Story: An Elven Thing - Requested by Masochistic Otaku (chapter 1)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: Two Worlds - United in Passion

”On your feet!” a sharp voice cut into Yrisil’s ears; her blonde hair was dirtied with mud and twigs, and really needed a shower.

However, it was not so; judging by the menacing shin’sari ladies’ cold, pitiless eyes, they were not likely to show mercy.

“What have we here? A zealous harlot and her troupe of fanatics?” the most intimidating of them grinned wickedly, raising her visor, revealing her fanged smile; “tell me, do you Silver Blades ever learn?”

As response, Yrisil struck out against the shin’saras woman, surprised that neither her guards or herself did anything to prevent it; as the steel-clad gauntlet hit her chin forcefully, the shin’saras woman simply chuckled to herself, wiping the blood off her lips.

“How feisty for such a little whelp...” she said, her warriors beginning to giggle amongst themselves; “’re a strong one, little girl; what’s your name?”

“Yrisil of the Silver Blades!” Yrisil proudly spoke, her tattered, white robe and most of her half-plate armour broken; behind her, her escort, five paladins of the Silver Blades, lay moaning and stunned.

“Take this girl with us; leave the others with enough food and water to survive a day” the shin’saras woman ordered, her warriors obeying their orders, despite their disgust for over-zealous shin’idun.

“Mistress Zarthina, why would we care about them? They attacked on sight!” one of the shin’saras woman’s warriors asked, her voice clearly upset.

“Well, it would hardly start well off between my new pet and I if I left her former comrades to die...” the shin’saras smirked cruelly, letting out a short, evil cackle; looking at the shocked Yrisil, the young shin’idun girl hardly felt anything as she fainted...

“Get up, you white-skinned little wretch!” a cruel voice rung through Yrisil’s mind; moaning and feeling her body covered in bruises and light scars, she sat up, shocked to find herself wearing tattered, revealing robes of black leather, her boots of the same spiked, dark design; around her neck sat a collar of adamantine, and she realized the horrid truth...

“Your mistress awaits you, pup” the voice called, Yrisil hearing a door swing up, two soft yet brutal hands dragging her off in her shoulders.

She could do nothing, and she felt only pain and sorrow; it had been a simple escort mission for the Silver Blades, and suddenly the vile shin’sari warriors had shown up; and now, worst of all, accused them, the shin’idun, the firstborn, of attacking them first?

“What do you think the mistress will do first?” a voice was heard, very distant to the tired Yrisil.

“Hmm, maybe some whipping, and a little petting; I remember the last girl she caught, squealing like a pig in a slaughterhouse!” another voice said, the two of them cruelly laughing.

“Hey, I didn’t much...” another voice were heard, Yrisil forcing her eyes open; before her, a brown-haired human girl, wearing the same uniform as herself, stood in conversation with her tormentors.

“Indeed you did, silly! I almost had to pin you down!” one of the voices said in something that sounded like amusement, Yrisil shocked to hear the human girl giggle.

“Yeah, I was kinda freaked out; I thought your mistress were all scary back then...” she said, Yrisil further shocked to see the girl blush.

“Well, we should be on our way; maybe you’ll have yourself a playmate soon, girl” one of the voices said, Yrisil suddenly feeling her breasts get fondled.

“A shin’idun girl?! A blonde, even??” the girl smirked happily, Yrisil fearing she would faint once again from all this confusion.

“Easy on the new pet, Crystal; let the mistress talk to her, first, will you?” one of the voices now chuckled, Yrisil feeling herself move again as her captors dragged her off.

“So you’re certain that you won’t reconsider?” Lady Zarthina asked her newest pet; in truth, she quite liked the shin’idun girl, but she had to slowly peel away the stuck-up arrogance her race were, so unfortunately, cursed with.

“I am certain; I won’t lower myself to some lunatic’s play toy!” Yrisil stubbornly yelled back at the calm shin’saras noblewoman; Yrisil knew, more than anyone, that shin’sari had a matriarchal government and lifestyle, and seeing both younger and older shin’sari women fornicate and perform acts of limitless passion and twisted love on each other were quite common; and, much to her pain, she had once had a cousin who had fled to the underground empire of Shacar-Jarcu to let herself live in such an abominable society.

