Story: Liquid (chapter 7)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 7

Title: Chapter 7 - During a storm, a little clearing...

[Author's notes:

Rain can bring, relief, cooling and so much else after a hot spell... it also can bring a huge surprise.


Chapter Seven - During a storm... a small clearing


I suppose that my two friends imminent arrival to see me at the lake had initially made me happier than I had been since arriving at the lake... yet life has this sort of way that it ends up kicking the living shit out of you. My dwindling hopes of having a better summer finally with help from my long term friends was about to be smashed into a million pieces and left to rot in the summer’s sun.

Sasha and Cassandra had shown up at the lake as they had said they were, and actually they were right on time as well... which because of their procrastinating parents always being late was a shock in of its self. It was what I found out after which made things seem even more bleak.

Seeing the two dark clad girls were more than just a welcomed sight for a second or two as they stepped from their car in front of that family’s cabin two doors down from my family’s... but I quickly came to find out that my hope for some real happiness and fun was now being crushed like a grape on a busy highway. Simply put, reality had leaped up and bit me in squarely in the ass, and this time it took a rather large hunk out of my spirit.

The two gothic twins, who had been my friends for so long showed up with more than their family and one another. To my distress, each girl had arrived at Keegan Lake with a boyfriend in tow with them. My heart fell and then broke into a thousand of pieces.... this did not speak well for my plans.

As the two gloomy twin girls introduced me to their respective young men that had accompanied them to this place... I was finding that my re-discovered ‘reality’ had rose up from the depths of hell itself and bit my ass withy the force greater than a Great White Shark. Reality was taking a huge chunk out of me.

Sasha was with a towering, very lanky but ghostly looking kid that was calling himself Dorian. This youth stood towering well over the six foot tall mark and had this long mane of black hair that was poker straight and hung down to obscure his ghostly white face. This odd young man had these oddly dark blue eyes that pierced through the curtain of black, and showed no sense of happiness or anything else for that matter.

This ghoulish stick figure of a boy was wearing a rather ratty looking black shirt with a simple skull image that was almost faded away on its front. He also was wearing a pair of dark cargo type shorts that probably have had seen better days years past and was paired with some clunky army styled boots that did not come up high enough on the legs to hid the very large full coloured dragon tattoo that was visually prominent on the side of his calf. The lad also was sporting bands of metallic studs on both of his arms while his black lipstick he had on seemed to really stick out against his bleached white skin.

Dorian was a sight to behold from the start, even for me who saw myself as someone who just took everyone the way they were. He was the poster boy for the term of Weird. I found that the lad was very interesting as well.

This towering lad Dorian seemed that to barely weighed perhaps one hundred and sixty pounds if that... far less than what someone who was his size should really be. He was all arms and legs, which were as white as his face was. Just one look at him and you could see that a skeleton might have been heavier than this gangly lad, his pale complexion just made him look more dead than alive, but there was a very distinctive sort of spark in his dark coloured eyes... a little life.

Sasha’s lad seemed very quiet, as he barely had said a handful of words in the first few minutes as the introductions were being made. Sasha was the one who seemed to be talking for the both of them... and I knew from the many years of being friends with both her and her sister, that Sasha was not a talker normally. It was clear that this youth was the dark, quiet type... perfect for the gothic way.

Cassandra on the other hand had a very drawn out looking young man with her, calling himself simply Lex. He was not a very tall, but he did seem to be even thinner than the tall Dorian looked. Dressed totally in black, with a ‘Black Sabbath’ tee on his small frame, he seemed almost smaller than what his height really was, but there was more oddities about the lad as well.

Aside from his appearance, there was this brooding sort of air to this lad calling himself Lex. The pint sized goth had these prominent sunken eyes, eyes that seemed to be totally void of any real life. His face as well, showed no real hint of any emotions that the lad was feeling at the time. He never really changed any of his facial expressions or anything as he stood there, he just seemed to be void of truly anything. He was, for lack of any word... just plainly spooky to the max.

I did not know that for sure, but that feeling had automatically hit me. I knew that Cass was the more compassionate twin, as her sister was not so much all fuzzy... that made it clear that she would be the right person that would be the best fit for this lad. He needed someone like her... As did Sasha did with Dorian. Both girls seemed to be paired with the right guy for them.. But that did little to help what else I started to feel.

