Story: Under the Cherry Blossom Tree (chapter 19)

Authors: Kamui_Maiko

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Chapter 19

Title: 19. Girl Talk / New Intertwine

[Author's notes: Can't believe what has happened...I hope I can do better.]

Girl Talk

I shut my bedroom door and Fubuki and I were alone. I told her to slip into something more comfortable but she insisted on wearing her school uniform. “I’m very comfortable, Miss Suzuki. Believe me.”

“I said called me Sayoko.” I warned.

She sighed. “OK, Miss Sayoko.”

At least I got a compromise. “All right, so tell me, what kind of danger will I be experiencing?” I didn’t want to waste any time. “I want to at least be ready.”

My forwardness even surprised myself; just a few days ago, I would’ve been frightened and hiding in a corner of my room, trying to squeezing into it while wishing I were a quark; now I’m actually trying to figure out what to do.

Maybe having almost done it with Ryoko in the public has made me bolder?

I mused. Fubuki cocked an eyebrow. “To be honest with you, Miss Kanazuki didn’t specify what type of possible threats are there against you, but…” She said.

“Could you…” I slipped back to my old self for a moment. “Could you at least…um…tell me where I can hide if someone were to come? Actually, wouldn’t it be better if we called the police?”

Fubuki’s eyes narrowed. “I’m afraid in this case, the police will not be much help. In addition, I would like to protect the familial honor of Miss Kanazuki if at all possible. Going to the police with this case would mean possible public exposure.” She bowed. “I’m sorry but I cannot recommend seeking help from the police.”

I shook my head and buried my face in hands. “What am I supposed to do? This is just so unreal…”

Fubuki put her hands on my shoulders. “It’ll be OK, Miss…Sayoko. I…” She paused. “I will protect your honor as well.”

I looked into her eyes. “At the very least, tell me what to do. Please.” I said.

She bit her lower lip. “I’ll be close to you. Don’t worry.”

I fell back into my bed. “The only reason you sound like you care is because Mari told you to.”

Fubuki stood up and looked over me. “No. Or rather, that’s only part of the reason.”

“You and I hardly know each other.” I said.

“That’s not a problem.” She said.

I turned away from her. “You don’t know me.”

To my surprise, she fell into my bed next to me. “But I feel that I do.”

We turned our faces at the same time and I found her deep brown eyes gazing at me. I blushed and she blushed at nearly the same time.

I instinctively wanted to turn my face away but I held her gaze. God, I never realized how deep her eyes were. I think the only other person that I know with such deep eyes is none other than yours truly. My body slowly relaxed as I fell under the hypnotic powers of her dark brown eyes. It was as if I was staring into a bottomless lake; there were so many mysteries and ancient tales hidden underneath the water…

“I know you.” She said.

“I don’t understand.” I said.

She sat up and looked at the wall that I hung my Aoi Hana calendar on. “If you promise not to laugh, then I shall tell you a tale that was passed down in my family since the days of old.” She said. After that, she peered at my face a little sheepishly.

I tried my best to smile and I did manage to nod. “Cross my heart and hope to die.”

Her lips opened slightly and a gentle laughter escaped as her eyes turned wispy. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “No one in our clan remember the era or even the period of time in history that it took place, but it was very long ago…”

I noted that she didn’t realize that she said “clan” instead of “family”.

She continued. “Long ago, it was said that the women from our clan had the deepest eyes in the entire country. Back then, a ‘country’ was just a region with a castle in the middle of it. A country was nothing like what we have today; it was more like a kingdom, except there were no kings, just noble warrior families. The shogun was at the top of the warrior class. The emperor, who was regarded as the ruler of the entire land, didn’t have any true powers. That said; the emperor’s family had always struggled with the shogun’s clan for real powers.”

I nodded.

“We had never really been the shogun’s allies because we were descendents of the imperial family. However, as time went on, our ancestry was forgotten and the records were lost. Thus, we became direct servants/protectors of the imperial family.”

I shrugged. I didn’t see how the story was relevant to me.

“Anyway, in the tale passed down in our clan, when a woman warrior finds a person with eyes as deep as the night itself, she has found her soul mate. This person was destined to become her companion for life.”

“You mean her marriage partner?” I said lazily. I was feeling quite comfortable and falling asleep.

“Not necessarily.”

“So, what if you find a girl with ‘eyes as deep as the night itself’? What would you do?”

She blushed and even her ears turned red. “Then she will be my companion for life.”

I sprung off my bed and nearly fell in surprise. “What?”

She hung her head and said nothing.

I froze. OK, this is weird. “Um…you said that ‘you know me’.”

She nodded.

“And the legend in your clan says that if a woman warrior encounters someone with eyes as deep as the night, she will make that person her companion.”

“No, it’s more like that person will become her companion.”

