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Chapter 1

Title: Prologue and Chapter One: The Gal

[Author's notes: Looking back... you see where you have been... and what can be ahead.]

Liquid ( Part 1 of 3)

By Jd Wheels

Disclaimer: This is a work of original Yuri based fiction. I own all of the Characters, events and places that are described within the story. Any similarities to people that are either alive or dead is purely coincidental.




Hey... I’m Harmony Van Sheller, a simple young woman in a now very extraordinary sort of life. That is totally amazing to me, but I guess you don’t know me from a hole in the ground as well. I can see that. Let me first tell you a little bit about myself here, so you will understand the things that I am about going to tell you... and also understand how the hell I got here.

To begin - I am not a very tall person... in fact I am pretty damned short... to be called a midget would be a complement... ah, I’m just kiddin’. Being that I am honestly under five feet tall here, fairly thin with dirty blonde hair down around my shoulders. I may not like how I look many times, but I am happy to divulge that my colour has never ever came out of a bottle... and I get carded at bars still. I do attract attention to some degree because of that, but hey that is the perks.

I am a very light sounding ninety three pounds soaking wet, making my small frame look almost like if I was ten years old, except ten year olds don’t have perky b-cup boobies that I have jutting out. Admittedly I always wanted a few more inches in height and perhaps to have a cup size larger as well to make things as little easier, but I do like in general how I look.

Now you know what I look like, her is what I am at the moment. Right now, I am in the final process of graduating from University with my medical degree and will go on a little later int specialized pediatrics. As I graduate, I am only twenty five... which people said was a feat to do so quickly. I am just glad that the main part of this is over... continuation of my training will be easier after I have a year or two under my belt.

As I tell you this, actually I am right now at the convocation on what has turned out to be the hottest day this year . My parents, seated in the parent’s gallery, seem unaffected by the intense heat. I was wholly envious with how my overly obviously very nerdy parents could look so cool in heat like this.

Sitting with my proud yet still so dorky parents was my girlfriend of just past two years who has accompanied me to this special occasion. The love of my life is the beautiful and extremely outspoken Legal Advocate April Isaacs... who always thinks I am just a touch too thin for my own good. I think it is a little jealousy on her part because she weighs about fifteen or so pounds more than me even though she is three full inches taller too... but I know also that she does honestly loves me the way that I am. For that, I am truly feeling blessed.

I sit here at my very own convocation along with four hundred and some odd other people while a whole slew of friends and love ones are all around watching us - just waiting so excitedly for that single moment of time when we all go up and get our hard fought prize... that amazing sheepskin scroll. Six long years.

While I sit baking under such a strong early June sun, I find myself thinking about what Dean Carlson, the long time head of the Medical college here... had said in his address to this years graduating doctors only a few minutes past. It was something that had made me start to really think on things as I waited nervously.

The man had eluded to the fact that we all have already had three ‘stand out’ things that have already happen in our young lives at this point, relationships or lessons that have changed the courses of our lives.. Those three clearly have defined parts of our lives and made us have those remarkable‘OH’ sort of moments. Then he pointed out that when we go through our lives as Doctors and people, we would have many more but right now we have had three separate things that have happened or that we have done that has made our graduation from Medical school more than just possible.

He had went on to explain that most of these ‘OH’ moments were not even related to ending up as people of medicine, but it is these moments in our very lives that have truly shaped us to fully realize where we needed to go, how to get there and exactly what it was that we needed to do with out lives. That was something I had not thought about very closely before this man had used in his speech ... but that was all about to change. I was now thinking about that right now.

My mind had already started to pick through the literally thousands of things that had already transpired in my life. It was then that I had to admit, thankfully to myself, that the Dean was right. In amongst al of the memories and heartaches and just plainly bad times.. Laid those three very obvious defining things in my life that has got me to this point, and it is those three things that somehow explains how in the hell I got to this convocation and feeling proud, satisfied and loved all at once..

Inside of my head I began to roll through those three very different points in my life that had such an impact on me. It is all of the happiness, deep and dark pain, the confusion and just how it all had a hand in making me become more mature.

It was all there, waiting for me to examine closer how it all came about for me. I could really see how these three sort of ‘monumental’ times have brought me to this very important point in my short life. Love and life collided hard and that is what makes me who and what I am while I very apprehensively sit in wait of my time to shine and receive the rewards I worked so hard to achieve.

While I continued to wait my time to take that walk cross the stage and get my scroll and Doctorate Certificate that signified that I had finally became a full fledged Doctor of Medicine... but it is my mind which now was reminding me of the real gifts that preceded my going to University in the first place. I found these little hidden jewels of happiness hidden in my own memories... the gifts that could only come out of growing up.

As I think on it, I come to what I would call ‘life changing time number one’ that is on that list of three. Re-living it over again, made me crack a smile for myself and it made me feel as if I wanted to wax poetically about it. It was a great memory of a defining times for me, yet one that was so very hard to bring up at the same time... but it truly was a real defining moment.

Let me tell you of that particular summer.... when I had just turned a very confusing fifteen and thought I knew everything and anything. That was a summer that really did end up being the first big step in changing my life forever. I remember that time very fondly, yet it was still coming with such this overwhelming sense of heaviness that pained my heart... But at the same time it ended up lightening my soul..

It is a story of my life going through the wacky times of all of those wonderful teenage problems of being in lust to love, of being embarrassed with your really dorky parents while having a few laugh and learning a whole lot about myself as well. It is hard to actually explain to even myself. Perhaps I could say that it was a time of what I would call my ‘sexual awakening’ as well as having the effect of me also starting down that difficult road to adulthood which ended up leaving me in a really bad and dark place. It took me a few years to straighten out in my head, but as I thought about it... lets just say I would not want to change that... well maybe the pain to a degree.

Damn... I’m starting to ramble here in my own mind... sadly this is a true family trait I have seen, I have to admit. Guess I have to start to get this thing on the road. Here is the first part of how I have ended up waiting to be confirmed as a Doctor, loved by such a great woman and generally by myself as well.



Chapter One: The Gal



Keegan Lake was not a small sort of lake, it was far from it. From end to end it was pretty much over a hundred miles long and at its widest, perhaps twenty miles. It had tall stands of trees that made it feel way more rustic than other more ‘commercialized’ places I had been dragged to earlier in my life. This clear diamond of water sat many hours of travelling time from the nearest city or larger type of center.

Its closest version of civilization was the quaint yet oddly backwards feeling town of Keeganville. This was the town that the body of water got it’s name from, and the very picturesque little town is the main focal point for miles and miles around for vacationers and residents alike.

This little town had about perhaps four hundred and some odd full time residents that loved living and working on and all around the near pristine waters of Keegan lake... not to mention the fact that the community was set off of the beaten path was held almost like a badge of honour. The idyllic isolation always finally would change once the weather began to get warm and the season of summer finally would come across.

It was like magic once the warmth wafted from the south to take over. During the summer that really did change.... The area’s population exploded to nearly five thousand people because of people who had cabins in and around the lake... or even used the trailer parking area within a ten mile radius of the crystal clear lake and the town itself. The lake came alive, while still keeping the rustic appeal to it.

This is where part of my childhood, as well as my whole teen years, were spent. My parents would always bring me to this lake for three weeks ever summer like clock work... first three weeks of July. It is a place where I honestly really did hate but at the same time I had come to very much love at the same time. This whole thing is so fucked up to be even thinking about like this, but here is why how I saw things was so great of an contradiction battling inside of my head.

The first and last week were spent always with my parents relaxing in the warmth and enjoying the waters that were right outside of our cabin door, but in the middle week was the local country festival that is held every year. That was where we did not agree on being here at the lake in the first place. They had this crazy obsession with old styled country music... I hated Country like the plague. It was odd though, for my parents to love this repulsive sort of music.

Both of my parents are top Scientists in each of their fields. Dad was a Physicist working for the federal government and the military... and my mother was a Mathematician and the head of one colleges Mathematics Department. They were both founding members of the Mensa group in our part of the country, and were highly acclaimed in their own fields as the top dogs... but they loved the simpleness and overly played country music. If that is now a contradiction of two things.. Dunno what is.

This year, it was steaming hot when we arrived at the lake. The temp was already in the low nineties when we arrived at our cabin at nine in the morning, and the person on the radio had said it was going way into triple digits today... he had called it a ‘scorcher’ that was coming for all.

We had been on the road since four in the damned morning to get here, and I was glad that the trip was mercifully over when I stepped out of the boat of a Buick we had. My ass, among other body parts were starting to fall asleep thanks to the long trip. Even thought I was dressed only in a black bikini bottom, my favourite ‘Motorhead’ t-shirt over the top part of my swimsuit and a pair of black flip-flops, it was hotter than hades here. I grabbed my suitcase from the back seat where I had been.

Dad was the next to step out of the car, and I wanted to hid. Dressed in a wacky looking pair of orange shorts and a equally loud Hawaiian styled shirt and topping off the look with one real ugly floppy fishing hat... he looked more dorky than he usually... he was now needing to be called ‘Supernerd’. Sadly, if he knew the term I was using, he just might have been proud of the name. My mother was last to get out of the car. Decked out in a impossibly bright pink sundress with matching sandles and sporting one very over sized hat that looked more like a satellite dish that was perched on her over dyed red locks... these two had now clearly made history of being the king and queen of nerd-dom.

I shook my head, as even with just us here... they were beyond embarrassing..

" Hot one today, eh Sparrow?" Commented my Dad, seeming to sweat like a waterfall already.

" Yes, Dad..." I said, hating that he had to use the nickname he had used since I was a small girl.

Mom was instantly beside me, which always ended up irritating me. I love my mother, don’t get me wrong here... but her constant need to be near everybody was wearing on the mind. It was one of her many quirks that can really end up making me crazy here, and was another one of her lovely traits that I really wanted her to stop, and hoped I had not inherited from her..

She was now just standing there while she looked me up and down, and made it feel as if I was being judged here. I already knew she really hated what I was wearing, and there was this added resentment that I would not wear the sundress she had bought me.. That dress was just a smaller version of the eyesight burning style she had on at the moment. That was a look I was not wanting.

" What are you doing staring at me?" I finally had to ask her, out of sheer aggravation. Mom never hat to try to make me feel like that, it was almost as if she was doing it on purpose.

She cracked one of those types of smiles at me, almost as if she had been waiting for me to say something so she could. That did it right there as I noticed what she had done... I can only hope that I had been adopted at this point.

" Are you sure that this year, you want to stay out in the guest cabin all of this time and away from your father and I?" She asked me, even thought we had talked about this before even leaving the City

" Yes mom..." I said, frustrated that we were going over this again.

The place in question was this wood and stonework made little two room cabin that sat out behind the main A-frame house we had. It was the original building that had been on the lot when my parents had bought it. They had decided that they should keep the little house like structure even after the new cabin had been built. There reasoning was to have a separate sort of place for guests that might be asked to come and also it was a real good place to store stuff as well.

Inside that little house... The first room that you found once you stepped in, was a combined kitchen, living room and eating area that had old furniture in it. It looked like the 80's had thrown up in there. Strangely though, it actually worked in there. The last room - the back room was the bathroom and bedroom combination. The bathroom was just a standing shower stall and a toilet that had a large thick drape that could be pulled around it. It was small had both plumbing and lights, but really that was it.

The cabin was more than just small, but I really wanted to get a little space this year, and escape the nerdiness of my parents. Don’t get me wrong... I respected their great intellect, something I had to accept because I had been tested at a genius status as well Not to confuse anything... I really do love them dearly... but their obvious nerd-ish factor was too hard to overlook. Intellectually, I might be able to be called a nerd, just never wanted to look like it.... wonder why, hu?

I came back from thinking, and she was still waiting for an answer... even though I just had. I knew that I needed to say it again, perhaps she had ‘registered’ that I had too much attitude when I had answered.

" Yes I am..." I said, making sure that my answer had no sarcasm in it. " Is that a problem, Mom?"

" If you say you want to do that, darling..." She sighed, as she hurried herself to the cabin. " You will miss us in a way.. But your always welcome to stay in the main house, I hope you remember."

I watched the woman walk into the cabin, after the guilt producing shot she had gave me. I shook my head in answer to her little comment.

" Fat chance I will.." I commented in my head.

I hoisted my suitcase and was going to head around to the small cabin so I could settle in before mom decided to make some sort of breakfast finally. That was fine with me, my stomach was rumbling away like mad.

As I straightened up from getting the suitcase off the grass, something caught my eye from the beach that ran in front of our property. I turned to look, and I swallowed really hard.

Not more than ten yards away, I saw a girl who was around my age walking down the beach rather slowly. I was instantly drawn to watch at the girl for some reason.

The girl had this curtain of really long dark hair that cascaded down way past her mid-back, and was almost as long as my own blonde locks were. I noticed that she was wearing the same ‘Motorhead’ t-shirt that I was, but had on a white pair of bikini bottoms that showed short but toned and very tanned legs that went down and showed that she was barefoot. She seemed to be walking more than just slowly, her head tipped a little forward and vacantly watching her feet go through the sand..

My family knew most of the people that always came to the Keeganville and area part of the lake, as some had came here for more years than even my parents. With that knowledge, I instantly knew that this was someone I had never seen around here before. She was a new person.

As I looked at her, my mind seemed to focus strongly on her as she made her way past. It was the strangest of feeling that crossed through me as I looked at the girl. In some ways, it was like I was looking at a mirror- yet it was completely different at the same time. Usually I was the only one that usually wore heavy metal shirts like this... the lake was a hot bed for the status quo for conformity to be upheld like a flag of honour. Conforming was one of those things which I never really did well... but it was never that I cared too do that either. I loved being different... there I admitted it!

It was sort of odd that this mirror of me seemed to actually be comforting... yet there was another facet of what I was feeling that I could not explain. This feeling was one I never have had before.... I had no words, no reference or nothing. I was transfixed by something that had taken over my whole being.

I continued to watch from the beach front area of our cabin, as this girl slowly made her way past. It seemed like she was totally oblivious of anything around her, her head still slightly angled forward and her gaze seemed not to be focussed on anything. I watched the girl as she went by, not quite sure of why but aware of the fact that my heart was pounding away hard in my chest.

The pretty looking girl suddenly happened to raise her hand to her face and brushed some of her long bangs out of her eyes and exposed her heart shaped face for a look around herself. That was when fate made her first glance to be right smack dab in my direction. Our eyes instantly met in a very intense way, causing me to really feel my heart pounding away in my chest. At that split second, there was something really strange that came over me... as we locked our eyes.

I got this sense of warmth mixed with a overwhelming feeling of intensity through those dark brown eyes this girl had. Even though we were about twenty to thirty yards away, it was the most intense thing ever. I felt something was stirring deep inside of myself, as those amazing eyes seemed to latch on to my very soul and pull many more undescribable feelings from my depths. I was confused and bewildered to exactly what was going on, but I was unable move... transfixed as the girl looked right into me.

I swallowed hard, unable to make myself look away from the eyes that were beholding me. I could really feel the odd sensations coursing through me, those dark brown eyes were making me tremble both inside and out as we had firmly locked gazes. I am not sure, but I think I saw the girl tremble slightly as she stood in the brightness of the suns rays.

An undetermined amount of time passed, each of us looking at one another... neither one of us moving as well. The very pretty dark haired girl gave me a small almost shy sort of a wave to me as we were both glued to the spot. I could manage to give her a very small and ineffectual wave back to her, which felt so dorky from the second I had done it.

She smiled warmly at me, then lowered her head a little almost as if she had a huge wave of bashfulness come over her. I could sort of see a blush flushing her wonderful cheeks, but then she for a second longer locked her eyes with me again. Once again, I could not move or even try to say something.

As quick as she had appeared, this girl was started off at a faster walking pace. In a few seconds, she was gone around the bend that was a part of the beach that led to other cabins down farther towards the group of stores and shops on the main beach. I still could not move or actually do anything, but I already knew she was gone.

It had been only a minute or two which had passed as I continued to just stand there dumbfounded. The girl was now quickly out-of-site, yet the image that was now in my head seemed to linger in my mind. It was of her, the unknown girl. I could feel myself trembling as I stood there... asking myself what in the hell was going on with me. I was unsure of what had just happened to me even as I finally snapped out of this. All I knew was I needed to finally move.

I was glad to notice that my heart was slowly returning back to its normal pace, and my little trembles had also went away. I gave my head a really good shaking and headed off around the cabin with my suitcase to put my stuff away. As I did, I really was trying to forget what had just happened to me... yet the girl’s image, especially her smoky brown eyes, were in my ‘mind’s eye’. It really did seem like the image had planted itself there... and was not going to leave..

