Story: One Way or Another (chapter 6)

Authors: sweetpixiesmile

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Chapter 6

Title: Chapter 6 - A Whole New World

[Author's notes:

Kim Possible © Disney

Alladin © Disney

A/N: What else could I use since the end of chapter eight? Here's to magic carpet rides!


A Whole New World
As performed by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga

I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me, princess, now when did
You last let your heart decide?

I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over, sideways and under
On a magic carpet ride

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go
Or say we're only dreaming

A whole new world
A dazzling place I never knew
But when I'm way up here
It's crystal clear
That now I'm in a whole new world with you (Now I'm in a whole new world with you)

Unbelievable sights
Indescribable feeling
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
Through an endless diamond sky

A whole new world (Don't you dare close your eyes)
A hundred thousand things to see (Hold your breath - it gets better)
I'm like a shooting star
I've come so far
I can't go back to where I used to be

A whole new world (Every turn a surprise)
With new horizons to pursue (Every moment gets better)
I'll chase them anywhere
There's time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you

A whole new world
That's where we'll be
A thrilling chase
A wondrous place
For you and me


Chapter Six - A Whole New World

"I thought you meant something different when you said you'd show me the world," Kim remarked as the hoverpod rose higher and higher.

“What, like show you the Pyramids of Giza or the Acropolis? The laws of physics are meaningless in a cartoon movie, Kimmie.”

The girl leaned against the cockpit bubble, gazing down at the dark side of the earth. Outside, the air grew to a thin light blue, then began to deepen quickly. Features of the planet beneath them began to resolve themselves from indistinct greyish greens and bluish-grey blurs to solid coastlines. Below floated an orb of brilliant blue, rich dark greens and patterns of grey, pristine white, brown and yellow; looking down at the Earth like this took Kim's breath away, and made her slightly pensive. She thought she could pick out the lights of major European cities as they flew through the Mesosphere.

"This is what I fight for. It's this, and it's her," she whispered to herself. "I'll keep you all safe. I promise." Shego pretended not to have heard over the soft hissing of the oxygen converter, covering the plummet of her heart. How could she ask the girl to leave anything behind now?

"How high are we going?" Kim wondered out loud.

"Hold on to your panties, Pumpkin. We'll reach entertainment altitude soon enough. Just let me put on the ACDC."

"Two things. ACDC?" she asked as Shego flicked on the radiation and electromagnetic shielding and the cockpit dome polarizer.

"Automated Collision Detection Control. For space debris. What's the other thing?" Autopilot, flick. ACDC, flick.

"I'm not wearing any."

"Huh? Wearing any wha-" Shego stopped, realizing the subject of the red-head's blithe admission. A sudden desire to tear the girl's clothes off speared through her. The thief took a shuddering breath and released her grip from the control stick. She turned her surprised eyes on the girl, whose furious blush was testament to the truth of her last statement. Shego's own face turned a deeper verdant hue.

"Oh, Sheeego, you blush so beautifully," Kim giggled.

The woman stood up, disturbed at how easily the teen could get to her now, disrupt her calm. She walked to the back of the pod and opened a compartment.

“Here, Pumpkin, spread this behind the chairs,” she said as she tossed a forest green blanket. Kim caught the covering and began unrolling it while the green tinted thief pulled out a hot flask, two plastic mugs and a flat, pale green box. The girl lay the blanket down and then plopped herself on top with a wide expectant grin. Kim just couldn't believe that she had slipped out from home like this, without her Kimmunicator, without telling her parents or Wade or even Ron. She was here with Shego, and that was all that mattered.

The thief sat down, carefully balancing the box.

“What's in the box?” Kim asked.

“Surprise. Cocoa-moo?” Shego put down the box and mugs and unscrewed the flask top.

“Please and thank you. So what's in the box?” Kim asked, brightly. She just really, really wanted to know.

“Cocoa-moo first,” was the reply. Kim pouted a bit, but the woman was being so great, she decided to save the rest of her arsenal for later. The woman passed the redhead a mug of steaming hot chocolate, which was accepted with a murmur of thanks.

“Omigawd, Shego, this is sooo good...” Kim's eyes were wide at the taste of the rich bittersweet liquid.

