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Authors: sweetpixiesmile

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1 - One Way or Another

[Author's notes:

Disclaimer: Kim Possible © Disney

One Way or Another © Blondie


One Way or Another Lyrics
by Blondie

One way or another
I'm gonna find ya
I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha
One way or another I'm gonna win ya
I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha
One way or another I'm gonna see ya
I'm gonna meetcha meetcha meetcha meetcha
One day, maybe next week
I'm gonna meetcha, I'm gonna meetcha, I'll meetcha
I will drive past your house
And if the lights are all down
I'll see who's around

One way or another
I'm gonna find ya
I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha
One way or another I'm gonna win ya
I'll getcha, I'll getcha
One way or another I'm gonna see ya
I'm gonna meetcha meetcha meetcha meetcha
One day, maybe next week
I'm gonna meetcha, I'll meetcha
And if the lights are all out
I'll follow your bus downtown
See who's hanging out

One way or another
I'm gonna lose ya
I'm gonna give you the slip, a slip of the hip
I'm gonna lose ya, I'm gonna trick ya
One way or another I'm gonna lose ya
I'm gonna trick ya trick ya trick ya trick ya
One way or another
I'm gonna lose ya
I'm gonna give you the slip

I'll walk down the mall
Stand over by the wall
Where I can see it all
Find out who ya call
Lead you to the supermarket checkout
Some specials and rat food, get lost in the crowd

One way or another I'm gonna getcha, I'll getcha, I'll getcha getcha getcha getcha
(Where I can see it all, find out who ya call)

One way or another I'm gonna getcha, I'll getcha, I'll getcha getcha getcha getcha
(Where I can see it all, find out who ya call)

One way or another I'm gonna getcha, I'll getcha, I'll getcha getcha getcha getcha
(Where I can see it all, find out who ya call)


Chapter One: One Way or Another

Kim was alone, once again. Ron was doing an invitational tour of the Midwest with the team, having become the Middleton Mad Dogs star running back since first term. The tweebs had gone to a lecture that their dad was conducting at the International Aeronautics Convention in Japan. Mom was in Hawaii for the American Medical Association Conference. Monique was working extra shift to cover the money she'd blown over Christmas. That left Kim to her own devices. All alone, with her stalker.

Sure she'd known about it. A year and a half ago, she'd felt the itch, the rising of the hairs on the nape of her neck, her aura disturbed by the constant vigilance of another. At first she though she was just being paranoid; after almost eighteen months of crime fighting, she thought that there must be someone who'd be interested in hitting her at home, where it would hurt. But after a week of it, she asked Wade to do random surreptitious scans around her. He never did turn anything up.

It wasn't so much a constant presence, but it was the most intense when she was alone, and that made her heart trip-hammer with dread. At the mall. At cheerleading practise. At school. Sometimes even on the bus, when she'd head to the Middleton Hospital for volunteer work. When she'd worked the late weekend shift at Bueno Nacho, and subsequently Club Banana. At home, when she was in bed.

After three months she thought that the stalker would have given up or made a move. But the presence would turn up in unexpected places. The school bathroom. The mall elevator. The beach shower stall. Nana's Florida old folks home.

There were no pictures on the Internet or even the In-Terror Net.

Six months in, Kim was pissed. She just couldn't seem to shake the presence once it started, nor could she identify the stalker. She would whip around corners and ask Wade for scans. She'd flag Global Justice for a transport tube with the pretence of wanting to speak to Doctor Director, or even Will Du. She'd even call in ride favours to see if she could lose the presence. When people, Betty, Will and Wade began giving her looks, she stopped.

Maybe it was the tweebs pranking her. But for six months?

Nine months after, she felt resigned. The presence, once it made itself known, would stay with her, sometimes as briefly as five minutes, other times, for hours. Rain, shine, sleet, or snow.

Everything changed six months ago, a year after it had started.

Kim was walking home from school after an extended cheer practise. It was summer, and with high school sports on hiatus, the cheer squad focused on competitions. Between Kim and Bonnie, their squad would consistently place in the top three if they didn't outright win. Regionals, nationals, invitations; the squad would be busy all summer. Including her world-saving hobby and her part-timer status at Club Banana, she'd little time for the basics of food and sleep.

Kim was crossing the street when she heard the distant roar of engines. She traversed the deserted road quickly and started walking, the presence with her. She could hear the roar approaching the intersection she'd just left, when the siren of Middleton Police Cruisers cut through the air. Behind her, five cars thundered by. Two more peeled north, opposite of Kim's direction, tires screeching.

Even now she could still smell the acrid smoke of burning rubber as if it was just yesterday. Two more cars screeched through the intersection. Turned in her direction. The first car, a blood red Honda Civic, fishtailed, losing speed; the one slipstreaming behind, a silver mustang coupe, had a lead foot. As if captured in slow motion highspeed video camera, Kim remembered how the second car's tires jumped as they hit a manhole cover, launching the car up even as the first car's rear dipped as the driver struggled for control. Police cruisers were just entering the intersection behind them, red and white lights strobing through the dark, the beams distinct in the smoke pouring out of the tires. The second car's bumper cleared the edge of the first car and the forward momentum launched the silver car into the air, right at Kim. As the car flew into the lamppost in front of her, the presence intensified.

A sudden, heavy blow smacked Kim right in the stomach, driving the air out of her as the car began to descend toward her, the lamp standard whipping downwards. Glass, small pieces of the red car sprayed up as the Civic spun wildly at the collision of the second car. She was lifted off her feet even as the silver mustang impacted the ground inches from her. She was only dimly aware that it was an arm that had wrapped around her waist, a strong, warm body pressed against her as the presence whisked her away from the steel carnage that was now flipping its way toward a hundred year old oak tree. Reaching the apex of the swing, the lithe body let go of whatever it had used to give its trajectory and Kim and the presence dropped to the sidewalk, ten feet from the grooves carved into the sidewalk by the tumbling car. And of a sudden, the presence left her side as she reached out to grasp it. In the sparks of the gas lamp as it shattered on the walk, Kim saw long dark hair, smelled a sweet scent.

And then the presence was gone.

Kim was left the midst of broken glass and metal. The red car eventually careened into the storefront of the local barbershop. Kim helped other passersby and the police extricate the drivers from the mauled vehicles. The mustang driver had crushed his right shoulder when the car had come down and flipped, end on end before coming to a thunderous halt in the tree.

The drivers were eventually all rounded up. Just dumb rich kids who'd taken their parent's cars for a joy ride and had begun racing after watching Quick and Quicker, a film that had been criticized for encouraging street racing.

But all Kim could think about was the warmth. The strength. The smell of the presence. The long dark hair.

She thought she knew who it was now. Kim wasn't stupid. The timing was just too right. She wanted the presence to make itself known though. She wanted to thank it. Wanted to know the why of it. She wanted.... she wasn't sure what she wanted from it.

She obsessed about it.

Dreamed about it.

Four months ago, began fantasizing about it.

What would it take to make the presence break its silence and its solitude?

She began to flirt with it. First it started with small secret smiles. After a week of that, poses. A slight arch of the back, a slight turn of the waist, a slight lean to the posture, forward or back.

Never in public, of course. For the presence only.

Three months past, the flirting extended to clothing in the privacy of her room. Hot pants. Short skirts. Plunging necklines. Loose sleeves. Lingerie.

It was eating up her Club Banana paycheck. Ron and Monique began to comment on how they weren't hanging out enough. Even Bonnie snarked at how she rushed home after practise.

Kim swore she could feel the presence get closer with each level, become more intense with each inhibition removed.

One month ago, she took it to a whole new level.

She did her research; the internet was chock full of sexy do-it-yourself videos . She learned the belly dance. The pole dance. The striptease. And while she did it, she could feel her heart racing, her skin turning sensitive and shivering, her face hot and flushed.

She'd never done... it... before, but in some of the videos, the girls seemed really into... it.

She began fondling herself. Nothing too radical. A slight tease on the nipples. A caress on her belly or her neck. Just enough to get her breath short and her body flushed. Then she'd turn in with a small secret smile. Something shared.

But each session went longer.



The last time, she had finally made herself at home between her legs. She could still remember how her chest had trembled, her heart thundering, how the forces had rushed through her, her legs straining, constricting, how it had flashed through her body, twisting it, a searing white hotness, waves of something indescribable washing through her, curling her toes and tingling her hair. How it seemed like someone else's voice had gone “Oh-oh-oh-oh!” Yet it was hers. But it was what she found minutes after the presence had left that had made her smile.

Her window sat atop the roof of the first floor, and in the snow frosted tiles was a single, size six footprint just below the sill.

Tonight she wore a plum, sequined and strapless bra that pushed up her perky breasts. A plum garter belt skirt hung seductively over her hips, only giving divine flashes of a plum thong with black lace trim. The belt hooked onto black stockings. Black garters and black lacy fingerless gloves completed her hunting outfit.

All this time, she thought that she was the prey, that she was the victim, the target.

Tonight, she was the huntress.

When the presence made itself known, Kim stalked toward the bed, giving a little twirl as as she sat, crossing her legs, dangling one stocked foot above the other. She leaned back on her elbows, throwing her crimson hair over one shoulder. She began to caress her belly and her chest, describing gentle patterns across her skin as it began to pebble with goosebumps. She ran her fingers up her neck, then down her sides. One hand went up to caress her lips as the other began to tease her breast through the bra.

Back and forth her hands floated, touching, coaxing, squeezing. Kim felt a dampness begin to form below; she could feel her mind become enveloped in a tunnel of pleasure, of urgency. The presence began to grow, began to pulse, as if a living breathing thing, that wrapped her in an indescribable warmth, beguiling her, enticing her on and on, further and further along, soothing her even as it charmed her.

The hero's hands began squeezing her breasts, teasing the nipples with her short manicured nails, tantalizing, stroking, caressing until they were painfully hard, begging for release. She sat up onto her knees, reached up with one hand and released the clasp hidden behind the ribbon in the middle and the bra fell away. Her nipples stood proud in its arousal even as she ran her fingers lightly along her toned flanks, past her ribs and around the swell of her breasts. Then down the valley between. Once again, up from her thighs, the silken inner thigh, flipping the skirt gently even as her hands converged on her erect mounts and began to squeeze in earnest.

Her breath was coming hard and deep now, her voice, almost foreign in its state of excitement, mewling, gasping, panting. Each touch, each caress was simply another electric layer of arousal, kindling for a bright rolling flame.

Kim imagined the presence, a lithe muscular figure, kneeling outside, panting onto the cool window pane, the breath frosting as her excitement stimulated the presence toward its own rolling crest, climbing, swirling, engulfing thought, drowning in desire.

As the aura of the presence began to undulate around her, she reached down, slowly, ever so slowly to her thighs, dragging her nails along her flushed skin, leaving runnels of white that immediately turned an inflamed pink. It was all she could do to not cry out when she touched her core, her inner self. Even through the laced undergarment, the pleasure pooling almost painfully in the soles of her feet resonated through her in concentric circles. The aura of the presence began to shift and whirl in time with the small shocks of pleasure that radiated from her.

Higher and higher, the layers fell into place, as if the thrill of the presence stirred the flames to a brighter intensity. A pressure seemed to build from with in her, the passion rising, plateauing, then rising higher, then plateauing, a frenzied cycle of touch, pressure and emotion. And when she felt aflame with ardour, the agony of waiting a pleasure in of itself, when the world had compressed into a shining corona as the burning fervour was masked by a tormenting self-restraint, when it became unbearable, her hand dipped beneath the lace.

In a cascading supernova, Kim screamed, her green eyes open yet blinded by throes of passionate release, her body shaking, writhing in pleasure. But even as she rode the shockwaves of bliss, she thought she could hear the cries of the presence as well, joining hers, intensifying them, magnifying the seismic forces that tore through her straining body.

The quaking seemed to continue forever, and even afterwards her legs twitched with the aftershocks running rampant through her. With the vestiges of thought returning, she forced her body's lassitude away, reached beneath her pillow and pressed the button on the remote hidden there earlier that evening. She waited for a moment before rising to her feet, her muscles jumping in fatigue, and put on a long wool jacket. She stumbled with desire leaden legs to the window and threw it wide open and looked down.

Slumped on the roof just below the window was a green and black catsuited woman in a forest green jacket. The jacket and and catsuit were open, the suit down to the crotch. Even now, the unconscious woman's hand still nestled in the tight confines of the suit. Kim reached under the sill and removed the tiny remote release canister of sleeping gas and grinned.

With comet powers, the gas wasn't likely to keep the woman down for long. She had to move fast.

Shego stirred, languidly stretching, the glow of her orgasm warming her body, her head still muddled. She'd never passed out from masturbating before, but then she'd never crushed so hard on another person before either. But when she tried to bring her hands down to close up her catsuit, she found she couldn't. Her eyes snapped open.

It wasn't the glow. She was indoors, safe from the winter cold. Her hands and legs were being restrained by satin lined leather cuffs, tied securely to the posts of the bed on which she lay on. And she was naked! Her eyes widened in shock.

Oh, shit.

She turned her head at the sound of a soft tread. Standing by the bed was Princess, topless, still in her garters, stockings and gloves. In one hand, she held a long iridescent peacock feather which waved back and forth hypnotically. The look on her face made Shego's mouth dry but sent a jolt into her spent loins, quick-charging her lust. All the hero said was one word, with a triumphant, sensual smile.


Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2 - Under My Skin

[Author's notes:

Disclaimer: Kim Possible © Disney

I've Got You Under My Skin © U2


I've got you under my skin
as performed by U2

I have got you under my skin
I've got you deep in the heart of me

So deep in my heart
You're nearly a part of me
I've got you under my skin

I have tried so not to give in
I have said to myself this affair
Never gonna go so well

But why should I try to resist
When baby I know so well
That I've got you under my skin

I would sacrifice anything
Come what might
For the sake of holding you near
In spite of a warning voice
That comes in the night
It repeats and it shouts in my ear

Don't you know (green)-eyes
You never can win
Use your mentality
Wake up to reality

But each time I do
Just the thought of you
Makes me stop before I begin

'cause I've got you under my skin

I'd sacrifice anything
Come what might
For the sake of having you near
In spite of a warning voice
That comes in the night
It repeats and it shouts in my ear

Don't you know you old fool
You never can win
Use your mentality
Wake up to reality

But each time that I do
Just the thought of you
Makes me stop before I begin

'cause I've got you under my skin
And I love you (when you're) under my skin


Chapter Two: Under My Skin

Shego stood outside in the snow-covered roof, wondering just what the hell she was doing. Freezing her ass off on the first story rooftop of a freaking cheerleader who'd been taking every opportunity to kill her boss's world domination schemes. A girl, a minor, a skinny-assed, flat-chested, redhead. A girl who just wouldn't leave her alone.

It had all started as a lark.

She'd been on the way to the Middleton Physics Lab when she'd spotted the Kimmie. The girl was walking into the local Tex-Mex cholesterol hell-hole, Bueno Nacho, with her doofus sidekick and another friend, a black girl. Shego smirked to herself, set the hoverpod down in stealth mode. She leapt onto the sombrero-styled rooftop, swung up to the post of the brightly lit sign, lay down on the dark metal frame and waited. An accomplished chi master, she felt the girl's aura step under the lip of the roof, and with a toss of her luxuriant black hair over a shoulder, she lifted her eyes above the edge of the sign. Pumpkin was reaching out for the door and pulled it open, but as she did, her head whipped about, her eyes narrowed, searching. Shego squinted to reduce the glare of the zigzagging neon light along the edge beneath her. Several times, the girl's eyes swept past where she lay.

“Yeah, just a sec, Ron, I need to check something!” Princess called into the restaurant in response to a question. The girl went around the back and stood near the dumpster, but quickly retreated as the smell of rancid grease got to her. She then backed into a tree and nearly tripped over the raised cement wall the surrounded the summer patio. Eventually, the hero gave up, shrugged and followed her friends into the eatery.

Shego had to employ all her discipline to keep from laughing out loud.

Thirty minutes later, the little girl and her sidekick showed up as Shego was dragging out the Lab's latest whatever-ray that Drakken had asked her to steal.

"Gawd Princess, you're gonna put on pounds eating at a fat factory like Bueno Nacho," she snarked as the two of them closed on each other.

The girl's eyes had widened, then narrowed. "How did you...?

"I can smell it in your hair, cupcake," she said with a smirked. So innocent! Kimmie accepted that sucker line so readily, Shego almost fell down laughing.

