Story: My knight in shining armor. (all chapters)

Authors: Hikari_Chan

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1 - First Greetings.

[Author's notes: :3 First off, let me tell you this . . . don't bash on this. That would be just plain rude, wouldn't it? But anyway, just to explain it a bit. The knight will indeed be a mystery person. The princess, will be based on my ex-girlfriend, since she, herself, made the princess. . . well, her. Yeah.]

I stood in front of the mirror. My long brown, curly hair shone in the light from the sky light. My brown eyes examined every inch of my curves, from head to toe. My name is Lauren. Princess Lauren, at that. I was sealed in this castle, for years. My family had gone to war with the other country, and my father feared that I would get hurt in the clash. So, he decided to send me off to a castle. Yeah, smart of him. . . right? Anyway, I have a story to tell you. Something that would probably shock you . . . this is kind of how it starts.

I woke up, rising from my bed. The purple sheets, and silk blankets pressed against my radiant, peach colored skin. My lips curved into a smile, soon going back to a frown looking at the room I remained in. The same room every day. The gray walls of concrete, and the single window. My life seemed to disappear day by day, as it got more and more boring. The war had ended so long ago, I  had thought. Each day felt like years to me, as I remained prisoned in this hell hole. 

The sweet aroma of flowers, and water infiltrated my nostrils. I rushed to my window, looking down from it. The gardner was watering the flowers. It was strange how just the scent was able to reach such high heights. I watched as the gardner continued his work. I remember years ago, what my father had told me.

"Now, Lauren, don't you worry. Someday, a prince will come to save you from this prison. Trust me. Now, I must go and help my country with this terrible war."

I still couldn't believe that he could leave me behind like that. It's not like I would of gotten hurt or anything. The only thing that ran through my mind, was . . . a prince. Could I really have a prince? I mean, come on. I may be a princess, but that doesn't mean some knight in shining armor will save me.

Before I knew it. I felt the castle shake. I gripped onto the stone slab of my window. I looked out the window again, to see that the gardner. . . was dead. My eyes widened at the scene. Blood. Dead bodies. Some men from the castle running out towards the forest. What was going on?

I hurried to my bed, moving it a bit. Underneath my bed so happened to be a door. I was to use this door any time there was an emergency. For god sake, I knew this was an emergency. The door was so well blended in, it took me at least 10 minutes to find it. It was my own room I had lived in for who knows how long, too.

It was more of a basement in my own room. I held back the tears, as I heard more and more crashes and felt more shaking. The ones who had been taking care of me. . . what if they were dead, this very moment? 

I immediately froze, from hearing foot steps above. I didn't make a noise, and I didn't even move. I was too scared to even move at this rate. What if it was someone who would kill me? What if this so happened to be my prince saving me? I didn't want to take the risk, so I stood completely still. A bead of sweat slowly traveled from my forehead, down to my chin. I bit my bottom lip, hearing the foot steps get closer.

They stopped in front of the door, hidden underneath my bed. I started to panic, wondering if this was the end for me. I then could hear the door being lifted up, the creak screeching through my ears. Tears burned my cheeks, now prepared to what ever was going to happen.

"Are you okay, Princess?" A kind, soft voice said to me. I looked up to see shiny, silver armor. I couldn't believe it. It was my knight in shining armor. The knight extended his hand to me, and I thankfully took it. The knight helped me out of my little basement-like room. The knight bowed to me, and I could feel a sense of warmth travel through my body.

I smiled, and asked for the knight's name. "My name? You can simply call me Aru." the knight replied. Aru. The name of my night in shining armor. I squealed in delight, and asked for the knight to remove his helment. The knight nodded and replied with a happy, 'Yes.' and then removed his helmet.

I was shocked. It wasn't a man at all. When the helment was removed, long, silky black hair rested against the armor. Beautiful onyx eyes gazed into my own. It was a woman. She was beautiful. She had peach colored skin, like my own, but even  better. Her hair was so long, so beautiful. Her eyes were like jewels, and I couldn't even look away. I was speechless by this woman's beauty. This woman, so happened to be my knight in shining armor.