We just hung out for the day and did some simple shit together all over the vacation spot, but things were not like what it was when it was just me and the twins. Truth be known... how could it be? With paring off like it was...I was the fifth wheel in this, and there was no axle for me. I was often the loner, whether at school or almost any where else I found myself... but never had I ever felt that way with the twins.

With the two of them now having their ‘significant other’ at the lake this year... it became quite clear that once again- I truly was the odd person out in it. It was like my normal school life has shown up and inserted itself into my vacation life, and began to literally destroy it without even trying to. Just one more of a reason why my life felt as if it really did suck badly at this point of time.

Just in having to watch how the couples were starting to cuddle together like some way too weird gothic sickly sweet version of the Care-Bears meeting in some retarded romance novel... times ten. It made me shake my head... but also was making me really think of Melody all over again. I could not stop any of it.

The memory of that kiss I had been given now was replaying itself in my head again without stopping... and now the full wall of emotions I had was now feeling ten times more intense than what they had been. All of this was battering my mind, causing my whole body to shiver with both a deep sense of sadness and this overall feel of longing as well. With all of this battering around in me like a out of control demolition derby, made everything feel so much harder to take.

It was official. With everything up to this point going as wrong as it could, it was hard to ignore any of it... and it’s effects on my own thoughts and even my emotional state as well. I had to just admit to myself that this very crappy summer was now seemingly growing into one that was even crappier.

" Someone just go ahead and shoot me!" I grumbled to myself, feeling the strain flood every part of my mind.

Thankfully, the two couples wandered back to the twins parents cabin after being together for the rest of the day... and I was feeling oddly relieve with it. It was like I could breath a little better than what I had been. I was thankful for the separation we were finally having, as just seeing the twins with boyfriends made my heart hurt... and made my mind settle back on thinking about Melody.

My mood had now sunk to an all new low, making me feel more depressed than I ever had before. My heart was feeling very heavy and my heart felt almost empty , and knew nothing about helping myself to get out of this funk I was in. I have felt down before, more than I need to admit to... but this feeling that hung around my neck was a feeling of being lower than I ever thought I could have.

Without any plan or even anything at all to go to help myself climb out of this deep pit of a mood... I knew that I had to do something for this, or just end up wallowing deeper into this quicksand that was my emotions. I needed to do something, anything to at least get myself started to climb out of the emotional pit. The question was what would help me get my head back in line again?

I just decided on a old stand-by trick to handle all of this stress stuff. I just decided to go off for a little bit of a walk so I could see if that would finally calm my tidal wave of emotions down enough so I could find the way to enjoy something that might be considered to be nice and happy. Admittedly, I was extremely sceptical that I would find that sort of happy feelings again while here at the lake, but at this point of time... I was ready to try anything at all to at least escape my mood for awhile.

It is truly sad to say when you hope for something good to finally come around and lighten your life up even a little yet life makes it end up crashing and burning in a fire ball of disillusionment... it makes everything that was really shitty in the first place to feel many times worse.

Right now I was feeling more than ever, feeling that shittiness actually growing for me. I am so lucky....people would shoot me to end my misery. Yeah, all I have left was my sarcasm... lucky me again.




Night had come to the lake area... as well as some relief. The heat had broken earlier this evening and the rain came down in torrents... in the form of a huge thunderstorm that swept in from the west and finally cooled things off in a very short amount of time. It brought huge claps of thunder that was accompanied by a wicked looking lightning show that shot across the sky and reflected in the choppy waters of the lake itself... but the cooling effect of the rain was the greatest thing.

The DJ I had heard on the local rock radio station earlier reported that this loud and intense storm would slowly pass overnight our across the lake area and then simply head off to the Northwest in the wee hours of the morning and clear. The heat was also being reported to be returning for the morning time...then continue its work of baking us all over again for the next few days until another thunderstorm might build up and brings us relief all over again. That forecast just made it official... summer was truly upon us.

Mom and Dad had gone for a pre- country Jamboree party that was being held at the dance hall across the lake where some of the concerts were going to be played at. They were so excited even for just this little event, I was happy for them. It was what they looked forward to all year... even though just the thought of the Jamboree made me cringe and want to run away from the hideous nasal warbling of the style... I was glad that this all made Mom and Dad so damned happy.

