Story: My knight in shining armor. (chapter 1)

Authors: Hikari_Chan

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1 - First Greetings.

[Author's notes: :3 First off, let me tell you this . . . don't bash on this. That would be just plain rude, wouldn't it? But anyway, just to explain it a bit. The knight will indeed be a mystery person. The princess, will be based on my ex-girlfriend, since she, herself, made the princess. . . well, her. Yeah.]

I stood in front of the mirror. My long brown, curly hair shone in the light from the sky light. My brown eyes examined every inch of my curves, from head to toe. My name is Lauren. Princess Lauren, at that. I was sealed in this castle, for years. My family had gone to war with the other country, and my father feared that I would get hurt in the clash. So, he decided to send me off to a castle. Yeah, smart of him. . . right? Anyway, I have a story to tell you. Something that would probably shock you . . . this is kind of how it starts.

I woke up, rising from my bed. The purple sheets, and silk blankets pressed against my radiant, peach colored skin. My lips curved into a smile, soon going back to a frown looking at the room I remained in. The same room every day. The gray walls of concrete, and the single window. My life seemed to disappear day by day, as it got more and more boring. The war had ended so long ago, I  had thought. Each day felt like years to me, as I remained prisoned in this hell hole. 

The sweet aroma of flowers, and water infiltrated my nostrils. I rushed to my window, looking down from it. The gardner was watering the flowers. It was strange how just the scent was able to reach such high heights. I watched as the gardner continued his work. I remember years ago, what my father had told me.

"Now, Lauren, don't you worry. Someday, a prince will come to save you from this prison. Trust me. Now, I must go and help my country with this terrible war."

I still couldn't believe that he could leave me behind like that. It's not like I would of gotten hurt or anything. The only thing that ran through my mind, was . . . a prince. Could I really have a prince? I mean, come on. I may be a princess, but that doesn't mean some knight in shining armor will save me.

Before I knew it. I felt the castle shake. I gripped onto the stone slab of my window. I looked out the window again, to see that the gardner. . . was dead. My eyes widened at the scene. Blood. Dead bodies. Some men from the castle running out towards the forest. What was going on?

I hurried to my bed, moving it a bit. Underneath my bed so happened to be a door. I was to use this door any time there was an emergency. For god sake, I knew this was an emergency. The door was so well blended in, it took me at least 10 minutes to find it. It was my own room I had lived in for who knows how long, too.

It was more of a basement in my own room. I held back the tears, as I heard more and more crashes and felt more shaking. The ones who had been taking care of me. . . what if they were dead, this very moment? 

I immediately froze, from hearing foot steps above. I didn't make a noise, and I didn't even move. I was too scared to even move at this rate. What if it was someone who would kill me? What if this so happened to be my prince saving me? I didn't want to take the risk, so I stood completely still. A bead of sweat slowly traveled from my forehead, down to my chin. I bit my bottom lip, hearing the foot steps get closer.

They stopped in front of the door, hidden underneath my bed. I started to panic, wondering if this was the end for me. I then could hear the door being lifted up, the creak screeching through my ears. Tears burned my cheeks, now prepared to what ever was going to happen.

"Are you okay, Princess?" A kind, soft voice said to me. I looked up to see shiny, silver armor. I couldn't believe it. It was my knight in shining armor. The knight extended his hand to me, and I thankfully took it. The knight helped me out of my little basement-like room. The knight bowed to me, and I could feel a sense of warmth travel through my body.

I smiled, and asked for the knight's name. "My name? You can simply call me Aru." the knight replied. Aru. The name of my night in shining armor. I squealed in delight, and asked for the knight to remove his helment. The knight nodded and replied with a happy, 'Yes.' and then removed his helmet.

I was shocked. It wasn't a man at all. When the helment was removed, long, silky black hair rested against the armor. Beautiful onyx eyes gazed into my own. It was a woman. She was beautiful. She had peach colored skin, like my own, but even  better. Her hair was so long, so beautiful. Her eyes were like jewels, and I couldn't even look away. I was speechless by this woman's beauty. This woman, so happened to be my knight in shining armor.

Aru got down on her knees, taking my hand and gently kissing it. "I am here to take you back home. Forgive me and my fellow knights for nearly destroying your castle." Her voice was like a hypnotizing melody, and I couldn't get enough of it. Was this what it was like to be in love? My cheeks were now hot, and I knew I was blushing. My eyes looked the other way, as I felt my knees go weak. "O-Oh. . . Don't worry about it, dear Knight. I am safe, that's all we should think about right?" 

Aru nodded and picked me up bridal style. "Now, let's be heading home, Princess. Your father would love to see how beautiful you look now." I blushed even more. I wouldn't of been surprised if I was as red as a tomato! My only thoughts were about this gorgeous knight, and what drew me in. 

Soon, I was going to find out that she was going to be more than a simple beautiful knight.

[End notes: Haha. I couldn't help it. Anyway. I'm not sure if I'm really going to continue this or not. Leave a review? If I get enough, asking me to write another chapter . . . I might type up another one! Plus, I have plenty to think about with this story. ;D]

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