Aru got down on her knees, taking my hand and gently kissing it. "I am here to take you back home. Forgive me and my fellow knights for nearly destroying your castle." Her voice was like a hypnotizing melody, and I couldn't get enough of it. Was this what it was like to be in love? My cheeks were now hot, and I knew I was blushing. My eyes looked the other way, as I felt my knees go weak. "O-Oh. . . Don't worry about it, dear Knight. I am safe, that's all we should think about right?" 

Aru nodded and picked me up bridal style. "Now, let's be heading home, Princess. Your father would love to see how beautiful you look now." I blushed even more. I wouldn't of been surprised if I was as red as a tomato! My only thoughts were about this gorgeous knight, and what drew me in. 

Soon, I was going to find out that she was going to be more than a simple beautiful knight.

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Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2 - Fiancee.

I rested in Aru's arms, wrapping my right arm around her neck. She grinned that beautiful grin. I was just too caught up in her beauty. How was she just so amazing?

"Earth to Lauren?"

I snapped back to reality, gazing at her face yet again.

"Uhm, what? Sorry . . . Just spacing out."

Aru laughed a little, shifting from bridal style, from my feet being on the ground. I felt a little sadness when she put me down.

"Hey Gorgeous!" A voice was ringing through my ears like nails on a chalk board. A tall male with dark brown hair was now in front of Aru. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his lips against hers. I felt my insides crush together. Who the hell was this guy and why was he kissing MY knight in shining armor?

After the two had finally finished kissing, Aru turned to me with a small smile. "Lauren, meet my fianee, Daiten." He grinned at me like some sick pervert. His eyes were like daggers looking at my body up and down. It was as if he was looking straight through me. "Well, hello there. I see you've met my sexy soon-to-be-wife. . . Lauren."

His voice was devilish and I knew he was NOT someone I would like. "Yeah. . . Nice to meet you." In my mind, I wanted to just return that dagger-like stare. His voice reminding me of a snake, the hissing ringing in my ears.

I wanted to stab him. Just kill him and let all my worries fade away. No. Why am I talking like this? I don't sound like myself.


I heard and looked towards Aru, who had a very concerned-looking facial expression. I wanted to choke back the tears. Just looking at her now, seemed to make my insides fall apart. I couldn't hold them back, even if I tried with all my might. Soon, I could feel the tears burn my cheeks as they made their way down to my chin.

"Lauren, what's wrong?"

Aru placed her hand on my shoulder. It was as if my shoulder was now on fire as she touched me. Knowing she was engaged to a monster, killed my insides. "Lauren, tell me what's wrong?" I didn't answer.

I looked up into Aru's beautiful, loving eyes. It was too much to take. . . But why am I crying so much. . . Over a knight? Well, a FEMALE knight.

She wouldn't love me. . . I mean, she doesn't have any interest in me. I turned away, hoping she wouldn't look any deeper.

"Let me talk to her, baby." Daiten smiled sweetly. Behind that smile was nothing more than a devilish grin. "O-Okay." Aru replied, in almost a whisper.

I felt his hand grab my own, pulling me towards a tree. Throwing me against the tree, I felt his hands press against my stomach.

"So, you're a princess, hmn? You a virgin?" His voice was like poison, still. I tried hitting him, but he quickly got hold of my hand. His free hand then groped my right breast.

"Now, be a good little girl and listen. Aru will be mine. To do as I please, that is. She has a pretty high status in life, after all. After I marry the whore, I'll fuck her, take her virginity, then divorce the ugly whore."

I felt my insides churn from his words. He wasn't serious was he?

"After that, I'll marry you. Whether you like it or not. I will become the most powerful man in the country." I felt something warm and wet against my neck.

By god, he was kissing my neck. I struggled, wanting to break free from his grip. He was just too strong. What ever I did, he over powered.


