Story: Under the Cherry Blossom Tree (chapter 15)

Authors: Kamui_Maiko

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Chapter 15

Title: 15. The Wolf Pack of Men

[Author's notes: Don't worry, the appearance of males will be quite short. Trust me! ^^;;]

The Wolf Pack of Men

I skipped the girls’ bathroom and went straight to the girls’ locker. The smell of urine and all that weren’t my cup of tea. But the sweat from the bodies of the members of the same sex was irresistible. I sighed, stunned at my reaction of the smell of sweaty girls and relieved that I didn’t care for the smell of the opposite sex.

God, it’s so sinful! I know! I know! It’s wrong! I know. Oh goodness…Ryoko…Mari…Oh the smell of sweating female just like me…Oh no, I’m being like a male?

I shook my head. I had no idea what the boys in my school would do in my position. But slowly, like the cherry blossom petal that fell into the sake of a man’s cup, my lust was slowly seeping out via the coaxing of the dissolving powers of the rice nectar and it formed a sensual atmosphere around me. My nose was slowly absorbing in the different odors and spreading each into different reception spots.

I trembled. The smell of other girls saturated the entire locker room. Anyone (boy) who thought girls always smelled nice need to take a tour inside the girls’ locker room during gym classes. Trust me, it wasn’t so mystical.

The tampon wrappers and public hair remains scattered would probably drive the disgusting males nuts. How simple they were!

The feminine products only served to magnify my shame and desire. I was not being grossed out by the smell and hygiene of other girls but I should’ve had.

I shook my head. Ryoko’s locker was that way. Mari’s was closer but I was greedy. Surrounding by the smell that I was most comfortable with (it was just like my own on certain days in a month), I drifted toward Ryoko’s locker.


Shocked and stunned, I snapped my head toward the direction of the noise by human instinct.

My jaw dropped and I tried to cover my naked lower body (I had already pulled down my sports trunks and panties underneath) as the males pressed their way in, and closer to me.

“What are you…” I swallowed. “This is girls’ locker room.” I barely managed.

They bared their teeth. “She says hi, bitch.”

They surrounded me with their out stretched arms.

“But wait a minute,” I said. “I…I don’t understand…” I pressed both of my hands hard into my crotch.

The lead male smiled wolfishly. “She told me to ask you: ‘who the fuck gave you the right to walk next to Miss Kanazuki?’ Who did, huh?”

He slammed his hands next to either side of my head into the lockers as I fell back into them. “So tell me, bitch, who told you that you could walk next to Miss Kanazuki?”

I shut my eyes and my lips tight.

“Very well. Boys, I was told that we should have some fun.”

I could hear his snicker. “But this one is a stick-chick, so I guess just do your best.”

I squeezed my eyes.

“What, she’d be a boring fuck!” “a ugly piece of glasses freak!” “Shit, Kenji, this one can’t satisfy my throbbing cock! I followed your advice and endured 30 minutes of masturbation before I came here to get some fun!”

Before I could scream in my mind, ‘Kenji” grabbed my arms and pinned them against the wall. He was powerful and I couldn’t move either of my hands. “Yeah, yeah, whatever, just get your ding-dongs inside her and get this shit over with so we can all get paid.”

I stared at him and then quickly scanned at all of them in horror before closing my eyes.

Oh God, help me! Everything moved so fast and I can’t deal with it! Please, GOD!

There was a moment of silence as the hyenas drooled. ‘Kenji’ uttered an ugly chuckle.

“Let the fuck-fest begin!”

I winced, as I smelled some male approaching me. I clawed and held on to my sports trunks as he begin to over power me and began to pull it down.

My god, my god, why have you forsaken me?

Just when the strange nonsense was racing through my mind, I heard a yell.

I couldn’t quite understand it. But it was a shout of battle given by a female warrior of federal Japan, at least that what I believed.

I opened my eyes for the first time in almost 5 minutes and saw a warrior of old (I believed), rushing toward my foes.

She raised her arms and that wooden sword high in the air as all the males stared in horror…


[End notes: Just curious. :P Why do you guys like my story? :)]

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