“Whatever. Are you implying…that I’m your ‘companion’?”

She quickly shot me a glance and then looked away. “I don’t know. I’m not implying anything.”

I held my forehead. “You know, I like you as a person and all but…this is weird.”

“I’m very sorry to have troubled you, Miss Suzuki.”

“Call me Sayoko, and no, you have not troubled me. It’s just that…” I sighed. “I don’t think you should trust a legend passed down from long ago. Especially when the legend doesn’t seem to be a solid background.”

Fubuki shook her head. “I don’t question the teaching passed down from our elders. That said…” She cast a sideways glance at me and then looked away. “You do have the deepest eyes I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh dear.” I shook my head. “This is just not the right time…”

“I know, I know! That’s why I’m awkward!”

We stared at each other for a moment and burst out in laughter.

Trying to catch my breath, I managed: “You’re awkward?”

She nodded furiously. “Yes, I’m awkward!”

I put my right hand on her left arm. “No, you’re not awkward. I am.”

She firmly shook her head. “No, you’re not awkward. You’re…”



“What? What am I?”

She rocked back and forth a little. I noticed that it was the first time she had a relaxed posture.

“Well, what am I?” I insisted.

She looked at me directly in the eyes. “You’re simply special.”

“Oh cut the crap.” I started to get up. She touched my shoulder and I turned to look at her.

“You must be an amazing person, so much so that Miss Kanazuki couldn’t stop talking about you…” Fubuki said.

Detecting a hint of jealousy and sadness mixed with firmness and encouragement from her voice, I sat back down. I stared at my feet for a while. I was barefoot and my big size-6 feet were ugly. My toes were slim and weak.

“I’m sorry.” I said.

“No, you’ve done nothing wrong.” Fubuki said. “After all, one cannot dictate who she loves; she just loves. As women, we simply love more.”

I nodded. After a moment, I began to stare at her bare feet. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed her face was starting to turn beet red. “What…why are you staring at them?” She said. With that, she quickly sat in the lotus position and tried to hide her feet. But her soles were bare and out of impulse, I started tickling her right sole, which was facing my direction.

“Kya ha ha ha ha! Please, stop!” She burst out in laughter and started speaking incoherently while trying to get away from me. My fingers followed her movement.

“OK, OK, that’s it!” She said. She moved around me so quickly that I couldn’t catch her. Before I could react, her hands found their way to my armpits and she started wiggling her fingers!

“Teehee, that tickles!” I laughed hard and I squirmed, trying to get away from her. But she was the martial arts expert and her movements were fast and furious. Every time I tried to tickle back, her fingers found the most ticklish spots on my body and attacked mercilessly.

“Coochie-coochie-coo!” She cooed in my ears as her fingers attacked in high speed. Oh god! A shiver shot up my spine as I cursed myself for caving in so easily. Why was that just about every girl that I met quickly found out my weak spot?

After what seemed like forever, I lost my strength and fell into a sea of laughter. It seemed like my world was drowning in waves composed of her tickling fingers, which mercilessly stroked, grazed and lightly scratched every possible ticklish spot. She even found the bottom of my soles and ravaged them as fast and as furious as a flash storm tearing through a small mountain town.

“No! I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry! I give up!” I laughed with so much tears that I got confused. I shrank into a ball but her fingertips were still finding delicious spots on my frail body. She didn’t grow her fingernails long but she seemed to know what type of rhythm and what speed of strokes worked the best on me.

Just when I thought I was going to pass out after being drowned in the sea of tickling. She stopped cold and then held me in her arms.

I was panting so hard I thought I was going to run out of breath.

“You’re a precious one.” Fubuki said with a glint in her eye. “But now you must rest.”

OK, what was that all about? It was fun but…

“Shh.” She whispered. “Let all that tension out of your body. Feel it sink to the bottom of the lake and just relax.”

Her voice was so soft and comforting. After all that tickling, I was tired and my body felt like a wet toast. I couldn’t resist anything she said.

“Close your eyes and don’t think about anything. Just fall into sleep.”

I closed my eyes. My mind was silent and I couldn’t think. I wasn’t able to move a muscle.

“Good night. I’ll keep watch for a while.”

I began to lose consciousness. The last thing I remembered was Fubuki laying me down gently into my bed…


New intertwine 

A fire started in my loins and ran wild all over my body. I grew wide-eyed without knowing what to do next but putting my fingers where my body begged to be touched. I ran my hands all over my flesh, pinching, teasing and tickling my sensitive spots while moaning and groaning. I have never thought that I’d be so lustful. After all, nobody even reached the sanctum deep inside my heart. The place had always been protected by a force field, laced with ice magic and frozen elements from the Antarctic Circle. However, women have attempted to penetrate or infiltrate my force field in order to open my heart and reach the sanctum. As I gazed, the ocean, the moonlight, the lake and the child-like elements have tried to neutralize the field and enter my private thoughts, which was yet to be fully explored by others. However, their repeated efforts were becoming more and more effective. I was being cornered and yet, as much as I wanted to run further, I longed to open up completely; I wanted to be naked without fear and hold her.

