Story: Tales of Darkness - School Days (chapter 1)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1


[Author's notes: A list of the characters in ToD: SD.

NOTE: 'O' = Original.]

Although older than most of the girls in her dorm, Vanessa is a genius alchemist, giving her a huge advantage at studies; she is known to simply yawn, grin a bit, and go through the books and tasks she is given, solving them all within the hour, which is not too strange considering her IQ to be over 180.

Friendly by nature, Vanessa is much respected by the girls at the school, some of them openly flirting with her; however, her inexperience for lovemaking is obvious, but she is a keen learner of both romantic and erotic arts, even reading Shoujo-ai high school romances like Shoujo Sect at night.

As the daughter of Shica Narra-Jar and Jiraz Blackwhip, Jisha is a sporty, charming and free-spirited girl, enjoying skateboarding, swimming, sports, and seducing her classmates; seeing it as a good way to live up to her mothers’ legacy, she still feels she has a lot to learn about seduction, and, just as important, school is all about study, and seeing herself as a bright student, Jisha will do a lot to learn more.

A superstar in nearly all of Varran’s multiverses, Zyrah Stardust is used to luxurious hotels, the best of food and swooning fangirls keeping her busy at night.

However, seeing it as good fun, she travelled to St. Allisia to see the girls studying there, the astral pocket the perfect place to hide from her fans’ preying eyes; while seen as a student at the school, Zyrah still wears her trademark leather outfit fashioned by herself, leaving many of the girls at the school sending her flirty whistles, which she enjoys with a giggle.

Quite unspoiled, Zyrah is helpful, friendly and cheerful, cracking jokes and enjoying her ‘schoolgirl life’ to the fullest; however, being a rock star, she has begun to have quite some fans at the school, many of them both admiring and desiring her.

An exotic and very ravishing girl, Jeana, or ‘the Cutie’ as the girls from her dorm calls her, is friendly, helpful, and slightly shy; she is almost obsessive with finishing her studies on schedule, almost always receiving A+ for her efforts.

She is also a skilled gamer, often using her spare time playing console games in her dormitory.

Although she is loved by the other girls, she is also a virgin, and seeing that that is almost comical at St. Allisia, many girls try and lure her to their bedroom; naive, it may just be a matter of time before Jeana falls prey to her alluring classmates...

Although dressing in black and wearing dark makeup, Sidra is a friendly and encouraging goth girl, and quite creative when it comes to lovemaking; girls who have spent their nights with her claims that ‘things never gets dull’, mainly because of Sidra’s kinky joking, encouragement and love for leather.

Sidra, however, can be quite manipulative, an example being that she went to the student council, hoping for permission to have a cat in her dorm; ‘convincing’ the head of the council, Sidra joyfully bought herself a black kitten called Lilli, the cat’s favourite play-toy a small white feather.

A born dominatrix, Yuno is proud, seductive to say the least, and, weirdly enough, deeply interested in chess; as she keeps a sharp line between her studies and her free time, she operates a ‘secretive underground’ of the school named Heated Nights, where she ‘trains’ the older girls to be her slaves, although it is all in good fun, even for her ‘victims’ as they romp around; however, Yuno never takes off her latex outfit unless heading to the showers or taking part in gym classes, hiding it under her uniform, openly declaring no authorities can bend her will; fortunately for her, since no complaints have ever been made, she can freely wear her outfit, priding herself of her large breasts.

Somewhat of an esteemed icon at St. Allisia, Shirli and Sharla’s intense love for catgirls led them to create something unique for the school: Two PVC-clad ‘catgirls’, seeing as they are good at sports, running about at night, questing to fulfil their goal set by their mistress, Yuno: To spy on the girls at the school and ‘test their stamina’.

Playful and kinky, Shirli and Sharla has no greater love than to teach the girls how to have fun during sex; in their case, to play with themselves and gesturing their prey closer, springing the trap, and divide their areas of interest; while Shirli loves to lick a girl’s labia, Sharla prefer groping her prey.

In truth, those two frisky felines are loved all over the school, especially Saturday nights, where they perform strip shows in their dorm for anyone invited; they will go as far as to submerge themselves in mud, slowly stripping each other and climaxing intensely, all the while watched by moaning fangirls.

Ravishing and gorgeous, the mysterious ‘Zira’ has an almost unnatural and extraordinary charm about her, even at a school for humane as well as inhumane girls; there is something powerful about this pink-haired girl...

Zira is a divine lover of thigh-high boots, latex and unbridled all-girl gangbangs, once succeeding in drinking the girls in her dorm under the table; her fetish for passionate orgies of naked girls all around her often sets this redhead in a state where she will do anything to please; she often enjoys playing with Shirli and Sharla, a thing they all three enjoy.

As the oldest girl at the school, Oria is the librarian and one of the most well-respected staff members; she is calm, collected and highly spiritual, and also works as the school psychiatrist.

As her body is covered in glowing, silvery tattoos, they are a reward from her mother for her great skills and knowledge of medical science, as she has taken many degrees with brilliance; also taking top-grade tests and a multitude of legal permissions at St. Allisia’s All-Girls Boarding School, Oria has invented a drug named ‘Springcaller’, which makes the consumer into a highly active seductress and guarantees near unlimited stamina under the bed sheets; a sort of sex drug.

Without side-effects or mishaps, almost every girl at St. Allisia has a small vial of the drug for special occasions, given freely by Oria if said girl’s reason for needing the drug sounds fair to her.

Sympatric and in tune with the natural world, Oria is also a figure of trust, care and the beautiful things a mind can hide, although Oria has, from time to time, also asked her patients about their sexual fantasies, asking their reasons for that exact fetish; she is not above fooling around with the girls, although she prefers a more easy pace than most at St. Allisia.

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