Story: Liquid (chapter 3)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3 - Researching the Possibilities

[Author's notes: A quiet night can cause one to see that who they are just might not be who they really are.]

 Chapter Three: Researching the Possibilities


Feeling more than just imply nervous, I walked down the narrow street of out cabin community towards the Steelman’s boathouse and the main area of shops and stuff which made up the Keegan Lake community was nearing the boat house, my stomach was in knots and my had felt like they were shaking a little as well... and I was unsure of why.

Just thinking about seeing Melody again made me feel this rush of being excited, and that was followed up with my being so unsettled too. I squeezed the Jean skirt I was carrying to return to her, in a nervous attempt to alleviate what was going on inside of me.. but strangling the article of clothing did little to help.

" Come on... get a grip!" I told myself for perhaps the hundredth time... yet it still didn’t help... the nerves never calmed.

My parents were glad that I had arranged to go out and do something for the evening, because they had already had planned a social event out... even though it was the very first day of us being at the lake. That was my parents... planning their lives down to what can be written down and done... Do they both have some form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Humm... me think so!!

They were having a what they termed as a ‘small’ party with some of the people that were here for the Country Jamboree which started in a weeks time, not wanting to just relax on the very first day that we were at the lake. That created a big problem for me... I was not wanting to be there to hear all of the ‘downhome’ talk about music that I saw as being not even music in the first place.

I need to say again... I really do love my parents very much, don’t ever think that I don’t love my loveable parental nerds that brought me into this world... but with ever breath that I have in my whole body and soul... not to mention I have great taste despite their parenting, I do really loathe Country Music. Thankfully, my parents were understanding that I really hated their choice of music... even though they try and ‘convert’ me to love the yea-haa chorus they loved so much... which never worked.

On this the first evening of being on the heat roasted shores of Keegan and the first party for my parents, they just told me to be good and to be home by about eleven or so, promising that the party would still be going on when I returned. I agreed and left to head to Melody’s houseboat, omitting telling them of what had happened earlier in the day... humiliation like what happened to me, should never be told to your parents.

I was now on the small lakeside street, going to meet Melody. My heart was racing like crazy inside my chest, and I felt giddy and nervous all at once. I was only returning the skirt and probably hanging out, I told myself for another time... but the anticipation if see the girl again and just hanging like we were going to do, was growing stronger with each step that brought me closer to my destination.

I was passing the Boathouse on my way to the dock that was directly beside the huge building. I noticed that the door of the establishment was sitting wide open as I made my way. I curiously peered into the open door, also noticing that there seemed to be some movement going on in there

I saw Mr. Steelman shuffling papers as he stood at the rental counter. By the look he had on his face at that moment, it was clear that the odd man wanted not to be doing all of this stuff in the moment. The man always seemed to have a sort of soured look on his face normally, but this evening it seemed that his sourness was deeply intrenched.

As I kept on walking, the man must have heard me or something. The strange man looked up with a jerking and instantly his eyes landed on me, and he gave me one of his most creepiest of stares he ever had..

" You come to be see my Niece, are ya?" The man said, his gravelly gruff voice sounding very flat to the point that he was forcing himself to be nice or something..

" Yes, Mr. Steelman... She said that I was to come ‘round this time..." I replied, suppressing a shiver, as he still made me feel like I had the creeps.

He snuffed, making it feel almost as if I was a huge bother to him just standing outside his place of business.

" I know... she told me!" He said, his words were short and very flat, that feeling of me bothering him seemed to grow. " She is stayin’ in the Powder blue houseboat, moored against the side of this boathouse..." He said, then added. " Don’t make too much noise, an’ we’ll be fine.

I thanked the burly middle aged man, despite his creepy rudeness, as I began to walk off. As usual, he said nothing back to me as he went back to his paperwork he had left for only a few seconds. I was not expecting any pleasantries to come from him anyways... Everyone sort of knew anyways that if you were not going to be renting a boat or buying some fishing bait from him, he usually was not one to be kind or anything close to being friendly..

I got to the boat’s side and looked at it. It was not a very large craft, but it was pretty. On deck, I could see the little area where people could sit around tables that looked like café tables bolted to the deck of the boat. There were a few life-jackest on the seats, along with a snorkel and mask... but no sign of the pretty girl I was there to see.

