Story: Is Love Forever? (chapter 1)

Authors: ConfuzzledxxYuri

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Chapter 1

Title: Is Love Forever?

Is Love Forver? 



That’s what this era has been called.

I never thought that until now.

My heart is shattered, my soul is incomplete, tears rolled down my cheeks, and I couldn’t stop my body from shaking. I tried to grasp her body, keep her soul from leaving mine… to feel her warmth again.

My love.

My life.

My Sonja.

Tears rolled from my eyes and I felt the fire inside of my body… my hate and guilt and fear. How could she leave me? How could I have failed her?

I looked down at her body. Taking in this new image of her - so many images of her. Angry, sad, excited, in pain, in ecstasy, the most common her smiling face.

Her hair usually thrown in to a bun now askew, strands singed where it once was shiny, her cream warm skin now translucent and cold, her eyes were hidden by her lids. They once shone their odd colors; one blue the other green… but I am sure that shine would be gone.

I lifted her in my arms, not as I had once done so many times before, but I lifted her body more tenderly. I kissed her lips. I finally felt the pain in my body… pain surged in my thigh and I felt the blood sliding down my leg making me limp. My arms screamed at me, my muscles and veins bulging trying to work still. I looked at her face. She was in a peaceful place.

I looked around.




The sky was on fire, buildings that were once ruins were dust now. I held her body closer to mine. I heard a click. I turned my body in response.

I looked at the creatures who started this mess. They took her from me. And now they wanted me too. I smiled at Sonja’s beautiful sleeping face back toward the creature. I didn’t care any more. I turned my back. I heard it gurgle a few words at me… the language I never picked up.

“Put the girl down!” I heard the voice as clear as day in the language I spoke every day. I turned again to look at the alien once again. I couldn’t help but smile… the alien was using my commanding officer to talk. It’s strange root-like fingers grasping his throat, as if he was a puppet.

I smiled upon hearing the second click as my back turned away from it. As I fell to my knees I held her closer to me.

I’m sorry, Sonja, please continue to allow me to be selfish.

I heard another click and I watched as my blood soiled her skin. I tried to hold my grip on her form but I couldn’t feel and my eyes grew heavy… the only thing I could hear was my heart beating slower and slower…



Authoress Note:

Please let me know what you think. This is the first time I have written something this utterly depressing and this is also my first time posting one of my own short stories up. If this somehow gets more reviews let me know should I write their story from the beginning or a surprise scenario? Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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