What ever it was that had just happened to me, I passed the whole thing off as being overly tired after the trip from the city here. I just wanted to get myself situated, eat and then maybe go find out if Sasha or Cassandra Walters were here. They were sisters I met some years ago, and the only ones that I actually hung with when out here... that is a sad thing to admit, but I never fit in many places either..

I was hoping that the Walters Sister were here, so I could avoid my embarrassing parental units as much as possible, especially when the country music festival was creeping closer to starting. Without actually admitting it to myself, I was hoping that being around them would also distract me enough to stop thinking about this girl.

I put things out of my mind and hustled back to the little cabin that I would be sleeping in for the next little while, but as I would end up finding out... you can do that only for awhile, then it bites you in the ass. It would.

In a way, I whished I would have remember that!

[End notes:

Author's notes:  Got this idea while blocked on my others.  I now have other stories flowing, but I could not resist posting this one.  It does have major sex in it... but this is a story that has a personal touch to it.


Enjoy and review please... check out the other two I am also still continuing.  If I focus on just one story.. I get blocked.  Strange, Hu??


Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2 - Embarassment Found

[Author's notes: Watching where you dive is one thing... whatching haow you dive can me so much.]

Chapter Two: Embarassment Found



One o’clock came to Keegan Lake, and unfortunately so did the forecasted intense heat as well. The big yellow ball in the sky literally now was baking every squared inch of this lake, to the point that people were probably feeling like they were in a microwave oven set on high without a time limit..

Just like the radio DJ had said this morning while we had been travelling on the highway in, the temperature had climbed to one hundred and one. The worst part of the heat was, there was absolutely no breeze to be found anywhere around the body of water. The lake usually had this wonderful little breeze going most of the time, never blustery but a little air movement... today it was as still as if you were inside a windowless room. That made a hot day, feel even hotter.

There I was sitting in the front room of the main cabin, trying to put myself in the path of any one of the many fans my parents had going in the large expanse of the cabin. I wanted to have myself really cool me down with the usage of the fan I finally picked... but even that ended up to be a very futile act. The fans seemed to just move the heated air around instead of cooling anything or anyone off, and never relieved it any. I still was sweating more than I could have remembered doing.

My mother and father were in the house with me and were busy entertaining two older couples who had wandered over from down the beach. My mother and father were ecstatic to have their first visitors of the summer here. They scurried around to gather up glasses to make a batch of their now very famous summer drink which they were known for around the lake. It was a simple concoction of lemonade mixed with some very expensive imported Vodka and a shot of creme de mint Liqueur for a extra little zing..

The fact that my parents were known very well for their little drink did not bother me one little bit, it was the single topic that my parents and these other people had been droning on for about an hour which was picking my butt at the time. They were excitedly talking about the many country artist that were expected to be at the festival this time around, and how wonderful each act was going to be when it was going to start. They were having a grand old time talking about the Redneck roundup that they all were looking forward to seeing.

After sitting there for over a hour by now and having to listen to all of this droning on and on about this country music crap, I was on the verge of making the decision to gouge my eyes with a fork. It was the only way I could see that I could have gotten them to stop talking about this twangy topic, because I would have needed to be rushed off for medical attention If I would have done it I was beginning to be prepared to actually do that if it meant that they would stop talking about this cowpuncher serenade they were so stoked to see.

I shook my head after contemplating this plan of action and gave a long sigh then giggled at myself for such a thing to even be thinking... stupid idea, I thought and then added that it was also going to be painful too. Between the heat that was just hanging in the air like it was, and all of this blasted Redneck yammer they were doing... that was the reason that I was planning out such very strange. Country music really does create brain damage. I hated Country music so bad, admittedly as much as my parents probably hated that I loved Heavy Metal so much. That was why my brain was in jeopardy with each twang, or talk about twang I heard.

Getting back to my other problem, It was still so very hot today. Perhaps I needed to work on that little problem in the first place. It was so damn hot that now I was thinking that my very own sweat was now was beginning to also sweat as well. I giggled at my little craziness I had come up with. I mused over my humoristic wit... and that seemed to relieve the fact that I was in countrified hell.

I needed an diversion, or an excuse to get the hell out of here to escape the torture of heat and country music. A lethal combination. I thought these two things should never ever be let to coexist

It was right then when I got one hell of an idea. I thought about it for a moment or two and then was instantly feeling so frustrated with myself. Why in the hell have I not thought about before.

" A swim... I need to go out and have a very nice and long swim in the lake..." I decided with myself.

So very clearly, this swimming answer would be the best remedy for both the massive heat that made me sweat like hell, and to get away from the continuously irritating Country crap report I had been listening to for now well over an hour.

" A stroke of pure genius" I told myself proudly as I sat up in the chair I had occupied for so long. This was exactly what I had been pondering on for some time.

I excused myself, telling my parents that I would be out swimming and trying to find my friends as well. They were intent on continuing their country talk, so they just told me to be back for supper and all of that other parental garbage as well. I agreed and got the hell outta there, escape was needed.

I went out the beach front area and headed straight toward where the main beach was located just under a quarter of a kilometre down from our cabin. It was where the place called Boardwalk Beach was.

Boardwalk Beach was the focal point of everything for the vacationer that did not want to go the fifteen miles into Keeganville. It was the place where the main beach was, where little stores dotted the curving shore like, the odd little shops that were also around and the small restaurant were located in this part of Cabin country. It was Keegan Lakes answer to a Tourist trap... but at least here you did not have to sell your first born just for a hot dog.

I was walking along towards one of my favourite areas to take a dip, ignoring the heat overhead. As I went along the golden sand, my mind had started to sort of reminded me of something... it was actually my mind’s eye that was causing it all.

The direction I heading in was the exact one that very unusual girl I had seen earlier had gone in. I felt a strange sort of shiver go through me, just in remembering those so expressive of eyes that had seemed to lock on to me... and I remember the small smile that she flashed for only a second before she had simply walked off like that. I had no answer to why I was thinking like that... but the picture in my head was making that question that much more relevant.

I shook my head and sighed... this heat was really getting to me... or that was what I was telling myself. I just shoved whatever it was away in my head and hurried a little more, looking forward to taking that cool and very refreshing dip and stopping this craziness that was assaulting my mind.

I arrived at the main beach, and went on to the dock that was near the large over the water boathouse that housed Steelman’s boat rentals. That was a place where fishermen, people who just came with a trailer or people who just did not plan to have a boat to use, came. Because of the fact that he was the only one who did this on the entire lake, he made a whopping amount of cash because he was smart enough to have three boathouses scattered across the smaller vacation sites on Keegan.

My parents have known Mr Steelman and his wife Kathleen for many years, but the man was a little creepy if you asked me. He never did anything wrong or was a lech... the man was just one of those seriously weird people that gave everyone the creeps. Don’t get me wrong... I have came to actually like the man to a level, but I still could not hide the fact that he was just flat out strange to the max.

This dock was my favourite one to jump of, even better than out own dock back at the cabin. The water was a lot deeper at the end of the dock so as to be safer to dive in, and it was close to the convenience store that was at the top of the beach slope. I could also swim better under the wooden dock here , and it was a easier swim to the floating dock out in the lake. A perfect sort of place.

I could see there were lots of people on the sand already, even though this was the hottest part of the day. Some were laying in the shade of a large umbrella, others were busy with children who dug through the golden brown of the sand or even sitting at the outside area of the small café eating. I eyed all of them, but it did not matter... I needed a damned swim and I was gonna do it.

I pulled off my tee-shirt and adjusted my bikini top while I eyed the calm waters of the lake near me. I was so looking forward to jumping into the cool waters of Keegan so I could relive myself of this overwhelming heat that was baking our vacation area... that I actually felt my heart racing a little bit. The fact that I did not have to listen to the hillbilly report was a great thing also.

I tucked my shirt up against the one of the dock’s support posts that held it up over the water and turned, needing yearning for that crystal coolness that sparkled under the dock. I was now ready, and I could not remember the last time I felt so eager about anything.

With a smile that I could feel, I took off running to the end if the dock, and leaped as I just got to where the planks ended.

" Cowabunga!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs while I launched myself into the classic Diver’s pose... arms outstretched over the head and heading to the surface of the water like a knife.

I cut through the top of the water, and I felt the cool liquid envelope me. It was one of the best feelings that I have ever had... the heaviness of the heat was instantly taken away as I glided through the waters downwardly... my momentum taking me deep to the lake bottom while I just enjoyed the sensation until I had to stop from hitting the silt of bottom..

I felt my belly touching the lake bed as already had been arching myself to dolphin up to the surface.... my lungs were nearly ready to burst. I had dived in at such a flawless angle to slice through the water perfectly, it was almost too perfectly. I have actually gone down almost fifteen feet and nearly made myself a lawn dart in the sand..

I broke through the surface and took a deep breath of the hot air into my awaiting lungs, as I brushed my long blonde locks out of my face. The water felt so good on my heat exhausted body, that I was now starting to enjoy my vacation. It was, I thought, going to be a great summer time.

I swam around for about two minutes, then just lightly tread water a little just about thirty feet off of the end of the dock area to enjoy the feeling the coolness was getting. I just tread there, and I felt as if there was something wrong....I touched my hip, thinking my string on my bikini has become loose or something.

To my horror and embarrassment, There was no string at all, not even that had slipped down lower on my hip. I then touched the front of my pelvis area, hoping that what I was dreading did not happen to me. My finger then felt the small shaving bumps on bared skin from shaving my pubic hairs before we had left for the lake. It was official... I had lost my bikini bottoms.

I swam towards the dock the way that I remembered I had done, along with the little swimming around as well., looking through the crystal clear waters to see where my lower half of my swimsuit had went. I was not afraid, only a little frantic that here I was half naked at a public beach... and the only thin that kept my modesty was the water, at least until I had to get out. That was why I was so diligently searching for them.

Many minutes went, and it was becoming more and more urgent the way I was searching around. I scoured the bottom visually, even swimming down into the clear waters to see if it was in some of the patches of weeds and grasses that were on the bottom of the lake. I found no trace of my bottoms anywhere as I now just hung in the water and trying hard to find out what my next step might be..

All that I knew was it seemed as if my bikini bottoms had just come off and then ‘vanished’ on me all together. I could not see where they were, so my problem now was getting larger by the minute, to try and figure out how to get myself to the cabin and my clothes without resorting to streaking.

" God Damn..." I muttered to myself with a sigh, realizing the plight I was in at the moment. It looked like streaking might be my only option I had..

. I thought about trying to get my tee-shirt from the dock to wrap around my lower half so I could try and make that real embarrassing mad dash to the cabin. It was an viable idea for the briefest of moments... reality set in for the fact that there was two major flaws with my idea.

One problem was that my shirt was way up on the dock and too high for me to even come close to the edge of the wooden deck to reaching the shirt. The second problem I already had thought about... To get out the normal way and up onto the dock, would expose me still... I was not about to flash a whole beach full of people in the process of covering up. It defeats the purpose of discrete ideas. There was no other things that I could do for my modesty.

" What in the hell am I gonna do..." I asked myself as I bobbed in the water.

I was contemplating swimming down to in front of my cabin and dashing out of the water there when I heard a voice. Being that I was there half naked and more than a little on edge, It scared me a little. I turned my head with a snap to look at whoever it was that seemed to be talking to me.

I was more than shocked to see that it was the girl with the long hair and the Motorhead T-shirt that was there. She was peering out from the open end of the boat house at me. She still wore the t-shirt, but now had on a pair of very tight blue jean cutoffs and a bright orange and yellow vest that said ‘ Steelman’s Boat Rentals Inc.’ on the breast.

" I said are you all right there?" She said, looking at me with this strange sort of look.

I probably had not hear her the first time, that was the reason for that look.... but those wonderfully attractive eyes seemed to now have me mesmerized again. I was finally able to nod dumbly at the girl, as her eyes held me firm right where I was..

" Yeah..." I finally got out after a moment.

She seemed to shake her head at my response.

" Don’t look like your doing all right there..." She said, leaning out a little farther over the edge of the boat house..

" Understatement..." I said, giggling through every word I said.

" Why that?" She yelled back at me. " Did ya lose something in the water or somethin’... you were sort of looking like you were searchin’ for something."

" Uh.. Sort of.." I said, feeling my face was now going a deep shade of red at the moment.

" What is it..." She asked, adding with a hopeful little question. " Can I help you look."

I blushed and swam a little closer to the girl.

" It’s a sort of a wardrobe malfunction..." I said, feeling my face got even hotter, but I really had to say the truth.

"Malfunction did you say?" Said the pretty girl, her eyes widening as she looked at me in the water " Lost a part of your suit?"

" The southern hemisphere is barren.." I said laughing, but feeling myself getting a bit shy... which I am never.

She giggled like a musical angel, and I swallowed hard. Never have I hear a laugh that captured me in the way this laugh did, but hers did.. This all made me wonder what was wrong with me, as I recognized this deep attraction I had to the nameless girl.

" I got an idea to help you out..." She called to me

" W...What?" I asked, frustrated with myself as I was stuttering like crazy.

" Swim into our boathouse... and I will see if I can help out your predicament." She said.

Confused with what I was feeling, not to mention that I was also feeling very vulnerable because of my half clothed state, I nodded and started to swim over to the large boathouse over the water, my options were very limited in the first place.... the were actually sitting at the number zero.

The inside of the Steelman’s boathouse was as it always was. The place was huge, having enough mooring places for thirty boats of varying lengths and sizes along with a open area that was like a building for many more out of the water. There were larger craft in there as well, some were nearly yacht sized.

As I swam into the overhanging building, I noted that there were only about seven boats left tied up in the place, making it clear that business for water craft to be booming like mad. I looked for the pretty girl as I swam in,

Off to the left, near where a ladder made out of piping jutted into the water, I spotted the girl. She stood there with something clutched in one of her hands, motioning to me withe the other.

" Lets get you out of the water, and help you out here..." She said, her eyes were already so wonderfully locked onto min.

At the bottom of this ladder, I hesitated. I found myself feeling very bashful at the moment, a feeling that I very rarely had... yet with this girl waiting for me to exit the water, That what was happening to me. I looked up at those wonderful dark brown eyes that looked down at me, and I continued to be feeling overly modest, and now flustered as well..

" Come on up then..." She coaxed, her smile was soothing my bashful tendencies at the moment.

I took a long breath, and hurried myself up the ladder in response to the girl’s kind coaxing. Once out on the water and inside the boathouse, I stood with my hands covering myself, feeling my embarrassment building again.

" Don’t be shy... I am a girl too..." She said, but the way she said it made me shiver with a sort of pleasurableness.

She handed me a small towel, and nodded with this soothing sort of smile that was nice I took the towel and dried myself off a little, turning my body a little. I was feeling this flood of being very self-conscious, more so than I had been... yet it was that feeling that was fuelling a host of other emotions and feeling that I was experiencing underneath it all.

I thought for a second that I had caught the girl as she had been eyeing my shaved region for a moment, but I was not sure. Whether or not she was actually looking at my private spot in that sort of way, was subjective at the very best... just that little supposed look had made me feel this sort of very different type of excitement that was out of my scope of knowing. I just focussed on getting myself dry, trying not to feel all of these things at once.

She saw that I was done drying off, so she handed me something else she still held in the same hand. Covering my bottom half nakedness with the towel so I could receive what ever it was, I looked at her unknowing what she was doing.

" What’s this?" I asked

" It’s what I have that will get you home... without any more humiliation." She said, handing me something that was made out of jean material.

I saw that it was a jean skirt that she was handing me, and just by looking at the girl... this was going to fit. I looked at her and nodded, it was perfect.

" Beats racing home trying to cover yourself up with just that tee-shirt you left out there.." She smirked

" Yeah thanks... err" I replied, then stopped. I did not even know her name.

" Hey it’s cool... I’m Melody..." She introduced herself, so fluidly.

I looked at her for a moment, her name hitting me.

" Your name is actually Melody?" I asked, so shocked at her name.

" Yeah... Melody Steelman... you probably know my uncle who own this place..." She said, a little unsure of my reaction.

" I known your uncle for years... It is not that..." I said, feeling myself giggling a little.

" Then what is it?" She asked, obvious not understanding the reason I was giggling for at the moment.

I fought and got my mirth under control to the best that I could have, but because of how pretty I thought she looked just standing there... it was still hard to look at her without these weird emotions popping out of me.

" Your Melody, right?" I asked her, she nodded with this puzzled look on her prettiness.

" Yeah..." She said, drawing out the one syllable as if it was a question.