A sweet voice called. It was Aru's. He immediately backed away. Turning to me, he had that smug look on his face. Not only that, but a pathetic, sly smirk. "Tell Aru any of that, and I'll kill you. You hear me?"

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Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3 - Sexual Desires.

I still couldn't believe it. Aru was engaged to an asshole. How could someone so perfect, be engaged to someone so messed up? I was now in a carriage... with Aru. Her stupid fiance was driving the carriage. Aru was fast asleep. I couldn't help but smile at her beautiful face. She looked so perfect. Her eyes closed, her lips, her nose, her... everything. Suddenly, she woke up. She looked at me with those beautiful eyes and whispered, "Hello there."

I slightly blushed, and smiled at her. She returned with a grin, and a nod. She stretched and looked out the opening of the carriage door. "It should be a few hours until we finally return. You know, you could of chosen to ride on one of the horses with me." she said. I rubbed the back of my head, the thoughts of me behind Aru on a horse... seemed a little heavenly. "Ah, well, the carriage seemed more comfortable..." I lied. Aru gave me an intense stare, that made me feel some what uncomfortable.

Before I knew it, I felt something warm against my lips. It was Aru. I couldn't believe it. Aru was... kissing me. My eyes widened as I felt her tongue slide between my lips, and play with my own. I couldn't help but moan a little bit. I was now confused. Aru was engaged, wasn't she? I thought knights were supposed to be honest, and stuff.

I squeaked when I felt a firm grasp on my left breast. Aru was now attacking my neck with kisses and bites. I didn't care if she was engaged or not. I wanted her to continue what she was doing...

Both her hands were playing with my breasts, as she continued to bite, kiss and suck on my neck. I couldn't help but moan from her actions, still. "Hey, what's going on in there?" Aru backed away from my body, sitting down across from me. I was breathing quickly, feeling a little hot from her actions.

The carriage door opened, and her stupid fiancee smiled at me. He then looked at Aru and his smile widened. "Don't have some nice conversation and stop when I'm here." Aru raised an eyebrow and laughed. "What are you talking about? Go and lead the horses on, love." she replied. Daiten nodded, that stupid smirk on his face. The carriage door closed and the carriage moved a bit. Hearing a "Hya!" the carriage was moving once again.

I gave Aru another intense stare, in hopes she would do that once again. Aru only smiled at me, and looked away. I glared at her, wondering why she would do such a thing. Once again, the carriage stopped. Aru got out of the carriage and stretched. "What do you know... we're here!" My lips curved into a large grin as I stumbled out of the carriage. I stood in front of a large, gray castle. It was your typical castle. Gray, flags, windows, large gray door that descends down... even a moat.

The large door hit the ground with a 'boom' and there stood a huge man. He had curly brown hair, and had a mustache. He had dark eyes, and a yellow crown. "My beautiful daughter!" the man yelled, running across the door and towards me.

The man wrapped his arms around me. I recognized him in an instant. This was indeed my father. I hugged him back, tears even coming to my eyes. He looked at me with such a sincere expression. "We'll hold a celebration tomorrow! Sadly, I didn't have a room prepared for you yet... I didn't think you would come home this early. You will stay with Aru. I can trust Aru will take care of you." He said with a smile. I looked at Aru, and I noticed her blush a bit. I blushed, thinking of what she could do to me during the night.

"Well, let's get you cleaned up! It's already getting late, don't you know." I was pushed across the large door, and into the castle. Already stripped from my clothing, I was set into a brown tub. The maids of the castle began to wash me in all sorts of places. I felt very uncomfortable, knowing Aru was watching over me. She was to make sure the maids weren't doing anything weird... but I felt shy and uncomfortable with her just standing there.

After I was put into some clothes, I was set on a wooden chair. In front of me, was a long table. It had numerous rows of chairs along the sides of the table. Across from me, was my father. Multiple cooks would arrive and set food onto the table. It was like I was being an actual princess.

