Story: Already There (chapter 1)

Authors: ARM

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer; I do not own this series or any of the characters so please do not sue me

A very short story but fun to write

I just tell my story the best I can, I am not a writer. Enjoy anyway. Thanks. ARM

Already there

Mashiro, “tell me one more time why we’re doing this like this again, why would anyone care what we do while we’re alone at night now anyway? I am your Otomy and Aid for many things.”

Well Arika, “I told you, you could move your bed in here from your cold and dark room so you wouldn’t be alone at night anymore, actually I don’t want to be alone either so we can keep each other company. Aoi suggested that back some time ago, said we’d be good for each other and you could start doing things for me that she’s done for so long now like bath and hair so she already knows something’s different and hasn’t said anything. Aoi won’t say anything because she wants us closer anyway for many reasons, my safety for one and your loneliness another. Arika, I’ve known you cry at night in that big lonely room for a mother you never got to know. I can’t bring her back to you but I can bring you back in here with me, to me, you know I’m lonely at night too Arika, my beautiful Otomy.”

My Queen Mashiro, “If my bed is in here, it’s under something hid then, I can’t find it anywhere. It‘s like we‘re playing right into Aoi‘s hands to get us together you know.”

Mashiro smiled, “But Aoi is following my orders to a “T” also Arika love.”

My queen, “Am I to think then that it is you that wants us together even as much as Aoi because she’s been after me for a long time to just move in here anyway then maybe some night you might just notice me. It‘s no secret that she wants us like so many others here now like her and Chie, your General of the Military, Natsuki and Shizuru, Mai and Mikoto, there are many others as well, Is that what you really want or do you just want someone in here to hold your hand while you sleep because when she suggested me even sleeping with you, I don‘t think she really meant sleep if you know what I mean.”

Arika, “I knew what she meant and what’ wrong with that, are you afraid of me now, I won’t bite too hard, well to start with anyway.”

“No Mashiro, I’ve wanted to talk to you about us for a long time but I’m also worried about what others might say when they finally catch us together like this, I fear for your good name my Queen. We do have to protect each others well being and honor remember. I thought Aoi was a little pushy when she forced me to move my bed in here. A lot of good that did, when she got done with this room I couldn‘t find it anyway so we‘ve been sleeping together for two weeks now anyway, well mostly sleep that is.”

“But Arika love, that’s all we’ve done too is sleep and in the same bed. Yes we touch and hold and feel each other in private places but that’s not what Aoi meant by sleeping together either you know? I thought that if I went to Aoi for help first, she might help us with pointers and show us a few things to start us off right.”

“Mashiro why don’t we just invite her and Chie in to show us a few good moves on how they do it then if them two already know about us then? I‘m sure live action would be better to learn by, right? By the way my Queen, where is my bed anyway?”

“Arika love, you sleep on your own bed every night anyway, it’s under my bed here so you’re still on your bed my lovely Otomy, if anyone should ask? Why don‘t we finish our baths here and you finish my hair and we‘ll get those two in here to show us a few tricks to start with, Ok?”

They were out and dry and Mashiro’s hair almost done when she called Aoi and her partner Chie to come join us in our little bed room workout tonight. I’m sure they didn’t want to but they couldn’t refuse the Queen either so in ten minutes, the door opened as Aoi has her own keys to everything here. They slowly walked into the room to find Mashiro and Arika setting on the huge bed holding hands facing each other and not a stitch on already so Aoi and Chie joined them to either side. They had removed cloths as soon as they seen the other two were without already.

