Story: Tales of Darkness - School Days (chapter 2)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 2

Title: The New Girl

“YA-HO-O-O-O-OH!!!” Jisha yelled out in cheer, her skateboard spinning underneath her as she adjusted her helmet, having all the time of the world for it.

“JISHA, YOU’RE GONNA BREAK SOMETHING!” Kira, a girl from Jisha’s dorm yelled at her, Jisha grinning as she grabbed the skateboard again, her feet placed perfectly, rushing downwards from about twenty meters’ height from the courtyard’s skater park; landing roughly, Jisha balanced herself, rolling over a small bump, landing not two meters from Kira.

“You’re sick in the head, Jisha! I almost wet myself!” Kira scolded, Jisha simply grinning as she took off her helmet.

“Aw-w-w, you need to get a diaper?” Jisha teased, holding her skateboard under her arm; looks of splintered tree told clearly that Jisha had used it a lot.

“You’re an addict to the adrenaline, you know you??” Kira, shoke her head, sighing and smirking at Jisha; “when you one day break a leg and go to the hospital, I’ll bring flowers, at least.”

“Oh, and could you also bring some Yuri Hime? We could get great ideas while the nurse looks away...” Jisha flirted, the girls grinning as they went into the main building; after her stunts, Jisha’s stomach were beginning to growl as they headed for the cantina.

“Rook to A4, I take your queen; your turn” Yuno smirked, her green-haired opponent intensely thinking of a strategy.

“We can take a break so you can collect your thoughts...” Yuno suggested, leaning towards the girl, her breasts full visible under her skimpy outfit under her uniform; “...after all, we’ve been playing for ten whole minutes...”

“I, I’m fine, I’m all fine...” the girl began to shake her head wildly as if to regain focus as she blushed, the audience grinning at her; to the girls in the cantina, Yuno’s daily chess challenge was a great source of entertainment, and if they agreed to her rules, they could freely bet on the match’s outcome.

“Let’s see...hmmm, you’ve got brains, girl....” Yuno mumbled, stroking her chin and pondering; as she saw an opening in the girl’s defences, an idea came to her mind.

“Knight to C3” she said, moving her piece to the square she had announced, taking one of the girl’s white pawns along the way.

“She’s good” a girl from the crowd whistled, Yuno smirking and winking at her underneath her black sunglasses; if she could only find a way to lure the king into play, she could win the game easily.

“Urgh, my Gods! If I see another mathematics test today, I’ll start fainting!” Zyrah complained, her head landing on her table softly, Vanessa smiling at her.

“Easy, Zyrah; it’s just a simple-...” she began, Zyrah raising her head and looking sourly at her.
“Don’t start on that, miss; it’s not me who’s got an IQ of 180...” she moaned sourly, the other girls at the table grinning at her.

“Hey, I’m a sexy rock star, not a schoolgirl...urgh, what was I thinking I could go over school again??” Zyrah rustled her hair, Vanessa raising an eyebrow.

“Why, it’s obvious, isn’t it?” Vanessa said, Zyrah looking up; “’s because you are attracted to the ‘innocence’ the whole ‘schoolgirl’ theme all around you, and according to the moaning I hear you make at night, you really like the idea of having a schoolgirl’s tongue licking you lab-...”
“YA-A-A-ARGH! YOU TALK TOO MUCH, VANESSA!” Zyrah yelled out in frustration, Vanessa taking flight as Zyrah chased the albino demon over the cantina, trying to catch her tail as she soared outside into the gardens.

“Zyrah’s sure moody this morning” Jisha looked over her shoulder at the angry shin’saras girl, Kari and herself helping themselves to two seats at the nearest table.

“Vanessa just doesn’t know when she’s getting too personal; I mean, she’s right and all, but-...” Kari began, Jisha giggling at her.

“Are you that little schoolgirl Zyrah apparently moans about at night?” Jisha teased, Kari’s blushing giving away the answer already.

“N-none of your business!” Kari meekly tried and defend herself, Jisha patting her shoulder.
“Listen, Kari; it’s an all-girls’ school for lesbians, and since we both are, it’s no sin if, heck, if you’ve slept with Jinji, even...” Jisha pointed out, surprised as Kari smiled weakly.

“Oh you didn’t...or did you??” Jisha began in amazement, Kari shyly nodding, Jisha grinning happily at her.

“Another one hits the sheets! Tell me, what did she convince you with?” Jisha asked, Kari folding her arms in embarrassment.