I was more than just happy to stay in my little cabin home and have as quiet of a night as I could possibly have given myself. My plan was made easier because I had finally somehow slowed my mind down...which made me feel more relaxed than I had been in a very long while. Even with the storm booming outside, the feeling in my little summer house was peaceful and quiet.... especially because of the reason behind my alone time.

Sasha and Cassandra had decided to stay back at their parents place so as to spend some time with their boyfriends this evening... thankfully I had not been asked to be the tag along and endure their sickening ritual of lovy-dovey cooing and such. Their decision to do this was just the thing I was needed because I was feeling the need for a little bit of time off alone anyways.

I was in heaven, as eleven o’clock rolled in on me because I was doing exactly what I needed for myself. I laid in bed, reading a book I had been waiting to read for like ever, while my all time favourite Metallica CD was playing in the boombox on the nightstand next to my bed. I rounded out my perfect evening set up with a cold pop set next to the boombox while I lazing back on the thick pillows while wearing basically noting. You would think I was a nudist or something for the fact that did this on a regular basis... but I think I was a nudist to some degree in the first place anyway.

Adding to the good feelings was the fact that it was not as hot in the small cabin as it had been over the last few days. Mind you it was still very warm in the cabin, but it was at a manageable sort of warmth that hung in the air. I had the window open a crack so the storm’s breezes would come through and bring that beautiful smell of rain into the room.

It felt like a piece of heaven for me as I layed reading by the light of a small lamp... and I could not help but actually smile. For the first time in a long time, I was feeling relaxed enough to enjoy the quietness, and to escape al of the things that had seemed to be haunting me since arriving here. My smile was for a real change, a real one.

It was late in the nighttime, when a knock came at the door of my cabin. The noise paused, then rapped a little louder after it had not been answered right off. I sighed and got up because this would be my father who was probably checking in on me between drinks... That was a habit he had gotten into that made me more than a little crazy from time to time. I knew that my good ol’ father really did love me, that I would never have argued... but his hovering from time to time was really going a wee bit overboard. God bless my pops... but he was irritating at times more than my Mother... who really could turn up the aggravation factor metre without trying.

I slipped into a knee length black tee shirt nightgown which I usually kept really close for emergencies like this and headed to the door. I was hoping that my Father would end up not be long winded tonight so I could get back to my book as quickly as possible... as he had arrived at a critical juncture of the book’s main plots, but knew that might be just wishful thinking on my part. My father was a natural talker though, and I knew that he might be in a talkative mood because usually a few stiffly made glasses of ryes and cokes usually loosened his tongue an made him worse.

I opened the door, and came to see there was a very wet figure that stood decked in a ridiculously bright yellow rain poncho on the step ... and this figure that was drenched on a night like this. Clearly this person in the rain’s path was not my father as I had thought right off... and there was no real indication to the person’s identity.

I was unsure for a moment exactly who this might be on my doorstep on such a stormy night like it was, then the voice came. It was one that I had been avoiding, yet longing to hear as well

" I needed to really talk with you..." The voice of Melody came from the poncho hood, as she stepped in.

Let me tell you that I was more than a bit stunned with her being here, yet all I could do was stand there and close the door as she passed me and came into the small confines of my cabin home.

Melody pulled of the hood of her poncho, revealing her very wet face that was covered in running droplets of the rain. I was breathless as I saw an expression in her fact that was at first very odd but seemed to stir things up inside of me almost from the very second her eyes had locked on to mine. Those wonderful eyes of her were very magical in a nerve-wracking sort of way, and I was scared yet truly beguiled by them at the same time. I have never been like this, nor felt, like this ever.

I was going to ask her what she was wanting to talk to me about, but all I really could do was stand there and look at the wet girl in front of me. I was unable to form the words I was needing to.

Melody on the other hand seemed nervous as well, but also was determined as well. Her gaze held me where I was, they were deep and had a feeling of smokiness to them as she made sure her eyes were latched onto mine.

That kiss... at the Crowsnest point..." She started out, obviously not really trying to ease her way into the conversation... and making it clear that she had no intention of beating around the bush either. " That kiss... It was amazing, yet when you ran away so suddenly from me, it became confusing."

" You kissed me..." I stammered, feeling my face was getting very hot at the moment, my words showing that I was reliving that moment right then.

" I did..." She started, seeing her nervousness was easing a little. " And I am not sorry for doing it..."

" I have never been kissed like that..." I stammered, feeling nervous. " Not by a boy... and especially a girl..."

She smirked.