I went down the dock a little, and found the place that it would be the easiest to get on the boat. I still did not see any movement on board, making me wonder if the girl was actually aboard the craft

" Ahoy there!!" I called out rather loudly, finding it funny that I was using a ‘nautical’ term.

From on board, I heard some laughter come.

" Come aboard, Harmony..." The girl called out to me from somewhere in the boat, after the initial explosion of laughter. " I am below deck..."

I just stepped on to the boat and hurried down the small stairs that led downward into the boat itself that was located under the wheelhouse. I did hesitate for a second and hung on the second step down, feeling my heart was now pounding away inside of me.. I felt more than a little nervous, even thought I had tried to keep that under wraps... trying was doing absolutely noting to help..

I found the girl in what could be called the front room area of the boat. She was sitting on a couch that was shaped like a half moon beside a large fan that was going full tilt in the attempt of giving relief on this humid and hot evening. She was dressed in a nice black and white checkered two piece bathing suit and had on over it a short Japanese styled red and purple coloured robe which looked like it really could have been silk. I blinked, and found myself looing the girl over

I noticed right off the bat that her robe laying open, I swallowed as my throat became very dry. I noticed how amazing her muscled abs were, which were very actuated by her choice of what she was wearing. Her cat like sleekness and curves were so amazing yet told of someone who was very feminine... just the sight of her lean body made me quiver. I could not help but note that she had perfectly rounded and perky breast that were accented by the tightness of the bikini top’s fabric, and could not hide that her nipples were erect... which made me quiver a little more.

I stood there, unable to even say a word. The paralysis that I had the first time I saw her seemed to had come back. Only difference was, I was beginning to twitch in places I never knew I could. I was drawn to look at her like this from deep within myself... and that made me worried for a moment. Was I suppose to be looking at boys like this, I asked myself. I knew that was what suppose to happen, but Melody was so beautiful... and it felt so natural to be drawn to her like this... that was suppose to be wrong too.

Swallowing hard, I forced myself not to just stand there and look at Melody like this, telling myself that looking at a girl like this was wrong. I knew it was wrong, but my inner self was shouting at me to do it anyways. It did still feel natural and right... there was a conflict inside of me... now what?

Melody looked up and smiled when I entered the room, a smile that struck me with a warming feel. That single smile that showed the little dimples she had at each corner of her mouth, and made her eyes sparkle. Just that little look made me quiver even more than I had been. It was at that time that even with the heat that hung in the boat’s front room... I was sweating even harder than I had been.

She seemed to look at me for a second, her eyes conveying that she was very glad to see I had came. That single look made me happy, and nervous all at the same time.

" You look like your more at ease than what you were earlier on today..." She smirked playfully. " I have to say that you were more than just a little tense then."

" It help the mood when you have something on yourself ‘south of the border’..." I commented, remembering that she had take a little glimpse of me half naked.. That made me quiver now in places I did not think could. " More comforting...."

She nodded and gave a small tittering sound under her breath. That little musical type of giggle made me tingle all through my body. I looked right at her eyes, and when she then locked those eyes on to me...I felt her making me swoon.

" You don’t like getting the chance to flash your backside to the world around you?" She giggled.

" Not really..." I laughed.

" Come on... you gotta see the totally twisted sort of humour that is there..." She said back. " Don’t you?"

" I sort of do..." I had to admit.

She seemed to be going to say something more, but she had to fight the growing waves of laughter that were obviously struggling to come out at that moment.

" You gotta admit there, girl..." She started, her laughter getting more deep as it finally began to flow out of her despite her trying not to do it while talking. " ... once in a while, everyone wants to say what you had a chance to do to the wold as a whole... kiss my fucking ass!. Next time, just stick you ass out, and see who puckers!"

I have not laughed so hard in my life, as that was the funniest statement I think that had ever been told to me by anyone. I thought I was pretty much a person that was way too out spoken and sarcastic for my own words, which my father had told me I was since I could remember... to my delight, I had found perhaps the one person in the world who was considerably beyond myself in that department.

I could hear her musical laughter was coming out of her with such a sens of pure freedom and full abandonment... and for the life of me I just wanted to grab her and hug her because of how it was making me feel. I wanted to hug her, hold her and some other things that I was not quite sure of. I did not react on doing any of these urges that had hit me that time, but each one of these strange compulsions seemed to be taking up residence in me for the time being.