After that, she'd made a point to buzz the cheerleader. After a week of following the red-head, the girl would whip out her little blue doohicky and ask the nerdlinger for scans. It was a scream.

Shego wondered exactly how close she could get before Kim would catch a sense of her. She began to experiment. At first it was about fifteen feet. But as time wore on, she found that if she set a trail of low frequency plasma along the girl's route, the deep green eyes would narrow and Kim would glance about suspiciously. Even without the scanner. Perhaps it was the smell of ozone, or a faint residue of her comet powers; the girl seemed to be able to sense where she'd been. It was fascinating. It was hilarious.

Shego started charging things from a distance. The fan in the school bathroom. The rail of the mall elevator. She'd even followed the girl to Florida and zapped the ventilation distributor of the room Kim was staying at.

Six months in became an even bigger challenge. She needed her best piloting, hacking and stealth skills. A few times, Kim got wind of her and dropped into a GJ tube. That one was easy, Shego would just charge the girl's clothing. Other times, she'd duck behind a building and demand a sensor sweep by her little nerd friend. Kim was good, but sometimes, she'd forget that she moved in a three dimensional world. She even called in rides to exotic locales; that one was rough, taking large swathes of time and forcing Shego to lunge for her hoverpod and follow in full stealth mode. The girl was getting desperate.

But nine months after it all started, something changed. Kim gave up. The girl's shoulders slumped in defeat. But instead of feeling victorious, Shego felt... empty. Unsatisfied. Unfulfilled. Looking at Kim did something to the stone-cold witch that hadn't happened in a long time. It made her yearn for yesterday.

It was like a light had gone out of the girl and it made the woman's chest constrict. It made her think back to when Kim's lightning reflexes had her diving for the nearest manhole cover. And now the girl had just accepted defeat. Reduced to bearing with her lot. So unlike her. So fucking unlike her. It pained her to see the girl like that, to hear the sigh of resignation, that flicker of the lids and the sadness in those vibrant eyes.

Shego would fly out to see the girl, but when confronted by that melancholy, sometimes, the woman could only stand it for a few minutes before lighting out back to the latest lair. What the hell? Shego would ask herself. What was he point of tweaking the girl if the entertainment had completely left the activity?

But Shego continued to dog the girl's steps, follow each turn. She couldn't stop. She hated to see Pumpkin like this, she knew she was the cause of it. Each and every day, she would tell herself not to subject herself to such a thing, yet the next morning, her wandering mind would set her ass in the hoverpod, her hands on the control stick, and she'd be back on her Kim-watch. It was during another torturous vigil that Shego had a revelation.

And suddenly, Shego felt another dusty, unused sensation.


She jumped back into the hoverpod and flew as fast as the engine could go, back to the permanent lair, the lair that Drakken never used as his base of operations when working on one scheme or another. The lair that was home between plots. She took the elevator down the fifty-foot shaft into the main habitation dome, dashed to her room and curled up in bed, shivering under her black satin sheets, still in her full catsuit.

What the fuck was wrong with her? It was just a prank, right? A lark to laugh at the redhead for, right? Shego could remember the day, the hour, the minute it had all started.

What she couldn't recall, didn't plan on, hadn't counted on, was when it became so deep.

She'd been tailing the girl for over nine months, needling her with her eyes, taunting and teasing her with her glow. Trying to get into the little goody-goody's head. She wanted to see if Kim would jump when she said how high, if the girl would rev-up when she said go. And now it seemed that the Almighty Shego, Terror of the Western World, Most Wanted Woman Alive, on the top ten list of most wanted criminals in eleven countries, master of several forms of Kung Fu, hacker par excellence and International Thief...

...was crushing on a teenaged girl who'd just gotten her driver's license.

It was pathetic. It was horrific. And it was divine.

Shego simply could no longer help herself. And she discovered, in the end, she didn't give a fuck. She'd never been one to stick to convention. Like the convention of labelling your own sexuality. Either you liked someone or you didn't. Orientation and Sex wasn't part of that equation. She didn't consider herself a free spirit. She simply chose what she desired to be constrained with, to be called.

With that decision firmly in mind, she resumed her daily routine: spar with synthodrones, fly out to see Princess and then take care of her needs in the evening. It was blissful. It was right. It was all she could wish for.

Until the accident.

She'd been watching from the safety of one of the massive banks of night lights while Kim practiced. That was a show that Shego never missed. Kim in her uniformed tank top, the light pleated skirt that swayed and swirled even as the girl tumbled, twirled and jumped. Afterwards, as the hero exited the locker room, Shego followed, now riding the hoverpod in full stealth mode.

As Kim crossed the intersection, Shego noted the speeding vehicles in the distance. The hoverpod flew lower. All of a sudden, red and white lights split the air as a siren wailed. A bad feeling, Shego piloted the pod even lower, close to Kim now.

Five cars sped by in the intersection behind them, then another two cars, that peeled off and headed north. The last two, turning south.

As the first car skidded, she flicked on the autopilot and pressed the emergency release on the hoverpod's hatch even as her other hand snatched up a retractable grapple line. The hatch popped up as the red Honda Civic fishtailed and the silver mustang car behind jumped the manhole cover. Before the Mustang was airborne, Shego hooked the grapple and dove over the edge of the pod. She let the grapple line play out as she headed straight for Kim. The mustang flipped into the light standard, the twenty-five foot pole whipping downward. Kim, half-turning toward the silver metallic carnage, missed Shego's shadowed form as she cut behind her, the woman's left arm wrapping around the girl's waist. As her arm slapped into Kim's toned belly, the green-skinned woman engaged the line's lock. The line immediately snapped taut; Shego kicked both feet skyward to give them an extra push of momentum.

It's close, going to be close, shit that is really... went through Shego's thoughts as their momentum snapped the both of them away from the charging hulk of automobile. The driver's sideview mirror, its shattered glass coming lose even as the housing swept by, tagged the ends of her black hair, shearing two inches off from the mere brush of momentum. The driver, a kid with a pale surprised look stared out of the windshield at the destination of his trajectory. Kim coughed and wheezed, the breath knocked out of her. The thief and the hero swung upwards.

As the silver car flipped past, Shego released the grapple lock and the line played out again, dropping the two of them ten feet from the wreckage scored sidewalk. Shego let Kim slip onto the ground, then engaged the grapple reel. She shot up into the night air, even as the street lamp shattered on the ground just behind the redhead, even as the girl was reaching out toward her. She flipped neatly back into the cockpit and sat for a moment, gasping for air.

The stealthed hoverpod continued on its way, away from the redhead who stared up into the night sky, wondering.

Shego had nearly dislocated her right shoulder from suddenly taking all of Kim's weight on her left arm. The injured part was pierced by red hot spikes of agony. It hurt like hell.

That night, she leaned carefully into her lazy-boy chair and shifted the remote gingerly, before pressing the television's power button. A hundred-and-eight-inch screen illuminated, spreading iridescent patterns along her tinted face. The channel had defaulted to the local news station.

"And, now, let's replay that clip for our viewers, of internationally acclaimed teen hero, Kim Possible, and her message to the person who saved her life." One of the pair of neatly coiffed news anchors turned towards the inset, which enlarged, showing the young girl's round face, as she nodded, answering unheard questions until the audio faded in.

"Yeah, I was just glad to help the police get those guys out. I had to use my laser to cut open the car that crashed into the tree; he'd've been roasted if we'd had to wait for the "jaws of life". But I wouldn't have been able to save that boy's life if that person hadn't saved mine." Kim then turned and stared directly into the camera lens, into Shego's eyes. "I just want to thank the angel who swooped down and saved me. Thank you, with all my heart, really, you were there for me when I needed someone. I-I just Thank God for you..." Kim trailed off as her face pinked in embarrassment. "I don't know what else to say." The camera picked up her flustered mutter as she looked away, an adorable flush deepening on her face.

"And that was Kim Possible, sending out a message of thanks to her unknown rescuer, who pulled her out of the path of one of the crashing vehicles and simply.... Disappeared. Kim's amazing, isn't she?" one of the anchors said, the two making small talk as the clip was faded out.

"Yeah, she's just great,” replied the other. “And the hero being saved- it's like something out of a comic book..."

Shego couldn't help the goofy smile that lit up her face.

And from that point on, everything changed.

Kim's body seemed to relax each time Shego went to see her, as if her absence created a tension that would ebb from the girl in her presence. She noticed that Kim had resumed looking, but not with eyes narrowed with suspicion or dulled with resignation, but wide deep green eyes that stole her breath. And the look in those eyes began to morph into something different, something entrancing.

A few months ago, Kim began sharing small knowing small with her each time she arrived and would draw a small dainty pout when she departed. They were smiles that were given to none of those losers that Kim seemed to take time fawning over with her friend, whom Shego now knew as Monique, or fought over with another cheerleader, known as Bonnie. Those were little quirks of the lip that were meant solely for her; small treasures storing up a wealth of emotion within her.

The girl started spending more time at home, in her room alone. At first, Shego thought it odd; the outgoing girl was always so popular and busy. But during those times, she noticed that Pumpkin would smile that secret smile and pout more often. Or she'd turn her waist a little to accentuate the flare of her hips. Or she'd lean over the bed, arching her back. At first Shego simply dismissed it as Kim being a late bloomer. Hell, her brother Hego was almost in his thirties and still didn't seem interested in sex. Teenaged hormones had messed the woman up pretty handily; an adrenaline junkie like the redhead would probably be the same.

But then came the hot pants. The short skirts. The low cut blouses and tunics.


Poses and dreamy stares, looking right at her, freezing her where she hid, drying up her mouth. Shego couldn't believe what she was seeing as the days progressed. It brought a blush to her face and a pulsating rush to her groin. She couldn't stop watching.

The girl then started dancing.... dancing! At first it was bellydancing, the girl's hips vibrating hypnotically. Then came pole dancing; Kim must've ordered it online. It came with a jaw dropping training video. Shego found her hands in stimulating places during these performances, unable to keep herself from being drawn into the girl's displays. Even the act of undressing became infused with a sensuality that hadn't been there before.

A month ago, Kim kicked it up a notch.

Shego couldn't believe her eyes as the girl began fondling herself. The girl would caress herself a little before turning in with that little smile. The green woman was glued to the sight. Each night it went longer and longer. Shego got closer and closer. She couldn't help herself. Even in the freezing cold of winter, Shego unzipped her catsuit to get at her aching erogenous zones. Kim kept going longer, until one day she went all the way. Shego couldn't get enough. She snuck as close as she dared, and as Kim finally slipped her hand underneath her panties, Shego dipped her hand into her own throbbing core. When the redhead thrust her hips at the window, her cries echoing through the panes, Shego's entire body vibrated violently as her voice echoed the girl's.

Shego slumped against the window for a moment, then thought: Shit! I gotta get outta here!

That was a few days ago. She'd tried to assuage her overheated libido during that time, but just the simple thought of the hero would send her mind reeling into hormonal overdrive. And now, she was outside the girl's window again.

Tonight, the girl was dress in her mission outfit coloured lingerie: plum on top, black below. Shego's eyes glazed, wondering what kind of show Princess was going to give her tonight. She just couldn't stay away. Couldn't stop watching. She was done. It was over.

Shego was addicted to Kim Possible.

Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3 - Heartbreaker

[Author's notes:

Disclaimer: Kim Possible © Disney

Haertbreaker © Pat Benatar


Heartbreaker Lyrics
By Pat Benetar

Your love is like a tidal wave, spinning over my head
Drownin' me in your promises, better left unsaid
You're the right kind of sinner, to release my inner fantasy
The invincible winner, and you know that you were born to be

You're a Heartbreaker
Dream Maker, Love Taker
Don't you mess around with me!
You're a Heartbreaker
Dream Maker, Love Taker
Don't you mess around - NO NO NO!

Your love has set my soul on fire, burnin' out of control
You taught me the ways of desire, now its takin' its toll
You're the right kind of sinner, to release my inner fantasy
The invincible winner, and you know that you were born to be

You're a Heartbreaker
Dream Maker, Love Taker
Don't you mess around with me!
You're a Heartbreaker
Dream Maker, Love Taker
Don't you mess around - NO NO NO!

You're the right kind of sinner, to release my inner fantasy
The invincible winner, and you know that you were born to be

You're a Heartbreaker
Dream Maker, Love Taker
Don't you mess around with me
You're a Heartbreaker
Dream Maker, Love Taker
Don't you mess around with me!
You're a Heartbreaker
Dream Maker, Love Taker
Don't you mess around with me!
You're a Heartbreaker
Dream Maker, Love Taker


Chapter Three: Heartbreaker


The redhead's smile as entrancing. It was causing her will to drain away even as the tide of something mysterious seeped into her, like a shadow seen only in peripheral vision, something ephemeral, a memory half-forgotten.

“Ki-kimmie...” Shego stuttered under the weight of those deep green eyes.

The girl towered above her. Shego could smell the scent of the girl's passion, a strange mix of strawberries and cherry wood. The peacock feather swayed slowly back and forth as if tracing the swirls of desire that seemed to pulse between the two.

“Shhhhhheeeeegggooo,” Kim drew out the name. It was right, it felt right. The woman who lay bound to her bed, arch-nemesis, villain and thief, a beautiful spellbinding myth of the old earth. The sound of her name hissing through the girl's petal lips caused the green goddess to shiver.

The girl daintily perched by her hip, resting her weight on one arm, the feather still waving gently in the air. Shego's mind was awhirl. With the close warmth of the girl, so near, so close, it was hard to think, to formulate any kind of coherency, let alone will.

“Why, Shego?” The girl's dark green eyes trailed a line of intimacy along the woman's form, over her darkly painted lips, her large deep green aureoles, down past the toned belly, the flare of her hips, leaving a trail of pebbled skin where that gaze had touched. It left her swallowing, trying to wet the suddenly parched recesses of her throat.

“Tell me,” Kim breathed as she began to wave the feather above the body restrained on her bed. “Tell me, Sshhheeeegooo.” Almost a whisper and yet, so laden with arousal. It could not be denied, would not be denied.

“A game,” Shego gasped out as the feather's passage wafted across her skin. And yet it had yet to dip upon her smooth crème de menthe skin. “Just a game, Pumpkin.” The feather continued it's dousing of her curves, her eyes following its leisurely progress above her breasts, her belly, her thighs, then retracing it's way, up one arm, back down, across her upper chest just below her neck then the other arm.

“Wanted to see...” Shego stopped for a moment as the long long wispy vanes brushed lightly across a nipple, spiking a light vibration across her thoughts. For a moment, her jaw worked with no sound. “I wanted to see... how long it would take...” As the iridescent feather dipped lower, she had to force out her last few words. “For you to find me!” the words tumbled out in a rush as she fought to repress a moan.

“Oh?” the hero responded with a coquettish tilt of her head. She continued breathlessly. “Really? Not to hurt me? To harm me? Bend me... over...?” Shego could not believe how erotic those purred words were. They floated over her in lazy, hypnotic swirls. At each emphasized word, the feather dipped, lightly brushing her skin, once, twice, thrice.... at the fourth touch, she could no longer restrain the groan that escaped her lips.

“No... no... Kimmie... n-not hurt...” Shego tried to clamp her lips shut to keep her runaway tongue from responding to the girl's ministrations, yet the words continued to be coaxed from her.

“Then what? What made you keep up the game? Ssshheeegooo...” The girl's feather draped across the green breasts, tickling and arousing both, awakening a rushing symphony through her body.

“I... P-princess...”

“Tell me... tell me... tell me, Ssshheeeegoo...” In all her twenty-six years, she had never heard her name spoken like a lingering caress. Even the mere sound of it issuing from the girl's lips were like gossamer kisses down the planes of her body, as if Kim was tasting her like a fine wine, rolling her identity over her palate.

“I began to w-watch you...” now that she'd begun speaking, the feather rolled along her skin, teasing, stroking. “I b-began noticing you...” the words started to come without the redhead's coaxing. Something had given way in her head; the words leaked out, a trickle at first, then a torrent, as if to make room for the arousal Kim was pouring into her.

“I was on a stealth run to the Middleton Physics Lab...” The feather began to play around her left breast, then her right, around and around, dancing around her nipples even as they contracted, harder, harder. “I saw you...” Shego hissed as the feather drew across a nipple. “And you... knew... like your aura knew mine...” The woman stopped, her breath hitching as the vaned tip brushed the other nipple.