" My name, if you can believe it... is Harmony... "

She blinked and just stared at me after I had introduced myself, then started to giggle harder than anyone I had seen.

" That is just way too cool..." She said.

" That is what I was saying." I explained, now laughing so hard that I nearly fell backwards.

I steadied myself and put on the skirt around my waist. It felt really weird that I just had the skirt on and nothing else, but I marvelled at the fact that it did fit perfectly.

" This will be great.." I said, feeling better that I had something on.

" It was all I could think to give you... because I had not unpacked yet" She said with a shrug. " Just got up here last night."

I looked at her, and I was grateful.

" I will get it back to you quickly..." I said with gratitude, looking into those amazing eyes as her laughter made my soul sing.

" Just come by and drop it off tonight..."She said. " My uncle who I am working for this summer has me living on the pale green houseboat that is moored on the far side of the Boathouse."

" Boathouse?" I asked, a little curious at her living arrangements.

" Beats his first idea.." She said. " A tent in the back of the cabin."

" Oh, that is better.." I said laughing.

I knew the playful frustration over what her Uncle had set up for her. I had one of those odd relative too, and I always had thought that My uncle Jake and her uncle should meet. The weirdness they had might cancel one another out. We can only wish life could work that way.

I agreed be back later right when a knock came at one of the boathouse door. What ever little world we had been in together, was gone. It was a strange feeling, as I realized that we had been that way..

" Oh, a customer..".She said, her eyes seemed a little sad at that someone had came into the shop.

" Then I will let you get back to work here and be back after supper maybe...." I said.

" Come over to the houseboat around eight then..." She said, scurrying passed me to deal with the customer. " I can see if my Auntie has some of her pink lemonade ready by then..."

" Uh, sure.." I said, my heart now feeling as if it had started to flutter

I crossed the large area of the boathouse, as she began to help this overweight and very balding man with whatever he needed of her. I stepped out of the way, and hurried out of the farther door that would be toward the concession area that sat up high on the beach, while I heard Melody working away..

I closed the boathouse door, after pausing for the shortest of moments to take a long look back at the girl as she started the rental process on what seemed to be a very small fishing boat to the much too overweight gentleman she had wanting the craft. She was writing furiously, but I could see a small smirk she was hiding from the man

I could not help but to giggle rather wildly myself as I did leave the girl to her work. I giggled because I was having these visions of this rather large man swamping the little craft he wanted to rent, and having it sink to the bottom of Keegan. If that happened, he would end up finding my lost bikini.

Now that I was back out in the blazing rays of the sun, I made my way back up the beach to check in with my parents, and to get my spare bikini on.. I took not at how crowded the beach had become in the past few minutes. I was more that just glad that I was leaving with my modesty intact

As I walked along the beach back to the cabin, my mind was trying to make some sense out of all of this days events, and about this very compelling sort of pull I had felt. These two short interactions I had with the amazing girl called Melody, were as powerful as they were confusing... and I could not explain it.

It was clear that my mind could not stop having this girl’s so amazing face hanging there, or could it control this feeling I was having to get close to her. Her beauty was so amazing, the first impressions of her just added to that... I was totally mystified by what this was, and by how deeply it was starting to go in me. I was unsure of what this all was, and the why I was feeling it,

To make what my mind was doing short...I was unsure of everything and anything at the same time. I had the lesbian word floating around in my head and causing questions to arise from it. I knew the literal definition of the word as it was in the dictionary... English literature was a little pet thing with me, and one of the many things I excelled in. This one word with seven letters and it’s connotations may or may not pertain to me I thought... whether it did was not very clear.

Little did I know right then that some of these things in my head would become a whole lot clearer in my mind in a very short amount of time. Sadly, clarity would be one thing. Just in having that sort of clarity would end up making me realise that it does not make things any simpler... it bites you in the ass and adds in a whole lot of complications and twists in other ways.

As I returned to my family’s vacation home, I could only think of one thing to tell myself of being at the lake for only a few short hours..

" What a bloody way to start a three week vacation." I kept on saying to myself.

Vacations have a habit of sometimes surprising the living hell out of you. I heard this sometime later on from a family friend... I really wish someone would have told that to me in the first place.

Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3 - Researching the Possibilities

[Author's notes: A quiet night can cause one to see that who they are just might not be who they really are.]

 Chapter Three: Researching the Possibilities


Feeling more than just imply nervous, I walked down the narrow street of out cabin community towards the Steelman’s boathouse and the main area of shops and stuff which made up the Keegan Lake community was nearing the boat house, my stomach was in knots and my had felt like they were shaking a little as well... and I was unsure of why.

Just thinking about seeing Melody again made me feel this rush of being excited, and that was followed up with my being so unsettled too. I squeezed the Jean skirt I was carrying to return to her, in a nervous attempt to alleviate what was going on inside of me.. but strangling the article of clothing did little to help.

" Come on... get a grip!" I told myself for perhaps the hundredth time... yet it still didn’t help... the nerves never calmed.

My parents were glad that I had arranged to go out and do something for the evening, because they had already had planned a social event out... even though it was the very first day of us being at the lake. That was my parents... planning their lives down to what can be written down and done... Do they both have some form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Humm... me think so!!

They were having a what they termed as a ‘small’ party with some of the people that were here for the Country Jamboree which started in a weeks time, not wanting to just relax on the very first day that we were at the lake. That created a big problem for me... I was not wanting to be there to hear all of the ‘downhome’ talk about music that I saw as being not even music in the first place.

I need to say again... I really do love my parents very much, don’t ever think that I don’t love my loveable parental nerds that brought me into this world... but with ever breath that I have in my whole body and soul... not to mention I have great taste despite their parenting, I do really loathe Country Music. Thankfully, my parents were understanding that I really hated their choice of music... even though they try and ‘convert’ me to love the yea-haa chorus they loved so much... which never worked.

On this the first evening of being on the heat roasted shores of Keegan and the first party for my parents, they just told me to be good and to be home by about eleven or so, promising that the party would still be going on when I returned. I agreed and left to head to Melody’s houseboat, omitting telling them of what had happened earlier in the day... humiliation like what happened to me, should never be told to your parents.

I was now on the small lakeside street, going to meet Melody. My heart was racing like crazy inside my chest, and I felt giddy and nervous all at once. I was only returning the skirt and probably hanging out, I told myself for another time... but the anticipation if see the girl again and just hanging like we were going to do, was growing stronger with each step that brought me closer to my destination.

I was passing the Boathouse on my way to the dock that was directly beside the huge building. I noticed that the door of the establishment was sitting wide open as I made my way. I curiously peered into the open door, also noticing that there seemed to be some movement going on in there

I saw Mr. Steelman shuffling papers as he stood at the rental counter. By the look he had on his face at that moment, it was clear that the odd man wanted not to be doing all of this stuff in the moment. The man always seemed to have a sort of soured look on his face normally, but this evening it seemed that his sourness was deeply intrenched.

As I kept on walking, the man must have heard me or something. The strange man looked up with a jerking and instantly his eyes landed on me, and he gave me one of his most creepiest of stares he ever had..

" You come to be see my Niece, are ya?" The man said, his gravelly gruff voice sounding very flat to the point that he was forcing himself to be nice or something..

" Yes, Mr. Steelman... She said that I was to come ‘round this time..." I replied, suppressing a shiver, as he still made me feel like I had the creeps.

He snuffed, making it feel almost as if I was a huge bother to him just standing outside his place of business.

" I know... she told me!" He said, his words were short and very flat, that feeling of me bothering him seemed to grow. " She is stayin’ in the Powder blue houseboat, moored against the side of this boathouse..." He said, then added. " Don’t make too much noise, an’ we’ll be fine.

I thanked the burly middle aged man, despite his creepy rudeness, as I began to walk off. As usual, he said nothing back to me as he went back to his paperwork he had left for only a few seconds. I was not expecting any pleasantries to come from him anyways... Everyone sort of knew anyways that if you were not going to be renting a boat or buying some fishing bait from him, he usually was not one to be kind or anything close to being friendly..

I got to the boat’s side and looked at it. It was not a very large craft, but it was pretty. On deck, I could see the little area where people could sit around tables that looked like café tables bolted to the deck of the boat. There were a few life-jackest on the seats, along with a snorkel and mask... but no sign of the pretty girl I was there to see.

I went down the dock a little, and found the place that it would be the easiest to get on the boat. I still did not see any movement on board, making me wonder if the girl was actually aboard the craft

" Ahoy there!!" I called out rather loudly, finding it funny that I was using a ‘nautical’ term.

From on board, I heard some laughter come.

" Come aboard, Harmony..." The girl called out to me from somewhere in the boat, after the initial explosion of laughter. " I am below deck..."

I just stepped on to the boat and hurried down the small stairs that led downward into the boat itself that was located under the wheelhouse. I did hesitate for a second and hung on the second step down, feeling my heart was now pounding away inside of me.. I felt more than a little nervous, even thought I had tried to keep that under wraps... trying was doing absolutely noting to help..

I found the girl in what could be called the front room area of the boat. She was sitting on a couch that was shaped like a half moon beside a large fan that was going full tilt in the attempt of giving relief on this humid and hot evening. She was dressed in a nice black and white checkered two piece bathing suit and had on over it a short Japanese styled red and purple coloured robe which looked like it really could have been silk. I blinked, and found myself looing the girl over

I noticed right off the bat that her robe laying open, I swallowed as my throat became very dry. I noticed how amazing her muscled abs were, which were very actuated by her choice of what she was wearing. Her cat like sleekness and curves were so amazing yet told of someone who was very feminine... just the sight of her lean body made me quiver. I could not help but note that she had perfectly rounded and perky breast that were accented by the tightness of the bikini top’s fabric, and could not hide that her nipples were erect... which made me quiver a little more.

I stood there, unable to even say a word. The paralysis that I had the first time I saw her seemed to had come back. Only difference was, I was beginning to twitch in places I never knew I could. I was drawn to look at her like this from deep within myself... and that made me worried for a moment. Was I suppose to be looking at boys like this, I asked myself. I knew that was what suppose to happen, but Melody was so beautiful... and it felt so natural to be drawn to her like this... that was suppose to be wrong too.

Swallowing hard, I forced myself not to just stand there and look at Melody like this, telling myself that looking at a girl like this was wrong. I knew it was wrong, but my inner self was shouting at me to do it anyways. It did still feel natural and right... there was a conflict inside of me... now what?

Melody looked up and smiled when I entered the room, a smile that struck me with a warming feel. That single smile that showed the little dimples she had at each corner of her mouth, and made her eyes sparkle. Just that little look made me quiver even more than I had been. It was at that time that even with the heat that hung in the boat’s front room... I was sweating even harder than I had been.

She seemed to look at me for a second, her eyes conveying that she was very glad to see I had came. That single look made me happy, and nervous all at the same time.

" You look like your more at ease than what you were earlier on today..." She smirked playfully. " I have to say that you were more than just a little tense then."

" It help the mood when you have something on yourself ‘south of the border’..." I commented, remembering that she had take a little glimpse of me half naked.. That made me quiver now in places I did not think could. " More comforting...."

She nodded and gave a small tittering sound under her breath. That little musical type of giggle made me tingle all through my body. I looked right at her eyes, and when she then locked those eyes on to me...I felt her making me swoon.

" You don’t like getting the chance to flash your backside to the world around you?" She giggled.

" Not really..." I laughed.

" Come on... you gotta see the totally twisted sort of humour that is there..." She said back. " Don’t you?"

" I sort of do..." I had to admit.

She seemed to be going to say something more, but she had to fight the growing waves of laughter that were obviously struggling to come out at that moment.

" You gotta admit there, girl..." She started, her laughter getting more deep as it finally began to flow out of her despite her trying not to do it while talking. " ... once in a while, everyone wants to say what you had a chance to do to the wold as a whole... kiss my fucking ass!. Next time, just stick you ass out, and see who puckers!"

I have not laughed so hard in my life, as that was the funniest statement I think that had ever been told to me by anyone. I thought I was pretty much a person that was way too out spoken and sarcastic for my own words, which my father had told me I was since I could remember... to my delight, I had found perhaps the one person in the world who was considerably beyond myself in that department.

I could hear her musical laughter was coming out of her with such a sens of pure freedom and full abandonment... and for the life of me I just wanted to grab her and hug her because of how it was making me feel. I wanted to hug her, hold her and some other things that I was not quite sure of. I did not react on doing any of these urges that had hit me that time, but each one of these strange compulsions seemed to be taking up residence in me for the time being.

She stood up and took the skirt from me as she motioned for me to take a seat with her. I nervously took my seat, as she sat back down on the couch.... as my mind was unable to process what to say next.

I just sat there and noticed that I was not even a full arms length away from her on the sofa. I could smell this very pretty but light flowered scent coming from her, as she was just talking some small talk. The scent was one that was enjoyable, so subtle yet it was almost intoxicating as well. I purposely took in long deep draws of the scent as I sat there, feeling the pleasures of it coursing through my body each time I did

It was as if many sides of her stuck out all at the same time, while she spoke. She was so feminine and warm as well, and was well educated as well... yet she also seemed to possess this massive strength that seemed to shine through which strangely making my urge to hug and kiss her go up twenty points in one second. I controlled myself, but did not understand what it was that was happening to me... but the urge to kiss her was still was there.

We talked for a long time, and seemed so free to do that as well. It seemed as if we were almost alike in so many ways that it was kind of freaky. Chatting’ about our favourite music, some of out likes and dislikes and even some of the things that pissed us both off. It was amazing... even when we actually found that we disagreed on certain things and ideas, it seemed that the other knew exactly what to say or what to listen to..

I found myself looking at her face on many occasions throughout the evening, my eyes tracing the subtle angles and gentle curves I saw every time she smiled, talked or even just seemed to breath. She seemed to be more than just beautiful to me, a thing that I myself never really noticed of anyone... until earlier when I saw this wonderful girl passing by my family’s cabin

I could not ever deny what I saw now. Her face was perfectly shaped without a blemish on its lightly tanned skin. Melody’s hair cascaded around her shoulders like a dark curtain of shiny silk, and really seemed to frame her face so well, and brought out the dark brown crystals that were her eyes. I found myself almost transfixed to the point that when ever she would ask me something or paused so I could to say anything... it would always take me a second or two to respond... much to my own embarrassment.

She would giggle and give me a moment, but her eyes never left me. Damn, if she only knew what was going on in me as I sat and visited with her like this... she might not be so inclined to laugh. I was now starting to think that the worst thing in the world was happening to me... I was noticing just how much I was feeling an attraction to the girl. Never have I felt a connection to someone... or wanting to have a connection like this ever before. I was intrigue with this... but scared as all hell to.

"Was this not wrong?" I asked myself as I watched this girl sit there and talk to me. " Girls should not be attracted to other girls..." I found myself debating myself at times. "It was stupid, wrong... ‘totally out of the question’...." I told myself.

As the evening wore on, and saw just how I was yearning for this girl even thought I knew this truth? I had no answer, but ever fibre of my being wanted to be with this amazing girl... and it was as if I needed to be here as well.

I looked at my watch for the first time since coming to see Melody, and I felt my heart fall. I noticed that it was time to go, as it was just passing my agreed curfew time. It seemed like time had flew by all too damned fast for me. I was not really wanting to go, loving that we had got to know one another even though this simple and sometimes humourous banter. I wanted to know her more, even though I knew it was not even twenty four hours since we saw one another for the first time.

As I got up to leave, I could sense something as we said out good nights. I could really sense that Melody was not wanting this evening to end as well. We just thought to meet for a coffee thing at the small restaurant that was on the beachfront right after breakfast. I agreed, happy that we were meeting again.

I was on my way through the now very quiet streets of the vacation community. Judging by the darkened windows of most of the cabins that were lining the lake town... most of the people were tucked away in bed I thought. It was sort of idyllic in a way, except for what was coming to my ears right now.

I could hear fairly loud old time country music coming from just out in front of me, straight out of the stagnate summer night. My parents party was obviously still going, I could not help but to groan. When I finally headed to bed, I thought to myself, I was thankful for my I-pod and the great music. I had made sure to fill the little device with some of my favourite rocking tunes, and I was glad that I was that organized.

As I went up the little driveway to poke my head in to report that I was home before going off to bed...I thought about Melody. I smiled and could feel just how big I was smiling... I was now really enjoying my summer. Confused as hell at this point, but enjoying it nonetheless.


[End notes:

Notes: The next chapter will be... in a way.. Streamy yet something more.  Smile when you see it up!!


Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4 - Under the moon, we do strange things

[Author's notes: Harmony finds that the night is not the time to hide from your true self.]