The food was magnificent, and I felt as if I was in heaven. Though, it was already night. The day seemed to go by so fast. I was walked by Aru to her room. When the door opened, all I could see was red. Her bed was covered by red, and her blankets were made from the finest red silk. She had scrolls laying about, and other things such as weapons. Aru picked me up, laying me on the bed. She smiled once again, kissing the top of my forehead.

"I must sharpen my swords, and fix my shield. You should sleep while I busy myself to what I need to do." I frowned, disappointed that she didn't try anything. I couldn't help but wonder what Aru's body looked like underneath all that armor. Was she muscular? I hope not. Did she have a fine build? Was she slender? Was she hairy? Why should it matter? Aru was perfect in every way.

Soon, I fell asleep to the sounds of hammer meeting metal and Aru's grunts. I had a big day tomorrow. Might as well sleep...

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Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4 - Welcome back.

[Author's notes: It's been FOREVER since I've updated this. After re-reading the reviews, and having my sudden random bit of inspiration of writing.. I'm going to attempt to bring this story back up, and update it often. Haha, let's hope I succeed?]

I opened my eyes, immediately sitting up and then rubbing said eyes. I looked around the room. The same thing I had seen last night. Red, red, and more red. But, where was my dear Knight? I pouted a bit, hoping she wasn't anywhere near Daiten. Just the thought of him touching her made me feel anger that I hadn't felt before. I shook my head, trying to rid such negative thoughts. I'm a Princess. I shouldn't be thinking of such horrible thoughts.

I turned, and then froze. I didn't want to move. Why? My beautiful, sweet Knight was laying partially on the bed. She had stripped off that armor, and was in more casual clothing. At least, casual clothing to her standards. She wore a white tunic, along with pants that ended slightly above her ankles. I could easily see her curves; she was slender, and obviously had some build. She wasn't twiggy, nor did she have an ounce of fat. It was simply muscle. My hand pressed against the tunic, and I blushed heavily. Her body was perfect. It was just as beautiful as she was. I stared at her peachy skin, and thought of how soft it would be if my lips were to touch it. Slowly I leaned more and more towards her, and slowly closed my eyes. That skin; I had to kiss it. I had to know the feeling. The softness.

"Enjoying yourself?" A disgusting voice echoed.

I immediately looked up, and felt like I was going to vomit. There he was. Daiten. Why did he have to show up now of all times? I glared at him, then looked back affectionately towards Aru. How could someone so beautiful and amazing as her, be with such a cold-hearted man?

"What do you want? Why don't you leave. Can't you see she's sleeping?"

He laughed, and shook his head. "I think you should hurry and get your sexy ass dressed, before I fuck it. She wouldn't mind waking up to it either, since she'd join in. Hahaha. The King wants you to hurry and go see him so that you can be prepared with the Welcome Back ceremony, bitch. So, as said, get ready."

I didn't even want to hear any words from him. Yet, I get an entire paragraph worth of his blabbering. My ears burned as if they had been thrown into a fire. I muttered a quick, 'fine', and got out of the bed. He closed the door, and waited outside. I knew he was, since I could hear him greeting the other knights outside.

I stripped out of the current clothing I wore, and put on the dress in the corner. I figured it was for me, considering it was too small for Aru. It was a light blue, and covered everything excluding my ankles. I brushed my hair, and quickly made my way to Aru. She looked so peaceful sleeping. I quickly kissed her lips, and enjoyed the feeling. Her lips were soft. They didn't deserve Daiten's rough, slobbery, repulsive lips. I sighed and told her as if she was awake, that I'd be at the ceremony. I didn't want to wake her up, since she was probably up for god knows how long.

I opened the door, and I heard a 'UGH' behind the door. I blinked and shut the door back. A wimpy looking male sunk to the ground. Definitely wasn't Daiten. I leaned in a bit, and examined him further. He had scruffy blond hair, and had pretty green eyes. He was scrawny, but had some muscle to him. He wasn't very tall either. Not that much taller than me, at least. Probably an inch or so more.

