Story: One Way or Another (chapter 4)

Authors: sweetpixiesmile

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Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4 - Crimson and Clover

[Author's notes:

Disclaimer: Kim Possible © Disney

Crimson and Clover © Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Any resemblance to other Disney media is simply a product of my Disney fetish.


Crimson and Clover
as performed by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Ah, now I don't hardly know her
But I think I could love her
Crimson and clover

Ah when she comes walking over
Now Ive been waitin to show her
Crimson and clover over and over

Yeah, my, my such a sweet thing
I wanna do everything
What a beautiful feeling
Crimson and clover over and over

Crimson and clover over and over
Crimson and clover over and over
Crimson and clover over and over
Crimson and clover over and over


Chapter Four: Crimson and Clover

Kim Possible was in heaven.

She was riding the euphoric waves that had started the night she had shared herself with a particular glowing special someone. It was a singular event that completely changed her world. At times, she swore that things seemed newer, the sun seemed softer, that everything had a glow to it.

The redhead took an early morning mission with her typical gusto, but accented it with a joie de vie that elicited a smile from the distraught but grateful woman who's cat she rescued from a barbed fence that was electrified by a secured car battery. Brimming with a buoyant energy, Kim decided to run the few miles to school. She passed Ron who was chugging along on his decrepit scooter with a smile and a wave.

"Hey KP, how's my best friend?" Ron called out, seeing the redhead approaching quickly.

"Fabulous Ron, I'm totally good!" she replied over her shoulder as she sped past. "See ya at school!"

Kim couldn't help grinning as she replied with an airy "Hi!" to anyone who greeted her and pulled open her locker. She gasped as she looked at the back of the door.

One of Kim's perennial mugshots had been overlaid by a photo. Secured by paper clips was a three by four coloured picture of Shego. She was propped up on her elbows, her back arched, head toward the camera. Her black silken hair was mussed, pulled around her left shoulder. She lay upon black satin sheets, the top sheet draped lazily across her bare bottom, her legs kicked up, revealing a generous swathe of green back. The woman's full bosom was literally spilling out of a small but familiar plum bra, one hand playing with the strap. It was the only article of clothing she was wearing, but it was the seductive smirk that made Kim shiver with arousal. The hero, her face suddenly a bright crimson, snatched down the photo and flipped it around. On the back was a black lip print and words that burned into Kim's already erotically charged mind.

"Couldn't help stealing a memento. Catch me later, Pumpkin." It wasn't signed.

Kim closed her eyes, taken away by remembrances of smooth skin and searing lips. She thought she could still taste the villainess's tangy perspiration around the edges of her tongue, the scent of the woman's flesh, the musk of the ebony hair.

Kim's smile slid to a stop as she realized that she was holding the rapidly warming photo against her chest. She quickly and carefully slipped it into her wallet, hoping to calm the rampant blood coursing through her now. When first bell rang, Kim slammed her locker door shut before dashing for class.

Calculus and Mr. Barkin. Kim daydreamed about Shego's generous breasts, how the woman had moaned loudly when Kim had gripped the softness firmly, rhythmically massaging a slow tempo into the skin. Her reverie was disrupted when Barkin called her to the blackboard to solve a complex equation. Only her quick mind and her study habits allowed her to get the correct answer.

Psychology and Mr. Barkin. As the tall hulking man droned on about the definition of psychosis and warned of the dangers of self-diagnosis, Kim began thinking about the extremely smooth spot behind Shego's knees. Why was it smoother than other parts of her body? How did the woman get it so smooth and keep it like that? Kim had caressed those spots, so sensitive to the older woman, marvelling at the lush and splendidly sensual feel of it. She jerked as the bell rang.

English. Thankfully, not Mr. Barkin. Having read and analysed the story weeks ago, Kim lost herself in reminiscing about that night. She wondered why she was all of a sudden constantly thinking about sex, having sex, and having it with Shego. Then she decided that she didn't care. A frightening revelation, like the time she was climbing a sheer rock face only turning her head to find a large spider just beside her supporting hand.

She would give anything to see the thief again.



In the cafeteria, Monique spoke, not being able to take the dreamlike state that had Kim's face flush bright red every few minutes.

"Girl, WTH is with you?" Kim's dazed look immediately snapped into focus.

"Mon'? What do you mean?" Kim's flush was a telltale sign of not speaking the truth.

"Do you even realize what you're doing?" Monique raised an eyebrow, pointing.

"Huh?" Kim looked down and saw half-finished mystery meat, with another gobbet taking a journey on her fork to her mouth. Then the taste hit her. "Oh! Eww! Gyahh!" she gagged. A wry smile accompanied the water as Monique handed a bottle to the choking girl; Kim took several gulps. Ron looked up, wiping at some mystery gravy leaking from the corner of his mouth.