Chapter Four - Under the moon, we do strange things



One-thirty in the morning on a very hot and muggy early July night came as a shock, and a irritant. This would be a very good time to be sound asleep... especially when your not able to. On this very heavy and sweltering night, I found myself as far away from sleeping as anyone could be.

I listened to the silence of the room where I was trying to sleep, and wished that I was not. I could still able to hear the crickets doing their songs outside of the cabin, but that was no comfort or any help in getting me to sleep. It was actually beginning to piss me off that I could not get to sleep in the first place.

My parent’s party had broke up about an hour or so ago, finally silencing the cowboy symphony for the night. Now it was totally quiet from the main cabin, which I was grateful for. Judging by the amount of alcohol I had seen when I had poked my head into the party to tell my parents I was home before finally going out here to sleep... no wonder it was quiet there. It looked like they all had way too much.

Wish I could have blamed this temporary bout of insomnia on my parents and their ‘shindig’ as they called it... but I could not. They were not in any way the reasons that I was not able to get to sleep tonight... but I have to admit that would have been way more convenient to be able to. Tonight, the blame for me laying here awake and sweating so profusely was strictly my fault.

Honestly it was pretty much a two pronged problem. Intense heat, coupled with my extremely overly active mind were the culprits of my being wide awake like this. Between laying there and sweating like I was doing a marathon, and my mind flashing through what seemed to be thousands of thoughts in one second alone... adding in my confusion of who the hell I was after feeling towards melody like this did not help things

With all of this crap whipping around in me like this...why would I not be layin’ awake like this? I looked at the white ceiling and sighed, as I could literally feel myself sweat.

"Lucky me... Shoot me please!" I muttered to myself, frustrated with everything and myself.

Here I was in my bed, stripped down to wearing absolutely nothing while laying on top of the covers to escape tis heat. Not even my favourite light purple silk nighty could help cool me off while covering me, or even get me to sleep. I was hoping that laying here completely naked like this would end up really helping me get some damn shut eye. I hoped that it would... but it was having a effect that I never knew before.... In fact, it was making me feel... well... sort of horny.

I was laying there, my one leg up and out to the side as I tried to find the most comfortable way to lay where the blankets would not stick to me. I could not find no such way I could stay, as the air around me was too sticky... and that added to what was going on in me.

My mind was in high gear, images of Melody in her bikini swirled in my mind like crazy. I could feel my own sex was twitching wildly between my legs. Trying to ignore that my vulva was calling out to me to touch it with such need, to make these feelings grow and start top swirl was harder than anything to do. I was doing a pretty good job of this for the moment of ignoring it, but my resolve was beginning to weaken and break down.

I had masturbated more than just a few times in the past... but now I hesitated to do it. I was unsure of everything in my life now. Just the thought of doing this was making me even more seriously confused in myself. Would fingering myself while fantasizing about Melody make me an out-and-out lesbian...or this was some sort of weird mental condition I finally found that I had?

I was sure that I was not in fact crazy or anything, that was one thing I needed not to worry about. I was not very comfortable with that thought that I could actually be a lesbian... but I found myself pondering that one. Just thinking that I might really be a ‘gay girl’ was unnerving at best. I was thinking through everything that I was feeling, and still I was getting no answers to my internal questions.

I was scared of these new feeling and sensations, now I was feeling alone and wholly lost with who I was. I was sort of getting a clue of who I was, to the best that a fifteen year old could be... now that was short all to hell. I knew already that I could not go to my parents to talk any of this stuff out either... that was a out of the question thing.

My parents were mainly people of science and logic, they were sone of the best in the world at this... But homosexuality was not something they agreed with. They were not quite what you might call homophobic, but truth be known, they were damned close to earning that tag for their views Many a time throughout my life, I have heard so many disparaging remarks about gays from the both of them... and the way they had shunned my cousin on my father’s side when he had came out, was more of an indication to that..

I decided to not just lay here and sweat, or actually give in and masturbate either. Both decision was surely going to drive me nut. I was thinking that a quick night time stroll would help me stop my mind and ease back all of the attacks of my hormones as well. Letting off some of this tension I had was just the most logical of things for me to do... and perhaps the only thing as well..

I got off of my bed and grabbed my ‘Ozzy Osborne’ tee-shirt and a pair of jean shorts I had layed out for wearing in the morning. It was too hot tonight to try and wear anything else... even underwear would not a pleasant thing to wear in heat like this. Plainly said, I had made the decision to omit them. Wanting to just help myself get myself some sleep finally, it was the easiest to put on and to just go.

Dressed, I just hurried out of the little cabin of mine while praying that this would help me finally get some sleep. Being awake for this damned long makes a long day that included hours of travelling... feel way longer. I feel as if I was up for days right now.

Soon I was walking down the beach that passed my family’s property, under the bright full silver moon that hung overhead. I had just took the same path that I had gone to swim, but was not planning on swimming this night. I was not sure why I had chosen to take my walk this way... frankly I was not sure if I was thinking in the first place.

It was still so very hot, that even with the minimal clothing I had on... I still was sweating like crazy. I could feel the coolness off of the waters of the lake, but it would have been more refreshing if there had been a even the smallest breeze to brush it over me.

" Damn it’s hot..." I thought to myself as I walked, I could not think of a time when a night was this hot ever.

I soon found myself walking around the sand dune area, which was with in eyeshot of the Steelman’s Boathouse, and it was also directly across from the house boat that was Melody occupied was moored up. I ignored that I had just ‘happened’ to come here so near the girl that my mind could not stop thinking about... it was honestly the dunes and the solitude I was needing. It was a coincidence, I told myself as I started to walk through the sands.

These wind swirled sand hills always had been a quiet place for me, and I had take a solo walk here many times over the years... but I had to admit that I had never walked these dunes so late at night. I found that this place nestled in the darkness was even more peaceful than they were in the daytime. I felt this sense of being finally soothed, calmed by the peaceful solitude as I made my way between the dunes and revealed in the complete seclusion I had. Gotta admit, this felt like just what I was needing.

I walked around the dunes for awhile, enjoying the soft sand under my bare feet. As I did, I honestly could feel myself relaxing by the second. After a while of thoroughly relishing the feeling, I decided that I was finally ready for bed.. My insomnia was hopefully cured. I started back to my little cabin, deciding to take almost the exact route back that I had took over here. I felt like I was finally gonna get some sleep.

As I headed back to the cabin though the moon’s light, I found myself taking a detour from my planned path. I found that I was on the dock near the lightly bobbing houseboat, looking at the craft that was the sleeping quarters of the girl I now could not stop thinking about. It was like my mind was on infinite replay.

Even with my mind working overtime on the girl that was probably sleeping inside of this craft...I was unsure of the full reasons why I had come out on the dock in the middle of the night like some stalker, but here I was lurking around like some shadowy figure..

" This is totally frickin’ crazy of me..." I murmured to myself. I knew this constituted doing a crazy thing!

I was just going to leave and end this strangeness I was doing, when I noticed there was a light shining faintly though a window on the side of the boat. I was instantly, although strangely, drawn to having a little peek in side... but for the life of me I do not know why I was going to be doing it.

It was a very low type of light that was shining through where the curtain on the window did not close off fully. Because it was night, I guess you might say that it was sort of human nature that when you see light coming out, you look. I just wanted to take a little look through into the window before going off home... something inside of me telling me to.

In the low light of a lamp, it looked like there was a small bedroom area. The place seemed to be on the very cramped side of things, because the bed that was in there basically was taking most of the space that the room had available. There were nautical styled pictures all over the walls, which made it seem even smaller.

As I looked into the room, I was sort of shocked to see that there was someone in the room, and it was clear who that was. It was the sleeping form of Melody that was laying on the bed in that room. She was laying there with this so peaceful look on her angelic face, on top of the bedcovers. Because it was so horribly hot this night, she was sleeping totally naked like I had been earlier before my little walk.

I swallowed very hard and felt myself tense up, as my eyes took in her wonderful naked form that was sprawled out on the bed. Her lightly tanned skin was beautifully glistening with a sheen of sweat that seemed to make her glow. My mouth became promptly dry because this sleeping girl was the most perfect thing I had ever seen, her beauty was what I would call flawlessness.

I just stood there and watched her amazing breasts as they slowly rose with each breath she was taking. Even from being outside the window, I could see how her nipples were rock-hard, and seemed to jut up to the ceiling. Lightly pink, they still were perfectly off set by her tan and seemed to quiver in the stagnant air around her.

With my eyes, I travelled down her sleek form and marvelled at it complete beauty. The girl’s abs that I had looked at earlier, were still so amazingly toned and shaped that it made me sigh. I saw just how every inch of her curved her form looked in the low light, and it was so clear that she was very much an athletic person by how her little frame was so small... yet still so stunning.

Visually I moved down her body and ended up at the juncture where her taunt and muscled legs met with her body so deliciously. I could see her sex clearly from where I was, and I could not believe just how stunningly beautiful this secretive place of hers really was. Melody was completely clean shaven, just like I always kept myself, and that was allowing me to be able to see the pretty dusty pink flower that she had nestled there.

Her young womanhood seemed to be a little excited as she slept, because it was opened slightly while she laid there. The wondrous flower seemed to glistening with a wonderful mixture of her body’s sweat and her own juices... which made it seem to almost sparkle like diamonds in the low light. I could not turn my head away from this scene... I was now captivated by its simple resplendence.

The little flower I was beholding was drawing me to want to be right inside the room with Melody. I was having the strongest of urges to be able to touch those wonderful breasts that were so round and firm and danced with each breath the girl took, not to mention I wanted to also explore real closely those wonderfully glowing pink petals that I was so captivated by. I was wanting to have that chance for all of this and much more... some of which at the time I had no name for.

I could see all of these images as they clearly swirled around in my mind like a kaleidoscope of pictures. I was having many visions of doing things to Melody that were so dirty sweeping through not only inside my mind... but the sensations were shooting throughout my entire body as well. I was unsure of where these urgent feelings were coming from, yet there were there.

I continued to eye the girl’s sex, and felt my body now starting to react in stronger ways that I ever had before. I could feel my own sex in my jean shorts was not only twitching , but seriously getting wet and was aching to be touched. I also could feel how my own nipples had gotten so hard from the fact of when I would move or shift on my feet ever so slightly, they brushed the fabric of my t-shirt and sent a whole explosion of pleasurable shutters through every part of my body.

I looked at the sleeping form that was inside of the houseboat’s interior, and realized that I had never been so aroused before. It was as if all of this was consuming me into a trembling mass of desire that I had never knew I had in me. Not only was I discovering these feelings in me, they actually seemed to be growing as if it had all been awakened at the exact same time like a dam bursting from a swollen river.

Just then, I was snapped out of whatever sort of daydreaming fog I had fallen into and those feelings were replaced by confusion. I had suddenly seen a sudden movement from inside of the boat, which was the cause of my snapping out of it My mind returned me standing on the dock at two thirty in the morning, and I was now aware of things finally.

It had been that the sleeping girl had started to stir and move in the bed that had gotten me back to the world outside of my head. Melody’s eyes fluttered open and she smoothly sat up in bed, causing me to hold my breath as I was surprised by her waking up. I was not sure if I had made a noise or something while I had been there, but she had been brought out of a sound sleep by something.

Pretty much fully awake now, Melody seemed to be looking around herself as if she was getting her bearings. Suddenly, the girl moved her head very quickly to the side, her eyes snapped over and went right to the window where I was standing. I gasped, and hurriedly stepped away from the boats window... realizing finally the full facts of what I had been doing. I had been ‘peeping’, I realized.

With quick yet quiet steps, I hurried up the dock to the shore. I sprinted across the short expanse of sand, and straight to the narrow road that would lead me back to my cabin before she could have a chance to see me. I did not look back as I made a beeline down that small road heading back home.

I wanted to get back as quickly as I could. I was more than just cautious that someone might end up looking out of their window and end up seeing me racing around this late at night, and then somehow figuring out what I had done, and telling Melody about it.

" Damn was I ever stupid!!" My mind kept telling me over and over again as I hurried down the barren streets.

I hurried under the cloak of darkness back to my vacation home, feeling so embarrassed that I had been acting like some peeping tom. I was sure that she never saw me standing there and looking in at her, but that did not take away what I was feeling. Ashamed that I had been watching her sleep, and horrified that I had been doing that and had gotten sexually aroused by her nakedness.

I shook my head as I entered my little cabin, locking the door behind myself as quickly as I could. I was talking to myself as I readied to get back into bed finally... never again was I going to do this shit. The shame felt like it was going to kill me. The question for myself was now I was how I was going to go for coffee with her in the morning, knowing what I had been doing.

I sighed and hurried off to bed for at least a few hours sleep if I could get it... life had gotten a hell of a lot more complicated.

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Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 5 - The Crowsnest Factor

[Author's notes: Coffee is innocent... a look not so...]

Chapter Five - The Crowsnest Factor



I opened my eyes the next morning and groaned deeply into the pillow as the reality of me being awake hit me. Being awake was not my intention so early, but it was more than apparent that my body was playing tricks on my mind. Damn body!!

I could hear the chirping of the birds outside... but I wanted to get more sleep than I had last night. I made it home at roughly two thirty something, after nearly getting caught peeking in on Melody, something I was not proud of. I climbed into bed soon after I had returned, yet it still took over half an hour to finally fall asleep. I felt such guilt, but exhaustion made me falling asleep possible.

I looked at the clock that I had set up the night before... right now, much to my frustration, it was right now only eight o’clock in the morning.

" Damn!" I said to the stillness of my cabin.

I layed there on the bed, feeling myself sweat a little even thought I had slept naked to stop that from happening... thankfully doing that had helped me get some sleep. It was still very hot in my cabin, but it was sort of bearable... although barely.

I was going to turn back over and try to get back to sleep, but I heard my mothers cheerful, yet highly grating voice come from the main cabin.

" Breakfast in fifteen minutes, Harmony..." She screeched from the back porch of the a-framed structure. " Get up please..."

She could make any statement or anything at all that she could say end up sounding like that... like a harpy from hell itself. It was one of her many ‘charms’ that made her the person she was in the first place. Gotta love my Ma, despite herself.

As I layed there and groaned, my mind reminded me of the horrible truth... She would never let me sleep in today, or any day for that matter. My mother had this quirky thing about breakfast since I was a little girl... we had to all be together to have it whenever possible. You could be late for school or a meeting, but if you did not sit down for a small breakfast... you got the look of death on you. Made me crazy just thinking about it.

I heard her scream out for me one more time, urging me to get up and partake of breakfast with them. Thar made it clear... I knew I needed to get up, or she will hound me like crazy until I did.. As I sat up, I told myself that there would be coffee made... that helped getting up a little more easier. I hurried to grab a quick shower, as that coffee thing was now what I wanted.

I walked into the kitchen of the main cabin just as my mother was dishing out the breakfast of eggs and hashbrowns she had lovingly made for us. I was glad to see that the coffee had already been poured, and smelled wonderfully. She made the best coffee in the world, I thought to myself.

As I took a sip of my steaming cup of dark liquid... My mother gave a me a look and turned away. I guess since I was wearing my black Bikini with a plain skull on one boob of the top and the picture of a skull sticking out it’s tongue right smack dab on the front part of my crotch... she was not at all happy with my choice of what to wear today. Truth be known... she never really liked my choices in wardrobe since I was eleven.

Dad was already sitting there and was on his laptop, checking out the newspaper from back home online... making those noises he did when the news he was reading about was not to his liking. I giggled, as that sound always made me giddy.

" Good mornin’, Sparrow.." My Dad said with a cheerful tine, looking over his screen as he noticed that I was there. " Did you sleep well out there in the small cabin?"

I shook my head, but was not going to tell them about my little stupidness from last night. I felt embarassed enough that I had been sneaking around, and ended up peeking in someone’s window while they were asleep.

" I was a little over tired, I guess..." I said... having the only answer that sounded right without actually doing a full frontal lie. " Had little..."

" Did you not sleep, Harmony?" Asked my Mother butting into the conversation, looking at me with her concerned eyes.

" I just think that I was a little over tired and that affected my sleep pattern..." I replied back, re-stating myself a wee bit more clearly... and really hating the fact that I had to repeats myself.. " I am not worried about it, Mom... I will just be tired today, and that way I will sleep better tonight I think."

My mother sighed, and that tell tale sort of shake of her head. It seemed that my words did nothing for her.

" You should come and sleep in your room in this cabin, rather than choosing to sleep out there in that puny excuse for a cabin... which your Father her has all but refuses to tear down.." She stated, while also nagging my father at the same time.