He quickly stood up, and put his to his forehead.

"U-Uh, Princess Lauren! My name is Hatsu, and I'm here to escort you to the King!"

He made me laugh. He spoke so quickly that I barely understood what he said. I shook my head, and waited for him to move. I figured he was going to take me to my Father.

His cheeks grew red, and he bowed to me. "You're beautiful, Princess." and then he started to walk towards the castle. I chuckled and followed after him. Surely enough, he wasn't my type; seeing as to how I was in love with Aru after all. But, hey, he seemed like the brotherly type anyway. Following after him, what felt like a dozen set of stairs, we finally reached large red doors. I guess my Father must of loved the color red.

Hatsu knocked on the doors, and gulped. "K-King, I've brought your daughter!" he said loud, and nervously.

The doors immediately began to open, revealing a large room that wasn't only stained with red, but had a large, obese man standing in the middle. He looked the same as he did when I was a child. Large, with that brown beard, and those loving blue eyes. I smiled, and ran towards him, immediately jumping and landing into his loving embrace.

"My beautiful Lauren.. My, you have grown, haven't you?"

I cried tears of joy. Even though he had locked me away for so long, I still loved and missed him greatly. After reuniting and telling him everything, he asked one question: Do you have anyone you love?

My face went bright red, and my eyes wandered to the left. He immediately took it as a yes, and excitedly asked me who it was. Would he be mad if I said it was his most trusted Knight? The one that was engaged? I told him that it was something I couldn't say.

He didn't bug me any further, since I looked trouble. He softly smiled, and placed his hand onto mine. "You're my daughter. No matter who it is, I will love you, and treasure your happiness with this person."

Little did he know..

I nodded, and before I knew it, I was dragged off by women. My father waved to me and said, "Time to get ready for the ceremony! Time for you to meet your Kingdom, my dear daughter!"

My first thought was... The Kingdom? I'm going to meet the KINGDOM? I haven't seen said Kingdom in years! Will they recognize me? Will they even know who I am? I grew worried while the women seemed to measure me, stuff me into multiple dresses, do make-up and even drown me in jewelry. None of this seemed necessary.. Nor do I like it. But, I'm the Princess. I must live with it.

The women came to a decision. I wore a large, white gown. I wore a few necklaces, and had a few bracelets and rings. My hair was up into a bun. I was given simple make-up, since they said my natural beauty didn't need make-up to begin with. I could care less. I just wanted to know if I was beautiful to Aru.

I walked towards the balcony, as I heard my Father announce to the Kingdom of my arrival.

"My beautiful daughter, the Princess, and your future Queen, has returned! My most trusted, and talented Knight, Aru, brought her home. Let us give a loud cheer for Aru!"

The Kingdom screamed, and cheered in delight. Such a happy sounding Kingdom is what my ears told me. I grinned from ear to ear.

Before I knew it, I saw Aru walk past me. Turning her head towards me, and giving me a heart-warming smile. My smile disappeared, and a large blush covered my cheeks. She stood on the Balcony, and waved a single arm to the crowd. An even bigger scream and cheer from the crowd continued.

"Now, what you have been waiting for.. My beautiful Daughter. Your future Queen; Lauren!" He said, presenting his arms towards the hall.

I sighed, and took in a deep breath. A big smile on my face, as I walked towards the balcony. Aru turned my way, and extended her arm towards me. I took her hand, and she led me into the balcony. A large, bright light blinded me temporarily; only to reveal a large crowd beneath the balcony. An even larger cheer echoed through the entire village. "Lauren! Lauren! Lauren!" they all cheered.

I grinned again, from ear to ear. I missed my Kingdom. My home.