“Started... wanted to see... if you could find me...” the feather began to drag itself along her ribs, one side, then across to the other. “I saw how... each time I showed, you knew I was there...” The plume drifted lower, along the smooth rolling muscle of her belly. “Got you worried,... got you pissed... wanted to see... how far I could push you, but you suddenly... just... gave up... you stopped looking...”

“Why? Why continue the game...? C'mon,... why?” Kim began drawing patterns up the woman's calves, beyond her knees, higher. Shego's hips jerked as the vanes stroked the inside of her thighs.

“Couldn't...” Shego gasped as the feather stroked up one leg, inside and out, then the other. “Couldn't stop! Tailed you... for months... wouldn't leave me... alone...” Shego looked up at the redhead, her eyes pleading, begging. “Thought it... dreamed it... wouldn't... leave me... Ah!” The last was torn out of her as the feather brushed up her centre, between her legs, her heaving core.

“And you saved me,” the red head breathed. “Why? Why did you save me...? Shhheeego...” The feather was swirling a diminishing spiral, her loins the centre of that maelstrom, slowly, slowly, closer, closer, closer... Her passion leaking out from her. Shego's panting breath was the only sound in the room, the beating of the wings of her desire seeking release.

“Couldn't... let ... it happen...” Jade eyes lit onto deep green and a spark grew. Shego shut her eyes. Was it now? It had to be now. Would she cling to it? Protect it? In the confusion of her beating heart, a frisson vibrated through her mind and she finally, after all the years, all the yearning and the subterfuge, she, the most wanted woman in the world, let go. She shut her eyes against the truth of it. “Couldn't live... without you...”

The feather stopped. The weight lifted off the bed. The warmth receded.

No.... no... Kimmie, please.... please.... I-I need.... The words jumbled in her reeling mind, lodged in her throat. Her heart hammered harder now. Felt as if the light was fading. The girl leaving, getting farther. Had she lost? Was it not to be? Was she cursed, as she'd always thought?

Suddenly, the weight returned. Skin, smooth and supple rested upon her chest, arms. Close. Intimate. She opened her eyes slowly, afraid of what she might find.

Kim Possible, teenaged, globe-trotting, world-saving hero, leaning down, her arms on Shego's chest, hands on the woman's collarbones, deep green staring into her own jade eyes, filling her vision, a vision of.... what?

“Thank you...” Kim's breath whispered across Shego's lips, warm and enticing. “Thank you..., thank you...” As she continued, she left light touches of her lips on Shego's cheeks, pressing closer, more intimately, zeroing in.

“Thank you...” The tip of her nose. Shego's arms contracted, still bound.

“Thank you...” The corner of her mouth. Her stomach began to vibrate with the song Kim was murmuring.

“Thank you...” Her bottom lip. Her eyes fluttering closed.

The last “thank you” is muffled as Shego finally captured Kim's lips with her own. The kiss wasn't rough. It wasn't fierce. It wasn't eager. It wasn't even heavy.

It was intense.



Kim withdrew and opened her eyes, the awareness of her perky breasts pressed against fuller mounds. Shego's luxuriously eyelashed lids remained closed. Kim began trailing her lips and tongue slowly down arch of the woman's neck, her hands rising to cup the bosom that heaved beneath her weight. Shego marvelled at the teen's skin sliding along her own as the girl shifted lower, the hands kneading, caressing in powerful strokes up and down her ribs.

Shego's body arched and twisted at the sudden tingling surge that coursed through her, the delectable pooling in her lips, her chest, her most private part when the lips found a nipple. They licked, they pressed, they teased, they bit. Through the raging storm of pleasure, she was only vaguely aware of the hero's lithe body pressed against her own, a warm touch of passion trickling down her thigh, a searing heat that seemed to communicate with the other burning between her legs, twin suns revolving in harmonious gravitation.

Something hot and slick pushed up against the mound of her sex, forcing out a shuddering moan from the green woman's engorged lips.

“Did you like my little smiles, Shhheeeggoo?” The scent of Kim's voice tormented her. “They were... just for you.” Shego shuddered as the redhead's body pushed up against her and Kim's sighing voice faltered.

“Did you like how I... arched my back? How I... turned my hips?” The heat of the girl's low purr prickled the skin of her chest as the hero lay her head down and flicked her agile tongue.

“How about my... hot pants, did you like... those?” Shego mind was incandescent, with a singular coruscating comprehension dawning on her consciousness, the motion and pressure of the hero feeding that understanding, feeding it, nurturing it, bringing it to a monstrous maturity that frightened and tantalized the comet enhanced beauty. “The... skirts?” She wanted to hold her princess close, closer than anyone ever before, but the restraints were driving her to the brink, to the edge of blissful insanity. Even the strands of hair that tickled her ribs tormented her sensitive skin.

Slim arms slid under Shego's, the slim hands gripping the older woman's shoulders from underneath, hooking onto her to leverage her passion even higher.

“Ah! God yes! I- Unh! Loved it!” she cried out, as if the shouted words could relieve the tension in her constrained limbs. Her body moved of its own accord, her hips moving to a rhythm all their own. Even as they thrust upward the redhead pressed downward building a tectonic pressure known since the beginning of time. She wanted to pull the restraints off and wrap the girl in an embrace, yet her mind could no longer command her body, the mental faculties having been circumvented and deflected by the rising tide of pleasure.

Shego's skin began to glow. She didn't even notice in the dim light, but the hero did. Even as she moved atop the woman, she stared in fascination as the light green skin began to shimmer. Before her very eyes, specks of light began to rise from the woman, glittering for a few seconds before fading, floating higher and higher. Even as Kim pressed against her, sheets of pleasure overlaying her mind, the glow became more and more pronounced. As the pleasure mounted, higher and higher, deeper and deeper, the glow began to pulse in time with the flex of their hips.

Soon, the red head's eyes rolled up and closed, as the pleasure began to over take her, her gasps and moans echoing, harmonizing, merging with the woman's. Around them a light green corona expanded. The glowing wisps increased in number as Shego suddenly clamped her teeth shut, her muscles pulling taught, her body straining against the hero even as the redhead gripped the woman, her hips jerking feverishly. Her gasps breathed across the woman's heaving breasts. The luminous specks began to swirl above them, faster and faster.

A whine began to emanate from Shego, a rumble deep down in her belly. Her head jerked back and forth, denying the destination even as the girl drew her toward a cataclysmic destination. A tingle, almost painful in intensity, began at the base of her spine; the sound of Kim's guttural groans as the redhead neared her orgasm pushed her over the edge.

An undulating roar ripped itself out of her even as she convulsed, the red head clutching the glowing woman, sparks soaring from their bodies. Even as the two woman shuddered in unison, the room filled with streaks of light, swirling in a lightstorm of passionate cries.

After an eternity of tremors, the light slowly flickered, dimming, then winking out, heaven leaving two sweat slicked bodies, gasping for breath. Shego felt Kim slowly turned her head, sliding her hands a top her chest. It took Shego several more minutes to recuperate.

“I... Kim...” Thoughts, images, feelings were burgeoning back into her post-orgasmic brain. Restrained tears began to leak out of her eyes.

“Shhhh...” Kim said, shifting a finger against her smeared lips. “Shhh... I wanted to... be with you. Did you know? For how long? And now... now I am.” Kim's smile was small, and sweet. Shego blinked at the innocent purity of it.

“B-but... I...?” Shego's mind still swam. What was Pumpkin saying?

“Oh, I know. I tried to deny it. So ferociously wrong and sick,” the words roll off the hero's tongue in a tremulous purr that spiked her heartbeat. “Dated practically everyone I could think of to take you off my mind. But it didn't matter. It didn't change. Only one thing.” Kim brushed a sweat soaked lock from Shego's forehead gently, “I didn't know how you felt. But now... now I know.”

“Princess, I don't know... you're still a minor, I didn't mean for this to happen,” Her thoughts still seemed to be a little jumbled, like massive monoliths, tumbled about by the wash of passion along the plains of her mind.

“Shego,... I turned eighteen three days ago.”

The woman's eyes narrowed as she forced her mind to work, attempting to ignore the lithe form pressed against her. Her eyes widened for a moment. “Wait, you're telling me...” she stopped, not willing to believe it. But when Kim smirked, that old curl of the lip that Shego knew so well during their long clashes across the globe, she knew.

“I am a Possible,” was all Kim said.

“Huh. So devious, Kimmie...” Shego said, a smile that began playing across her lips. “That's such a turn on. But just one thing, Pumpkin...” Shego's two index fingers suddenly glowed brightly as she slid the flaring fingers expertly across the ropes holding the cuffs. Kim yelped as she sat up and turned, rolling the redhead to lie across green thighs. One arm gently and firmly cradled her even as the other flicked flames through the ropes restraining the woman's legs.

“Did you plan for this?” she whispered as she leaned down, the thief stealing a kiss from the hero. A long, deep, mesmerizing kiss.

“Something... to be said for ad lib,” the redhead replied breathlessly.

Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4 - Crimson and Clover

[Author's notes:

Disclaimer: Kim Possible © Disney

Crimson and Clover © Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Any resemblance to other Disney media is simply a product of my Disney fetish.


Crimson and Clover
as performed by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Ah, now I don't hardly know her
But I think I could love her
Crimson and clover

Ah when she comes walking over
Now Ive been waitin to show her
Crimson and clover over and over

Yeah, my, my such a sweet thing
I wanna do everything
What a beautiful feeling
Crimson and clover over and over

Crimson and clover over and over
Crimson and clover over and over
Crimson and clover over and over
Crimson and clover over and over


Chapter Four: Crimson and Clover

Kim Possible was in heaven.

She was riding the euphoric waves that had started the night she had shared herself with a particular glowing special someone. It was a singular event that completely changed her world. At times, she swore that things seemed newer, the sun seemed softer, that everything had a glow to it.

The redhead took an early morning mission with her typical gusto, but accented it with a joie de vie that elicited a smile from the distraught but grateful woman who's cat she rescued from a barbed fence that was electrified by a secured car battery. Brimming with a buoyant energy, Kim decided to run the few miles to school. She passed Ron who was chugging along on his decrepit scooter with a smile and a wave.

"Hey KP, how's my best friend?" Ron called out, seeing the redhead approaching quickly.

"Fabulous Ron, I'm totally good!" she replied over her shoulder as she sped past. "See ya at school!"

Kim couldn't help grinning as she replied with an airy "Hi!" to anyone who greeted her and pulled open her locker. She gasped as she looked at the back of the door.

One of Kim's perennial mugshots had been overlaid by a photo. Secured by paper clips was a three by four coloured picture of Shego. She was propped up on her elbows, her back arched, head toward the camera. Her black silken hair was mussed, pulled around her left shoulder. She lay upon black satin sheets, the top sheet draped lazily across her bare bottom, her legs kicked up, revealing a generous swathe of green back. The woman's full bosom was literally spilling out of a small but familiar plum bra, one hand playing with the strap. It was the only article of clothing she was wearing, but it was the seductive smirk that made Kim shiver with arousal. The hero, her face suddenly a bright crimson, snatched down the photo and flipped it around. On the back was a black lip print and words that burned into Kim's already erotically charged mind.

"Couldn't help stealing a memento. Catch me later, Pumpkin." It wasn't signed.

Kim closed her eyes, taken away by remembrances of smooth skin and searing lips. She thought she could still taste the villainess's tangy perspiration around the edges of her tongue, the scent of the woman's flesh, the musk of the ebony hair.

Kim's smile slid to a stop as she realized that she was holding the rapidly warming photo against her chest. She quickly and carefully slipped it into her wallet, hoping to calm the rampant blood coursing through her now. When first bell rang, Kim slammed her locker door shut before dashing for class.

Calculus and Mr. Barkin. Kim daydreamed about Shego's generous breasts, how the woman had moaned loudly when Kim had gripped the softness firmly, rhythmically massaging a slow tempo into the skin. Her reverie was disrupted when Barkin called her to the blackboard to solve a complex equation. Only her quick mind and her study habits allowed her to get the correct answer.

Psychology and Mr. Barkin. As the tall hulking man droned on about the definition of psychosis and warned of the dangers of self-diagnosis, Kim began thinking about the extremely smooth spot behind Shego's knees. Why was it smoother than other parts of her body? How did the woman get it so smooth and keep it like that? Kim had caressed those spots, so sensitive to the older woman, marvelling at the lush and splendidly sensual feel of it. She jerked as the bell rang.

English. Thankfully, not Mr. Barkin. Having read and analysed the story weeks ago, Kim lost herself in reminiscing about that night. She wondered why she was all of a sudden constantly thinking about sex, having sex, and having it with Shego. Then she decided that she didn't care. A frightening revelation, like the time she was climbing a sheer rock face only turning her head to find a large spider just beside her supporting hand.

She would give anything to see the thief again.



In the cafeteria, Monique spoke, not being able to take the dreamlike state that had Kim's face flush bright red every few minutes.

"Girl, WTH is with you?" Kim's dazed look immediately snapped into focus.

"Mon'? What do you mean?" Kim's flush was a telltale sign of not speaking the truth.

"Do you even realize what you're doing?" Monique raised an eyebrow, pointing.

"Huh?" Kim looked down and saw half-finished mystery meat, with another gobbet taking a journey on her fork to her mouth. Then the taste hit her. "Oh! Eww! Gyahh!" she gagged. A wry smile accompanied the water as Monique handed a bottle to the choking girl; Kim took several gulps. Ron looked up, wiping at some mystery gravy leaking from the corner of his mouth.

"KP, if you're not going to finish that...?" Kim stared at her friend of over twelve years, nearly three-quarters of her life eyeing her half-finished meal.

"Go ahead," she sighed. "But this is one of the reasons why I don't date you any more."

"No worries for the Ronster, KP. Ever since I won the Ron Eng Half-Back Award, there has not been a shortage of ladies!" he declared, sweeping Kim's abandoned plate into his arms. Monique was not to be put off.

"GF, if I didn't know better, I'd say that you just had TGSOYL."

"Uh," Kim's eyes shifted as her mind attempted to decipher the acronym. Thank God Shego Only You Love? No, Monique never did as Yoda does. The Goddess Shego On Your Lips, no, how could she know? Thief Got Sauce On Your Lips, she wished. Why were all the things Kim could think of centred on Shego?. Wait.... The Greatest Sex of Your Life... oh crap! Kim's furious blush was all the answer the black girl needed.

"I, uh, w-what-" Kim stuttered.

"Kim. Bathroom. NOW!" The black girl stated as she stood, grabbing the redhead's hand, literally dragging her out of her chair. Other students stopped to stare curiously at the internationally renowned hero and master of sixteen martial arts being hauled off by her fashion conscious friend.

"Don't be too long," Ron called as Kim stumbled on, still firmly attached to the charging girl. "Class is in ten!"

When they passed by the girl's bathroom, Kim's mind kicked in.

"Mon', where are we going? The bathroom..." Monique stopped and sighed, then turned around.

"GF, you should know this. NO real H2H talk should ever happen in a public washroom, where anyone could come in unannounced. Now c'mon." Kim followed the girl out of the school, wondering where they were going. They stopped under the school sign.

"Monique, we're gonna be late for class..."

"No worries, Kim," Monique said as she turned around. "Now spill!"

"Here?" Kim glanced around self-consciously.

"One: No bushes for anyone to hide. Two: out in the open where we can see everything," Monique ticked off her points on one hand. "Three: can't be snuck up on or overheard. Four: we're seniors, this could be our free period." Monique crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. "Now are you gonna talk or do I need to sauce yo' ass and ask some pointed and embarrassing questions?"

"Uh..." Behind her the school bell rang.

"Why don't you start with the lucky stiff? And I know it ain't Ron, 'cause he was still on the road. You met someone?" Kim fidgeted for a moment.

"Well, you know how I've thought I was being followed, all last year, right?" Monique replied with a nod.

"And then I got rescued by that someone." Monique nodded again.

"And that I'd been planning how I could get that someone to show?" Monique started to nod again but stopped herself.

"Say what? Kim, you don't know anything about that guy. He could be a creep or, like a mass murderer or something!"

"When I was rescued I thought I caught a glimpse of who it might be. And that's not even considering that, after a whole year of stalking, the only interaction we had was me being saved from a flaming metallic death. I thought that some trust was in order." Monique reluctantly nodded as she digested Kim's words.

"Well, okay. Huh. So that's why you've been ditching us for the last few months?" Kim looked at the ground.

"I'd say sorry, but I'm not. I do miss hanging out with you guys..."

"Hey, s'alright, GF. You've been on stalker-watch. Sooo... let me guess; you've had a breakthrough?"

