Story: Admist the Mist of Battle (all chapters)

Authors: BatchSan

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: A/N: Set during the Roblon hunt (which is basically whenever you accept it and try to take it on). T.T; I don't know about you, but I'm still working on beating that thing. >.> But yeah, it gave me the idea for a good setting for this prompt. Also, Fran has dialog here that may seem slightly OOC, but I'd like to think that being around so many people has finally began to leak into her speech. To the point where she says things that don't seem like something she would normally say, so much as something she's heard (most likely from any of the male characters XD).]

In the midst of the Nabreus Deadlands it was easy to lose sight of your surroundings. The fog hid everything from view and it clung to your skin and clothes with it's icy fingers. So not only could you easily become lost, but becoming heavy with cold and fear was quite easy too. The small crew of the Strahl had come here in hopes of taking down the troublesome Roblon and earning some extra gil. They had been aided by a hume, but in the chaos of the fight, they had lost sight of him as they fought to avoid the heavy limbs of the mark. As it turned out, it was nearly impossible to take on the mark and the small gang of six retreated from the battle, needing a moment to heal themselves and rest.

The fog seemed thicker around the mark for some reason and many of the Strahl crew members were separated and lost in the fog. Ashe wondered where the others had went, but calling out in the dense fog was pointless as it absorbed the sound. Unless someone was in a ten foot distance, it was unlikely they would hear her calls. So she kept her mouth closed, not wanting to give any nearby wandering monsters a reason to attack her. A preemptive attack was an adventurer's best friend against the tough creatures that dwelled in these Deadlands. Ashe took careful steps, making sure not to forget what direction she had come in case she needed to head back. Though that seemed pointless since the only thing that waited for her back there was the mark.

A sound to her left made her jump and on instinct she swung her sword though the air. She hit nothing but air and was thankful when the noise moved away. Except, she couldn't shake the feeling that there was something still in the fog near her. Ashe couldn't see it and she was unsure if it could see her or not. Her heartbeat sped up as she swallowed back her fear and quietly began backtracking the way she'd come. Five steps and there was another sound behind her - approaching footsteps. Her adrenaline and fear got the best of her and Ashe swung her sword through the air, turning so she could see what was coming at her. A figure, blurred by the fog, moved with incredible speed, ducking her blade and coming straight at her. The princess didn't have enough time to move as it made contact with her, tackling her hard to the ground.

"Princess." A familiar voice said. Daring to open her eyes, she saw Fran above her, looking as surprised as she felt. The viera lowered her raised hand, retracting her claws as she did so. "I was not expecting to see you, princess."

"I thought you were a monster." Ashe managed to say as she recovered herself.

"As I you."

It was colder here on the ground. The cold clung to their skin and clothing, making them shiver as they tried to let their bodies unwind, but the adrenaline was too high. They knew monsters were lurking nearby, even if they couldn't see or hear them. Ashe's eyes tried to find a distraction to calm her mind. Wandering eyes fell on Fran's heaving breasts which were paritally covered in something green that closely resembled blood. With some effort, Ashe looked Fran over, noticing more green blood and even some red blood. The viera didn't appear to be injuried so the red blood was surely from another type of monster.

"Many monsters roam these Deadlands." Fran said, scaring Ashe who looked away in embarrassment. A hand at her cheek, pulled her to look back up at the viera, who smiled softly. "Is there something on your mind, princess?"

"No. May you get off of me so I may stand though?" Ashe asked, blushing.

With a nod of agreement, Fran moved away, perhaps taking too much time to do so. Getting to her hands and knees, Ashe heard a sound in the fog and by Fran's reaction, she heard it too. Quickly but quietly getting to her feet, Ashe peered toward the sound had come from, unable to see anything. However, the heavy footsteps and breathing that emanated from the direction the woman was staring into was indicative of a Emeralditan.

A glance at Fran, questioning silently if they should attempt to take it on. Without a word, she gave a small nod as she rushed forward and launched herself into the air. Ashe picked up her sword from where it had fallen and ran toward the Emeralditan, striking it's rear left leg and earning a loud cry of pain from the monster. For several moments the two women danced through the mist, forgetting the cold.

Forgetting whatever fears they had before.

Forgetting who they were as they wore the monster down.

Forgetting what was right and wrong as the monster fell.

They were covered in the fallen monster's blood and they found each irrevokingly beautiful in their moments of glory filled victory. Ashe wasn't certain why that was though. What about being covered in blood made Fran more... Appealing? Judging by the way the viera was looking at her, Ashe sensed she was probably thinking the same thing. It seemed entirely illogical, but something about the heat of battle had aroused her. It did sometimes, but why did have to happen in such a godforsaken place like the Nabreus Deadlands?

