Story: My knight in shining armor. (chapter 5)

Authors: Hikari_Chan

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Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 5 - Engagement

[Author's notes: Did a rough draft during school. Unfortunately, I didn't get it edited. I may have a friend look through it later, and fix spelling mistakes, typos, and grammar errors. Seeing as to how I'm not the best at it, and stuff XD]

The ceremony was finished. All the towns people looked as happy as ever. I, on the other hand, remained in my father's room. He told me news that I wasn't too excited to hear. I sat on the chair and examined his room. Every detail looked the same as it did when I was a young child. He even kept the same drawing I had done little before my mother had passed away. The more I looked at it, the more mediocre it looked. Then again, I drew it when I was four. The red silk sheets, curtains, blankets, and even carpet was the same. Nothing moved out of place.

Soon, the doors began to open, and revealed my little father standing in between. He entered the room with a happy smile on his face, and greeted me warmly. I giggled a bit, smiled, and nodded towards him, giving him a greeting as well. He then sat next to me, softly grabbing my hand, and sighing lightly. I worried as to why he had a sudden change in expression. Placing his hand onto mine, he hesitated. He licked his lips, and looked worried. I worried even more as to what it was he wanted to say.

"My beautiful, amazing daughter, I have important news to share with you."

I nodded, and waited for this so called 'important' news. My heart began to beat quickly, as panic set in. It was news I hoped were good. If at least, some what good.

"I'm sorry to say this, but, you are now engaged to a Prince in a nearby Kingdom. Before I sent you to that castle, I swore I'd let you choose your future husband. But, according to law, I am to choose your spouse. I don't know why it is like this, or why there is such a law, but, I tried to choose the most suitable prince that you could get along with. He really is a charming boy, my beautiful daughter. I'm certain you'll like him. I'm sorry."

He tried to comfort me with a small smile, and telling me that it'll all end well. My heart sank from the words he had said. I'm.. engaged? I'm in an arranged marriage? Why must God torture me so? I didn't want to be engaged, at least, not to someone I didn't know, nor love! It wasn't my Aru. But, I couldn't say no to my father. So I nodded, and accepted my fate. I gave him a smile in return, to attempt to reassure him that I'll be okay.

"I'm still sorry that it had to come to this. You're welcome to leave at any time, or stay with me for how ever long you like. I'm sure the towns people would like to see you too. Though, in two days, we are to have a celebration by going through town and blessing everybody with the news of your engagement."

My heart sank even more. I didn't want Aru to know that I was to be engaged. Hell, she probably already knew. Though, was she sad? Was she upset over it? I didn't even know whether or not the feelings I had for her were mutual. Why would they be mutual? I only met her simply yesterday. I felt as if my insides had been torn to shreds, along with my heart. I'd be okay. I know I would. I bid adieu to my father, and left out the doors. Every step down those stairs was like another tear in my soul. The news shouldn't be so depressing. But, it seemed so painful to me.

I walked out the doors and headed towards Aru's home. I wanted to be with her, and only her. No where else, and with no one else. I gently opened the door, and waited for Aru's greeting. I blinked, and then opened the door all the way; only to find that Aru was not there. I sighed, and closed the door, soon followed by my body flopping onto the bed. I buried my face into her pillow, and inhaled her scent. This was the bed I'd want to sleep in. This is the scent I wanted to be so familiar with. I could feel my eyes tearing up, but I didn't want to cry. Tears had burned my cheeks anyway, with only a few sniffles. My romance must of been one horrible one. At least, to me, it was horrible.

Before I knew it, my eyes opened to a slightly dark room. The only bit of light being a small candle being covered by glass. It was night time. I had fallen asleep and apparently stayed asleep until night. I felt something on my hip, and turned my head to see what it could possibly be. My cheeks immediately grew hot, when I noticed it was that beautiful, slender arm on my waist. Aru had fallen asleep, and was pressed against my back. I attempted to turn carefully, in hopes that I didn't wake her up. I stared at that beautiful face. That beautiful skin. Everything about her was absolutely stunning. How I wanted to kiss those lips.

