Story: Experiment (chapter 1)

Authors: Zero Gravity

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Chapter 1

" want to try it?"

"I'm not sure, Ang. I mean, I'm not a les-"

"Neither am I, sweetie, but it doesn't hurt to experiment. Broaden your horizons." Angela winked at the woman before her. "Besides," she added, further moving in, closing any and all space between them, "You can be bisexual, you know."

Temperance sighed, eyebrows furrowed as she mused over her best friend's proposition. "This is true," she said slowly, tucking away loose strands of dark hair behind her ears. "Who's to say? We could learn from the experience."

"Indeed, we can," Angela agreed, dipping her head, soft black curls bouncing over her shoulders. Fingers grasping Temperance's wrist, she carefully allowed her lips to brush against the woman's own, gentle and tender. Temperance shivered ever so slightly. It was so...soft, the kiss. Light. Nothing like kissing a man. She pressed back, giving a low moan of content. The strawberry lip gloss Angela was wearing smudged on to her own mouth, sweet and sugary. Parting her lips just so, Temperance attempted to lick away the makeup, but then gave a start. Angela had slipped her tongue inside her mouth, poking around anywhere she could.

Feeling all sorts of flushed, Temperance fell back against the pillows, Angela falling on top of her in the process. "Mmmm, you okay, sweetie?" she whispered, hand cupping her face lovingly.

Temperance found herself leaning in to the contact, eyes fluttering closed as her cheek rubbed up against the warm skin of Angela's palm. "Y-Yes," she sighed. "I" She chuckled. "That was, ah...interesting, to say the least."

"It was. To be honest, I thought it was all kinds of hot," Angela grinned. "Never did girl-on-girl before. It was fun."

"More fun than being with Hodgins?" Temperance cracked a grin.

"No, but," Angela stated, tossing her hair back over her shoulders, "I would definitely do it again. With you." Her eyes locked onto Temperance's and she gave a wavery smile. "If you want to."

Temperance leaned in and brushed her mouth against Angela's cheek. "It was...kind of fun, I will admit. Exciting." She returned the woman's smile and nodded. "I wouldn't mind."

"Me, either."

The two lapsed in to a comfortable silence, absorbing all that had just happened. "So, what does this make us? Girlfriends?" Temperance questioned.

Angela shrugged. "I don't think so. I'm still in love with Hodgins. So, technically, no. We're just friends...with some benefits." She tossed her best friend an amusing grin. "We can just make out whenever we want. No commitment involved."

"Oh, I see." Temperance let her head fall on Angela's shoulder. She reached over and took hold of the woman's hand, lightly running her nails over the tan skin. " want to continue on, then?" "Hmmm?"

"Continue on with the kissing. Friends with benefits, right?"

"Right. Friends with benefits." Before making any contact, Angela let her fingers cradle Temperance's face. "I love you, sweetie."

"I love you, too, Ange."

Then, their lips met.

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