"Uh," Kim blushed again. "You could say.... something like that..."

"You met?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Is he good looking?"


"Was he everything you thought he might be?"

"More! Gosh, soooo much more...."

"Does he have a brother?"

"Mon'!" Kim playfully slapped the girl on her shoulder. Monique giggled as she hugged her friend.

"I'm so glad for you, girl. Your love life hasn't been all that good." Kim pulled back from the hug, the both of them grinning. "So how was the sex?"

Kim immediately released the black girl.


"Hey, I said TGSOYL and you didn't deny." Monique's eyes widened as even Kim's hands glowed red. Monique smirked knowingly. "Oh, that good, huh?"

"Wasn't just sex," she muttered.

"What? Sorry, I didn't catch that." Kim sighed and shrugged, spreading her hands.

"It wasn't just sex. I can't say it's the greatest sex I've ever had, since I've never had any. If that's what sex is like, I think I'm hooked. It was just.... I'd never felt anything like it, all I know was it was just soooo good." Kim's face deepened to a dark red that even Monique had to admit was cute. "But there was more to it, I don't know deeper..." Monique stared at the redhead, an incredulous look on her face.

"You're,-" Monique shook her head and started again. "You're not... crushing on this guy, are you, Kim?" Kim's flushed glowing face and shifty eyes were her answer. "OMG. You are. You are! Kimberly Anne Possible, crushing on her stalker!"

"Four Brothers."


"There are four brothers, but they're so not your type, Mon."

"I won't know until I try them out, and don't think you can change the subject on me," Monique huffed. "So who's the guy?"

"C'mon Mon'," Kim pleaded. Monique crossed her arms again and raised her eyebrow. The hero sighed. "It's just that it's..... complicated."

"Girl, it's gonna get out sooner or later. And who's better to protect you in the school than Ron and me? So. Someone I know?"

"Uh, yeah, er... sort of..."

"Someone from Middleton?"

"Not.... not really." A tremor of anguish speared through the girl as she realized that she had not real way of contacting Shego.

"Someone from school?"

"Uh, well briefly..."

"Wait... someone I sort of know, who was in Middleton for a while and briefly in the school..." Monique's eyes darted back and forth as she listed the info. "Hirotaka?"


"OMG. You bagged that hottie from Japan? That's great Kim! I'm a bit jealous- okay alot, but wow. That's just.... sooo up the food chain." Monique grabbed the red-head's hands in a surfeit of emotion.

"Uh, Monique..." Kim felt a tremor of fear. She knew this was going to happen, but why so soon? Why couldn't she just enjoy the moment a little longer? "It's not Hirotaka."

"Huh? Not Hirotaka? But then who..." The black girl's mind was racing, her mind systematically comparing and discarding names. It had been her tenacity and ability to read people that had moved the girl from floor sales lackey to assistant manager at Middleton's Club Banana flagship store in a few months. She could typically take one look at a person and know exactly how to get a sale out of them. She shook her head and started again. After another five minutes, the girl's shoulders slumped in defeat. "I give, Kim; who can it be? The only person that matches what you just told me is Miss Go, and I know that can't be. C'mon, give me something more."

"It's not Miss Go."

"What I said." Kim whispered a silent prayer to the heavens and braced herself.

"It's Shego." Monique simply stared at her. For a moment, then she gave a deadpan laugh.

"Ha ha, good one there Kim. I just thought you said -"

"Shego. Yeah I did. It's who I meant." Monique froze, her mind gibbering with this news flash. Her mouth opened and closed several times. Kim looked at the girl with steady eyes. "Monique, are you.... okay?" The black girl snatched her hands back from Kim's grip and turned her back.

"Huh!" The girl grumbled. "Just play with the sista. Fine. Don't tell me who it is. I don't care."

"Monique! Seriously. I like her, maybe love her!" Kim stopped for a moment. Did she really? Monique held up a hand.

"No, oh, no, you do NOT front with me, you got that? You better check yourself and watch what comes outta your grill, girlfriend. Didn't I tell you the truth when Labron sneak attacked me and stole my womanhood? If you can't even share something as little as who's your bu, I don't know if I can call you a friend." Monique began to stalk away. Kim was watching her one and only best girl walk away from her.

In a flash, Kim's hand grabbed the girl's arm and spun her around. Monique growled, bringing her hands up in a boxer's stance, but yelped as a wallet smacked her in the face. It fell into her hands.

"WTF, girl!" Monique hollered. But Kim was just standing there, not ready to fight.

"In the wallet..." Kim said in a small voice. "I found it in my locker today." The fashionable girl flipped through the credit card holders then stopped. Her eyes suddenly widened.

"Yeah. It's Shego. Read the back." Mechanically, Monique did as she was told. Her eyes darted left to right as she read the two short lines. Then again. One more time. "And the bra? Mine."

"I-it's a fake! Like one of those Photoshopped things you can get off the... " The girl's eyes met Kim's, who stared back solemnly. "It... it's not. Is it...?"

Kim reached out to catch the girl as she staggered with a moan. "Breathe Mon'. Yeah that's it. Nice and deep. Slowly. Breathe," she said, setting the girl on the ground and rubbing her back.

"I,... uh,..." The black girl looked up at Kim, swallowed and continued, "Kim, I owe you an apology. I'm really really sorry I doubted you." Kim simply smiled back as she settled beside her friend.

"I can hardly believe it myself." The two were silent for a while, then Monique handed back the wallet.

"So you... like... her? I mean, -like her- like her?"

"Yeah," Kim said softly. "I do. I love her." Seeing her friend sad wistful face, the yearning in the girl's voice, Monique knew this was true.

"So... are you a.... Lesbian then?"

Kim sighed. "I- I don't think so. I mean, I still think some guys are hot. Shego just totally and completely blows away any competition."

"Huh, not just figuratively either."

"Yeah," Kim smiled, then hesitated, before asking, "Are you... okay, with that?" Monique turned to her friend.

"Gay or not, you're my friend. Unless YOU try to sneak attack me or something, we're still BFF." Kim sighed as a tension she hadn't realized she felt left her. Energy soared into her as she realized that she still had a friend in the girl.

"BTW, I gotta say WTG, GF," Monique offered a small smile bumping her friend with her shoulder. Her resilient mischievous personality couldn't help the next few words that broke out the giggles. "You finally bagged the bad girl."

"Mon!" But Kim giggled along. She suddenly jumped to her feet. "C'mon! Let's go around to the other entrance. We got to get to class." Monique sighed at her friend's exuberance; although it must have been emotionally draining for Kim, the mocha skinned girl needed time to process and assimilate the news.

"Yeah, let's go."

They walked into the middle of Biochemistry being taught, unsurprisingly, by Mr. Barkin.

"Possible! Davis!" he barked at them before settling into a ominously smooth tone. "I see you have no qualms about coming in late for class."

"Sorry Mr. B," Monique batted her eyes at the hulking man. "I had to.... get some... hygiene products, and Kim went with me."

"Hygiene products?" Barkin mused, slightly uncomfortable. "And you purchased them?"

"Yeah, I'm all good now. Need the receipt? I've got my soiled panties in there though..."

"Ah... that's alright, Miss Davis. Just take your seats." Barkin definitely looked uncomfortable.

Kim's ebullient mood made her impervious, shrugging off Bonnie's constant sniping, who continued her quest to wrest the position of Head Cheerleader and Most Popular Girl from Kim. Her sighs at practise drew knowing glances from the other cheerleaders. They clustered in a heavy gossip session when the girl flew out of practise. They commented on her glow, wondered about whom she was seeing, laughed when Ron's name came up.

Kim literally flew home, her mind wrestling with one thought: would she see Shego tonight? At home, Anne shook her head at her daughter's dreamy-eyed smiles when she meandered into the house, grabbed some fruit from the kitchen and headed up to her room. James wondered if he would need to prepare the new orbital module for an unplanned manned deep space flight. Jim and Tim hustled themselves into the newly renovated basement.

Kim wondered if Shego would call tonight and giggled, considering what kind of trap she should prepare for the green-skinned villain. She grinned as she began to change, this time picking her white and neon blue hunting lingerie. Over the silk undergarments, she put on her three-quarter sleeve tunic and a pair of flared corduroys.

It had been almost 48 hours since she last saw the woman, and her anxious thoughts seemed to squirrel away from her. Will she come, won't she come.... Kim's hand trembled even as she carefully applied a sparkling light blue lipstick. Suddenly, a presence wrapped warmly around her.

Kim spun toward the window, her heart trip-hammering with excitement.

Outside, Shego stood as if in mid-air, feet just below the eaves trough. She wore her catsuit, her trademark dead-sexy pose, a hand on a cocked hip, smiling smugly back at the redhead. Kim rushed to the window and pulled it open.


Slowly, the green-tinted woman rose. Touching her sleeve, a gunmetal grey hoverpod shimmered into view. "Hoverpod. Miss me, Princess?" Suddenly, Kim stilled, eyes downcast, her heart no longer remotely in her chest cavity, but attempting to leave her trembling body. The hero raised her eyes slowly and gazed at the woman through her lashes.

"Sheeegoo," she whispered. A dark green blush spread itself perceptively across the woman's cheeks. "I've been thinking of you all day."

"Doctor D just finished a new prototype hoverpod," the woman replied, her voice slightly huskier.

"It's... lovely..." Kim's breathy voice was magical.

"You, uh, you don't want to go for a ride, do you? We could get out of Middleton, see the world...." Shego remotely floated the hoverpod closer until she stood above the teenager. That intrigued the redhead; on missions, the world just seemed to fly by in blotches of greens, tans and greys. Ever on the move or focussed on the mission, Kim could not bring herself to pause and wonder at all the exotic locales she'd been to. And now, her arch-nemesis was offering it to her.

"Is it safe?" Sea green eyes glanced across the lit control board. Given Drakken's track record with death rays, Kim was not sure if his modifications could be trusted.

"Sure. Do you trust me?" Shego said.

"What?" she replied, suddenly focusing on Shego's full lips.

"Do you trust me?" The woman leaned close, putting a hand on a bent knee and extending the other. Kim looked directly into the woman's eyes, glowing softly in the moonlight. A slow blush crept into her cheeks.

"Yes..." she replied as she took the hand, stepped onto the hoverpod deck and slipped lightly into the cockpit. She settled into the soft plush co-pilot seat and turned to the woman, who was still standing, one foot on the deck, the other in the cockpit. The woman was watching her with a strange thought-filled expression that broke as Kim's eyes lighted upon her. She stepped down as the hoverpod hatch hissed closed. Shego swayed her hips hypnotically the short few steps to the pilot chair.

"Okay, Princess. I can show you the world."

Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 5 - Come Away With Me

[Author's notes:


Kim Possible © Disney

Come Away With Me © Nora Jones

Written for pleasure, not for profit. Anything used from here, please credit me. I'm poor, so suing me is pointless. Um.... that's it.

A/N: Happy Valentines (was posted Valentine's Night, since I had to celebrate it on the 13th rather than the 14th, my partner working that night, dammit, and I pined for her all night, so I wrote and posted this on KPSlashhaven dot net instead), Family Day (Canadian Provincial Holiday), Flag Day (Canadian Federal, non-statutory) or President's Day (What DO Americans celebrate on that day anyway?)


Come Away with Me Lyrics
by Nora Jones

Come away with me in the night
Come away with me
And I will write you a song

Come away with me on a bus
Come away where they can't tempt us
With their lies

I want to walk with you
On a cloudy day
In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high
So won't you try to come

Come away with me and we'll kiss
On a mountaintop
Come away with me
And I'll never stop loving you

And I want to wake up with the rain
Falling on a tin roof
While I'm safe there in your arms
So all I ask is for you
To come away with me in the night
Come away with me


Chapter Five - Come Away with Me

Shego was in pure hell.

She woke with a start. The dim light refracted on beaded sweat, rolling off her smooth green skin as she sat up. Her hair, a naturally glossy mane, was tangled and matted. Her chest heaved for air. The woman stayed propped on her elbows for a few more hoarse, panting breaths, then sat up, grinding the heels of her slender hands into her glowing green eyes.

"Fuck..." she muttered. The dream had been so vivid, so real. Fading as quickly as she woke, the details slipping away.

She remembered red hair. She remembered a sweet innocent smile, smooth strokes, a pooling of pleasure. The torturous culmination of motion that never seemed to arrive, but continued to mock and frustrate her, unabated.

Butterfly winged glimpses of exquisite impalement, the red hair moving rhythmically above her, her own hips counterpoint in harmonious union... Shego shook her head violently even as the feelings of desire and dread intermingled within the confines of her head. So erotic, yet there was a sense of loss and despair, a dark nightmarish pall that could not be dispelled. In the middle of their intimacy, the redhead had disappeared, a cold shearing dislocation; she could still feel the girl's presence, but the hero was nowhere to be found, like movement caught in peripheral vision. The hurried, desperate search that had followed, the desire and dread beating heavier upon her, crushing her, drowning her. The elusive release taunting her, haunting her...

Although sick with dread, the woman's loins pulsated in angry and sullen torment, her passion soaked sheets clinging uncomfortably.

Ever since the redhead had taken her to bed, Shego had suffered recurring nightmares filled with raw animalistic imagery,  confinement and sensual desperation. Dreams accompanied by a claustrophobic craving and tantalizing stimulation that caused her to bolt out of sleep, hands searching for something, anything, to assuage the rampant needs ravaging her subconscious. Yet any release seemed to only further stoke the fires that raged within her.

Today, the third day, Shego decided she needed a cold shower.

She had avoided her Kim-watch the last couple of days, her mind and feelings a roiling turmoil inside her, indistinct and primal since Pumpkin "captured" and ravished her to their mutual benefit. The longer she stayed away, the stronger her subconscious rebelled.

The desires drove her to do things, stupid things. Like the picture. Shego smirked to herself, remembering how she took the picture. The bra was in the drawer of her bedside table. Sneaking into school these days was a lot different than her own generation. Metal detectors, alarms, guards with dogs and pepper spray, closed circuit cameras, security glass; it was like breaking into prison. It only took two minutes to get Kim's locker number. Shego hoped Kim was enjoying that little thing.

She staggered out of the sweat twisted silk and fumbled toward the bathroom. As the cold water sprayed down, the green-tinted woman sighed. The cool water splashed onto her face was a welcome relief from her overheated libido.

She couldn't stay away from Kim. Her thoughts were full of her. Even filing her nails, she would pause, mid-file, her eyes glazing as she replayed that night with Princess, revelling in how they had sampled each other's passion, release after release. How she had explored the soft, smooth inner thigh of the girl, nipped at the moaning teen's earlobes. How her hands had worshipped the girl's peach coloured skin in bright fervent strokes, coaxing melodious gasps from the redhead.

Shego forced herself to shower for another ten minutes.

I want to see Princess. I need to see her.

She pulled on the tight cat suit; no underwear, since it would show.

Not that I need it, she smirked. Coffee, training, then... she couldn't repress her sigh, already feeling defeated; then more time to file her nails. More time to remember Kimmie's sweetness.

She wandered into the main chamber, where Drakken normally set up his lab in each lair. Shego had long concluded it was for maximum exposure. It was prime gloat and rant real-estate to a paid audience. The blue scientist wasn't to be seen. Shego stopped by the cafeteria and found a couple of henchmen chatting over their own morning waker-upper.

“Eddie, where's Drakken?” she asked as she filled a mug with morning mud.

“In the hangar, boss,” the slightly overweight henchman replied. “Hey you in for this week's pool? Your team's on a hot streak.”

“Sure. Here,” she said, slapping a twenty in the man's hand before heading out. "Don't forget, training right before lunch."

"Sure, boss, we'll be there."

“Where the hell did she get that from? There's no pockets on that suit,” she heard the other henchman wonder as she left.

“Lemme give you a tip, Joe, since you're new. Keep your mind off the boss. She'll break you in half and flash fry what's left...”

She entered the hangar, where the two hoverpods were parked. Drakken was tinkering with one of them, his feet sticking out from under the fuselage. Shego stopped just beside the man's boots, swung back a hand, then slapped the deck hard. She was rewarded by a loud clang that reverberated through the high ceiling. A softer, squishier clang echoed hers.

“Ow! Mrrrph! Who did that?” came his outraged voice. Drakken slid out from under the hoverpod, rubbing his reddened forehead. “I really don't appre-” he stopped seeing the woman sipping her coffee while leaning against the hoverpod. “Oh, Shego. Ha ha, very funny.”

“Whatcha working on, Doc?”

