Story: Tales of Darkness - School Days (chapter 3)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 3

Title: Chillin' and Gamin'

[Author's notes: WARNING: Male content, Darsa; serving as Teacher of Magical Arts.]

“Really?? You like games, too?!” a green-haired girl asked Jeana, the new girl well aware that she should be careful around these, apparent, skirt-chasers.

“Yeah, Perfect Dark Zero, especially...” Jeana said, blushing at her fascination, as well as attraction to the redhead spy, video game heroine or not.

However, her thoughts were interrupted as she saw more and more of the girls flock around here; considering her options, she stood up from the bench she had sat on, heading towards a small, grassy hill, an exhausted Zyrah panting heavily, Vanessa sitting beside her, grinning.

“Amusing; against all odds, you chase a flying being for nearly five minutes non-stop” Vanessa smirked, Zyrah suddenly jumping on her, rustling her hair, grinning as she wrestled the albino demon.

“Too many cuties following you?” Jisha asked, Jeana looking in admiration at her as Jisha strapped on elbow and knee pads, a black helmet with orange flames covering her spiky mane of red hair,
“Well...yeah, really; they just don’t give me a break...” Jeana sighed, letting herself bump unto the grassy hill; “...I can’t keep up defending my virtue, but I want my first time to be special...”

Enjoying the soft breeze and sighing heavily, Jeana closed her eyes, smiling and enjoying the weather; she could already feel her imagination producing various scenarios for her first time; in the bath, against a wall, on a couch, heck, even on the principal’s desk during lunch.

Shocked and amused as the thought passed through her mind, Jeana giggled, looking to the skies as they drove by...and the shadows of at least a half dozen girls leaning over her admiration, amusement and satisfaction.

“Hmm? HEY! Can’t I just get five minutes alone?!” Jeana asked sourly, most of the girls backing down, looking somewhat shameful; it was all in good fun to flirt with the new girl, and only a few of them wanted to carry out their desires should she decline them.

“Well, if you can’t keep your hands off the newcomer...” Zyrah suddenly said, winking at Jeana as she lay down a few meters from her, smirking at the girls; “...I guess I’ll sacrifice myself and offer some distraction.”

As Zyrah began zipping down her top, Jeana’s heart almost skipped a beat as massive, bouncing breasts fell out of Zyrah’s top, the girls instantly starting to either blush, drool, or smile at the shin’saras girl’s breasts.

“Whatcha think of these babies, girls?” Zyrah teased, rubbing her left nipple; despite the summer heat, Jeana felt as if the temperature rose surprisingly as they girls walked towards Zyrah, moaning like zombies.

“Here goes...” Zyrah laughed as she prepared herself; not five seconds later, Jeana watched as the shin’saras girl were ravished, groped and fondled by the girls; to Jeana’s further surprise, Zyrah simply grinned happily, enjoying the caring, yet desirable touches from them.

“Nah-ah! No skirts off, ladies! We’re not inside, mind you” Zyrah pointed out to a blue-haired girl about to unzip her skirt, the girl blushing and turning her attention to Zyrah’s breasts, but as they were occupied by the other girls, she went on to tickle the shin’saras girl.

“I took this one for you; remember that...” Zyrah grinned at Jeana, Zyrah enjoying herself as two other girls began sucking on her breasts, Zyrah moaning and licking her lips as she enjoyed both the pleasure and the warm sun bathing her.

“Oh my Gods...” were all Jeana could begin to speak as she saw what was practically a gangbang not three meters from her; she had read enough yuri hentai to understand from Zyrah’s gestures and reactions that she enjoyed it to the fullest.

“What the fu-U-U-U-UCK...?!” Jisha suddenly exclaimed, forgetting to catch her skateboard in midair as she got sight of the molesting of Zyrah, landing with a soft bump on hop of the hill, her skateboard falling down besides her.

“Urgh...fuck; did I break something?” Jisha mumbled to herself, Jeana blinking wildly, deciding to turn her attention towards Jisha to escape that enchanting and hauntingly erotic scene taking place next to her.

“Let me see; I know CPR...” Jeana said, walking up to Jisha, who were moaning painfully as her butt felt as if mashed.

“Oh dear; nothing serious, but I think you should give the sports a week-long pause...” Jeana said as she examined Jisha’s butt, Jisha chuckling silently in amusement.

“Geez, and I who hoped for the mouth-to-mouth thing...” she teased, Jeana helping Jisha sit up as painlessly as she could.

“Well, I kissed girls before, but it never went further...” Jeana blushed, looking Jisha in the eyes; “...I’ll kiss you if you keep it there, OK?”

“Sure” Jisha smiled, Jeana slowly leaning against Jisha, her breath smelling like mint to Jisha; as Jeana kissed her, Jisha noticed the inexperience, but the passion was there, like an ember waiting to be formed into a flame.