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Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 5 - Engagement

[Author's notes: Did a rough draft during school. Unfortunately, I didn't get it edited. I may have a friend look through it later, and fix spelling mistakes, typos, and grammar errors. Seeing as to how I'm not the best at it, and stuff XD]

The ceremony was finished. All the towns people looked as happy as ever. I, on the other hand, remained in my father's room. He told me news that I wasn't too excited to hear. I sat on the chair and examined his room. Every detail looked the same as it did when I was a young child. He even kept the same drawing I had done little before my mother had passed away. The more I looked at it, the more mediocre it looked. Then again, I drew it when I was four. The red silk sheets, curtains, blankets, and even carpet was the same. Nothing moved out of place.

Soon, the doors began to open, and revealed my little father standing in between. He entered the room with a happy smile on his face, and greeted me warmly. I giggled a bit, smiled, and nodded towards him, giving him a greeting as well. He then sat next to me, softly grabbing my hand, and sighing lightly. I worried as to why he had a sudden change in expression. Placing his hand onto mine, he hesitated. He licked his lips, and looked worried. I worried even more as to what it was he wanted to say.

"My beautiful, amazing daughter, I have important news to share with you."

I nodded, and waited for this so called 'important' news. My heart began to beat quickly, as panic set in. It was news I hoped were good. If at least, some what good.

"I'm sorry to say this, but, you are now engaged to a Prince in a nearby Kingdom. Before I sent you to that castle, I swore I'd let you choose your future husband. But, according to law, I am to choose your spouse. I don't know why it is like this, or why there is such a law, but, I tried to choose the most suitable prince that you could get along with. He really is a charming boy, my beautiful daughter. I'm certain you'll like him. I'm sorry."

He tried to comfort me with a small smile, and telling me that it'll all end well. My heart sank from the words he had said. I'm.. engaged? I'm in an arranged marriage? Why must God torture me so? I didn't want to be engaged, at least, not to someone I didn't know, nor love! It wasn't my Aru. But, I couldn't say no to my father. So I nodded, and accepted my fate. I gave him a smile in return, to attempt to reassure him that I'll be okay.

"I'm still sorry that it had to come to this. You're welcome to leave at any time, or stay with me for how ever long you like. I'm sure the towns people would like to see you too. Though, in two days, we are to have a celebration by going through town and blessing everybody with the news of your engagement."

My heart sank even more. I didn't want Aru to know that I was to be engaged. Hell, she probably already knew. Though, was she sad? Was she upset over it? I didn't even know whether or not the feelings I had for her were mutual. Why would they be mutual? I only met her simply yesterday. I felt as if my insides had been torn to shreds, along with my heart. I'd be okay. I know I would. I bid adieu to my father, and left out the doors. Every step down those stairs was like another tear in my soul. The news shouldn't be so depressing. But, it seemed so painful to me.

I walked out the doors and headed towards Aru's home. I wanted to be with her, and only her. No where else, and with no one else. I gently opened the door, and waited for Aru's greeting. I blinked, and then opened the door all the way; only to find that Aru was not there. I sighed, and closed the door, soon followed by my body flopping onto the bed. I buried my face into her pillow, and inhaled her scent. This was the bed I'd want to sleep in. This is the scent I wanted to be so familiar with. I could feel my eyes tearing up, but I didn't want to cry. Tears had burned my cheeks anyway, with only a few sniffles. My romance must of been one horrible one. At least, to me, it was horrible.

Before I knew it, my eyes opened to a slightly dark room. The only bit of light being a small candle being covered by glass. It was night time. I had fallen asleep and apparently stayed asleep until night. I felt something on my hip, and turned my head to see what it could possibly be. My cheeks immediately grew hot, when I noticed it was that beautiful, slender arm on my waist. Aru had fallen asleep, and was pressed against my back. I attempted to turn carefully, in hopes that I didn't wake her up. I stared at that beautiful face. That beautiful skin. Everything about her was absolutely stunning. How I wanted to kiss those lips.

"Hey.. Aru.. Guess what? You probably already knew this, but, I'm getting married. I don't know when, but, I'm getting married to a Prince. Some Prince I don't even know. Heh. I'd rather marry someone else.." I whispered quietly, as if she was awake, "My heart hurts. It hurts more than you'd know, Aru."