“My latest scheme, Shego. It's so brilliant, no one will expect it!” Drakken sat up, a wrench in his hand.

“Uh, yeah. So, what?”

“A few modifications to the hoverpod, making it space worthy, added radiation and upgraded electro-magnetic shielding. Just finished installing the micro-oxygen tanks."

"Uh-huh. Less detail, more plan," she said, her eyes looking at the blue man as he stood up, brushing at his jacket with his free hand. His kicked puppy expression made Shego smirk. Just too easy.

"You know, if you can't perceive genius-" A sudden flash of green plasma caused Drakken to yelp as the wrench melted into a formless mass.

"Ya might wanna think very carefully what you're going to say there, Doc," she warned as the man shook his smoking gloved hand.

"That's alright by me...?" Drakken looked at the woman hopefully.

"That'll do," Shego shrugged. "So. Plan. Talk."

"Listen well then! We drag a massive electromagnetic pulse syphon into space and hold the world hostage by threatening to disrupt the Earth's magnetic field. It's brilliant!"

"And if they don't pay up? Even if they do, what's to stop them from turning on us the moment we land? And you just know they'll be sending Princess up after us." Not to mention the fact that the world would be destroyed... Shego rolled her eyes. Drakken was clueless, but at least he paid well and had decent benefits, if you kept an eye on him.

"Ya know what? Lemme make it easier for you. I'll test this thing and see if we can do it. Alright?"

Drakken froze for a moment. Shego, offering to help a scheme along that involved work? Stupendous! Perhaps she's coming around, after all these years.

"Of course! That would be excellent, Shego. Let me make sure the modifications are ready and the oxygen tank topped up. Now if you'll excuse me..." The blue man's manic grin was pathetic, but Shego allowed herself another eye-roll as the blue man pushed himself back under the hoverpod.

She left the hangar. Stopped by the cafeteria to drop off her mug, then headed to her room. Within the safe confines of her privacy, something Shego regularly maintained with a variety of gadgets and personal sweeps, she sat in a luxurious divan and pulled out a handheld, a device with black leather and green tinted titanium. She turned it on and with a few button presses had a map and a flashing purple dot. The dot moved about a schematic of rooms and corridors. Shego smiled. So Princess found her little gift. It was an old trick of hers when she was still exclusively freelancing. A self pressed calling card; the lip print itself was the tracker.

She checked the time. Half an hour before training. After a few more button presses, she found what she was looking for and smiled.

Timing's just right. Maybe Princess would like to go for a joyride... Shego leaned back into the divan, knowing she would be counting the seconds until she went to buzz the teen. Her Nemesis. Her Lover. Shego did something even more uncharacteristic for her.

It wasn't as if it was something she never did, rather it was the quality of it. It wasn't a smirk of arrogant self-confidence or the punch line quirk of a truly masterful zinger. It wasn't amused or long-suffering. It was uncharacteristic because it was genuine.

Shego smiled.

Maybe a picnic. A little food a little wine... no wine, little prissy Princess probably wouldn't drink it.

The woman jumped to her feet and headed for the training hall with a blessedly unconscious bounce to her step.

“Boss,” Eddie groaned from the ground where the green skinned thief had thrown him. Around the cerulean mat padded training hall, ten other pairs of red-suited men practised throws. “There's something different about you.” Shego's eyes flashed dangerously.

“What, I didn't throw you to the mat hard enough?”

“Uh, not that,” the man said, not getting up. Shego wondered if he thought she wouldn't school him if he was already down. “You're kinda... peppy, today.”

“Huh? That's a new one,” she blinked.

“I mean, you're really going at it hard today,” Eddie sat up, rubbing the small of his back, wondering just how the heck does one get thrown onto that part of the anatomy. Shego shook her head and checked a dim time display on the inside of her left forearm. She clapped her hands, a sharp gunshot sound that immediately caught the henchmen's attention.

“Alright, let's break for lunch. Eddie's got a sore back; Jay, you stack the mats with Mark. The rest of you, ten laps before you hit the showers. Joe, a word?”

“Yes, Boss,” the men shouted before thundering over to the track that ran around the large room. The tall lanky man Shego had seen with Eddie in the cafeteria limped up.

“Yeah Boss?”

“Your endurance is a little low for your height and weight. You need to improve your cardio too,” Shego said as she adjusted her gloves, her glance telling her exactly where the man's eyes were. “I want you to come up with a regimen for the next three weeks and drop it off in my box. Okay, hit the track.”

“Bitch,” the man muttered as he passed her.

She slammed a knee into the man's stomach before he took another step. As he bent over, gasping, she pivoted and with her back to him, hooked his near arm with her left. She rolled over the man, back to back, her legs high up in the air. She whipped her legs down. As planted her feet, she pulled her hooked arm and heaved, throwing the man into a spinning fall ten feet away. Even as he flew through the air, she sent a flaming concussive bolt after him. As he crashed to the ground, the bolt scorched the mat between his legs, missing his privates by two centimetres. The man yelped, instinctively covering himself. Eddie, standing behind Shego, sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Sorry, boss. Get rid of 'im?”

“Is he freelance or Hench Co.?”


“Yeah, get rid of him. What's Jack thinking, sending us guys like that?” Shego shook her head.

“Don't worry boss, I'll take care of it,” Eddie cracked his knuckles and gave her his “bad-ass” grin. Shego smirked and clapped the hulking man on the shoulder. As she headed for the door, Eddie called a couple of men off the track to help.

“Jack, Dave, let's show Joe the door.”

“Jeebus, Joe, you're such a moron.”

“She's just trying to keep your butt from being kicked too hard by that cheerleader.”

“Surprised she just didn't barbecue him like she did to Arbel, six months ago...”

By the time she stepped out the door, her mind was on something else.

She'd been training the henchmen since Drakken's failed Li'l Diablo plan. Synthodrones, no matter how dangerous, were still just bags of poorly protected goo. Robots could be hacked and destroyed without a second thought. No matter how meat-headed the henchmen were, they still bought Drakken precious time to accomplish his plans. That and Kim was getting so strong now, the men were being hurt more and more seriously, graduating from strains, bruises and headaches to dislocations, fractures and concussions. Claims were through the roof.

Shego smirked to herself as she continued down the corridor to her room. Kimmie was small, but did she pack a hell of a punch. And her technique... Shego flushed a little at the thought. Her technique was immaculate. The girl was a natural. The green of Shego's cheeks deepened as her chest felt a strange fluttery feeling.

The woman reached her room and opened the secured door. Shower.... again. She stripped off her catsuit and put it on a special hanger, then carefully hung it in a stainless steel closet. The door hissed closed and she pressed a few buttons to start the dry clean process. One of Doctor D's true-genius inventions.

She adjusted the temperature and stepped in, the scalding water spreading sweet relaxation through her. Time for a reality check. Kim was constantly on her mind. And it was a fact that Shego would be up against her when the time came for the teen to stop Drakken's latest bid for power. Could she still bring her all after the girl? A redheaded teen that had made her body ache and sing at the same time? A hero that stood for all things wholesome? The girl next door, little miss perfect, cheerleader, apple-pie?

Shego leaned against the tiles under the shower head.

She's a hero, and I'm a villain. How could this work? It'll never work. I'm evil, and she's.... she's just so... perfect. My perfect Princess. So when she shows up with the buffoon and the naked pink thing, am I just gonna roll over and let her take me? Is she gonna just let me walk?

No way. She hates to lose. Shego thought how the redhead had matched her stroke for stroke, orgasm for orgasm, that competitive spirit in the girl glowing in the midst of their lovemaking.

And I won't lose to anybody. No. Not even her.

Dammit. Maybe she'll come over to the dark side? Yeah, as if. She won't leave that, not even for me. Hell, it's one of the things I love about her.

Shego's eyes opened in shock.

Oh gawd. Did I just say the “L” word?

Yeah, I guess I did.


Maybe she'll come away with me. I.... I gotta ask. I need to. I don't know what I'm doing, and she's so deep in me... I just can't.... I don't know. Could I really.... leave things.... like that? Could she?

Elope with a thief wanted in more countries than the Commonwealth?

Yeah, like that'd happen.

Shego shut off the water and stepped out of the shower. She patted herself dry, then put on her moisturizer. She wrapped a soft black terry-cloth towel around her torso and sat down with a pumice stone for the soles of her feet. That finished, she flipped her sodden hair over one shoulder and began to run her softly glowing hands through them, using her plasma to dry the hair. Periodically she would alternate shoulders.

Her hair was her pride and joy, something she'd been growing out since she was four. Before her powers, it took over three hours to dry the three and a half feet of hair. Now, it took about thirty minutes. And she took very good care of it. Unfortunately, she'd had to cut it after rescuing the teen, evening it out after the tumbling vehicle had sheared inches off the back; that was always a bitch. With strands stronger than many metals, Shego had to use her plasma to crop it herself.

Kim had been mesmerized by the falling dark waves. She had run her hands through it again and again, prompting the woman to try something she'd only read about. She'd taken the curtain of her soft ebony hair, laid it upon the hero and tantalizingly brushed it across the teen's heated skin. The girl had arched and gasped under the glossy black swathes, her eyes wide with delighted disbelief, dark and deep with passion. On the third time, the hero had twitched and writhed in the throes of a powerful release. Shego's smile turned into a frown as her overactive mind returned to a particular girl that just wouldn't leave her alone.

Shego had built her reputation job by job, task by task. She'd made special pains to do fantastical thefts that left the local authorities scratching their heads. Even after she'd stopped leaving calling cards, unsolved and brilliant thefts were always shoved in a folder five inches thick in the Interpol headquarters under the Black Lipstick Thief File. She had spent countless hours training, learning, perfecting her skills. Could she leave all that?

Shego shook her head as she walked out and checked the clock. If she left now, she'd have plenty of time to pick up the necessary items for tonight's excursion. The rush of thoughts and emotions cleared her mind of her doubts, leaving only a single thought.

I'm going to see her.

Chapter 6

Title: Chapter 6 - A Whole New World

[Author's notes:

Kim Possible © Disney

Alladin © Disney

A/N: What else could I use since the end of chapter eight? Here's to magic carpet rides!


A Whole New World
As performed by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga

I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me, princess, now when did
You last let your heart decide?

I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over, sideways and under
On a magic carpet ride

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go
Or say we're only dreaming

A whole new world
A dazzling place I never knew
But when I'm way up here
It's crystal clear
That now I'm in a whole new world with you (Now I'm in a whole new world with you)

Unbelievable sights
Indescribable feeling
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
Through an endless diamond sky

A whole new world (Don't you dare close your eyes)
A hundred thousand things to see (Hold your breath - it gets better)
I'm like a shooting star
I've come so far
I can't go back to where I used to be

A whole new world (Every turn a surprise)
With new horizons to pursue (Every moment gets better)
I'll chase them anywhere
There's time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you

A whole new world
That's where we'll be
A thrilling chase
A wondrous place
For you and me


Chapter Six - A Whole New World

"I thought you meant something different when you said you'd show me the world," Kim remarked as the hoverpod rose higher and higher.

“What, like show you the Pyramids of Giza or the Acropolis? The laws of physics are meaningless in a cartoon movie, Kimmie.”

The girl leaned against the cockpit bubble, gazing down at the dark side of the earth. Outside, the air grew to a thin light blue, then began to deepen quickly. Features of the planet beneath them began to resolve themselves from indistinct greyish greens and bluish-grey blurs to solid coastlines. Below floated an orb of brilliant blue, rich dark greens and patterns of grey, pristine white, brown and yellow; looking down at the Earth like this took Kim's breath away, and made her slightly pensive. She thought she could pick out the lights of major European cities as they flew through the Mesosphere.

"This is what I fight for. It's this, and it's her," she whispered to herself. "I'll keep you all safe. I promise." Shego pretended not to have heard over the soft hissing of the oxygen converter, covering the plummet of her heart. How could she ask the girl to leave anything behind now?

"How high are we going?" Kim wondered out loud.

"Hold on to your panties, Pumpkin. We'll reach entertainment altitude soon enough. Just let me put on the ACDC."

"Two things. ACDC?" she asked as Shego flicked on the radiation and electromagnetic shielding and the cockpit dome polarizer.

"Automated Collision Detection Control. For space debris. What's the other thing?" Autopilot, flick. ACDC, flick.

"I'm not wearing any."

"Huh? Wearing any wha-" Shego stopped, realizing the subject of the red-head's blithe admission. A sudden desire to tear the girl's clothes off speared through her. The thief took a shuddering breath and released her grip from the control stick. She turned her surprised eyes on the girl, whose furious blush was testament to the truth of her last statement. Shego's own face turned a deeper verdant hue.

"Oh, Sheeego, you blush so beautifully," Kim giggled.

The woman stood up, disturbed at how easily the teen could get to her now, disrupt her calm. She walked to the back of the pod and opened a compartment.

“Here, Pumpkin, spread this behind the chairs,” she said as she tossed a forest green blanket. Kim caught the covering and began unrolling it while the green tinted thief pulled out a hot flask, two plastic mugs and a flat, pale green box. The girl lay the blanket down and then plopped herself on top with a wide expectant grin. Kim just couldn't believe that she had slipped out from home like this, without her Kimmunicator, without telling her parents or Wade or even Ron. She was here with Shego, and that was all that mattered.

The thief sat down, carefully balancing the box.

“What's in the box?” Kim asked.

“Surprise. Cocoa-moo?” Shego put down the box and mugs and unscrewed the flask top.

“Please and thank you. So what's in the box?” Kim asked, brightly. She just really, really wanted to know.

“Cocoa-moo first,” was the reply. Kim pouted a bit, but the woman was being so great, she decided to save the rest of her arsenal for later. The woman passed the redhead a mug of steaming hot chocolate, which was accepted with a murmur of thanks.

“Omigawd, Shego, this is sooo good...” Kim's eyes were wide at the taste of the rich bittersweet liquid.

“Made it myself. Cream's from Bavaria, bit of truffle from France. Chocolate's from a small farmer's union from Côte d’Ivoire. Fair trade, too,” Shego rambled while she poured her own mug. When she recapped the flask and turned to the redhead, she found the girl staring at her mischievously over the mug, gazing at her through lashes. Shego's heart jumped at the unexpectedly enticing sight.

“What?” she said, flustered.

“This is a side of you I never expected to see. I'm so glad you were my first.” Shego nearly spewed hot chocolate all over the blanket, but with incredible force of will, forced it down and coughed a bit instead.

“What?” the woman croaked, a deep green flush on her face.

“I mean my first... everything,” Kim went on, her own blush dusting her cheeks. “You know so much about, I don't know,... things. You've travelled the world; not just gone places, like me, but enjoyed it. You've probably had other, better lovers. You know so much about life and stuff... I'm really happy that you're willing to share it with a small town girl like me.”

Shego was dumbfounded, flattered and amazed. She knew that she wasn't just any old chip off of any block, but to hear the hero say it out loud, so earnestly was... mind-boggling.

“So... the box?” Kim asked, a plaintive look on her face. Shego simply nodded, still digesting the girl's last few sentences. “Spankin'!”

With a wide grin, which to Shego was a gift in and of itself, the girl scooted forward, plunking down on her knees, legs akimbo, and lifted the box. The flat, dusty green box had a large sticker holding it closed, the word “Butter” printed on it in a flowing cursive script. Shego reached over and with a quick smooth motion cut through the sticker with a single index claw. Kim looked up at the woman, her eager smile all the more adorable. The thief simply nodded again. Kim lifted the lid and gasped.

Nestled inside were six cupcakes; dark brown foundations topped with fantastical swirls of red, brown and green, each with a different garnish.

“My favourite bakery. Switzerland can have their chocolates, France their haute cuisine, Asia their exotic appetites. For me, this is a little taste of heaven. You can find it in Vancouver, Canada, on Dunbar Street. Best cupcakes in the world." Kim stared at the tiny clouds of buttered cream topping as Shego smirked. “If you thought Drakken's muffins were good, these cupcakes, Cupcake, are to die for. The flavours are,” she continued, pointing to each as she went, “peanut butter on chocolate, pistachio on chocolate, and one of my personal favourites, raspberry on chocolate.” Shego stopped as the girl looked up, the girl's eyes wide with anticipation. Shego could almost imagine the girl wiping drool from her chin; the smell of the tiny confections was getting even to her. Kim seemed to be unable to put down the box, now that it was in her hands.

“Can, can I...?” The girl's sea green eyes begged. Shego chuckled, a light, husky sound.

