Story: Tales of Darkness - The Knight's Redemption (chapter 4)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 4

Title: Chapter - The Portal

[Author's notes: After his studies in the library, Rhanar begins the incantations to summon the Mystic Portal to Sarrania.]

"Let me see, two shards there, one here..." Rhanar mumbled, concentrating as he used his magic to carefully place shards of Mystic crystal in a large circle in the great hall.

"You're always such a tease, Shica! Next time I'll be sure to-..." Jiraz laughed as she came down the staircase with Shica, the two of them finding Rhanar to be busy working on the portal.

"Hey Rhanar; why do you need all these crystals? Can't you just conjure that thing up?" Jiraz asked, Rhanar looking up.

"Normally it would be no challenge, but this manor somehow disrupts my most basic incantations and spells, so I will need to try a more advanced technique..." Rhanar explained, setting two crystals up in a 'v' shaped pattern.

"Right, that should do it; I think you can give the others a call" Rhanar said, nodding to himself.

"Uhmm, how large is that portal gonna be?" Jiraz asked curiously.

"Well, not too large; I recommend folding your wings, first of all" Rhanar said, examining the crystals, Jiraz proudly flapping her majestic, leathery wings, Shica enjoying the gust of wind they made; grinning, Jiraz flapped faster, Shica now feeling her hair blow around her, Jiraz looking lovingly at her.

"...That should do it; now for the spell..." Rhanar mumbled, his hands glowing blue from the sparks of Mystic magic he conjured up; in the next moment, a large, circular mass of Mystic energy appeared, forming into a semi-transparent, large portal.

"Step on through; there's no need to worry!" Faris guided the girls as the group stepped towards the portal; as they each touched it, they disappeared in a blue flash of light, almost as if dragged into the portal.

"We will back as soon as we can" Rhanar assured Narrisha, looking as her girls went through the portal to a city completly unknown to her; in secret, she felt a slight sting at her heart, worrying for their safety.

"C'mon, Shica; I wanna see this 'oh so glorious' city...and kick some ass at those old twits..." Jiraz grinned, walking towards the portal, Shica pretending to be scared as she followed behind Jiraz, holding tightly around her tail.

"My ladies..." Rhanar now gestured, the Nightwind girls, Shica, Jiraz and Jisha looking in awe at the open street in front of them; "...welcome to Sarrania."

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