“Made it myself. Cream's from Bavaria, bit of truffle from France. Chocolate's from a small farmer's union from Côte d’Ivoire. Fair trade, too,” Shego rambled while she poured her own mug. When she recapped the flask and turned to the redhead, she found the girl staring at her mischievously over the mug, gazing at her through lashes. Shego's heart jumped at the unexpectedly enticing sight.

“What?” she said, flustered.

“This is a side of you I never expected to see. I'm so glad you were my first.” Shego nearly spewed hot chocolate all over the blanket, but with incredible force of will, forced it down and coughed a bit instead.

“What?” the woman croaked, a deep green flush on her face.

“I mean my first... everything,” Kim went on, her own blush dusting her cheeks. “You know so much about, I don't know,... things. You've travelled the world; not just gone places, like me, but enjoyed it. You've probably had other, better lovers. You know so much about life and stuff... I'm really happy that you're willing to share it with a small town girl like me.”

Shego was dumbfounded, flattered and amazed. She knew that she wasn't just any old chip off of any block, but to hear the hero say it out loud, so earnestly was... mind-boggling.

“So... the box?” Kim asked, a plaintive look on her face. Shego simply nodded, still digesting the girl's last few sentences. “Spankin'!”

With a wide grin, which to Shego was a gift in and of itself, the girl scooted forward, plunking down on her knees, legs akimbo, and lifted the box. The flat, dusty green box had a large sticker holding it closed, the word “Butter” printed on it in a flowing cursive script. Shego reached over and with a quick smooth motion cut through the sticker with a single index claw. Kim looked up at the woman, her eager smile all the more adorable. The thief simply nodded again. Kim lifted the lid and gasped.

Nestled inside were six cupcakes; dark brown foundations topped with fantastical swirls of red, brown and green, each with a different garnish.

“My favourite bakery. Switzerland can have their chocolates, France their haute cuisine, Asia their exotic appetites. For me, this is a little taste of heaven. You can find it in Vancouver, Canada, on Dunbar Street. Best cupcakes in the world." Kim stared at the tiny clouds of buttered cream topping as Shego smirked. “If you thought Drakken's muffins were good, these cupcakes, Cupcake, are to die for. The flavours are,” she continued, pointing to each as she went, “peanut butter on chocolate, pistachio on chocolate, and one of my personal favourites, raspberry on chocolate.” Shego stopped as the girl looked up, the girl's eyes wide with anticipation. Shego could almost imagine the girl wiping drool from her chin; the smell of the tiny confections was getting even to her. Kim seemed to be unable to put down the box, now that it was in her hands.

“Can, can I...?” The girl's sea green eyes begged. Shego chuckled, a light, husky sound.

“Here, Pumpkin, let me. Which would you like first?” The girl stared, licking her lips.

“Pistachio. Then raspberry. Then peanut butter!”

“Well, okay. But let's see if you make it that far.” Shego carefully extracted the cupcake. Small slivers of pistachio crowned the green swirled cream. She slowly peeled down a side of paper, a little at a time. Kim was practically bug-eyed and drooling by the time she had exposed half of the tiny cake.

“Sheeeegooo!” Kim whined slightly, her eyes locked on the thief's hands.

“Open wide, Princess," Shego purred as she brought the cake to the girl's lips. Kim slowly bit down into the light, rich cream, into the moist chocolate cake. Her eyes fluttered closed.

A long, guttural groan escaped the girl as she chewed. Shego smiled at the hero's delighted response. Kim swallowed slowly. The woman took a small bite from the same cupcake and joined the girl in closed-eye silence. For a moment, they could only hear each other's deep breathing as they contemplated the sensations rolling over their palates.

“Oh, Sheeegoo... that is just.... it really is...”

“Think you can make it to peanut butter?” The girl suddenly looked down and gave Shego a shy look that simply took the woman's breath away.

“More?” Kim said in a little girl voice that caused a frisson of arousal to coalesce in her lover. Shego wordlessly brought the cake up to the girl's mouth. A few more shared bites and the pistachio was gone. Shego lifted out the reddish cupcake.

"This one's one of my favourites," Shego said as she held the cupcake for the girl to eat. "What do you think?"

"Oh,... mmmph,... it's sooo gooood...." The thief lifted Kim's cocoa-moo and brought it to the girl's lips. The girl sipped daintily. Shego glanced at her left wrist, noting the time. She took the box from the swooning teen and placed the cupcake in the girl's hand.

