Story: Tales of Darkness - School Days (all chapters)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1


[Author's notes: A list of the characters in ToD: SD.

NOTE: 'O' = Original.]

Although older than most of the girls in her dorm, Vanessa is a genius alchemist, giving her a huge advantage at studies; she is known to simply yawn, grin a bit, and go through the books and tasks she is given, solving them all within the hour, which is not too strange considering her IQ to be over 180.

Friendly by nature, Vanessa is much respected by the girls at the school, some of them openly flirting with her; however, her inexperience for lovemaking is obvious, but she is a keen learner of both romantic and erotic arts, even reading Shoujo-ai high school romances like Shoujo Sect at night.

As the daughter of Shica Narra-Jar and Jiraz Blackwhip, Jisha is a sporty, charming and free-spirited girl, enjoying skateboarding, swimming, sports, and seducing her classmates; seeing it as a good way to live up to her mothers’ legacy, she still feels she has a lot to learn about seduction, and, just as important, school is all about study, and seeing herself as a bright student, Jisha will do a lot to learn more.

A superstar in nearly all of Varran’s multiverses, Zyrah Stardust is used to luxurious hotels, the best of food and swooning fangirls keeping her busy at night.

However, seeing it as good fun, she travelled to St. Allisia to see the girls studying there, the astral pocket the perfect place to hide from her fans’ preying eyes; while seen as a student at the school, Zyrah still wears her trademark leather outfit fashioned by herself, leaving many of the girls at the school sending her flirty whistles, which she enjoys with a giggle.

Quite unspoiled, Zyrah is helpful, friendly and cheerful, cracking jokes and enjoying her ‘schoolgirl life’ to the fullest; however, being a rock star, she has begun to have quite some fans at the school, many of them both admiring and desiring her.

An exotic and very ravishing girl, Jeana, or ‘the Cutie’ as the girls from her dorm calls her, is friendly, helpful, and slightly shy; she is almost obsessive with finishing her studies on schedule, almost always receiving A+ for her efforts.

She is also a skilled gamer, often using her spare time playing console games in her dormitory.

Although she is loved by the other girls, she is also a virgin, and seeing that that is almost comical at St. Allisia, many girls try and lure her to their bedroom; naive, it may just be a matter of time before Jeana falls prey to her alluring classmates...

Although dressing in black and wearing dark makeup, Sidra is a friendly and encouraging goth girl, and quite creative when it comes to lovemaking; girls who have spent their nights with her claims that ‘things never gets dull’, mainly because of Sidra’s kinky joking, encouragement and love for leather.

Sidra, however, can be quite manipulative, an example being that she went to the student council, hoping for permission to have a cat in her dorm; ‘convincing’ the head of the council, Sidra joyfully bought herself a black kitten called Lilli, the cat’s favourite play-toy a small white feather.

A born dominatrix, Yuno is proud, seductive to say the least, and, weirdly enough, deeply interested in chess; as she keeps a sharp line between her studies and her free time, she operates a ‘secretive underground’ of the school named Heated Nights, where she ‘trains’ the older girls to be her slaves, although it is all in good fun, even for her ‘victims’ as they romp around; however, Yuno never takes off her latex outfit unless heading to the showers or taking part in gym classes, hiding it under her uniform, openly declaring no authorities can bend her will; fortunately for her, since no complaints have ever been made, she can freely wear her outfit, priding herself of her large breasts.

Somewhat of an esteemed icon at St. Allisia, Shirli and Sharla’s intense love for catgirls led them to create something unique for the school: Two PVC-clad ‘catgirls’, seeing as they are good at sports, running about at night, questing to fulfil their goal set by their mistress, Yuno: To spy on the girls at the school and ‘test their stamina’.

Playful and kinky, Shirli and Sharla has no greater love than to teach the girls how to have fun during sex; in their case, to play with themselves and gesturing their prey closer, springing the trap, and divide their areas of interest; while Shirli loves to lick a girl’s labia, Sharla prefer groping her prey.

In truth, those two frisky felines are loved all over the school, especially Saturday nights, where they perform strip shows in their dorm for anyone invited; they will go as far as to submerge themselves in mud, slowly stripping each other and climaxing intensely, all the while watched by moaning fangirls.

Ravishing and gorgeous, the mysterious ‘Zira’ has an almost unnatural and extraordinary charm about her, even at a school for humane as well as inhumane girls; there is something powerful about this pink-haired girl...

Zira is a divine lover of thigh-high boots, latex and unbridled all-girl gangbangs, once succeeding in drinking the girls in her dorm under the table; her fetish for passionate orgies of naked girls all around her often sets this redhead in a state where she will do anything to please; she often enjoys playing with Shirli and Sharla, a thing they all three enjoy.

As the oldest girl at the school, Oria is the librarian and one of the most well-respected staff members; she is calm, collected and highly spiritual, and also works as the school psychiatrist.

As her body is covered in glowing, silvery tattoos, they are a reward from her mother for her great skills and knowledge of medical science, as she has taken many degrees with brilliance; also taking top-grade tests and a multitude of legal permissions at St. Allisia’s All-Girls Boarding School, Oria has invented a drug named ‘Springcaller’, which makes the consumer into a highly active seductress and guarantees near unlimited stamina under the bed sheets; a sort of sex drug.

Without side-effects or mishaps, almost every girl at St. Allisia has a small vial of the drug for special occasions, given freely by Oria if said girl’s reason for needing the drug sounds fair to her.

Sympatric and in tune with the natural world, Oria is also a figure of trust, care and the beautiful things a mind can hide, although Oria has, from time to time, also asked her patients about their sexual fantasies, asking their reasons for that exact fetish; she is not above fooling around with the girls, although she prefers a more easy pace than most at St. Allisia.

Chapter 2

Title: The New Girl

“YA-HO-O-O-O-OH!!!” Jisha yelled out in cheer, her skateboard spinning underneath her as she adjusted her helmet, having all the time of the world for it.

“JISHA, YOU’RE GONNA BREAK SOMETHING!” Kira, a girl from Jisha’s dorm yelled at her, Jisha grinning as she grabbed the skateboard again, her feet placed perfectly, rushing downwards from about twenty meters’ height from the courtyard’s skater park; landing roughly, Jisha balanced herself, rolling over a small bump, landing not two meters from Kira.

“You’re sick in the head, Jisha! I almost wet myself!” Kira scolded, Jisha simply grinning as she took off her helmet.

“Aw-w-w, you need to get a diaper?” Jisha teased, holding her skateboard under her arm; looks of splintered tree told clearly that Jisha had used it a lot.

“You’re an addict to the adrenaline, you know you??” Kira, shoke her head, sighing and smirking at Jisha; “when you one day break a leg and go to the hospital, I’ll bring flowers, at least.”

“Oh, and could you also bring some Yuri Hime? We could get great ideas while the nurse looks away...” Jisha flirted, the girls grinning as they went into the main building; after her stunts, Jisha’s stomach were beginning to growl as they headed for the cantina.

“Rook to A4, I take your queen; your turn” Yuno smirked, her green-haired opponent intensely thinking of a strategy.

“We can take a break so you can collect your thoughts...” Yuno suggested, leaning towards the girl, her breasts full visible under her skimpy outfit under her uniform; “...after all, we’ve been playing for ten whole minutes...”

“I, I’m fine, I’m all fine...” the girl began to shake her head wildly as if to regain focus as she blushed, the audience grinning at her; to the girls in the cantina, Yuno’s daily chess challenge was a great source of entertainment, and if they agreed to her rules, they could freely bet on the match’s outcome.

“Let’s see...hmmm, you’ve got brains, girl....” Yuno mumbled, stroking her chin and pondering; as she saw an opening in the girl’s defences, an idea came to her mind.

“Knight to C3” she said, moving her piece to the square she had announced, taking one of the girl’s white pawns along the way.

“She’s good” a girl from the crowd whistled, Yuno smirking and winking at her underneath her black sunglasses; if she could only find a way to lure the king into play, she could win the game easily.

“Urgh, my Gods! If I see another mathematics test today, I’ll start fainting!” Zyrah complained, her head landing on her table softly, Vanessa smiling at her.

“Easy, Zyrah; it’s just a simple-...” she began, Zyrah raising her head and looking sourly at her.
“Don’t start on that, miss; it’s not me who’s got an IQ of 180...” she moaned sourly, the other girls at the table grinning at her.

“Hey, I’m a sexy rock star, not a schoolgirl...urgh, what was I thinking I could go over school again??” Zyrah rustled her hair, Vanessa raising an eyebrow.

“Why, it’s obvious, isn’t it?” Vanessa said, Zyrah looking up; “’s because you are attracted to the ‘innocence’ the whole ‘schoolgirl’ theme all around you, and according to the moaning I hear you make at night, you really like the idea of having a schoolgirl’s tongue licking you lab-...”
“YA-A-A-ARGH! YOU TALK TOO MUCH, VANESSA!” Zyrah yelled out in frustration, Vanessa taking flight as Zyrah chased the albino demon over the cantina, trying to catch her tail as she soared outside into the gardens.

“Zyrah’s sure moody this morning” Jisha looked over her shoulder at the angry shin’saras girl, Kari and herself helping themselves to two seats at the nearest table.

“Vanessa just doesn’t know when she’s getting too personal; I mean, she’s right and all, but-...” Kari began, Jisha giggling at her.

“Are you that little schoolgirl Zyrah apparently moans about at night?” Jisha teased, Kari’s blushing giving away the answer already.

“N-none of your business!” Kari meekly tried and defend herself, Jisha patting her shoulder.
“Listen, Kari; it’s an all-girls’ school for lesbians, and since we both are, it’s no sin if, heck, if you’ve slept with Jinji, even...” Jisha pointed out, surprised as Kari smiled weakly.

“Oh you didn’t...or did you??” Jisha began in amazement, Kari shyly nodding, Jisha grinning happily at her.

“Another one hits the sheets! Tell me, what did she convince you with?” Jisha asked, Kari folding her arms in embarrassment.

“She...she came in during swimming and said my new swimsuit was cute...and then, after class, she stayed back with me, and...” Kari began, moaning in embarrassment as Jisha grinned at her.

“Oh, you went down and wet? I don’t blame you; she’s hot, for sure...” Jisha rustled Kari’s hair, cheering her slightly up.

“Hey, you knew we get a new student today? She’s already arrived according to Shaere...” Kira asked, Jisha raising her eyebrows in surprise.

“Really?? Crap, don’t go telling it to Yuno; she’ll have that poor girl tied up for bondage before she’s through her first day...” Jisha sighed; while she admired the kinky dominatrix-in-disguise, she felt that the new girl should at least get a fair warning that some girls at St. Allisia could be right out sexual predators.

“Sure I won’t! I’d rather-...” Kira assured, interrupted as muttering fell over the cantina; in the door stood their principal, a woman with short, lavender hair and gray eyes like a hawk.

“Girls, since she arrived during lunch, I’ll skip the introduction during class and present your new classmate right away” the principal said, stepping aside; a long gasp went through the whole cantina:

The new girl had dark skin, long, white-blonde hair falling over her green eyes, and her cute smile made her look so adoringly sweet that Jisha felt her heart leap to her threat.

“Uhmm, hallo, I’m Jeana, and I’m kinda new to these kinds of schools, so...yeah, I hope to get to know you all quite well!” Jeana said, walking towards Jisha and Kira, both of them feeling sweat drip down from their foreheads.

“Uhmm, can I sit here?” Jeana asked, Jisha’s head almost automatically nodding.

“Thanks” Jeana smiled, sitting down.

“Now girls, class is about to begin in two hours; enjoy your lunch break” the principal said, winking as she turned on her heel and left.

“Well, what’s your name, Miss...?” Jeana asked, Jisha perplexed as she found out Jeana were talking to her.
“OH! Uhmm, I’m Jisha, Jisha Narra-Jar” she said, Jeana looking happily at her.

“Oh, I remember you, now! You’re that girl with lesbian parents, right?” Jeana asked eagerly, Jisha taken aback by the question.

“Uhmm, yeah; my moms are kinda into the whole ‘lez fuck ‘till dawn’ thing, so they gave birth to me using magic and sex...” Jisha answered automatically, scared as she saw Jeana’s face turn into a grin.

“My mothers are also a lesbian couple; they work with computer engineering, but they aren’t home so much...” Jeana said, looking at Kira; “...and who are you, Miss...?”

“I’m Kira, captain of the soccer ball team” Kira said, feeling herself proud that she, in difference of Jisha, actually accomplished anything during sports other than defying gravity.

“Uhmm, Jeana, just you know...” Jisha pointed out, whispering in Jeana’s ear; “...I know it seems harmless, but I thought you should know: Some girls here are a little more than happy to see a new girl.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?” Jeana asked, Kira chuckling under her breath as Jisha had difficulty in explaining to Jeana what she meant.

“Uhmm...uhmm...c-can I be blunt about it?” Jisha asked, Jeana grinning at her.

“Of course, silly! I’m 18 years old, please!” Jeana smiled, Jisha breathing in deep.

“See Yuno over there, the girl playing chess?” Jisha nudged her head, Jeana spotting Yuno...and her latex boot sticking out under her skirt.

“Oh! She’s a dominatrix??” Jeana asked, Jisha looking confused at her.

“How did you know about dominatrices??” Jisha asked, Jeana blushing slightly.

“Well, I read yuri hentai sometimes, and-...” Jeana began, only to laugh out loud as both Kira and Jisha’s jaws practically popped open.

“There goes their thoughts of you as a little, innocent virgin...” someone now said behind Jeana; as she span around, she looked right into the eyes of...

“Oh, tha-that’s Sidra” Jisha mumbled, Jeana looking in awe and slight fear at Sidra; her dark makeup and uniform gave her a gothic appearance, but her menacing appearance cracked as she giggled at Jeana.

“Ah, don’t try and think I’m all emo and worshipping death and all that crap...” Sidra grinned, patting Jeana’s shoulder; “...welcome to St. Allisia, Jeana.”