"KP, if you're not going to finish that...?" Kim stared at her friend of over twelve years, nearly three-quarters of her life eyeing her half-finished meal.

"Go ahead," she sighed. "But this is one of the reasons why I don't date you any more."

"No worries for the Ronster, KP. Ever since I won the Ron Eng Half-Back Award, there has not been a shortage of ladies!" he declared, sweeping Kim's abandoned plate into his arms. Monique was not to be put off.

"GF, if I didn't know better, I'd say that you just had TGSOYL."

"Uh," Kim's eyes shifted as her mind attempted to decipher the acronym. Thank God Shego Only You Love? No, Monique never did as Yoda does. The Goddess Shego On Your Lips, no, how could she know? Thief Got Sauce On Your Lips, she wished. Why were all the things Kim could think of centred on Shego?. Wait.... The Greatest Sex of Your Life... oh crap! Kim's furious blush was all the answer the black girl needed.

"I, uh, w-what-" Kim stuttered.

"Kim. Bathroom. NOW!" The black girl stated as she stood, grabbing the redhead's hand, literally dragging her out of her chair. Other students stopped to stare curiously at the internationally renowned hero and master of sixteen martial arts being hauled off by her fashion conscious friend.

"Don't be too long," Ron called as Kim stumbled on, still firmly attached to the charging girl. "Class is in ten!"

When they passed by the girl's bathroom, Kim's mind kicked in.

"Mon', where are we going? The bathroom..." Monique stopped and sighed, then turned around.

"GF, you should know this. NO real H2H talk should ever happen in a public washroom, where anyone could come in unannounced. Now c'mon." Kim followed the girl out of the school, wondering where they were going. They stopped under the school sign.

"Monique, we're gonna be late for class..."

"No worries, Kim," Monique said as she turned around. "Now spill!"

"Here?" Kim glanced around self-consciously.

"One: No bushes for anyone to hide. Two: out in the open where we can see everything," Monique ticked off her points on one hand. "Three: can't be snuck up on or overheard. Four: we're seniors, this could be our free period." Monique crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. "Now are you gonna talk or do I need to sauce yo' ass and ask some pointed and embarrassing questions?"

"Uh..." Behind her the school bell rang.

"Why don't you start with the lucky stiff? And I know it ain't Ron, 'cause he was still on the road. You met someone?" Kim fidgeted for a moment.

"Well, you know how I've thought I was being followed, all last year, right?" Monique replied with a nod.

"And then I got rescued by that someone." Monique nodded again.

"And that I'd been planning how I could get that someone to show?" Monique started to nod again but stopped herself.

"Say what? Kim, you don't know anything about that guy. He could be a creep or, like a mass murderer or something!"

"When I was rescued I thought I caught a glimpse of who it might be. And that's not even considering that, after a whole year of stalking, the only interaction we had was me being saved from a flaming metallic death. I thought that some trust was in order." Monique reluctantly nodded as she digested Kim's words.

"Well, okay. Huh. So that's why you've been ditching us for the last few months?" Kim looked at the ground.

"I'd say sorry, but I'm not. I do miss hanging out with you guys..."

"Hey, s'alright, GF. You've been on stalker-watch. Sooo... let me guess; you've had a breakthrough?"

"Uh," Kim blushed again. "You could say.... something like that..."

"You met?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Is he good looking?"


"Was he everything you thought he might be?"

"More! Gosh, soooo much more...."

"Does he have a brother?"

"Mon'!" Kim playfully slapped the girl on her shoulder. Monique giggled as she hugged her friend.

"I'm so glad for you, girl. Your love life hasn't been all that good." Kim pulled back from the hug, the both of them grinning. "So how was the sex?"

Kim immediately released the black girl.


"Hey, I said TGSOYL and you didn't deny." Monique's eyes widened as even Kim's hands glowed red. Monique smirked knowingly. "Oh, that good, huh?"

"Wasn't just sex," she muttered.

"What? Sorry, I didn't catch that." Kim sighed and shrugged, spreading her hands.

"It wasn't just sex. I can't say it's the greatest sex I've ever had, since I've never had any. If that's what sex is like, I think I'm hooked. It was just.... I'd never felt anything like it, all I know was it was just soooo good." Kim's face deepened to a dark red that even Monique had to admit was cute. "But there was more to it, I don't know deeper..." Monique stared at the redhead, an incredulous look on her face.

"You're,-" Monique shook her head and started again. "You're not... crushing on this guy, are you, Kim?" Kim's flushed glowing face and shifty eyes were her answer. "OMG. You are. You are! Kimberly Anne Possible, crushing on her stalker!"

"Four Brothers."


