Story: Family Obligation (chapter 1)

Authors: Small Fox

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto and am making no financial gain by writing this.

Hinata ran her fingers through her straight hair nervously and flicked nonexistent lint off of her bathrobe. Looking at herself in the mirror, she straightened her role nervously, remembering this morning.

She had stepped outside into the late morning sunshine before making her way over to a bench where a woman was seated. Stopping at a respectful distance away and said, “You asked to see me mother.” It was rare that she received a summons to talk to her mother in such a formal fashion. She knew it had something to do with the Clan, but as such management was usually handled by her father, she was pensive about the meeting.

“Yes,” her mother said standing with the aid of a cane. "Please accompany me on my walk through the garden today. There is something I need to discuss with you.”

Hinata nodded silently and followed her mother down one of the garden's many paths. For some time they just walked with only the sound of gravel crunching underfoot. The longer the silence went on, though, the more uneasy the teenager became. Her mind wandered to the possibility of a marriage proposal, but dismissed it as she had never been officially declared the heiress to the Hyuga family or labeled as a branch member. Until her status was resolved she simply couldn't get married, besides, such things were more or less left in the past these days.

“Your sister has turned twelve,” her mother said suddenly and without preamble.

“Yes, she has,” Hinata said unsure why her mother was referring to an event that had taken place almost a month ago.

“She has also started to take more concrete steps to becoming a woman,” her mother said in a subdued tone.

Hinata’s initial reaction to that news was relief. Hyuga women tended to mature early, she herself had received her first period at the age of ten, but her sister had shown few signs of maturing. “When did it happen?” She asked, thinking she finally understood the purpose of this meeting.

Her relationship with her younger sister was a complicated one. For years they had been practical strangers who merely lived in the same house and slept in adjacent rooms. Then three years ago, her mother had been injured so severely on a mission that she had to retire. A proud woman her mother had not taken it well.

Her parents had always had high expectations for their daughters and had expected them to live up to those expectations. They were not cruel, but they were painfully honest. Hinata had always had trouble living up to their standards were as Hanabi had not. However, for several months after her injury, her mother had turned cruel. Hinata had understood that it was really not her mother speaking, but the pain and bitterness. Hanabi on the other hand, who had received nothing but praise and gentle rebukes from her mother, had been devastated.

As painful as it was for her to think back on those times, one good thing had come from it. She and her sister had grown closer together. Of course, that had come at the cost of Hanabi and her mother's relationship. Her sister had constructed a proverbial wall between herself and their mother. She was polite and respectful to her, but also as cold as snow. It was almost painful to see as they had once been so close.

“Six days ago,” her mother said breaking into her thoughts.

Hinata bit her lip, cursing her luck. She had been gone for the last two weeks on a mission and only returned home late last night. She had not even seen Hanabi yet, and although she had made it a point of talking to her about it several times before hand, she would've liked to have been there for her.

“I did try to talk to her,” her mother said in a subdued tone. “But even if she had any questions, I don't think she would've asked them to me.” She let out a weary sigh, “I don't know how to fix things between us.”

If this was anyone except her mother, she would've tried to comfort her, but Hinata knew she wouldn't appreciate that. “I will make sure she doesn't have any questions.”

“Thank you, but that is not what I truly wanted to talk to you about,” her mother said coming to a stop underneath a tree.

Hinata waited quietly as her usually confident mother seemed to struggle with what she was about to say. “She needs a companion. I was going to have Amaya be hers, but cancer took her a year ago.”

Amaya had been a distant cousin of theirs. She had only been fourteen years old when she had been diagnosed with an aggressive bone cancer. From diagnosis to death, it had only been months. Hinata couldn't say that she had been close to the girl, but it was a tragedy for anyone to die that young.

She pushed that melancholic thought to the side for now and asked, “Who will you assign as her companion or will she not have one?” Hinata hoped that was not the case. She had so many fond memories of her own companion that it almost hurt to think that Hanabi would not have a similar experience.

“You're quick to abandon tradition,” her mother said sharply. “Even if the village at large would not understand, the act of assigning a companion has helped keep our family from any embarrassing incidents for generations.”

Hinata blushed at the rebuke and blamed herself for the misunderstanding. “Mother I apologize. I didn't mean to imply that I was criticizing our family traditions. In fact, my companion was of great assistance to me in many ways. It's simply that I don't recall there being any other relatives close to Hanabi's age that would be appropriate.”

Her mother smiled as she said, “What about yourself?”

To say Hinata was surprised would be an understatement. The fact that her mother would entrust her with such an important position in Hanabi's life was astonishing. A companion had to fill many roles. First and foremost, she had to be a role model, someone the younger girl could look up to. A companion also had to be a friend, someone that the younger girl could confide in and felt free to ask questions to. The last duty, and in a way the most important one to the clan itself, was that the companion had to satisfy the other's sexual desires.