I got comfy, and placed my hand onto Aru's. I slipped my fingers inbetween hers, and enjoyed the warmth. Her fingers were so slender, and so soft and warm. I pictured her gentle, and being sweet.

"Is something wrong, Princess?" a familiar voice spoke.

I blushed heavily, and looked up, only to see gorgeous onyx eyes staring into my own. I parted my lips, but no words came out. I was simply speechless. She must of not heard any of what I said. I'd prefer if she hadn't anyway. I felt my heart flutter and butterflies fly around my stomach when she smiled at me.

"Princess, you're tearing up. Tell me, what's wrong?" she spoke so quietly, in a calm tone. Her hand pressed against my cheek, and she looked so concerned. I could feel my body melt from that single touch.

"It's about the engagement, isn't it?"

My heart sank again. What if she was supportive of it? That wouldn't of been bad.. but.. I wanted to hear that she wanted me. That she'd leave that man while she could.

"I need to talk to you. I doubt we'll have moments like this much longer, since I'll soon be wed also. Lauren, I know it's been short of a time, but, I'm already starting to fall for you. I was never in love with Daiten. The truth is, your father forced the engagement on the both of us. He figured that his 'two best knights' were suited for each other. I don't see how the engagement was necessary, but he made it so that I wasn't able to be free. Earlier, he told the knights that soon you were going to be wed to a Prince. I.. I didn't know what to do. I had hoped to convince your father to let me break the engagement with Daiten, but.." she frowned, a small sigh escaping her lips.

I wasn't sure whether or not I should of been happy, or sad. The fact that the feeling was mutual, made my heart flutter. The fact that my father is why she's going to wed such a cruel man, made it ache. Would my father allow it? To break two engagements, and let two /women/ wed? None the less, it being his most trusted knight and daughter?

Before I could continue questioning myself, I felt warm, soft pair of lips press against my own. Soon, a heavy blush smothered my cheeks as Aru licked my bottom lip; I parted my lips a bit, and her tongue slid in. Our tongues seemed to wrestle on for ages, only until I got dominated. Her tongue wandered my mouth, and soon, she began to nibble on my lip. Leaving small kisses down my mouth, and chin, she got to my neck and began to bite and nibble. I squeaked after she began to suck on it, and lick also. She somehow rolled on top of me, and her hands slid up my dress. Caressing my breasts from underneath the fabric, I couldn't help but moan. I moaned a bit louder when her fingers were pinching, and tugging a bit on my nipples. My mind went completely blank, and only my body reacted to her. I wanted her more and more; to go deeper, and to keep me to herself.

Her hand began to go a bit lower, and into my panties. She started to rub my little 'button', and I whimpered and moaned. Never had anyone touched me like that. Not even my own hand went down there. Never had I felt such a sensation.

KNOCK, KNOCK! "Hey, Arubaby, it's time for us to go run laps." a voice called out.

Aru stopped, and looked at the door disappointed. Her hands left my body, and she licked her fingers seductively. "He knows what we're doing in here. It's the only reason he'd interrupt. We'll have to continue when we're alone on our picnic, my beautiful Princess." she said with a smile, and wink.

My face was bright red, and I could only mumble an, 'o-okay..'

I felt disappointed that she wasn't able to continue. I wanted her to do things that I hadn't even thought of before. It ..was embarrassing to be honest. I buried myself under her blankets, and resisted letting my hand wander any further down. I decided that somehow, I'd save Aru from her engagement.. Along from saving myself from my own engagement. I at least had something to look forward to; Aru's picnic set up tomorrow.

[End notes: Soooo. I did try to make it slightly sexual. But, I had to do some 'finger-block'. >D Baha. I did say I'd get the next chapter up soon, didn't I? Well, hopefully, by Friday or Saturday, I'll have the next rough draft out. What do you think will happen on the picnic? ;3 Kufuu, what do you /want/ to happen on the picnic? Leave a review, please~ It'd be appreciated, and motivates me more to write. :x]

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