" Mom... enough..." I said, trying to get her to stop before she drove me crazy so early this morning.

" You need to listen to me once in awhile, you know..." My Mother continued on, as she ignored me.. " Mother does know best sometimes you know... your Grandmother always told me that I had to learn it the hard way an’..."

I just let a ling breath out, feeling more than just a little bit frustrated with my mother by this time.

" Mom.. We already talked about this over and over again..." I sighed, she knew my reasons for wanting to sleep out in the old cabin... but as usual she made things more than just difficult. " I am not going to explain it again."

" I am just saying that you would get the better type of sleep if you would just come inside here an.." She started to say, ignoring my statement as she tried to make her own point.

I shook my head, frustrated with the woman..

" Mother... Please!" I sternly said.. As usual, what I thought had been already resolved was not in her mind... unless it had been settled and in done her way. " You just wont quit, will you?"

" Well fine..." Said mother, with a small snort. " A mother’s god-given concern is simply not enough now.. I see."

My mother just backed down for a change and sat at her place at the table, although she had done so after a nailing me with a guilt shot before then going silent. I was sort of upset with my mother at the time, but it was tempered by the fact that she was doing this out of being a mother... but it was still very irritating because we had discussed it even before we had left the city.

I looked at my mother for a moment, and was truthful with myself,... my Mothers little shot was uncalled for. It was right then that I heard my Father was chuckling away from behind his computer screen.

" What are you laughing at?" Spat my mother, seemingly a little upset at my father’s outburst of jocularity with the situation

" Sparrow’s a very stubborn young woman... Reminds me of you for many years past, my dear.." He said, his laughter growing deeper as he talked. " Hate to break this little piece of information to you, My dear... she has taken after you in that department!"

My mother screwed up her face into a weird mask and just shot a very brief but nasty looking stare at my Father I got the feeling that she was flashing this face in fun now... because the bad mood she seemed to have been in now was very rapidly fading.

" Oh... you just shut up!" She finally said, now she was playing the part of being very mad at Dad for the comment he had made.

" You hate it when you finally discover that I’m right about something for a change...." He chortled, still laughing.

" You... right.." She half laughed. " That has surprised me on more than just one occasions."

" It was bound to end up happening, my dear..." My father said, through heavier chuckles. " Law of averages!"

She shook her head, as she looked at Dad and his beaming but so nerdy smile. He always could get her out of a bad mood it seemed, something that later on in life I would come to adore and admire about my parents. She was playing with my father now.. A good sign that what ever had gotten under my Mother’s skin had gone away for the time.

" Once in a while, you being right is good for me I must admit, my darling..." She said, obviously now just freely playing around. Perfect sign that things were going back to normal. " Don’t make it a habit."

My father now burst out laughing, coming from deep within his core. It shook the table and rang through the kitchen. When this man laughed like this, no one could ever be in a bad mood.

" I can’t promise you anything, My pet..." He said, through stifling a river of chuckles that wanted to fly out of him. " That comes out once in a while.

She looked at my father, and was obviously trying not to totally collapse into a laughing fit.

" You just have to remember that mostly I’m right! Marriage mathematics are never wrong..." Pointed out Mother

" That is what Marriage is all about.. Averages..." He said, now really showing to mom that her was just trying to needle her. " My averages seem to always be sort of lacking though.. Do you think?."

She looked at me, then at my father and sighed. A second passed by and then she started to snicker away deeply in her chest. It seemed that my father’s very unusual sense of humour was now overriding fully what ever had been making my mother act like a total B-word.

" Dammit all... Cant even have a good grump with you around...!" She said, turning to grab something we needed for breakfast while shaking her head

" That is my job, love.." He smirked at mother.

" Apparently..." My mother finally said after already laughing so hard.

All of us then started to eat, as my father was still chuckling away with the interaction of Mom and him. I had to laugh as well... my father was right, I did inherit the stubborn streak I usually displayed from Mother... I was also hoping that the ‘nerdiness’ of both parents was not an inherited trait for my sake.

Insanity is something that is due to hereditary tendencies anyways... you always get that from your parents. That was my curse... although, I was hoping that it just might skip a generation.



After breakfast, I took the walk to meet Melody for the coffee like we had planned. I was feeling more than just a little uneasy... guess when you have peeped on someone like I had, that is natural. I am not no pervert or anything of the sort... but I did feel like it in a way, I should be at least a little guilty feeling over it all, yet I did not.. Trouble I was having was that the visions of her wonderfully sculpted naked form bounced which was really making it hard to focus on anything else at all.

Because I was on my way to meet this amazing creature, I knew that needed to put these stolen glimpses of the girl totally out of my mind and just have a good coffee date with someone I really liked. My intentions were good.... the way I was starting to feel towards this girl was both scary and addicting. I did get a handle on it for now, but I had not met up with her yet... that would be the test.


I found Melody was waiting on the docks not very far away from where her families business sat in the already hot morning sun. She was just leaning against one of the lampposts that were there, seeming so calm and collected. I was a basket case the instant I had seen her... and still did not understand the reasons why I was feeling like this. I thought of running before she saw me... my nerves were overwhelming..

She waved and smiled at me, something that made my heart leap out of my chest and I was suddenly unable to run away if I was wanting to at that moment. I do not know what was happening to me.. but in a bizarre way, I really was liking the feeling I was getting.

" Here she is..." I told myself, trying hard to keep what little cool I had left.

I swallowed as I was walking up to her, my mind was showing her standing there and she was completely naked, even though she was not in reality. Dressed in a very for fitting black Tankini, visualizing her naked was not a far stretch to do... but it was a very strange thing for me to be doing like this. A fertile imagination is my worst enemy, I thought.

" Hey!" She said, as I neared.

I nodded my reply to her greeting, because I was way busy burying the visions of her naked that danced in my head.

" Lets grab our coffees and I will take you to a place I love to go and sit." She said. " It may be hot already... but we can enjoy the sort of cooler heat before the sun gets goin’ and starts to barbeque us."

" Sounds good to me..." I said, feeling nervous as she said that. Innocent as what Melody had said seemed to be, my mind was turning it into a more smutty sort of thing. " Lets...go then...".

" You’ll love my spot I found it a few days ago by accident when I was looking for a quiet place to have coffee..." She said, her little giggle coming out and making my heart beat a little faster.

We bought two very large cups of coffees from the small self-contained stand nearest to the beach. It was the only place that seemed to be offering coffee right now....that was perhaps due to the entrenched weight of heat that had made its presence felt since yesterday. Hot weather or not... I always needed coffee.

The coffee smelled so good to us, that it made us feel almost giddy from the second we had the wax covered cardboard cups in our hands. It did not smell like home brewed coffee, but it was an enticing aroma that made it clear that this coffee was the next best thing to making it yourself..

Coffee was great, but not who had served us. The little dark haired man who ran the stand was creepy, and I hate to say it that he was way more creepy than Melody’s Uncle ever was. Just the way he stopped to leer at both of us made me realize that he felt a little more dangerous than Mr. Steelman was ever. In looking over at Melody, I did not even have to ask the question... just by the stiffness her body had while she stood there, she was more than just uneasy with the little man.

She leaned my way as we put the sugar in to the black liquid, ignoring the man who was saying nothing at the moment.

" Creepy.. isn’t this guy?" Melody whispered.

" Very..." I had to agree.

" Lets get outta here as fast as we can..." She said, her voice showing that she was very uneasy with the man... a feat considering who she was related to.

We just ignored the man who was not even trying to hide the fact that he was ogling us, not wanting t give him even a slight opening to do whatever his perverted brain was cooking up. We hustled off to make out way over the golden sand, and in the direction of where Melody had pointed that we were going.

The place where she led me out to was a rocky outcrop area that seemed to jut out of the hillside over where the mouth of the Angler River, the main water feed that directly went into Keegan Lake. This place was only about three hundred yards away from the Concession boardwalk and the main beach area for the lake, but where it was situated made it feel miles from anyone..

It was where a flat black rock jutted right out of the small hillside which overlooking the swift moving Angler River, with another rock that protruding over top of the first. The top rock formed this sort of crude roof over the bottom one, almost as if nature had made its own sort of tree house without the tree. It had a place hollowed out of the dirt of the hillside, as both rocks went into the hillside deeply... and made a very cozy space that was probably thirty feet wide and almost that deep.

This strangely unique rock area had been given the nautical name of Crowsnest Point. I looked around as we reached it, and reminded myself that this was a place that I had not really came to see since I was little. I had forgotten about it, but I now was feeling like I was seeing it for the very first time.

Now out here with Melody, I thought about the name because of the fact that it reminded people of the place on the tall sailing ships that crossed the oceans many years past that was used for navigating and spotting land from. Sitting down under the overhang and having a very good look from this vantage point, I had to agree that this place had been named right because you could see for miles it seemed..

We just talked casually, almost as if we had known one another for years, rather than counting our relationship still in just hours... and that felt so good for me. I had friends, but this was starting out differently than most.... The connection had been instantaneous as soon as our eyes had met, even though we had just looked at each other for what probably was only a grand total of a full minute in time That had never happened to me before.

I had just drank about half of my coffee due to my nervousness at what else to do at this time, when Melody looked over at me. It was just a simple sort of look, but it made me instantly shiver... but in a good way. Those deep rich brown pools of hers that were locked on to my own eyes were amazing...I was instantly captivated by them as deeply as I had been that first time when she was passing the house..

I noticed that I had stopped breathing while I looked back at her... and when I started again, it was very rapid. We hung there for a long few seconds, looking deep into one another’s eyes for some reason.

" What?" I asked sort of weakly, trying to say something to shift my thoughts. It did nothing to help.

I swore at myself the instant that I had only uttered that one mono-syllabled word to Melody. I hated that I could only get that single thing out to her rather than something that was more intelligent... this was wholly and totally lame of me. It seemed that I had one of the biggest brain cramps ever. I continued to try and say something... anything at all, but still nothing was coming. My brain had totally seized up.

She seemed not to be affected by my lack of speaking skills, and just gave a very small and soft sort of smile to me. I felt the warmth through her gaze, as her eyes never once moved from me..

" Just looking at you I guess..." She said, after stopping and seemingly started to blush lightly.

" Looking at me?" I asked with a little shock.

She looked at me, and gave a nervous sort of giggle as she shifted herself a little closer to where I sat on this overhang.

" Yeah... you.." She said, her voice now was wavering a little while she spoke.

" What are you... Looking at?" I stuttered.

" I was... looking at you closely.... and I was beginning to notice things of you more and more..."

I was a little taken back by that statement... yet my whole body trembled the instant she had said it. The thought of it ripped through me, and it made me feel all weak and unable to even think, and I just stared back at her like some damn deer in the headlights thing. I was unsure of what to say in reply to it, my mind had just completely went totally blank on me. One plus one was going to be a big ‘Duh’ for me. My luck... first time that being speechless has ever happened to me, and it had to be right at this second.

Melody giggled as I sat silent, and then paused for a moment. By the look in her face that stared back at me, she was obviously trying to pick the right things to say to me... and it seemed to me that she knew that I could not say really anything.

" It’s you eyes... and what they are holding for the world to see in those blue pools..." Melody said, almost breathlessly as she looked right into my face. " That is what I am looking into right now..."

" My... eyes?" I stammered as I raised my hand to touch around my eyes. I had never been told this stuff ever.. Especially from a girl.

The girl nodded, and moved her hand onto my knee as she kept her gaze locked on to me.

" Yes.. You sky deep blue eyes seem to hold something in them..." She smiled, her musical way of giggling was making my heart pound harder. " they are so deep that I am thrilled at what I can be seeing in them... as if they might be glimpsing into your heart..."

" What do you..." I stammered more, unable to ask my question which felt so stupid in the first place.

She reached out and put a hand on my bare leg, causing my stammering to stop... but that simple act was really making me shiver with a sensation of pleasure I never had experienced before.

"What I see..." The girl started, without hesitation. " is what is on the outside as well , this amazing sense you have this great wealth of intelligence which is locked in you... yet I see even deeper in who you are ... a great capacity to be caring and emotionally honest that is the truest core of you."

I was once again, struck silent. No one had ever told me things like that, but she was. It felt like she had cracked me open, and saw who I was. I don’t know whether to be scared or relieved that someone saw that... the shock was the only thing that was running through me

" Why do you say that... you see that in me?" I asked through a stammering sort of speech. I really was hating that I had actually asked such a lame question.

I saw that she had been speaking from her heart, and still was as well. Her eyes conveyed this so very clearly... it was unabashed and never once sugar-coated, she was saying exactly what she was seeing. I felt myself starting to really blush with Melody’s words, and I was shocked that I was doing it. I was not one to blush or feel as if I was embarassed... yet here I was doing it. My face felt hot, and I was unable to stop it.

" I just do..." She said plainly said, her eyes now focussed right on to mine.

Speechless at the moment, my mind was hard pressed to comprehend the truthful nature that Melody had shown me. I had never really had anything like this ever told to me before, and I found it touching me on a level never before tapped into. What ever it had been that attracted me to her... now was drawing me.

I nodded meekly, feeling how fast my heart was now going as I looked right into her face. There was no words I could have came up with to explain what was going on inside of me, ore even to explain it to my own self.

" I have never met anyone like you..." Melody said, her eyes locking on to my eyes so strongly that they seemed to be looking right into me " Never..."

I had no words to Say, but my mind agreed that she too, was someone like that to me as well. I was trying to get my mind back in order, because I wanted to tell her everything that I had been thinking of ever since the first time we saw one another... but I kind of did not get the chance to also tell her how amazed I was with her. In that moment of trying to get my mouth to work...she leaned in to me and her lips touched mine in a full fledged kiss.

My mind went blank, my heart seemed to have stopped. I could feel her lips were soft, yet firm to the point that made me quiver a little. The softness of the skin on those lips made my whole body feel like there was a surge of electricity passing over and through every inch of me... while my eyes seemed to close all by them selves.

I could smell the sweet body spray of soft floral with a small hinting of Jasmine that she had on her body. When it hit my senses, it instantly had added so many varying sensations to me ten fold over just the kiss itself. Her lips were as sweet as sugar, and I could not help but to kiss her right back.. She put her hand on my side as she kissed me, which caused even my skin to feel as if it was electric to me.

I found myself overwhelmed, as the kiss from this girl seemed to wantonly hang there like there was a stoppage in time and space. Unsure of what I was feeling, excited yet horrified while being deeply confused by feelings and emotions that now were coming out... I hung in a sort of limbo state that was both full of pleasure yet brought this sort of shaming side of things to light as well.

When Melody broke kiss and had paused to look me right in the face, I did the only thing I felt like I could have done. I took that moment of pause to bound up to my feet and, and begin this full on flight from melody as fast as I could make myself go. Plain and simply...I took off running and was not about to stop.

In a full out run down the gentile angle of the slope, I pushed myself to get away from the top of Crowsnest Point as fast as my legs could carry me. I was fully unaware of anything that was around me at this time, except for this absolute urgency for me to run as far away as I could get... and all in the shortest amount of time. This fuelled me like nothing else.

I could hear the loudly pleading voice of Melody calling out from behind me while I raced down that well worn narrow path to the beach below... but my mind did not let me hear one word of what she was calling out to me or even to care that the voice was getting farther and farther away as I ran. Right then nothing mattered but to get away, my mind screaming at me one thing over and over again

" She kissed me!!"

I did not have any clue to where it was that I was going, I was in this full fledged flight mode, running away from things that I was feeling, thinking and the girl that was back on that point. Fear of the unknown fuels things... or perhaps it is the realization of the fear that you might already know things that you do not want to ow.... either way, all of this stuff can end up doing this.


[End notes:

Author's Notes:  Sorry for taking a little extra time... had a little flood in the apartment thanks to a unruly upstairs neighbour... computer OK... the rest... well... I wont say.


Anyways... next chapter is half ready... will have up by friday.


Chapter 6

Title: Chapter 6 - Many thoughts, no actions

[Author's notes: When you are so damned confused... it seems like the world is against you.  Harmony knows this better than anyone.]

Chapter Six - Many thoughts, no actions




The heat was nearly unbearable when the early afternoon had arrived with a temperature that was a mind numbing one hundred and three in the shade anywhere around Keegan Lake. Shade or not, that stagnant heated air hung there like a heavy shroud, unmoving as it continued to baked us.

Despite the heat that was there, it was sort of a thankful thing in a way. My mind was not really noticing the world around me, not even the heat could penetrate my mind at this time. My brain was being way too busy doing some serious mental acrobatics inside my head for me to be noticing anything at all. It was a good thing, bad thing sort of think process... if you could follow my weirdness.

