Story: Estrogen (chapter 26)

Authors: Juxtaposition

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Chapter 26

Title: Lost Pieces of Memory Two

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction, any events that mirror real life are of pure coincidence.  The plot and characters are properties of mine, please do not reproduce unless permission has been given.]

Estrogen - Lost Pieces of Memory Two

It was the first match she watched as the captain’s girlfriend.  And just her luck that her school would lose so much after the boasting Natsuki did yesterday.  Even though Asura would never admit it, Natsuki was a trillion levels above her team mates.  However, alas, basketball was a team sport.

She nodded and smiled back at those who bowed to her in passing.  It was going to be the talk of school for this coming week.  She sat, a queen waiting for the procession of people to diminish, no one dared to question her presence.

And when the court was empty and lonely, she would finally rise.  Her school uniform was brushed down; skin color stocking gently tugged at and her heels clicked on her way down.  Was her attire appropriate?  Of course not; but no one said anything either!

Moving opposite to those who were exiting, the opportunity for small talk prolonged her trip.  She’s heard their names from Natsuki, yet she knew that nothing else would register.

The door to the change room was pushed open; a rush of moist and warm air greeted her, causing a light narrowing of her eyes.  Blinking away the initial change, she proceeded further.  From the most left to the right, from the front to the very end, she mapped the entire emptiness of this change room.

Past the rows of lockers and benches to tiled floor and the shower stalls, Natsuki was on the floor, sprawled out on her back.  She was soaked with her uniform still on her body.  Asura stopped a few feet away; Natsuki turned her head to look over at her.

From a few feet away, the two merely looked at each other.

Silence with the warm, moist air clinging around them.

Natsuki lifted a hand and crooked a finger at Asura; the latter merely raised an eyebrow before answering the beckon.  Her legs carried her closer; close enough for her to lift a foot and place it gently atop Natsuki’s stomach.

Spoiled as she may be, Asura knew limits as well.

“You lost.”  You said you’d win.


“I know.”

“What happened to your boasting yesterday?”  You were the best player on the court; this team is holding you back.


“Oh, my ego is completely wounded.”  Natsuki spoke with a sigh.  “Won’t you comfort me?”


“Yes, comfort.”  Natsuki pushed herself up from the tiled floor, forcing Asura’s leg to bend further in order to accommodate.  The taller reached out with a hand and felt the stocking covered leg, her hand slid from the back of Asura’s knee to the swell of her shin.  Turning her fingernails to the same path, Natsuki tore the dainty threads making up the stocking.  Each slide of her hand exposed more flesh in favour of the stocking that sought to mimic skin.

Learning forwards, she pressed her lips to the newly exposed skin.  She tasted the expensive body wash Asura liked to use and felt the smooth skin of an aspiring model.

“You tore my stocking.”

“So I did.”  Natsuki lifted her head and resumed her hand to the half torn stocking.  From behind Asura’s knee, her hand slid upwards, pushing the stocking away, bunching at the end of Asura’s thigh.

“And you aren’t afraid that I’ll be mad?”

“I know you have more.”

Besides, she could always tear away the rest of it so that her legs would match one another.

To be continued...

[End notes: I will be away for a few days, so the next one should take a little longer than usual.]

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