“Thanks, Sidra; uhmm, is that ‘Yuno’ over there really-...?” Jeana pointed shyly, Sidra nodding and chuckling lowly.

“Yep, she’s a domme, and a damn funny one; not one week after I got here and I were under her charms...” Sidra sighed, smiling to herself; “...good times, good times...”

“Aren’t you still that? I heard she’s got a leather catsuit with your nametag in it...” Jisha teased, Sidra blushing at her.

“Shut it! It’s, it’s properly just a memory...fuck, who am I kidding? Yeah, she bangs, I bang, we bang each other every Friday, OK??” Sidra mumbled, Jeana looking at all three of the girls, tears forming in her eyes.

“It’s so beautiful...” she sniffed, Kira, Jisha and Sidra looking perplexed as Jeana silently cried; “...that girls share their love for other girls...this is why I always wet my yuri magazines...”

“Aw-w-w-w...” Jisha looked sweetly at Jeana, sighing happily; this new girl was really something unique.

“Jinji, come here a second...” Yuno gestured, having won the chess match and now alone with the shin’idun girl.

“Wassup, mistress?” Jinji asked, her opened uniform revealing her tight, white bra, her breasts constantly threatening to fall out.

“Listen, I know our policy about flirting and teasing the new chicks, but this one’s special...” Yuno looked under her shoulder at Jeana and the girls around her; “...we’ll give her a two weeks’ breather before we move in...”

“Aw-w-w, I wanted her to lick my tits no-...” Jinji began, Yuno’s sudden grab on her right breast making Jinji let out a longing moan.

“Look here, you nympho; if you can keep your cunt dry for just a few minutes...” Yuno sighed, smirking at Jinji; “...we can go play at the pools; no-one’s there right now...”

“Mistress, you’re the best!” Jinji chuckled, the two of them standing up, Yuno flipping a coin over her shoulder to land on their table; as it fell, a golden Ara lay waiting as tip for the girls that cleaned the cantina.

“So you think the other girls will try and seduce me?” Jeana asked, never having been so admired before by so many new girls; as Jisha nodded, Kira were heading out into the gardens, hoping to find some flowers to decorate her room with.

“Yep, and if you really know, a virgin, they’ll be kinda like starving dogs to a bone...” Jisha explained, Jeana looking a bit scared.

“There...there hasn’t been any raping around here, has there?” she asked, Sidra raising an eyebrow.

“Well, Yuno and I pretty much are the only ones that has raped each other, but fuck; I wanted her to, she it’s no real ‘raping’; I’m just kinky that way” Sidra grinned, a distant meowing reaching the girls’ ears.

“lilli! Oh, you naughty little kitty!” Sidra grinned as a small, black kitten came running towards her from the door to the cantina; as it stopped up, it began encircling Sidra’s boot, meowing lovingly.

“Isn’t she adorable??” Sidra grinned, Jisha smirking as she stroke Lilli’s warm, soft fur; as Jeana reached her hand down, the kitten began sniffing at her fingers, playfully gnawing at them.

“I didn’t think pets were allowed at school” Jeana said, Sidra blushing, Jisha grinning, seizing the opportunity to make a little fun of Sidra.

“Sidra’s got special permission ‘cause she fucked the head member of the student council...” Jisha grinned; “...this goth chick’s got a love for blondes, so keep to bright areas, Jeana.”

“Hahahah; very funny...” Sidra said sarcastically, picking up Lilli and heading towards the door; in the doorway she turned around, teasingly sticking her tongue out at Jisha.

“If you wanna see my room, better keep up” Sidra grinned, Lilli meowing a last time before she and her mistress went out the door.

“I’d like to see how she lives, how you all live here...” Jeana smiled, sending Jisha an adventurous look; “...should we follow?”

“New students first” Jisha smirked, following Jeana and Sidra as they went down the southern corridor from the cantina.

“Your recommendations seem in order, but I wonder how your...conditions might scare my students, Mr. Darsa” the principal sceptically asked, the lich understanding her concern.

“I can assure you that at the slightest sign of discomfort, I shall take my leave from the school for the better of the girls...” Darsa assured, his glowing, blue eyes looking at his skeletal hand as he tightened his grip on his golden staff; “...I simply wish to let others benefit from my wisdom.”

“Quite a noble move for-...” the principal began, Darsa letting out a noise that sounded like a slight chuckle; “...for someone so undead?”

“I am pleased you take your condition so lightly, Mr. Darsa...” the principal said, standing up, offering a handshake that Darsa gratefully took in his skeletal hand; “...if you would excuse me, I will go and inform the students that a teacher for Magical Arts has been found.”

[End notes: All future and current video game, anime and other non-ToD material is CR by their individual owners and not me.]

Chapter 3

Title: Chillin' and Gamin'

[Author's notes: WARNING: Male content, Darsa; serving as Teacher of Magical Arts.]

“Really?? You like games, too?!” a green-haired girl asked Jeana, the new girl well aware that she should be careful around these, apparent, skirt-chasers.

“Yeah, Perfect Dark Zero, especially...” Jeana said, blushing at her fascination, as well as attraction to the redhead spy, video game heroine or not.

However, her thoughts were interrupted as she saw more and more of the girls flock around here; considering her options, she stood up from the bench she had sat on, heading towards a small, grassy hill, an exhausted Zyrah panting heavily, Vanessa sitting beside her, grinning.

“Amusing; against all odds, you chase a flying being for nearly five minutes non-stop” Vanessa smirked, Zyrah suddenly jumping on her, rustling her hair, grinning as she wrestled the albino demon.

“Too many cuties following you?” Jisha asked, Jeana looking in admiration at her as Jisha strapped on elbow and knee pads, a black helmet with orange flames covering her spiky mane of red hair,
“Well...yeah, really; they just don’t give me a break...” Jeana sighed, letting herself bump unto the grassy hill; “...I can’t keep up defending my virtue, but I want my first time to be special...”

Enjoying the soft breeze and sighing heavily, Jeana closed her eyes, smiling and enjoying the weather; she could already feel her imagination producing various scenarios for her first time; in the bath, against a wall, on a couch, heck, even on the principal’s desk during lunch.

Shocked and amused as the thought passed through her mind, Jeana giggled, looking to the skies as they drove by...and the shadows of at least a half dozen girls leaning over her admiration, amusement and satisfaction.

“Hmm? HEY! Can’t I just get five minutes alone?!” Jeana asked sourly, most of the girls backing down, looking somewhat shameful; it was all in good fun to flirt with the new girl, and only a few of them wanted to carry out their desires should she decline them.

“Well, if you can’t keep your hands off the newcomer...” Zyrah suddenly said, winking at Jeana as she lay down a few meters from her, smirking at the girls; “...I guess I’ll sacrifice myself and offer some distraction.”

As Zyrah began zipping down her top, Jeana’s heart almost skipped a beat as massive, bouncing breasts fell out of Zyrah’s top, the girls instantly starting to either blush, drool, or smile at the shin’saras girl’s breasts.

“Whatcha think of these babies, girls?” Zyrah teased, rubbing her left nipple; despite the summer heat, Jeana felt as if the temperature rose surprisingly as they girls walked towards Zyrah, moaning like zombies.

“Here goes...” Zyrah laughed as she prepared herself; not five seconds later, Jeana watched as the shin’saras girl were ravished, groped and fondled by the girls; to Jeana’s further surprise, Zyrah simply grinned happily, enjoying the caring, yet desirable touches from them.

“Nah-ah! No skirts off, ladies! We’re not inside, mind you” Zyrah pointed out to a blue-haired girl about to unzip her skirt, the girl blushing and turning her attention to Zyrah’s breasts, but as they were occupied by the other girls, she went on to tickle the shin’saras girl.

“I took this one for you; remember that...” Zyrah grinned at Jeana, Zyrah enjoying herself as two other girls began sucking on her breasts, Zyrah moaning and licking her lips as she enjoyed both the pleasure and the warm sun bathing her.

“Oh my Gods...” were all Jeana could begin to speak as she saw what was practically a gangbang not three meters from her; she had read enough yuri hentai to understand from Zyrah’s gestures and reactions that she enjoyed it to the fullest.

“What the fu-U-U-U-UCK...?!” Jisha suddenly exclaimed, forgetting to catch her skateboard in midair as she got sight of the molesting of Zyrah, landing with a soft bump on hop of the hill, her skateboard falling down besides her.

“Urgh...fuck; did I break something?” Jisha mumbled to herself, Jeana blinking wildly, deciding to turn her attention towards Jisha to escape that enchanting and hauntingly erotic scene taking place next to her.

“Let me see; I know CPR...” Jeana said, walking up to Jisha, who were moaning painfully as her butt felt as if mashed.

“Oh dear; nothing serious, but I think you should give the sports a week-long pause...” Jeana said as she examined Jisha’s butt, Jisha chuckling silently in amusement.

“Geez, and I who hoped for the mouth-to-mouth thing...” she teased, Jeana helping Jisha sit up as painlessly as she could.

“Well, I kissed girls before, but it never went further...” Jeana blushed, looking Jisha in the eyes; “...I’ll kiss you if you keep it there, OK?”

“Sure” Jisha smiled, Jeana slowly leaning against Jisha, her breath smelling like mint to Jisha; as Jeana kissed her, Jisha noticed the inexperience, but the passion was there, like an ember waiting to be formed into a flame.

As Jisha kissed back, Jeana moaned weakly; in her mind, she felt she would love this school.

“Class, I understand it may be strange for you, but I hope you will understand Mr. Darsa can, under no circumstances, hurt you or by any means influence your daily lives...” the principal addressed the shocked class; a man at an all-girl school? This would be disastrous.

“Thanks for pointing my limitations out, Miss Itaki...” an echoing voice below the hood of the tall, cloak-clad creature beside the principal spoke.

“Mr. Darsa, mind removing your hood and cloak and show yourself to the class?” Itaki asked formally, Darsa nodding as he let the hood fell; despite their principal’s warning that Darsa could be frightening, some girls still screamed as the skeletal lich’s mystically glowing eyes looked over the class.

“Your fear is only logical, for liches like myself are usually associated with the greatest evils to plague the Multiverse...” Darsa began, his black and blue robe glided with gold; “...however, I am not here as an instrument of fear and corruption; I’m here to teach you of magic.”

As if to illustrate his point, Darsa snapped two bony fingers, a long, dark wooden staff with golden head and end appearing in his hand, the mystical crystal in the head shining brightly like an exact copy of his eyes.

“And I think I spot a familiar face down there...” Darsa pointed with a claw towards Vanessa, the albino demon giving Darsa a thumbs-up.

“Miss Vanessa, as you see there, is a colleague of mine, or rather was; she had fascinating theories of all sorts of magic, and even made the theory of Runic Magic Summonings...” Darsa explained, Sidra raising a hand.

“Yes?” Darsa nodded at Sidra.

“Uhmm, dude, not to provoke or anything, but mind speaking normal English? Some of us dunno what the fuck all this ‘summoning’ is, anyway...” Sidra asked, Lilli sitting on her desk, looking curiously at Darsa with its green, feline eyes.

“Ah, of course; silly me, I should know better than to throw advanced theories at you” Darsa held a claw to his forehead, sighing; “...say, is this little feline your pet of sorts?”

“That’s Lilli, bonehead, and if you hurt her-...” Sidra began threateningly, Lilli suddenly jumping from the desk, running towards Darsa, who lifted the kitten safely to the teacher’s desk.

“You see, while I was human, my insight in magic was limited; as a...well, ‘redead’, I began to understand that however short and unimportant life may seem like, it has untold mysteries and fascinating wonders...” Darsa explained, placing his staff on the teacher’s table; “...your school is but one of them, but still a good and shining example.”

As he sat down on the chair, he folded his skeletal hands, looking over the class; “I hope that however gruesome I look and whichever nightmares of death you have, I don’t qualify as another Grim Reaper.”

“Mr. Darsa?” a girl with purple hair and pink pigtails raised her hand.

“Yes?” Darsa asked.

“How can you even speak and converse without, well, a brain?” the girl asked, laughter roaring through the class, the principal giggling, as well.

“That’s a very insightful question, my girl; see, as I am practically just mystical energy, my personality, soul and powers have fused together in this form of a skeleton, making me, as a matter of fact, immortal as well as indestructible, as mystical magic can’t be destroyed; however, I cannot feel cold, hunger, thirst, or anything associated with the human body.”

As Darsa continued his first class, he made sure to tell as much of his intentions and views as possible; in the end, even the most sceptical were convinced of one thing:

Darsa were simply a teacher, and a teacher who had no other plans for them than to learn of magic.

“Here you go, newcomer! Welcome to the West Wing Dormitory!” Zyrah cheered, Jeana seeing the comfortable living room of the West Wing girls for the first time; comfortable leather chairs, heated stone tile floor, soft carpets, glass tables, oval niches in the corner walls for snuggling or secretive meetings behind the blue curtains, a large plasma TV with plenty of consoles and games lying on the floor, and right across the room to her left, were the door to the bedrooms.

“Hope it suits you living on the first floor; we’re only about twenty-five girls in here, counting you as the twenty-sixth” Vanessa informed, Jeana’s eyes flooding as she were overjoyed to see such a serene and brilliant dorm.

“Oh, she’s crying in happiness, girls...” Jisha said, Jeana’s sniffing fading away, replaced with her smile, and, to both Jisha, Zyrah and Vanessa’s surprise, she turned around, hugging each of them deeply.

“And we haven’t even shown you the bedrooms, yet...” Jisha smirked, the girls grinning at her as Jeana’s next hug lifted her from the floor.

“I still can’t believe we’ve got a skeleton teaching us magic...” Yuno mumbled to herself, Jinji moaning from her bed, angrily slamming her fists into the bed sheets.

“Will you give it a rest and fuck me?! I’m about to wet your bed!” she asked impatiently, Yuno still pondering if magic could be of any use to her; snorting, she brushed the thought aside; she had her appeal, and that was enough for herself and properly also the girls who came to her for a ‘special treatment’.

