Story: My knight in shining armor. (chapter 4)

Authors: Hikari_Chan

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Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4 - Welcome back.

[Author's notes: It's been FOREVER since I've updated this. After re-reading the reviews, and having my sudden random bit of inspiration of writing.. I'm going to attempt to bring this story back up, and update it often. Haha, let's hope I succeed?]

I opened my eyes, immediately sitting up and then rubbing said eyes. I looked around the room. The same thing I had seen last night. Red, red, and more red. But, where was my dear Knight? I pouted a bit, hoping she wasn't anywhere near Daiten. Just the thought of him touching her made me feel anger that I hadn't felt before. I shook my head, trying to rid such negative thoughts. I'm a Princess. I shouldn't be thinking of such horrible thoughts.

I turned, and then froze. I didn't want to move. Why? My beautiful, sweet Knight was laying partially on the bed. She had stripped off that armor, and was in more casual clothing. At least, casual clothing to her standards. She wore a white tunic, along with pants that ended slightly above her ankles. I could easily see her curves; she was slender, and obviously had some build. She wasn't twiggy, nor did she have an ounce of fat. It was simply muscle. My hand pressed against the tunic, and I blushed heavily. Her body was perfect. It was just as beautiful as she was. I stared at her peachy skin, and thought of how soft it would be if my lips were to touch it. Slowly I leaned more and more towards her, and slowly closed my eyes. That skin; I had to kiss it. I had to know the feeling. The softness.

"Enjoying yourself?" A disgusting voice echoed.

I immediately looked up, and felt like I was going to vomit. There he was. Daiten. Why did he have to show up now of all times? I glared at him, then looked back affectionately towards Aru. How could someone so beautiful and amazing as her, be with such a cold-hearted man?

"What do you want? Why don't you leave. Can't you see she's sleeping?"

He laughed, and shook his head. "I think you should hurry and get your sexy ass dressed, before I fuck it. She wouldn't mind waking up to it either, since she'd join in. Hahaha. The King wants you to hurry and go see him so that you can be prepared with the Welcome Back ceremony, bitch. So, as said, get ready."

I didn't even want to hear any words from him. Yet, I get an entire paragraph worth of his blabbering. My ears burned as if they had been thrown into a fire. I muttered a quick, 'fine', and got out of the bed. He closed the door, and waited outside. I knew he was, since I could hear him greeting the other knights outside.

I stripped out of the current clothing I wore, and put on the dress in the corner. I figured it was for me, considering it was too small for Aru. It was a light blue, and covered everything excluding my ankles. I brushed my hair, and quickly made my way to Aru. She looked so peaceful sleeping. I quickly kissed her lips, and enjoyed the feeling. Her lips were soft. They didn't deserve Daiten's rough, slobbery, repulsive lips. I sighed and told her as if she was awake, that I'd be at the ceremony. I didn't want to wake her up, since she was probably up for god knows how long.

I opened the door, and I heard a 'UGH' behind the door. I blinked and shut the door back. A wimpy looking male sunk to the ground. Definitely wasn't Daiten. I leaned in a bit, and examined him further. He had scruffy blond hair, and had pretty green eyes. He was scrawny, but had some muscle to him. He wasn't very tall either. Not that much taller than me, at least. Probably an inch or so more.

He quickly stood up, and put his to his forehead.

"U-Uh, Princess Lauren! My name is Hatsu, and I'm here to escort you to the King!"

He made me laugh. He spoke so quickly that I barely understood what he said. I shook my head, and waited for him to move. I figured he was going to take me to my Father.

His cheeks grew red, and he bowed to me. "You're beautiful, Princess." and then he started to walk towards the castle. I chuckled and followed after him. Surely enough, he wasn't my type; seeing as to how I was in love with Aru after all. But, hey, he seemed like the brotherly type anyway. Following after him, what felt like a dozen set of stairs, we finally reached large red doors. I guess my Father must of loved the color red.

Hatsu knocked on the doors, and gulped. "K-King, I've brought your daughter!" he said loud, and nervously.

The doors immediately began to open, revealing a large room that wasn't only stained with red, but had a large, obese man standing in the middle. He looked the same as he did when I was a child. Large, with that brown beard, and those loving blue eyes. I smiled, and ran towards him, immediately jumping and landing into his loving embrace.

"My beautiful Lauren.. My, you have grown, haven't you?"

I cried tears of joy. Even though he had locked me away for so long, I still loved and missed him greatly. After reuniting and telling him everything, he asked one question: Do you have anyone you love?

My face went bright red, and my eyes wandered to the left. He immediately took it as a yes, and excitedly asked me who it was. Would he be mad if I said it was his most trusted Knight? The one that was engaged? I told him that it was something I couldn't say.

He didn't bug me any further, since I looked trouble. He softly smiled, and placed his hand onto mine. "You're my daughter. No matter who it is, I will love you, and treasure your happiness with this person."

Little did he know..

I nodded, and before I knew it, I was dragged off by women. My father waved to me and said, "Time to get ready for the ceremony! Time for you to meet your Kingdom, my dear daughter!"

My first thought was... The Kingdom? I'm going to meet the KINGDOM? I haven't seen said Kingdom in years! Will they recognize me? Will they even know who I am? I grew worried while the women seemed to measure me, stuff me into multiple dresses, do make-up and even drown me in jewelry. None of this seemed necessary.. Nor do I like it. But, I'm the Princess. I must live with it.

The women came to a decision. I wore a large, white gown. I wore a few necklaces, and had a few bracelets and rings. My hair was up into a bun. I was given simple make-up, since they said my natural beauty didn't need make-up to begin with. I could care less. I just wanted to know if I was beautiful to Aru.

I walked towards the balcony, as I heard my Father announce to the Kingdom of my arrival.

"My beautiful daughter, the Princess, and your future Queen, has returned! My most trusted, and talented Knight, Aru, brought her home. Let us give a loud cheer for Aru!"

The Kingdom screamed, and cheered in delight. Such a happy sounding Kingdom is what my ears told me. I grinned from ear to ear.

Before I knew it, I saw Aru walk past me. Turning her head towards me, and giving me a heart-warming smile. My smile disappeared, and a large blush covered my cheeks. She stood on the Balcony, and waved a single arm to the crowd. An even bigger scream and cheer from the crowd continued.

"Now, what you have been waiting for.. My beautiful Daughter. Your future Queen; Lauren!" He said, presenting his arms towards the hall.

I sighed, and took in a deep breath. A big smile on my face, as I walked towards the balcony. Aru turned my way, and extended her arm towards me. I took her hand, and she led me into the balcony. A large, bright light blinded me temporarily; only to reveal a large crowd beneath the balcony. An even larger cheer echoed through the entire village. "Lauren! Lauren! Lauren!" they all cheered.

I grinned again, from ear to ear. I missed my Kingdom. My home.

[End notes: Yup. I updated again, after forever. I'd appreciate a review. This chapter should be a bit longer than my previous ones. At least, I hope it is. I feel bad for leaving everyone hanging and not updating for the longest time. I neglected this site, and I need to get back to it, eh? Haha. :3 Anyway, I'll be posting the next chapter very soon~]

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