Mashiro ask Aoi to show them something simple to start, they hadn’t done much of anything like that before here and now so Aoi started on Chie with a gentle but steady string of kisses from her cheek to the middle of her chest and nibbled there for a bit on both breasts. Arika knew she could do that which they have done many times now so she gently laid Mashiro back on the bed beside Aoi and Chie and started with soft kisses down her cheek to where Mashiro’s smaller breasts were to encircle both with lips and tongue some. This went well so Mashiro looked back to Aoi for more moves. Well they got a few more good moves the next hour or so and decided to let the two love birds retire for the evening so Arika and her could work on some before they did go to sleep to sleep in their huge bed of love this time, work on the harder moved tomorrow. “Mashiro-chan love, I was too embarrassed to tell Aoi that we were way past where we stopped tonight but for some reason I believe Chie knew by the look on her face when I just turned you over and did the other side without them telling us to try that next. Might be surprised what you learn when we were as desperate as we were our first night. “Yes Arika, your Otomy power did wonders in removing our clothing so quickly but that was good because I couldn’t wait either.”

“Yes my Queen, I was so surprised to find you knew what to do with your lips and tongue starting at the other end first as well. I followed your lead and I think we both went over at the same time. I know that was the best I’ve ever felt in my life; I hoped it was for you too. We sure flooded the bed anyway, had to change everything and we worked on each other for 10 minutes to get us cleaned up and dry finally too.”

“Mashiro-Chan, I do believe we could actually show them a thing or two that we’ve tried but maybe they haven’t after watching Chie watch us so close about half way tonight so why don’t we invite them back in here right now and see if we can show each other something new to try. Surely they haven’t done everything we’ve done so far can they? They haven’t been at this a whole lot longer than we have the way Chie talked tonight.”

Mashiro phoned Aoi’s room but got no answer, about then there was a slight knock on the door and it slowly opened so they knew it had to be Aoi as she is the only other person with a key to the Queens Bed room. Aoi and Chie slowly entered the room to find Mashiro and Arika both on the bed yet but with hands out to them as they got to the bed to help them back up on the Queens huge bed of love for tonight.

No words were needed as both couples started loving on their partners to show the other couple they already done that and more. With Arika’s Otomy flexibility, she could get into a lot of different positions than the others but the others did try though, Aoi’s back will never be the same either as Arika could keep one leg straight on the bed and the other back up behind her head which made her easy to ride to a super orgasm for Mashiro in a straddle scissor and even lay on her chest, breast to breast with a gentle swaying motion while kissing her velvety soft lips harder as the swaying got a little faster. Chie being an Otomy also gave this move a try but she was not near the flexibility that Arika’s smaller body has but it was half way there anyway.

As each showed and did a new thing or two for the others, they started talking about each of them as they are now. Aoi ask, “Mashiro my Queen, we’ve been wondering something that I’m sure you’ve thought of too, you and Arika that is. We’ve all talked about when you are finally ready to give up your throne, Who will be it as we know you only want Arika for your life time love and partner, who will be the Heir to the Throne?”
Mashiro said, “Well I’m not letting any stupid assed male touch me, I don’t want a child, a blood Heir that bad but Arika and I have been thinking about a real Heir to the throne, Nina’s child if she ever gets past thinking of him as her dad instead of Sergay and make love to him the way they should you know. Hopefully a little girl as a Princess but a boy would do I guess. They would be true Heir’s to this or any throne.”

Aoi ask, “Does that mean that you and Arika are partners till death then my Queen because that’s the way we see you, the way we see all Otomy’s anyway. You’re always together generally with happy expressions and joyfully playing and touching each other, Holding hands and shoulder hugs and it’s nice to see for a change my Queen. It was even funny the other night when you were caught chasing Arika down the hall half naked, the guards got an eye full and a laugh too I’m sure.”

Chie said, “But when you’re not together you both appear to be lost, missing something and that something is your partner too girls. My advice would be to stick together like glue and you both make a beautiful pair. You are doing great as the Queen so no one has a right to complain about what you do in here, My Queen Mashrio.” With that said, they all four hugged each other with a little kissing and touching as well. Mashrrio ask, “When we’re done playing tonight, why don’t you two just stay here with us? We don’t bite and this bed is big enough for twenty people and Arika only takes up half of it so there’s room for you two if you would want that is. There are blankets at the corner posts for when you cool down to sleep. Just make some wonderful memories for all of us, Arika and I plan too.” END

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