Yuno looked around; the dungeon under the school, almost as if taken out of an old temple, were bathed in light from chandeliers, torches sitting from the walls, and in that light, she saw glimpses of her amused, but stern ‘enforcers’; the ‘Harbingers’ as she had called them:

Clad in shiny leather catsuits with half their breasts bared from a loose zipper, they wore matching, police-like caps with the Heated Nights’ symbol, their military-looking leather gloves and boots adding to the appeal as the light reflected in their teal sunglasses.

Simply looking at her harbingers, Yuno felt a flame rush over her; looking at the naked Jinji, she cheered, fell upon her, the shin’idun girl’s breasts so ripe to her as the fresh watermelons they so resembled.

“AR-R-R-RGH! Hey, no-...UH-H-H-H-H!!!” Jinji exclaimed, moaning and whimpering as Yuno sucked and sucked as best she could on Jinji’s nipples, Yuno chuckling amused as she began touching herself, burrowing her latex-clad fingers into her nether lips as she pleased the ever-wet Jinji.

“You’re such a fucking slut...” Yuno grinned, burrowing her head between Jinji’s breasts...”uhmm, I love sluts...”

“’re sure that Yuno girl from the other dormitory can’t get in? I’m a little worried about that Yuno girl...” Jeana asked, surprised that her trunk and suitcases lay ready on her bed; a wooden room, Jeana lay herself down on the bed, taking off her boots and socks, feeling the warm stone floor under the thick, fuzzy blue carpet.

“Yeah, she couldn’t break in if she tried...” Zyrah said as the girls left Jeana’s room, proceeding to Zyrah’s; exactly like Jeana’s only messier, posters of Zyrah in various poses and outfits decorated the room, along with smaller pictures of what appeared to be Zyrah’s fangirls and other lucky lovers she had shared her bed with.

“Sorry about the mess; I felt like crap this morning...” Zyrah shrugged, moving over the room, the girls following.

“You got drunk or something?” Jisha grinned, Zyrah letting herself fall into bed, folding her arms under her head, crossing her legs.

“Yeah, sort of; urgh, I still remember it...” Zyrah blushed, holding a hand over her head as she smirked weakly.

“What would you have done?” Vanessa asked, Zyrah twitching as she started grinning.

“I mentally imagined Joanna Dark and one of those Elite Guard chicks from Wolfenstein sucking my pussy and tits...” Zyrah moaned, moving into a more comfortable position, lying on her stomach, moving her legs up and down as she smiled to herself; “...and holy crap, did my g-spot itch this morning...”

“You shouldn’t touch your g-spot too often, Zyrah; instead you should caress your nether lips slowly” Vanessa informed, Jisha and Jeana exchanging looks, resulting that Jeana blushed and Jisha giggled.

“Hey, I know it’s bad, but who the fuck can resist touching their clits off to this chick?” Zyrah pointed out, taking a magazine from underneath her bed, flipping through it, finally showing the girls a picture of an Elite Guard in a zipped-down leather catsuit bending over another naked Elite Guard, the facial expressions showing all signs of lust as drool also fell from the top Elite Guard’s mouth.

“You’ve got ‘Digital Dykes’ volume 4?! Where the fuck did you get that??” Jisha looked in awe, trying to snatch the magazine as Zyrah just laughed and lifted it out of reach.

“A fan gave me it after I fucked her a bit; well, I also paid for it, but hey, she had turned over to anime chicks, but I love all three” Zyrah said, placing the magazine under her pillow.

“Uhmm, what three?” Jeana asked, Zyrah smirking at her.

“Anime babes, digital hotties, and the real deal, right in front of me!” Zyrah smiled, gesturing at Vanessa and Jisha, Jisha making a silly, triumphant pose, while Vanessa simply smirked.

“Lemme see; this might be...” Julia spoke to herself, standing by her mirror and applying her makeup; she were to meet Yuno within the hour to discuss the matter about the new girl, one Julia sure would not mind getting in her net to treat for a special evening.

As she sat closer to her mirror, she heard her door creak, Lilli running in and jumping onto Julia’s bed, looking with its green eyes curiously at the blonde.

“That kitten’s not too bright running in here...” Julia mumbled, although smiling as the reflection in the mirror showed that Lilli were busy using her paws to try and catch a feather in Julia’s pillow.

“Better get this kitty back to Sidra or she’ll starting looking for her...” Julia mumbled as she finished her nails; a deep black with a sharp hint of light purple added a nice touch, as well as her personal touch:

A little, claw-like ‘J’.

Chapter 4

Title: A Pleasent Rape

“Uhmm, Jeana, you know you just beat the first three levels of Perfect Dark Zero in less than ten minutes??” Jisha gasped in awe, Zyrah even forgetting about her cola as she looked from Jeana to the plasma TV screen.

“What can I say? I’m a girl gamer with moms working with software...” Jeana grinned, Vanessa amusingly swinging her tail; “’s in the blood, I think.”

“Amusing conclusion; I wouldn’t doubt if it’s true...” Vanessa nodded, impressed; “...your fingers almost fly over the controller.”

“You guys play ahead; I’m gonna go grab a bite...” Jisha said, rustling Jeana’s hair as she headed for the kitchen to the left of the room; “...I’ve got first right on the fifth level, OK?”

“Sure!” the girls yelled back as one, Jeana smirking amused as she enjoyed seeing Joanna switch her, to her mind, ugly urban wear out with her tight-sitting leather uniform; blushing, she tried with all her might not to show it as Vanessa sat down with Zyrah, grabbing a cola can on the table with her tail.

“How’d you really fit your wings in, Vanessa? I mean you can fly with them, but also sit down on a couch...?” Zyrah asked as the screen loaded, Vanessa winking at her.

“I can change their size at will, as well as the length of my tail...” Vanessa explained, sighing; “...sometimes, chilling with you guys are really just the best...”

As she slowly sank her head on Zyrah’s shoulder, Zyrah looked adoringly at the demon girl, kissing her, leading her to purr lovingly and to let Jeana let out a sound that sounded like a giggle.

“Hallo, may I come in?” a voice came from the door to the common room, Julia heading in as Jisha nodded, patting the couch as Julia sat down, whistling at Jeana.

“You’re the new girl, Jeana?” she asked, Jeana smiling and holding up her hand, Julia giving her a handshake and grinning.

“Hey Julia; where’ve you been, girl?” Zyrah asked, Julia sticking a thumb over her shoulder.

“Meh, just talking to Zira; she’s heading over for Yuno in a moment” Julia said, Vanessa looking over at the redhead Julia had pointed at; while dressed in a red leather jacket and tight skirt, Vanessa knew that Zira would drop all her clothes as soon as she entered Yuno’s dorm.

“Uhmm, hey, not to spoil or anything, but-...” Julia said, Jeana eyeing her teasingly.

“That there’s a guard up in that tower? Yeah, I know, and also in the three others...” Jeana said, moving in and laying waste to the entire courtyard of guards within the next few minutes, in which Julia took the opportunity to look all over her; seeing Julia’s interest and eager to fondle Jeana, Jisha grinned to herself, stood up and gestured Zyrah to follow her as they left to find themselves new cola cans.

“...I know what you might be thinking...” Jeana suddenly put the game on pause, Julia taking a bit aback as Jeana faced her; “...but I’m a virgin; I’d hoped to make my first time special, so please don’ know, start flirting with me...”

“Dear...take it easy, I wouldn’t...well, I would if you’d let me, but if you don’t, it’s OK” Julia assured, feeling herself dumb for even trying; were it not obvious? The way the new girl did not try and respond to her winks?
“But, uhmm...what’s your name?” Jeana asked, Julia making a mental sigh of relief.

“I’m Julia, kinda the ‘cosplay queen’ in this dorm...” Julia grinned, holding her arm behind her head, Jeana smirking at her.

“Well, what do you cosplay at?” Jeana asked, Julia blushing.

“I...I can’t tell, it’s too perverted for you...” Julia tried backing away into the couch’s end, but Jeana put the joystick on the table, leaning eagerly over Julia.

“Please; I might be a virgin, but I’ve read yuri hentai; you cosplayed as something like that?” she asked, Julia trying desperately not to look at Jeana’s form breasts sitting tightly under her uniform.

“Well, uhmm, I’ve cosplayed as some of the Rumble Roses girls, game chicks and other stuff...” Julia started, Jeana’s eyes opening wider.
“ ever tried a nurse?” she asked, Julia nodding.

“Yeah, dozens of times, both normal clothes and PVC; I don’t ge-...” Julia began, seeing Jeana blush like a firestorm, a part of Julia seizing this opportunity faster than her logic could think:

The new girl liked nurses. A lot.

“So...would you climb down from me...if I do a nurse cosplay for you...?” Julia asked, Jeana letting herself fall back over, laughing happily.

“This is so great! A cute little nurse I can see and hear!” she squealed, Julia grinning at her; she would be sure to put on a show for this little newcomer.

“Uhmm, OK, and your name were...?” Julia asked, Jeana panting out from her outburst.

“My name is Jeana” she said, Julia standing up from the couch, running to her room at the speed of an arrow; damn her, if she was not in a hurry now...

“I dunno; I think it’s cool Julia didn’t start foaming all over her” Jisha pointed out, Zyrah sighing deeply.

“OK, Jisha, read my lips...” Zyrah said; “...dyke-chicks-dig-boobs! It’s pure logic! Hell, the dorm is gonna look like a warzone once we get back!” Zyrah said, Jisha crushing her tin cola can and dropping it in a trash can as they headed down for the showers.

“So we’re all sweating it out; us at sports, Julia and Jeana on the floor...” Jisha grinned, Zyrah laughing as she followed Jisha into the showers.

“Are you ready out there?” Julia asked from her room, applying the last makeup; her outfit of PVC consisted of a white and pink dress, ultra-miniskirt, wrist-long gloves and knee-high boots with pink hearts; her pink glasses added that extra look of innocence, and her small hat finished the look.

“All ready” Jeana’s voice came, Julia looking forward to her performance; in her mind, something like a slideshow of how Jeana would fall deeply for her and let herself be ravished made the blonde grin perversely.

“OK, here I am!” Julia replied, stepping into the dorm; as soon as Jeana saw the cute nurse Julia had cosplayed at, she squealed out loud and felt her heart beat faster.

“It’s so cute! It’s adorable!” Jeana sighed happily, blushing intensely as Julia walked towards her, beginning to pose seductively.

“Of all the girls I’ve played with, you really are a cutie-pie...” Julia smiled, rustling Jeana’s hair as the blonde fell on the couch, simply being touched by Julia in that cute costume all too much for her.

“’s like one of those yuri hentai films come alive...I can’t control myself...” Jeana panted out as Julia sat on hook in front of her, Jeana spotting Julia’s nether lips almost fully bared from the thin thong she wore under her outfit.

“’s so fantastic...will you play with me? I want to feel your gloves on my breasts...” Jeana pleaded, Julia chuckling; she respected Jeana’s virginity, but who had said she could not have a little fun with her.

“The patient seems all sweaty and hot...” Julia said, licking her index finger; “...I’d suggest I turn up the heat...”

As she slowly touched Jeana’s breasts, Jeana moaned loudly although her uniform were still intact.

“C-can you rip it off me? I want to feel like I’m...I’m being ravished for real...” Jeana asked, Julia wondering about this request; to tear apart a good school uniform because of sex; no, she had a better idea.

“Now now, naughty little girl; you can always...” Julia teased, unbuttoning Jeana’s uniform; “...unbutton it, instead.

As Jeana’s uniform came off, Julia was amused and surprised when she spotted a black lace bra, not thinking the new girl to wear lingerie.

“Oh, so naughty; I really like naughty girls...” she smiled, leaning her head down to Jeana’s; “...Jeana, is it OK for me to do this? We can go to my room and continue there...”

“Please! Please hurry there; I feel like I’m doing to burst!” Jeana pleaded, Julia chuckling at her.

“I really start liking this!” Zyrah yelled over the field at Jisha, the two of them on the same team as the class played soccer; understanding this new game was easy to Zyrah, and her agility came as an advantage as she could pass the ball around easily.

“Here goes, pointy-ear!” Sidra teased as she came running, Zyrah finding it difficult to pass the goth girl.

“You’re good, but I-...” Zyrah began, but Sidra snatched the ball, shooting it to Yuno as she sped up the field.

“I’d have to be a cheetah to run that fast!” Zyrah panted, sweat falling down her like rain; it had only been ten minutes of the class, but it felt like ten hours.

“Hang in there, we’re still ahead with two goals...” Jisha came up running beside her, Zyrah following her up the field.

“Hmm, head on assault; too obvious...” Vanessa chuckled to herself as she intercepted Yuno and snatched the ball, running in the opposite direction with her tail folded around her waist and her wings flapping lightly on her back.

“I still don’t get why some girls actually thought Vanessa only could fly and not run at sports...” Jisha panted as she ran by a girl from Yuno’s team, the girl shrugging and speeding up her pace.

“So...” Julia said, the light in her room only lit by pink strawberry candles; “...what do you think of my little love-nest?”

Jeana could hardly even speak, so amazed were she; the soft song ‘She was Only a Schoolgirl’ played from Julia’s stereo, the soft music setting Jeana’s already excited mood up for lovemaking.

“Speechless, huh? Let’s see...” Julia smiled, crawling over Jeana and discarding her glasses; “’s getting hot in this suit; wanna lick me a bit?”

“YES! I...I mean yes...” Jeana corrected herself as she could not believe why she had not melted into the bed yet; as Julia lay herself down beside her, something in Jeana’s mind grew stronger and stronger until it felt like fire raged within her heart.

“J-Julia! I said my first time was supposed to be special, and this really is...” Jeana moaned, Julia looking surprised at her.

“I am your first time? Am I worthy of it?” she teased, opening a button in her dress, her breasts halfway bared.

“Yes-s-s-s-s...!” Jeana hissed out, Julia raising an eyebrow as Jeana struggled her way out of her skirt, her black lace panties slowly dripping down into Julia’s bed, Jeana desperately trying to hold her excitement in.