The only problem was not I didn’t know which one she was.

I woke up gasping for air. Taking heavy breaths, I slowly looked around. Fubuki was sitting near the window and wide-awake even though the sun wasn’t up yet. “You all right?” She asked with a casual tone in her voice.

I scratched my head. “I can’t remember the last time that I felt really all right but…Yeah, I’m all right.”

I shot a look at her direction. She was already dressed in school uniform. Damn, I thought, she sure is fast and early. I noticed she had her katana by her side. “What, don’t tell me, you slept with your head leaning against your sword?”

“Ha. Don’t be silly. I slept in the futon, thank you.” She said. “I didn’t anticipate any danger and there was no need to be on high alert.”

She stood up. “Let’s get ready to go to school.”

I sighed. Sliding out of my cover, I landed on the ground on my butt. Waving Fubuki off and signaling that I was OK, I began to strip. Then I stopped in the middle of my routine.

Fubuki made no attempt to leave my room. As a matter of fact, she kept her eyes on me.

“Ah…” I stuttered. “Maybe you should…turn around or something…”

“Why, we’re both girls. Anyway, I’m not interested in you like that.”

“Then why are you staring at me?”

She brushed her bangs aside. “Just comparing.”


She turned to look outside. “Fine, you can change now.”

I must admit I was slightly disappointed at her reaction. Sighing, I stripped and stood naked next to her. She made no attempt to survey me. My body was probably too frail and the lack of curvatures didn’t turn her on.

“Don’t worry about my reaction.” She spoke into my thoughts without turning my direction. “But, you may want to worry about Miss Sanomiya’s reaction when she sees us together.”

I froze. My thoughts were a mess because I just woke up five minutes ago. “What?”

She nodded toward outside the window. Rubbing my eyes, I slowly walked to the window and looked outside. Gasping, I jumped back.

Ryoko was standing in front of the door to my house. She had a worried look on her face.

“Oh my god oh my god, you…you have to hide!” I panicked.

“Why?” She said. She made no attempt to move.

“Well, we can’t let her see you or know you’re here!”

“She can’t see me from there. Besides, it’s not certain if she’ll press the doorbell. Even if she does, I don’t have to go and greet her. That said,” she looked at my direction with smiling eyes and lips slightly curving upward. “You know she’ll eventually find out that we’re living together, right?”

I grabbed my hair. “Oh you…we’re not living together…or rather, we’re roommates but…I mean…”

“You’ve got some time. Why don’t you go take a shower or something? I don’t think she’ll be pressing the doorbell anytime soon.” Fubuki said casually.

My mind was racing but my body seemed to have stuck in second gear. After a few seconds, I stomped the floor with my right foot and I went to take my shower.

As soon as I finished my shower, I dried myself and grabbed my clothes, threw them on. Fubuki was not in my room. I quickly headed downstairs.

Both Fubuki and Ryoko were sitting next to the dining table. They smiled.

I almost fell on my butt. Damn you, Fubuki! Why did you open the door? “I…uh…”

“Hi kitten.” Ryoko said. She looked glorious basking in the morning sunlight splashed in the dining room.

“Ah..Hi.” I managed. “Well, I guess…you two met, um…This is Fubuki, she’s…uh…” I scratched my head and searched for an explanation. “She’s…uh, a friend of mine.”

Ryoko grinned with mischief. “You mean, she’s your new protector, right?”

“What…?” I gasped. “But how…”

“She told me everything.”

I shot a harsh look at Fubuki and felt like a moron. What made it worse was that I became a moron in front of Ryoko! “That’s uh…nice…” I wished that my stare were as sharp as Mari’s. I kept staring at Fubuki. “Thanks, Fubuki, for explaining everything.”

Fubuki smiled a little bit too broadly. “You’re welcome, Miss Sayoko.”

“You know, I didn’t quite mean that.” I seethed.

She shrugged “I know.”

Yep, I wanted to dig a hole and hide. “Look, Ryoko…”

“I know. I know about everything.” Ryoko said. She stood up.

“Let’s talk about it on our way to school. By the way, I didn’t want to get a ride in my family car, but I guess this occasion calls for some privacy.”

I was dumbfounded. “What?”

Ryoko gestured. “Let’s go. I’ll tell you everything…everything between the families of Miss Kanazuki, Fubuki, and mine in the limo.”

My shoulders fell and I felt defeated. “All right.”

With that, we left my house, got into the limo and headed toward school.


[End notes: I can't believe how everything has turned out. What will happen next? I don't even know. ^^;;]

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