" I thought that you might have been still figuring out things like that...." Melody said. " It is scary when you don’t know if you like boys, or girls."

" I don’t... know for sure..." I said, then added as a rush of shyness came over me." You like girls..."

" Yeah..." She said, with at touch of shyness in her voice. " Sort of a no brainer, now that I hauled off and kissed you?"

" Yeah..."I said, feeling my confusion coming back into my head.

Melody looked at me, almost as if she was reading my facial features... which I already know was showing something to her.

" I think I had sensed that you felt scared in a way... that you never had been kissed like that" She said, her voice was very sweet and understanding

" It did surprise me...." I admitted.

" Surprised you, yes..." Melody started, then adding in a heartbeat. "... that fact did not stop you from actually kissing me back.... you did just that with as much feeling and energy as I was kissing you."

" I... did?" I fumbled with my shock.

" Yes..." She said.

I froze and thought of that kiss, feeling almost as if I was right back there again. It was clear that I had not pulled away from Melody’s very fervent kiss... in fact I had kissed her back,... and had felt awash with the overwhelming pleasure that single moment in time had brought me, even though I had so stubbornly tried to hide this little from myself. I had kissed her back, and I have never felt that type of pleasure ever. I fully now owned that moment in time, as well as every single ounce of feeling and emotion that came with it. I could not push things away any longer, to hide the fact that I had all of these unfamiliar feelings boiling up for this pretty girl that stood there totally rain drenched in front of me... those eyes making me feel all flustered and weak.

I felt myself beginning to blush as I gave a slow nod. I felt so shy while replying, but I was not going to lie to her either... when she had kissed me, I had kissed her back... and that kiss had been so amazing.

" I did... kiss you back..." I whispered, in a way, I was scared to say it aloud but did anyways.

I have never had not even the slightest hint of these same sort of feelings towards any of the boys I knew from school and around ever. This fact was something I had never really connected with in my own head, or heart ever... but somehow I had known about these things for as long as I could remember. I swallowed, as my whole body quivered as things became very clear in my mind for the first time in a long while.

I was now looking at my personal reality squarely in the face, and had to admit the truth that I had found. My feelings I had throughout my life with, even my little crushes I had with girls I knew growing up and such, might have been telling me a thing or two... and I had basically ignored it up until right now. It was becoming clear, and the question I had for awhile was becoming a reality... I just might be a lesbian.

Melody stepped closer, taking one of my hands away from my face when I had unknowingly covered my mouth. She held that hand and stood there, not saying a word to me. I looked straight into her face and felt my heart flutter, while neither one of us averted from each other.

" Did you like that kiss that day..." She posed the question, her breathing was now coming a little faster than what it had been. " Did you like the kiss?"

" Yes, I did!" I breathed with conviction, as my eyes stayed locked onto hers.

She leaned into me, slowly while she continued to look at me. I felt my heart begin to beat faster and faster in my chest, as she neared... I was full of the anticipation of what she was going to do, and I was not even sure of what it was that she was going to do. The thought of her simply touching me in any way, was making my pulse race even more. I wanted her to do something to me.

She leaned in, her lips touched mine again with almost a whisper of a connection, sending my body into quivers of excitement that reverberated everywhere. I could taste the rain drops that lightly sat on her lips at the same time of when I also became aware of the coldness of the rest of the droplets that clung to the front of her poncho as she pressed herself against me... That wetness soaked in to my nightgown, and send a shock to my warm skin under the fabric as it contacted it.

These two sensations combined and made me tremble down to my very core as I kissed her back, those lips now were calling me to connect. I wrapped my arms around her leanness and pressed my own body against hers. I felt her body give a huge shiver as I embraced her, and that made me start to also shudder even more than what I was already doing in the first place.

We parted lips for a second, and we both seemed to be trying to catch our breaths after this. I trembled all over my body, as Melody saw that the front of my nightshirt was all wet.

" Sorry..." She smiled, seeing me shivering a little bit and also eyeing the large wet pattern that was on the front of my nightshirt. " Is that rather cold?"

" I wish I was wearing something more than what I am actually am right now..." I gasped, then blushed as I heard what I had said.

Melody’s one eye brow went up, right after my little divulgement had come out. I was now feeling so bashful, after pretty much telling her what I was wearing under what I had on... which was not a hell of a lot.