For the past two hours or so, I had just sat in the shade of a huge tree that was just a stones throw from my little cabin home. Even though I was fully shaded from the blistering sun overhead, I was not even close to being comfortable... and it all had nothing to do with the heat that was threatening to burn us off the land either.. The heat outside of my body was not even a factor... my mind was a little too screwed up for heat to be a problem for me... my mind was already starting to feel as if it was fried anyways... and did match the brutal scorcher of a day that we were having

I should have been excited as all hell because I had found that there was a message left on my cell. Sasha and Cassandra, the way out goth twins, were going to arrive here at their cabin tomorrow sometime. That was a great thing to hear, considering they were about the only people I actually wanted to hang with, especially out here at Keegan... but it never changed the mood that I was pretty much stuck in. It seemed that even that could not change my minds way of thinking.

Let me explain a little... I had known these two girls quite a few years by now, and did call them good friends. Their bleak yet very sarcastically warped sense of humour and unique way of seeing life in general always got me laughing. It always ended up as if I was on some really major sort of drugs or as if I really needed to have myself strapped into a straightjacket and put into a rubberized room for a me-on-me ping-pong tournament. They were some of my best friends, in all truth... and some of the few as well.

This year in hearing that they were going to be coming out to the lake after all, their imminent arrival was going to be tomorrow in the early morning, was the best thing that could be happening to me. With my summer already feeling like it was nearly shot all to hell... I was hoping that Sasha and Cassandra could turn this bad summer around, and get me in to a better place mentally. It would be a great thing to distract myself from things that made no sense to me ever.

That single, surprising... yet still so unforgettable kiss from Melody had made sure that my mind was going to not be able to make any rational type of thought pretty much impossible for at least two weeks. My lips could still Melody’s kiss almost as clearly as when it had happened to me... that was beyond freaky.

" What in the hell is going on with me?" I asked myself actually making the words a few times... luckily I did not end up answering myself out loud. I was feeling crazy enough as it was.

All of a sudden, I snapped myself out where ever my mind had started to drift off to. I looked at the can of coke I had cradled in the crook of my hand as it rested on my leg. I quickly came to realize something and just let out a long sort of groan. I could feel on my hand and even on the bare skin of my thigh... that the can was not even cold anymore. Actually, It felt almost hot... and the can had been almost frozen when it out here in the first place.

It was then that I realized that I had been sitting there long enough that an almost full can of cola had turned to being very warm to the touch. I looked at the can still gripped in my hand, and made a little face.

" Lucky, lucky me..." I grumbled to myself as I came to realize that the cola inside was warm and held not one hint of the coldness it once had.

I took a cautious sip to confirm my suspicions on the status of my pop, and found that it indeed was way too warm for my liking... adding to this was the fact that the Coke held not one hint of fizz to it either. Grimacing as the aftertaste assaulted every taste buds my body had, it was simply very warm and flat and just all around gross as well. I shook my head and sighed deeply, this was just the way my day has been going for me

" Awh... Fuck!!" I spat, realizing just how deeply I had been in my own sort of la-la land... and for far too long.

I stood up and walked to the main cabin, knowing that I needed a cold drink because of this surging heat that was hanging all around me... and this warm can of pop that was devoid of the slightest bit of coolness, would not do. I knew that my mother kept some cans of pop in the fridge... cans that were so cold that it forms little ice crystals in the cola itself without ever once freezing solid. I knew that sort of coldness was perfect for this heat. I never quite had figured out how she never got a cola-sicle our of it, as that stuff was very cold. And on a hot day like today, that was all important.

I was not really wanting to go into the cabin to get the can of pop, but the heat forced me to do so. I was in such a state in my head that I was not really wanting to be around anybody or to even interact with anyone at the moment... wanting to figure all of this crap out without anyone knowing... especially the case for my parents. This damned heat was not gong to let me just hide away... I really needed that frosty can of cola... and I needed to go into the tall A-framed cabin to do it. My day’s luck once again kicked me in the ass.

Stepping in the sliding doors that faced the beach, I found Mom sitting in living room just off of the deck. She was reading a pretty large book while a enormous floor-fan blew on her to beat this heat. Dad was no where to be found as I took a glance around, but that was not too unusual. He probably had went to have a cold beer down at the beach tavern, a favourite thing he always did.., or he was volunteering to help set up the Country Jamboree that was looming to start in a few days.

I started to walk past my mother and to the kitchen, then I saw my mother move a little. I was caught... I froze there, like some idiot

" His Sweety..." My mother said, looking up from the page she was reading. She had obviously heard me enter, even though I was trying to be sneaky.

I swallowed hard, I had not wanted to interact with anybody... especially my Mother

" Hi Mom..." I said.

" Is it hot enough for you today?" My mother asked, eyeing me.

" Yeah, it is.." I said, not wanting her to get even a little clue to all of the shit that was in my head. " ... too hot."

" Did you come in here to try and cool down?" My mother asked, pointing to the large floor fan that was only a yard or so away from where she sat.. " I do have a rather large fan club that you can join... it is free to join up..."

My mother giggled at her little pun she had delivered... and I had to admit that she had done it rather well. For a humour challenged person like my Mother usually was, she had clearly did one joke right. It was more than just a little surprising that I had found my Mom’s attempt at humour to actually be funny.

" I think I’m gonna pass on the whole fan club thing, Mom..." I said, with a laugh. " Just needed to come in and get a new cold drink... this one I have here has went both warm and extremely flat."

My mothers face suddenly twisted and contorted as if she had bit down into the worlds bitterest lemon. I heard her make a little noise, then she looked right at me

" Flat and warm cola??" She said, with a sour tone.

" Yeah..." I nodded, seeing her play things up with a funny face.

" Not a very good combination to have..." My mother said, reacting to my statement with playful over-the-top gestures and a funny face as well. " That would be a very untasty combination:"

" Guess I sat with it out there too long.." I chuckled, surprised that my mother had ended up tickling my funnybone a second time in a few seconds.

She shook her finger at me, but I knew she was really hamming it up in an attempted at continuing to being funny... which surprisingly was working.

" Your suppose to drink your cola, not just sit there and watch to see how long it would take for it to evaporate clean away." She smirked, suppressing what seemed to be a flurry of giggles..

" Oh my god..." I laughed, and rather hard I might add... she had combined her nerd side and her usually hidden humourous side to actually produce a good laugh... pretty amazing that I actually found it funny.

This was a refreshing change that my mother’s normal nerdiness she always had exibited, she had actually used that dorkiness for a very funny purpose. I could only hope that my father would learn to use his own nerdiness in this way... it would be a little less embarrassing than what he normally was. Brilliant was the word for my father... but nerdiness also defined him.

Giggling at my mother who was clad in a real gaudy bright coloured flowered sundress, I actually enjoyed hearing my Mothers somewhat off beat attempt at being funny. Even though it was a groan inducing sort of ha-ha she had laid on to me. It actually made me feel a little proud to be her daughter... at least for a few short moments. She was a nerd, but she had some ‘normal’ tendencies

I exited the main cabin about ten minutes later, a very cold can of coke in my eager hand. It was way to hot to stay inside as it was outside, and I was not wanting to just sit with my mother and bake in the front room area. To tell the truth... I was not wanting to be sociable to my mother, or to anyone else for that matter. I felt guilty that I felt that way even to my own mother, but it was a very honest feeling... I just needed to be left totally alone for awhile, and I knew it. I wanted to think this thing out... or at least find a way to bury it deeply in my mind.

I always seemed to need that sort of thing to get things clear in my head, when everything was going pretty much to hell. By how jumbled I was in my mind, it might take a long time to clear out my mind. I had been told that I think way too much, and that was from most people that knew me well. Perhaps they are right with that... but the reasons for my clutter thoughts were not clearly defined.

That single kiss I had been given was weighing heavy in my mind, and in my heart as well. The reality that I was trying to fight off was that I found myself more than just liking the kiss, and the sensations and feeling that it was bringing... I was now admitting to myself that I was really feeling an attraction the one who had given me the kiss in the first place. Talk about being confused.

The truth was, I found myself yearning to have Melody deliver another kiss onto me... and that did scare the hell out of me. It was inexplicable... I told my self how wrong that was to even feel like that, but that never mattered to what ever it was on the inside of myself. I had not a clue to the question of the moment... why was I yearning for something like this, and so strongly as well.

I could feel it on my lips, and my mind conjured up the memory of her soft perfume that she had been wearing earlier today. As clearly as anything, I could remember just how that wonderful scent had lightly wafted to me as we sat out at Crowsnest, and preceded the kiss that rocked me to my very core. That memory made me shiver in pleasure.

" I gotta get this out of my head..." I mumbled to myself as I shook my head to dislodge the image of Melody from my mind, but that feeling I was having was now getting stronger.

I decided to go and find myself another shady spot somewhere, and hoping that it would be even more hidden from the intrusion of others....where I could try and get myself more level headed than I had been. Only been here for a little over a day and a half at this point, this has became a different vacation all together.



The nighttime was a little cooler...but by very little. The day had been sweltering, but like the days before... night time held no promise of relief.

I sat in my little cabin, sitting on the bed fully naked with a fan that I had stolen from my parents before they had gone out for the night going full tilt... and that damned fan did little to nothing to even help. Even being there in the blasting stream of air from the fan hitting right on to me, I still was sweating like I was a fountain.

The cheesy sounding voice of a overly stimulated DJ blared out from the radio on my boombox on the side table radio.

" Keegan Lake it a cool place as it has gotten down to now ninety seven out there a ten o’clock at night... but by mid morning it will shoot right back up into the triple digits again."

There was not one report of any rain in the forecast, or a hint of a cool down. The overly caffeined DJ continued on and told about at least three more days of this heat will be in store the surrounding area. I groaned with the report that had been delivered... I was just hotter than I ever have been.

I decided to ignore the DJ and his banter pertaining to the heatwave that was upon us all... don’t you just hate when they say things like that and they seem happy about it? Of course he is happy... the man is in a radio booth right now, and more than likely it is air conditioned as well. The Bastard!

I had successfully shot the day away by hiding away from everyone, but had not gotten even close to getting my head straight. For hours on end, I had threw around all of these feeling and emotions inside of myself, and never once ended up like I could have felt that I had a handle on this situation. To my frustration... it now felt like I had even less of a handle on all of it than what I had just after Melody had planted that kiss on me.

For good or bad... I did succeed in totally wasting a whole day with out any real accomplishment of something...but I had just told myself that the day was not a total loss because it had been intentional. I did not even believe myself with that one, but I did make myself at least laugh at the stupidity of my thoughts.

I was just reading, as the local flavour of rock station I had tuned in on was mindlessly playing... the irritating DJ was finally gone from the airwaves. The low music was helping me with calming my mind a little... but music can never help with my little sweating problem, because it was still too damned hot in here. Even though I was completely naked, with a fan and laying on top of the covers while reading... I was still sweating like I was a out of control lawn sprinkler.

I was thinking about strutting out to the larger room and seeing if my cans of cola were cold enough yet.... when I heard a knock at the main door of this little cabin. It was faint sort of a knock, but it was a knock. I grabbed my long t-shirt that I had layed out ‘just in case’ and hurried out of the bedroom and to the door... if it was my mother who had happened to come home early, she would knock and then just barge in on me. I hated when she did that.

I was a little surprised when it was my father who was at the door. He was holding two bottles of wine in his hands, and a big grin on his face.

" Are we now reduced to drinking with both hands Dad?" I asked with my sarcastic humour.

" I had forgot to bring some wine to the Peterson’s pre-jamboree party..." He sighed, while chuckling under his breath at himself. " And they were wanting some of our better vintages...."

" And now they will have it, I see?" I giggled.

" Precisely, Sparrow..." He smirked " I got the Vino for the Vino-lovers!"

" Don’t you mean winos?" I came back with.

" You could say that..." He laughed.

I nodded as I laughed, then looked at my father.

" Then why are you here?" I asked.

" Ah, yes..." He said, his nerdy stuffiness returning to his voice. " I was getting the wine, and someone called Melody phoned up for you on the cabin’s line... guess she does not know your cell number..."

" Melody?" I stammered a little, shocked to hear that name and the image that came with it for my head.

" That was what she said her name was..." He said, nodding as he tucked a bottle of wine under each arm as he stood there.. " I told her your number and such... come to find out that she is the Steelman’s niece, did you know that?"

" I did.." I replied instantly to my fathers babbling, still trying to fight my shock.

My father seemed not to even notice my reaction to him telling me this. He seemed to be content to just stand there with his smile on his face as usual.

" Anyways..." He said, just passing off everything "... she said that she wanted to talk to you really badly... and as soon as she could... she was hoping for tonight sometime... she seemed upset." .

" Upset?" I echoed with a tight voice, although my echoing was not done on purpose.

" Yeah... really upset." My Dad said so dryly.

" Did she say why.." I blurted out inadvertently, already knowing that answer for myself.

My father took a second to think, standing there looking silly with the two bottles of wine in his armpits.

" No... she never said anything like why.." He said, his voice ever so flat and toneless. " Just that she wanted to talk to you and was hoping that it would be tonight for some reason."

I was unsure of just what to say, feel or anything else for that matter. I could feel myself trembling as the image of the pretty girl bounced right back into my head... to add to its return, that image was one hundred percent naked. A imaginative mind like I always have had is a serious drawback... it was sometimes a real curse as my decision to work a little avoidance on the matter... poof, was gone like a flash.

My Dad just turned and walked out of the doorway of the little cabin, probably heading back down the road to the Peterson’s cabin with the wine still tucked neatly under his arms. You could hear the party going on even from here. The country music blaring from that party was as deafening as it was bad.

" Don’t wait up for your ol’ Mom and Dad here, Sparrow... we will be back home rather late I’m afraid!" he said, walking off into the super heated night.

" I wont!" I answered, but he seemed not to hear my humoristic reply... and that was not uncommon of him.

My Dad looked so relaxed as he headed off to the party... and I was envious that he was enjoying the whole lake thing. I found myself wishing that I was old enough to take a real stiff drink without my parents grounding me for life or killing me. I was half wondering if a drink of whatever that could make me forget for a little while, which just might be a welcomed break... and if your too drunk in the end, you wont care anyways. I sighed and put that out of my mind... already knew that drinking would not solve anything.

I closed the door of the cabin and locked it back up and just went back into the bedroom, my first instinct was to just out and out hide from everyone again... but there was a difference in this sort of hiding as to what I had done all day earlier. It seemed that this hiding may just have a purpose...although for the life of me, I could not say what that purpose might have been.

I made sure that my cellphone was with me, but I never did turn it on... something inside of me would not let me. I was caught between wanting Melody to phone me now that she had my number so I could go over there to see her and try to work out my feelings... or me just running the hell away from here.

Two sides of myself were literally battling it out inside of me, and there were no answers to either of these things I was thinking on. I was beginning to think that I was pretty much screwed for getting a answer to my dilemmas. It was becoming a constant sort of thought that perhaps I was the one that could be so screwed up, and not the situation. Here I was a young girl, who was kissed by a girl... and seemingly had really liked it despite myself. That made no sense to me either.

Officially, my situation really, really stinks! That was what was constantly running through my head... and I wondered where my mind’s off switch might be located to stop it from doing it.

I shucked off my shirt again and returned to laying on my bed, the heat making my temporary article of clothing expendable. I was laying back, but I was not in any way resting... my mind made sure of that much.

Nothing made any sense at all, no matter how much I was trying to straighten out things in my head.

[End notes: Author's note:  Sorry about the long time between chapters.  My band has been busy playing, but I had a few days off here, so I got this chapter(#6) and the next one ( The one with the 'heated' storyline...#7) finished.   The next chapter will be up in a few days.  Enjoy.]

Chapter 7

Title: Chapter 7 - During a storm, a little clearing...

[Author's notes:

Rain can bring, relief, cooling and so much else after a hot spell... it also can bring a huge surprise.


Chapter Seven - During a storm... a small clearing


I suppose that my two friends imminent arrival to see me at the lake had initially made me happier than I had been since arriving at the lake... yet life has this sort of way that it ends up kicking the living shit out of you. My dwindling hopes of having a better summer finally with help from my long term friends was about to be smashed into a million pieces and left to rot in the summer’s sun.

Sasha and Cassandra had shown up at the lake as they had said they were, and actually they were right on time as well... which because of their procrastinating parents always being late was a shock in of its self. It was what I found out after which made things seem even more bleak.