“Here, Pumpkin, let me. Which would you like first?” The girl stared, licking her lips.

“Pistachio. Then raspberry. Then peanut butter!”

“Well, okay. But let's see if you make it that far.” Shego carefully extracted the cupcake. Small slivers of pistachio crowned the green swirled cream. She slowly peeled down a side of paper, a little at a time. Kim was practically bug-eyed and drooling by the time she had exposed half of the tiny cake.

“Sheeeegooo!” Kim whined slightly, her eyes locked on the thief's hands.

“Open wide, Princess," Shego purred as she brought the cake to the girl's lips. Kim slowly bit down into the light, rich cream, into the moist chocolate cake. Her eyes fluttered closed.

A long, guttural groan escaped the girl as she chewed. Shego smiled at the hero's delighted response. Kim swallowed slowly. The woman took a small bite from the same cupcake and joined the girl in closed-eye silence. For a moment, they could only hear each other's deep breathing as they contemplated the sensations rolling over their palates.

“Oh, Sheeegoo... that is just.... it really is...”

“Think you can make it to peanut butter?” The girl suddenly looked down and gave Shego a shy look that simply took the woman's breath away.

“More?” Kim said in a little girl voice that caused a frisson of arousal to coalesce in her lover. Shego wordlessly brought the cake up to the girl's mouth. A few more shared bites and the pistachio was gone. Shego lifted out the reddish cupcake.

"This one's one of my favourites," Shego said as she held the cupcake for the girl to eat. "What do you think?"

"Oh,... mmmph,... it's sooo gooood...." The thief lifted Kim's cocoa-moo and brought it to the girl's lips. The girl sipped daintily. Shego glanced at her left wrist, noting the time. She took the box from the swooning teen and placed the cupcake in the girl's hand.

"Grand finale's coming up, Princess. Finish your cocoa-moo," she said as she stowed the box, then sauntered to the control panel. Kim took another bite of the cupcake, small crumbs sprinkling her tunic as she fumbled with the paper. She chased the rich cake down with the rest of her cocoa-moo.

"Remember the ending of that carpet ride in that cartoon movie?" Shego asked as she moved to another control panel. After checking a few displays and flicking of switches, she powered down the internal lights. The hoverpod was suddenly plunged into a majestic darkness, with only the diffused sunlight from the Earth's atmosphere casting a soft glow into the cockpit. The hoverpod slowly slipped into world's shadow. Kim popped the last morsel of raspberry cupcake into her mouth.

"Uh,... wait... Fireworks! At the Forbidden Palace." Shego settled beside the teen, a smile lighting her dark lips. The teen wondered just what Shego had planned as she carefully picked the crumbs off her tunic.

"Right in one." Shego turned away from Kim, retrieved the flask, stowing it away safely.

"Oh Sheeegoo..." The dark haired woman froze as she felt the redhead lean into her back. The girl's perky chest pressing against her. She felt light-headed as the blood gravitated quickly to sensitive regions on her body. Two slim arms encircled her waist and suddenly, Shego felt things she hadn't realized she'd missed.




Maybe we can make this work. Please let it work.

Kim gave a languorous sigh as she held the woman from behind.

Suddenly, a shadow moved at the edge of her vision. Kim whipped her head around, releasing the woman and immediately jumped up into an aggressive stance, but saw nothing. Another motion, the other way. Kim whirled, but again saw nothing but the insides of the cockpit.

"Relax, Pumpkin, the show's just starting." Shego said, sitting on the blanket and pointing into the dark expanse before them.

"What...?" Kim stopped as she saw strange lights playing across the villainess's face. She could see that the woman was barely containing her excitement and turned to look out of the clear cockpit dome. The hero gasped for the second time that night.

Sheets of luminescence glittered around them, mellifluous light that swirled and waved. Soothing hues, orange, violet, green and yellow fell around them, shimmering curtains of cosmic ether bathed the hoverpod.

"Oh my God, Shego,..." Kim was wide-eyed. "It's beautiful..." Luminous curtains of light rushed past, fading, reforming, shifting and fading once more. Profound patterns passed over them, through them, reaching as if into eternity. The red-head moved slowly to the transparent dome and put her hand on the cool, curved surface. She stared up in wonder as light rained down in undulating tides.

"Yeah," came Shego's dreamy voice. She stared up at the teen. For the first time, Shego was conflictedly grateful for her angst filled life that had brought her to this place. It was a jarring, sudden and embarrassing revelation, but she could feel the truth of the thought down to her very core.

"Is it...?" Kim spoke, soft, breathless, awed by the unadulterated display before her.

"Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights." Shego's voice was hushed as well before the enormous natural beauty that danced around them. "I... I really wanted to show this to you, Kim."

Kim turned to the woman, who started and flushed a darker green, caught looking at the teen. There was a light sparkle at the corners of the girl's eyes.

In an instant, Kim's lithe body crashed into the woman, sprawling her upon the comforter.

"Gah!" Shego gasped as the young body lay across hers. Kim held tightly to the woman.

"Princess..." Shego was once again at a loss at what to do with the girl. She stroked the girl's hair. "C'mon Pumpkin, you're missing the show." Kim gave the woman one last squeeze before inching up and turning to lay her head in the crook of the villainess's arm, pressing the length of her against the catsuit-covered body. Shego, in turn, wrapped her arms around the lithe young girl. They stared up at the enchanting cascade of light, each of them deep in their thoughts. Thoughts that moved in fluid eddies, unspoken, pregnant with momentum.

I can't believe she's here, with me. I can't believe this feels so good. I can't believe what I'm doing, mooning over this slip of a girl, this goody-goody.

She's shared so much of herself with me tonight. Things that are important to her. I'm glad I'm here. I'm happy she's with me.

She's so good, and I'm.... evil.

She's a villain, I'm a hero.

I can't give that up... But I can't give her up either.

She's just like me, but on the other side... my dark reflection.

Maybe... I can have... both?

Quietly, they lay, listening to the other's soft, rhythmic breathing. The lights played on, floes of luminous energy, slipping across the planes of the Earth's magnetism.

"Shego..." Kim whispered finally.

"Yeah?" was the equally soft reply. The girl turned, propping herself up on her elbows. She looked into the woman's eyes, those hypnotic, glowing orbs, and swallowed nervously. Shego looked up at her, a quizzical lilt of a smile on her dark lips. Blood rumbled in heavy waves through the hero, her heart beating a rapid staccato of anxiety and passion. A soaring, unfamiliar melody, not heard by her before, yet she now knew she would follow anywhere.



Kim licked her lips and took a deep breath.

"I love you."

Shego felt as if her world had suddenly been pulled askew. A tremendous spasm of heat roared through her body as the words flared across her consciousness. She felt dislocated, disconnected.

She... loves me? She ... loves... me... She loves.... me, the green-tinted woman's mind babbled. Tears appeared in the woman's eyes.

"P-princess,..." Shego whispered before Kim lunged forward. The force of passion that met in their lips prevented any further thought. Such a minuscule connection, less than half a percentile of the human skin. It was a magnificently condensed microcosm of desire.

Kim's tongue flicked out, teasing nascent swirls of elation against Shego's dark lips. As the solar winds blew across the hoverpod, illuminating celestial patterns on their bodies, Kim followed their passing with soft kisses down the woman's slender neck. Slim peach coloured fingers depressed the button on the catsuit's collar. The fabric whispered apart, a schism opening along the seam of the alternating green and black panels. The sections fell away, exposing the light green torso to the hero's fervent touch.

Shego shivered as Kim nipped at her earlobe and blew lightly into it, sending a thrill down her spine. The insistent force of the girl's tactile rumination drew the opened suit down, revealing smooth clavicles and slender shoulders. Fingers pursued the newly unearthed contours, soft lips on bare collarbone. Shego whimpered at the intimate contact even as it pooled a single-minded determination deep within Kim, a filling of erotic sensations, driving the teen on. She traced the lines of light and shadow along the woman's neck and shoulders, the skin pebbling at the insistence of her touch.

Kim slowly drew the catsuit fabric down, crumpling the suit at the green woman's waist, trapping the thief's hands in the folded sleeves. The teen began to chase the formless patterns across the expanse of Shego's upper breasts. A searing heat began to pulse in the woman, arching her back mindlessly against the massed weight of the girl's hands. The girl was instilling a demanding momentum that could not, would not be ignored or diverted. It would not be deflected from its foregone conclusion.

The hero began trailing her full lush hair along the taut green skin, sending a shower of shocks through the thief. Each strand trailed a seductive symphony across her, building to a crescendo of pleasure that simmered. Shego bit her lower lip, as if such an act could contain the marvellous phenomenon screaming through her.

While the woman was so distracted, Kim stripped off her tunic in a single smooth motion and unhooked her blue trimmed white bra. Goosebumps appeared instantly in the cool air. She lay herself directly on top of the half-naked thief, her pert breasts pressing hard against fuller mounds, spiking the woman's hurricane spiral of tightly wound excitement by several magnitudes.

That unconscious glow that occurred the first time the two had made love began to emanate from the woman once again. However, the motes of light streaked directly out of Shego instead of swirling. Kim, not caught in the throes of ecstasy as before watched in fascination as the rhythmic pressure of their breasts seemed to accelerate the number of sparks. Where sparks penetrated the red-head, light warm ripples of pleasure surfaced.

Long restrained moans began to escape from Shego as the waves of sensation erupted into runaway reactions that pulled the thief's body taut. Kim's palms drove meteoric waves along the woman's ribs and flanks. Mind too numbed by wonder to free her hands, the green-tinted villainess wrapped her long legs around the teen, her hips flexing frantically. Yet the girl refused to allow any stimulation to that area, arching her body away slightly, pulling away to bring her hands to continue the sublime compelling touch to Shego's heaving breasts.

“Oh, Oh gawd... Kim! I... I... please!” Shego pleaded through gritted teeth. Kim's lips quirked in triumph, before lowering her lips directly on Shego's left nipple. The woman's resolve collapsed, releasing the accumulated sensual gravity in a cascading seductive discharge.

Shego's guttural roar reverberated in the small cockpit, the shimmering green sparks emerging from the hoverpod in an ever expanding sphere of green light that becalmed the melodious symphony of light for an instant. Her body arched, trembled, her toes curled as the shockwave of her release spread from her innermost self to the tips of her feet, fingers, hair.

Slowly, she returned, the hero's touch no longer insistent, but soothing. It was much longer before coherent thought was possible for the green skinned woman. All the while, the young girl who had orchestrated such a searing eruption smiled down at the remnants of her handiwork. Shego realized the girl had not even touched her most intimate part, and yet had just treated her to one of the most mind blowing orgasms of her life. The comet powered beauty shivered at the thought of what the girl might be able to do if that happened tonight.

“Kim,” Shego's voice was rough from her prolonged cries.

“Yes, my love?”

“Do me a favour. See that round green button on the panel to the left of the pilot chair?” Kim's brow furrowed for a moment, wondering what the woman was going on about at a time like this. She twisted slightly to look.


“Be a good girl and turn it off.” Kim, her own loins pulsating with aching desire, mentally shrugged before walking over to the panel and pressing the button.

Immediately, her feet lifted off the hoverpod floor, her hair flying free. Kim grabbed the back of the pilot chair.

Zero gravity? Kim was about to turn around when a very warm body, still slick with perspiration, pressed itself against her. A very warm, naked body.

When did she...?

“Bit over dressed, aren't you, Princess?” Deft hands settled on the button of her corduroys, even as the woman's soft skin leaned into her back. “Just hold tight and let me do the work.” The thief's breath whispered across her shoulder blades. Those hands, those smooth firm hands lifted her legs, leaving Kim floating parallel to the ground

“Shego, the gravity...?” Warm air blew lightly into her ear, causing a tremolo to scurry up her spine. She could feel the smirk on her skin. The quick deft hands captured the girl's long bangs and threaded he hair into a slipknot.

“We're too low for real zero g, Pumpkin, but the hoverpod's equipped with a gravity field... which you just reversed, see?” Like a sublime mermaid, Shego glided before her, her long black hair trailing behind, also tied in a quick knot. Her long slim hand pointed to the button, which was now a soft flashing red. She rotated and placed her shapely feet against the back of the chair. Kim marvelled at the sight of those fine digits.

“Hold tight, Princess, or we'll bounce all over," the woman's wicked grin elicited a whimper from the red-head as the claws orchestrated light arpeggios of sensation along the length of the girl's sides, hooked into the unbuttoned pants and pushed. The woman's feet braced against the chair; Kim could see the delicate muscle definition on the comet powered beauty's calves. The cool air prickled her legs as her pants were slowly, lovingly removed. With a skilled motion, Shego rotated again and gave the redhead a long, amorous kiss. When the raven-haired woman drew back, Kim's rocketing pulse and heaving chest made her smirk. She held the red-head close, leisurely pressing the length of her body against the red-head. A deep flush rose in the girl.

Day-yum, she really does blush everywhere. The last time the woman had made love to the girl, it had been a night of furious passion. This time, Shego was going to take her time exploring the hero's body, making sure to place her mark on every inch of the girl. She noted the girl's choice of colours with a smile.

“Eyes on the prize, Cupcake,” she breathed into Kim's ear.


Kim gasped as the woman rotated again, sliding her hair along her body, each strand an instrument of sensual desire; the woman rotated around the hero. She could feel the heady rush of blood between her legs. Shego continued to orbit as the girl's breathless gasping filled the hoverpod. Once... twice... On the third, she pressed herself tightly against Kim's smooth back, her round breasts pressing into the girl's skin. Her hands reached around, cupped each pert mound and began a rhythmic squeezing. Kim moaned at the instant passionate crescendo. The thief controlled the tempo of her ascent. On and on, the woman drew out more and more sounds from her peach lips, kneading, pinching, claws scoring lightly along her flushed body.

One hand began to sear a new line of sensation down her ribs, down past her trembling belly. It traced around her belly button for a moment, then continued its journey down past the flat of her lower abdomen, into the rough private recesses of her.

Lulled into an erotic daze, the hero's legs parted of their own accord. Shego's claws slid around the ridge of the girl's hip, then down to the smooth inner thigh. She snapped the electric blue garter; the hero gasped at the playful stinging pain. Kim felt as if she was flying free, through space and time, the bright blaze of her heart, her mind, throbbing in concert with Shego's. There was no room for thought in the maelstrom that spun within her.

Down one side, then the other, Shego rubbed the pads of her fingers in long, lingering strokes, ghosting by the girl's throbbing core, where she could feel a culminating lubrication, pearls of essence that began to float free. Kim twisted in delicious torment as her excitement swelled painfully at the woman's coaxing, her body complying with every bidding.

When Shego's hand finally slid along the centre, slick with ecstasy, Kim gasped as a new harmony of arousal was added to the swirling aria. Claws studiously avoided contact with the most sensitive nub as she massaged the swelling labia.

Kim felt as if her head was going to explode. A wonderful, tremendous tingle was running through her. She laboured for breath, gasping out her affection, short and sweet. It took her a moment to comprehend that the woman's lingers had paused, spreading her wide, the cool air adding to the teen's moans.

What is she-, Kim wondered, frantic, then suddenly realized the woman was asking for permission. Even during their first session, Shego had not entered her body, except when they kissed. Lips, tongue, touch had been withheld from those intimate recesses.

“Yes, Shego, yes!” Kim groaned out. Slowly, she felt something enter her, causing the glowing embers of her to flare into a paroxysm of pleasure. Her entire body trembled as a clawed finger inserted itself within her.

She's in me, she's gone inside me, Shego's inside me, Kim mindlessly revelled.

Shego began a very detailed, minute exploration of Kim, her finger searching little by little the girl's velvet depths. Back and forth she swept the pad of her finger, careful with her trimmed and buffed claw. When she found it, Shego smirked. It was a small protruding patch, slightly rough. She rubbed gently.

Kim's hips bucked suddenly as she released a scream. Shego's grin was positively wicked as she slowly pulse charged her finger with her glow. The girl began to twist and writhe, moaning heavily as the pressure mounted.

“She-shego, I have to, I-”

“Shhhhh.... it's okay Princess, I know. Just do it... C'mon...”

“B-but, I really need to,... Oh gawd! I gotta-!”

“It's alright, it's okay. Just let it go. Do it for me, Kimmie, just let go... you can do it.” The woman's sultry voice drove her arousal higher.