As Jisha kissed back, Jeana moaned weakly; in her mind, she felt she would love this school.

“Class, I understand it may be strange for you, but I hope you will understand Mr. Darsa can, under no circumstances, hurt you or by any means influence your daily lives...” the principal addressed the shocked class; a man at an all-girl school? This would be disastrous.

“Thanks for pointing my limitations out, Miss Itaki...” an echoing voice below the hood of the tall, cloak-clad creature beside the principal spoke.

“Mr. Darsa, mind removing your hood and cloak and show yourself to the class?” Itaki asked formally, Darsa nodding as he let the hood fell; despite their principal’s warning that Darsa could be frightening, some girls still screamed as the skeletal lich’s mystically glowing eyes looked over the class.

“Your fear is only logical, for liches like myself are usually associated with the greatest evils to plague the Multiverse...” Darsa began, his black and blue robe glided with gold; “...however, I am not here as an instrument of fear and corruption; I’m here to teach you of magic.”

As if to illustrate his point, Darsa snapped two bony fingers, a long, dark wooden staff with golden head and end appearing in his hand, the mystical crystal in the head shining brightly like an exact copy of his eyes.

“And I think I spot a familiar face down there...” Darsa pointed with a claw towards Vanessa, the albino demon giving Darsa a thumbs-up.

“Miss Vanessa, as you see there, is a colleague of mine, or rather was; she had fascinating theories of all sorts of magic, and even made the theory of Runic Magic Summonings...” Darsa explained, Sidra raising a hand.

“Yes?” Darsa nodded at Sidra.

“Uhmm, dude, not to provoke or anything, but mind speaking normal English? Some of us dunno what the fuck all this ‘summoning’ is, anyway...” Sidra asked, Lilli sitting on her desk, looking curiously at Darsa with its green, feline eyes.

“Ah, of course; silly me, I should know better than to throw advanced theories at you” Darsa held a claw to his forehead, sighing; “...say, is this little feline your pet of sorts?”

“That’s Lilli, bonehead, and if you hurt her-...” Sidra began threateningly, Lilli suddenly jumping from the desk, running towards Darsa, who lifted the kitten safely to the teacher’s desk.

“You see, while I was human, my insight in magic was limited; as a...well, ‘redead’, I began to understand that however short and unimportant life may seem like, it has untold mysteries and fascinating wonders...” Darsa explained, placing his staff on the teacher’s table; “...your school is but one of them, but still a good and shining example.”

As he sat down on the chair, he folded his skeletal hands, looking over the class; “I hope that however gruesome I look and whichever nightmares of death you have, I don’t qualify as another Grim Reaper.”

“Mr. Darsa?” a girl with purple hair and pink pigtails raised her hand.

“Yes?” Darsa asked.

“How can you even speak and converse without, well, a brain?” the girl asked, laughter roaring through the class, the principal giggling, as well.

“That’s a very insightful question, my girl; see, as I am practically just mystical energy, my personality, soul and powers have fused together in this form of a skeleton, making me, as a matter of fact, immortal as well as indestructible, as mystical magic can’t be destroyed; however, I cannot feel cold, hunger, thirst, or anything associated with the human body.”

As Darsa continued his first class, he made sure to tell as much of his intentions and views as possible; in the end, even the most sceptical were convinced of one thing:

Darsa were simply a teacher, and a teacher who had no other plans for them than to learn of magic.

“Here you go, newcomer! Welcome to the West Wing Dormitory!” Zyrah cheered, Jeana seeing the comfortable living room of the West Wing girls for the first time; comfortable leather chairs, heated stone tile floor, soft carpets, glass tables, oval niches in the corner walls for snuggling or secretive meetings behind the blue curtains, a large plasma TV with plenty of consoles and games lying on the floor, and right across the room to her left, were the door to the bedrooms.

“Hope it suits you living on the first floor; we’re only about twenty-five girls in here, counting you as the twenty-sixth” Vanessa informed, Jeana’s eyes flooding as she were overjoyed to see such a serene and brilliant dorm.

“Oh, she’s crying in happiness, girls...” Jisha said, Jeana’s sniffing fading away, replaced with her smile, and, to both Jisha, Zyrah and Vanessa’s surprise, she turned around, hugging each of them deeply.

“And we haven’t even shown you the bedrooms, yet...” Jisha smirked, the girls grinning at her as Jeana’s next hug lifted her from the floor.

“I still can’t believe we’ve got a skeleton teaching us magic...” Yuno mumbled to herself, Jinji moaning from her bed, angrily slamming her fists into the bed sheets.