" Your not wearing too much under that nightshirt?" She said, with an impish smirk flowing over her perfect triangle shaped face.

" Uh, in truth... not very much at all..." I said, feeling my face redden and get really hot.

" How much is not much?" She asked playfully.

For some reason, for which I am not sure of, I lifted my nightshirt up and over my head then pulled it off of me. I oddly was so calm at the moment as I threw the piece of clothing to the side with this newly discovered shamelessness I never knew I even owned. I stood before her totally naked.

" You are... so beautiful..." She said, her eyes wide as saucers.

" I... am?" I asked, feeling this burst of happiness flood my very being.

She giggled a little bit and nodded, her eyes searching over every inch of me... and I loved that feeling. She then sighed.

" Since I see your wonderfulness, which is so wonderful... I guess it is up to me to even this up..." She smirked.

" Uh... what?" I asked, not quite understanding what she was saying to me.

" Watch..." She just said, with a smirk and a face that was turning red.

She pulled her yellow poncho over her own head... and gave me a surprise as well. The girl had come over here, in a driving rainstorm and was only wearing that rain poncho... and a pair of very ugly purple flip-flop sandles. Her wonderfully slender but very toned body that I had peeked in on that one night when I found myself at the docks, was now right there for me to see. I had dreamed about that shaved secret place of her over the last few nights, and also that was the reason that I had done the exact same thing to myself.

" You are so beautiful as well..." I commented, as her leanness seemed to make things twitch on me I never knew that could.

" I sort of was trying to sleep, could not in any way until I came and settled things with you.... and sort of forgot to put cloths on in the process." She giggled, while she blushed a little as she explained herself to me. " Lets just say that your really got the ‘naked truth’ from me, in a state of nakedness"

I started to giggle at her joke, but Melody suddenly glided across the floor and came closer to me. So fluidly, she wrapped her arms around me and drew me closer once again. It was like I almost melted into her, as my own nakedness touched her amazingly taunt nude body in the embrace. She felt warm and soft, and it was so delicious ho her muscles if her body dances against me as we breathed heavily.

" You scared?" She whispered, seeing my shock.

" No..." I breathed, my whole body reacting to her soft skin against mine. " Just the opposite.."

"Not scared?" She asked.

" Not in any way..." I breathed, my whole body trembling as we stood there, bodies pressed together.

" I will be gentle..." She cooed to me, her wonderful eyes sparkling right at me.

Her hands started to massage my sides so lightly up the length of my torso, and I could instantly feel my knees nearly were giving out under the sensations. I felt sparks of electricity shoot through me like wildfire, making my whole body become so sensitive to the slightest of touches. My private area below was becoming very wet and seemed to throb with a urgency for something that I had no name for. We kissed again, this time it was deep with passions that were now rising in increments that could be not measured.

As we kissed like mad, I felt her directing the two of us towards the open door to my bedroom... and I just let her do so. We made out way, lips never once leaving the other’s, now both of our hands were exploring on one another.

Once in my very small room, we both ended up flopping on the bed without ever stopping our forward motion. She kissed me deeply, her light perfume now making my ever senses feel even more supercharged... then I felt her tongue lightly probing into my mouth and touch my tongue.

Although I was surprised at first with the insertion of her tongue, I found myself swooning with it all, then mirroring the exact same thing right back onto her. I could hear the sounds of moaning coming from really close by, and realized that it was me who was doing the moaning.

She had me turned on my back, leaning on her elbow as she looked down at me. I could feel her finger in her free hand was tracing down my stomach, heading straight for the quivering folds of now very moist flesh that sat waiting between my legs. I was nervous in my own head at her hand’s steady approach, but my legs opened right up all by themselves as if they knew what was going on... even though the rest of me had no damned clue to the girl’s quick actions.

As I tried to collect myself to any degree, I felt her fingers of her free hand now was starting to trace over where I had shaved my pubic hair this morning, and quivered with the light touch. I could feel how close she was becoming to my now trembling ‘secret’, as my mother called that place that was never suppose to be even talked about, and I had to let out a long gasping sound.

I was a little scared, but that was being overtaken by this urge for her to continue on to the place. She stopped moving her hand, and she made sure that her eyes locked on to mine... as a sweet smile came over her passion filled face

" May I touch you... down there..." She whispered, almost pleading with me in a way.

" You want to..." I asked, hoping that this was not a dream.