“She...she came in during swimming and said my new swimsuit was cute...and then, after class, she stayed back with me, and...” Kari began, moaning in embarrassment as Jisha grinned at her.

“Oh, you went down and wet? I don’t blame you; she’s hot, for sure...” Jisha rustled Kari’s hair, cheering her slightly up.

“Hey, you knew we get a new student today? She’s already arrived according to Shaere...” Kira asked, Jisha raising her eyebrows in surprise.

“Really?? Crap, don’t go telling it to Yuno; she’ll have that poor girl tied up for bondage before she’s through her first day...” Jisha sighed; while she admired the kinky dominatrix-in-disguise, she felt that the new girl should at least get a fair warning that some girls at St. Allisia could be right out sexual predators.

“Sure I won’t! I’d rather-...” Kira assured, interrupted as muttering fell over the cantina; in the door stood their principal, a woman with short, lavender hair and gray eyes like a hawk.

“Girls, since she arrived during lunch, I’ll skip the introduction during class and present your new classmate right away” the principal said, stepping aside; a long gasp went through the whole cantina:

The new girl had dark skin, long, white-blonde hair falling over her green eyes, and her cute smile made her look so adoringly sweet that Jisha felt her heart leap to her threat.

“Uhmm, hallo, I’m Jeana, and I’m kinda new to these kinds of schools, so...yeah, I hope to get to know you all quite well!” Jeana said, walking towards Jisha and Kira, both of them feeling sweat drip down from their foreheads.

“Uhmm, can I sit here?” Jeana asked, Jisha’s head almost automatically nodding.

“Thanks” Jeana smiled, sitting down.

“Now girls, class is about to begin in two hours; enjoy your lunch break” the principal said, winking as she turned on her heel and left.

“Well, what’s your name, Miss...?” Jeana asked, Jisha perplexed as she found out Jeana were talking to her.
“OH! Uhmm, I’m Jisha, Jisha Narra-Jar” she said, Jeana looking happily at her.

“Oh, I remember you, now! You’re that girl with lesbian parents, right?” Jeana asked eagerly, Jisha taken aback by the question.

“Uhmm, yeah; my moms are kinda into the whole ‘lez fuck ‘till dawn’ thing, so they gave birth to me using magic and sex...” Jisha answered automatically, scared as she saw Jeana’s face turn into a grin.

“My mothers are also a lesbian couple; they work with computer engineering, but they aren’t home so much...” Jeana said, looking at Kira; “...and who are you, Miss...?”

“I’m Kira, captain of the soccer ball team” Kira said, feeling herself proud that she, in difference of Jisha, actually accomplished anything during sports other than defying gravity.

“Uhmm, Jeana, just you know...” Jisha pointed out, whispering in Jeana’s ear; “...I know it seems harmless, but I thought you should know: Some girls here are a little more than happy to see a new girl.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?” Jeana asked, Kira chuckling under her breath as Jisha had difficulty in explaining to Jeana what she meant.

“Uhmm...uhmm...c-can I be blunt about it?” Jisha asked, Jeana grinning at her.

“Of course, silly! I’m 18 years old, please!” Jeana smiled, Jisha breathing in deep.

“See Yuno over there, the girl playing chess?” Jisha nudged her head, Jeana spotting Yuno...and her latex boot sticking out under her skirt.

“Oh! She’s a dominatrix??” Jeana asked, Jisha looking confused at her.

“How did you know about dominatrices??” Jisha asked, Jeana blushing slightly.

“Well, I read yuri hentai sometimes, and-...” Jeana began, only to laugh out loud as both Kira and Jisha’s jaws practically popped open.

“There goes their thoughts of you as a little, innocent virgin...” someone now said behind Jeana; as she span around, she looked right into the eyes of...

“Oh, tha-that’s Sidra” Jisha mumbled, Jeana looking in awe and slight fear at Sidra; her dark makeup and uniform gave her a gothic appearance, but her menacing appearance cracked as she giggled at Jeana.

“Ah, don’t try and think I’m all emo and worshipping death and all that crap...” Sidra grinned, patting Jeana’s shoulder; “...welcome to St. Allisia, Jeana.”

“Thanks, Sidra; uhmm, is that ‘Yuno’ over there really-...?” Jeana pointed shyly, Sidra nodding and chuckling lowly.

