Story: Estrogen (chapter 25)

Authors: Juxtaposition

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Chapter 25

Title: Lost Pieces of Memory One

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction, any events that mirror real life are of pure coincidence.  The plot and characters are properties of mine, please do not reproduce unless permission has been given.]

Estrogen - Lost Pieces of Memory One

She was the only thing that shone in the room.

Natsuki’s always known this; ever since senior high and today was no different.  Just that she seemed to shine even more.  Then again, she was practically covered in diamonds, which could play a part in this image of a glowing bride.

Asura turned her head and saw Natsuki; the latter returned a smile to which Asura could only offer a twitch of her own lips.  How unlady like, Natsuki wanted to tease.  The princess in front of her had always presented her best side in front of people.  Only she has had the pleasure of seeing the most unpresentable Asura.

She could count herself lucky, no?

“You’re in a dress.”

Natsuki followed Asura’s gaze and looked down at herself.  Yes, she indeed was in a dress; deep purple in color and right down to the floor in length.  Purple; it was the color of royalty, as Asura said.

Your majesty.

Asura liked to call her that.

“I figured it would be a nice touch.”  So your mother wouldn’t want to strangle me more than she already did; though these heels are killing me.

Asura made a move to turn her entire body around, the train of her gown shifted with minimum movement in much resistance.  In the end, Natsuki understood the signal and moved forward.  Asura failed to say anything for a long moment.

She didn’t even know where to begin, and Natsuki understood.

“I didn’t know what to get you.”  Natsuki started, the box in her hand was weighed before extended over to Asura.  The bride’s white gloved fingers hesitated before grasping it.  “I mean, between the two of you, there really isn’t much lacking.”

Asura looked at her a moment longer before dropping her gaze to the velvet box.  Black against her white gloves, she snapped the lid backwards and didn’t bother to hide the widened eyes.

“You…”  She lifted her head and looked at Natsuki, a mixture of confusion, bewilderment, disbelief and most of all, regret in her eyes.  I thought you said you needed half of your heart to live.

Lying in the velvet box, the joined heart was old and faded.  Yet, it was this tiny little necklace that cost a pinch that meant the world to her.

“Yes, I know.  It’s rather cheap.”

Withou you, I might as well be dead.  The entire thing was yours from the beginning to the end anyways.

“It’s not… that’s not… I didn’t…”  Asura was tongue-tied.  Natsuki heard the tears in her voice and saw the faint reddening of her eye rims.

“Come now, you are not supposed to cry on your wedding day.”  Not because of me, I promised you that.

Asura closed her eyes tightly, eyelashes pushed against one another.

“They say a woman is always the most beautiful in her wedding gown.”  But you are the most beautiful when you are angry; in those rare moments when I’d see a different you.

“They only say that if the woman is marrying for love.”

To be continued...

[End notes:

Due to the fact that there is only one chapter remaining in the actual story, I thought it was a good time to go back and revisit some scenes.  I plan to post a short chapter each day (hopefully) for the next week or so with scenes from the past.  They will centre around Hoshimura and Fujimaru to offer a sense of what their relationship was like.  Hopefully, they will also clear up some confusions and questions as well.


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