" Ever since you stood in the boathouse with no bikini bottoms on after losing them in the lake... I have wanted that..." She said, her face turned a darkened shade of pink. " So many times I have thought of just that chance..."

" Please do..." Was my reply, every fibre of myself wanting her to touch me... to touch that spot.

I had many times touched myself, and had tried to masturbate after seeing a health film on that topic in the private school I went to... but this need for Melody to touch me was entirely new. My whole self wanted nothing more than her to be touching me... my mind, body and soul all was in agreement. I quivered in excitement , feeling her fingers continue their trip down the front of my pelvis as they got closer to the quivering parts of me that screamed out for some attention from the girl.

I felt her fingers finally come into contact my outer folds of my secret, and I could not help raising my bottom off of the bed at that instant. Just her fingers giving that so light of a touch and starting to caress the stimulated parts of me, made me pant and groan louder and made my mind start to swoon... then her vervet kiss she placed on my lips made me moan into her mouth. I was in a type of ecstasy... and loved it.

I felt her finger then tracing over the little part of me, the part that was calling for this the most. Pleasure of unimaginable amounts came through me, making me tingle while I continued to kiss the girl back. She started to do rings around the little place, making any sort of thought pretty much impossible... the pleasure I was experiencing was as overwhelming as it was so intoxicating. I felt myself pushing my secret place up to her finger, wanting to feel her touches more and more.

Just then, I felt Melody at my opening, before I could react to it... her finger was sliding into me. I gasped right into her mouth, the feeling of her entering me was incredible as it never stopped and continued in gently as it went deep. The sensations were incredible as Melody’s finger slipped so effortless inside of me, bringing such spectacular configuration of sensations that seemed to flash through ever inch of my body and soul all at once.

" I will still be slow..." She whispered, between kisses. " But I will be also in touch with your needs..."

I could not answer her, as I had found a pleasure that I never knew even existed in life. With each movement of her finger as it probed deeper, or with every erotic light kiss... it brought a escalating wave of pleasures that seemed to climb higher and higher and threatened to explode out of me. I felt my back and my bottom was arching right off the bed with each building sort of explosion that constantly was flooding my very soul. I was also very aware of my skin which was heavy with a coating of sweat, and the fact that all I could do was make sounds of coo and the odd moan as well as the girl continued on.

I felt myself coming to the brink of something because I could feel myself wanting that explosive feeling to finally come... it was yearning that was all consuming. I was not aware of anything else other than Melody, what she was doing with her hand and of course her amazing lips on my own lips and how she moved them down to my neck. I was in a world of cascading pleasures that seemed to fill my very soul, and every other part of me... and it was taking me on the ride of my very life.

As the girl continued to softly nibble on my neck while her finger seemed to hit pleasure spots in me, she stopped her kisses and whispered in my ear.

" You ready..." She said, obviously not only knowing what was happening, but was orchestrating it.

Before I could even try to reply, Melody moved down my body like a slinking cat and ended up kneeling between my now up bent legs, looking at me with this deep smokiness that reached deep into my being. She never even had removed her finger when she had moved down my body, but it had kept on probing deeply into my now very wide awake secret spot. She looked right at me for a second as she continued to move her hand, then bit her lip a little before she lowered her head to where her moving hand was... her eyes seemed to convey a feeling of hunger in them.

I held my breath for a moment or two, fully aware that inside of myself I was quivering and twitching like crazy while still very unsure of just what Melody was going to do to me next. I was also so curious to what she would end up doing to me, but in all I was seriously wanting to know as well. In my truly heightened state of anticipation that fuelled my constantly rising feeling of awakened lust... it all made me yearn to find out exactly what it was that she had planned for me.

I felt her lips contact on my secret’s folds so lightly but deliberately, making my whole body feel as it had been charged with energy. Each little peck she began to give to my little spot, brought more of the same, yet they were growing... and made my whole body quake from the inside out with so many delights which only a half hour ago... I had not even been aware my body could experience. I whimpered, feeling this sense that she was taking great joy in doing this to me... and that made it feel even better.

Melody soon was kissing the little nub while her finger continued to go in and out of my now drenched opening. I closed my eyes and could not stop the many gasps of rapture that were coming out of me, because this was more pleasure than I had ever known. When she started to use her tongue... it made that building feeling deep inside if me really seem to triple and grow even more.

