Story: Tales of Darkness - The Knight's Redemption (chapter 3)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 3

Title: Chapter - The Conversation

[Author's notes: As Rhanar prepares the Mystic Portal to Sarrania, he is approached by Charlene, curious to know more about her ressurector Shica's 'Dark Lord'-like brother.]

"Mister Rhanar, can I speak with you?" Charlene asked, Rhanar turning his back to bookshelf he had been standing at, facing Charlene.

"Of course you may, Miss Charlene; what do you wish?" he said, Charlene at ease with his formal approach.

"I was just thinking...this order of yours, the Sharas'Car..." Charlene said, considering her next words very carefully; "...what exactly 'are' you people?"

"Ah, now that is a good question; you see..." Rhanar said, putting down the book he had been reading, settlign down on a chair, facing Charlene; " truth, we are protectors of women suffering from traumas in a man-dominated world; many males still see themselves as entitled to women as if they were common wares on a market, and thus, think themselves superior."

"So, basically, you're trying to prove girls are just as good as those 'males' you say?" Charlene asked, Rhanar nodding.

"People always argue about humanity's nature, the social hierachy and the genders' roles being that of women belonging at home and provide shelter as well as carry children..." Rhanar sighed, his voice growling in anger; "...and I find myself highly unamused at that damn stereotype...!"

"Yeah, I feel you there..." Charlene sighed, rubbing her neck; looking up, Rhanar suddenly looked shocked at Charlene.

"Tell me, do you know of the haunting ghost this manor is rumored to house? Her name is Charlene as well, I hear...I could have sworn..." Rhanar said to himself, rubbing his chin in wondering.

"Well, I 'was' a bit transparent until your sister helped me out" Charlene chuckled, smiling at the wonderous memory of the night her mistress Narrisha had re-introduced her to the living world through wine, food and pleasent company...quite a lot of pleasent company, in fact, as the other Nightwind girls had been joining in, Charlene not really interested in resisting.

" are that ghost...but how in the name of..." Rhanar gasped, trying to put two and two together.

"Your sister reanimated me after she fixed my neck, Rhanar; she was kind enough to return me to life after wandering around here for 6 long years as a ghost" Charlene explained, Rhanar's confused look replaced with plain joy and pride.

"My sister really does have more power than I thought" Rhanar said, smiling amused; "it appears she and her family are superior to me when it comes to Dark Magic."

"Family?" Charlene asked.

"Yes; she, her daughter Jisha, and her girlfriend, Jiraz" Rhanar informed, nodding to himself, finding her sister's choice for a girlfriend rather exotic, yet interesting; "the blood of both shin'saras and demon; facinating..."

"Well, Jiraz can't really use Dark Magic, can she?" Charlene asked.

"Well, not really, but by using Chaos Magic, she can copy almost any sort of magic for her own use, expect from Mystic Magic" Rhanar said.

"Kinda amazing what you can do with all that magic..." Charlene sighed to herself, a smile crossing her lips at the thought of visiting Narrisha before she left with the others for Allisia's trial.

"Excuse me, Rhanar; I've got to go prepare myself" Charlene said, turning around on her heels and leaving the room, Rhanar returning to his study of the old tomes and books.

"Interesting..." he mumbled, flipping through a few pages, finding one more interesting spell after another, seeing small illustrations on the pages.

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