“It’s not healthy to hold in; come here...” Julia gestured at Jeana, the blonde leaning over her, her arms not moving away from her crotch.

“Do you want to taste me? Taste a cute, little nurse like myself?” Julia mercilessly teased Jeana.

“I, I want you! I want my first to be with you, Julia! I like all those other girls, but...but I gotta start somewhere...” Jeana grinned at herself, suddenly diving headlong into Julia’s half-bared breasts.

“Wow! Hallo there, missy!” Julia chuckled heartedly, Jeana using both hands to grope Julia’s breasts, letting her tongue all over her neck and throat.

“Julia! I, I wanna feel you looking at me!” she suddenly pulled back, discarding her bra, soaked panties and boots as she threw them to the floor, fingering herself at Julia.

“Watch me! Watch me have my orgasm while you watch! You see me? You see me, now??” Jeana pleaded, Julia grinning and sitting on hook as she watched.

“Uhmm, your pussy looks tasty; I wouldn’t mind grinding my cunt into her...” Julia chuckled, Jeana groping herself intensely, the liquid fire running in her veins and to her head not seizing for a second.

“J-Julia, I’m going to cum! I’m going to spray my happy-juice!” Jeana yelled out, Julia smiling as she lay herself down, baring herself to Jeana.

“So you want to play naughty? Oh, I can’t wait for you to fuck me...” Julia grinned, licking her lips and winking seductively at Julia; “...I sure am tasty...”

“YE-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-ES!!!” Julia yelled out as she had her orgasm, far more intense than those dark nights with nothing but her yuri hentai; this girl Julia, so erotic, so funny and so cute at the same time...

“Uhmm, I sure got all the honey you had...” Julia chuckled, licking Julia’s cum off her fingers; “...say, isn’t it time you fucked me?”

“I...I feel so weak...” Jeana panted out, Julia slowly crawling towards her.

“HAH! Always take the initiative, girl!” Jeana grinned, holding the surprised Julia’s feet in the air, eagerly slurping on her still gushing nether lips, Julia enjoying the taste and sucking intensely as she grabbed around Julia’s waist.

“NO! NO! I, I’LL CUM AGAIN! NO! NO! NO-O-O-O-O! I, I CAN’T! I’LL CU-U-U-U-UM!” Julia yelled out, having her second orgasm, Julia moaning happily as the female nectar dripped from her mouth, face and hair.

“I want more of this! I want more of your pussy, your tits and that cute smile of yours...” Julia smiled, Julia never having thought that an orgasm could be so intense, and yet she felt like she could have another within seconds.

“I’ll get back to your little clit in a moment...” Julia said, discarding her gloves, hat and dress, grinning at Julia; “ let’s have some real fun!”

Smiling weakly, Jeana moaned out loud as Julia began sucking on her breasts, her tongue handling Jeana’s most precious points so delicately.

“It’s so fantastic! I, I’m so happy!” Jeana chuckled, tears of laughing rolling from her eyelids; “...make much more love to me, Julia! I want you to take my virginity!”

“You sure? Even if, you want it with a strap-on or with the fingers?” Julia asked, Jeana leaning up and kissing Julia passionately.

“Less talk, more fuck! I’ve been living like a nun! I’ll let you have my virginity any way you want!” Jeana moaned, Julia grinning to herself that Jeana really meant it.

“OK, let me see, then...” Julia reached under her bed, finding a small plastic case.

“I haven’t even opened and tried it yet; let’s see...nice, vibrator included...” she read up, soon tearing the case’s backside open, withdrawing a double-ended dildo in meek pink and red, its shape like that of a smooth crystal in both ends.

“I don’t believe in creams, so let’s just suck it...” Julia winked, discarding the plastic case to the floor, beginning to suck on the dildo’s one end.

“I, I don’t really like sucking that thing; can’t you do it for us?” Jeana asked, Julia shrugging.

“OK, but your pussy better be extra wet!” she grinned, her drool running down both ends of the dildo.

“OK, in we go...” Julia began, sticking one end of the dildo into herself, enjoying the soft vibrations.

“Julia, d-don’t hold back; just bang me as hard as you can!” Jeana pleaded, Julia nodding as she inserted the dildo roughly, Jeana yelling to the ceiling in pleasure as both blondes began their romping.

Chapter 5

Title: Romping Catgirls and Frisky Demon Chicks

[Author's notes: WARNING: Highly detailed content.]

“5-4; not bad at ten o’ clock in the morning” Jisha grinned as she washed her hair rid of shampoo, Zyrah leaning to the sleek wall in the showers, exhausted as she was.

“Gods, if Yuno came in here now, I wouldn’t be able to resist; my legs feels like melting under me...” Zyrah moaned, accidently tripping and landing on her butt, although she grinned as she realized how dull the warm water made her feel.

“Hmm?” Jisha suddenly mumbled, having sworn she saw a dark silhouette vanish behind a locker.

“’Hmm’ what, Jisha?” Zyrah asked as she grabbed a towel, drying her hair.

“I thought I saw something over by that locker...” Jisha pointed out, Zyrah shaking her head.

“It’s properly just some girl playing hide and seek, take it easy” she grinned, reaching inside her locker, beginning to put on her panties and bra.

“It’s not like the showers are haunted, Jisha; I think that running sat the adrenaline on your brain...” Zyrah teased; suddenly, though, a faint sound reached her ears, almost like a mumbling.

“Hey, maybe you’re right; I heard something...” Zyrah lowered her voice to a whisper, her and Jisha quickly drying and dressing themselves up; following the noise, it lead towards the bathing area for the teachers, the noise becoming louder.

“Wow...” Jisha gasped in awe, Zyrah following the example; lying with a still streaming showerhead at her legs, Zira from Yuno’s dorm lay moaning as her cum fell from her nether lips, her face a large grin as her shirt had been pulled up over her breasts and her skirt discarded.

“Someone’s been busy...” Jisha whispered to Zyrah, the shin’saras girl sending her a sceptical look.

“Hey, Zira’s a little slut; she loves fucking pussies, and you’re surprised she jerked off with a showerhead after class?” Zyrah asked, Jisha interrupting her as she pointed beside Zira; sitting by her were two blonde girls clad in leotards, boots and gloves of black latex, their cat-like masks, tails and ears indentifying them at once as Shirli and Sharla.

“Those psycho-chicks?! Zira must be crazy; they’re the most hardcore at school!” Zyrah almost exclaimed out loud, Jisha holding a hand over her mouth.

“...Uhmm, such sweet juice; makes me feel like...” one of the blondes, Jisha and Zyrah not really seeing the difference; “”

As the blonde crawled towards the other, she bared her nether lips under her skimpy thong, climaxing into the other’s mouth as she slurped hungrily; leaping at her, the two catgirls began yelling out loud, their moans echoing through the showers as they began licking each other.

“Wet latex; it’s so hot and dripping...” one of them teased the other, the two of them humping into each other, cumming over and over again, Zira worming into position to lick them.

“Come here, kitty...” one of them mentioned and purred seductively, the floor soon a mess of feet, arms, boots and latex, the girls yelling louder and louder as their climaxes grew more intense.

“YES! YES! LICK! LICKLICKLICKLICK! LICK THAT PUSSY, YOU PUSSYCAT!” one of them screamed, tossing her head backwards as she came, her partner lifting her waist upside down, swallowing the cum as it poured out in cascades.

“Your tits! I wanna suck on your tits!” one of them started pleading, the other obeying with a grinning purring, the two of them wrestling playfully for control, one of them gaining the upper hand and sucking with such energy on the other’s nipples it formed under the skimpy latex leotard.

“Let that pussy out! I wanna lick your cunt, you crazy cat!” one of them grinned, the other busy rubbing her thong into her nether lips, the other starting to finger her.

“Come on! Cum! Cum! CUM! You wanna cum, right? I’ll make you cum!” one of them yelled out in glee, the two of them soon fingering each other and rolling around on the wet floor, kissing so passionately their lips were as if sucking the life out of each other.

“UHM! UHM! UHM! UHMUHMUHMUHM! UHM!!! UHM-M-M-M-M-M!” one of them screamed to the ceiling, the other following as she climaxed, the two of them continuing their mindless orgy of pleasure.

“AH! AH-H-H-H! I, I WANNA SUCK YOU!” one of them chuckled, beginning to remove the other’s leotard, the two of them helping each other off them, discarding their soaked leotards as they went right back to their licking of each other; as Zira watched them, she eagerly masturbated at them, hoping to feel such a tongue on her own g-spot sometime later.

“I’ve always...loved sucking pussy; it tastes so go-o-o-o-od; ye-e-e-e-e-eah...!!!” one of them screamed in pleasure, the two of them romping like they were succubi lovers, their need for sex in unbridled.

“I’m, I’M CUM-M-M-M-MING! I’M GONNA CU-U-U-U-UM!!!” one of them yelled out, her cum splashing into her partner’s face, giggling as she licked it off as if it were the sweetest nectar.

“More cum, more pussy; FUCK, I LOVE THI-I-I-IS!!!” she happily cheered as she came, herself, the two catgirls’ pleasure intensifying as they kept licking each other, reaching their long tongues as far in as they could.

“There’s nothing like pussy-on-pussy; uhm-m-m, I’m getting so hot...!” one of them moaned, the other chuckling as she rose up.

“Then, let’s get real kinky, shall we?” she grinned, reaching for the tip of her, stroking it, moaning as she led it under her thighs, mercilessly inserting it into the other catgirl’s dripping nether lips.

“I’ll fuck your pussy first! You like being fucked! You want to be fucked and cum all over, you fucking slut!” she cheered, the other catgirl howling in pleasure as her cum gushed from her nether lips.

“FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! OH, F-U-U-U-U-UCK!!!” she yelled out as she laughed during her orgasm, jumping on the other catgirl, using her own tail as she humped herself against the other catgirl’s breasts, sucking on her nipples and groping her breasts.

“I’ll fuck you! You’ll be gushing out cum soon! Cum, you little pussy! Come on, cum for me!” she yelled out, the other catgirl wailing her coming orgasm out.

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeahyeahyeah! YE-E-E-ES! OH, FU-U-U-U-UCK!” she yelled out, climaxing intensely, the two catgirls lying panting on the floor from the crazy sex humping...

...All the while the two catgirls' sex game went on, Zyrah and Jisha had stood and starred in awe, their minds could hardly believe what they had just seen.

“...If I weren’t in shock right now, I’d masturbate at this...” Zyrah mumbled grinningly, one of the catgirls looking right at Jisha and Zyrah as she heard them.

“Guess what, kitty, we’ve got company...” she purred, her partner stopping in her licking, rolling over to suck on her breasts, apparently not caring.

“So, girlies...” one of them grinned, smiling as she pressed her partner’s head into her breasts; “...wanna cum play with the bad girls?”

“Uhmm, Zyrah, I know it’s tempting, but...” Jisha gestured to Zyrah as the two catgirls slowly crawled towards them; “...RU-U-U-UN!”

As Zyrah blindly followed Jisha as she ran, she heard the catgirls’ cackling and laughing as they sat themselves down, looking as Jisha and Zyrah ran as fast as they could.

“This catgirl idea’s gotta be the best we’ve ever thought up!” one of them grinned, the other licking her ear.

“You bet it, but I’m getting hungry; let’s dry up and get something to eat...” she winked, helping her partner up, the two of them discarding the rest of their outfits as they started showering.

“...Um-m-m-m...” a sudden moaning told them Zira still sat under one of the showers, apparently passed out from the hot water and excitement at the two of them.

“Someday, we’re gonna ask Yuno to make her our personal, juicy little mouse...” Shirli smiled as she took off her mask; her blue, feline eyes stood in contrast to Sharla’s purple feline eyes, but that and their hairstyles were pretty much the only difference between the two.

”I gotta say, being new here, you’re kinda inquisitive…” Julia grinned as she and Jeana snuggled together, Jeana panting in exhaustion from their romping about; Julia’s room were a right out mess of cosplay outfits, toys and underwear.

”You…you sure kept your promise of making my first time a special one…” Jeana grinned, kissing Julia again, cuddling in tighter as she felt herself as if about to fall asleep; over two hours of lovemaking would be tough for any girl, but Julia had never tried anything like it, so it was no wonder why she were so exhausted.

“Ur-r-rgh...damn, that was hot! That sure made my whole day!” Zira grinned to herself as she woke up, smiling as Shirli and Sharla had left, the two kinky PVC-catgirls having excited her greatly.

“Hmm, I can drop the guise now, I think...” Zira mumbled, her eyes glowing red as her body changed; her breasts became larger, her waist slightly thinner and her skin-tone turned tan, while her pink-red short hair became longer and blood-red.

“If they knew who I really was...” Hyracha chuckled, enjoying this little game she played with the girls; she had often considered how many of them would accept that she was a demonic mistress of seduction rather than a simple schoolgirl.

“So these little kitties serve this ‘Yuno’, huh?” Hyracha mumbled, rubbing her hands together in glee; she would be sure to pay the so-called ‘dominatrix’ a visit...

“My, my, my! Now we’re one virgin short in this dorm!” Jisha laughed as she spotted Julia and Jeana snuggling on the couch, the two of them blushing as they were caught in the act.

“Chill, girls; it’s not like I’m getting jealous...” Jisha assured as she found herself a place in another couch, looking happily at Julia and Jeana; “...but hey, let me guess: You cosplayed, you chuckled, and you came out loud?”

“Yeah, in fact we did...” Julia nodded proudly towards Jisha, Zyrah sneaking up on the two blondes, stroking a surprised Julia’s neck.

“You were good to her, right? A first time’s all about getting to know a chick’s body” Zyrah grinned, Jeana deciding to practise something she had learned from Julia; reaching for Zyrah’s head, she passionately kissed the surprised shin’saras girl, who moaned and chuckled as she kissed back.

“You owe me one, Jeana; I told you shin’sari ladies were spicy...” Julia grinned, Zyrah slowly pulling out of the kiss.

“Oh, so shin’sari girls are spicy, huh?” she gave Julia a teasing wink as she headed towards Jisha.