"Grand finale's coming up, Princess. Finish your cocoa-moo," she said as she stowed the box, then sauntered to the control panel. Kim took another bite of the cupcake, small crumbs sprinkling her tunic as she fumbled with the paper. She chased the rich cake down with the rest of her cocoa-moo.

"Remember the ending of that carpet ride in that cartoon movie?" Shego asked as she moved to another control panel. After checking a few displays and flicking of switches, she powered down the internal lights. The hoverpod was suddenly plunged into a majestic darkness, with only the diffused sunlight from the Earth's atmosphere casting a soft glow into the cockpit. The hoverpod slowly slipped into world's shadow. Kim popped the last morsel of raspberry cupcake into her mouth.

"Uh,... wait... Fireworks! At the Forbidden Palace." Shego settled beside the teen, a smile lighting her dark lips. The teen wondered just what Shego had planned as she carefully picked the crumbs off her tunic.

"Right in one." Shego turned away from Kim, retrieved the flask, stowing it away safely.

"Oh Sheeegoo..." The dark haired woman froze as she felt the redhead lean into her back. The girl's perky chest pressing against her. She felt light-headed as the blood gravitated quickly to sensitive regions on her body. Two slim arms encircled her waist and suddenly, Shego felt things she hadn't realized she'd missed.




Maybe we can make this work. Please let it work.

Kim gave a languorous sigh as she held the woman from behind.

Suddenly, a shadow moved at the edge of her vision. Kim whipped her head around, releasing the woman and immediately jumped up into an aggressive stance, but saw nothing. Another motion, the other way. Kim whirled, but again saw nothing but the insides of the cockpit.

"Relax, Pumpkin, the show's just starting." Shego said, sitting on the blanket and pointing into the dark expanse before them.

"What...?" Kim stopped as she saw strange lights playing across the villainess's face. She could see that the woman was barely containing her excitement and turned to look out of the clear cockpit dome. The hero gasped for the second time that night.

Sheets of luminescence glittered around them, mellifluous light that swirled and waved. Soothing hues, orange, violet, green and yellow fell around them, shimmering curtains of cosmic ether bathed the hoverpod.

"Oh my God, Shego,..." Kim was wide-eyed. "It's beautiful..." Luminous curtains of light rushed past, fading, reforming, shifting and fading once more. Profound patterns passed over them, through them, reaching as if into eternity. The red-head moved slowly to the transparent dome and put her hand on the cool, curved surface. She stared up in wonder as light rained down in undulating tides.

"Yeah," came Shego's dreamy voice. She stared up at the teen. For the first time, Shego was conflictedly grateful for her angst filled life that had brought her to this place. It was a jarring, sudden and embarrassing revelation, but she could feel the truth of the thought down to her very core.

"Is it...?" Kim spoke, soft, breathless, awed by the unadulterated display before her.

"Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights." Shego's voice was hushed as well before the enormous natural beauty that danced around them. "I... I really wanted to show this to you, Kim."

Kim turned to the woman, who started and flushed a darker green, caught looking at the teen. There was a light sparkle at the corners of the girl's eyes.

In an instant, Kim's lithe body crashed into the woman, sprawling her upon the comforter.

"Gah!" Shego gasped as the young body lay across hers. Kim held tightly to the woman.

"Princess..." Shego was once again at a loss at what to do with the girl. She stroked the girl's hair. "C'mon Pumpkin, you're missing the show." Kim gave the woman one last squeeze before inching up and turning to lay her head in the crook of the villainess's arm, pressing the length of her against the catsuit-covered body. Shego, in turn, wrapped her arms around the lithe young girl. They stared up at the enchanting cascade of light, each of them deep in their thoughts. Thoughts that moved in fluid eddies, unspoken, pregnant with momentum.

I can't believe she's here, with me. I can't believe this feels so good. I can't believe what I'm doing, mooning over this slip of a girl, this goody-goody.

She's shared so much of herself with me tonight. Things that are important to her. I'm glad I'm here. I'm happy she's with me.

She's so good, and I'm.... evil.

She's a villain, I'm a hero.

I can't give that up... But I can't give her up either.

She's just like me, but on the other side... my dark reflection.

Maybe... I can have... both?

