?” Julia asked, Jeana leaning up and kissing Julia passionately.

“Less talk, more fuck! I’ve been living like a nun! I’ll let you have my virginity any way you want!” Jeana moaned, Julia grinning to herself that Jeana really meant it.

“OK, let me see, then...” Julia reached under her bed, finding a small plastic case.

“I haven’t even opened and tried it yet; let’s see...nice, vibrator included...” she read up, soon tearing the case’s backside open, withdrawing a double-ended dildo in meek pink and red, its shape like that of a smooth crystal in both ends.

“I don’t believe in creams, so let’s just suck it...” Julia winked, discarding the plastic case to the floor, beginning to suck on the dildo’s one end.

“I, I don’t really like sucking that thing; can’t you do it for us?” Jeana asked, Julia shrugging.

“OK, but your pussy better be extra wet!” she grinned, her drool running down both ends of the dildo.

“OK, in we go...” Julia began, sticking one end of the dildo into herself, enjoying the soft vibrations.

“Julia, d-don’t hold back; just bang me as hard as you can!” Jeana pleaded, Julia nodding as she inserted the dildo roughly, Jeana yelling to the ceiling in pleasure as both blondes began their romping.

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