That one fact was the single reason that no one outside of the walls of their family estate knew of the tradition. Originally, the system had been started to prevent any accidents. After all, if a woman had a child before she was married her prospects were low. Before the founding of Konohagakure this had been more of a problem. Her family had managed to obtain wealth, but had never really obtained true noble status despite some of the heirs they sometimes put on.

In that time, it was far better for a young girl to have her physical desires met with the safety of another slightly older teen then to risk pregnancy. Abortion was, of course, always an option, but as a family predominantly of ninjas, the action was regarded as repugnant. With the founding of Konohagakure, that sensibility had only been enforced. For abortion to be carried out now it required an order from the Hokage and even then it was rare.

Contraception, of course, did exist, but even that was looked down on to an extent. Even given its use, though, the fact that ninjas tended to have more developed chakra systems tended to increase their fertility.

Hinata suddenly realized that her mother was waiting for a response and she looked down at her feet and said half pleadingly, “Do you think I'm worthy of such a role mother?”

In an unusual show of affection, her mother put a hand on her shoulder and pulled her close as she said with all sincerity, “Hinata, it took a while for you to bloom into the flour that you are now, but you have. I shouldn't tell you this, but the decision of who will be clan head after your father, has only become more difficult with the passing of time. However, I know you truly care about your sister and would entrust you with her in this manner ten thousand times over.

She was grateful that her mother was so close and thus could not see the tear in her eye before she was able to wipe it away. “I will do my best.”

“With that,” her mother said quietly, “I have no doubt.”

The rest of the day for her had been a blur of inconsequential tasks and busy work. She was required to take at least two days off before accepting another mission no matter how low the rank. It was supposed to allow her time to relax, but that was impossible. Her new responsibility and honor really weighed heavily on her.

Hanabi certainly knew she would be receiving a companion. In fact, she might even be wondering why she had not already met them. Hinata had been introduced to her the day she had started to menstruate. Still, they were sisters and she worried that a change in their relationship might destroy what they had built. Of course, the only change in their relationship would be the sexual relief she could provide her sister with now.

Thoughts of her sister like that was not an unpleasant one. She was quite beautiful. She couldn't help but wonder if her sister would have the same desire she had had. It would come as a surprise to anyone who knew her, but in the arms of her companion she had quite enjoyed the act. Hana, her companion, had been wonderful in that regard. She had been nearly five years older than her at the time, but she had been so kind and was second only to Naruto in building her confidence.

In the privacy and quiet of her room, she could remember Hana’s touch. For four years the two had managed to meet the other's desires, but once Hana had become engaged they had had to break off their relationship.

A knock upon her door brought her out of her reminiscences and she blushed knowing who it was. As she went to open her door, though, she berated herself. Her sister may never desire relief from her and would almost certainly not tonight.

Sliding the shoji screen open, she smiled down at her sister. Unlike her, she was dressed in plain green pajamas made out of artificial silk. Her long black hair was still slightly damp from the bath she had taken just a few moments ago. She was free of the dirt that a hard day of training, and the fact that this was her sister most likely roughhousing with her teammates, had covered her with earlier.

“You want to see me?” Her sister said smiling slightly up at her.

“Yes, come in. This won't take long.” Hinata said trying to not blush, but still feeling her cheeks warm.

The two sisters took seats on either end of the small table Hinata kept in her room for both study and entertainment. Hinata sat with her knees under her and back straight. Hanabi, however, sat with her legs to one side and an arm propping herself up. The two of them were silent for a moment, both thinking very different thoughts.

Hinata cleared her throat and said, “I understand something important has happened.”

Hanabi blushed, which was rare for her. “Come on sis, do we have to talk about that?”

She smiled, enjoying seeing her sister embarrassed for once. “Well, as long as you don't have any questions, I suppose we don't have to.”

“Thanks, but we did cover that sort of thing at the Academy,” Hanabi said quickly.

“True, but by the time I heard that lecture, it had all old news.” She said with a smile, relaxing around her sister like she could do with a few other members of her family.

“Is that it then?”

Her smile faltered and this time it was her turn to look down. “Actually no, there is something else.”

“What?” Her sister questioned, not picking up on her tone.

She decided to just to say it. After all, there was no reason to be ashamed. This was a long, proud tradition in her family. “As matriarch of our family, our mother has decided... that... I am to be your companion.”

At first, Hanabi's reaction was unreadable. Then, she smiled and blushed even as she looked to her side. “I was curious who it would be, but I have to say, I'm kind of glad it is you.”

“Really?” Hinata said surprised.

“Yeah, well you know I don't exactly get along with girls that well.”

