Story: Liquid (chapter 1)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 1

Title: Prologue and Chapter One: The Gal

[Author's notes: Looking back... you see where you have been... and what can be ahead.]

Liquid ( Part 1 of 3)

By Jd Wheels

Disclaimer: This is a work of original Yuri based fiction. I own all of the Characters, events and places that are described within the story. Any similarities to people that are either alive or dead is purely coincidental.




Hey... I’m Harmony Van Sheller, a simple young woman in a now very extraordinary sort of life. That is totally amazing to me, but I guess you don’t know me from a hole in the ground as well. I can see that. Let me first tell you a little bit about myself here, so you will understand the things that I am about going to tell you... and also understand how the hell I got here.

To begin - I am not a very tall person... in fact I am pretty damned short... to be called a midget would be a complement... ah, I’m just kiddin’. Being that I am honestly under five feet tall here, fairly thin with dirty blonde hair down around my shoulders. I may not like how I look many times, but I am happy to divulge that my colour has never ever came out of a bottle... and I get carded at bars still. I do attract attention to some degree because of that, but hey that is the perks.

I am a very light sounding ninety three pounds soaking wet, making my small frame look almost like if I was ten years old, except ten year olds don’t have perky b-cup boobies that I have jutting out. Admittedly I always wanted a few more inches in height and perhaps to have a cup size larger as well to make things as little easier, but I do like in general how I look.

Now you know what I look like, her is what I am at the moment. Right now, I am in the final process of graduating from University with my medical degree and will go on a little later int specialized pediatrics. As I graduate, I am only twenty five... which people said was a feat to do so quickly. I am just glad that the main part of this is over... continuation of my training will be easier after I have a year or two under my belt.

As I tell you this, actually I am right now at the convocation on what has turned out to be the hottest day this year . My parents, seated in the parent’s gallery, seem unaffected by the intense heat. I was wholly envious with how my overly obviously very nerdy parents could look so cool in heat like this.

Sitting with my proud yet still so dorky parents was my girlfriend of just past two years who has accompanied me to this special occasion. The love of my life is the beautiful and extremely outspoken Legal Advocate April Isaacs... who always thinks I am just a touch too thin for my own good. I think it is a little jealousy on her part because she weighs about fifteen or so pounds more than me even though she is three full inches taller too... but I know also that she does honestly loves me the way that I am. For that, I am truly feeling blessed.

I sit here at my very own convocation along with four hundred and some odd other people while a whole slew of friends and love ones are all around watching us - just waiting so excitedly for that single moment of time when we all go up and get our hard fought prize... that amazing sheepskin scroll. Six long years.

While I sit baking under such a strong early June sun, I find myself thinking about what Dean Carlson, the long time head of the Medical college here... had said in his address to this years graduating doctors only a few minutes past. It was something that had made me start to really think on things as I waited nervously.

The man had eluded to the fact that we all have already had three ‘stand out’ things that have already happen in our young lives at this point, relationships or lessons that have changed the courses of our lives.. Those three clearly have defined parts of our lives and made us have those remarkable‘OH’ sort of moments. Then he pointed out that when we go through our lives as Doctors and people, we would have many more but right now we have had three separate things that have happened or that we have done that has made our graduation from Medical school more than just possible.

He had went on to explain that most of these ‘OH’ moments were not even related to ending up as people of medicine, but it is these moments in our very lives that have truly shaped us to fully realize where we needed to go, how to get there and exactly what it was that we needed to do with out lives. That was something I had not thought about very closely before this man had used in his speech ... but that was all about to change. I was now thinking about that right now.

My mind had already started to pick through the literally thousands of things that had already transpired in my life. It was then that I had to admit, thankfully to myself, that the Dean was right. In amongst al of the memories and heartaches and just plainly bad times.. Laid those three very obvious defining things in my life that has got me to this point, and it is those three things that somehow explains how in the hell I got to this convocation and feeling proud, satisfied and loved all at once..

Inside of my head I began to roll through those three very different points in my life that had such an impact on me. It is all of the happiness, deep and dark pain, the confusion and just how it all had a hand in making me become more mature.

It was all there, waiting for me to examine closer how it all came about for me. I could really see how these three sort of ‘monumental’ times have brought me to this very important point in my short life. Love and life collided hard and that is what makes me who and what I am while I very apprehensively sit in wait of my time to shine and receive the rewards I worked so hard to achieve.