"There are four brothers, but they're so not your type, Mon."

"I won't know until I try them out, and don't think you can change the subject on me," Monique huffed. "So who's the guy?"

"C'mon Mon'," Kim pleaded. Monique crossed her arms again and raised her eyebrow. The hero sighed. "It's just that it's..... complicated."

"Girl, it's gonna get out sooner or later. And who's better to protect you in the school than Ron and me? So. Someone I know?"

"Uh, yeah, er... sort of..."

"Someone from Middleton?"

"Not.... not really." A tremor of anguish speared through the girl as she realized that she had not real way of contacting Shego.

"Someone from school?"

"Uh, well briefly..."

"Wait... someone I sort of know, who was in Middleton for a while and briefly in the school..." Monique's eyes darted back and forth as she listed the info. "Hirotaka?"


"OMG. You bagged that hottie from Japan? That's great Kim! I'm a bit jealous- okay alot, but wow. That's just.... sooo up the food chain." Monique grabbed the red-head's hands in a surfeit of emotion.

"Uh, Monique..." Kim felt a tremor of fear. She knew this was going to happen, but why so soon? Why couldn't she just enjoy the moment a little longer? "It's not Hirotaka."

"Huh? Not Hirotaka? But then who..." The black girl's mind was racing, her mind systematically comparing and discarding names. It had been her tenacity and ability to read people that had moved the girl from floor sales lackey to assistant manager at Middleton's Club Banana flagship store in a few months. She could typically take one look at a person and know exactly how to get a sale out of them. She shook her head and started again. After another five minutes, the girl's shoulders slumped in defeat. "I give, Kim; who can it be? The only person that matches what you just told me is Miss Go, and I know that can't be. C'mon, give me something more."

"It's not Miss Go."

"What I said." Kim whispered a silent prayer to the heavens and braced herself.

"It's Shego." Monique simply stared at her. For a moment, then she gave a deadpan laugh.

"Ha ha, good one there Kim. I just thought you said -"

"Shego. Yeah I did. It's who I meant." Monique froze, her mind gibbering with this news flash. Her mouth opened and closed several times. Kim looked at the girl with steady eyes. "Monique, are you.... okay?" The black girl snatched her hands back from Kim's grip and turned her back.

"Huh!" The girl grumbled. "Just play with the sista. Fine. Don't tell me who it is. I don't care."

"Monique! Seriously. I like her, maybe love her!" Kim stopped for a moment. Did she really? Monique held up a hand.

"No, oh, no, you do NOT front with me, you got that? You better check yourself and watch what comes outta your grill, girlfriend. Didn't I tell you the truth when Labron sneak attacked me and stole my womanhood? If you can't even share something as little as who's your bu, I don't know if I can call you a friend." Monique began to stalk away. Kim was watching her one and only best girl walk away from her.

In a flash, Kim's hand grabbed the girl's arm and spun her around. Monique growled, bringing her hands up in a boxer's stance, but yelped as a wallet smacked her in the face. It fell into her hands.

"WTF, girl!" Monique hollered. But Kim was just standing there, not ready to fight.

"In the wallet..." Kim said in a small voice. "I found it in my locker today." The fashionable girl flipped through the credit card holders then stopped. Her eyes suddenly widened.

"Yeah. It's Shego. Read the back." Mechanically, Monique did as she was told. Her eyes darted left to right as she read the two short lines. Then again. One more time. "And the bra? Mine."

"I-it's a fake! Like one of those Photoshopped things you can get off the... " The girl's eyes met Kim's, who stared back solemnly. "It... it's not. Is it...?"

Kim reached out to catch the girl as she staggered with a moan. "Breathe Mon'. Yeah that's it. Nice and deep. Slowly. Breathe," she said, setting the girl on the ground and rubbing her back.

"I,... uh,..." The black girl looked up at Kim, swallowed and continued, "Kim, I owe you an apology. I'm really really sorry I doubted you." Kim simply smiled back as she settled beside her friend.

"I can hardly believe it myself." The two were silent for a while, then Monique handed back the wallet.

"So you... like... her? I mean, -like her- like her?"

"Yeah," Kim said softly. "I do. I love her." Seeing her friend sad wistful face, the yearning in the girl's voice, Monique knew this was true.

"So... are you a.... Lesbian then?"

Kim sighed. "I- I don't think so. I mean, I still think some guys are hot. Shego just totally and completely blows away any competition."

"Huh, not just figuratively either."

"Yeah," Kim smiled, then hesitated, before asking, "Are you... okay, with that?" Monique turned to her friend.

"Gay or not, you're my friend. Unless YOU try to sneak attack me or something, we're still BFF." Kim sighed as a tension she hadn't realized she felt left her. Energy soared into her as she realized that she still had a friend in the girl.