Her sister was being a bit hard on herself. It wasn't that she didn't along with other girls; it was she just never found them that interesting. Hanabi had always preferred running wild with the boys. It had almost come as a relief to her parents, especially since it wasn't that she couldn't be ladylike, she just preferred not to be.

“Well, you know what that means right?” Hinata said looking her sister and eye.

“Yes, I do.”

“Is there anything you want to ask me?” Her sister looked down and was quiet for so long she prompted, “It's okay. I asked all sorts of questions to my companion.” She didn't add that it had taken her weeks to build up the courage to ask even a single question.

“Um, there is one thing,” Hanabi said becoming very interested in her sleeve.


“Well, do um, that is, are, you known.” She shook her head and looked right at her eyes and asked, “Do your breasts get in the way of fighting?”

She smiled to herself. It was so like her sister that her first question would be about fighting. “Not really. The Gentle Fist relies heavily on striking and as for the spinning moves. Will, I suggest a sports bra and make sure you incorporate some pectoral exercises into your routine. That will help keep them from being distracting to you.”

Her sister nodded and added, “I still hope mine stay small still.”

“They're not so bad,” Hinata said trying to console her sister.

The two sisters were quiet for a moment before Hanabi spoke again. “So, your breasts are really firm them?”

“Yes,” she said before adding, “Would you like to feel for yourself?”

“Would that be okay?” Her younger sister asked.

“Of course it is. I'm your companion after all.”

Her sister looked around nervously, as if she expected someone else to be in the room with them, before she pushed herself to her knees and came around the table. Hinata turned when Hanabi was only an arm's length away and opened the top of her robe. At first, she just intended to open it a little, but that felt a little awkward so she pulled her bathrobe down to her hips, free in her arms and exposing her chest.

Hanabi’s eyes were locked onto her breasts and she couldn't help but smile and blush at the attention. Her sisters’ hand reached out tentatively, probably half expecting it to be slapped away. When her fingertips came in contact with her left breasts, though, Hinata just closed her eyes as the fingertips slowly glided over the curved surface. She squeezed gently before letting her hands glide to the other, fingertips just brushing against her skin. When she brought up her other hand, she squeezed them both gently.

“They are pretty firm, but kind of soft too.”

Under her sister's palms, she could feel her nipples become hard as she closed her eyes and let out an almost inaudible gasp. Hands left her breast suddenly as her sister said worriedly, “I'm sorry.”

Hinata opened her pale eyes and smiled at the worried expression on Hanabi’s face. “No, it's okay. I was enjoying it. Breasts are very sensitive after all. Don't you ever play with them when you know?” For some reason she couldn't say the word masturbate and simply blushed and looked at the tabletop instead.

“I don't really know how to do that.”

Her sister's comment was so surprising that she overcame her own embarrassment and looked at her in shock. This time it was Hanabi's turn to blush and looked down at the floor. It was sort of cute, this role reversal of theirs. “Really? I mean you never...”

She trailed off as her sister shook her head. “I mean, I've rubbed it and stuff, but never for very long.” She scratched the back of her head nervously and Hinata knew if she was silent her sister would continue. “Sometimes, I would put a pillow between my legs and sort of rub against it.”

“I see.” The older girl hesitated for a second, wondering if she should push or simply let things rest here. However, if her sister had never experienced an orgasm and she started messing around with a boy, starting off with kissing, which would lead to groping and maybe further, she might not be able to stop. If her sister couldn't stop then she would've failed as a companion. At least that's what she tried to tell herself. “Would you like me to do it for you?”

Hanabi’s face turned a deeper shade of red, but she said, “Can you?”

She smiled gently. “It's my duty, as your companion.” There was a long silence between the two of them and then she added, “If you want me to, you'll have to take off your clothes.”

Her sister hesitated, and when Hinata was sure she was going to decline her offer, she nodded. Hanabi's hands started to unbuttoned her top, but she paused then asked, “Everything?”

She nodded and said, “It is the best.” In an attempt to make her sister more comfortable she pulled loose the belt of her robe and stood, tossing it to the side. She was now completely naked as she took a seat again.

Her sister had watched her, and perhaps not wanting to be outdone in boldness, she unbuttoned her top quickly and shrugged it off before rocking back and slipping off her synthetic silk pajama bottoms. Hanabi sat back upon her knee and folded her hands on her lap. She looked so formal that it took a supreme effort by Hinata not to laugh out loud.

“Is something wrong?” Hanabi questioned.

“No. I'm just remembering my first time.” Hinata said thinking she covered herself pretty well there. “Just relax and enjoy this okay?”