“Jisha, seeing those two catgirls really made me hot, and guess what...” Zyrah now unzipped her skirt, leaning over the smirking Jisha; “...I’m gonna take that out on you!”

As Jisha and Zyrah began kissing and right out humping, Jeana and Julia found themselves blushing at the scene, giggling at each other as they tried not to be caught in the mood by the now moaning Jisha and Zyrah.

“So, in theory, the whole idea behind bondage is to excite the partner’s body as well as mind even beyond ordinary techniques?” Vanessa asked, Oria, the librarian of the school, looking through a small manual Vanessa wished to borrow.

“It seems like it, but what’s the point of asking me when this manual has all the answers?” Oria smiled, Vanessa blushing.

“Uhmm, how many other articles was it I could borrow?” Vanessa asked to escape the embarrassing question.

“Twelve, including DVDs; we’ve got some new ones over there” Oria told, pointing to her right as Vanessa put the manual on the desk, heading for the DVD section.

“My wings, these new ones are...detailed, to say the least...” Vanessa blushed, going through the various titles, finally finding something that suited her, a story about a female professor falling in love with a young nurse.

“HOLY-...!” Vanessa exclaimed as she turned the DVD around, giggling nervously at the back cover; seeing the nurse in various poses and making special gestures, as well as the professor and two other nurses molesting her soon had Vanessa think this DVD might be a bit too hardcore for herself.

“You better pick soon; the next class starts in twenty minutes” Oria said behind her desk, looking through the manual Vanessa wished to borrow, chuckling lowly and amused at the various poses the girls in the manual stood in, Oria concluding that whoever had made this magazine to begin with might be a real sissy.

“Here it is, but...please be discrete, OK?” Vanessa asked, placing the DVD on the desk, Oria smiling at the albino demon.

“Vanessa, dear; it’s nothing to be embarrassed about; heck, judging by this cover it’s hardly as hardcore as the things your friends does” Oria smiled to herself, Vanessa eyeing her sceptically.

“How can a title named ‘Lez Fck #2’ not sound hardcore??” she asked, Oria shrugging.
“Hey, watch this DVD and tell me what you think; maybe I’ll watch it, myself” Oria suggested, Vanessa nodding, taking the manual and DVD, sighing as she flew out of the library.

Chapter 6

Title: Bow Down to the Dark Mistress

[Author's notes: WARNING: Black latex tentacles (semi-sentient, controlled by Hyracha).]

“So, you’re suddenly not satisfied with keeping my little pets busy, huh?” Yuno smirked cruelly as Zira stood before her throne, her confident and charming smile not faltering the least.

“And what exactly do you want, then? My position as leader of Heated Nights?” Yuno grinned; “I doubt you could do better than I.”

“Well, you’ll have to argue with the around one thousand girls in my harem on that...” Zira winked, Yuno looking perplexed at her.

“What harem? I’m the one running the little sex games at this school, missy; just by snapping my fingers...” Yuno demonstrated, snapping her fingers as Shirli and Sharla, sitting by her throne, began romping around; “...and my girls are all about making out for my amusement.”

“You’d better remember respecting and loving them; that’s what a good mistress does...” Zira sighed, tiring of this disguise; focusing her energies, her hair returned to its normal length and colour, her eyes shun bright red for a moment, and her skin became tanned; as she laughed joyfully, her voice echoed over the room, her breasts growing larger and clothes formed around her, soon dressing her in a black latex outfit sitting skin-tight to her incredible form.

“In case you didn’t notice, babe...” she chuckled, walking seductively towards the shocked Yuno; “...I’m the infamous Hyracha; now, the two of us are gonna have a little talk...”

“OK, so you’re some demon goddess of kinkiness, but I’m not bowing down to you!” Yuno snarled at Hyracha as she grinningly winked at Yuno.

“I’ve got over twenty ways to bend both your will and your ass over and fuck you...” Hyracha sighed relaxed; “...but just to amuse myself, I’ll just reach out for a little insider info.”

“What are you talking abo-...?” Yuno asked, suddenly feeling a slight pain in her forehead, Hyracha laughing as she rolled around in the air, her wings flapping around her.

“Oh, you naughty, frisky slut! So that’s how you’d like it most...” Hyracha’s grin now broadened, clapping her hands together, red-pink energy forming in her palms and into figures, Yuno barely believing her eyes as the spark landed on the floor, forming into figures...

“Girls, this little human girl has a real nasty little fetish for you shin’sari babes...” Hyracha stroke the chin of a newly summoned shin’saras girl, her and two others dressed in as revealing leather and latex outfits and white shirt as Yuno had ever seen; “...would you like to play with her?”

“Hmm, virgin?” one of them asked, licking her mistress’ cheek.

“Nah, lost it when she started this little ‘Heated Nights’ harem of hers; she loves it dildo-style and with hot, sweaty and oily shin’sari girl bodies...” Hyracha informed, Yuno’s mouth agape in silent disbelief; had this demonic villainess just looked all her fetishes through? In her mind? Like a book??

“Oh! Now this is gonna be fun; I’ll bet she’s a little screamer!” another of the shin’sari girls laughed at Yuno, blowing her a kiss.

“So, cutie girl...” the shin’sari girls teased as they began approaching Yuno; “...wanna play?”

As Yuno’s eyes began closing, she felt as if she was going to faint; had a dream come true for her?

“Wohoh! She’s gonna faint! I wonder when she’ll wake up!” one of the shin’sari girls grinned, Yuno falling on the spot, the shin’sari girls looking hungrily at the unconscious, moaning human girl.

“Can we wake her just like this? I think we should try something kinkier...” one of the shin’saras girls smiled, rustling her purple hair back, lying herself down besides Yuno, tickling her stomach, Yuno reacting with a low snort.

“Well, that’s attractive...” another shin’saras girl joked, the three of them giggling.

“Urgh, fuck this easy pace; let’s speed it a little up!” the purple-haired shin’sari girl grinned, waving at Hyracha, who threw her an oblong item, the shin’sari girl quickly ripping her black lace thong apart, inserting the object into her nether lips, heading for the small thong of Yuno’s leotard.

“Wait!” Hyracha suddenly mentioned, the shin’saras girls stopping in their tracks.

“Oh, what now, mistress?” one of them complained, Hyracha grinning evilly.

“I say we...prepare our little dominatrix first...” Hyracha said, pointing at a small platform in the room’s other end; suddenly the bricks blew apart, forming and oval hole in the middle, a bathtub or smaller pool taking form, water pouring from golden water hoses, the shin’saras girls lifting the unconscious Yuno up, carrying her to the pool and dropping her into it; as the warm water washed over her, Yuno moaned, her eyes blinking as she slowly awoke.

“Let’s join in, girls” one of the shin’saras girl winked, stepping in, the water only reaching to her ankles as she discarded her wet clothes in the water, using her boot to pour water over her head.

As the other girls joined in, they started playing around, Yuno soon finding the three of them making out not two meters before her, her memory returning as she remembered these gorgeous babes intending to screw her.

“Oh! N-no way! I’m not gonna-...” Yuno began trying to climb out, but the shin’saras girls simply laughed, pulled her back into the water, beginning to grope, tickle and lick her, Yuno feeling herself completely aroused, but she would never admit that to them.

“Let’s tease her a bit...” the purple-haired shin’saras girl smiled, inserting the dildo into her nether lips again, inserting the other end into another shin’saras girl’s nether lips, sitting on top of her as she put all her energy into thrusting, the third shin’saras girl sitting behind them, moaning happily as the lowest shin’saras girl groped her and licked her nether lips.

“Don’t deny it, girl...” Hyracha suddenly appeared behind Yuno, leaning her head on her shoulder; “ arouses you to watch them, and you want to fuck them until they faint from it! Go on! Prove yourself!”

“It’d be wrong! They, they wouldn’t just let-...” Yuno tried and deny, but a long moan from the purple-haired girl and her grinning at Yuno over her shoulder as she bared her anus to her had the dominatrix convinced these were not little pushovers; she wanted the be ravished, then she would ravish them.

“Alright, you horny elf sluts...” Yuno grit her teeth, crawled towards the three shin’saras girls; “...this is how I do this stuff!”

As Yuno let her tongue into the purple-haired shin’saras girl’s anus, she licked slurped and enjoyed the exotic taste, the purple-haired girl practically howling out as fell off the dildo, the sex toy plummeting into the water as Yuno joined in.

“Oh yeah! Lick me, please!” the purple-haired girl smiled behind her gritted teeth, Yuno thrusting a latex-clad finger into her anus, lying under her legs as she began licking her g-spot.

“AR-R-R-RGH! Oh yes, lick it! Suck me right there! IT FEELS SO GOOD!” the girl yelled out, Yuno feeling a tear in her eye as she watched the shin’saras girls squirm in their eager; they looked so beautiful in their erotic horniness, and their wet and soaked skin shun in the dim light...

At that moment, Yuno yelled to the ceiling, using a spare hand to rub her own nether lips through her thong, sucking violently on the purple-haired girl’s g-spot and nether lips.

“OH! Oh, ye-e-e-eah! You’re going good, girl!” she grinned, the two other shin’saras girls smiling as they began romping around Yuno, licking her nipples and groping her breasts, one of them pulling her head slightly back between her legs, the mass of bodies clad in latex confusing Hyracha as she stood by the side, panting as she played with herself, her orgasm dripping to the floor.

“AR-R-R-R-RGH!!!” the purple-haired shin’saras girl yelled out, climaxing right into Yuno’s mouth, the human girl savouring the taste of the elf girl’s nectars, swallowing them with the greatest enjoyment; as the other shin’saras girl suddenly blocked her view to the ceiling, she chuckled, reached for their nether lips and fingered them as she was pressed downwards by the shin’saras girls, their black, shiny skin reflecting from water drops and cum, their long, white hair making them look even more beautiful as the elven vixens sexually ravished Yuno to the point of what could be described as rape.

“She’s no fucking virgin, that’s for sure!” one of the shin’saras girls grinned, groping Yuno’s breasts; “...for a human girlie, you’ve sure got huge and hot tits!”

As Yuno replied by smiling and groping her in return, she was oblivious to everything but the shin’saras girls right now; the feeling of hot, soaked shin’saras girl bodies ravishing all over her were almost too much for the human girl, and as she dove under the water a moment, she grinned as their tongues followed her, licking everywhere they could.

“O-O-O-OH YE-E-E-E-E-E-ES-S-S-S!!!” Yuno yelled out as she resurfaced, climaxing under the water, feeling her head being pulled back down on the water’s surface as they shin’saras girls laughed and kept kissing all over her, one of them humping herself to Yuno’s right, boot-clad leg, lick the latex boot and rubbing her breasts around her, her cum dripping down Yuno’s leg.

“Let’s try the new one Hyracha told us!” one of the shin’saras girls suddenly smirked, lying herself on top of Yuno, pressing their breasts together as she humped her, one of the other girls lying under the first, licking her nether lisp while the third sat herself above Yuno’s head, baring her dripping nether lips to her, the four of them continuing the crazed humping.

“That’s it, more...give me more juicy” Hyracha moaned, having discarded all but her gloves as she fingered herself, lying in a puddle of her own orgasm as she kept fingering herself at the sight down in the pool; until now, she had no care how much she came; that sight was one of the hottest she had ever seen.

“AR-R-R-RGH! I love this! Four sluts humping down in the pool! Fuck each other more! Make me proud, girls!” Hyracha whimpered under her teeth, a small spray of female nectar dripping from her as she lost all form of resistance.

“Oh! OH! OH-H-H-H! OH, YE-E-E-ES!!!” she yelled out, climaxing again, her hand covered in her sticky orgasm as she stuffed it into her mouth, sucking hungrily on it; she wanted a playmate soon, or maybe she should join the girls...

No, that would be rude to interrupt, so Hyracha did the next best; mastering herself, she made a small circle with her thumb on the floor, a small spark making an oblong object burst from the ground.

“Fuck me like my girls would with a strap-on or dildo” she commanded the small, black object, which turned out to be a latex tentacle; as the tentacle gave a nodding gesture as if it had understood, it slowly sneaked into Hyracha’s nether lips, two other tentacles slowly helping Hyracha’s head to the floor, ensnaring themselves around her forehead as they imprinted images of the thousand of girls of Hyracha’s harem molesting her with dildos, strap-ons and other sex toys.

“OH! OH, THAT’S IT! That’s my girls fucking me!” Hyracha cheered, laughing happily as the tentacle thrust itself into her nether lips, Hyracha smiling to herself as it felt just like when Zharisa, her lieutenant did it to her.

“Oh, Zharisa! Fuck me harder! FUCK ME HARDER, YOU SLUT!” she yelled to the ceiling, the tentacle continuing its pace as Hyracha spread her legs more open, two new tentacles bursting from the ground and groping her breasts, Hyracha’s tongue hanging out of her mouth as she thought of all the times she and her girls had played around, part of her missing them terribly; as if to respond to her longing to see her girls, another, smaller tentacle rose up from the ground, wiping a tear form in Hyracha’s eyelids from her before it disappeared underground again.

“This...this one’s for you, girls...!” Hyracha smirked to herself, concentrating to make the tentacles go faster; as they indeed did so, she screamed happily.

“OH, GI-I-I-I-IRLS! I, I LOVE FUCKING WITH YOU! I WANT TO LOVE AND FUCK YOU ALL!” Hyracha yelled to the top of her lungs, her tan-skinned body soaked in sweat and cum, Hyracha feeling the burning desire flame up.

“I’M, I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING FOR YOU, GIRLS! OH! OH-H-H! OH, YE-E-E-E-EAH!!!” she yelled out, her orgasm gushing from her nether lips as the tentacles withdrew from her, her cum-soaked thighs shaking as Hyracha kept gushing out cum in slow, steady paces, still groping her breasts and extending her tongue, licking her own nether lips as her gushing orgasms intensified.