"BTW, I gotta say WTG, GF," Monique offered a small smile bumping her friend with her shoulder. Her resilient mischievous personality couldn't help the next few words that broke out the giggles. "You finally bagged the bad girl."

"Mon!" But Kim giggled along. She suddenly jumped to her feet. "C'mon! Let's go around to the other entrance. We got to get to class." Monique sighed at her friend's exuberance; although it must have been emotionally draining for Kim, the mocha skinned girl needed time to process and assimilate the news.

"Yeah, let's go."

They walked into the middle of Biochemistry being taught, unsurprisingly, by Mr. Barkin.

"Possible! Davis!" he barked at them before settling into a ominously smooth tone. "I see you have no qualms about coming in late for class."

"Sorry Mr. B," Monique batted her eyes at the hulking man. "I had to.... get some... hygiene products, and Kim went with me."

"Hygiene products?" Barkin mused, slightly uncomfortable. "And you purchased them?"

"Yeah, I'm all good now. Need the receipt? I've got my soiled panties in there though..."

"Ah... that's alright, Miss Davis. Just take your seats." Barkin definitely looked uncomfortable.

Kim's ebullient mood made her impervious, shrugging off Bonnie's constant sniping, who continued her quest to wrest the position of Head Cheerleader and Most Popular Girl from Kim. Her sighs at practise drew knowing glances from the other cheerleaders. They clustered in a heavy gossip session when the girl flew out of practise. They commented on her glow, wondered about whom she was seeing, laughed when Ron's name came up.

Kim literally flew home, her mind wrestling with one thought: would she see Shego tonight? At home, Anne shook her head at her daughter's dreamy-eyed smiles when she meandered into the house, grabbed some fruit from the kitchen and headed up to her room. James wondered if he would need to prepare the new orbital module for an unplanned manned deep space flight. Jim and Tim hustled themselves into the newly renovated basement.

Kim wondered if Shego would call tonight and giggled, considering what kind of trap she should prepare for the green-skinned villain. She grinned as she began to change, this time picking her white and neon blue hunting lingerie. Over the silk undergarments, she put on her three-quarter sleeve tunic and a pair of flared corduroys.

It had been almost 48 hours since she last saw the woman, and her anxious thoughts seemed to squirrel away from her. Will she come, won't she come.... Kim's hand trembled even as she carefully applied a sparkling light blue lipstick. Suddenly, a presence wrapped warmly around her.

Kim spun toward the window, her heart trip-hammering with excitement.

Outside, Shego stood as if in mid-air, feet just below the eaves trough. She wore her catsuit, her trademark dead-sexy pose, a hand on a cocked hip, smiling smugly back at the redhead. Kim rushed to the window and pulled it open.


Slowly, the green-tinted woman rose. Touching her sleeve, a gunmetal grey hoverpod shimmered into view. "Hoverpod. Miss me, Princess?" Suddenly, Kim stilled, eyes downcast, her heart no longer remotely in her chest cavity, but attempting to leave her trembling body. The hero raised her eyes slowly and gazed at the woman through her lashes.

"Sheeegoo," she whispered. A dark green blush spread itself perceptively across the woman's cheeks. "I've been thinking of you all day."

"Doctor D just finished a new prototype hoverpod," the woman replied, her voice slightly huskier.

"It's... lovely..." Kim's breathy voice was magical.

"You, uh, you don't want to go for a ride, do you? We could get out of Middleton, see the world...." Shego remotely floated the hoverpod closer until she stood above the teenager. That intrigued the redhead; on missions, the world just seemed to fly by in blotches of greens, tans and greys. Ever on the move or focussed on the mission, Kim could not bring herself to pause and wonder at all the exotic locales she'd been to. And now, her arch-nemesis was offering it to her.

"Is it safe?" Sea green eyes glanced across the lit control board. Given Drakken's track record with death rays, Kim was not sure if his modifications could be trusted.

"Sure. Do you trust me?" Shego said.

"What?" she replied, suddenly focusing on Shego's full lips.

"Do you trust me?" The woman leaned close, putting a hand on a bent knee and extending the other. Kim looked directly into the woman's eyes, glowing softly in the moonlight. A slow blush crept into her cheeks.

"Yes..." she replied as she took the hand, stepped onto the hoverpod deck and slipped lightly into the cockpit. She settled into the soft plush co-pilot seat and turned to the woman, who was still standing, one foot on the deck, the other in the cockpit. The woman was watching her with a strange thought-filled expression that broke as Kim's eyes lighted upon her. She stepped down as the hoverpod hatch hissed closed. Shego swayed her hips hypnotically the short few steps to the pilot chair.

"Okay, Princess. I can show you the world."

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