While I continued to wait my time to take that walk cross the stage and get my scroll and Doctorate Certificate that signified that I had finally became a full fledged Doctor of Medicine... but it is my mind which now was reminding me of the real gifts that preceded my going to University in the first place. I found these little hidden jewels of happiness hidden in my own memories... the gifts that could only come out of growing up.

As I think on it, I come to what I would call ‘life changing time number one’ that is on that list of three. Re-living it over again, made me crack a smile for myself and it made me feel as if I wanted to wax poetically about it. It was a great memory of a defining times for me, yet one that was so very hard to bring up at the same time... but it truly was a real defining moment.

Let me tell you of that particular summer.... when I had just turned a very confusing fifteen and thought I knew everything and anything. That was a summer that really did end up being the first big step in changing my life forever. I remember that time very fondly, yet it was still coming with such this overwhelming sense of heaviness that pained my heart... But at the same time it ended up lightening my soul..

It is a story of my life going through the wacky times of all of those wonderful teenage problems of being in lust to love, of being embarrassed with your really dorky parents while having a few laugh and learning a whole lot about myself as well. It is hard to actually explain to even myself. Perhaps I could say that it was a time of what I would call my ‘sexual awakening’ as well as having the effect of me also starting down that difficult road to adulthood which ended up leaving me in a really bad and dark place. It took me a few years to straighten out in my head, but as I thought about it... lets just say I would not want to change that... well maybe the pain to a degree.

Damn... I’m starting to ramble here in my own mind... sadly this is a true family trait I have seen, I have to admit. Guess I have to start to get this thing on the road. Here is the first part of how I have ended up waiting to be confirmed as a Doctor, loved by such a great woman and generally by myself as well.



Chapter One: The Gal



Keegan Lake was not a small sort of lake, it was far from it. From end to end it was pretty much over a hundred miles long and at its widest, perhaps twenty miles. It had tall stands of trees that made it feel way more rustic than other more ‘commercialized’ places I had been dragged to earlier in my life. This clear diamond of water sat many hours of travelling time from the nearest city or larger type of center.

Its closest version of civilization was the quaint yet oddly backwards feeling town of Keeganville. This was the town that the body of water got it’s name from, and the very picturesque little town is the main focal point for miles and miles around for vacationers and residents alike.

This little town had about perhaps four hundred and some odd full time residents that loved living and working on and all around the near pristine waters of Keegan lake... not to mention the fact that the community was set off of the beaten path was held almost like a badge of honour. The idyllic isolation always finally would change once the weather began to get warm and the season of summer finally would come across.

It was like magic once the warmth wafted from the south to take over. During the summer that really did change.... The area’s population exploded to nearly five thousand people because of people who had cabins in and around the lake... or even used the trailer parking area within a ten mile radius of the crystal clear lake and the town itself. The lake came alive, while still keeping the rustic appeal to it.

This is where part of my childhood, as well as my whole teen years, were spent. My parents would always bring me to this lake for three weeks ever summer like clock work... first three weeks of July. It is a place where I honestly really did hate but at the same time I had come to very much love at the same time. This whole thing is so fucked up to be even thinking about like this, but here is why how I saw things was so great of an contradiction battling inside of my head.

The first and last week were spent always with my parents relaxing in the warmth and enjoying the waters that were right outside of our cabin door, but in the middle week was the local country festival that is held every year. That was where we did not agree on being here at the lake in the first place. They had this crazy obsession with old styled country music... I hated Country like the plague. It was odd though, for my parents to love this repulsive sort of music.

Both of my parents are top Scientists in each of their fields. Dad was a Physicist working for the federal government and the military... and my mother was a Mathematician and the head of one colleges Mathematics Department. They were both founding members of the Mensa group in our part of the country, and were highly acclaimed in their own fields as the top dogs... but they loved the simpleness and overly played country music. If that is now a contradiction of two things.. Dunno what is.

This year, it was steaming hot when we arrived at the lake. The temp was already in the low nineties when we arrived at our cabin at nine in the morning, and the person on the radio had said it was going way into triple digits today... he had called it a ‘scorcher’ that was coming for all.

We had been on the road since four in the damned morning to get here, and I was glad that the trip was mercifully over when I stepped out of the boat of a Buick we had. My ass, among other body parts were starting to fall asleep thanks to the long trip. Even thought I was dressed only in a black bikini bottom, my favourite ‘Motorhead’ t-shirt over the top part of my swimsuit and a pair of black flip-flops, it was hotter than hades here. I grabbed my suitcase from the back seat where I had been.