“OH-H-H-H-H-H! OH, YOU FUCK ME SO GO-O-O-O-OD!!!” one of the shin’saras girls yelled out in joy, climaxing into Yuno’s face, the human girl all but swallowing the lovely nectar, the almost constant orgasms from the shin’saras girls delighting her; never had she had so kinky sex, and she still wanted more and more; she wanted to remember this night as the one when she went crazy with horniness.

“MISTRESS!” a sudden yell caught her meek attention, Shirli and Sharla standing ready for battle for the mistress...only to watch her being molested to her joy by three shin’saras girls.

“It, it’s OK, girls! I’ve pretty much asked for this, myself!” Yuno smiled at them, Shirli and Sharla feeling themselves kind of aroused by the intense water foursome before their eyes.

“So you little latex kitties are Yuno’s pets?” Hyracha asked, having recovered from her massive orgasms; “and you’re here like little sentai heroines to save your mistress?”

“Well, we were-...” Sharla began, suddenly feeling something sneak up her leg; as she looked down, a long, black latex tentacle snaked its way up her leg, making her scream out loud as a half dozen now burst from the ground, lifting her and Shirli over the pool.

“I’ve always kinda wanted to try and see this...” Hyracha grinned, blowing Shirli and Sharla a kiss; “...I’ll let a tentacle into your ass or pussy each time you disobey me, OK? First, kiss each other!”

“You’re not our mistress! You’ve got no ri-...!” Shirli began, a tentacle slowly sneaking under her thong, inserting itself slowly into her nether lips, making her whine and moan out loud.

“Wrong answer...or is it because you like having your little kitty friend here fuck you up the pussy with her tail?” Hyracha asked teasingly, Sharla watching her friend struggling against the tentacle.

“Now, will you kiss each other, or do you want another one?” Hyracha smirked, Sharla looking at Hyracha with disbelief.

“I...what will you get form it? You’ve got some vaginal disorder making you want to-...” she began, feeling a tentacle snaking its way into her anus, Sharla screaming out loud in a mix of pain and moaning.

“Wrong again; you’re some cute little sluts, aren’t you two?” Hyracha smiled, grinning to herself.

“OK! OK! We’ll do as you say...!” Shirli yelled out, Sharla looking disbelief at her.

“Shirli, we can’t give into-...!” she began, Shirli leaning over and kissing Sharla hotly, the two blondes feeling a rush when suddenly the tentacles turned them upside down.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Sorry, couldn’t resist...” Hyracha laughed out loud, wiping a tear of laughing from her eye; “...see, I’m kinda part of this tentacle thing, so if you’re lucky to get me hot enough to cum, you’re having a little water injection in your pussies and anuses!”

“Hey! We did as you-...!” Shirli began, a tentacle snaking into her anus and another in Sharla’s nether lips, the two of them moaning.

“Oh, you’re already making me hot; you’re such naughty little kitties...” Hyracha smiled, the tentacles leaning Shirli and Sharla towards Hyracha as she looked under their thong, rubbing their g-spots lightly, the two of them yelling out in pleasure.

“Let’s see here...” Hyracha reached out with her mind, reading Shirli and Sharla’s minds like she had done to Yuno.

“WOW! And you’re complaining that I’m playing with you?? You’re such little sluts you’re beginning to sound like hypocrites!” Hyracha laughed, Shirli and Sharla recovering quickly from the small pains in their foreheads.

“Now, listen; I’m gonna let these tentacles help you fuck each other, and if you want touch the ground again, ever, then you better amuse me...” Hyracha said, winking and smirking; “...OK, I’m kidding; I’m not ‘evil’ and all...”

“Who are you, really??” Sharla yelled out, Hyracha letting out a childish laughter.

“Sorry, forgot to introduce myself...” she grinned, her eyes glowing red as she assumed her demonic, latex-skinned form; “...I am Hyracha, Goddess of Kinkiness, Lady of Lust, all those fancy titles; in short, I’ll fuck anything female, gangbang with as many girls I can, and care for them and love them, as well.”

“H-Hyracha?? That ancient demon that needed female orgasm every day to keep her powers??” Sharla asked in awe, looking at Shirli with a wink; “she’d be OK, Shirli; heck, she’s fucked millions of girls through time, and fuck, she’s taken some under wing and blessed the others.”

“So...she’s not gonna eat our souls?” Shirli asked, both Sharla and Hyracha laughing.

“No, but I’ll be eating your pussy sooner or later!” Hyracha winked, Sharla leaning over Shirli and kissing her surprised partner.

“Shirli, let’s do what we always do; it’s...” Sharla began, blushing under her mask; “’s kinda hot fucking you while being watched by this kinky-ass demon chick.”

“Oh, you big slut...” Shirli sighed, smiling at Sharla as she kissed back, moving herself closer as she humped herself against Sharla, the two latex-clad catgirls moaning loudly as their cum fell from their nether lips and anuses, their drool falling into the pool, the shin’sari girls and Yuno having stopped their sex humping to watch the show.

“Once you’ve cum, I’m gonna drop you to these horny sluts...” Hyracha smirked, rubbing her nether lips as they began to drip; “’ve already got me way into the mood, kitties...”

“Uhm-m-m-m...oh, so go-o-o-o-od...” Sharla moaned as Shirli humped against her, the tentacles loosening themselves from their arms and instead around their waists, still keeping them above ground and allowing them to use their hands.

“AH! UHM-M-M-M! Oh, I wanna feel that latex on my boobs, girl! Grope me! GROPE ME!” Shirli yelled out as Sharla used her newly-freed hands to grope her, kissing her so hotly her drool flew out of her mouth in cascades.

“OH! OH! I...I FEEL LIKE CUMMING!” Shirli yelled out, Sharla pressing herself closer against her partner, letting Shirli’s hands down to the tentacle in her nether lips, rubbing the soaked nether lips and smearing the cum over her cheeks.

“You look so hot when you cum! Cum then! Cum! Cum! CUM!” Shirli encouraged, the two girls soon fingering each other, their breasts pressed against each other, the drool and cum making them slippery as they fell out of the leotards’ skimpy strings.

“Oh...oh, that’s it, girls; I’m almost there...” Hyracha moaned, her nether lips dripping and gushing out her cum in cascades as she finger and groped herself, lying on the floor as she panted out in excitement.

“SHIRLI, I’M...I’M CUMMING!” Sharla yelled out, kissing Shirli passionately, wanting to drown herself and Shirli in her pleasure and horniness.

“I’M, I’M CUMMING, TOO! WAIT FOR ME, SHARLA!” Shirli yelled out, kissing Sharla hotly, folding her arms over her neck, kissing again and again as she kept humping Sharla’s soaked body.

“AR-R-R-R-RGH! I’M, I’M CUMMING! OH-H-H-H, I’M CUMMI-I-I-I-ING!!!” Sharla yelled out, Shirli feeling Sharla’s knee rubbing her crotch, making her finally climax, as well; as they both yelled out, Hyracha looked in plain joy as the girls’ orgasm feel from the nether lips into the pool, the four girls in it eagerly opening their mouths the swallow the precious nectar.

“Me, too! You’ve got me horny, too! OH! OH-H-H-H-H!” Hyracha moaned, her intense fingering of herself and groping leaving her breasts bouncing and her nether lips soaking wet as she were about to reach her limit.

“I, I want those girls to eat my cunt! I WANT YOU TO....OH-H-H-H-H-H, YE-E-E-E-E-E-ES!!!” Hyracha yelled out as she climaxed, her cum falling heavily from her nether lips, Shirli and Sharla feeling a tickling in their anuses and nether lips as they panted out, hot water falling from the tentacles’ ends inside them, the water dripping down into the pool as well as the tentacles let go off them, the two catgirls dropping right into the pool, lying exhausted and tired in the pool’s warm water.

“I’m, I’m coming in now, hotties...” Hyracha crawled into the pool, feeling the warm water wash over her as the three shin’saras girls were all over her.

“After a bath, a girl can handle anything” Shirli grinned smugly, enjoying the warm water under the remains of her outfit; grinning, Sharla lay herself upon her, snuggling against Shirli’s breasts, Yuno joining Hyracha and her girls lustfully.

“Hihihihihih! That sure was kinky; I love fucking you when you blush so much!” Sharla teased Shirli, the other blonde smiling and splashing water on her.

“I didn’t blush! No fair!” Shirli whimpered innocently, Sharla licking her nipples hungrily, the two latex-clad catgirls beginning to hump anew.

“Y-Yuno...” Hyracha managed to speak under the three shin’saras girls; “...your school here rocks!”

As Yuno grinned and began sucking Hyracha’s throat and lick her pointy ears, she felt the redhead demon girl’s fingers enter her nether lips, playing with them as Yuno fell back and giggled from the pleasure.

Chapter 7

Title: Joining the Harem

[Author's notes: WARNING: Yuri Gangbang (in Hyracha's flashback).]

“Clitty, clitty, clitty! It’s so cu-u-u-ute!” Hyracha grinned, rubbing her finger over Shirli’s g-spot, Hyracha really loving the sight as her own girls molested the two latex-clad catgirls, Yuno finding herself tied up by Hyracha’s latex tentacles as her arms, wrists, ankles and eyes were tied up and blocked from view, Yuno’s excitement causing the black-haired dominatrix to wet herself, one of the shin’saras girls happily taking advantage of her immobile state as she lay under Yuno, masturbating at the scene and licking Yuno’s nether lips.

“You two little cunts really gotta love girly gangbangs; what’s your record?” Hyracha winked at Sharla and Shirli, the two catgirls smiling at each other as Hyracha kept molesting them.

“Nine at a time, the swimming team...” Sharla winked at Hyracha, Shirli continuing to humping against her, Hyracha joining in as she used her newly acquired strap-on against the two catgirls, the one meowing louder in pleasure than the other.

“Mine’s over hundred, but it’s OK for you little cuties...” Hyracha teased, giving Shirli’s cheek and slurping lick; “...if you wanna, I could use you in my harem; I’ll treat you nice and fairly.”

“We, we’re OK with Yuno for now...” Sharla spoke under Shirli, Hyracha shrugging, returning to her business as she molested the two catgirls, wet latex, skin and female cum soaking them all three.

“I’d almost wish I had brought more of my girls...” Hyracha moaned longingly, rubbing her breasts; “...I really feel like being gangbanged by some horny sluts right now...”

“W-why are you so horny, Hyracha?” Yuno asked with a grin, sitting herself besides Hyracha, who chuckled as she slowly caressed and groped the dominatrix’s left breast.

“I love the sight of the female body; it turns me on seeing that beautiful form writhe and squirm around in pleasure...girls are just so incredible, really; I’ve loved them since I learnt to think!” Hyracha winked, Yuno enjoying being groped and molested, even lying down and let Hyracha hump her.

“Wanna try something scary?” Hyracha winked, Yuno nodding weakly.

“Right on...” Hyracha smiled, her hands suddenly growing slightly in size, black, claw-like nails stretching a few centimetres out, Hyracha’s hands now fully groping Yuno’s breasts, feeling happy the know how it felt having her breasts groped and molested by the kinky demon girl.

“Tell me...” Hyracha suddenly chuckled to herself, winking at Yuno; “...what’s the kinkiest sex you’ve ever had?”

“Oh! I...I really can’t tell you...” Yuno blushed, an embarrassing memory resurfacing to her mind.

“Oh, re-e-eally...?” Hyracha teased, her claws tapping lightly and pinching on Yuno’s nipples, making her moan lowly.

“OK, OK; I’ll tell you, horny bitch...” Yuno mumbled, her blushing worsening; “...I once had sex with a cheerleader in a bathtub of ice-cream...”

“Hihihihihihihih! Oh, now that’s sweet with a capital ‘S’!” Hyracha smiled, kissing Yuno’s cheek, caressing her mouth and letting her fingers touch her nether lips; “...say, did it feel good? And was it fun?”

“It felt great! She kept teasing me and groping me, and the best was when we both submerged and down under the ice-cream...” Yuno winked at Hyracha; “ was really sweet.”

“Hihih, I’d have loved to se-...” Hyracha began, a suddenly circle of red and pink light forming under her, a shape manifesting as it turned into...

“MISTRESS! So this is where you’re hi-...” the girl, a busty redhead began, only to be interrupted as she saw the panting and exhausted girls around her.

“Ohohohohoh! Out recruiting, are we, ma’am?” the redhead grinned, sitting on hook besides Hyracha.

“Zharisa, I’m just here for a little fun; you know, reading books, studying, becoming smarter...” Hyracha winked, starting to laugh as her lieutenant sent her a sceptical look, both of them giggling at each other.

“Hmm, she’s nice, this little girlie...” Zharisa now looked hungrily at Yuno, the raven-haired girl looking surprised at the redhead.

“Mistress, can I fuck her? Some girls back home said they needed to relax their cunts before I could fuck them again...” Zharisa asked, Yuno’s eyebrow rising in a mix of bewilderment and shock at hearing the redhead speak of such hardcore things...

...And yet, Yuno had just seen her two favourite harem girls have passionate sex and being helped out in doing so by Hyracha’s magical powers; maybe Hyracha really were not the completely innocent little maiden when it came to sex...

“Zharisa, my harem of a thousand girls and lovers have all had my blessings and become immortal...” Hyracha said, looking strictly at Zharisa; “...and if you end up fucking this cute thing she’ll have her pussy spread so open it’ll never close again! Your dildo and strappie skills could split a fucking tree trunk!”

“Oh...well, eheheheh, I guess you’ve got a point, mistress...” Zharisa smirked, looking at Yuno; “...but that doesn’t mean she can’t play with me; yo, little cutie, wanna go take a swim?”

As Zharisa tugged down in her tight leather pants, Yuno were amazed to see a fully bared clitoris, any sign of pubic hair either shaved off or otherwise removed, the dominatrix smiling at Zharisa.

“Can my girls join in? They love pussy...” she asked, Zharisa licking her lips, winking seductively.

“Shirli! Sharla! There’s fresh pussy over here, girls!” Yuno called, the two catgirls crawling their way from the shin’sari girls, who found themselves too busy pleasing themselves to notice the catgirls’ absence.