"Hey.. Aru.. Guess what? You probably already knew this, but, I'm getting married. I don't know when, but, I'm getting married to a Prince. Some Prince I don't even know. Heh. I'd rather marry someone else.." I whispered quietly, as if she was awake, "My heart hurts. It hurts more than you'd know, Aru."

I got comfy, and placed my hand onto Aru's. I slipped my fingers inbetween hers, and enjoyed the warmth. Her fingers were so slender, and so soft and warm. I pictured her gentle, and being sweet.

"Is something wrong, Princess?" a familiar voice spoke.

I blushed heavily, and looked up, only to see gorgeous onyx eyes staring into my own. I parted my lips, but no words came out. I was simply speechless. She must of not heard any of what I said. I'd prefer if she hadn't anyway. I felt my heart flutter and butterflies fly around my stomach when she smiled at me.

"Princess, you're tearing up. Tell me, what's wrong?" she spoke so quietly, in a calm tone. Her hand pressed against my cheek, and she looked so concerned. I could feel my body melt from that single touch.

"It's about the engagement, isn't it?"

My heart sank again. What if she was supportive of it? That wouldn't of been bad.. but.. I wanted to hear that she wanted me. That she'd leave that man while she could.

"I need to talk to you. I doubt we'll have moments like this much longer, since I'll soon be wed also. Lauren, I know it's been short of a time, but, I'm already starting to fall for you. I was never in love with Daiten. The truth is, your father forced the engagement on the both of us. He figured that his 'two best knights' were suited for each other. I don't see how the engagement was necessary, but he made it so that I wasn't able to be free. Earlier, he told the knights that soon you were going to be wed to a Prince. I.. I didn't know what to do. I had hoped to convince your father to let me break the engagement with Daiten, but.." she frowned, a small sigh escaping her lips.

I wasn't sure whether or not I should of been happy, or sad. The fact that the feeling was mutual, made my heart flutter. The fact that my father is why she's going to wed such a cruel man, made it ache. Would my father allow it? To break two engagements, and let two /women/ wed? None the less, it being his most trusted knight and daughter?

Before I could continue questioning myself, I felt warm, soft pair of lips press against my own. Soon, a heavy blush smothered my cheeks as Aru licked my bottom lip; I parted my lips a bit, and her tongue slid in. Our tongues seemed to wrestle on for ages, only until I got dominated. Her tongue wandered my mouth, and soon, she began to nibble on my lip. Leaving small kisses down my mouth, and chin, she got to my neck and began to bite and nibble. I squeaked after she began to suck on it, and lick also. She somehow rolled on top of me, and her hands slid up my dress. Caressing my breasts from underneath the fabric, I couldn't help but moan. I moaned a bit louder when her fingers were pinching, and tugging a bit on my nipples. My mind went completely blank, and only my body reacted to her. I wanted her more and more; to go deeper, and to keep me to herself.

Her hand began to go a bit lower, and into my panties. She started to rub my little 'button', and I whimpered and moaned. Never had anyone touched me like that. Not even my own hand went down there. Never had I felt such a sensation.

KNOCK, KNOCK! "Hey, Arubaby, it's time for us to go run laps." a voice called out.

Aru stopped, and looked at the door disappointed. Her hands left my body, and she licked her fingers seductively. "He knows what we're doing in here. It's the only reason he'd interrupt. We'll have to continue when we're alone on our picnic, my beautiful Princess." she said with a smile, and wink.

My face was bright red, and I could only mumble an, 'o-okay..'

I felt disappointed that she wasn't able to continue. I wanted her to do things that I hadn't even thought of before. It ..was embarrassing to be honest. I buried myself under her blankets, and resisted letting my hand wander any further down. I decided that somehow, I'd save Aru from her engagement.. Along from saving myself from my own engagement. I at least had something to look forward to; Aru's picnic set up tomorrow.

[End notes: Soooo. I did try to make it slightly sexual. But, I had to do some 'finger-block'. >D Baha. I did say I'd get the next chapter up soon, didn't I? Well, hopefully, by Friday or Saturday, I'll have the next rough draft out. What do you think will happen on the picnic? ;3 Kufuu, what do you /want/ to happen on the picnic? Leave a review, please~ It'd be appreciated, and motivates me more to write. :x]

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