Seeing the two dark clad girls were more than just a welcomed sight for a second or two as they stepped from their car in front of that family’s cabin two doors down from my family’s... but I quickly came to find out that my hope for some real happiness and fun was now being crushed like a grape on a busy highway. Simply put, reality had leaped up and bit me in squarely in the ass, and this time it took a rather large hunk out of my spirit.

The two gothic twins, who had been my friends for so long showed up with more than their family and one another. To my distress, each girl had arrived at Keegan Lake with a boyfriend in tow with them. My heart fell and then broke into a thousand of pieces.... this did not speak well for my plans.

As the two gloomy twin girls introduced me to their respective young men that had accompanied them to this place... I was finding that my re-discovered ‘reality’ had rose up from the depths of hell itself and bit my ass withy the force greater than a Great White Shark. Reality was taking a huge chunk out of me.

Sasha was with a towering, very lanky but ghostly looking kid that was calling himself Dorian. This youth stood towering well over the six foot tall mark and had this long mane of black hair that was poker straight and hung down to obscure his ghostly white face. This odd young man had these oddly dark blue eyes that pierced through the curtain of black, and showed no sense of happiness or anything else for that matter.

This ghoulish stick figure of a boy was wearing a rather ratty looking black shirt with a simple skull image that was almost faded away on its front. He also was wearing a pair of dark cargo type shorts that probably have had seen better days years past and was paired with some clunky army styled boots that did not come up high enough on the legs to hid the very large full coloured dragon tattoo that was visually prominent on the side of his calf. The lad also was sporting bands of metallic studs on both of his arms while his black lipstick he had on seemed to really stick out against his bleached white skin.

Dorian was a sight to behold from the start, even for me who saw myself as someone who just took everyone the way they were. He was the poster boy for the term of Weird. I found that the lad was very interesting as well.

This towering lad Dorian seemed that to barely weighed perhaps one hundred and sixty pounds if that... far less than what someone who was his size should really be. He was all arms and legs, which were as white as his face was. Just one look at him and you could see that a skeleton might have been heavier than this gangly lad, his pale complexion just made him look more dead than alive, but there was a very distinctive sort of spark in his dark coloured eyes... a little life.

Sasha’s lad seemed very quiet, as he barely had said a handful of words in the first few minutes as the introductions were being made. Sasha was the one who seemed to be talking for the both of them... and I knew from the many years of being friends with both her and her sister, that Sasha was not a talker normally. It was clear that this youth was the dark, quiet type... perfect for the gothic way.

Cassandra on the other hand had a very drawn out looking young man with her, calling himself simply Lex. He was not a very tall, but he did seem to be even thinner than the tall Dorian looked. Dressed totally in black, with a ‘Black Sabbath’ tee on his small frame, he seemed almost smaller than what his height really was, but there was more oddities about the lad as well.

Aside from his appearance, there was this brooding sort of air to this lad calling himself Lex. The pint sized goth had these prominent sunken eyes, eyes that seemed to be totally void of any real life. His face as well, showed no real hint of any emotions that the lad was feeling at the time. He never really changed any of his facial expressions or anything as he stood there, he just seemed to be void of truly anything. He was, for lack of any word... just plainly spooky to the max.

I did not know that for sure, but that feeling had automatically hit me. I knew that Cass was the more compassionate twin, as her sister was not so much all fuzzy... that made it clear that she would be the right person that would be the best fit for this lad. He needed someone like her... As did Sasha did with Dorian. Both girls seemed to be paired with the right guy for them.. But that did little to help what else I started to feel.

We just hung out for the day and did some simple shit together all over the vacation spot, but things were not like what it was when it was just me and the twins. Truth be known... how could it be? With paring off like it was...I was the fifth wheel in this, and there was no axle for me. I was often the loner, whether at school or almost any where else I found myself... but never had I ever felt that way with the twins.

With the two of them now having their ‘significant other’ at the lake this year... it became quite clear that once again- I truly was the odd person out in it. It was like my normal school life has shown up and inserted itself into my vacation life, and began to literally destroy it without even trying to. Just one more of a reason why my life felt as if it really did suck badly at this point of time.

Just in having to watch how the couples were starting to cuddle together like some way too weird gothic sickly sweet version of the Care-Bears meeting in some retarded romance novel... times ten. It made me shake my head... but also was making me really think of Melody all over again. I could not stop any of it.

The memory of that kiss I had been given now was replaying itself in my head again without stopping... and now the full wall of emotions I had was now feeling ten times more intense than what they had been. All of this was battering my mind, causing my whole body to shiver with both a deep sense of sadness and this overall feel of longing as well. With all of this battering around in me like a out of control demolition derby, made everything feel so much harder to take.

It was official. With everything up to this point going as wrong as it could, it was hard to ignore any of it... and it’s effects on my own thoughts and even my emotional state as well. I had to just admit to myself that this very crappy summer was now seemingly growing into one that was even crappier.

" Someone just go ahead and shoot me!" I grumbled to myself, feeling the strain flood every part of my mind.

Thankfully, the two couples wandered back to the twins parents cabin after being together for the rest of the day... and I was feeling oddly relieve with it. It was like I could breath a little better than what I had been. I was thankful for the separation we were finally having, as just seeing the twins with boyfriends made my heart hurt... and made my mind settle back on thinking about Melody.

My mood had now sunk to an all new low, making me feel more depressed than I ever had before. My heart was feeling very heavy and my heart felt almost empty , and knew nothing about helping myself to get out of this funk I was in. I have felt down before, more than I need to admit to... but this feeling that hung around my neck was a feeling of being lower than I ever thought I could have.

Without any plan or even anything at all to go to help myself climb out of this deep pit of a mood... I knew that I had to do something for this, or just end up wallowing deeper into this quicksand that was my emotions. I needed to do something, anything to at least get myself started to climb out of the emotional pit. The question was what would help me get my head back in line again?

I just decided on a old stand-by trick to handle all of this stress stuff. I just decided to go off for a little bit of a walk so I could see if that would finally calm my tidal wave of emotions down enough so I could find the way to enjoy something that might be considered to be nice and happy. Admittedly, I was extremely sceptical that I would find that sort of happy feelings again while here at the lake, but at this point of time... I was ready to try anything at all to at least escape my mood for awhile.

It is truly sad to say when you hope for something good to finally come around and lighten your life up even a little yet life makes it end up crashing and burning in a fire ball of disillusionment... it makes everything that was really shitty in the first place to feel many times worse.

Right now I was feeling more than ever, feeling that shittiness actually growing for me. I am so lucky....people would shoot me to end my misery. Yeah, all I have left was my sarcasm... lucky me again.




Night had come to the lake area... as well as some relief. The heat had broken earlier this evening and the rain came down in torrents... in the form of a huge thunderstorm that swept in from the west and finally cooled things off in a very short amount of time. It brought huge claps of thunder that was accompanied by a wicked looking lightning show that shot across the sky and reflected in the choppy waters of the lake itself... but the cooling effect of the rain was the greatest thing.

The DJ I had heard on the local rock radio station earlier reported that this loud and intense storm would slowly pass overnight our across the lake area and then simply head off to the Northwest in the wee hours of the morning and clear. The heat was also being reported to be returning for the morning time...then continue its work of baking us all over again for the next few days until another thunderstorm might build up and brings us relief all over again. That forecast just made it official... summer was truly upon us.

Mom and Dad had gone for a pre- country Jamboree party that was being held at the dance hall across the lake where some of the concerts were going to be played at. They were so excited even for just this little event, I was happy for them. It was what they looked forward to all year... even though just the thought of the Jamboree made me cringe and want to run away from the hideous nasal warbling of the style... I was glad that this all made Mom and Dad so damned happy.

I was more than just happy to stay in my little cabin home and have as quiet of a night as I could possibly have given myself. My plan was made easier because I had finally somehow slowed my mind down...which made me feel more relaxed than I had been in a very long while. Even with the storm booming outside, the feeling in my little summer house was peaceful and quiet.... especially because of the reason behind my alone time.

Sasha and Cassandra had decided to stay back at their parents place so as to spend some time with their boyfriends this evening... thankfully I had not been asked to be the tag along and endure their sickening ritual of lovy-dovey cooing and such. Their decision to do this was just the thing I was needed because I was feeling the need for a little bit of time off alone anyways.

I was in heaven, as eleven o’clock rolled in on me because I was doing exactly what I needed for myself. I laid in bed, reading a book I had been waiting to read for like ever, while my all time favourite Metallica CD was playing in the boombox on the nightstand next to my bed. I rounded out my perfect evening set up with a cold pop set next to the boombox while I lazing back on the thick pillows while wearing basically noting. You would think I was a nudist or something for the fact that did this on a regular basis... but I think I was a nudist to some degree in the first place anyway.

Adding to the good feelings was the fact that it was not as hot in the small cabin as it had been over the last few days. Mind you it was still very warm in the cabin, but it was at a manageable sort of warmth that hung in the air. I had the window open a crack so the storm’s breezes would come through and bring that beautiful smell of rain into the room.

It felt like a piece of heaven for me as I layed reading by the light of a small lamp... and I could not help but actually smile. For the first time in a long time, I was feeling relaxed enough to enjoy the quietness, and to escape al of the things that had seemed to be haunting me since arriving here. My smile was for a real change, a real one.

It was late in the nighttime, when a knock came at the door of my cabin. The noise paused, then rapped a little louder after it had not been answered right off. I sighed and got up because this would be my father who was probably checking in on me between drinks... That was a habit he had gotten into that made me more than a little crazy from time to time. I knew that my good ol’ father really did love me, that I would never have argued... but his hovering from time to time was really going a wee bit overboard. God bless my pops... but he was irritating at times more than my Mother... who really could turn up the aggravation factor metre without trying.

I slipped into a knee length black tee shirt nightgown which I usually kept really close for emergencies like this and headed to the door. I was hoping that my Father would end up not be long winded tonight so I could get back to my book as quickly as possible... as he had arrived at a critical juncture of the book’s main plots, but knew that might be just wishful thinking on my part. My father was a natural talker though, and I knew that he might be in a talkative mood because usually a few stiffly made glasses of ryes and cokes usually loosened his tongue an made him worse.

I opened the door, and came to see there was a very wet figure that stood decked in a ridiculously bright yellow rain poncho on the step ... and this figure that was drenched on a night like this. Clearly this person in the rain’s path was not my father as I had thought right off... and there was no real indication to the person’s identity.

I was unsure for a moment exactly who this might be on my doorstep on such a stormy night like it was, then the voice came. It was one that I had been avoiding, yet longing to hear as well

" I needed to really talk with you..." The voice of Melody came from the poncho hood, as she stepped in.

Let me tell you that I was more than a bit stunned with her being here, yet all I could do was stand there and close the door as she passed me and came into the small confines of my cabin home.

Melody pulled of the hood of her poncho, revealing her very wet face that was covered in running droplets of the rain. I was breathless as I saw an expression in her fact that was at first very odd but seemed to stir things up inside of me almost from the very second her eyes had locked on to mine. Those wonderful eyes of her were very magical in a nerve-wracking sort of way, and I was scared yet truly beguiled by them at the same time. I have never been like this, nor felt, like this ever.

I was going to ask her what she was wanting to talk to me about, but all I really could do was stand there and look at the wet girl in front of me. I was unable to form the words I was needing to.

Melody on the other hand seemed nervous as well, but also was determined as well. Her gaze held me where I was, they were deep and had a feeling of smokiness to them as she made sure her eyes were latched onto mine.

That kiss... at the Crowsnest point..." She started out, obviously not really trying to ease her way into the conversation... and making it clear that she had no intention of beating around the bush either. " That kiss... It was amazing, yet when you ran away so suddenly from me, it became confusing."

" You kissed me..." I stammered, feeling my face was getting very hot at the moment, my words showing that I was reliving that moment right then.

" I did..." She started, seeing her nervousness was easing a little. " And I am not sorry for doing it..."

" I have never been kissed like that..." I stammered, feeling nervous. " Not by a boy... and especially a girl..."

She smirked.

" I thought that you might have been still figuring out things like that...." Melody said. " It is scary when you don’t know if you like boys, or girls."

" I don’t... know for sure..." I said, then added as a rush of shyness came over me." You like girls..."

" Yeah..." She said, with at touch of shyness in her voice. " Sort of a no brainer, now that I hauled off and kissed you?"

" Yeah..."I said, feeling my confusion coming back into my head.

Melody looked at me, almost as if she was reading my facial features... which I already know was showing something to her.

" I think I had sensed that you felt scared in a way... that you never had been kissed like that" She said, her voice was very sweet and understanding

" It did surprise me...." I admitted.

" Surprised you, yes..." Melody started, then adding in a heartbeat. "... that fact did not stop you from actually kissing me back.... you did just that with as much feeling and energy as I was kissing you."

" I... did?" I fumbled with my shock.

" Yes..." She said.

I froze and thought of that kiss, feeling almost as if I was right back there again. It was clear that I had not pulled away from Melody’s very fervent kiss... in fact I had kissed her back,... and had felt awash with the overwhelming pleasure that single moment in time had brought me, even though I had so stubbornly tried to hide this little from myself. I had kissed her back, and I have never felt that type of pleasure ever. I fully now owned that moment in time, as well as every single ounce of feeling and emotion that came with it. I could not push things away any longer, to hide the fact that I had all of these unfamiliar feelings boiling up for this pretty girl that stood there totally rain drenched in front of me... those eyes making me feel all flustered and weak.

I felt myself beginning to blush as I gave a slow nod. I felt so shy while replying, but I was not going to lie to her either... when she had kissed me, I had kissed her back... and that kiss had been so amazing.

" I did... kiss you back..." I whispered, in a way, I was scared to say it aloud but did anyways.

I have never had not even the slightest hint of these same sort of feelings towards any of the boys I knew from school and around ever. This fact was something I had never really connected with in my own head, or heart ever... but somehow I had known about these things for as long as I could remember. I swallowed, as my whole body quivered as things became very clear in my mind for the first time in a long while.

I was now looking at my personal reality squarely in the face, and had to admit the truth that I had found. My feelings I had throughout my life with, even my little crushes I had with girls I knew growing up and such, might have been telling me a thing or two... and I had basically ignored it up until right now. It was becoming clear, and the question I had for awhile was becoming a reality... I just might be a lesbian.

Melody stepped closer, taking one of my hands away from my face when I had unknowingly covered my mouth. She held that hand and stood there, not saying a word to me. I looked straight into her face and felt my heart flutter, while neither one of us averted from each other.

" Did you like that kiss that day..." She posed the question, her breathing was now coming a little faster than what it had been. " Did you like the kiss?"

" Yes, I did!" I breathed with conviction, as my eyes stayed locked onto hers.

She leaned into me, slowly while she continued to look at me. I felt my heart begin to beat faster and faster in my chest, as she neared... I was full of the anticipation of what she was going to do, and I was not even sure of what it was that she was going to do. The thought of her simply touching me in any way, was making my pulse race even more. I wanted her to do something to me.

She leaned in, her lips touched mine again with almost a whisper of a connection, sending my body into quivers of excitement that reverberated everywhere. I could taste the rain drops that lightly sat on her lips at the same time of when I also became aware of the coldness of the rest of the droplets that clung to the front of her poncho as she pressed herself against me... That wetness soaked in to my nightgown, and send a shock to my warm skin under the fabric as it contacted it.

These two sensations combined and made me tremble down to my very core as I kissed her back, those lips now were calling me to connect. I wrapped my arms around her leanness and pressed my own body against hers. I felt her body give a huge shiver as I embraced her, and that made me start to also shudder even more than what I was already doing in the first place.

We parted lips for a second, and we both seemed to be trying to catch our breaths after this. I trembled all over my body, as Melody saw that the front of my nightshirt was all wet.

" Sorry..." She smiled, seeing me shivering a little bit and also eyeing the large wet pattern that was on the front of my nightshirt. " Is that rather cold?"

" I wish I was wearing something more than what I am actually am right now..." I gasped, then blushed as I heard what I had said.

Melody’s one eye brow went up, right after my little divulgement had come out. I was now feeling so bashful, after pretty much telling her what I was wearing under what I had on... which was not a hell of a lot.

" Your not wearing too much under that nightshirt?" She said, with an impish smirk flowing over her perfect triangle shaped face.

" Uh, in truth... not very much at all..." I said, feeling my face redden and get really hot.

" How much is not much?" She asked playfully.

For some reason, for which I am not sure of, I lifted my nightshirt up and over my head then pulled it off of me. I oddly was so calm at the moment as I threw the piece of clothing to the side with this newly discovered shamelessness I never knew I even owned. I stood before her totally naked.