I was about to explode, as her tongue had been doing circles around a particular spot that was making me almost crazy, when Melody stopped and then lifted her head from my spot to look at me through my raised knees..

" Before you have your orgasm that you are just about to have... I really do want to be in on your first experience in a more active sort of way." She said, with this impish smirk on her face.

" W...w... What?" I said through my pleasure filled haze, as I felt like I was hanging between the explosion that sat in my body ready for the fuse to burn down... or just for the second that I end up going nuts.

She pulled her finger out of my now very wet secret and proceeded to climb on top of me. I looked up at her as she settled to hover just over my sweat covered body, not knowing what she was now going to do to me. She saw the questioning I probably had on my face, and gave a smile back.

" Your wanting to know what I’m going to do?" She smirked, with this almost mature sort of glow to her

" Yes..." I said, my breathing was still very laboured.

" I have decided that I am going to feel your first orgasm with you..." She smirked, her eyes now twinkling. " I know that this orgasm just might be your first one ever... and I want to make it memorable..."

I was going to ask how she knew that this would be my first real orgasm short of my own nervous solo tries since hitting puberty a couple of years back... not to mention that this really was my first sexual anything with anyone as well.... but my unspoke question was already going to be answered. Boy was it ever!

Melody moved her hips downwards as she leaned over me. She kissed me as she pushed her own very wet shaved sex onto my very sopping wet secret. As soon as her sex touched my quivering folds and started to be ground into me with a frenzied motion, it was like a joining of two electrical charges into one huge one.... and it seemed to bring my building pressures finally to the breaking point and it exploding out.

I moaned and slammed my hips up to meet hers, mashing my secret into hers as my very first orgasm now flooded ever last inch of me. I was not in control of myself or my body... and I did not care. I could feel her mashing her sex into mine, and felt myself mirroring the movement to her as if I knew what to do... then I heard more moaning, and it was way louder than what it had been.

It was Melody who had joined in with my own pleasure noises... and I found that just the thing that made my explosion of sensations that much more intense. Melody was pushing her sex into mind, and I could feel the way she was vibrating, that just made my intense pleasure feel even better.

Pounding my hips upwards, grinding my wet sex for all I was worth into hers as we made contacts... I could feel myself shutter as the earth moving power of my shattering orgasm flooded through ever ounce of my being. I arched up and found my lips planted on to hers, kissing her with a hunger that came from within me... all the while feeling myself being whisked away into a kaleidoscope of hedonistic bliss. I bit her lip lightly in response to my body’s reactions to everything, my whole body seemed to be totally controlled by these deep and driven needs I had once never even know of.

I felt Melody’s whole body now was starting to shutter heavily up against me, her moans becoming deep and almost animalistic as she moved against me like a wild girl. Instinctually, I just knew that the girl had reached her orgasmic peak, the clue was the way she was wildly grinding her wet folds into mine while kissing me as if she was trying to suck out my tonsils.... and my body simply reacted. I shot my hips upwards hard to meet her as another wave of my orgasm came.

Overwhelmed by the deep sensuality and intensity of my own body’s intense reactions... my mind became so fogged while the orgasmic forces seemed to make us almost become like one. Euphoric forces were flooding every part of me all at once, and time and space seemed to stop... and I was completely lost in it all.

I became aware of things after a time of being lost in a state that was pretty close to pure blissfulness. I layed there on my bed, bathed in sweat while panting as if I had ran a full marathon. Melody was laying half on me, half off, her very wet sex still sort of on me. I swallowed and tried to grab my breath, my mind really working to process all of what has happened tonight. I was scared of it, but also in a weird way, I was feeling more settled with things.

Melody lifted up and looked into my face, and smiled.

" A little... overwhelmed, dare I ask?" She said with a face drawl in her voice and all with a little giggle in her voice.

" Uh... Just a little bit..." I said blushing.

" Would alot be a better term?"

" Uh... I would say wow..." I said, giggling as I felt a little shy all of a sudden.

" Well.... this was not what I had in mind when coming over here..." Melody said, rolling off of me to lay on the bed. " I wanted to talk over what had happened out on the point the other day... and then seeing you and, well..."

I felt my heart race, as my mind suddenly was racing with some bad thoughts. A cold feeling raced through me, doubts now were in my head.

" You regret what happened..." I said so softly, feeling more than a little insecure at the moment.

" You think that I regret it?" She said, propping her self up on a elbow the instant I had let my fears come out.

