Story: Love Till Death (all chapters)

Authors: P4ND4 B34R

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: I decided to rate this as 'T' just because of the content presented. I personally feel as if a teenage auidence and higher will be able to with stand it. Nothing to gory I think. If anyone feels diffferent, please tell me and I will go through the steps to change the rating. Also~ I'm sorry if it's really short D: It was only about two pages in Word Document. I would've made it longer if I didn't have to keep to set template.]

 The limb, pale and bloody body laid gracefully in the marble bathtub. Water was filled three-fourths of the way full; just a few spots were it spilled over the rounded edges. The clear liquid that is used to keep life had been stained with the bright red color of blood, making it a focal point in the extremely white bathroom. Inside the perfectly created tub was the figure of the young girl, only a teenager. Her skin looked as if it was porcelain. Pale. Gorgeous. Flawless. Perfection. On lookers had to resist the urge to just brush against it, just to prove the fact it was just as soft as it looks. She lay unclothed in the substance; the water rising just above her breasts to make sure nothing was exposed. Her left arm was rested gently against the wall while her right was off to the side, her wrist showing. On each sculpted wrist were deep gashes, slashed in every way possible; obviously done in a grotesque manner. From the deepest wounds the glorious blood still dripped, while the smaller ones had already dried over and begun their useless scabbing process.

Standing in the archway door was another girl, just a tad bit older. A shocked, horrified, pained expression rest clearly on her features as she tried to take in the scene that was presented before her. The clear, salt incrusted droplets; that she didn’t even realize were there, started to stream down her cheeks, making small patters on the floor. Whispers of “No.. please no..,” and “I was to late.. I.. I was too late..” started to fill the sound barrier as well. Slowly but surely, the life filled girl took abrupt, agile steps towards the lifeless form. Her steps sounded like stampedes, as she bent down; scrunching the crème colored rug against tub’s side, she plunged her arms into the murky H2O and immediately wrapped them around the other. The water spilled over, drenching the floor and clothes of the live one. Her torso was now viewable by the outside world, who ever wanted to look. Even through the disgusting liquids meshed together, you could see that this doll’s skin was no longer amazing. There were large clusters of black, purple, and a tainted yellow color that were scattered across her flesh. These were marks of what she lived through every day. Regardless of whether they were at school, home, or at supposed friend’s houses. This, was the least of her problems.

          “No Zoe.. No..”

      She pulled Zoe; now knowing her name, to her own body, Zoe’s arms stretching behind her as her head tilted back slightly. More conscious tears rolled down the other’s face, herself heaving with every breath sucked down her now sore throat, each time getting harder to reach for oxygen. Pushing the numb figure back, she examined the arms that had once held her so lovingly. Noticing something different from the all to well normal slits, she pulled the limb to her face. Using the water she washed away the dried blood, observing the words put there.

Kim <3

            It was her name. She did have her on the mind when these events were going on. Kim sat there for a few moments, as if in a dumbfounded trance. Times, dates, places, occasions, everything ran through the intricate machine called a mind. It was almost like a private screening room, Kim could see everything so clearly. Without realizing it, she started crying harder, now the pain targeting the organ that even kept a human being alive. Zoe was pushed to the edge. She couldn’t take it anymore. She had no escape. No rescue. No knight in shining armor. The last straw… the last straw was the disapproval of her parents. The terrible, vile, disgusting, atrocious, ashamed feeling her parents felt when Zoe had told them that she had a girlfriend. Someone from school, and she loved this other girl deeply. Her parents went ballistic. This… was the result.


            Kim stayed there holding Zoe’s corpse for hours, letting the blood water stain her skin as her tears ran out and there was nothing but dry heaves. It was hours before anyone else arrived, and the same performance that Kim had given was repeated by the new comers. Kim was ultimately blamed for this disturbingly gorgeous suicide, but she didn’t care. No matter what, Kim still loved Zoe with every fiber of her physical being. Even though this body of her lover was dead and gone, soon to be rotten and eaten at by the bugs residing in the earth, she still loved her.


“Until death do us part.”

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