“Will you give it a rest and fuck me?! I’m about to wet your bed!” she asked impatiently, Yuno still pondering if magic could be of any use to her; snorting, she brushed the thought aside; she had her appeal, and that was enough for herself and properly also the girls who came to her for a ‘special treatment’.

Yuno looked around; the dungeon under the school, almost as if taken out of an old temple, were bathed in light from chandeliers, torches sitting from the walls, and in that light, she saw glimpses of her amused, but stern ‘enforcers’; the ‘Harbingers’ as she had called them:

Clad in shiny leather catsuits with half their breasts bared from a loose zipper, they wore matching, police-like caps with the Heated Nights’ symbol, their military-looking leather gloves and boots adding to the appeal as the light reflected in their teal sunglasses.

Simply looking at her harbingers, Yuno felt a flame rush over her; looking at the naked Jinji, she cheered, fell upon her, the shin’idun girl’s breasts so ripe to her as the fresh watermelons they so resembled.

“AR-R-R-RGH! Hey, no-...UH-H-H-H-H!!!” Jinji exclaimed, moaning and whimpering as Yuno sucked and sucked as best she could on Jinji’s nipples, Yuno chuckling amused as she began touching herself, burrowing her latex-clad fingers into her nether lips as she pleased the ever-wet Jinji.

“You’re such a fucking slut...” Yuno grinned, burrowing her head between Jinji’s breasts...”uhmm, I love sluts...”

“’re sure that Yuno girl from the other dormitory can’t get in? I’m a little worried about that Yuno girl...” Jeana asked, surprised that her trunk and suitcases lay ready on her bed; a wooden room, Jeana lay herself down on the bed, taking off her boots and socks, feeling the warm stone floor under the thick, fuzzy blue carpet.

“Yeah, she couldn’t break in if she tried...” Zyrah said as the girls left Jeana’s room, proceeding to Zyrah’s; exactly like Jeana’s only messier, posters of Zyrah in various poses and outfits decorated the room, along with smaller pictures of what appeared to be Zyrah’s fangirls and other lucky lovers she had shared her bed with.

“Sorry about the mess; I felt like crap this morning...” Zyrah shrugged, moving over the room, the girls following.

“You got drunk or something?” Jisha grinned, Zyrah letting herself fall into bed, folding her arms under her head, crossing her legs.

“Yeah, sort of; urgh, I still remember it...” Zyrah blushed, holding a hand over her head as she smirked weakly.

“What would you have done?” Vanessa asked, Zyrah twitching as she started grinning.

“I mentally imagined Joanna Dark and one of those Elite Guard chicks from Wolfenstein sucking my pussy and tits...” Zyrah moaned, moving into a more comfortable position, lying on her stomach, moving her legs up and down as she smiled to herself; “...and holy crap, did my g-spot itch this morning...”

“You shouldn’t touch your g-spot too often, Zyrah; instead you should caress your nether lips slowly” Vanessa informed, Jisha and Jeana exchanging looks, resulting that Jeana blushed and Jisha giggled.

“Hey, I know it’s bad, but who the fuck can resist touching their clits off to this chick?” Zyrah pointed out, taking a magazine from underneath her bed, flipping through it, finally showing the girls a picture of an Elite Guard in a zipped-down leather catsuit bending over another naked Elite Guard, the facial expressions showing all signs of lust as drool also fell from the top Elite Guard’s mouth.

“You’ve got ‘Digital Dykes’ volume 4?! Where the fuck did you get that??” Jisha looked in awe, trying to snatch the magazine as Zyrah just laughed and lifted it out of reach.

“A fan gave me it after I fucked her a bit; well, I also paid for it, but hey, she had turned over to anime chicks, but I love all three” Zyrah said, placing the magazine under her pillow.

“Uhmm, what three?” Jeana asked, Zyrah smirking at her.

“Anime babes, digital hotties, and the real deal, right in front of me!” Zyrah smiled, gesturing at Vanessa and Jisha, Jisha making a silly, triumphant pose, while Vanessa simply smirked.

“Lemme see; this might be...” Julia spoke to herself, standing by her mirror and applying her makeup; she were to meet Yuno within the hour to discuss the matter about the new girl, one Julia sure would not mind getting in her net to treat for a special evening.

As she sat closer to her mirror, she heard her door creak, Lilli running in and jumping onto Julia’s bed, looking with its green eyes curiously at the blonde.

“That kitten’s not too bright running in here...” Julia mumbled, although smiling as the reflection in the mirror showed that Lilli were busy using her paws to try and catch a feather in Julia’s pillow.

“Better get this kitty back to Sidra or she’ll starting looking for her...” Julia mumbled as she finished her nails; a deep black with a sharp hint of light purple added a nice touch, as well as her personal touch:

A little, claw-like ‘J’.

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