“OH! Latex masks with kitty ears and tails? Hihihihih, talk about some cute sluts...” Zharisa grinned, taking off her cap and lying herself back on the floor; “...I’ve heard human girls really are great at tongue-fucking clits.”

“Sharla...” Shirli suddenly said, the two of them looking at each other and Yuno; “...I know we may not wanna go work for Hyracha here, but...all her girls are so fucking hot and horny! I mean, of course we gotta study at school, but...but my heart and cunt makes me wanna-...”

“Shirli, I’d love to go, too, but we can’t just get a permi-...” Sharla began, the three girls looking at each other, beginning to laugh.

“FUCK! Why haven’t I thought of that?? All members of Heated Nights already passed high school level; we can just go tell that Headmistress Itaki to let suck our cunts, stick a dildo up her ass and beat it from this place!” Yuno grinned, Zharisa looking at Hyracha.

“Mistress, I think we just kinda started a schoolgirl revolution!” Zharisa smirked, Hyracha rolling her eyes, chuckling.

“Who are you calling ‘schoolgirl’?!” Shirli exclaimed playfully, her and Sharla descending on Zharisa, the happily surprised redhead soon finding these human girls to not lack the slightest in seduction or hardcore licking of her.

“No! Nohohohohoh! No tickling, you cunts! Hihihihih!” Zharisa laughed and tried worming herself away as the two blondes followed their prey, continuing to lick, grope, tickle and finger her, Zharisa hammering her fist into the floor from laughing and moaning.

“We can’t measure to your mistress’ level...” Sharla purred, Shirli opening her mouth as agape as she could as she sucked on Zharisa’s breasts; “...but at least we can abuse her little slut!”

As Zharisa squirmed and romped around, giggling with Shirli and Sharla, Yuno stood beside Hyracha as they watched the shin’sari girls sit themselves at Hyracha’s feet, stroking themselves against her boots like kittens.

“You know, when I think of what just happened, I can’t believe how you got me so horny...” Yuno wondered, Hyracha smirking to her.

“Trust me, I may be a real cunt for pussy and boobs, but I look after my girls; I’m not like a pimp, Yuno; I’d rather bleed to death than harm my girls...” Hyracha said, Yuno surprised to see a tear fall from the happily smiling Hyracha’s eyelid; “...I love them all so much it’s impossible to favour any one of them...”

“And yet you still fuck and have sex almost constantly with them?” Yuno asked sceptically, her and Hyracha exchanging grins.

“I’ve fucked millions of girls and plan on fucking more...” she winked; “...there’s a planet in another solar system from yours called Sindiya; it’s only hot alien chicks living there, and almost eighty percent of their whole civilization are lezzies.”

“What?? No wa-a-ay...” Yuno looked sceptically at Hyracha, the redhead chuckling as she fingered herself.

“I went there at a time, disguised as a hooker; I got a whole, fucking street of those hot alien girls raping and gangbanging me a whole afternoon!” Hyracha moaned, a jet of cum squirting from her nether lips; “I were really dressed as a slut; red jacket, ultra-miniskirt, knee-high boots, stockings and stringed bra, all hot leather; I kinda turn on boots, ye know; it’s some dominating and then you get bend over and fucked like crazy!”

“How much did you cum? A little squirt only?” Yuno teased, Hyracha giving her a suggestive smile.

“I asked them to cum all over me; over three dozen of those hot alien chicks rubbing their pussies off at you and shoving dildos and strappies up your ass kinda makes you cum like crazy...” Hyracha smiled dreamingly; “...I came and came and came until even my pussy just couldn’t cum anymore, and fuck, next thing they start again! I was so soaked it felt like having showered and bathed in that hot juicy, female nectar! It was so fucking divine!”

“Hihihih! Don’t start with me; first time I noticed Shirli and Sharla before they joined me, I once stole one of their boots and jerked off into it all night...” Yuno blushed; “...there’s really nothing better than latex all soaked in cum and a hot chick beside you, licking it off you...”

“Girl, I really like that; you sound as kinky as me!” Hyracha smiled.

“Only I don’t start giving myself tentacle sex while thinking of my harem girls...” Yuno teased, Hyracha’s mouth forming into a weak smile.

“It’s not the wildest I’ve done, you know...” Hyracha said, removing her fingers and sucking them dry of her cum; “...I once found this cute blonde who liked werewolf girls; followed her home from school one night, changed into one and fucked her against a tree in the local park!”

“You, you changed into a werewolf?!” Yuno gasped, Hyracha laughing.

“Yeah, but it sure as fuck wasn’t me who did the howling! Gods, she was so fucking horny she came within minutes and started sucking my furry tits!” Hyracha blushed to herself.

“Hyracha, you’re one horny little bitch!” Yuno grinned, looking down at herself; her body were still soaked with water and cum, the orgy also having set its marks on her mind; shin’sari girls were not only tasty, but dead kinky.

“...And thus we finished the day’s lesson with the first chapter of ‘Chronicles of the Dragons’” Darsa told Itaki, the headmistress quite happy that the students at the school had not only accepted Darsa, but also enjoyed his teaching.

“Mr. Darsa, you must know I was sceptical about hiring a...well, ‘redead’ like yourself, but you really make me reconsider my personal views on Undeath...” Itaki said, Darsa pulling up his robe’s hood and taking his staff, nodding formally at Itaki.

“I simply enjoy teaching the youth, Mrs. Itaki, but as the situation is, I admit I didn’t think of where my ‘sleeping’ quarters might be...” Darsa said, Itaki smiling to herself.

“Well, although you’re made of mystical energies, any creature would need their sleep, so I have a proposition for you, Mr. Darsa...” Itaki said, putting down her pencil; “...we have an old storage room under the cantina; old, I admit, but there might be room enough if you, say, could conjure up your bed, or however you sleep best.”

“Mrs. Itaki, you are bloody well one of the most tolerant people I have had the honour of meeting in my unlife...” Darsa said, tapping his staff into the floor; “...I will go unpack straight away! You have my thanks!”

“C’mon, razor girls pwns battle nuns any day!” Zyrah insisted, Jisha playing Brutal Legend back at their dormitory, Jeana and Julia both sitting and offering advice.

“Hey, has anyone seen Vanessa recently? She’s been gone since we left Darsa’s class” Jisha asked, returning her focus to the screen as her horde of headbangers charged forward on her command.

“I heard her saying she wanted to read something she found at the library today” Julia mentioned, smiling to herself; “...maybe Oria finally bend that little bookworm over.”

“Who’s Oria?” Jeana asked, Zyrah looking up from her yuri hentai magazine.

“Our librarian; shin’saras, wild hair, skin covered in tattoos, spiritualist; you get the idea” she winked at Jeana returning to her magazine, grinning.

“Every time I see that fucking dude...” Jisha hissed, a cutscene in the game showing a cowboy-like man with glasses and an open shirt driving by on a motorbike; “...I feel like stabbing him with a scalpel through that fucking torso of his!”

“Jisha, dudes’ chests look like a run-over piece of bacon...” Zyrah sighed, mumbling to herself; “...girls’ are way hotter than that!”

“It’s just because they want him to look all heroic and ‘not fearing death’-like; it’s kinda like patriarchal propaganda, ‘cause it just goes on and on and on...”
Julia sighed, looking at Jeana; “...but girls like Samus Aran and Joanna Dark? Uhm-m-m, you didn’t need them to run around my bed for long before I took them in and fucked them blind!”

“You’d shag any of those action girls, wouldn’t you?” Jeana grinned, Julia smiling and kissing Jeana’s cheek.

“Oh course, the real deal here is quite good, but...” Julia winked, whispering to Jeana; “...if you’d ever cosplay for me, I’m all up for kinky stuff.”

“Word of advice, Jeana: If you dress up like Joanna Dark, she’ll fuck you so hard your pussy will be squirting out until next morning...” Zyrah winked at her, grinning at the blushing Julia; “’s both the girl and what’s cosplaying as, so I really dunno how hard she’ll fuck you.”

“Remember that time we found Shirli and Sharla water-fucking at the spas? I had to gag you with a towel ‘cause you wouldn’t stop moaning!” Julia gave back, Jeana looking from one to the other, let herself fall back, smiling and sighing; this school really were crazy, but heck; she had known that for hours now.

“Look, two blonde hotties clad in latex and wrestling in water or a mud pit? C’mon! Every girl at this fucking school would finger herself off at that!” Zyrah grinned, flipping through some pages in her magazine, showing it to Julia; “see? The girl I bought this from really loved muddy girls!”

As Julia took the magazine, the picture of Reiko and Dixie from the Rumble Roses game had really seemed to be used a lot; although the paper were scrambled, the picture of the two intensely lovemaking girls in the mud were somewhere covered in what seemed like a dried, transparent fluid.

“Holy...she’s been wiping her pussy off in this magazine?? Zyrah, the chick who owned this thing has gotta be a Rumble Roses fanatic!” Julia grinned smugly, Jeana’s eyes opening wide as she were amused with how Reiko’s boots and breasts were the only thing visible of her as she and Dixie were submerged in the mud, kissing intensely.

“C-can I read that?” Jeana asked carefully, Julia handing her the magazine, Zyrah finding herself giggling uncontrollably as Jeana looked through her magazine.

“They actually look cute in this one...” Jeana smirked, Julia looking over her shoulder, the two of them smiling at the pictures in the magazine, where Reiko had turned Dixie over, chuckling as she burrowed her head into her breasts, Dixie splashing mud on Reiko’s back, embracing her smilingly.

“Not to interrupt the fetish-fest, but it’s your turn, Zyrah...” Jisha noted, Zyrah blinking as she remembered it was her turn to play.

“Let me! I’m the one who’s gonna try the first rock show battle!” Zyrah said as a cutscene began.

“ the goddess, this is incredible...” Vanessa moaned as she lay naked on her bed; on her TV screen two brown-haired girls were eagerly oil-wrestling and licking each other’s nipples, their shining, oil-smeared skin amusing Vanessa greatly.

“Renting this DVD has got to the best decision I’ve ever made...” she grinned to herself, seeing as a dark elf girl now joined the two brown-haired ones, her outfit of white leather soon ripped, torn or strapped off her, leaving only her fingerless gloves and knee-high studded boots as she tripped in the pit, giggling with the girls as they started smearing her dark skin with oil and fingering her clitoris.

“I, I can’t continue like this!” Vanessa bit her lip, forcefully ripping off her panties, tossing them to the floor as all she cared about was the girls on the screen.

“Oh...oh, that dark elf girl could be me...I could be with them....yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Ye-e-ah! Oh girls, lick me, too! I want to feel your hot tongues in my clit, too! I, I’d love to be made love to by you! You’re so hot!” Vanessa moaned, everything but the girls oblivious to her.

Chapter 8

Title: [BONUS CHAPTER #1]: Hyracha's Desire is Heard

[Author's notes: Hyracha is molested by Zharisa...roughly.]

“AR-R-R-R-R-R-RGH!!! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! FU-U-U-U-U-UCK! FUCK ME HARDER, ZHARISA-A-A-A-A!!!” Hyracha yelled to the limit of her lungs, her rich bed overflowing with her female nectars as Zharisa enjoyed one of her finest duties as Hyracha’s captain:

To molest and sate Hyracha’s insatiable hunger for sex when none of her harem girls were around.

“Fuck, you’re tightening up! Hmhmhmhm, guess your pussy’s gonna start squirting soon, mistress!” Zharisa grinned, cheering as she began slurping, biting and sucking forcefully of Hyracha’s breasts as the juggled back and forth, the two redheads screaming in joy as the intense sex game kept getting kinkier.

“A shame Calisto’s busy fucking that little schoolgirl you dragged back last!” Zharisa smiled, Hyracha’s boot-clad legs pushing her further down, Zharisa’s dildo penetrating deeply into Hyracha’s pussy, the flow of cum seemingly flowing constantly.

“Less talk, more fuck, girl!” Hyracha winked, her body soaked in sweat and cum, her tongue hanging out of her mouth and her eyes looking directly at Zharisa’s dangling breasts.

“TITS! I wanna fuck your tiny little joy-bundles there when you’re through fucking me!” Hyracha grinned, hammering her fists into her bed, kicking her legs wildly in the air and grabbing the bed sheets forcefully.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I LOVE IT! I LOVE GETTING FUCKED BY YOU HORNY CUNTS! MORE! MO-O-O-O-O-ORE! Rape my pussy the fuck out, Zharisa! RAPE ME! RAPE ME, FOR FUCK’S SAKE!” Hyracha screamed, Zharisa chuckling as she now put her full strength into her thrusting, enjoying the gushing sounds as Hyracha was nearing her, according to Zharisa, 14th orgasm.

“AR-R-R-R-R-R-RGH! YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH! YES, FUCK ME-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E!” Hyracha yelled to the ceiling, climaxing violently, the intensity of it causing Zharisa’s strap-on to be forced out, the grinning redhead enjoying the steam of Hyracha’s cum as it hit her face, slurping every single drop she could manage and diving over Hyracha’s soaked pussy for more, her mistress’ gasps and pants sounding ever so lovely to Zharisa.

“Suck it! I want you to suck it dry of cum, girl! Suck it! Suck it! Suck i-i-i-it!” Hyracha wailed, tossing her head back into her pillows, smiling as she felt herself covered in her own cum, enjoying the sex-filled feeling over her and Zharisa’s insane fetish games.

“Here, have this on me!” Zharisa teased, sticking a soaked leather glove to Hyracha’s face, Hyracha eagerly taking the hand, rubbing it and her cum all over her face, sucking and licking the fingers and the glove desirable.

“You’re such a good fuck, Zharisa...” Hyracha smiled as she let go of Zharisa’s hand, her captain trying to hide her giggling as she knew what were coming next; “...but you’d be even sexier wailing out for a fuck, yourself!”

“Oh, shi-...!” Zharisa pretended to sound scared, Hyracha pulling her towards herself, burrowing Zharisa’s head between her massive breasts, laughing as Zharisa began sucking on Hyracha’s breasts.