“Well, I can only offer you two choices, then...” the shin’saras lady said, rising up, her long, black and leather dress moving in rhythm with her grace movement towards her pet; “...either I will take personal pleasure in ridding you of your obnoxious arrogance by ravishing you...or I will let my guards here rape you.”

Looking around herself, Yrisil could clearly see the guards eagerly mumbling, whistling and smirking as they touched their breasts, their lack of protective armour no news for Yrisil.

“If you so much want a new toy...” Yrisil said, snarling as she faced Zarthina; “...then go and lick on a succubus’ clitoris!”

“You know, I have done that; I raped her afterwards, not that she complained...” Zarthina worthily brushed the insult off, Yrisil starring at the shin’saras lady; had she truly raped a succubus? And how, even?

No, she had to focus; all her training with the Silver Blades had taught her that only the shin’idun race remained uncorrupted and pure, while other races fell to the use of chaos or dark magic.

“Maybe this should help you clear your mind...” Zarthina suddenly smirked, leaning over Yrisil and spraying her with a red liquid from a small flask; coughing, Yrisil did not know if she had been poisoned, but everything was all blurry...

“She’s awake now, mistress!” a well-known voice echoed in Yrisil’s mind; looking to her right, she saw Crystal, the human girl stand beside her, smiling at her; as she tried and get a better look, Yrisil founded herself cuffed to a steel table, her arms and legs stretched far out.

“I promised you that you could play with her afterwards, little Crystal...” Zarthina spoke somewhere from the shadows; “...but she will need to realize the truth first.”

“Sure! I don’t mind waiting!” Crystal said, grinning playfully at Yrisil, letting her fingers run over her stomach; “when the mistress’ done, your boobs are all mine, little elf!”

“You see, Yrisil; most of us shin’saras women are satisfied with another shin’saras woman’s loving embrace...” Zarthina now stepped out of the shadows, clad in dominatrix suit of black PVC and stockings, smirking evilly as she licked the steel hilt of a leather bullwhip; “...but I desire any woman that can either make my bedroom flood...or one truly helpless for me to ravish...”

“Please, I...” Yrisil tried and speak, but she could hardly speak; when she got control over her words, she could hear herself partly crying; “...I don’t want this! You can’t force me to-...!”

As she spoke, Zarthina suddenly grabbed around her mouth, forcing it to kiss her; experiencing her life’s first kiss, Yrisil was shocked that it was a shin’saras lady.

“There, let me help you clean your eyes...” Zarthina smiled surprisingly understanding at her, Yrisil too weak to offer any resistance as the dominatrix licked her tears away.

“Why? Why did it have to be me?!” Yrisil suddenly yelled to the sky, her lungs bellowing from within.

“For two reasons, my dear...” Zarthina now snarled, almost hissing furiously at Yrisil; “ follow a sect of self-righteous, selfish, so-called ‘holy knights’ in their quest to dispose of everyone not following their ways, showing racism and intolerance wherever they go!”

“Lies! The Silver Blades merely-...” Yrisil tried answering back, but an adamantine dagger at her throat made her think twice.

“Do not speak to me of ‘merely’; your whole race is arrogant to the core, and you know it! Deny it all! Pretend not to listen! Close those pointy ears of yours! But let me assure you...” Zarthina snarled, her face turning into a wicked grin; “...all you learned about your ‘glorious’ race back in the school days? It was all lies, girl...”

In the next moment, Yrisil felt a slight pain on the left side of her throat; seeing something red run down Zarthina’s dagger, as the dominatrix sadistically licked it off the dagger’s blade, Yrisil knew she could take no other risks.

...And Zarthina were right; as Yrisil bit her lower lips, she felt the tears pressing against her eyelids; she could not hold them.

“Ah; is it pain you cry in...” Zarthina frowned, looking cruelly at the crying Yrisil; “...or is it, for once, guilt?!”

“But, but my ancestors...we cultivated the world; we...oh, what am I to believe?!” Yrisil cried to the sky, Zarthina laying an understanding hand on her shoulders.

“...Why? Why has my whole culture...?” Yrisil asked silently to herself, looking up at Zarthina in hopelessness; “’ve made your point, shin’saras...take me as a price; ravish all you wish...”

“Now, where is the fun in that?” Zarthina smiled sweetly at Yrisil, the shin’idun allowing Zarthina to lift her chin again; “come now; give me a kiss and we will put it all behind us.”

