Story: Tales of Darkness - The Knight's Redemption (chapter 2)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 2

Title: Chapter - The Meeting

[Author's notes: After the sad news of Allisia's trial, the Nightwind girls, along with Rhanar, discuss who to leave with Allisia and to deliever the news of the trial's outcome to the others.]

"That's just right out fucked up! You shouldn't be trailed for ditching some old shitheads who kept dragging your kingdom down!" Raicha exclaimed, showing her frustration by pounding her fist into a pillow.

Gathered in Narrisha's room, the Nightwind girls, Jiraz, Shica, Jisha and Rhanar were discussing the coming trial.

"We have nine hours until we are to meet the Royal Council..." Rhanar said, snapping his fingers as an idea crossed his mind; "...I say we make sure to prepare ourselves for any eventualities."

"Like what?" Hiroi asked.

"If the Royal Council turns to extremes in their stupidity..." Rhanar said, an evil glare in his eyes; "...I will have warriors of the Sharas'Car posted over the castle along with mages preparing an escape portal."

"I am already under trial for treason, Lord Narra-Jar; need I also come under trial for attempting to escape my fate?" Allisia asked sceptically, Rhanar shaking his head, dismissing his idea.

"Still..." Allisia said, a smile crawling over her lips; "...even if it goes all wrong, I have you, girls."

"You bloody well believe that!" Narrisha grinned, Chinyi throwing herself against Allisia, wailing as she hugged her intensely.

"It's not fair! it's not fair! stupid old crooks taking away our warrior girl!" Chinyi began crying, Minyoki patting her sister easily on her shoulders, comforting her.

"Take it easy, Chinyi; she'll come back, knight or not" Siriki said, smiling at Chinyi as she wiped away her tears with a thumb.

"I understand you well, little Chinyi; if it helps..." Rhanar mumbled, letting out a short chuckle; "...I could cut off those idiots' long, greying beards and bring them back here as trophy."

At that, Chinyi began laughing, hugging herself to Siriki, Allisia letting out a giggle as Siriki's face turned blue as Chinyi's hugging became a tad too intense.

"Quite a predictable idea for a male shin'saras..." Mirinda said confidently; "...if you cannot win with words, a slice with a blade does the job quicker."

"I confess I find myself quite bloodthirsty..." Rhanar said, shrugging; "...but at very least it is justified as I only strike at those intending to harm women."

"I suppose it 'does' justify it..." Mirinda said slowly, not used to such a view on women from a shin'saras male; his zealousness, however, felt slightly unfounded.

"What's up with you and girls, Rhannie dude? Why are you always up and 'defending' them and shit?" Hiroi asked the question for her, dangling her feet from the bed.

"I view women as a symbol of purity and intelligence, capable of offering a creativity beyond my own..." Rhanar said, adjusting his cloak a bit; "...I pride myself of my inability to let any carnal instincts control me like some lapdog."

"That, and the fact that draconoids cannot reproduce" Dracaia commented, grinning evilly, Rhanar smirking amused at the dragon girl.

"If I can speak boldly, that was, litherally, below the waist, Lady Dracaia..." Rhanar said, Dracaia shrugging and silently agreeing.

"So, if we're through discussing draconoids and moralities..." Narrisha cut the discussion short; "...we should decide whom to go with Allisia to the trial."

"Me! Me! I'm not gonna sit by while they judge her!" Chinyi eagerly jumped up and down, her arms flapping so fast they looked like mosquito wings.

"I'm going, too..." Siriki said, grinning and kissing Chinyi's cheek, her intense flapping stopping as she leaned her head to Siriki's shoulder, the ice-haired girl grinning; "...someone's gotta watch this crazy kitty."

"Count us in; I'll blast their asses if they go on about with their old timer morale speeches..." Jiraz said, leaning to the wall as she juggled with three fireballs, Shica weaving Dark Magic lightning in her hands.

"I gotta try out my new powers, so I think I gotta stay..." Jisha said, winking at Allisia; "...don't worry, you'll pull through; I'm sure of it!"

"I'm thankful of your confidence in me, Jisha; all of you, that is" Allisia said, truly appriciating the Nightwind girls' support; surprised, though, she found a tear to fall from her eyes, although she knew it was not in despair.

"Aww..." Rachel smiled, patting Allisia's head; "...don't feel bad; we're right behind you."

"I suppose I'll tag along, as well" Mirinda said, shaking her head so her long hair blew, leading to many adoring smiles from the girls.

"Your grace and wit match as one, it seems" Rhanar nodded agreeingly, Mirinda accepting his admiration out of respect for his morality.

"I'll go with you, two; Hiroi, Raicha, you coming with me?" Faris said, grinning at her two favorite 'students'.

"Count us in, Faris!" Raicha grinned, rustling Hiroi's long, spiked hair.

"I wish I could go, but someone needs to keep the manor together" Narrisha said, looking sadly at Allisia; "I'm really sorry, All-..."

Cutting her mistress off, Allisia kissed quickly and passionately, her mistress caught off guard as she moaned loudly, Allisia letting go, smiling at her.

"I think that will get you through the nights until I return..." Allisia said, formally bowing as she went over to Rhanar, amused at the warrior girl's boldness and confidence in her own appeal to her mistress.

"So, Mister Narra-Jar, can you set us up a sort of portal?" Allisia asked, Rhanar's fingers running over his chin in pondering.

"I can have a portal open to Sarrania in an hour's time; I need to make sure we do not end up in the trees in the park" Rhanar said, standing up, saluting the girls before he went out the door; "'till then, miladies."

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