Quietly, they lay, listening to the other's soft, rhythmic breathing. The lights played on, floes of luminous energy, slipping across the planes of the Earth's magnetism.

"Shego..." Kim whispered finally.

"Yeah?" was the equally soft reply. The girl turned, propping herself up on her elbows. She looked into the woman's eyes, those hypnotic, glowing orbs, and swallowed nervously. Shego looked up at her, a quizzical lilt of a smile on her dark lips. Blood rumbled in heavy waves through the hero, her heart beating a rapid staccato of anxiety and passion. A soaring, unfamiliar melody, not heard by her before, yet she now knew she would follow anywhere.



Kim licked her lips and took a deep breath.

"I love you."

Shego felt as if her world had suddenly been pulled askew. A tremendous spasm of heat roared through her body as the words flared across her consciousness. She felt dislocated, disconnected.

She... loves me? She ... loves... me... She loves.... me, the green-tinted woman's mind babbled. Tears appeared in the woman's eyes.

"P-princess,..." Shego whispered before Kim lunged forward. The force of passion that met in their lips prevented any further thought. Such a minuscule connection, less than half a percentile of the human skin. It was a magnificently condensed microcosm of desire.

Kim's tongue flicked out, teasing nascent swirls of elation against Shego's dark lips. As the solar winds blew across the hoverpod, illuminating celestial patterns on their bodies, Kim followed their passing with soft kisses down the woman's slender neck. Slim peach coloured fingers depressed the button on the catsuit's collar. The fabric whispered apart, a schism opening along the seam of the alternating green and black panels. The sections fell away, exposing the light green torso to the hero's fervent touch.

Shego shivered as Kim nipped at her earlobe and blew lightly into it, sending a thrill down her spine. The insistent force of the girl's tactile rumination drew the opened suit down, revealing smooth clavicles and slender shoulders. Fingers pursued the newly unearthed contours, soft lips on bare collarbone. Shego whimpered at the intimate contact even as it pooled a single-minded determination deep within Kim, a filling of erotic sensations, driving the teen on. She traced the lines of light and shadow along the woman's neck and shoulders, the skin pebbling at the insistence of her touch.

Kim slowly drew the catsuit fabric down, crumpling the suit at the green woman's waist, trapping the thief's hands in the folded sleeves. The teen began to chase the formless patterns across the expanse of Shego's upper breasts. A searing heat began to pulse in the woman, arching her back mindlessly against the massed weight of the girl's hands. The girl was instilling a demanding momentum that could not, would not be ignored or diverted. It would not be deflected from its foregone conclusion.

The hero began trailing her full lush hair along the taut green skin, sending a shower of shocks through the thief. Each strand trailed a seductive symphony across her, building to a crescendo of pleasure that simmered. Shego bit her lower lip, as if such an act could contain the marvellous phenomenon screaming through her.

While the woman was so distracted, Kim stripped off her tunic in a single smooth motion and unhooked her blue trimmed white bra. Goosebumps appeared instantly in the cool air. She lay herself directly on top of the half-naked thief, her pert breasts pressing hard against fuller mounds, spiking the woman's hurricane spiral of tightly wound excitement by several magnitudes.

That unconscious glow that occurred the first time the two had made love began to emanate from the woman once again. However, the motes of light streaked directly out of Shego instead of swirling. Kim, not caught in the throes of ecstasy as before watched in fascination as the rhythmic pressure of their breasts seemed to accelerate the number of sparks. Where sparks penetrated the red-head, light warm ripples of pleasure surfaced.

Long restrained moans began to escape from Shego as the waves of sensation erupted into runaway reactions that pulled the thief's body taut. Kim's palms drove meteoric waves along the woman's ribs and flanks. Mind too numbed by wonder to free her hands, the green-tinted villainess wrapped her long legs around the teen, her hips flexing frantically. Yet the girl refused to allow any stimulation to that area, arching her body away slightly, pulling away to bring her hands to continue the sublime compelling touch to Shego's heaving breasts.

“Oh, Oh gawd... Kim! I... I... please!” Shego pleaded through gritted teeth. Kim's lips quirked in triumph, before lowering her lips directly on Shego's left nipple. The woman's resolve collapsed, releasing the accumulated sensual gravity in a cascading seductive discharge.