“No... no... it's... agh.... gnnnnng...” Kim clamped her determination down. The pressure building was weird, it was strange. She felt the urge to urinate. She was embarrassed. No, she was mortified. In the middle of the act of lovemaking, and she needed to go. And here was Shego, telling her to just do it! She held on for all she was worth. It felt way too good to stop. She couldn't stop.

“C'mon Pimpkin... it's just me... c'mon Kimmie, I really want to see it, do it.”

Kim could only reply with a tight, breathless whine. With that Shego sent a very slight electrical charge into the now bulbous nodule that she was stimulating. At the same time, she rubbed her thumb along the hero's clitoris.

"Come for me, Princess!"

Kim shrieked as a opalescent stream exploded from between her legs. She couldn't help it. Her thoughts, her embarrassment were wiped away as the pleasure that had built to a crescendo explosively released itself, a tempest of bliss. She bucked, writhing as her passion shot out of her, a fine diamond mist in zero gravity. It seemed to go on and on, Shego's fingers teasing her to greater, longer heights. Through it all, Shego held the undulating girl in a tight, intimate embrace. Kim thought she would die from pleasure.

Eventually, Kim quieted. Shego slowly pried the hero's cramped hands from the pilot chair and spun her around to float face up, looking out of the cockpit dome.

“Welcome back, Princess," Shego grinned.

“I-, w-what... d-did I...?” Kim stammered, her embarrassed blush making the woman chuckle.

“Relax, Kim. I found your 'g-spot'. It's not urine or anything. It's female ejaculation.” Shego stroked the girl, trying to calm her.

“Wow. I just.... wow. Really?” Kim wrapped her arms around the woman. Outside, the magnetic illumination continued its cosmic dance. “I thought I was going to die!”

“I'm sure. It's kinda whitish, see?” Shego held up her finger, which was covered with a pearly film. “Every woman can do it.” She paused, looking at the back of the cockpit. “Damn, Cupcake, it's like the fuckin' Milky Way! I'm gonna need a mop later.” Kim, still flushed and panting from her release, blushed a deeper red. Shego smirked.

“Well, I promised you fireworks, didn't I?”

Chapter 7

Title: Chapter 7 - Bizarre Love Triangle

[Author's notes:

Kim Possible © Disney
Bizarre Love Triangle © New Order
Bizarre Love Triangle © Nouvelle Vague

Bizarre Love Triangle
as sung by Nouvelle Vague

Every time I think of you
I got a shot right through with a bolt of blue
It's no problem of mine
And it's a problem I find
Living a life that I can't leave behind

There's no sense in telling me
The wisdom of a fool won't set you free
But that's the way that it goes
And that's what nobody knows
Well, every day my confusion grows

Every time I see you falling
I get down on my knees and pray
I'm waiting for that final moment
You'll say the word that I can't say

I feel fine and I feel good
I feel like I never should
Whatever I get this way
I just don't know what to say
Why can't we be like we were yesterday

I'm not sure what this could mean
(Every time I see you falling)
I don't think you show me what you seem
(I get down on my knees and pray)
I do admit to myself that if I hurt someone else
(I'm waiting for that final moment)
You'll never see like it was meant to be
(You'll say those things that I won't show)

Every time I see you falling
I get down on my knees and pray
I'm waiting for that final moment
You'll say the words that I can't say

Every time I see you falling
(I feel fine and I feel good)
I get down on my knees and pray
(I feel like I never should)
I'm waiting for that final moment
(Whatever I get this way I just don't know what to say)
You'll say the words that I can't say, I can't say
(Why can't we be like we were yesterday)

I feel fine and I feel good
(Every time I see you falling)
I feel like I never should
(I get down on my knees and pray, and pray)
I will say what you say
(I'm waiting for that final moment)
Why can't we be like we were yesterday
(You'll say the words that I can't say)

You'll say the words that I can't say
You'll say the words that I can't say
You'll say the words that I can't say
You'll say the words that I can't say



Bizarre Love Triangle

"Goodnight, my beautiful thief," Kim said as she stepped on the thatch outside her window. Shego floated the hoverpod lower, so that they were close. Kim could not resist, her eyes zeroed in on her target.

"Sleep well, Prin-" Shego's glowing eyes widened as the red-head lunged forward capturing black lips with her own. Kim was sure that she could feel the mystical communication between their two beating hearts.

So soft...

Finally, Kim broke the delicious connection. Shego opened her eyes slowly, her gaze unfocused. The girl opened her window, pushed aside the lowered curtain and slipped into her room silently. She paused, giving the dazed woman one last alluring look before letting the drapery fall closed behind her. A nice hot shower and then bed... she hummed a light merry tune on her way to her en suite bathroom.

“Kimberly Anne Possible. You are in big trouble,” said a firm male voice as the lights flicked on.

Kim froze. Her heart trip-hammered with dread. She turned slowly, a sick pallor on her face. Yet when she turned around, there was nothing.

"D-dad?" Kim turned around again. "Dad?"

Okay.... too much sex can make you hallucinate... Kim thought.

"Over here young lady," her mother's stern voice sounded behind her. Kim swallowed and turned, only to see the Kimmunicator, its minute extensible claws propping up the tiny device on her bedside table. On the miniature screen was her mother... but in Wade's room? Kim dashed over to the machine and picked it up.

"Okay... what's going on here?... Wade." Anne's throaty chuckle came out of the tiny blue apparatus.

"Right in one, Kim," her mother's voice distorted along with her image to reveal the brown skinned youth.

"Wade, why are you disguising yourself as my parents?" Kim's confusion was only amplified when she found herself speaking from the Kimmunicator.

"Because, silly, Ron and I had to cover for you while you were off having wild lesbian sex with Shego," the Kim on the small screen teased. Kim felt as if her head would explode from the sudden rush of blood.

"I,... wh-what..?" Kim squeaked, clutching at the device.

"I'm just kidding, Kim! Look, Ron called looking for you and found you weren't home. Your parents were getting all cranked so he made up a story about you probably off to see him about a small emergency with Hana and said he'd get you to call when you got there." Kim blinked. "Then he beeped me. He was worried you might have been kidnapped or something, or that Dementor had connected his transportulator to some sort of beam or something, like Drakken did with the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer."

"Transportulator?" The screen Kim shrugged and gave an eye roll.

"That thing that Drakken tried to get you to steal from Dementor. Anyway, I ran the security feed in your house backwards and saw you... uh, getting into Shego's hoverpod." Screen Kim looked a bit disturbed by that and crossed her arms. "Your parents beeped the Kimmunicator ten minutes later, asking why you hadn't told them why you'd left without a word, or to tell them where you were. I used this tweaked version of Drakken's cyber-clone and pretended to be you, at Ron's house while Ron and Hana made noise over Ron's Ronuminator." Kim's heart fluttered suddenly.

"I was... we were just.... I mean," Kim's mind simply wouldn't stop whirling.

"I'm operating on a need to know basis here, Kim. You don't need to tell me anything, unless you think I need to know," screen Kim put up a hand.

"I-,... thanks Wade. And as cool as it is talking to myself, could I talk to Wade now?" Her image on the screen wavered to reveal the portly black boy sitting at his terminal. Kim paused a moment before asking what was really on her mind.

"Uh,... you didn't... tell Ron why I wasn't at home, did you?"

"Look, Kim. I'll be 15 this year and I already have four Doctorates. “

"Four? You already got the one on Cryptography? Spankin'!”

"Thanks, and no changing the subject. What I'm getting at is I'm not slow. I know something's up with you and Shego. I think you're nuts; but I trust you. If you haven't told Ron yet, it's not my place to do it. But a word of advice: do it soon."

“This coming from someone who's version of love was built into a raygun?” Kim teased.

“I was young and desperate. I mean really what does a twelve year old genius know about romance except the biological response? Besides, science can solve a lot of things,” Wade smirked, then turned serious. “But not human foibles. So. Ron?” He raise an eyebrow.

"I know.” Kim looked at the image of her genius friend of 4 years. When Wade had contacted her, via email on her babysitting site, she had thought it was a joke. But as she chatted with him, his frustrations with the laws that refused to protect the products of his genius, and started getting increasing hits from legitimate high risk jobs, she had taken up Wade's offer of tech guru, all-round information hound and mission screener. He'd become the indispensable hub that Team Possible orbited; a friend she trusted. Kim raised an eyebrow. “You seem rather calm about this.”

“You spend enough time on the Internet you see the dark hidden things that people do. Just like you can also get to know the people who are the bright lights in the world.”

“Like one world-saving teen cheerleader, her best friend and his pet?” she suggested with a grin.

“Yeah, something like that,” Wade returned her smile.

“Thanks Wade, you ro-," Something in Kim's mind suddenly clicked. "Wait a minute! You have saved security feeds from inside my room?" Kim growled, her eyes glinting dangerously.

"It's for security purposes, Kim. I never look unless there's need. We thought you might have been kidnapped! You know with saving the world, we have to watch your back. Some of the people we throw down with are more than willing to put the hurt on you and your family." Kim hesitated.

"So you don't sneak peeks at me while I'm undressing? Watch me in the bathroom, way wrong stuff like that?"

"No Kim, I'd never!" Kim looked at Wade skeptically for a moment.

"Well, okay. But I want you to make me a copy of all my room feeds for the last four months, and then destroy the originals. All of them."

"Uh... okay. What do you need the footage for?"

"A little surprise," Kim smirked. "And Wade? You rock."

* ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ *

Villains for one reason or another crawled out of the woodwork. Perhaps it was because of the Valentine Holiday; Kim supposed it was hard for mad scientists wanted for crimes against the world and humanity to get dates. Or perhaps it was because it was spring.

She foiled Duff Killigan's mad scheme to turn the Sahara into his personal golf course; the resultant drastic change would have wreaked havoc on the global climate. She foiled Senor Senior Junior's plot to capture both Brittina and MC Honey and force them to back-up his non-existent pop career. Senor Senior Senior had threatened to fix the FIFA World Cup so that his own team of players could win. Frugal Lucre, Summer Gale and AdrenaLynn had some weird cocked up plan to mutate all beans into jumping beans; that one did not end well for the three villains when they were overrun by the larvae. At least Kim was able to prevent the resultant explosion of moths and save the world bean industry. Monkey fist was the most active, hitting several archaeological digs in South America, Africa and Asia. Kim, Ron and Rufus finally tracked him down in a hidden villa on the slopes of the Himalayas, somewhere in Tibet.

And that wasn't including the locust problem in Mexico, the flooding in China, several research teams that needed rescue from the deep jungle in Africa or the multitude of small calls as people found the warming weather a great way to get themselves into trouble. The hikers in Yosemite. The free-climber on the Eiffel Tower. The ice skaters on the Potomac.

Kim was increasingly irritable and agitated. She had trouble sleeping. Her libido was driving her insane. She wanted Shego. Her body wanted Shego. Her chest constricted at the thought of the green-tinted woman.

Through it all, she agonized about the comet powered woman.

What's she doing? Why hasn't she come around? Couldn't she even just leave a message? A flower? A note? She's an awesome and amazing thief, godammit!

At cheer practise, the squad discovered the true meaning of hell. They had heard the rumours of Kim's expulsion from midget league coaching, but had brushed it off as sibling oneupmanship. They now discovered the unfortunate truth. The cheerleaders noted her intense focus, her cheery know-it-all do-it-all attitude and the sudden increase of incredible difficulty of Mad Dog cheer routines. Ron's name was dropped from the BF list.

Kim desperately wanted someone to speak to, but didn't want to monopolize Monique's time, or seem too tweaked.

After a week, she had worse thoughts.

Was Shego just in it for the thrill? Had she made a woman out of me, taught me the amazing world of intimacy with a loved one, and then lit out? Was she laughing behind her hand all this time? Has she... dumped me? Has Shego found someone else?

The cheerleaders hid their worry behind pompoms and quick getaways after practise. Oblivious to Kim's increasing agitation, or perhaps egged on by it, Bonnie continued to deliver her cutting remarks at the teen hero at every opportunity.

During one practise...

"Hey K, I see you're your cheerful self. Got dumped, again?"

Jim and Tim were on hand with the Mad Dog Mascot routine, with Ron looking on, giving them pointers about the most effective use of his Mad Dog Froth Formula. Kim said nothing, glaring hard. That was nothing compared to the sudden inferno of fighting aura that poured out of her. Bonnie squeaked, retreating away several steps, her cheer shoes screeching on the gym floor as she suddenly backpedalled from the murderous look Kim had delivered. Bonnie, rarely ruffled by a simple scowl, could not understand her sudden desire to either flee screaming or fall to the ground and grovel in abject fear. And in front of a trembling with rage, accredited Kung-Fu master. A registered lethal weapon. She felt as if she was staring down the barrel of a very large, very deadly gun named Kim Possible. Always sensitive to their sister's moods, the younger siblings paused, sensing the hair-trigger temper their sister had been nursing for the last two weeks was about to go off.

"Ow-owr-wr-wr-wrooooo!" Ron howled, sliding in between the cheer captain and the vice captain. He stood up and turned to the shell shocked twins.

“And that, is how you do the howl and slide, boys!” Out of the corner of his eye, he watched his best friend since pre-kindergarten shake herself out of her murderous haze.

She took a very deep breath and exhaled slowly, the sound echoing in the silence of the cavernous gym.

"Bonnie, please lead today's practise," she said in a soft voice. "I'm not feeling well." She turned on her heel and headed for the locker room. Even before the gym door slammed shut behind her, she could hear the hushed whispering of the uniformed girls.

In the shower, Kim rested her head against the tiles as the scalding water sluiced down her in sparkling rivulets.

Where are you, Shego?

Why haven't you buzzed me?

No email.

No number to call.

I can't even get a hold of you!

Kim let out a low growl of frustration and spent the next five minutes trying to keep herself together.

* ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ *


The red-head turned as she stepped out of the locker room. Ron strolled up in his typical yellow-trimmed, red sports jersey and baggy cargo pants. She sighed in relief as the blond can alongside her.

“Hey Ron. Sorry about that...” Kim trailed off.

“No worries, KP.” Ron thought for a moment. “Although I hope Bonnie has a spare change of underwear. She's needed to be taken down a peg or two for a long, long time.” Kim nodded morosely.

“So, Kim. You, me, Rufus and Bueno Nacho. My treat. Whaddaya say?” Kim thought, this was the perfect opening. When will I ever get a better chance to spill? Kim mustered her courage.

“Sure Ron, but it'll be a dutch treat.”

“Uh, okay. But KP, you know that Bueno Nacho is Mexican, not Dutch, right?” Ron smiled as Kim sniggered.

Maybe this won't be so bad.

* ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ ** ~ *

Oh. My. God. So the drama!

Kim sat agonizing in her booth. Across was Ron, but he wasn't eating. On the table was Rufus and he wasn't eating. They sipped at iced drinks, two pairs of eyes watching. Waiting.

“So.... Kim. Is there something you'd like to tell me? Because, I'm all ears. And it's not just because I'm Jewish.” Kim roused herself and offered an off kilter smile.

“Ron... I've realized something a-about myself. Something new, a-and, weird. And I-” Kim swallowed, sipping her own beverage before continuing. “I'm.... afraid... it could change what we have.” Was it harder because Ron was uncharacteristically serious? In the past he'd always helped her get past things with his goofy ways and a certain levity that made everything shift into perspective.

“KP, there isn't a thing in the world that can tears us apart. I'll always have your back, you know that.” Ron paused as Kim stared at the cup in her hands. He waited and then said, “I'm gonna get a refill. You want one?” Kim could not respond, wrestling with emotions that jerked and bucked and pulled, trying to escape her fiercely determined control. Forcing down a sigh, he stood and turned.

“Ron, I'm seeing Shego," Kim said in a low voice. Ron froze, not sure if his mind was playing tricks on him.

“KP, could you say that again? I think I didn't wash my ears out or something...”

“Shego... is... ” Kim's face flamed bright red. “... my...” here it is, I'm gonna say it this is it, say it say it say it now! “...girlfriend.”

And with that, all the tension, all the ferociously gorchy feelings that had been pent up under her skin, that tormented her, was released, leaving a euphoria of acceptance. It was as if simply by speaking it lent a weight to it, made it more real. It was as if something settled in her mind, giving it a space to live and thrive in her existence.

Ron's brown eyes opened wide. His mouth opened, closed, opened again then closed. He sat back down, his face blank. His eyes began to dart back and forth.

“Shego's my girlfriend.” Kim said with more confidence and a bit of pride, a giggle of emotion thrilling up from the pit of her stomach to the top of her head. I've said it. Twice! That dangerous, beautiful and ferociously dead sexy thief is MY GIRLFRIEND!