Her sister nodded and Hinata crawled around so that she was behind her. She placed her right hand on her sister's upper arm and slowly slid down to her elbow. The pale skin was soft against her fingers. Her other arm slipped between her sisters left arm and stomach, separating the two and placed her hand on the younger’s stomach. Hinata could feel her breathing increase and with every exhalation she felt the taut muscles underneath. Leaning in so her breasts were pressing against her sister’s back, she said into her ear. “Remember, you're in charge. If you want me to stop, just say so.”

“Yeah,” her sister said breathlessly.

Hinata smiled as she pulled on the smaller girl’s arm which removed the abstraction to her final goal. Sliding her hand down her sister’s side, she slipped over her thin thigh. With her hand now in between them, she caressed the entire length of the inner thigh slowly pushing them apart. Then, her hand moved to her final destination. Her fingertips touched the outer lips of her sister's most private spot.

Hanabi gasped, her head leaning against her shoulder, her eyes closed. Hinata couldn't resist the temptation and pressed her lips against her mouth, stealing what she thought was her first kiss. Hanabi’s body tensed as their lips pressed against each other. Slowly, the other started to respond to her kiss, and when she opened her mouth, the older’s tongue darted in only to be blocked by the younger’s teeth.

Hinata’s left hand was still resting on Hanabi’s stomach; she slowly slid it up her body until it came in contact with her left nipple. It was just barely a bud, a mere precursor of what might come, but under her fingertips it became hard and erect. Hanabi’s mouth opened in a groan and Hinata’s tongue invaded and wrestled the smaller for a moment before she pulled back, breaking the kiss.

The younger pushed against her body, the friction making both of Hinata’s nipples erect. She smiled at the sensation, watching her little sister's mouth work as if her mouth was still there. Her right hand had drifted down to the very bottom of the younger slit and she now slipped her index and middle finger into it. Slowly bringing her hand up, she silenced her sister’s moan with another kiss.

When her index finger finally touched her sister's clitoris, Hanabi bucked into her in both surprise and pleasure. Hinata pushed her hips forward, against her sister’s butt, enjoying the contact. Her index finger slowly circled Hanabi's clitoris as her left hand now simply rested on the hard nipple. They continued to kiss as she slowly extended her middle finger before pushing into her vaginal opening.

One day, a penis would go in here on its way to deposit sperm. Months later, if all went well, her niece or nephew would pass through here too. Right now, though, it was her finger that penetrated and felt the warmth of being surrounded by warm wet flesh. She was the first foreigner here and that thought alone almost pushed her over the edge.

She only pushed her finger in to the first joint, but that was enough to push her sister over the edge. Her entire body tended and the younger girl would've moaned loud enough to alert the entire house if their lips were still not pressed together. After a second, a moment, an eternity, Hanabi slipped away from her grasp. Her face was flushed. Her breaths were deep. However, most importantly of all to her sister was that Hanabi was smiling.

A few minutes later, they both lay together in each other's arms. Hinata had wrapped her arms around her younger sister who was nestled between her breasts. Their bodies were in as much contact as possible and one of Hanabi's legs was between her thighs. Her sister in turn had wrapped her arms around her, hugging her.

“That was nice,” Hanabi spoke, breaking the silence.

“I'm glad you enjoyed it,” Hinata responded starting to feel a little guilty over something she had done. After a moment she added, “I'm sorry.”

Hanabi looked up at her and asked with a frown, “For what?”

She blushed and couldn't meet her sister's eyes as she said, “I stole your first kiss. I shouldn't have done that.” Hinata closed her eyes, remembering all the time she had dreamed of kissing Naruto. She had desperately wanted him to be her first kiss. In the end, though, her former companion had been her first kiss. After a year doing stuff together she had convinced her to practice on her. She had not even given Hanabi that option, though.

Her sister burst out laughing and rolled away, clutching her stomach in exaggerated mirth. After a second, she looked up at her, grinning, and said, “You didn't steal my first kiss.”

“What?” Hinata said in disbelief and slightly hurt that her sister had not shared this information with her before. “Who have you kissed?”

Hanabi hesitated, but then said, “My teammates.”

Hinata noticed the use of the plural and blushed as she said, “Both of them?”

Her sister nodded. “It wasn't really serious. It was just part of a favor. I mean they were curious and so was I,” said shrugging.

She tried to imagine doing something like that with either of her teammates, but she couldn't even now and couldn't imagine doing it when she was her sister's age. Then, a humorous thought occurred to her and emboldened by their recent intimacy she said, “Well, it looks like I became your companion just in the nick time.” It was rare she could see her sister blush and even rarer that Hanabi was rendered speechless.

“I wouldn't have done anything like that,” her sister finally blurted out.

Smiling, Hinata folded her knees up to her chest and said nervously, “Well, remember, I'm supposed to satisfy those desires now.”

Hanabi smiled. “You know, I'm going to take you up on that.”

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