" Well... the way you had said..." I started to explain, but she shook her head and made my words stop.

Lovingly, Melody looked at me and the put a hand on my cheek. I could see that she had turned serious, as her eyes locked onto mine.

" No... I do not regret...." She said, seeing that I was feeling a little vulnerable at the moment. " In fact, I feel pretty good..."

" Really?" I asked, making sure that what I had heard was true.

She smiled and kissed me deeply, which made my heart and mind relax instantly. I was unsure of many things, at least for the moment, I was calm and happy. She did not regret anything... I was confused in a way, but somehow that really did not matter at all.

We layed there and just talked for awhile. We discussed many things, including that she had a girlfriend before, but things had not worked out and they were sort of estranged by disagreement and resentments. It was sad to think that Melody had been really hurt by how she had described the break up going down, yet I knew hurt and broken hearts was part of life( or at least I thought I did)... and right now she seemed not to be hurting any.

It was three thirty in the morning, when she slipped out of my bed. I had been not really asleep, but dozing a little as we layed there. I looked at her as she hunted for her poncho she had been wearing.

" I gotta get back to my boat and be there when the sun comes up..." She said, seeing me sitting up. " My uncle needs me to open up the boat rentals office really early... I do it because he hates that."

" Getting up early, or working?" I asked, with a giggle.

Melody and stopped for a second, actually thinking over my humoristic question... then laughing.

" You know... with my uncle, I’m not too sure." She said, adding. " Just between you and me... he is a little strange.."

" Even you think that..." I blurted out, and when she laughed at my slip... I knew she was not mad.

" The free world thinks he is way odd." She said

I slipped out of bed and grabbed one of my t-shirts and a pair of my cut off jean shorts from where they had been placed on the small dresser in the corner. I held the pile out to her, and smiled.

" I know how little you were wearing when you came last night..." I smirked. " I think you need these to leave..."

" Yeah, I was not wearing too much..." The girl said, blushing as she thought about it.

" Put these on, and I will get then later... don’t want to see you going back home naked,,," I said, smiling. " It is not raining any more, but you’ll might need them for modesty."

Melody stopped and listened, and cracked a smile that was rather large. It was true that while we had been sort of ‘busy’, the storm had passed and now the silence of a summers night was back.

" Apparently, the storm has stopped..." She said, the looked at me with a impish sort of look. " and giving me these cloths... is it possible that you want an excuse to see me again..."

" Do I need one?" I grinned..

" I hope not!!" She said, her musical laughter filling my bedroom.

" What if I want to..." I playfully asked.

" Well... I would never say no..." She smiled.

She then blushed and started to put on the cloths I had given her to wear. I was a little sad to see her wonderful body being covered... but I sensed that I would have a few more chances to see it again. I shucked on the long tee-shirt nighty I had originally been wearing, after a little bit of searching.

I walked her to the door and she stopped and looked at me.

" See you later..." She said, winking.

" I will come to the boat rental office..." I said.

" Good!" She smirked, then leaned over and kissed me a very fleeting kiss... but it made my whole body quake.

I kissed her back and she made a pleasured sound. She broke our kiss and looked at me, then she seemed very hesitant as she turned the doorknob.

" See you then..." She said, her eyes showing that she did not want to leave.

" Go so you don’t get into trouble..." I said, feeling like I did not want her to leave either. " I will be there later this morning..." I then smiled to help her feel more relaxed. "... I will bring the coffee."

" If you get it from that strange man, be careful..." She said, her smile now was beaming after I had assured her.

Melody quickly slipped out of the door and was gone just like that... the cabin became strangely still and silent all of a sudden. I looked around at my little house like structure, almost if I did not know what to do now. I felt a little odd now that I was left alone after all of this, but my tiredness now hung on me, and helped chase that feeling away. I suddenly had a big need of sleep.

" I’m going off to bed then..." I said, feeling how quickly my body was getting tired.

I headed off to bed for a little sleep, feeling this odd sense of peace that was in every inch of my body... a sensation I had to admit, I liked. I slid into my bed, still being able to smell the girl’s natural scent as I laid there. I found that very soothing, and made me very happy as well.

Without me even knowing it at the time, I drifted off into a deep, sound sleep.

[End notes: Author's note: Tomorrow... next chapter... and my kinky mind has dreamed up a doosie!!  See-ya!]

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