Rufus staggered and fell against the blond's forearm. Then stared up at his friend, whose eyes now darted back and forth so quickly that Kim started to worry.


“Oh my god, YOU GUYS ARE LIKE GUACAMOLE!” Ron shouted, an ecstatic expression on his face. Kim and Rufus stared at the blond boy.

“Uh-oh,” Rufus tsked, shaking his head and whirling a pointed finger at his head. “Snapped!”

Guacamole? What the heck?

“R-ron, are you...”

“Okay? Yeah. Wow. Guacamole...” Ron shook his head.

“Time out Ron. Explain this guacamole thing to us non-cooking types.”

“Guacamole is easy to make, but hard to make well. It takes time and practise. Too much avocado, which is light green by the way, and it becomes too thick, browns too quickly. Too much tomato, ahem, red, and it gets too watery. But that and add in just the right amounts of lime, salt, coconut milk, red onion, black pepper, cumin, garlic and cilantro, whip it all up... and it's a dip that's fit for the gods themselves.” Ron looked up with a dreamy expression and held up a hand in benediction.

“Whipped, minced, chopped and diced
Lime, salt, onion, pepper, milk
A true red-green dream.”

Kim and Rufus stared at the blond as the haiku settled around them, their mouths open in what the blond thought was awe.

“Uh-huh, yep snapped, tsk, tsk, tsk,” Rufus shook his head.

“Oooookay, naco-boy, you're gonna hafta come back from orbit.”

“Huh? Well, it's obvious. Guacamole is like the Royalty of Mexican Dips. It has almost an infinite number of taste and texture combinations, but it is sometimes, the dip or garnish that can hold a meal together. I mean, the secret ingredient ...” Ron's eyes suddenly widened, then darted about. “Uh... I mean,... not supposed to talk about that... non-discombobulating clause and all that...”

“Non-disclosure. And I already know Ron. I was your test subject, remember?” Kim smiled.

“Aheheheh... Oh, and guacamole goes great with tacos!” Ron gave a lopsided grin. Kim covered her mouth, but a giggle escaped. Rufus began to chuckle. Kim tried to hold back a guffaw and failed, breaking into a series of rip-snorts and chortles, before just outright laughing. Rufus fell on his back and rolled with mirth.

When they brought their hilarity back under control, Kim wanted to be sure.

"I... didn't think you'd take it so well," Kim admitted. "Even better than Monique."

“I'm alright with you and Shego. I mean from one angle, it could be so many levels of wrongsick. But KP,” Ron looked up at her with smile. “You know lesbians are just so totally hot! And man, you and Shego? Wow.” Rufus looked at his two favourite teens chatting happily. He could read their pheromones, and they smelled like they were going to settle into another one of their long, nearly incomprehensible BFF sessions. He took some money out of Ron's wallet and headed for the Bueno Nacho counter.

“Yeah, she is a wow.”

“So are you a...?”

“Not sure. Still think some guys are attractive, but Shego's just so ferociously hot.”

“And you can have barbeque without a grill too.”

“Only if you want your food tasting like ozone.”



“So how did it happen?”

“Well, she's my stalker.”

“What?! No way, really? So it was her...?”

“Yeah, my saving angel. How weird is that?”

“Nothing to do with weird, that's a twelve on the freakmeter.”

“And about three thousand on the joygasm meter.”





“So you guys?”


“And it was that?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Aw, man. That's another first you got before I did.”

“That's okay, potential-boy. I heard from someone that there hasn't been a shortage of the ladies for the Ron-meister.”

“Ye-e-e-ah, the R-man still hasn't gotten past second.”

“What?! With all those nights you were out? Monique would text me every time! And you never got freaky? Like, what?”

“C'mon, Kim! You know I'm not.... like... that! For me, it's gotta mean something!”

“That's... both sweet and dumb Ron.”

“Part of the Ron-charm, bay-bee!”

“You're probably the only guy these girls have ever run into that would say no to sex.”

“I'm not saying no. I just haven't found that special someone to share it with....”

“What? Not with Yori?”

“KP, we live on opposite sides of the world. You know how much it would cost to keep up a 'ship like that?”

“What about Monique?”

“Wrestling and Monster trucks, she's like a guy friend.”


“Sweet, but taken. Mankey. Damn you Mankey...”


“Gone for college. Even if she did, she's way too stuck-up for me.”




“Aw, you know what I mean! It's gotta be special!”

“Yeah.... actually I do.”

“Huh? You mean, you and Shego?”


“I... wow... that's... uh.... wow...”

“You said that already.”

“Okay... Did you tell her?”


“That's just like Felix and Zita.”

“Other than the fact they got engaged on their first 'non-date', yeah, I guess.”

“But then if everything's been so great, what was with that thing back at practise?”

“Oh. Well, I, uh,... haven't felt,... seen... or heard... from her in... two weeks...”

“...Huh. I would've been burning up my minutes if it was three hours.”

“I remember.”

“So really, nothing?”


Ron sighed at his best friend's blushing face and sat back, spreading his arms along the top of the booth bench.

“It's gonna fine, KP. But ya know, we've been so busy. Dontcha think Shego has buzzed your place, but you haven't been there? She can't just have the time to sit around; I mean I just can't see her waiting on you. She doesn't have any way to reach us that might be untraceable, especially if we're on mission, and if she leaves anything in your room, heck anybody could find it...”

“But she put a picture in my locker, like two weeks ago! She didn't seem to have any problems then.”

“Picture? Lemme see it... omigawd. That is four thousand degrees of hotness right the-e-e-re... amp down Kim, I'm just playing with ya, no need to jell!”

“Well, why doesn't she do something like that again?”

“Why would she want a repeat performance? Her romance tank can't be dry, she's a woman.”

“I know she's a wo-... man,...”


“... a woman...”

“You okay? KP!”


“Earth to Kim!”


“Control to Bubble-butt!”

“Oh. My. God. I am such an idiot! I can't believe it!”

“Huh? What?”

“I'm acting like the girl!”

“Uh, hate to break it to you, KP, but you are a girl.”

“But Shego's a girl too.”

“Really? And here I thought she might be a man or something, she's always so angry...”

“Ron!” Kim laughed as she swatted plafully at her blond friend. “What I mean is, when a girl dates someone, we sometimes wait for the 'morning after call'. We don't want to look to clingy or desperate. But both Shego and I have never had girlfriends before... what if she's waiting for the 'morning after call' too?” Kim's wide eyes turned from saucer-eyed realization to seductive plotting in an instant. “And I've got just the right 'thinking-of-you' gift!” Kim lunged across the table and embraced her startled friend. “Thanks, Ron!”

“Uh... yeah.... you're welcome.” Ron eeped.


“Uh, KP? Not that I mind a bi-sexual hugging me, but from a sister-like BFF, it's a bit beyond sick and wrong.”

“Sorry.” Kim released her best friend.

“Yeah.” The hero stood up, her face already beginning to glow. Ron could see the girl was entering mission mode.

“I gotta go, I want to get started right away.”

“On what?”

“The perfect gift for my girlfriend.” Kim left with a smirk and a spring in her step. Ron stared after her as Rufus came out of a naco induced stupor. The small pink rodent watched Kim's retreating figure then up at his friend.

“Awww, Shego?” he chittered. Ron sighed.

“Yep. She's got it bad.”

* ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ *

Her gift took a lot longer than Kim expected. First there was just way too much material. Second, she wasn't sure what her lover's taste in music was like. Third, she was called away five times that week for missions, two of which required inter-hemispheric travel. By the time the gift was done, she was into her third week and was definitely seeing signs of withdrawal.

Is she okay? Had one of Drakken's harebrained schemes killed her? Or... or maybe... another villain... or even worse, an evil non-villain organization... had decided to wipe out the interfering Doctor... had they taken her out too?

Wade traced some shipments of material Drakken was known to favour but to no avail. No recent thefts that Shego had been present at; Kim was sure after brief stops to investigate, even if she was mid-mission. Wade, with all his resources simply noted that they seemed to be active, but was unable to trace the materials being purchased to their end point. His hypothesis, however, was that Drakken had some sort of underwater base.

Kim slipped the case beneath her windowsill and prayed for the best.

It was still there the next morning. That afternoon, during school, Team Possible was called away to save five hikers who had gone missing in an avalanche in the Rocky Mountains. After three hours of searching on rocket propelled snowboards, Rufus caught wind of them and found them holed up in a small cave. By the time she returned home, she had finished her homework and was ready to rest her exhausted body. Before she slipped into the covers, she checked her windowsill.

The case was gone.

And in its place?

A small card with a black lip stick print.

The hero grinned.


A glorious rush of adrenaline had her jumping from foot to foot, a little dance of joy as she spun.

* ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ *

Beep-Beep Be-Beep

“Sorry, Mister Barkin! I gotta take this!” Kim called as she stuffed her books in her bag and lit out of English. She could hear the hulking man's growl muffle as the door closed behind her.

“What's the sitch, Wade?” said a cheery red-head as she sped down the hall to the exit.

“Uh... Doctor Director was wondering if you might have some time...” Wade said, not meeting her eyes. Alarm bells were suddenly going off like no tomorrow in Kim's head as she pushed open the outside doors.

“Wade, has something happened?”

“Sorry Kim. I ran into Global Justice's newest hacker recruit. She caught me snooping around some of Hench Co.'s coltan subsidiaries. You know, the ones funding the war in Congo. I didn't say anything, but you know Doctor Director... she's a genius when it comes to correlative relationships...”

“Newest hacker recruit?” Kim blinked. “Coltan... that cellphone stuff Drakken uses for his synthodrone brain chips? So I guess I should be expecting- Eeep!” Kim stifled her surprise when a hole opened beneath her feet. She fell into a capsule like transport module which then rocketed through a series of twisting yellowish green transparent tubes.

As the wind whistled past her, she sat, placing her satchel on her lap and crossed her arms. She'd never liked the GJ chutes; it reminded her of the time she found out exactly where Gemini's own chutes ended. It took her three weeks to get over the sight, another month for the knowledge.

What's going on? Why would Doctor Director call on me like this? We haven't had a GJ sanctioned mish since the flood in Istanbul!

After a few minutes, Kim noted the rapidly warming air and slid her hairbrush from her satchel before looping the strap over her black and burgundy trimmed spring jacket. A moment later, the capsule stopped and the doors slid open. A few strokes of the brush and she was ready. To the side, a stiffly correct figure in a blue jumpsuit stood waiting.

“Miss Possible.” The man's deadpan voice had always rubbed Kim the wrong way, ever since his rude outburst within five minutes of their first meeting, where he called her an "amateur".

“Mr. Du,” Kim managed to match his tone of smug reliability. In the dark cavernous room, large screens dominated the walls, the only light illuminating the dimly lit controls panels manned by other blue-suited figures: the Command Centre of Global Justice.

"This way, if you please," Will gestured down the left, between the transport tubes and the consoles.

"Doctor Director's office?" Will Du, brightest and most accomplished Agent of the Global Justice corps, was not someone Kim would like to know to any greater degree. It wasn't because his skin was not white or black; she suspected South Asian. It wasn't because he had ears that stuck out; heck her best friends since pre-kindergarten had the same. It wasn't because his hair looked like a helmet, or that he had a very slim build. Or his painstakingly memorized rules of engagement and policies. It was all about respect.

Kim found it very difficult to respect someone who simply refused to respect her. That, and he'd used the hidden taser in his high tech watch and zapped Ron just for wanting to shake his hand.

As Will lead her along the corridors of the Global Justice base, she wondered if there could be any guy who was more stiff than Will. She'd seen wooden boards that had more give.

They stopped at a desk that sat before a security door. Behind the desk, a stunningly pretty brunette looked up as they approached. New assistant?

“Miss Flage,” Will nodded.

“Will,” the woman replied with a sweet smile. A smile that deepened as her eyes travelled to the redhead.

“Ms. Possible.” Kim blinked. Had the smile grown?

“Uh... Kim's fine.”

“Then you can call me Camelia. Doctor Director is waiting inside, please go through.” Will moved to a chair that was by the desk and sat. Without hesitation, Kim pushed open the door and walked through.

“So that's Kim Possible?” Miss Flage sounded amused.

“Cammie...” she heard Will's frustrated sigh as the door closed.

The lighting in the room was dim, like the rest of the base. Morose colours on faded greys dominated the decor. Opposite the door was a heavy utilitarian metallic desk. To the left was a small table with four chairs, the right, a coffee table and a drab couch.

“Kim,” called a warm contralto from the desk. “Have a seat, I'll join you in a second.” Tall and as well endowed as any Reuben, Betty had an hourglass figure that Kim had always been jealous of. Her full, short brown hair and eye patch gave the woman a rakishly handsome air that was effective in masking the great tactical genius behind her pleasant face.

“Sure,” Kim replied, somewhat nonplussed. She opted for the couch and sat.

“Water? Pop?” Betty asked as she stood.

“Uh, water.” Kim started getting nervous. Was this a business meeting or a casual one? Since her stalker-shaking days, Kim had popped by to see Betty periodically, trying to shake the presence tailing her. Had Betty taken that as a sign that Kim was relaxing around her with some casual familiarity?

Betty passed a cool bottle to Kim, in her tight fitting Blue Global Justice suit. Kim noticed that Betty seemed quite a bit more filled out than Shego, then lowered her gaze and blushed, opening her bottle while grappling her wandering eyes into submission.

“Kim, I'm glad I could see you on such short notice,” Betty said, twisting open her own bottle of water and sipping from it. “How have you been?”

“Good. School's been good, but missions have been really hectic the last few weeks. I've been all over! The travel's fun and it gives me time to finish my homework.” Betty nodded.

“And how's your parents?”

“Mom's good. She's going to be the proctor for this year's national neurosurgeon exams, so she's busy arranging for cadavers and such. Dad, well you know. He's working on some Japanese funded project. Comes home sometimes; he says they're in crunch right now.”

“Kim, I called you here because I've seen a report that worries me,” Betty sighed. “I don't know why it wasn't brought to my attention earlier, but when I heard that Wade had been snooping around the Hench Co. coltan stocks... well.”

“What is it?” Kim felt a tremor of anxiety.

“About four weeks ago, one of our satellite sensors detected a massive plasma surge in or near around your house. Three days later, a massive phenomena of plasma was observed in the sky in the lower layer of the mesosphere.”


“Do you know anything about this?” Kim weighed her options. Would it be smart or stupid to dissemble at this point? Even if she lied, could she do so convincingly?

Darn it...

“Doctor Director...”

“Yes, Kim?”

“Betty. I-... I think I should tell you something... It might be hard to understand... even I don't really understand it...” Was a strange look was blossoming in the brunette's eyes?

“Kim...? What is it?”

“Betty, Shego is my girlfriend.”

“Your... girlfriend.”


“And so... uh, but you're... and she's still?” Betty's brow was scrunched up with the effort of assimilating Kim's information.

“When we get together, we just hang out and stuff. I don't talk shop at all.” Betty suddenly reached out and took Kim's hands in her own.

“But Kim, she's a wanted criminal! You can't even claim to be innocent here; you know she's wanted. You could be arrested just by association!”

“Betty, I'm telling you because I trust you. And I hope you trust me too. Don't ask me to do anything to capture Shego, 'cause you know I won't.” Kim's gaze was clear, her leaf-green eyes calm pools of assurance. Betty shook her head, unable to comprehend what was happening.

“Kim,... I don't know... right now, we have a level 2 surveillance order on her, a do not approach, do not contain. She's dangerous! Are you sure she's not trying to trick you?”

“I'm sure.”

“How? How can you be sure?” Kim was surprised to see a bit of sparkle at the corners of the woman's eyes.

“Because I love her.”

“Kim...” Betty's wide-eyed incredulous gasp hurt.

“Please, Betty... don't make me regret things. Because it won't be the fact that I love an international thief that I'll regret. If Wade calls me out to take on Drakken and Shego, Team Possible will do our job. I promise you that. And if I do put Shego in jail, so be it. I won't lose, not even to her. She knows this. Just like I know she won't go down easy, just because it's me.” Betty took a deep breath, pulling her thoughts together.

“One condition, one of my agents has to be part of Team Possible.”

“Okay. Just not Will. I'll take anyone else, but that guy just won't listen to me.”

“Alright.” Betty shook her head. “Kim, I know you said you wouldn't regret this. Please don't make me regret anything either.”

“You know my motto.” Betty laughed hollowly along with her.

* ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ *

It was almost another month before Kim saw Shego again.

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