“Bend over; I wanna fuck you ‘till you just run outta cum!” Hyracha chuckled, Zharisa feeling herself turned around, her butt facing Hyracha’s head.

“OH YEAH! Fuck me, mistress! Fuck me like a slutty whore!” Zharisa winked, baring her pussy, spanking herself and rubbing her dripping cum over her butt, using her other hand to finger herself.

“Uhm-m-m-m...oh, I love a kinky cunny...” Hyracha beamed in joy, gracefully leaning towards Zharisa’s butt, her tongue extending as it entered her pussy, Hyracha moaning in joy as she began licking Zhairsa’s g-spot.

“Beg for it! Beg for me to lick your dripping cunny! Beg for it, bitch!” Hyracha teased, Zharisa biting her lower lip not to gasp out in pleasure.

“PLEASE, MISTRESS! Suck my fucking, hot, dripping clit! Suck her out dry! She wants you to lick the fuck outta her!” Zharisa moaned and wailed, groping herself as Hyracha moved her legs under Zharisa’s, her tongue doubling its effort and thrusting into Zharisa’s pussy.

“Let’s go 69, mistress! I want your fucking cunt, too!” Zharisa moaned, looking over her shoulder, looking in pleasure at the grinning Hyracha; “...just looking at your so horny makes me wet! I wanna fuck you, Hyracha! You hear me?! I WANNA SEE YOUR FUCKING CUNT BURST WITH CUM!”

“Then fuck me! Tongue-fuck that hot cunt of mine! Fuck her! Fuck her inside out, baby!” Hyracha moaned, Zharisa and Hyracha sucking furiously and licking passionately on and into each others’ pussies, their female nectars already now gushing out slowly, Hyracha chuckling in joy as she felt Zharisa’s cum cover her face.

“You’re so fucking, you redhead slut! I wanna fuck you so much more!” Hyracha chuckled happily, Zharisa feeling Hyracha’s tongue entering her pussy again, the redhead moaning and grinning in anticipation for when Hyracha would suck her g-spot.

Chapter 9

Title: [BONUS CHAPTER #2]: Here, Kitty, Kitty...

[Author's notes: Calista ravishes Chariko:
Warrior Babe VS Catgirl.]

“HARDER! HARDER! I WANNA FEEL YOU IN MY PUSSY!” Chariko cried out, the furry catgirl, loving that fact that Calisto were done molesting the newly arrived schoolgirl already, leaving her a lot of spare time to fuck Chariko in.

“You’re one tough little kitty! You’ve got the hooters and cunt of a succubus and the appetite of Hyracha...” Calisto smirked, licking her fingers and combing her dark-purple hair with them; “’re just perfect for really long and good afternoon fuck!”

“Doesn’t my boots make me look slutty? Don’t they?? I wanna be a real slut!” Chariko asked eagerly, Calisto laughing heartily as she stopped her trusting of the dildo a moment.

“Chariko, you’re such a fucking slut I’d love to tie you to my bed and fuck you half the night!” Calisto proudly remarked, lifting Chariko by her legs upwards; “you look so badass and cute in them I feel like banging the fuck outta you and swallow your cum like it were fucking water!”

“Then drink me! Drink all my pussy juice, Ms. Calisto! I’d love you so much for it!” Chariko pleaded, Calisto grinning happily as she thrust harder.

“Since you’re such a slut...” Calisto grinned evilly, pointing to a recorder opposite them in her dark room; “...I’m videotaping this little fuck-fest and selling off copies for Hyracha’s cunts to finger themselves off to!”

“All Hyracha’s girls...watching me get fucked...?” Chariko asked, her eyes glittering in joy; “then they’ll see! They’ll see just how good a lover I can be! Miss Calisto, fuck me as hard as you can! I want them to see me get my pussy fucked inside out!”

“Oh, I’m through with toys, little kitty...” Calisto chuckled, Chariko feeling as the strap-on were pulled out, almost instantly feeling Calisto’s hands grope her shirt-covered breasts; “...I wanna see you squirt out that hot cum all over me and the camera! Cover me in your cum, and I’ll sucking your pussy inside out, kitty!”

“You’ve got it! Start recording now??” Chariko asked eagerly, Calisto laughing at her as she sat the catgirl between her legs, continuing her groping.

“It’s already recording! I’ll just edit out that part when I told you I were recording; apart from that, it’s all juicy catgirl yuri porn for Hyracha’s girls tonight!” Calisto winked, Chariko purring as she stroke herself against Calisto’s chin.

“Aw-w-w-w...hey, wait; mushy stuff later, right now it’s time for sex!” Calisto moaned adoringly, remembering what she wanted to do to Chariko.

“OK, spread your legs out wide...that’s it, let’s see that sweet little cunt all moist and wet...” Calisto moaned grinningly, Chariko spreading her legs and unbuckling her leather skirt, discarding it.

“Nice addition; black lace stockings looks hot...” Calisto smiled, Chariko grinning at her, lifting her legs up, clapping her boot-clad feet together.

“Aren’t my boots hot? Hyracha said any girl would love getting into my panties when I wore these” Chariko asked, Calisto admiring the steel buckles on the catgirl’s heavy, black leather boots.

“So dominating, so sexy...and their wearer’s just as ripe to fuck as they’re to get in heat from!” Calisto grinned, lifting Chariko’s head backwards, hungrily kissing the catgirl, who in turn held up her arms, slowly pulling Calisto’s head lower, returning the kiss passionately.

“Off with this! I wanna see your furry little boobs!” Calisto snarled desirably, forcefully pulling off Chariko’s t-shirt, sniffing hotly through the catgirl’s hair, the black, silky and shiny mane making Calisto giggle and rustle the chuckling Chariko’s hair, Calisto’s hands groping as hard as she could on Chariko’s breasts.

“C’mon! I wanna see that horny smile on your face, kitty!” Calisto urged and teased, her and Chariko’s tongues battling for control as Calisto’s won, kissing Chariko deeply, reaching her tongue as far in as she could, Chariko moaning loudly as Calisto’s groping intensified, the catgirl’s pussy almost flooding as cum flew from her pussy, smearing her white fur with cum.

“I can’t wait ‘till you’re ready for finger-fucking!” Calisto smirked, Chariko pressing Calisto’s hands and helping her grope herself.

“Grope me, Calisto! I want you to play with my tits! Mess me up! I’m your fuck-toy, mistress!” Chariko pleaded, Calisto laughing amused, licking the perky nipples on Chariko’s breasts, amused at the tickling feeling in her nose from Chariko’s fur.

“You real catgirls are such fun to get to cum! You just love some horny girlie fucking you, right Chariko??” Calisto asked, Chariko moaning, her face one, large horny smile.

“Yes! Yes, I want it! I love pussy and I love to cum! Make me cum, Calisto! Squeeze my tits until I cum!” she urged, Calisto now deciding to use the inhumane level of her strength to the fullest, almost mashing Chariko’s breasts.

“YE-E-EAH! YES! YES! YE-E-E-E-E-ES! FU-U-U-U-U-U-UCK ME-E-E-E-E-E-E!!!” Chariko yelled out, finally climaxing as she threw her head back, landing in between Calisto’s breasts as the catgirl violently came, her orgasm flushing out in waves as she felt her orgasm, Calisto hugging her passionately.

“Oh, look at what you did...” Calisto smiled, Chariko gaspingly opening her eyes, looking at what she had done.

“MY BOOTS! Oh no, I came...all over” Chariko at first began to panic, but seeing the female nectar run down the black leather, she smiled and licked her lips, excited at imagining how it would be like if a girl came from seeing her cum in her sexy boots.

“Hmm, looks so filled with cum...” Calisto surprised Chariko as she crawled down to her boots, beginning to lick the cum off it and fingering herself at Chariko.

“Let’s dry up that little stain, shall we?” Calisto teased, rubbing her breasts around the boot, Chariko letting out an excited squeal, beginning to finger herself.

“You like it when girls rub their tits on your boots, huh? Then let’s try this!” Calisto laughed, deciding to amuse the little catgirl as best she could; as she sat down, she let her butt caress Chariko’s face, grabbing the catgirl by her feet, licking her boots, spitting on them and drooling on them.

“OH! OH, THAT’S SO GREAT! Fuck my boots, Calisto! FUCK THEM!” Chariko laughed out loud in joy, rubbing her own breasts and licking Calisto’s pussy, Calisto moaning as she kept licking Chariko’s boots.

“I’m gonna make you cum again, you slut; I’ll fuck your boots so hard you’ll need a mop to wipe up the drool!” Calisto grinned, actually enjoying to lick the leather of the sexy boots, rubbing her breasts over them and kissing each steel buckle, sucking on it.

“AH! AH! AH-H-H-H!” Calisto, my pussy’s on fire! I’m gonna cum...OH, PLEASE, I’M GONNA C-U-U-UM!”
Chariko yelled out, having surrendered her attempt at licking Calisto’s pussy, groping and molesting her own breasts, licking her nipples as drool flew from her mouth, her pussy beginning to squirt out cum again.

“Cum then, you slutty kitty! Cum for me! Cum! CUM, I TELL YOU!” Calisto yelled out in kinkiness, Chariko’s hands grabbing the bed sheets to try and contain the pleasure.

“OH! OH! I, I...I’M GONNA....OH PLEASE I’M GONNA BU-U-U-U-U-URST!!!” Chariko screamed out loud, cumming again, her orgasm twice as strong this time as Calisto’s face were dripping with her cum, the dark-haired warrior babe grinning, shaking her head, looking at the gasping Chariko.

“Next time, I’m gonna make you cum in your sexy little boots for real! You’re too slutty and erotic for just two fucks!” Calisto smirked, raising Chariko’s left leg a bit, showing the excited catgirl her handiwork; dripping beside Chariko’s own cum, Calisto’s drool flew like water from the shiny, black leather of the boot.

Sighing deeply and happily, Chariko let her head hit the pillows, giggling hysterically, hugging herself.

“I love this place! I wanna stay here forever with your sexy girls loving me all the time!” she smirked, Calisto leaning over her, Chariko purring happily as she hugged Calisto, who turned her head, Chariko winking and kissing her as her hands reached up and groped Calisto’s breasts.

“You know, kitty; I’ve always kinda liked catgirls, so being fucked by you really gets me excited...” Calisto smirked to herself, Chariko sighing happily, running a finger over Calisto’s tattooed body.

“You’re just so gorgeous and badass-looking, Calisto! You must’ve had hundreds of girls wanting to molest you!” Chariko squealed lovingly, Calisto laughing, leaning her head back, brushing her hair aside as she hotly kissed Chariko.

“Yeah, and they sure haunt me at night, tots; you’ll be a nice addition...” Calisto smirked, holding her hand upwards, forming her palm into a bowl-like gesture; before Chariko understood what was going on, Calisto and herself were floating in the air not a meter above Calisto’s bed, Chariko shrieking as she tried to swim downwards, Calisto laughing at her silly attempts to get down.

“HAHAHAHAHAH! Don’t worry, cats always land on their feet! Come here, you sexy thing...” Calisto panted from her outburst, gracefully hovering over to Chariko, groping her left breast, sucking forcibly on it.

“I’m just as good with magic as I am in fucking girls, Chariko...” Calisto grinned, her and Chariko snuggling and passionately groping and humping each other, Chariko purring lovingly as Calisto touched and fondled her boots.

“You really turn on them, huh? No kidding, they’re really hot, and make you feel so innocent; little girl with big tits in big boots...” Calisto teased, kissing Chariko again and again, the two of them mindlessly pulling hair, fondling, groping and fingering each other, Chariko so lost in horniness she wished this would never stop: Being molested by Calisto were simply too incredible for words.

“Chariko babe, I’m gonna bang you now! You’ll scream, you’ll moan, and I’ll enjoy just fucking your goddamn brains out!!!” Calisto yelled to the ceiling in passion, her bared pussy already dripping unto the floor as she jumped Chariko.

“E-E-E-E-E-EK! Calisto, easy! No, wait! Don’t go easy on m-...!” Chariko exclaimed, her mouth blocked as Calisto’s kissing reached it, the tattooed girl embracing Chariko, pressing her head deeper and deeper into the pillows of the bed, Chariko moaning and kicking her legs into the air, folding them over Calisto as she humped the catgirl.

“Calisto! CALISTO-O-O-O! I, I don’t need a fucking dildo when it’s you who’s fucking me! OH!” Chariko yelled out, enjoying herself as Calisto bent her over, beginning to suck with incredible force on Chariko’s pussy, her cum flooding down the catgirl’s thighs and unto herself.

“Don’t worry, babe! Haven’t forgotten your little booties!” Calisto grinned, grabbing Chariko’s boots, one in each hand, moving her pussy towards Chariko’s, beginning to scissoring the catgirl as she yelled out in pleasure.

“You boots belong here, kitty!” Calisto teased, rubbing Chariko’s boots between her breasts; “right inside my huge...good...tits-s-s-s...!”

“OH! DON’T! I’LL, I’LL CUM SO SOON! I, I...!” Chariko yelled out, Calisto continuing her humping of Chariko’s boots and thrusting her pussy into the catgirl’s.

“They’re so big! Just like your little boobies! Hey, grope yourself for me, kitty girl!” Calisto asked and teased, Chariko slowly groping her breasts, feeling so incredibly sensitive...

“A-A-A-A-A-A-ARGH! NO FAIR! NO FAIR! I’LL...A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-ARGH!!!!!” Chariko yelled out as she came, her female nectars splashing between hers and Calisto’s pussies, Calisto overjoyed at the sight, hugging Chariko’s boots even tighter.

“Chariko, you look so adorably cute when you scream and cum...” Calisto sighed lovingly, holding Chariko’s boots tightly to her breasts; “...please make me cum, too; you’re already making me hot!”

“Alright, missy!” Chariko winked, surprising Calisto as she held her legs up high, continuing the tribadism as Calisto sucked, licked and slurped on Chariko’s boots, clearly hearing the catgirl’s reaction, making Calisto smile; Chariko was a kitty with an obsessive, but very kinky, boot fetish.

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