Shego's guttural roar reverberated in the small cockpit, the shimmering green sparks emerging from the hoverpod in an ever expanding sphere of green light that becalmed the melodious symphony of light for an instant. Her body arched, trembled, her toes curled as the shockwave of her release spread from her innermost self to the tips of her feet, fingers, hair.

Slowly, she returned, the hero's touch no longer insistent, but soothing. It was much longer before coherent thought was possible for the green skinned woman. All the while, the young girl who had orchestrated such a searing eruption smiled down at the remnants of her handiwork. Shego realized the girl had not even touched her most intimate part, and yet had just treated her to one of the most mind blowing orgasms of her life. The comet powered beauty shivered at the thought of what the girl might be able to do if that happened tonight.

“Kim,” Shego's voice was rough from her prolonged cries.

“Yes, my love?”

“Do me a favour. See that round green button on the panel to the left of the pilot chair?” Kim's brow furrowed for a moment, wondering what the woman was going on about at a time like this. She twisted slightly to look.


“Be a good girl and turn it off.” Kim, her own loins pulsating with aching desire, mentally shrugged before walking over to the panel and pressing the button.

Immediately, her feet lifted off the hoverpod floor, her hair flying free. Kim grabbed the back of the pilot chair.

Zero gravity? Kim was about to turn around when a very warm body, still slick with perspiration, pressed itself against her. A very warm, naked body.

When did she...?

“Bit over dressed, aren't you, Princess?” Deft hands settled on the button of her corduroys, even as the woman's soft skin leaned into her back. “Just hold tight and let me do the work.” The thief's breath whispered across her shoulder blades. Those hands, those smooth firm hands lifted her legs, leaving Kim floating parallel to the ground

“Shego, the gravity...?” Warm air blew lightly into her ear, causing a tremolo to scurry up her spine. She could feel the smirk on her skin. The quick deft hands captured the girl's long bangs and threaded he hair into a slipknot.

“We're too low for real zero g, Pumpkin, but the hoverpod's equipped with a gravity field... which you just reversed, see?” Like a sublime mermaid, Shego glided before her, her long black hair trailing behind, also tied in a quick knot. Her long slim hand pointed to the button, which was now a soft flashing red. She rotated and placed her shapely feet against the back of the chair. Kim marvelled at the sight of those fine digits.

“Hold tight, Princess, or we'll bounce all over," the woman's wicked grin elicited a whimper from the red-head as the claws orchestrated light arpeggios of sensation along the length of the girl's sides, hooked into the unbuttoned pants and pushed. The woman's feet braced against the chair; Kim could see the delicate muscle definition on the comet powered beauty's calves. The cool air prickled her legs as her pants were slowly, lovingly removed. With a skilled motion, Shego rotated again and gave the redhead a long, amorous kiss. When the raven-haired woman drew back, Kim's rocketing pulse and heaving chest made her smirk. She held the red-head close, leisurely pressing the length of her body against the red-head. A deep flush rose in the girl.

Day-yum, she really does blush everywhere. The last time the woman had made love to the girl, it had been a night of furious passion. This time, Shego was going to take her time exploring the hero's body, making sure to place her mark on every inch of the girl. She noted the girl's choice of colours with a smile.

“Eyes on the prize, Cupcake,” she breathed into Kim's ear.


Kim gasped as the woman rotated again, sliding her hair along her body, each strand an instrument of sensual desire; the woman rotated around the hero. She could feel the heady rush of blood between her legs. Shego continued to orbit as the girl's breathless gasping filled the hoverpod. Once... twice... On the third, she pressed herself tightly against Kim's smooth back, her round breasts pressing into the girl's skin. Her hands reached around, cupped each pert mound and began a rhythmic squeezing. Kim moaned at the instant passionate crescendo. The thief controlled the tempo of her ascent. On and on, the woman drew out more and more sounds from her peach lips, kneading, pinching, claws scoring lightly along her flushed body.

One hand began to sear a new line of sensation down her ribs, down past her trembling belly. It traced around her belly button for a moment, then continued its journey down past the flat of her lower abdomen, into the rough private recesses of her.

Lulled into an erotic daze, the hero's legs parted of their own accord. Shego's claws slid around the ridge of the girl's hip, then down to the smooth inner thigh. She snapped the electric blue garter; the hero gasped at the playful stinging pain. Kim felt as if she was flying free, through space and time, the bright blaze of her heart, her mind, throbbing in concert with Shego's. There was no room for thought in the maelstrom that spun within her.