She stood up and took the skirt from me as she motioned for me to take a seat with her. I nervously took my seat, as she sat back down on the couch.... as my mind was unable to process what to say next.

I just sat there and noticed that I was not even a full arms length away from her on the sofa. I could smell this very pretty but light flowered scent coming from her, as she was just talking some small talk. The scent was one that was enjoyable, so subtle yet it was almost intoxicating as well. I purposely took in long deep draws of the scent as I sat there, feeling the pleasures of it coursing through my body each time I did

It was as if many sides of her stuck out all at the same time, while she spoke. She was so feminine and warm as well, and was well educated as well... yet she also seemed to possess this massive strength that seemed to shine through which strangely making my urge to hug and kiss her go up twenty points in one second. I controlled myself, but did not understand what it was that was happening to me... but the urge to kiss her was still was there.

We talked for a long time, and seemed so free to do that as well. It seemed as if we were almost alike in so many ways that it was kind of freaky. Chatting’ about our favourite music, some of out likes and dislikes and even some of the things that pissed us both off. It was amazing... even when we actually found that we disagreed on certain things and ideas, it seemed that the other knew exactly what to say or what to listen to..

I found myself looking at her face on many occasions throughout the evening, my eyes tracing the subtle angles and gentle curves I saw every time she smiled, talked or even just seemed to breath. She seemed to be more than just beautiful to me, a thing that I myself never really noticed of anyone... until earlier when I saw this wonderful girl passing by my family’s cabin

I could not ever deny what I saw now. Her face was perfectly shaped without a blemish on its lightly tanned skin. Melody’s hair cascaded around her shoulders like a dark curtain of shiny silk, and really seemed to frame her face so well, and brought out the dark brown crystals that were her eyes. I found myself almost transfixed to the point that when ever she would ask me something or paused so I could to say anything... it would always take me a second or two to respond... much to my own embarrassment.

She would giggle and give me a moment, but her eyes never left me. Damn, if she only knew what was going on in me as I sat and visited with her like this... she might not be so inclined to laugh. I was now starting to think that the worst thing in the world was happening to me... I was noticing just how much I was feeling an attraction to the girl. Never have I felt a connection to someone... or wanting to have a connection like this ever before. I was intrigue with this... but scared as all hell to.

"Was this not wrong?" I asked myself as I watched this girl sit there and talk to me. " Girls should not be attracted to other girls..." I found myself debating myself at times. "It was stupid, wrong... ‘totally out of the question’...." I told myself.

As the evening wore on, and saw just how I was yearning for this girl even thought I knew this truth? I had no answer, but ever fibre of my being wanted to be with this amazing girl... and it was as if I needed to be here as well.

I looked at my watch for the first time since coming to see Melody, and I felt my heart fall. I noticed that it was time to go, as it was just passing my agreed curfew time. It seemed like time had flew by all too damned fast for me. I was not really wanting to go, loving that we had got to know one another even though this simple and sometimes humourous banter. I wanted to know her more, even though I knew it was not even twenty four hours since we saw one another for the first time.

As I got up to leave, I could sense something as we said out good nights. I could really sense that Melody was not wanting this evening to end as well. We just thought to meet for a coffee thing at the small restaurant that was on the beachfront right after breakfast. I agreed, happy that we were meeting again.

I was on my way through the now very quiet streets of the vacation community. Judging by the darkened windows of most of the cabins that were lining the lake town... most of the people were tucked away in bed I thought. It was sort of idyllic in a way, except for what was coming to my ears right now.

I could hear fairly loud old time country music coming from just out in front of me, straight out of the stagnate summer night. My parents party was obviously still going, I could not help but to groan. When I finally headed to bed, I thought to myself, I was thankful for my I-pod and the great music. I had made sure to fill the little device with some of my favourite rocking tunes, and I was glad that I was that organized.

As I went up the little driveway to poke my head in to report that I was home before going off to bed...I thought about Melody. I smiled and could feel just how big I was smiling... I was now really enjoying my summer. Confused as hell at this point, but enjoying it nonetheless.


[End notes:

Notes: The next chapter will be... in a way.. Streamy yet something more.  Smile when you see it up!!


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