The princess was beyond questions and reasons as Fran grabbed her by the arm, fingers holding her tightly as she pulled her into a bruising kiss. They fought for domanice over the kiss, each to proud to let the other win. With an almost feral growl, Fran pushed Ashe against a large rock, making her wince and open her mouth to cry out in protest and pain. In that brief second, Fran had Ashe's hands pinned to the rock and her tongue slid into the princess' mouth. Tongues pushed against each other as Ashe tried to recover herself and gain entry into the viera's mouth with her own tongue. As punishment, Fran bit sharply into Ashe's bottom lip, earning herself a small cry and a taste of blood in her mouth.

"Consider that a love bite." Fran said teasingly as she moved her mouth down, biting down on Ashe's neck.

In another show of protest, and annoyance at having her lip bit, the princess kicked Fran's legs, making the viera growl in anger. Taking a strong hold of Ashe's right arm, she grabbed the princess' hair and spun her around so her arm was twisted behind her. Putting some pressure on it, Ashe cried out in pain.

"Princess, I think you are trying to resist me." Fran cooed, yanking Ashe's hair so she was looking upward and into Fran's eyes.

"Maybe I wanted you to take me from behind." Ashe retorted, smiling despite her pain and discomfort.

"The next queen of Dalmasca is a slut? Surely that cannot be true."

With her free hand, Fran reached down Ashe's body, moving clothes and armor out of her way so she could delve her fingers against the squirming woman's skin. Finding soft curls, Fran's hand reached down further, touching a wet slit. Pressing in deeper, the finger easily slid in, rubbing teasingly at the sensitive bundle of nerves that made Ashe's breath hitch as she tried not to give Fran anymore reason to gloat over her.

"If you want it, you'll have to beg, princess."

She never begged for anything before, except for her husband to come back. There was no way she would beg now. Sensing this, Fran rearranged her hand so she could reach up into Ashe, sliding two fingers into her and pressing her pinned arm higher up. The strain made Ashe grit and groan in her throat as she fought to ignore the sensations that were building up in her from the mixed pleasure and pain. Fran's finger moved faster and she moved Ashe's capture arm higher, making the woman press tightly against the rock she still leaned on. Her breasts rubbed painfully against the rough surface. The movements left small cuts and scratches along her cheek, breasts, and stomach, tearing her shirt in several place in the process. Ashe's body bucked against the intruding fingers as she came close to her peak. At the last moment, Fran removed her fingers, leaving Ashe in a state of horror and fury.

"You did not beg for it." The older woman said calmly.

"Fuck you." Ashe spat.

Surprised, Fran smacked the princess' behind, making her shout at the painful slap. "I do not believe those words are from your own vocabulary. Perhaps you have spent too much time with the males. I think I should remind you what it's like to be a proper lady again."

Ashe fell to the floor as Fran let her go and pushed her over. Before the princess could recover, Fran was atop of her, kissing and biting her. Coming to her senses, Ashe quickly rolled herself so she was atop the other woman and held her sword to the viera's throat. Unafraid, Fran only waited to hear what she would say. The princess gave her a smirk.

"I think it's I who should remind you what it's like to be a proper lady."

"I was hardly a lady to begin with." Fran growl softly, caressing Ashe's thigh. "Much less 'proper'."

"Don't be foolish." Sheathing her sword, Ashe kissed the viera roughly before pulling away. "You are a fine example of a woman and a lady."

"Then you will be surprised by what I am capable of."

The viera flipped them over, kneeling over Ashe with a silent look filled with raw hunger. She sat back, grabbing Ashe's ankles to keep her from attempting an escape. Her legs entwined with the princess' so that their crotches touched, despite their clothing. As soon as she ground against Ashe, the princess went from confusion to shock to intense arousal and Fran could see her bite her lip in pleasure. Rocking her hips harder against the younger woman, Fran reached out for her, Grabbing her hair and kissing her deeply. Ashe moaned against her, her pride gone for the monent, stripped away by the desperate need to come.

Clawing and biting each other, they fought to keep from being the first one to succumb and give into their lust. There will be bruises and marks that they would explain away by telling the others wild tales of fighting monsters at every step. The chill of the Deadlands reached for their bones, seeking to dissipate their passions, only failing due to the rising body temperatures within them. With a clash of shouting, one came, then the other. Neither willing to admit who was the one to come first and thus stalemating their fight. Their bodies heaved against each other, as the sweat began to chill against their skin.

"I'll make a lady out of you yet." Ashe finally said, her body still trembling from aftershocks.

"So long as you look so good covered in blood, I doubt I'll be able to contain my animal instincts."


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