Dad was the next to step out of the car, and I wanted to hid. Dressed in a wacky looking pair of orange shorts and a equally loud Hawaiian styled shirt and topping off the look with one real ugly floppy fishing hat... he looked more dorky than he usually... he was now needing to be called ‘Supernerd’. Sadly, if he knew the term I was using, he just might have been proud of the name. My mother was last to get out of the car. Decked out in a impossibly bright pink sundress with matching sandles and sporting one very over sized hat that looked more like a satellite dish that was perched on her over dyed red locks... these two had now clearly made history of being the king and queen of nerd-dom.

I shook my head, as even with just us here... they were beyond embarrassing..

" Hot one today, eh Sparrow?" Commented my Dad, seeming to sweat like a waterfall already.

" Yes, Dad..." I said, hating that he had to use the nickname he had used since I was a small girl.

Mom was instantly beside me, which always ended up irritating me. I love my mother, don’t get me wrong here... but her constant need to be near everybody was wearing on the mind. It was one of her many quirks that can really end up making me crazy here, and was another one of her lovely traits that I really wanted her to stop, and hoped I had not inherited from her..

She was now just standing there while she looked me up and down, and made it feel as if I was being judged here. I already knew she really hated what I was wearing, and there was this added resentment that I would not wear the sundress she had bought me.. That dress was just a smaller version of the eyesight burning style she had on at the moment. That was a look I was not wanting.

" What are you doing staring at me?" I finally had to ask her, out of sheer aggravation. Mom never hat to try to make me feel like that, it was almost as if she was doing it on purpose.

She cracked one of those types of smiles at me, almost as if she had been waiting for me to say something so she could. That did it right there as I noticed what she had done... I can only hope that I had been adopted at this point.

" Are you sure that this year, you want to stay out in the guest cabin all of this time and away from your father and I?" She asked me, even thought we had talked about this before even leaving the City

" Yes mom..." I said, frustrated that we were going over this again.

The place in question was this wood and stonework made little two room cabin that sat out behind the main A-frame house we had. It was the original building that had been on the lot when my parents had bought it. They had decided that they should keep the little house like structure even after the new cabin had been built. There reasoning was to have a separate sort of place for guests that might be asked to come and also it was a real good place to store stuff as well.

Inside that little house... The first room that you found once you stepped in, was a combined kitchen, living room and eating area that had old furniture in it. It looked like the 80's had thrown up in there. Strangely though, it actually worked in there. The last room - the back room was the bathroom and bedroom combination. The bathroom was just a standing shower stall and a toilet that had a large thick drape that could be pulled around it. It was small had both plumbing and lights, but really that was it.

The cabin was more than just small, but I really wanted to get a little space this year, and escape the nerdiness of my parents. Don’t get me wrong... I respected their great intellect, something I had to accept because I had been tested at a genius status as well Not to confuse anything... I really do love them dearly... but their obvious nerd-ish factor was too hard to overlook. Intellectually, I might be able to be called a nerd, just never wanted to look like it.... wonder why, hu?

I came back from thinking, and she was still waiting for an answer... even though I just had. I knew that I needed to say it again, perhaps she had ‘registered’ that I had too much attitude when I had answered.

" Yes I am..." I said, making sure that my answer had no sarcasm in it. " Is that a problem, Mom?"

" If you say you want to do that, darling..." She sighed, as she hurried herself to the cabin. " You will miss us in a way.. But your always welcome to stay in the main house, I hope you remember."

I watched the woman walk into the cabin, after the guilt producing shot she had gave me. I shook my head in answer to her little comment.

" Fat chance I will.." I commented in my head.

I hoisted my suitcase and was going to head around to the small cabin so I could settle in before mom decided to make some sort of breakfast finally. That was fine with me, my stomach was rumbling away like mad.

As I straightened up from getting the suitcase off the grass, something caught my eye from the beach that ran in front of our property. I turned to look, and I swallowed really hard.

Not more than ten yards away, I saw a girl who was around my age walking down the beach rather slowly. I was instantly drawn to watch at the girl for some reason.

The girl had this curtain of really long dark hair that cascaded down way past her mid-back, and was almost as long as my own blonde locks were. I noticed that she was wearing the same ‘Motorhead’ t-shirt that I was, but had on a white pair of bikini bottoms that showed short but toned and very tanned legs that went down and showed that she was barefoot. She seemed to be walking more than just slowly, her head tipped a little forward and vacantly watching her feet go through the sand..

My family knew most of the people that always came to the Keeganville and area part of the lake, as some had came here for more years than even my parents. With that knowledge, I instantly knew that this was someone I had never seen around here before. She was a new person.