Kissing a shin’saras? Another woman, even?? Yrisil sighed mentally; she had heard of such women, so-called ‘lesbians’; the Silver Blades saw them, as anything none-shin’idun as a heresy towards all they stood for, but then...

Making her mind up, Yrisil thrust herself as far upwards, meeting Zarthina’s lips with her own; as it was in as much defiance to her former life, it was also in eager; an rebellious flame, fuelled by her new-found doubt in her people’s superiority and purity, as well as her distrust about her order’s decisions, had now ignited a fire of rebellion from the core of her heart; after all, her former comrades would already believe her dead.


As she heard Zarthina moan, Yrisil chuckled slightly, however un-ladylike it was; breaking slowly from the kiss, Zarthina looked satisfied at her new pet...or should she say, lover?

“Very well, my dear Yrisil...” Zarthina smiled, mentally congratulating herself on both manipulating Yrisil into seeing the truth, and having gotten herself a new lover; “...would you let me rape you?”

“R-rape me?? How will you do such a thing??” Yrisil asked in confusion, Zarthina smirking as she showed Yrisil...

“An oblong tube of leather?” Yrisil asked with raised eyebrows, Zarthina not blaming her; it must have been the first time the shin’idun girl had ever seen a dildo; she was properly a virgin, as well.

“Yes; and this ‘tube’...” Zarthina grinned wickedly as she opened Yrisil’s cuffs; “...will make you feel as you’ve never been felt before!”

“AR-R-R-R-RGH! MORE, MISTRESS! MORE!” Yrisil yelled out in sexual frenzy, her new mistress having already raped her and molested her dozens of times; yet, thanks to the spray she had used, which Yrisil had found to be called ‘swift seduction’, had made her go completely mad with desire, the busty shin’saras lady the object of her love, desire and passion.

“I’M, I’M THERE, AGAIN! OH, THRUST YOUR LANCE INTO MY GROVE OF SHINRIS! RAVISH MY BREASTS WITH YOUR SOFT HANDS!” Yrisil pleaded, Zarthina wondering if she had given Yrisil too much swift seduction; after all, the shin’idun had even begged for more at the time Zarthina had chained her up and whipped her.

“Mistress, she’s such a horny whore! Can I kiss her again??” Crystal eagerly asked, Zarthina simply winking and nodding her head towards Yrisil.

“It’s not named ‘you’re there’! It’s called ‘cumming’, you dirty harlot! Speak it right!” Zarthina snarled evilly, another thrust from the dildo making Yrisil wail out in joy.

“I’m sorry, mistress! I’m, I’m a bad girl! Punish me some more, please??” Yrisil pleaded, Zarthina chuckling.

“I will do better...” Zarthina smiled, rising up and taking out the soaked dildo; falling to the floor, Yrisil greedily caught it, liking hers and her mistress’ cum as if it were the most precious of nectars.

“Here, kiss my clitoris; I will give you all the womanly honey you can drink...” Zarthina said, sitting on her knees and baring her nether lips.

“Hmm? Crystal, undress her!” Zarthina suddenly ordered smilingly, Yrisil having soaked her uniform already from her first climax; eagerly, Crystal began wrestling Yrisil playfully, the right out horny shin’idun girl gladly joining the fun of undress Crystal as well.

“OH! Oh, uhm-m-m-m...” Zarthina began moaning, finding the playful wrestling between her two lovers quite alluring as well as attractive; fingering herself, she gasped as she came, the sound of her cumming drawing the two wrestling girls’ attention.

“Hmm? HEY! What are you-...??” Zarthina asked in surprise as both Crystal and Yrisil jumped on her, the two of them joyfully licking her and pleasing her as best they could.

“I am your mistress! I command you to...oh well, nevermind; hey, Yrisil, a bit more...oh-h-h, yes-s-s; that’s good...” Zarthina began, smirking to herself and using her foot to direct Yrisil’s lusty slurping towards her nether lips rather than Zarthina’s inner thighs.

[End notes: Note about the Elf Races
Shin'idun = Light Elf
Shin'saras = Black Elf

Note about the Silver Blades
The Silver Blades are a fanatical order of shin'idun knights, priests, soldiers and mages formed to combat practically anything non-shin'idun, seeing all other races as either corrupted with chaos or dark magic, or abusing holy, natural or mystic powers for their own, selfish gains.]

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