" You are... so beautiful..." She said, her eyes wide as saucers.

" I... am?" I asked, feeling this burst of happiness flood my very being.

She giggled a little bit and nodded, her eyes searching over every inch of me... and I loved that feeling. She then sighed.

" Since I see your wonderfulness, which is so wonderful... I guess it is up to me to even this up..." She smirked.

" Uh... what?" I asked, not quite understanding what she was saying to me.

" Watch..." She just said, with a smirk and a face that was turning red.

She pulled her yellow poncho over her own head... and gave me a surprise as well. The girl had come over here, in a driving rainstorm and was only wearing that rain poncho... and a pair of very ugly purple flip-flop sandles. Her wonderfully slender but very toned body that I had peeked in on that one night when I found myself at the docks, was now right there for me to see. I had dreamed about that shaved secret place of her over the last few nights, and also that was the reason that I had done the exact same thing to myself.

" You are so beautiful as well..." I commented, as her leanness seemed to make things twitch on me I never knew that could.

" I sort of was trying to sleep, could not in any way until I came and settled things with you.... and sort of forgot to put cloths on in the process." She giggled, while she blushed a little as she explained herself to me. " Lets just say that your really got the ‘naked truth’ from me, in a state of nakedness"

I started to giggle at her joke, but Melody suddenly glided across the floor and came closer to me. So fluidly, she wrapped her arms around me and drew me closer once again. It was like I almost melted into her, as my own nakedness touched her amazingly taunt nude body in the embrace. She felt warm and soft, and it was so delicious ho her muscles if her body dances against me as we breathed heavily.

" You scared?" She whispered, seeing my shock.

" No..." I breathed, my whole body reacting to her soft skin against mine. " Just the opposite.."

"Not scared?" She asked.

" Not in any way..." I breathed, my whole body trembling as we stood there, bodies pressed together.

" I will be gentle..." She cooed to me, her wonderful eyes sparkling right at me.

Her hands started to massage my sides so lightly up the length of my torso, and I could instantly feel my knees nearly were giving out under the sensations. I felt sparks of electricity shoot through me like wildfire, making my whole body become so sensitive to the slightest of touches. My private area below was becoming very wet and seemed to throb with a urgency for something that I had no name for. We kissed again, this time it was deep with passions that were now rising in increments that could be not measured.

As we kissed like mad, I felt her directing the two of us towards the open door to my bedroom... and I just let her do so. We made out way, lips never once leaving the other’s, now both of our hands were exploring on one another.

Once in my very small room, we both ended up flopping on the bed without ever stopping our forward motion. She kissed me deeply, her light perfume now making my ever senses feel even more supercharged... then I felt her tongue lightly probing into my mouth and touch my tongue.

Although I was surprised at first with the insertion of her tongue, I found myself swooning with it all, then mirroring the exact same thing right back onto her. I could hear the sounds of moaning coming from really close by, and realized that it was me who was doing the moaning.

She had me turned on my back, leaning on her elbow as she looked down at me. I could feel her finger in her free hand was tracing down my stomach, heading straight for the quivering folds of now very moist flesh that sat waiting between my legs. I was nervous in my own head at her hand’s steady approach, but my legs opened right up all by themselves as if they knew what was going on... even though the rest of me had no damned clue to the girl’s quick actions.

As I tried to collect myself to any degree, I felt her fingers of her free hand now was starting to trace over where I had shaved my pubic hair this morning, and quivered with the light touch. I could feel how close she was becoming to my now trembling ‘secret’, as my mother called that place that was never suppose to be even talked about, and I had to let out a long gasping sound.

I was a little scared, but that was being overtaken by this urge for her to continue on to the place. She stopped moving her hand, and she made sure that her eyes locked on to mine... as a sweet smile came over her passion filled face

" May I touch you... down there..." She whispered, almost pleading with me in a way.

" You want to..." I asked, hoping that this was not a dream.

" Ever since you stood in the boathouse with no bikini bottoms on after losing them in the lake... I have wanted that..." She said, her face turned a darkened shade of pink. " So many times I have thought of just that chance..."

" Please do..." Was my reply, every fibre of myself wanting her to touch me... to touch that spot.

I had many times touched myself, and had tried to masturbate after seeing a health film on that topic in the private school I went to... but this need for Melody to touch me was entirely new. My whole self wanted nothing more than her to be touching me... my mind, body and soul all was in agreement. I quivered in excitement , feeling her fingers continue their trip down the front of my pelvis as they got closer to the quivering parts of me that screamed out for some attention from the girl.

I felt her fingers finally come into contact my outer folds of my secret, and I could not help raising my bottom off of the bed at that instant. Just her fingers giving that so light of a touch and starting to caress the stimulated parts of me, made me pant and groan louder and made my mind start to swoon... then her vervet kiss she placed on my lips made me moan into her mouth. I was in a type of ecstasy... and loved it.

I felt her finger then tracing over the little part of me, the part that was calling for this the most. Pleasure of unimaginable amounts came through me, making me tingle while I continued to kiss the girl back. She started to do rings around the little place, making any sort of thought pretty much impossible... the pleasure I was experiencing was as overwhelming as it was so intoxicating. I felt myself pushing my secret place up to her finger, wanting to feel her touches more and more.

Just then, I felt Melody at my opening, before I could react to it... her finger was sliding into me. I gasped right into her mouth, the feeling of her entering me was incredible as it never stopped and continued in gently as it went deep. The sensations were incredible as Melody’s finger slipped so effortless inside of me, bringing such spectacular configuration of sensations that seemed to flash through ever inch of my body and soul all at once.

" I will still be slow..." She whispered, between kisses. " But I will be also in touch with your needs..."

I could not answer her, as I had found a pleasure that I never knew even existed in life. With each movement of her finger as it probed deeper, or with every erotic light kiss... it brought a escalating wave of pleasures that seemed to climb higher and higher and threatened to explode out of me. I felt my back and my bottom was arching right off the bed with each building sort of explosion that constantly was flooding my very soul. I was also very aware of my skin which was heavy with a coating of sweat, and the fact that all I could do was make sounds of coo and the odd moan as well as the girl continued on.

I felt myself coming to the brink of something because I could feel myself wanting that explosive feeling to finally come... it was yearning that was all consuming. I was not aware of anything else other than Melody, what she was doing with her hand and of course her amazing lips on my own lips and how she moved them down to my neck. I was in a world of cascading pleasures that seemed to fill my very soul, and every other part of me... and it was taking me on the ride of my very life.

As the girl continued to softly nibble on my neck while her finger seemed to hit pleasure spots in me, she stopped her kisses and whispered in my ear.

" You ready..." She said, obviously not only knowing what was happening, but was orchestrating it.

Before I could even try to reply, Melody moved down my body like a slinking cat and ended up kneeling between my now up bent legs, looking at me with this deep smokiness that reached deep into my being. She never even had removed her finger when she had moved down my body, but it had kept on probing deeply into my now very wide awake secret spot. She looked right at me for a second as she continued to move her hand, then bit her lip a little before she lowered her head to where her moving hand was... her eyes seemed to convey a feeling of hunger in them.

I held my breath for a moment or two, fully aware that inside of myself I was quivering and twitching like crazy while still very unsure of just what Melody was going to do to me next. I was also so curious to what she would end up doing to me, but in all I was seriously wanting to know as well. In my truly heightened state of anticipation that fuelled my constantly rising feeling of awakened lust... it all made me yearn to find out exactly what it was that she had planned for me.

I felt her lips contact on my secret’s folds so lightly but deliberately, making my whole body feel as it had been charged with energy. Each little peck she began to give to my little spot, brought more of the same, yet they were growing... and made my whole body quake from the inside out with so many delights which only a half hour ago... I had not even been aware my body could experience. I whimpered, feeling this sense that she was taking great joy in doing this to me... and that made it feel even better.

Melody soon was kissing the little nub while her finger continued to go in and out of my now drenched opening. I closed my eyes and could not stop the many gasps of rapture that were coming out of me, because this was more pleasure than I had ever known. When she started to use her tongue... it made that building feeling deep inside if me really seem to triple and grow even more.

I was about to explode, as her tongue had been doing circles around a particular spot that was making me almost crazy, when Melody stopped and then lifted her head from my spot to look at me through my raised knees..

" Before you have your orgasm that you are just about to have... I really do want to be in on your first experience in a more active sort of way." She said, with this impish smirk on her face.

" W...w... What?" I said through my pleasure filled haze, as I felt like I was hanging between the explosion that sat in my body ready for the fuse to burn down... or just for the second that I end up going nuts.

She pulled her finger out of my now very wet secret and proceeded to climb on top of me. I looked up at her as she settled to hover just over my sweat covered body, not knowing what she was now going to do to me. She saw the questioning I probably had on my face, and gave a smile back.

" Your wanting to know what I’m going to do?" She smirked, with this almost mature sort of glow to her

" Yes..." I said, my breathing was still very laboured.

" I have decided that I am going to feel your first orgasm with you..." She smirked, her eyes now twinkling. " I know that this orgasm just might be your first one ever... and I want to make it memorable..."

I was going to ask how she knew that this would be my first real orgasm short of my own nervous solo tries since hitting puberty a couple of years back... not to mention that this really was my first sexual anything with anyone as well.... but my unspoke question was already going to be answered. Boy was it ever!

Melody moved her hips downwards as she leaned over me. She kissed me as she pushed her own very wet shaved sex onto my very sopping wet secret. As soon as her sex touched my quivering folds and started to be ground into me with a frenzied motion, it was like a joining of two electrical charges into one huge one.... and it seemed to bring my building pressures finally to the breaking point and it exploding out.

I moaned and slammed my hips up to meet hers, mashing my secret into hers as my very first orgasm now flooded ever last inch of me. I was not in control of myself or my body... and I did not care. I could feel her mashing her sex into mine, and felt myself mirroring the movement to her as if I knew what to do... then I heard more moaning, and it was way louder than what it had been.

It was Melody who had joined in with my own pleasure noises... and I found that just the thing that made my explosion of sensations that much more intense. Melody was pushing her sex into mind, and I could feel the way she was vibrating, that just made my intense pleasure feel even better.

Pounding my hips upwards, grinding my wet sex for all I was worth into hers as we made contacts... I could feel myself shutter as the earth moving power of my shattering orgasm flooded through ever ounce of my being. I arched up and found my lips planted on to hers, kissing her with a hunger that came from within me... all the while feeling myself being whisked away into a kaleidoscope of hedonistic bliss. I bit her lip lightly in response to my body’s reactions to everything, my whole body seemed to be totally controlled by these deep and driven needs I had once never even know of.

I felt Melody’s whole body now was starting to shutter heavily up against me, her moans becoming deep and almost animalistic as she moved against me like a wild girl. Instinctually, I just knew that the girl had reached her orgasmic peak, the clue was the way she was wildly grinding her wet folds into mine while kissing me as if she was trying to suck out my tonsils.... and my body simply reacted. I shot my hips upwards hard to meet her as another wave of my orgasm came.

Overwhelmed by the deep sensuality and intensity of my own body’s intense reactions... my mind became so fogged while the orgasmic forces seemed to make us almost become like one. Euphoric forces were flooding every part of me all at once, and time and space seemed to stop... and I was completely lost in it all.

I became aware of things after a time of being lost in a state that was pretty close to pure blissfulness. I layed there on my bed, bathed in sweat while panting as if I had ran a full marathon. Melody was laying half on me, half off, her very wet sex still sort of on me. I swallowed and tried to grab my breath, my mind really working to process all of what has happened tonight. I was scared of it, but also in a weird way, I was feeling more settled with things.

Melody lifted up and looked into my face, and smiled.

" A little... overwhelmed, dare I ask?" She said with a face drawl in her voice and all with a little giggle in her voice.

" Uh... Just a little bit..." I said blushing.

" Would alot be a better term?"

" Uh... I would say wow..." I said, giggling as I felt a little shy all of a sudden.

" Well.... this was not what I had in mind when coming over here..." Melody said, rolling off of me to lay on the bed. " I wanted to talk over what had happened out on the point the other day... and then seeing you and, well..."

I felt my heart race, as my mind suddenly was racing with some bad thoughts. A cold feeling raced through me, doubts now were in my head.

" You regret what happened..." I said so softly, feeling more than a little insecure at the moment.

" You think that I regret it?" She said, propping her self up on a elbow the instant I had let my fears come out.

" Well... the way you had said..." I started to explain, but she shook her head and made my words stop.

Lovingly, Melody looked at me and the put a hand on my cheek. I could see that she had turned serious, as her eyes locked onto mine.

" No... I do not regret...." She said, seeing that I was feeling a little vulnerable at the moment. " In fact, I feel pretty good..."

" Really?" I asked, making sure that what I had heard was true.

She smiled and kissed me deeply, which made my heart and mind relax instantly. I was unsure of many things, at least for the moment, I was calm and happy. She did not regret anything... I was confused in a way, but somehow that really did not matter at all.

We layed there and just talked for awhile. We discussed many things, including that she had a girlfriend before, but things had not worked out and they were sort of estranged by disagreement and resentments. It was sad to think that Melody had been really hurt by how she had described the break up going down, yet I knew hurt and broken hearts was part of life( or at least I thought I did)... and right now she seemed not to be hurting any.

It was three thirty in the morning, when she slipped out of my bed. I had been not really asleep, but dozing a little as we layed there. I looked at her as she hunted for her poncho she had been wearing.

" I gotta get back to my boat and be there when the sun comes up..." She said, seeing me sitting up. " My uncle needs me to open up the boat rentals office really early... I do it because he hates that."

" Getting up early, or working?" I asked, with a giggle.

Melody and stopped for a second, actually thinking over my humoristic question... then laughing.

" You know... with my uncle, I’m not too sure." She said, adding. " Just between you and me... he is a little strange.."

" Even you think that..." I blurted out, and when she laughed at my slip... I knew she was not mad.

" The free world thinks he is way odd." She said

I slipped out of bed and grabbed one of my t-shirts and a pair of my cut off jean shorts from where they had been placed on the small dresser in the corner. I held the pile out to her, and smiled.

" I know how little you were wearing when you came last night..." I smirked. " I think you need these to leave..."

" Yeah, I was not wearing too much..." The girl said, blushing as she thought about it.

" Put these on, and I will get then later... don’t want to see you going back home naked,,," I said, smiling. " It is not raining any more, but you’ll might need them for modesty."

Melody stopped and listened, and cracked a smile that was rather large. It was true that while we had been sort of ‘busy’, the storm had passed and now the silence of a summers night was back.

" Apparently, the storm has stopped..." She said, the looked at me with a impish sort of look. " and giving me these cloths... is it possible that you want an excuse to see me again..."

" Do I need one?" I grinned..

" I hope not!!" She said, her musical laughter filling my bedroom.

" What if I want to..." I playfully asked.

" Well... I would never say no..." She smiled.

She then blushed and started to put on the cloths I had given her to wear. I was a little sad to see her wonderful body being covered... but I sensed that I would have a few more chances to see it again. I shucked on the long tee-shirt nighty I had originally been wearing, after a little bit of searching.

I walked her to the door and she stopped and looked at me.

" See you later..." She said, winking.

" I will come to the boat rental office..." I said.

" Good!" She smirked, then leaned over and kissed me a very fleeting kiss... but it made my whole body quake.

I kissed her back and she made a pleasured sound. She broke our kiss and looked at me, then she seemed very hesitant as she turned the doorknob.

" See you then..." She said, her eyes showing that she did not want to leave.

" Go so you don’t get into trouble..." I said, feeling like I did not want her to leave either. " I will be there later this morning..." I then smiled to help her feel more relaxed. "... I will bring the coffee."

" If you get it from that strange man, be careful..." She said, her smile now was beaming after I had assured her.

Melody quickly slipped out of the door and was gone just like that... the cabin became strangely still and silent all of a sudden. I looked around at my little house like structure, almost if I did not know what to do now. I felt a little odd now that I was left alone after all of this, but my tiredness now hung on me, and helped chase that feeling away. I suddenly had a big need of sleep.

" I’m going off to bed then..." I said, feeling how quickly my body was getting tired.

I headed off to bed for a little sleep, feeling this odd sense of peace that was in every inch of my body... a sensation I had to admit, I liked. I slid into my bed, still being able to smell the girl’s natural scent as I laid there. I found that very soothing, and made me very happy as well.

Without me even knowing it at the time, I drifted off into a deep, sound sleep.

[End notes: Author's note: Tomorrow... next chapter... and my kinky mind has dreamed up a doosie!!  See-ya!]

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