“Yep, she’s a domme, and a damn funny one; not one week after I got here and I were under her charms...” Sidra sighed, smiling to herself; “...good times, good times...”

“Aren’t you still that? I heard she’s got a leather catsuit with your nametag in it...” Jisha teased, Sidra blushing at her.

“Shut it! It’s, it’s properly just a memory...fuck, who am I kidding? Yeah, she bangs, I bang, we bang each other every Friday, OK??” Sidra mumbled, Jeana looking at all three of the girls, tears forming in her eyes.

“It’s so beautiful...” she sniffed, Kira, Jisha and Sidra looking perplexed as Jeana silently cried; “...that girls share their love for other girls...this is why I always wet my yuri magazines...”

“Aw-w-w-w...” Jisha looked sweetly at Jeana, sighing happily; this new girl was really something unique.

“Jinji, come here a second...” Yuno gestured, having won the chess match and now alone with the shin’idun girl.

“Wassup, mistress?” Jinji asked, her opened uniform revealing her tight, white bra, her breasts constantly threatening to fall out.

“Listen, I know our policy about flirting and teasing the new chicks, but this one’s special...” Yuno looked under her shoulder at Jeana and the girls around her; “...we’ll give her a two weeks’ breather before we move in...”

“Aw-w-w, I wanted her to lick my tits no-...” Jinji began, Yuno’s sudden grab on her right breast making Jinji let out a longing moan.

“Look here, you nympho; if you can keep your cunt dry for just a few minutes...” Yuno sighed, smirking at Jinji; “...we can go play at the pools; no-one’s there right now...”

“Mistress, you’re the best!” Jinji chuckled, the two of them standing up, Yuno flipping a coin over her shoulder to land on their table; as it fell, a golden Ara lay waiting as tip for the girls that cleaned the cantina.

“So you think the other girls will try and seduce me?” Jeana asked, never having been so admired before by so many new girls; as Jisha nodded, Kira were heading out into the gardens, hoping to find some flowers to decorate her room with.

“Yep, and if you really know, a virgin, they’ll be kinda like starving dogs to a bone...” Jisha explained, Jeana looking a bit scared.

“There...there hasn’t been any raping around here, has there?” she asked, Sidra raising an eyebrow.

“Well, Yuno and I pretty much are the only ones that has raped each other, but fuck; I wanted her to, she it’s no real ‘raping’; I’m just kinky that way” Sidra grinned, a distant meowing reaching the girls’ ears.

“lilli! Oh, you naughty little kitty!” Sidra grinned as a small, black kitten came running towards her from the door to the cantina; as it stopped up, it began encircling Sidra’s boot, meowing lovingly.

“Isn’t she adorable??” Sidra grinned, Jisha smirking as she stroke Lilli’s warm, soft fur; as Jeana reached her hand down, the kitten began sniffing at her fingers, playfully gnawing at them.

“I didn’t think pets were allowed at school” Jeana said, Sidra blushing, Jisha grinning, seizing the opportunity to make a little fun of Sidra.

“Sidra’s got special permission ‘cause she fucked the head member of the student council...” Jisha grinned; “...this goth chick’s got a love for blondes, so keep to bright areas, Jeana.”

“Hahahah; very funny...” Sidra said sarcastically, picking up Lilli and heading towards the door; in the doorway she turned around, teasingly sticking her tongue out at Jisha.

“If you wanna see my room, better keep up” Sidra grinned, Lilli meowing a last time before she and her mistress went out the door.

“I’d like to see how she lives, how you all live here...” Jeana smiled, sending Jisha an adventurous look; “...should we follow?”

“New students first” Jisha smirked, following Jeana and Sidra as they went down the southern corridor from the cantina.

“Your recommendations seem in order, but I wonder how your...conditions might scare my students, Mr. Darsa” the principal sceptically asked, the lich understanding her concern.

“I can assure you that at the slightest sign of discomfort, I shall take my leave from the school for the better of the girls...” Darsa assured, his glowing, blue eyes looking at his skeletal hand as he tightened his grip on his golden staff; “...I simply wish to let others benefit from my wisdom.”

“Quite a noble move for-...” the principal began, Darsa letting out a noise that sounded like a slight chuckle; “...for someone so undead?”

“I am pleased you take your condition so lightly, Mr. Darsa...” the principal said, standing up, offering a handshake that Darsa gratefully took in his skeletal hand; “...if you would excuse me, I will go and inform the students that a teacher for Magical Arts has been found.”

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