Down one side, then the other, Shego rubbed the pads of her fingers in long, lingering strokes, ghosting by the girl's throbbing core, where she could feel a culminating lubrication, pearls of essence that began to float free. Kim twisted in delicious torment as her excitement swelled painfully at the woman's coaxing, her body complying with every bidding.

When Shego's hand finally slid along the centre, slick with ecstasy, Kim gasped as a new harmony of arousal was added to the swirling aria. Claws studiously avoided contact with the most sensitive nub as she massaged the swelling labia.

Kim felt as if her head was going to explode. A wonderful, tremendous tingle was running through her. She laboured for breath, gasping out her affection, short and sweet. It took her a moment to comprehend that the woman's lingers had paused, spreading her wide, the cool air adding to the teen's moans.

What is she-, Kim wondered, frantic, then suddenly realized the woman was asking for permission. Even during their first session, Shego had not entered her body, except when they kissed. Lips, tongue, touch had been withheld from those intimate recesses.

“Yes, Shego, yes!” Kim groaned out. Slowly, she felt something enter her, causing the glowing embers of her to flare into a paroxysm of pleasure. Her entire body trembled as a clawed finger inserted itself within her.

She's in me, she's gone inside me, Shego's inside me, Kim mindlessly revelled.

Shego began a very detailed, minute exploration of Kim, her finger searching little by little the girl's velvet depths. Back and forth she swept the pad of her finger, careful with her trimmed and buffed claw. When she found it, Shego smirked. It was a small protruding patch, slightly rough. She rubbed gently.

Kim's hips bucked suddenly as she released a scream. Shego's grin was positively wicked as she slowly pulse charged her finger with her glow. The girl began to twist and writhe, moaning heavily as the pressure mounted.

“She-shego, I have to, I-”

“Shhhhh.... it's okay Princess, I know. Just do it... C'mon...”

“B-but, I really need to,... Oh gawd! I gotta-!”

“It's alright, it's okay. Just let it go. Do it for me, Kimmie, just let go... you can do it.” The woman's sultry voice drove her arousal higher.

“No... no... it's... agh.... gnnnnng...” Kim clamped her determination down. The pressure building was weird, it was strange. She felt the urge to urinate. She was embarrassed. No, she was mortified. In the middle of the act of lovemaking, and she needed to go. And here was Shego, telling her to just do it! She held on for all she was worth. It felt way too good to stop. She couldn't stop.

“C'mon Pimpkin... it's just me... c'mon Kimmie, I really want to see it, do it.”

Kim could only reply with a tight, breathless whine. With that Shego sent a very slight electrical charge into the now bulbous nodule that she was stimulating. At the same time, she rubbed her thumb along the hero's clitoris.

"Come for me, Princess!"

Kim shrieked as a opalescent stream exploded from between her legs. She couldn't help it. Her thoughts, her embarrassment were wiped away as the pleasure that had built to a crescendo explosively released itself, a tempest of bliss. She bucked, writhing as her passion shot out of her, a fine diamond mist in zero gravity. It seemed to go on and on, Shego's fingers teasing her to greater, longer heights. Through it all, Shego held the undulating girl in a tight, intimate embrace. Kim thought she would die from pleasure.

Eventually, Kim quieted. Shego slowly pried the hero's cramped hands from the pilot chair and spun her around to float face up, looking out of the cockpit dome.

“Welcome back, Princess," Shego grinned.

“I-, w-what... d-did I...?” Kim stammered, her embarrassed blush making the woman chuckle.

“Relax, Kim. I found your 'g-spot'. It's not urine or anything. It's female ejaculation.” Shego stroked the girl, trying to calm her.

“Wow. I just.... wow. Really?” Kim wrapped her arms around the woman. Outside, the magnetic illumination continued its cosmic dance. “I thought I was going to die!”

“I'm sure. It's kinda whitish, see?” Shego held up her finger, which was covered with a pearly film. “Every woman can do it.” She paused, looking at the back of the cockpit. “Damn, Cupcake, it's like the fuckin' Milky Way! I'm gonna need a mop later.” Kim, still flushed and panting from her release, blushed a deeper red. Shego smirked.

“Well, I promised you fireworks, didn't I?”

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