Story: The Lesbian and the Two Worst Neighbors (all chapters)

Authors: Moonbat

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 0 : The Pilot

[Author's notes: This is the introduction, the actually detailed story will not start until Chapter 1. Events that take place in this chapter, will reoccur as the story progresses.]

Cecilia gets out of bed after a long after school nap. Since her brother is absent, she does a lost minute chat with an online friend before dinner.

"This is the day" Cecilia thought to herself. She is prepared to tell her family who she really is, a lesbian.

She exits her room, her mother is preparing the table. She comes to sit down. "Okay, lets eat" says her father, Briden Gueermo.

Cecilia -"mom, dad, I have something to admit to all of you".

Mr. Gueermo - "eww, that sounds emotional; b37; what is it lia, whats on your mind? whatever it is, you know your dad has the time b37;"

Cecilia- "Dad, can we just talk?"

Mr. Gueermo - "b37; if you can talk, you can sing, you can lay down the rhythm and bring it! Let the melody do the work, you can sing it ... b37;"

Cecilia - "Dad, I am a LESBIAN"

Mr. Gueermo - "what did you just say"

Cecilia - "I am a lesbian, that's how I feel, that is who I am. I am attracted to girls ..."

Mr. Gueermo - "No daughter of mine is going to be a perverted little dyke!"

Cecilia - "But dad that's who I am!"

Mr. Gueermo - "But there is no man in a lesbian relationship!"

Cecilia - "I know that's why I kinda like it"

Mr. Gueermo - "Don't you even think about it! If I had a lesbian for a daughter, I would be the laughing stalk of the men's rights club!"

Cecilia- "Its my life DAD!"

Mr. Gueermo - "Don't make me slap you! I will slap your face so super hard ..."

Cecilia then stops eating and heads up to her room. After wards, her father grabs her arm very very, hard.

Mr. Gueermo - " Uh uH uppp! you come back here and finish dinner!"

Cecilia - "let go of me! I am running away"

Mr. Gueermo - "you sit down here and tell me you will be a normal good heterosexual girl; or I will slap you until there are giant red hand prints all over your ...

Cecilia then thought back to that conversation she had with her friend abroad "strike your palm against his nose and your fingers will automatically jam right into his eyes" , she just got an idea

Cecilia striked her father's face with an open hand, and her fingers jammed right into his eyes, turning them into disgusting mush

Mr. Gueermo - "AHHH!!!!!, my eyes, I can't see anything without my eyes"

Cecilia licked pieces of her father's eyes form her fingers.

Ms. Gueermo - "OH MY GOD!!! SHE REALLY IS GAY!!!!!"

Cecilia broke her father's grip, and ran to her room. She put some of her favorite anime (hidden beneath her underwear) into a small bag, and head out the door.

She ran to the northern border fence, where she met her friend Sylka RuNu

Sylka - "Hello! Nice to meet you, are you okay?"

Sylks RuNu stroked Cecilia's cheeks. This was the first time in Cecilia's life that she has ever felt another woman's touch, prior it was only her own or a man's.

Cecilia - "yes I am, please take me away"

Sylka - "don't worry I will, I brought a rope, I will take you to my place and shelter and protect you"

Sylka continues to pet her head.

Cecilia - "this was the first time, the first time I was ever touched by another woman"

Sylka - "yes I know"

Cecilia - "only men have ever done this to me, and I was forbidden even to touch myself"

Sylka - "yes, you told me that a million times, now lets get back before somebody sees us"

Cecilia and Sylka head back to the fence. She points to the rope: "OVER THERE!". They both head to it, Sylka starts climbing first "I'll help you up from above". The two climb together. But, something very wrong just happened.

Robert Queermo - "Hey you!, I will get you for what you did to our father! YOU FUCKING FEMINAZI FASCIST DYKE!"

Cecilia - "Oh no, its Da Robster; I must hurry"

Da Robster grabbed Cecilia's leg, she used to her other leg to kick him really hard, knocking him down. Sylka approached the other side and grabbed Cecilia's arm. Da Robster would not let go. Sylka, while on top of the fence, threw an arrow she brought with her right into one of Da Robster's eyes; he fell down in pain.

Both Cecilia and Sylka finally make it to the other side. The other side was covered with a thin grove of trees, making it easy to hide.

That sums up the prologue, stay tuned for the rest of the story.

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