As I looked at her, my mind seemed to focus strongly on her as she made her way past. It was the strangest of feeling that crossed through me as I looked at the girl. In some ways, it was like I was looking at a mirror- yet it was completely different at the same time. Usually I was the only one that usually wore heavy metal shirts like this... the lake was a hot bed for the status quo for conformity to be upheld like a flag of honour. Conforming was one of those things which I never really did well... but it was never that I cared too do that either. I loved being different... there I admitted it!

It was sort of odd that this mirror of me seemed to actually be comforting... yet there was another facet of what I was feeling that I could not explain. This feeling was one I never have had before.... I had no words, no reference or nothing. I was transfixed by something that had taken over my whole being.

I continued to watch from the beach front area of our cabin, as this girl slowly made her way past. It seemed like she was totally oblivious of anything around her, her head still slightly angled forward and her gaze seemed not to be focussed on anything. I watched the girl as she went by, not quite sure of why but aware of the fact that my heart was pounding away hard in my chest.

The pretty looking girl suddenly happened to raise her hand to her face and brushed some of her long bangs out of her eyes and exposed her heart shaped face for a look around herself. That was when fate made her first glance to be right smack dab in my direction. Our eyes instantly met in a very intense way, causing me to really feel my heart pounding away in my chest. At that split second, there was something really strange that came over me... as we locked our eyes.

I got this sense of warmth mixed with a overwhelming feeling of intensity through those dark brown eyes this girl had. Even though we were about twenty to thirty yards away, it was the most intense thing ever. I felt something was stirring deep inside of myself, as those amazing eyes seemed to latch on to my very soul and pull many more undescribable feelings from my depths. I was confused and bewildered to exactly what was going on, but I was unable move... transfixed as the girl looked right into me.

I swallowed hard, unable to make myself look away from the eyes that were beholding me. I could really feel the odd sensations coursing through me, those dark brown eyes were making me tremble both inside and out as we had firmly locked gazes. I am not sure, but I think I saw the girl tremble slightly as she stood in the brightness of the suns rays.

An undetermined amount of time passed, each of us looking at one another... neither one of us moving as well. The very pretty dark haired girl gave me a small almost shy sort of a wave to me as we were both glued to the spot. I could manage to give her a very small and ineffectual wave back to her, which felt so dorky from the second I had done it.

She smiled warmly at me, then lowered her head a little almost as if she had a huge wave of bashfulness come over her. I could sort of see a blush flushing her wonderful cheeks, but then she for a second longer locked her eyes with me again. Once again, I could not move or even try to say something.

As quick as she had appeared, this girl was started off at a faster walking pace. In a few seconds, she was gone around the bend that was a part of the beach that led to other cabins down farther towards the group of stores and shops on the main beach. I still could not move or actually do anything, but I already knew she was gone.

It had been only a minute or two which had passed as I continued to just stand there dumbfounded. The girl was now quickly out-of-site, yet the image that was now in my head seemed to linger in my mind. It was of her, the unknown girl. I could feel myself trembling as I stood there... asking myself what in the hell was going on with me. I was unsure of what had just happened to me even as I finally snapped out of this. All I knew was I needed to finally move.

I was glad to notice that my heart was slowly returning back to its normal pace, and my little trembles had also went away. I gave my head a really good shaking and headed off around the cabin with my suitcase to put my stuff away. As I did, I really was trying to forget what had just happened to me... yet the girl’s image, especially her smoky brown eyes, were in my ‘mind’s eye’. It really did seem like the image had planted itself there... and was not going to leave..

What ever it was that had just happened to me, I passed the whole thing off as being overly tired after the trip from the city here. I just wanted to get myself situated, eat and then maybe go find out if Sasha or Cassandra Walters were here. They were sisters I met some years ago, and the only ones that I actually hung with when out here... that is a sad thing to admit, but I never fit in many places either..

I was hoping that the Walters Sister were here, so I could avoid my embarrassing parental units as much as possible, especially when the country music festival was creeping closer to starting. Without actually admitting it to myself, I was hoping that being around them would also distract me enough to stop thinking about this girl.

I put things out of my mind and hustled back to the little cabin that I would be sleeping in for the next little while, but as I would end up finding out... you can do that only for awhile, then it bites you in the ass. It would.

In a way, I whished I would have remember that!

[End notes:

Author's notes:  Got this idea while blocked on my others.  I now have other stories flowing, but I could not resist posting this one.  It does have major sex in it... but this is a story that has a personal touch to it.


Enjoy and review please... check out the other two I am also still continuing.  If I focus on just one story.. I get blocked.  Strange, Hu??


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